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Found 2,060 results

  1. This is my rendition of Eduards 1/48 'New Generation' Focke Wulf Fw190A-5. I decided after failing to find an alternative colour scheme, against those given by Eduard, which took my interest. It is not always easy I found to distinguish the 4 gun A-5 (light fighter!!) from the 6 gun A-5 (heavy fighter) I therefore, against my usual practice of using schemes supplied in the kit decided to build Graff's A-5. But then when looking in my spares box I came across a set of the gun pods carried by the U12 version. These I believe were from a 1/48 Dragon Fw190, upon examination these seemed accurate and as the Eduard 190 kits supply Mg151 gun barrels which are hollow at the tips, I then made my mind up to build the A-5/U12 version. My only other additions to this excellent kit was the Eduard Brassin cockpit and some detail to the undercarriage bay. I used the new range of AK's True Colour Luftwaffe paints, which although are 'scale colour' (not sure to what scale!!) I added 10% white which I thought came out quite well. Decals came mostly from the kit, these I wasn't a 100% happy with, they are printed by Eduard and have a flat finish which I found didn't totally disappear when applied to the usual gloss finish. Eduard please give us glossy decals!! I did not want to finish the aircraft in the popular Erich Hondt scheme and just happened to find a thread on Hyperscale Forum about alternative schemes for this particular 190 variant. My build represents the Fw190A-5/U12 flown by Hermann Segatz of 11./JG1 early 1944, Germany. Unfortunately the photo of this aircraft does not show the fuselage side very well so the number or 'Doppelwinkel' is not shown. I decided therefore to apply the Doppelwinkel as Segatz was Gruppenkommandeur the personal badge was a home made decal:- Using the gun pods in my spares box saved me money, I do think the Brassin set is slightly overpriced especially if you don't want the decals for Hondt's machine. However I highly recommend the Eduard 1/48 Fw190 family and look forward to future variants they will eventually release, maybe the S-8!!!! Cheers Andy
  2. So after kick starting my modelling again with a little 1/72 Fw-190 I've decided to tackle one of the 1/48 scale planes in my stash. I'm using Tamiya's well regarded 1/48 scale P-51D kit. I'll be using some third party decals (From Lifelike Decals) to represent the particular aircraft in question (linked below to avoid any copyright issues) http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/images/p51-4463807-2.jpg So last year I built up a Spitfire Mk1 with a lot of effort put into scratch built detailing and I'm aiming to do the same here. The Tamiya kit is quite simple out of the box surprisingly. I started with the cockpit as per generally accepted practice... There is good detail here but plenty of scope for improvement. Most of the detail is actually molded into the fuselage sides, as such suffers from being quite shallow. Using a pile of reference pictures I found on the net of some hyper detailed flight sim models (they obviously did their research) I set about improving the overall 3D look of the cockpit and adding various missing details and doodads. I felt a bit apprehensive at first carving away the nicely molded (if shallow) detail but soon got into the swing of it. I made decision to stick with the relatively shallow looking sidewall structure though, as trying to fix it would require cutting away all the detail and starting from scratch. The goal anyway wasn't to get absolutely accurate, but at least represent the busy-ness of the real deal. The end product is probably going to be quite anachronistic with regards to the instruments anyway. Here is the right hand side sidewall. Almost all the Tamiya molded detail was cut away and replaced or modified in some way. The switches are all formed from lengths of copper wire glued into drilled holes and cut to length. The oxygen hose is a length of copper wire wrapped tightly with lead wire. There is also a little hand crank to be fitted still but I'll do that after the increasingly daunting task of painting all this up... Left sidewall. Similar story here. The jutting out thing is the flare pistol barrel, which I struggled with for a bit, it's a bit overscale overall but I'm happy with it. There is a flare case I molded from Milliput yet to be fitted. The round knobs on the throttle quadrant were also made from Milliput. Cockpit floor and IP. Oddly enough Tamiya don't provide a IP decal for the instruments. I've had to order in some Airscale 1/48 scale instruments for this, Given how long stuff takes to arrive on our shores I'll probably be held up a bit when I get to this point. And finally the missing bits off the sidewalls, the crank made out of tiny slivers and punched discs of styrene and the Milliput molded flare case. It's my first try with the stuff and an overall average effort but good enough given it's size. Next up will be the seat, rudder pedals and the area behind the cockpit with the radios and battery.
  3. Hi, getting round to starting the GR4 that's been sitting round for ages. Going to be building Goldstar farewell scheme
  4. So on a Facebook group there is a group build for intel/Elint/ecm etc aircraft. Now I have already built a TR-1 but being a sucker for starting another build I dug out an EF-111A kit I got a while back. It’s a cheap Zhengdefu kit - a repop of someone else’s mould I presume? Anyway it looks like an EF-111 morning, or a Raven, or a Spark Vark, or whatever you prefer. The deadline for the group build is 1st December, so short turn around! The kit Had some Upper Heyford decals left from an Extradecal set I got to do my A-10 ages ago. They are for this one The kit panel has s pretty generic F-111 so a few screen mods & a consul in front of the right hand seat And painted & car tyre weight found Nose glued up & attached to the bottom of the back fuselage. Used a bit of balsa to iron out a slight inward warp on the back part Now judging by the comments on my post requesting info on under wing pylons there will be no tanks & I think I will only fit the inboard pylons. Might pose it with a sidewinder on the outside of the pylon even though they never flew with them. They did show them on the ground like that sometimes.
