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Found 2,169 results

  1. I had been looking around for a while for a C-130H kit in 1/48, and before Christmas I finally got a result on eBay. Going for the H as I wanted to build an RAF grey / green Hercules that I remember from the early 80s. I had an Airfix Herc hanging from my bedroom ceiling as a kid, which was upgraded with an in- flight refuelling probe after the Falklands, and I wanted to build the big brother with either the grey / green with light grey underside or wrap around camo. So here it is. It’s going to be big.... And with a couple of 1/48 kits for size comparison Then fellow forumite @Kirk started suggesting ‘improvements’ - I had thought maybe port & starboard lights, anti collision, etc. Next thing I know I am looking at internal lights, taxi lights, exterior lights, four powered props and a working rear ramp. All controlled by an external programmable Arduino unit. Complete with light up & start up engine sequence. Now that may not all happen - the ramp operation looks a bit flimsy & likely to break - but it is definitely not going to be a standard build. Other build plans include separating the rudder & horizontal rear stabilisers - surprisingly all moulded in place & not separate items. Also fancy opening the flaps & scratch building the inside. Budget won’t stretch to resin bits. Also need to stretch the engines that are too short & modelled on the early AC-130 kit ones. Again nice resin parts available but would cost more than the kit did. There is enough here to go wrong without buying tons of after market resin. Anyway some work has started & will keep things updated.
  2. G'day people, I will join in with this one I cracked the bags on this one yesterday. I am still awaiting some PE for the internals so I have busied myself with prepping the exterior and working on whatever sub-assemblies that I can in the meantime. Typically, most chopper kits are about 50% cabin, so this will severely limit my progress once al the external bits are done, but there is still a fair bit to to before I have to come to a complete stop. The engine and transmission housing is divided into three major assemblies Some of these are simple one piece affairs like the forward housing above, but others are multi-part affairs than benefit from a tidy up and some dry-fitting before committing to glue The nose section seems to have a lot of people flustered and I can understand why, the four part assembly needs constant attention to avoid unsightly gaps. I am using a resin tail but this requires the kit tail rotor transmission unit. These fit each other without any issues - winning The dash prepped for some PE It is a bit sad that all Airfix can manage in 1/48 is decals but it does make the prep easy, all I did was remove the molded on comings but I decided to keep the video screen details as they are raised and will look nice once painted. The seats will be getting some PE belts so the molded on belts were scraped off and the basic frames assembled The seat pan cushions/survival packs were also prepared With the seats set aside to dry the fuselage lumps and bumps could be attended to. The exhaust fairings were added to each fuselage half as I though this would allow for a better join and hope this would avoid any nasty 'steps'. Remedial sanding in this area will obliterate the delicate rivet detail so it is best to take your time and do it right the first time cheers Pappy
  3. Hi there! First GB of the year done (Mustang), time for another This will be my model, once again, like all my 1/48 prop planes, is from my dad's stash. And it will return to my dad's shelf once done. But I get the pleasure to build it and don't have to worry about storing it. Win-win? Pretty artwork I must say! Quite a lot of small sprues! Looks decent, though - Hasegawa kits tend to be pretty good. Will be doing the winter camo version. Looking forwards painting the splinter camo first and do some weathering with the white winter paint, should be fun! I will start building this weekend - but probably need to get couple of RLM paints before I can start painting properly. Thanks for checking this out, feel free to to join the fun & comment & offer constructive feedback!
