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  1. A couple of years ago I picked up a cheap ESCI F-16 and wondered what to build it as. I fancied a Europe based USAF one, and had a look at where they were based. I tried to get some Hahn decals but failed and the only other options was Spangdahlem. So I ended up building a Dutch version with the kit decals. Then I found it about the short time that USAF F-16s were not only deployed to Europe but to the UK. The Bentwaters Aggressors. Just getting going when the base was closed. I believe there were only ever 12 of them, but most importantly you can get decals. So when an Academy F-16C kit came my way the choice was easy. And a visit to the Bentwaters Cold War Museum sealed the deal with their nice models & photos on display. So this is the kit & decals And this is the plastic So any advice about the kit will be appreciated. Looks pretty good. Did wonder about the blank at the back of the intake, but she will probably have a FOD cover on and way. And I really don’t know anything about the detail differences between F-16 variants.
  2. I had not planned on posting this model here due to its age and lack of detail, but with so many other recent Typhoon threads showing just magnificent models, I decided I would show one that isn't that great. I have no idea just how old this kit is; I know it was issued in the early 1970s at least. So, it won't have the features found on today's great models. But, perhaps we can see how much improvement manufacturers have made since then? At any rate, she is what she is and represents both an earlier era in scale model kits, and my earlier attempts at building them too. Some of these pics were taken at the Cameron airport, but some were also taken at another small-town airport in neighboring Rockdale, Texas. The airport there once belonged to a local millionaire, H. H. Coffield. He had a bunch of WWII planes out there at one time including a couple B-25s and a few C-47s too. Supposedly he had hired an ex-Luftwaffe flyer to run a, ahem, "crop dusting" operation in South America...oookayy. There are two hangars and a pilot's lounge there. One of the hangars is very old (supposedly of WWII vintage) and makes a neat background. I met a couple really nice local pilots and had an enjoyable afternoon taking photos of several model planes. It was quite windy at the Rockdale airport though, and the Typhoon almost blew away a few times and the canopy did fly off several times. I put the plane away and came back to Cameron where it was a little less windy for more pics. The model is the old Monogram 1/48 scale Typhoon Mk IB. It was built more than twenty years ago now but had never been photographed before its trip to Rockdale a few years back. I did add some radiators underneath from an old '60s model car. The paint was Model Master and Humbrol enamel sprayed with my Paasche H. I used Parafilm for the first and only time for the masking. Other than that, it's just OOB Monogram from "back in the day". I appreciate your interest and thanks for taking a look at the old girl!
  3. Well, it's 1/48 B-52 season... I'll try and finish this one (then I'll finish my Shackleton, and my Stratojet). The H version will wait, I'll start with my D. My inspiration is of course Tom Probert's build (which will be a masterpiece, as always). And a Japanese build of ID Model's BUFF: http://fg786.blog87.fc2.com/category178-63.html Check it, it redefines awesomeness. And while you're at it, check the 1/48 XB-70. And weep. So, back to my Stratofortress. My new friends are there: I'll start with building bulkheads. The fuselage halves aren't quite symmetrical, so I'll build halves that I'll glue later on. How? First, I copy the fuselage interior shape: Then I draw the contour on cardboard. That way, I'll be able to reuse the bits on my next B-52('s ?go figure). The cardboard bit is cut and adjusted to the fuselage quarter (yes, I know). The cardboard is copied on plastic card, which is cut and finely tuned with a heavy duty file. A bit bored with the blukheads, I assembled a fuselage half. I've seen cleaner assemblies... No doubt Milliput will help. I discovered something quite annoying for those who want to build their BUFF with the gear out. Gear doors are staggered, and end or start with a rectangle. The rectangle s the place where the gear leg will protrude from the fuselage. The rectangles have to be exactly symmetrical (lengthwise) for the gear legs to be aligned. Well, guess again... Feces happen, but fixing that will be entertaining. Instead of sulking, I decided to proceed with the cockpit floor. Two halves, a plastic strip to stregthen the assembly, all this glued to the first bulkhead: Fitted to the right front fuselage quarter: The B-52 flight manual will be invaluable (and for 10 bucks, it's a bargain). Here is a page of said manual with the front structure assembly: And the front structure assembly fitted to the fuselage: More fun to come, swear words to be said, plastic bits to be stomped again and again. I'm glad I bought a dozen 20"x24" 1mm plastic sheets. To be continued. I promise. Cheers, S.
