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Found 2,390 results

  1. This is the first time in many years that I've attempted a group build of any type, and although my track record has been abysmal in the past, I am actually really looking forward to getting started on this. I'll be attempting a Corsair Mk.I of the FAA, JT228, code 6A of 1833 RNAS Macrihanish in 1943. The kit is the Tamiya F4U-1D in 1/48th scale. I'll be using Xtradecals "Yanks with Roundels" set X48102, and going with their recommendation that the aircraft was still in US equivalent FAA colours, so ANA 603 Sea Gray, ANA 613 Olive Drab and ANA 602 Light Gray. Probably Humbrol enamels for those, although I may test the Xtracrylix Olive Drab and see how that looks - either way, it will be brush painted unless I cannot get the effect I'm after with the camo demarcation. In addition, I have the Ultracast replacement seat with Sutton harness, and replacement exhausts. I'm still undecided about a replacement engine, but have time to make up my mind on that. The kit is un-started - I have kept it locked away in a cupboard to stop me even thinking about getting stuck in - but I will be studying the instructions between now and Friday to try and make sure I don't commit the usual Laidlaw stupidities. Well, I can dream. I'll be adding representations of the fuselage-side air intakes and the ventral exhaust, and will be clipping the wings to the "short short" position, as that's what I believe the Xtradecal instructions show. If anybody knows differently, I'd be grateful for the information. Kit, decals and resin bits: Decals/transfers/stickers: Resin bits: Runners:
  2. Seeing as i was unsuccessful in trying to persuade @andyf117 to part with his golden fleece aka a 72nd royal navy merlin and xtras I'd better fall back to position 2 ,and move up a scale The kit in the box looks good,and nicley done details, there's photo etch, and masks, included in the box ,being 48th scale I'm going to have to fettle the rotors to the folded position, I'll be building the box cover version and I've found this image second down for reference ,it should then squeeze on my helicopter shelf I make no promises to complete it in the allotted time because i want to do some bits insides, But i shall try , Cheers Glynn
  3. As the title alludes to the limited number built, my offering for this GB is the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XII. It seems this mark is a favourite of many of you out there in BM World, so I hope I can do her some justice. Now I've not finished a kit since New Year's Eve, but that doesn't mean I have been away from the workbench. I have had trials and tribulations with a few kits that have had the unfortunate pleasure of crossing my path lately. I was working on a 1/48 Lightning F6 that I was hoping to build as a "wooooooooo shiny" NMF 74 Sqn Tengah version but I foolishly used Vallejo Metallics for the airframe and it looked like a bag of nails. I therefore bit the bullet and tried to strip it back to bare plastic which was a real trial by itself, that in the process melted the cockpit and undercarriage bay resin that I had painstakingly added. This led to the mojo taking a good shoeing!! I set the Frightning aside and thought, "how about a lovely simple build, what about a Trumpeter Vampire?" Well that was all a good idea until I fell upon @Jon Kunac-Tabinor's build which showed what a PoS that kit was and although I only followed 80-90% of Jon's refinements it could hardly be described as a nice easy build. This has been progressed to the stickering stage which as the mojo was still on the lowish side got set aside and the Frightning picked up again. New undercarriage and cockpit were fitted to the already complete but now fully stripped back airframe, and trust me this is not the order you want to be constructing this in!!! To add to the woes the paint stripper used (BioStrip 20) whilst it was effective in stripping everything back, made the kit plastic very brittle so flaps and trailing edges cracked and shattered and had to be rebuilt using gloop and PPP. OK, a weaker person may have buckled and hurled this pig of an abomination squarely at the nearest wall, but I'm stubborn (not always in the good way!) and wasn't prepared to lose out to an inanimate object!!! I think I have done a passable job of the repairs (bar one tiny crack in the port wing trailing edge), and this too is stalled at the stickering stage. This is a quick insight as to where they stand: So here I stand, pretty much fed up to the back teeth with kits that fight back so really really need a good palate cleanser, a sorbet to refresh between such overpowering courses, a kit that will build up well OOB (less seatbelts and stickers), so here I present my entry into this GB. Some sprue shots to keep us legal and decent....... Well not quite 100% legal and decent as I had also managed to pick up an unboxed version of this kit with no instructions or decals, Airfix Overtrees if you like, that may or may not get built alongside this kit. My thinking is that the early XII's that were based on Mk.V airframes subtly differ from the later Mk.VIII based ones so once I select some not in the box markings options (Squadrons! No.5 is winging it's way to me from La Belle France as I type to help me choose), I may be drawn into building one of each. This is the unboxed plastic, which seems to be of a slightly different consistency and colour to the one in the box. I've nipped the cockpit parts off the runners, knocked up a couple of sub-assemblies, primed the propeller and spinner which I'll photograph later as the battery on my DSLR has given up the ghost! I did managed to get a shot of the hollowing out of the exhaust stacks before it bought the farm. Comparison shot of the first side done vs the kit parts. Two holes drilled in each stack and then joined by a sharp 10A SM scalpel. A dab of Tet was dolloped in to clean up the rough edges. 