  4. I freely admit to starting this build with a degree or trepidation...this is what I had in the stash that appeared to fit the GB specs: and for some reason it was the Hanriot that jumped out. I picked up the kit some time ago. Its the weekend edition which means no PE to play with but still plenty of nice plastic and a surprisingly low parts count. The only major issue for me is going to be rigging the damn thing. As yet I have failed to rig a biplane with any success. Lets see where we get to. Not sure on the scheme yet but note that the US scheme is expressly stated to be the "US Navy" contingent in France 1918 (so must fit the GB) whilst the french scheme "Centre d'Aviation Maritime" Dunkerque 1917-1918 does not expressly state that it is a Navy unit. Will go with the US scheme unless the mods say otherwise. Cheers Dave
  5. Colin W


    Hi Chaps, With great enthusiasm i plan to join this Saab Viggen STGB masquerading as the Scandinavian group build under the New Nordic title. Although i have an Airfix Viggen at the bottom of the stash, I shall endeavour to turn the Special Hobby Viggen into something approaching trickyrich's efforts in the Specialist GB last year. I bought this from Hannants in 2017 so was able able to compare it to the Tarangus kit which was significantly more expensive. Lucky I did because it is the same kit! Another great reason to support your local hobby shop. My last Special Hobby kit was the truly shocking R4 helicopter which hit the bin mid last year. Hoping for slightly better from this one. Since i live here on the outer rim, this will be a resin free build using only a set of 2 Bob's decals bought many years ago, some plans and Milliput. Oh and 200 pictures i took of the one in the Newark air museum. Scheme will be the splinter one. You know what the sprues look like by now. Colin
  6. Hi Chaps, Well it's almost as busy here as the Nordic Group build. I'm only 3 days late and there are 3 pages of building already. Just to be very different I have passed on the Airfix Seafury and will do this Seasprite in the colours of the Royal New Zealand Navy. I picked it up in Singapore late last year. Very unusually this will entail using the kit scheme. Not often that happens for the New Zealand SIG. Here's the starter picture. The red card seems ominous but let's see... Colin
  7. This is my first completed model for 2020. I am trying to work on getting better photos but need to keep working on it. This is Zvezda's great kit of the Su-2. Fit as well as surface detail is fantastic. I used Eduard's mask as this involves quite a bit of glass. The only drawback is the decals are on the translucent side but other than that is was a great kit to build. People have wrote in reviews that the cockpit is a bit sparse but I think this is because they might have had some armor plate in there so you don't see the usual ribbing on the cockpit walls. Highly recommended
  8. This is my second completed kit of the year, the Albatross D.II by Eduard. I have built quite a few of their WWI kits and I have to say I this they are great. This was my first attempt at a wood grain finish on the fuselage and I think it came out nicely. I added Eduard seatbelts and used Uschi's high stretch elastic rigging thread. If not for this thread I think I would have thrown in the towel on building WWI aircraft long ago. Also, I used Gas Patch anchors for the rigging but I am not happy with the results but it was my own fault - I should have thought out the order of attaching them as they went in too early in the process and it is difficult to open those holes up again. I don't normally weather my WWI aircraft, no particular reason except I like the bright colors so I just leave them as they are.
  9. My aircraft WIP started off with a couple of 1/48 RAF Phantoms I was building, but somewhere along the way I started putting together a background to photograph them with. This turned in to a hair-brained scheme to build a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS). I live near Wattisham and have taken some photos while passing of the site, and using google maps I got started on some plans. A full size hanger in 1/48 would just be too big, so a single aircraft HAS seemed do-able. So this is what I was aiming for: Most of the build so far is on my other thread, so I won't repeat it all here. Suffice to say it got rolling with a bit of rolled up cardboard: The main structure is about 76cm x 45cm. But then add the apron in front, doors, vent at the back, annex, etc, etc. Its got pretty big.
  10. Hi comrades! Here is my next NMF project. IAF Mirage #45. This fighter is special because his unique kills - one Lebanon and two Iraq (Most of the IAF kills were against Syrian/Egypt aircrafts). This specific jet finished his career early (1969-70) in training accident. The kit is the better kit available today (IMHO), with some aftermarket - Armycast wheel wells, Res-kit engine and wheels, Eduard etch (bigger than OOB). Underwing stores will include two 500l tanks only. Let's start: So far I assembled the engine (MUCH more detailed and delicate than OOB), installed the resin wheel wells (with some additional wiring) and assembled the wing. Next - cockpit!