  4. Hi! Edit: Changed from a AJSF37 WIp to a JA37D/Di one 20181007 See below. It is time for yet another Viggen for me, this time one of the recce variants. (The last one can be seen here.) I have yet to decide which variant it will be, an AJSH or AJSF 37 - I have aftermarket goodies for both - and I will build both but which one first? I am deciding between an AJSH 37 from F10 Ängelholm during the late 90s and carrying a pair of RB15Fs and a pair of RB74s (AIM-9L) or a SWAFRAP (Swedish Air Force Rapid Reaction Force) AJSF 37. SWAFRAP was set up during 2001 and hade a number of photo-recce Viggens at its disposal. All where painted in the same grey colours as the JAS 39 Gripens and it is not the same as the JA 37 Viggens had. The AJSH 37s kept using the famous splinter camo looking like this (though that is acually an AJS 37 but they are quite hard to distinguish, usually it is by what they are carrying on the hard points) AJSF 37 Box art: I have an unhealthy ammount of aftermarket stuff: Everything but the kitchen sink, eh? If it is the photo recce variant this time around I will use flash- and photo pods under the belly plus a jamming pod and a flare- and chaff dispenser plus a pair of RB24Js (AIM-9J?). If I decide on the sea suirvaillance/maritime strike variant, the AJSH 37, I will use a pair of RB15Fs and a pair of RB74s (AIM-9L). I have both photo etch and the Neomega cockpit made for the ESCI/Airfix kit and planned to use only some of the cockpit resin parts but after compairing it with the kit plastics... I decided to make the resin fit..! Bagging the plastics.. There is still alot of sanding to be done but I dry fitted it earlier today and it seems to work okay! (The IP cover or whatever it is called fell down slightly as I snapped the pic but it fits almost nicely!) Probably gonna paint the side walls and the inside walls before gluing them in and then make the tub fit in there too. Seems slightly tricky to slide down the bang chair but it should not be impossible! Alright! I might not be that fast, have loads of studying and tests this Winter and Spring but it seems like another nice SAAB build. Some inspiration, while they are AJS 37s, the Viggen still looks good in DCS!
  5. Hello people, After a lot of time, I finally decided to finish one of the long-established projects. The theme of the project is "vintage service" in the 1950s, located somewhere in eastern Berlin ….. The inspiration for my project came from the work "Red Oak Servicec Station" by Chuck Doan….. Before fifteen days ago, the work came up to 99% of the completion phase, and it was first time very successfully presented at the model competition Mosonshow 2019. Before the final presentation at this forum here, I decided to open this topic, where I will present to all of you the whole process of making my Diorama „Hmmm, was jetzt?“ All your comments are more than welcome .... So let's go.....first I'll start with the vehicle.... 1. Vehicle processing ..... engine and crane carrier
  6. Started over the long weekend - the Eduard rebox or the Hasegawa Typhoon 1B with lots of etch Work commences with replacing most of the plastic cockpit with Etch :-) Peter
  7. This GB is nearly at the half way mark and I haven't joined in yet - time to do something about that. I had various options but felt drawn to the Kitty Hawk F-101B kit and the RF-101B option. I feel the need to build something big and this fits the bill. There's also a bit of nostalgia involved - I remember building the Matchbox Voodoo as an RF-101B when I must have been about 8 or 9. Here's the KH kit. I've also got an Eduard zoom set for the cockpit and Eduard steel seatbelts. Apart from these and a couple of simple corrections it'll be more or less OOB. A lot has been said about the fit of this kit so there will be a lot of test fitting but hopefully not too much cursing along the way! cheers Julian