5 minutes charging gave us enough juice to upload these pics to the PC/Flikr but I'll leave it on an overnight charge so I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the build. Anyways so far so good. No meltdowns (physical or mental) like the previous builds so far is a good sign I'm sure. Best wishes to all you out there in Lockdown; stay safe and stay well. Speak soon, Chris
  4. I've just noticed this GB and have had a lonely helicopter kit in my stash for a while, so will be joining in with this one! It will probably be built OOB, due to the time constraints of a GB. I might be tempted to get some PE for it, but no guarantees... I'll take some photos tonight and get my WIP started soon.
  5. My initial thought for this GB was a Spit, everyone loves a Spit particularly an early mark. I have an Eduard Me109E "in the stash"but I didn't fancy modelling the "bad guys" this time. I took a bit of advice and settled on a Gloster Gladiator. 247th Squadron flew the Gladiator in protection of the SW ports from a pretty rough strip near Roborough (also known at one time as Plymouth Airport) (More history of the site here). The strip was unsuited to more modern monoplanes at the time so the Glad was deployed having moved the squadron down from Sumburgh in Shetland where they were tasked with providing cover for Scapa Flow. Since deciding on the subject of my model I have done some internet research and I will add more of this as I add to this thread. So this is the kit (love the pixie boots!) Contents of the box... And these are the add-ons I have chosen I decided against the resin engine and cowl as they almost doubled the cost of the build and I'm not particularly fond of working with resin. So I have the Yahu etched instrument panel a set of turned brass gun barrels (as I more often model armour plastic bun barrels seem, wrong) and then we have the real challenge of this kit... rigging on the recommendation of another Glad builder I have chosen this elastic material. Wish me luck! One thing that does concern me is the decals. I am told to expect these to be a pig to work with. I will try the Finnish swastikas to see how they handle. If they are as bad as people suggest I will be looking for alternates and would welcome pointers as it looks like I will be buying multiple sheets. This is what I hope to model.
  6. That was quite a bump and I know what ya’ll are thinking, and I’m here to tell you it wasn’t the airline’s fault, it wasn’t the pilot’s fault, it wasn’t the flight attendants’ fault…..it was the asphalt! Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain in your seats until Captain Crash and the Crew have brought the aircraft to a screeching halt up against the gate. At no time in history has a passenger beaten a plane to the gate. So please don’t even try. And, once the tire smoke has cleared and the warning bells are silence, we’ll open the door and you can pick your way t hrough the wreckage to the terminal.As you exit the plane, please make sure to sure to gather all of your belongings. Anything left behind will be distributed evenly among the flight attendants. Please do not leave children or spouses. Also Please be careful opening the overhead bins because shift happens. We’d like to thank you folks for flying with us today. And, the next time you get the insane urge to go blasting through the skies in a pressurized metal tube, we hope you’ll think of us here at Disast Air. Ok now that we've landed from the WIP here we go.... A year ago last June I started on a little project THe is part1 of a 2 part series. HpH 1/48 B-36H. Resin /Fibreglass construction with resin and P/E for detail. I added numerous extra bits mostly in the Bomb bay and gunturrets You can find the build here: [ [ THis is no light weight to be sure. Weighing in at a svelte 4.6 kilos. Clad in a mixture of Bare metal Foils and AlcladII Metal paints. Some of the decals I changed from the kit as this is a representation of the aircraft from the Movie Strategic Air Command. Only difference, its later than the movie and before the Feather weight I,II,II programs commenced. I hope you enjoy my little offering And Thank you for viewing. As always If you have and comments questions or suggestions Don't hesitate to let me know. Right now I'm going to get something cold to drink so I can Cool off my hands. It's 34C outside and in the 15 min that I was out taking pictures. the aluminum Cladding on the model got VERY hot. Didn't expect that to happen. Have an Excellent day, For the Yanks in the bunch Happy 4th of July, or as I like to explain to the younger set, the day we Unfriended Good King George III.