  11. So it all began when I bought this kit on eBay and discovered the seller was @The Spadgent, a modeller whose impressive builds I had noticed numerous times whilst lurking on BM. This prompted me to finally sign up and get properly involved - I’ve not had much time for this hobby since becoming a dad, but life is now a bit quieter and I’m ready to get back into modelling. I have an Airfix Vulcan and Revell Victor both nearing completion in the KUTA XII group build, so I’m keen to start a new kit - what could be better than the Gnat? Hopefully a much more straightforward build, due to the new tooling - the Vulcan and Victor have both been “challenging”, to put it mildly! Here's the box art, along with a message from Johnny! Everything I've read about this kit suggests it will be a simple build. It seems to go together well and airbrushing just a single colour will be a welcome change too! This is the scheme I will use - it has a bit more impact with the "Royal Air Force" titles on the nose, rather than just a lightning stripe on the forward fuselage (as shown on the box art above): The sprues look crisply moulded and the parts should detach cleanly. I will build it without pilots, with the nose panel and canopy open and the drop tanks attached. Here are the parts: I have a day off work and the rain is hammering down outside, so I think I'll make a start...!
  12. Hi All, Count me in. These days I spend so much time in Bulgaria I decided to build something with a local flavour – a Bulgarian R2. I am using the latest 1/48 Airfix B1 boxing. The R2 is achievable as a number of the B2/R2 items are in the box. I will need to modify that top cowl, side panels and radiator plus what ever else pops up through the build. Why did I just not use the latest Airfix B2/R2 offering? Well, I am into stash reduction (I know it's a lame excuse) and do enjoy some research and mod work (the real reason). The colour scheme for these aircraft is fairly simple – the usual 70/71/65 with Bulgarian National Insignia, wing tips and fuselage band and simple number. My choice will probably be White 8 dependent on my research. Kora Models (www.lfmodels.cz) do some decals for these aircraft although due to the marking simplicity and the fact I have the national insignia already, I think I’ll mask my own numbers. There are a couple of photos on the net but I have not, as yet, seen a good side view of the early Bulgarian Stukas. I have slightly front on and Alamy has a couple of good photo of the line-up of the 12 R2’s with external fuel tank fitted, I expect on day of delivery. German unit markings, swastika still visible and, interestingly, the national markings covered. I will do one after conversion. A visit to Sofia's National Military Museum next week might also drag up something. Should be a good build and as always the preliminary research is fun.
  13. I've not built a 1/48 Mustang before The first was a BIN on e-bay after Jadlam couldn’t supply. Then I went on holiday and forgot I'd bought the first and got the second one at Youngs in Barnstaple I have the choice of these decals:
  14. Yes I am that idiot and yes I am going to build it. As I'm sure most of you are aware the Hobby Boss 1/48 J-29 Tunnan has come in for a fair amount of stick, mostly because it is fact not 1/48 scale as Hobby Boss made a bit of a boo boo with their calculations which means that it actually comes in at around 1/51 scale which as far as I'm aware is not one which is used a great deal, at least not intentionally. Aside form the scale issue it actually isn't that bad a kit, it is certainly a lot better than the AZ kit and is well engineered and if it's anything like other Hobby Boss kits it should go together with too much trouble. there are other issues such as the intake, which is too large but I am going to live with them, if anyone can point me in the direction of a 100% accurate kit then please feel free to share it. The decals in the kit a bit of a joke as the crowns on the Swedish markings are rounded instead of being poointed and the stencils are written in gibberish so to that end I have bought Moose Republic sheet which also covers camouflaged aircraft which should make painting a bit quicker than a NMF aircraft. Lets have some pictures shall we? Starting with the ubiquitous box lid and untouched sprue shots; And the decals from Moose Republic next to the instruction sheet; And a closer look at one of the fuselage halves which hopefully shows the nice surface detailing of the kit; I'm off to make a start on this one as I'm way behind everyone else's builds and would like to get at least one other project underway. Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to look in on my progress, and all your comments and criticisms will be gratefully received. Craig.
  15. Hooray, Hooray I'm underway, here begins my first BM Work in Progress post! I have this last week just started on this Crusader. Nothing to show in this post, but more to follow very soon. For now, a test first image: All going well you should see a finished model - however not mine. Instead, as the caption says, it's a photo of Short's original wind tunnel model. I hope it inspires you as it did me! If not, then I defy you to tell me this wonderful drawing does not excite: All going well, more soon ... g.