  8. Hi all I thought I would share my current build of mengs me 410 b-2/u2/f4. I started this build in Feb. I am planning to correct the mistakes in the kit (props and oil coolers) drop the leading edge slats and have 1 engine displayed. I am planning to use the following after market items. Aires cockpit for the meng kit. Eduard super fabric seat belts The following quickboost items-- ju 88 c/g gun barrels, (under fusalarge gun pack) Ju 88 mg 151 20 ( inturnel gun pod) Me 410 props True details me 110g wheels. Rmb 13mm mg 131 gun barrels ( rear guns) Vector corrected oil coolers. A sorted lead wire Paint used will be xtracolor and humbrol enamels. Airbrushs used are Badger 200 sg & Badger 200 g (fine tip) (The cut down blade is what I used for thinning the cockpit sides down) And my referances Now for the build. As I wonted to have the gun bay detailed as well as using the airies cockpit. I first joined the gun bay roof to the rear bulkhead. I then placed it in position inside fuselarge with the rear cockpit and marked around them. As I did not won't to remove any plastic were the kit gun bay is. I then started with the removal of plastic, from the top of the kit gun bay roof as this has the kit cockpit floor molded on it. And from the bottom of the airies cockpit floor. (My intension was to join the kit gun bay to the airies cockpit. But be the same thickness as the kit part.) as well as the fuselarge sides. The airies cockpit walls were thinned until thay were see through. Aswell as removing the casting block from the rear cockpit I was going to use my dremel for the removell of the plastic but the plastic is too soft. So I went old school and used a blade to scrap away the plastic. As the cockpit sides are curved I cut a no 2 bladed down to the size of the front cockpit walls. It took muliable test fits and scraping to get them to fit. As the airies cockpit coming is longer I had two options. Cut the airies part down to the length of the kit part or remove the rear cockpit bulkhead. I went for the removal of the bulkhead and more scraping of plastic. The cockpit and gun bay were first sprayed black then a base coat of rlm 66 (cockpit), rlm 02 (gunbay). Mgs were sprayed humbrol gun metal. Ready for the detailing. The results Thank you for looking, feed back and comments are always welcomed. Nick
  9. The 1930s was a hugely interesting decade for a lot of different reasons, not least because of the incredible speed in which aeroplanes developed. Torn between the age of the biplane and the new times, the unfortunate He-51 was basically outdated as soon as the paint dried on its wings, like so many other designs from the early to mid 1930s. Shipped to Spain to prove itself it had a very short period with success against even more outdated planes, but had to be withdrawn as a fighter plane before it embarrassed the Third Reich further and redeployed as a ground attack aircraft. It did find some success there and was eventually produced in a pretty impressive 722 examples, which lingered on as advanced trainers and perhaps factory protection for the first years of the war. As a ground attack plane it got its only nickname, "Caza de Cadena" or "Chain Fighter", after the way they attacked ground targets, coming in one by one to draw fire away from the plane that had just finished its attack. A pretty boring nickname for a fighter I guess few remembered fondly, or even at all. But still, it is from the 1930s interwar period that I enjoy very much, and while in my eyes not as pretty as some people think due to its somewhat bulbous cro-magnon forehead created by the BMW engine, it did appear in some handsome colour schemes. The kit is Rodens He-51 B.1, which is a nicely detailed kit I hope will go together well. It will be built mostly OOTB with after marked decals, a bit of Quickboost resin and other stuff, plus some amateurish scratchbuilding where needed. So not really OOTB at all then.