  7. Hi, This one is mostly about taking part in this remembrance of the BoB. I'm not that great a builder. I'm keen to finish at least one model. Later on, I might return with another build like a Hurricane Mk I or Eduard's new Spitfire Mk I. This is the "old" Tamiya Spitfire, the copyright says "1993". Seems like yesterday... The decal sheet is from Fündekals. As you see, lots of Mk I's can be built using this one (11 of them BoB Spitfires). The .pdf with the instructions can be downloaded from the site for free. https://www.fundekals.com/spitfiresPart2.html I'm planning to build this one as R6775 "YT-J" of No 65 Sqn, flown by Jeffrey Quill during his time with 65 Sqn in August 1940. Cheers, Stefan.
  8. I have had an old ESCI Alpha Jet kit for a while & thought it was about time to dig it out. I have a Gina too, and a Phantom RF-4E, so maybe a triple set of Luftwaffe builds? While I like the rounded nose French & Italian examples, I think I will go for the pointy nosed German trainer / ground attack version. This one was mint in box So what do you get? Classic ESCI silver (slightly brittle) plastic. Surface moulded detail that is a bit heavy handed. Yellowed decals I think the surface detail may go & get rescribed. Maybe a couple of resin Martin Baker Mk.10s. Decals sitting on a sunny windowsill getting some sun to bleach the yellow out. Cut the flaps and pose them down a bit. The canopy. I usually pose them open, but this is a one piece canopy and I just don’t think it’s going to cut. Might have to go with closed. Any advice on building the kit would be appreciated. I took the main body parts off to see how they fit. The two body halves are very thin & flex all over the place. The underneath panel that puts everything in place doesn’t want to fit. The wing slots are massive for the locating tabs on the wings and tail. They don’t fit anywhere near snug. Think this is going to be interesting... Lots of tape & a Hawk for size comparison So let’s see how this one goes.
  9. Hi all, now that the July issue of Airfix Model World issue has finished selling, I can finally show this... Last year whilst on holiday in Australia, I finally managed to get a jet in my flying log book. It's an L-39C Albatros belonging to a company at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane, and I managed to hire it for a while along with a pilot to keep an eye on it while I played with it. Returning home, I built a copy of it as a keepsake, using the Trumpeter 1/48 kit as a base, but incorporating scratch built parts, self made decals, and masks for some of the markings cut by my mate Nige. Hope you like it. Photos from the day: It's all good fun. Cheers, Dean
  10. Hallo again This time I did a break on vehicles, and I am back on a/c. This particular a/c is a good example of learning aerodynamics. The area rule is applied, to reduce drag by flying speeds exceeding Mach 1. The angle of intersection of fuselage and wing surface is more than 90°. As the Me 262. This also reduces drag. The delta wing concept also reduces drag, because the surface of the elevator is omitted. The kit is an old one, with all the negative accounts, but something else after the newest plastic tank kits with interior. Now I start the F-102. Happy modelling
  11. Hi all Been working on this for a while, it's a nice Kit with only the odd way in which the undercarriage is moulded which lets it down, I did the AB264 option the aircraft of Buck Mcnair that played a part in the defence of Malta . Built OIOB apart from a set of PE Seatbelts and Eduard replacement exhausts. Brush painted with Humbrol enamels and Oil paint wash and paint chips with various coloured pencils. Hope you enjoy All the best Chris