  16. I better come up with a build as well. As the title states, I am building the Ju 87R-2 flown by Major Walter Sigel Commanding Officer (Grupenkomandeur) from I./St.G 3 in the colours of the Stabsstaffel (green) during his time in Greece 1941. I haven't seen many (actually any) builds of his Berta which is odd as it has some attractive markings. Sigel’s various Stukas are relatively well documented, but there is some confusing information about the looks of his Bertas. Xtradecals has his B-1 covered on sheet X48164 (and also on the 1/72 sheet) when part of I./St.G 76, but these markings are unfortunately not correct for a I./St.G 3 aircraft, so I have to come up with my own marking one way or another. I found this picture below on the Internet and have never seen it published anywhere. It shows most likely Sigel’s aircraft in Balkan theater markings photographed in May 41 at Argos in Greece. Of interest are the white outlined green individual letters A on top of the wings and the yellow elevators. Together with the yellow nose and yellow wheel pants tips it is indeed a very colourful example. The picture below is published in many publications and does also show Sigel's aircraft. Captions place this image from France in early 41 to Bulgaria in April 41, to Zemun (near Belgrade) in Yugoslavia in Autumn 41 and to Greece in 41 depending where the picture is published And most profiles show it like this. But white theater markings just don't add up for the places this picture was apparently taken, so I asked the question on Hyperscale if someone could shed some light on this. In addition, the green Winkel (chevron) is missing on many profiles and the squadron batch is white and not yellow. The chevron is clearly visible on another picture taken at the same day. And Georg Morrison had an explanation which is rather interesting: "This is part of a series of lined-up I/St.G 3 machines (S1+AB, S1+CB, S1+NH, among others) taken after the Balkans / Crete campaign in southern Greece (possibly Crete) in early November 41. The yellow theater markings had been overpainted and white theater markings applied for the unit's move to Derna in North Africa in mid-November 1941. Depending on the quality / vintage of the print, you can see a tonal difference (the paint is 'flatter' or 'more matte') on the cowlings. The area beneath the radiator was still yellow -- there's some film footage in which the bright color beneath the radiator 'pops out' at the eye of the viewer as the formation passes above. The fuselage bands were white, albeit not as bright as the factory-applied fuselage cross." The flat paint is indeed visible on both pictures above and of interest is also that this aircraft also had yellow wheel pants tips, which wasn't common, making it more likely that both aircraft are potentially be the same aicraft. My intention is to build Sigel's aircraft first in the full Balkan theater markings as seen on Argos in May 41 And after taking a series of pictures, I intend to do what happened to the real aircraft and change it by overpainting the relevant parts as described above to the way it looked like before the transfer to North Africa in November 41. Not often do you see Luftwaffe aircraft with yellow AND white theater markings! I will use the 1/48 new tool Airfix B-2/R-2 kit for this build. And I did find some additional goodies in my stash I may use. So I am all set, but with my track record I may not get past the cockpit stage Cheers, Peter
  17. I currently have two models under way. Both are 1/48 kits, one a Tamiya Meteor and also a Revell F-84E. Last night I was looking through the kit stash and spied my ESCI JA37 Viggen kit. Lately I've seen some really great models built of this aircraft and thought that would be a great "next build". Until I opened the box. I had purchased the kit from a consignment table at Kings Hobby in Austin a couple years ago and had sort of forgotten about it. Well, what do ya know? It has really fine raised panel lines. Dang. I have a couple techniques for dealing with those but I'd rather not employ them on this kit. I do, from time to time, need to rescribe lost detail from sanding but just can't fathom rescribing the entire airframe on a model kit. Some modelers seem to have no reservations about doing just that and my hat is tipped to them! I wish I knew someone nearby who would tackle the rescribing task for a fair price. Yeah, I would gladly pay someone else to do the down and dirty work for me. I model in such isolation that I don't personally know another scale modeler; are such deals even ever made? I mean, are there modelers who do that sort of work, rescribing a kit for pay?