  10. Hi! I'm starting to build the classic Classic Airframes kit of Electronic Warfare Canberra. IMHO most brutally looking Canberra version. I will use: -Kit (more than 10 years in my stash) -Loon replacement wingtip tanks (resin) -Eduard interior etch set intended for Airfix B.20 kit -ResKit wheels (resin)-looks waaay better than in-box resin - compare the pictures below... The start is trivial - assembling the 1kg of resin interior parts and building the fuselage halves. Thanks for looking
  11. My entry for this GB will be the HobbyBoss 1/48 Hawk T-1A No 4 Flying Training School, RAF Valley Though I had thought of building an F-5E Tiger of VFC-13 Flying Saints Adversary Squadron - “Training the Fleet Air Wings” from NAS Fallon
  12. The choice for this GB was either the Tamiya 1/48 F-16C/N or the Meng 1/48 F-35 - I fancy another masking challenge so its the the F-35 !! The usual box / Sprue shots - all still nicely wrapped up, I will be adding the Eduard cockpit set to brighten up the plain cockpit - these fancy modern jets with everything on the TV screen or in helmet HUD ! and she will be marked up as a Hill AFB bird - the first place I saw an F-35 flying
  13. Now I've more or less finished the Meteor F8 in the 50s GB it's time to make a start here I'm going to throw my hat in the ring with the RAF trainer that was the ultimate last step in the budding fighter pilots journey After learning their trade in the sweet handling Gnats, Hawks, Hunters etc. they got to experience the brute force of the Lightning I'm sure there's a quote from a fresh pilot somewhere that said something like, "I was in control right up to the moment I released the brakes" I'm following my theme of 56 squadron aircraft with a Sword T5, depending how I go with time I might do a T4 as well, but we'll see how I go It also depends on how my first real attempt at NMF goes as well, as to whether I do another
  14. This Monogram 1/48 RF-101B Voodoo was built several years back. I had the kit in my stash for a awhile before deciding to do a "what if?" build. I wanted an all-black Voodoo in a pseudo Blackbird-type look. I don't think any recon Voodoos were painted this way, but it makes a striking appearance for these fast jets . The Voodoo was a fast plane before the area-ruled fuselage came in vogue (iirc); she did it with good ol' brute power! I used flat, semi-glass and gloss black enamels, as well as the same range in clear acrylics to paint it and weather it. The decals are from an 1/32 F-117 kit, iirc. I took these at the Cameron Airport, over the course of two different sessions. The wind was blowing way too hard during the first one and I watched the horizontal stab flutter up and down so much I was afraid I would lose it. I hope you enjoy having a look at my "One-Oh-Wonder"! Thanks for your interest!
  15. I was going to do the 1/48 Italeri Hunter next, I even splashed out on Xtradecals to do a 79 sqn one, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it for my next kit. After much deliberation amongst the stash in the loft, this Tornado F3 appealed. Possibly because it'll be a break from grey/green camo and blu-tack snakes! Plus I need something fairly simple before I go to Taiwan for three weeks. So, out of the stash and into the light. Being another ebay bargain, it looks like the fuselage halves come from two different kits! I did offer them up though and they appear to fit well, so it should be ok. There are three sides of tail fins in the kit too! Plus I have two from the GR1 kit in the spares bag. Any words of advice from those who've made this? I'm assuming the kit is quite old and will need all sorts of filling and extras to make it accurate, we'll see as I progress. One thing I will be doing is trying to find some cheap decals as I'm not a fan of the kit options. I don't do special colour schemes, or anonymous ones with no squadron markings at all. Might see if I can find 23 sqn decals. If anybody would like the fancy Italian Tiger Meet decals let me know and I'll post them to you free of charge.