  12. In a fit of misguided Spitfire enthusiasm I bought the Special Hobby Mk.XII with V1. It's a bit late for me to start in this GB, and I've never made a 1/48 Spitfire. But I really fancy a wheels up Spitfire and V1 combination and I was impressed with the pilot! AFAIK this isn't a new tool and has a few accuracy issues. So I checked the fuselage against the 1/48 plan in the Valiant Wings book Part 2 - Griffon engined Spitfires. The kit fuselage was 8mm too long ! Then I checked the scale of the plan - which is 1:50 . Compared against the Scale Planes drawing by Fred Spring, which looks excellent but I have no real idea of how accurate it is, the kit is short in the fuselage by 1mm and the shape conforms quite well, certainly better than the Airfix Mk.XII. Panel lines are more restrained than Airfix with some interesting raised panels on the rear fuselage, maybe this is right? So, this will hopefully be a fairly rapid OOB build. Any comments, tips etc - most welcome! Cheers,
  13. My aircraft WIP started off with a couple of 1/48 RAF Phantoms I was building, but somewhere along the way I started putting together a background to photograph them with. This turned in to a hair-brained scheme to build a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS). I live near Wattisham and have taken some photos while passing of the site, and using google maps I got started on some plans. A full size hanger in 1/48 would just be too big, so a single aircraft HAS seemed do-able. So this is what I was aiming for: Most of the build so far is on my other thread, so I won't repeat it all here. Suffice to say it got rolling with a bit of rolled up cardboard: The main structure is about 76cm x 45cm. But then add the apron in front, doors, vent at the back, annex, etc, etc. Its got pretty big.
  14. Evening guys, I've been waiting on the GB for a while now! For that reason I may actually finish a build for a GB for once. Listed below is the kit I'll be using which I picked up from a Flying Legends a few years back. I'll be using an Xtradecal set and finishing the build as A/C QJ-W flown by Flight Leuitenant Denys Gillam. Having researched his history, our I have visited many locations he was posted and served at throughout the UK so his aircraft and career resonates with myself. Anyone interested in F/L Gillam I have linked his history below. http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/GillamDE.htm Paint wise, does anyone have any suggestions as to the best paint match for the Pale Blue undersides? Cheers, Lee
  15. When people ask me what my favourite Spitfire version is, I usually reply something along the lines of "whichever one I've built a model of most recently". I do have a particular fondness for the late-model Griffon Spits, though, so this GB seems like a good opportunity to bring out my Grand Phoenix "Ultimate Seafire" - which as I'm sure everyone here knows, is a reboxing of the well-regarded Airfix kit with extra resin, etch and decals. I must confess to being slightly apprehensive about doing this one in public, so to speak, especially as it's been a while since I did anything with so much aftermarket gubbins. A couple of shots of box and bits to start with. I was lucky enough to get this kit for a good price on ebay a few years ago. It does look like an awful lot of plastic, resin and metal! I just hope all the bits are there. Oh well, here we go...
  16. I finished my first entry in this GB a few weeks ago - the 1/48 Airfix Seafire F.XVII: Since then I have been getting a Lancaster and Buccaneer finished before starting a new kit - I’m getting more disciplined! Now they’re done I’m able to start my second model in this GB - the 1/48 Airfix Spitfire Vb: I’m looking forward to a more ‘classic’ Spitfire build this time. The folded wings on the Seafire model added a degree of interest (and as a bonus, requires less space to display!) but let’s be honest, the Seafire looks far better with the wings extended - the only option on a Spitfire! The Vb kit also has a much more detailed cockpit, so this one will be built with the cockpit door hinged open and the canopy slid back. Whilst not strictly accurate, I am contemplating building this model with the flaps extended but haven’t made the final decision yet...! I should be able to complete this within five weeks!