  18. With the Gamecock being within weeks of the finish line, I thought I'd start something else. The DR1 was one of the first planes I ever scratchbuilt (about 35 years ago along with a Gotha GIV), although the last one was in 1/72. I have been planning to do this for a long time and I reckon that it should be a relatively simple build. So I can finish the Gamecock, the DH4a, the FW190 and the Albatross DI in parallell hmmm. In my infinite wisdom(or something like that) I've also decided to build the dragon dr1 I started but never finished 30 years ago and scratchbuild a Snark, should be fun First up the Pfalz, Step 1, wing and fuselage pieces cut out of 1mm sheet. Formers and keel slotted and fitted together. As with the Gamecock, doubled at the keel so I can split the form easily for molding. At the moment I'm planning on making the form for the cowling as part of the fuselage and splitting off for molding. I'm going to hold off on the fuselage molding until I get my vacuum box up and running as I reckon it will give me a much better mold and be a lot less work than the Gamecock was (although it should be anyway because its a much less complicated profile) But I can still go ahead and infill and shape the form and make the wings and tail surfaces. I will also endeavor to avoid all the obvious dumb puns on the name Pfalz, Pfalz move, Pfalz start and so on......
  19. Hello everybody, It's been nearly a year and a half since I posted a build, either in progress or finished. Well, several kits landed on the bench but none has reached completion. I had unsuccessful attempts at trying to do something more than just follow instructions, glue and paint. I tried using photoetch, these parts shouldn't be called PE but UFO's. Then back to a relaxing Tamiya but there was no fun there. I still needed something just a tiny little bit outside of my comfort zone. So what about an Airfix 1/48 Bf-109E-7 in a trop scheme. No decal for the control panel so some detail to paint, and a mottled camo (to me mottling and smoke rings sound a bit like : "Darth Vader: Luke, I want a mottled tie fighter ........Luke: Noooooooo......". Oh, and weathering and maybe pre-shading too. Aaah, it begins to sound pleasing. As usual, airbrushed with Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Silverline, Stynylrez primer, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. I used Revell aqua "brass" for the tubing of the oxygen bottle (regulator?) and I think I'll get more of that, found it real easy to use to handbrush detail. Box opened 10 days ago and here we are: RLM 02 for the cockpit except for the control panel, rudder and frame supporting the seat which were painted RLM66. Hope you enjoy it. Now busy with the spinner, radiators and gear legs. Edit: it's globally a very good kit but be sure to dry fit each and every part. Stick, oxygen bottle, throttle and gunsight need to have their attachment points trimmed down to fit into place. Also the lower part of the wing needs a bit of sanding to sit flush with the wingtip (moulded as a part of the upper wings). What I didn't like: ill placed ejection pin marks (cockpit sides, wheel wells). But it pushed me to try Mr Surfacer 500 and I don't regret it! I've replaced the picture of the control panel with a slightly better one.
  20. Hello all, Here is a project that I've been planning for some time and one which will run along side other builds for the foreseeable future. Quite simply, it's a homage to the RAF's Quick Reaction Alert and some of the aircraft that have been used in this role from 1940 up until the present day, in 1/48 of course . So without further ado: Best to show each chronologically ... so first up, Tamiya's new tool Spitfire MK1, in the markings of 19 Squadron (X4474) during the summer of 1940: Not much aftermarket here as the kit looks simply outstanding - Xtradecals and an AML paint mask (and the obligatory Squadron patch!) Decals and paint scheme: Next up, Airfix's new tool Hunter F.6, in the markings of 92 Squadron (XG226) in 1960: Again, not much aftermarket other than a Quickboost seat, Xtradecal set and some paint and canopy masks which I'll get once they're released (Squadron patch also to follow!) Decals and paint scheme: Airfix EE Lightning F.1 is next, in the markings of 74 Squadron (XM143) in 1962: Quickboost seat, Montex canopy masks and QMT FOD cover is all the aftermarket that will be used. Decals and paint scheme: Followed by a Revell (Hasegawa) Phantom FGR.2, in the markings of 56 Squadron (XV470) in the late 1980s. Aftermarket includes Quickboost