  16. Hi, If you have a stash with more then 2 kits (we all do as 'stash' means a lot of kits) you know this moment when its time to pick the next build. Sometimes the idea is already there, lurking for some time, like my Vautour build. Sometimes you are at a loss - trying to guess which one of those will call the right mojo. With the Vautour done and on its way to my father, and with most of my kits re-located to a new storage I got the following idea. My stash is huge (3 digits), well beyond the point of being able to build all of it in my lifetime or have room to show it for that matter. I tried several times to put a moratorium on buying new ones but here and there I read or come across a new kits that falls within my area of interest and just can't help it. Not to mention occasional accidental stops by my LHS. So in effort to reduce the stash I decided I will build the last kit I bought - hoping that this will be a new and good way to reduce the list. Introducing the Academy 1/48 Ta-183 Huckebein: Spruces mug shots: A nice little kit, with good detail, some PE, masks and nice but not to complicated paint scheme. A bit of a Luft 46' but I'm OK with that. You can check Scalemates page for a lot of relevant data. So - dipping the canopy in Future tonight and starting to look at the instructions. Ran
  17. What if? What if the Confederate States of America had survived the American Civil War? What if the CSA had survived right up into the present? Well, that's the premise behind this aircraft. I created a scenario in which today's CSA co-exists with the USA here in the 21st Century. For brevity's sake, I won't bore everyone with the whole story, but I envisioned CSAF squadrons that were named for Confederate war heroes. I imagined four Maritime Air Stations; Norfolk, Charleston, Tampa and Biloxi, Miss. These squadrons are named after famous cavalry commanders of the Civil War. This CSAF Mirage F-1 is assigned to the Nathan B. Forrest Squadron based at Biloxi. Their primary mission is anti-ship interdiction. My "what if" Confederacy requires imported aircraft due to an aircraft industry that still hasn't reached maturity, nor any sort of parity with their neighbor, the United States. I guess I might flesh out my what if scenario a bit. A negotiated cease-fire, and subsequent, somewhat uneasy peace, left the United States and the Confederacy sharing what had been the USA. A continuing reliance on agriculture still retarded economic growth and manufacturing technology in the CSA. Faced with a long coastline to defend, the Confederacy, with its new capital in Atlanta, turned wary eyes seaward and made maritime vigilance both a priority and a tradition. Texas seceded from the Confederacy in the early 20th century over economic issues and concerns about the intrusive reach of the Confederate government. I'm still working out how this event plays out geographically, with current possibilities including Texas "annexation" of Oklahoma and possibly a Republic of Texas reach for Pacific ports (and all that that might entail). Confederate forces have been involved in several incidences in the recent past. These would include clashes with Venezuela and Cuba in the Gulf and Caribbean as well as joint missions conducted with Republic of Texas forces against insurgents/narco-terrorists in Mexico. The Maritime Air Stations share defense of the coast and other airbases throughout the interior of the South maintain bomber and interceptor squadrons. The choice of the Mirage F-1 for the role shown here was based on economy, simplicity and of course availability. France had been a supporter of the Confederacy from its beginning and provided various models for purchase by the CSA. The United Kingdom is the other major aircraft supplier for Confederate needs, having sold Hawker Hunters to the South as their first high-performance jet fighter. In these pictures, we see a CSAF Mirage F.1 at a small airfield in the Republic of Texas (yes, there's a "what if" story there too, lol. At some point in the future we may see a Republic of Texas Vampire), making an unscheduled lay-over for some unspecified reason. The kit is the Italeri Mirage F-1 in 1/48 scale. The Exocet she's carrying came from the Monogram Mirage 2000, the rails and Sidewinders from an old Testor's F-18 and the drop tank from something long forgotten, and modified for its role here. I guess I might mention an experiment of sorts. I dipped the canopy in Future colored with MM teal acrylic to get a tinted look. It worked alright here but the first test canopy from the scrap pile actually looked much better. Oh well. I learned a new trick, thanks Swanny! The low-viz markings were created by me and drawn by my son on an Autocad program and I printed them on our home printer. Primary colors are Humbrol enamels, Gull Gray and Lt. Ghost Gray. What-if exercises can really free up one's creativity I've found. Freed from the bounds of reality and real history, it's fun to imagine different outcomes to history. I make no political statement with this build I assure you. I don't defend the Confederate ideology or actions. But for one or two different outcomes in battle or politics, the scenario of Southern survival might have been real history. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little exercise in alternate reality and thanks again for your interest. Gary
  18. Hi everyone! For this group build I'll be building a 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. I night fighter. Below are some shots of the kit and the extras I'll be using (Eduard "Zoom" photoetch set, seatbelts and paint mask, and AML camouflage mask). I've struggled with Airfix 1/72 Blenheims in the past so I'm curious to see how the 1/48 version goes together. I have followed other builds such as this one and I'm planning to use some of the tips mentioned. You'll see from the third photo below that I've already started dry fitting to see how well the main parts fit. From what I can tell it looks to be a great kit ... I hope! All the best, Matt
  19. Here's my just finished 1/48 Hasegawa A-4N finished as N432FS, used by BAE Systems Flight Systems on a target towing contract for the Luftwaffe. Build thread is here. The kit is the A-4KU boxing, the extended tailpipe is from Quickboost, and I also used a Quickboost seat and an Eduard zoom set in the cockpit. Decals are from Two Bobs. Nobody seems to produce the RM30 target towing equipment so I scratch built mine. I found some of the manufacturer's promotional material online, which helpfully included a scale drawing, although I had to estimate the dimensions of the target. The body of the RM30 started life as a drop tank from an Eduard 1/48 MiG-21, and the front end is part of a JT3D engine from a Minicraft 1/144 DC-8. The target started out as one of the missiles in the Eduard MiG-21 and the side pylon was one of the MiG-21's pylons. Never tried scratch building like this before, really enjoyed it - I'll be doing it again. thanks for looking Julian
  20. Ladies and Gentlemen,Damen und Herren for your amusement and edification I present HpH's 1/48 XB-70A. Like I didn't have enough on my plate constructing Sangers B_52B (more on that later). But as they say" faint heart ne're won a faire maiden". Besides I got it early in the Spring and kept calling to me "Build me!" and so I shall.With out further ado Forward into the Fog!