  17. How time fly's. Five years ago I participated in my first GB - the 75th Battle of Britain anniversary GB where I built a Spitfire and a Hurricane. This time I like to change sides and build a Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 from the 9th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 26 flown by Staffelkapitän Oberleutnant Gerhard Schopfel. The unit was stationed at Calais during August 1940 and the aircraft received its 12th kill marking on 18th of August. There is a nice colour photo of the Bf 1-9E-3 flown by Walter Blume with the same early theater markings. Gerhard Schopfel was born in on 19th December 1912 and died 90 years old on 17 May 2003. He achieved 45 aerial victories all at the western front. There is a lengthy Wikipedia page covering his life which makes interesting reading. I will use the 1/48 Eduard Bf 109E-4 kit and Techmod decals to build this aircraft more or less OOB as I really like to finish this model within the time frame of this GB. Cheers, Peter
  18. North American F-51D Mustang Korean War 1/48 Special Hobby 48102 Supermarine Seafire Mk.II Torch & Avalanche 1/48
  19. Hi guys, I will be building the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer in Royal Navy colors. There will be some extra decals for it from Xtra decals and a few foto etch sets plus 2 resin bangseats from Neomega and some resin intakes. I will put on some pictures at a later date. Cheers,
  20. With my other Spitfire build coming to an end it seemed an ideal opportunity to start another one! Here's my offering into this GB: It will be built OOB in the colours shown above on the box artwork - a Mk.1A Spitfire from 610 Squadron, based at Biggin Hill in July 1940.
  21. I made a throwaway comment at the end of my Blitzbuild about tanks being easier to build quickly than my carrier or the Horch I did at Christmas as they are basically a couple of boxes and some tracks with none of the time consuming internals to build and paint. I therefore have a moral obligation to put my money where my mouth is with the quickest build I can manage of a vanilla T-34. This is the victim this time. Picturre stolen from Scalemates as my box is still somewhere between here and Japan (but in the opposite direction if you see what I mean). As it's an early one it will be in 3B rather than 4BO (dark green rather than olive). It would be nice if there's a camouflaged version on the decal sheet, even better if I could find evidence of one used in the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran as the Russian vehicles involved sported a great 3 tone tiger stripe scheme. More when I have something concrete to show. Or plastic, that would be better, yes? Andy
  22. GMK

    Best F-35A kits?

    Thought I’d tap the brains trust - which is the ‘best’ F-35A kit in 1/72 & 1/48 scale? Possible candidates listed below. 1/72: Hasegawa Academy Italeri 1/48: Meng Kittyhawk Ideally, I’d like to avoid boilerplate-scale external “detail”. Cheers!
  23. Having a break from regular Luftwaffe schemes (if there is such as thing as a 'regular' Luftwaffe scheme) to build this Eduard kit as an all-over light blue night fighter from NJG 11... The 'target' for this build is NJG 11's 'white 4' - no hard photo evidence exists, aside from one or two pics of the alleged 'white 4' taken from the front quarter, so the only guide I have to go on this this questionable representation from a Hannants decal sheet - but I like the look of it regardless of the veracity of it's existence, so let's go... If anyone has any thoughts on what the second colour on the engine cowl might be, then I'd like to hear it. I'm guessing either RLM 02 or RLM 84 (or '76a' or whatever you prefer to call it) Cockpit done, fuselage almost ready to close up. I used the kit decal seatbelts (first time I've done that). I mean they're ok, - they'll probably look fine when the fuselage is buttoned up and the canopy is on, but I think maybe I'll stick to home-made or PE next time... Until next time
  24. Personally I’m blaming @Moa for this What with him completing his spectacular kit salvage in 1/72 and me repainting and reorganising the modelling room and repeatedly coming across the Glancoe and then finally this Arriving in the post yesterday. I shall now attempt to make this. With the help of this and Moa’s WIP Into this. or this or this Or possibly some other colourscheme. And hopefully it will be at least half as good as Moa’S build. Wish me luck.
  25. Here's my second build for the Group Build. I'm doing a 1/48 Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate. This is one of the finest Hasegawa kits I've ever done. A nicely detailed cockpit, very fine surface details, excellent fit so far. Even the kit decals look nice, although I won't be using them. I got two aftermarket sheets for it, one from Berna and one from Rising Decals, both with some options that fit the time period of this GB. I am taking some guess work with the cockpit color, as it turns out they had probably three different colours, depending on when they were built. Aotake (that metallic blue-ish stuff) on early ones, a dark green on middle ones, and natural metal on late ones. As I have no idea when mine was built, I decided to go with the green colour, and pretend it is correct. Nobody will notice it anyway. I used Tamiya's Japanese Army Green for it. The seat (not fitted yet) comes with a comfy looking cushion, which isn't correct, but I'll just leave it on. This thing must have been an ergonomic nightmare, as there are levers and controls everywhere, even the guns stick out the firewall in front of the instrument panel, just like the A6M.
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