seats, Airwaves canopy etch, QMT FOD covers, Montex canopy masks and Eduard etch (patch to follow...) Decals and paint scheme: I'm not the biggest fan of the sharks mouth on this jet, so will be doing XV470 a bit earlier in its life. She'll be fully loaded with 4x Skyflash, 4x AIM-9, 2x fuel tanks and SUU-23/A cannon pod. Revell again; this time their recent Tornado F.3, in the markings of 111 Squadron (ZE158) in the mid 2000s. Eduard etch, Pavla seats, Model Alliance decals, Master pitot tube, some RBF tags, resin BOL rails and wing seals cast by Shaun, along with 4x AIM-132 from a Revell Eurofighter (spot the patch). Decals and paint scheme: She'll be fully loaded with 4x AIM-132, 4x Skyflash or AIM-120s (to be decided) and 2 gas bags. Finally, Revell's Eurofighter Typhoon, in the markings of 1 Squadron (ZK306) in 2018. Aftermarket here includes an Airwaves seat, Eduard Etch, Phase Hangar Resin FOD inserts (not pictured) and numerous Xtradecal sheets to cobble together to get the right markings and tail code. Decals and rough idea of paint scheme: Will be fully loaded with 4x AIM-132, 4x Meteor and 2x fuel tanks. This ought to keep me busy! As I've said, this will run along with other builds, which will mainly be Group Build entries. There'll also be several firsts in this for me; first 1/48 Spitfire, first EE Lightning and Hawker Hunter (in 16 years of modelling!) and the first time I'll spray Xtracrylix. Should be an interesting ride Dave
  21. I'm going to build L.E. Curdes' Bad Angel. Let's start with a contemporaneous photo. Notice the kill markings? German, Italian, Japanese, and, um, American! Wikipedia has this to say: And here's a photo of Curdes and his bride, Svetlana Valeria Shostakovich Brownell. How many husbands can claim they shot their future bride out of the sky? I'll be using the Airfix A05106 North American F-51D Mustang boxing and CAM 48-115 Mustang Thoroughbreds
  22. My first build will be Tamiya's 1/48 F4D Skyray is the classic light gull grey over white. I will be finishing her in the colours of VFAW-3 as shown on the boxart. Sprue shot. The eagle eyed of you might have spotted that there are a few pieces missing, the ejection seat. Not sure if they were missing when I purchased it (eBay) or they were loose and I lost them when I took the sprues out of the plastic bags. In real life the original Douglas ejection seat was replaced by a Martin Baker Mk 5 seat, so that is what I will be doing as I happen to have a Pavla MB Mk5 resin seat in the spares box.
  23. A couple of Spits; critique welcome. More pics and build description over on the website, as well as the rather sad story of their pilots, Jack and Bob Yarra. The Eduard Mk.IX represents an aircraft only 2 months old when lost in April 1944. 453 Squadron seemed to just throw their codes on the fuselage so even though I don't have a pic of FU-Y I have plenty of others that show the haphazard application. The Hasegawa Mk.V represents an older aricraft, around six months old at the time of its loss in December, 1942.
  24. Hi all for this ju 87 group build, I am planing to build a ju 87 d-1/3. Using the airfix ju 87 b-2 kit and cross kitting it with the italeri ju 87 g. And possibly bits copied from the hassegawa g kit. Some of the references used will be
  25. Finishing two models in two days is something of a record, but that's what has happened so here's my MPM 1/48 Fulmar Mk I. Apart from wanting to build it, one reason it got to the top of the pile was the enormous box and the amount of space it was taking up in the stash! It's from the first release without any etch fret or other add-ons. It is one of the best limited run kits I've built with generally good fit, apart from slightly vague locations for some of the cockpit detail. The exceptions were the leading edge inserts for the gun ports, which needed shimming and filling; the landing light transparency, which I could have done much better; and the pilot's canopy. Short of blowing a new one, the solution was to separate the windscreen and canopy with a razor saw and much trepidation. It worked OK and although the sliding section sits a bit high I'm happy with the result. It's from the box apart from boxing in the landing light aperture, harnesses and a stretched sprue antenna, and is brushed with Humbrol enamels. The Fulmar was one of those endearingly inadequate aircraft which nevertheless played a vital role in the war and I'm pleased to have this one as a companion to my Grand Phoenix Firefly. Thanks for looking!
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