  21. We have just taken delivery of a selection of Kinetic kits with more due soon. Check out the selection here! https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/brands/kinetic/
  22. Still a few weeks left on this GB and I would like to join in with a blast from the past, 1979 to be exact, the ESCI 1/48th scale North American F-86F Sabre operated by the Spanish Ejercito Del Aire from 1955 onwards. Last year was a bad year for me modelling mojo wise, am currently wrestling with the Kitty Hawk RF-101C Voodoo and I just want something straightforward which I can build and complete in a few weeks. I have never made any F-86 Sabre in this scale, I have several ESCI kits in the stash, so this one would be good to work on. The kit itself dates back to 1979, I think this is the original boxing, and has around 70 parts. Interestingly the panel lines appear to be engraved, not raised, and a first look on-line suggests that this kit is still produced from time to time by Italeri. The kit decals cover three subjects and the Spanish ones caught my eye. However they will be up to 40 years old so I will need a back-up in case they cannot be used. I do have some research to do about this kit, especially the type of wing which is something I know very little about, also whether these markings fall within the time period of this GB. Good to be here Michael
  23. Looking forward to this one. I hope Eduard add few extra fuels tanks for the wings, it always seems a little bare without them.
  24. Well there's no point hanging around, may as well start a new kit! I even bought aftermarket decals as I'd like to continue my 80s theme with a 79 sqn/1 TWU Hunter from around 1980-84. I also have the Academy one in the stash which I'll do as an old F6 using those lovely 56 sqn markings at some point, so this Italeri one will be an FGA9. It was much cheaper than the Airfix one, and looks ok on opening the box, apart from the 1/72 ejector seat. I'm going to use a spare one from the Canberra PR9; I know it's probably different but at least it's the right size! Anyone built this kit and know of any other issues?
  25. I have far too many projects started, the Gamecock will remain my top priority, but I want to complete these for a Group build ending in June, so if i don't start now I won't, so to speak, all other projects will fall in somewhere behind. This will be a (hopefully) more or less OOB build( allowing for the various quirks and deficiencies of the kits ... and the builder ) of a Smer Bulldog, am Airfix Fury and a Lindberg Flycatcher. I'm already getting bored with high speed silver so the Fury will be in a Munich crisis scheme and I'll probably stick with the kit scheme for the Bulldog as the decal sheet looks pretty good and will try to find something interesting for the Flycatcher ( Much as I'm learning to love WWI and interwar British aircraft, the colour schemes are soooooo dull, end (small) rant) The Bulldog is ok but has raised markings that have to go. The Fury is probably the best of the three but the cockpit is in the wrong place and the interior is wrong. Not sure about the Flycatcher, but we'll get to that eventually. First Up the Bulldog. It looks pretty ok wrt overall shape but has horrible embossed markings and although the rib detail isn't too bad on the uppersurfaces, the undersurfaces are almost blank. So off we go wit sanding/scraping and possibly skinning with 10 thou card followed by copious rescribing. More to follow
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