  5. My first WIP, and I’m stepping in the ring with this, Tamiya's brand new P-38G Lightning. Inside the beautifully designed box you get a sumptuous kit without a fussy mix of materials - just plastic, all of it crisply moulded and finely detailed. I don’t think I would’ve chosen to build a P-38 without all the superlatives being thrown at Tamiya’s new tooling. However, it’s a fascinating subject, and part of the fun of building kits is the research it can lead you to. I’m going for the P-38G, Rex Barber’s legendary ride in Operation Vengeance, one of the longest interception missions in WWII. It seems to be widely accepted that he was the one who shot down Admiral Yamamoto’s Betty, although the controversy surrounding this is worth reading about (https://modelairplanemaker.com/2019/08/09/tamiyas-1-48-p-38-lightning-and-significance-of-miss-virginia/). Not only is it a compelling story, but the plane itself offers so many opportunities for weathering - a fun part of building Pacific theatre subjects (I sound as though I’m talking from experience, although I only have a Corsair under my belt so far). I'm hoping to get close to the beaten look of Barber's plane, complete with its lattice of marks left from the packing tape it was shipped in. I'll be building this OOB, apart from an Eduard seatbelt that might arrive one day (how about it, 1001modelkits?). The cockpit has a wealth of detail, and slips together with the kind of fit for which Tamiya are rightfully celebrated - ie. perfect. I've heard that a more authentic colour for the interior would be closer to RAF Interior Green, but this is art and not life, and I wanted the punch of the yellowish green called out in the instructions. All the details were painted by hand. I gave the IP decal blobs of gloss coat over the dial faces - a nice pop against the Nato black of the panel. The tub sits in the fuselage snuggly; every part of the build reminds you of the level of engineering in this kit. I just hope I can do it justice. Thanks for your time!
  6. Yet another WIP thread I know, but in all probability the Pup rebuild, DH4, Dalek and Bulldog will all be finished soon, just leaving the HP O/400 Stuka, Albatros, Junkers and the Snark. As part of our Irish Air Corp group build I''m going to try to build a reasonable model out of this. BTW if you experience a sense of Deja vue then it's because there is a prior build of this kit on Britmodeller and except for the colour scheme and some interpretive differences I will be pretty much copying it Well the good news is that the shape is pretty good, so no major work needed, the bad mews is that the kit dates back to the 50s and has engraved insignia, too many panel lines and very heavy rib detail. Out with the filler then (perfect plastic putty, which I got last week and am starting to love) fill wipe repeat, till the lines are gone.
  7. Hi all, I’ve been on a bit of a 1/48 ww2 fighter run where I’m trying to complete all my favourites. This one is Tamiya’s Mk.1 Hurricane where I chose to depict P2831 ‘LE.K’ flown by R.J. “Dickie” Cork of 242 Squadron based at RAF Duxford, August 1940. I chose this squadron since it was known as the ‘Canadian’ squadron. Everything is out of box except the Xtra decals. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hallo again With self designed strut support plates. A new idea. Happy modelling
  9. With the Typhoon finally done its time to pick the next build. I recently listed my entire stash (who's size is a well kept secret) to ScaleMates .One of the nice things about that is I now have some statistics. It turns out the most popular kit in my stash is ..... Spitfire - 9 kits of different models. I looked up my work room stash and noticed a pair of Spitfires - a Fujimi one and an ICM. A double-build came to mind but when I open the kits and cleaned them up it became very clear that these are way too different to allow that. The Fujimi is a 80' era, ~20 so parts, very crude and simple and rumor has it it's not even 1/48. The ICM on the other parts has probably the most detailed 1/48 spitfire out there with lots of parts and options. So, it won't be a double-build but I will try to start them together and see how it goes. You can follow up on the ICM build here.  The Fujumi is VERY simple:
  10. With the Typhoon finally done its time to pick the next build. I recently listed my entire stash (who's size is a well kept secret) to ScaleMates. One of the nice things about that is I now have some statistics. It turns out the most popular kit in my stash is ..... Spitfire - 9 kits of different models. I looked up my work room stash and noticed a pair of Spitfires - a Fujimi one and an ICM. A double-build came to mind but when I open the kits and cleaned them up it became very clear that these are way too different to allow that. The Fujimi is a 80' era, ~20 so parts, very crude and simple and rumor has it it's not even 1/48. The ICM on the other parts has probably the most detailed 1/48 spitfire out there with lots of parts and options. So, it won't be a double-build but I will try to start them together and see how it goes. You can follow up on the Fujimi build here. The ICM kit is quite detailed: It's also heavily covered with mold grease. I soaked it for a while but think I need to re-do that.
  11. My build for this GB is this kit I found on Ebay while looking for something I'd never come across before. Should be an interesting build, I think. I've also got myself a PE set from Part in Poland, and a Yahu control panel as another option. Not too many parts, and they look pretty good. Not sure about the deep lines on the floats though...a bit "padded cell": Also not many decals for a 1/48 kit. 1930s aircraft had fewer markings though, I guess. Only one page of instructions, along with a black and white painting guide: Thanks for looking in - I'm excited to join in the GB as I've not joined one for ages. I've made a start on the fully PE cockpit so far, but I'll post that later on. Let the fun begin!
  12. Lt Victor Kovaleski was a pilot with VF-161, flying F-4Bs from USS Midway at the tail end of the Vietnam War. In January 1973, 6 months before I was born, he had a bit of a mixed week, achieving two "lasts". On 12 January 1973 Lt Kovaleski, with Lt(jg) Jim Wise in the back seat, was flying F-4B 153045 on a combat air patrol. Kovaleski and Wise were vectored to intercept a VPAF MiG-17 flown by Liu Kim Ngo. After a brief dogfight, Kovaleski got into a firing position and blew the MiG-17's tail off with a Sidewinder. Luu Kim Ngo got out, but his parachute failed to open. This was the 197th and last MiG kill of the Vietnam War. Two days later Kovaleski was flying F-4B 153068 with Ensign F.H.Plautz in the back seat when their aircraft was hit by 85mm anti-aircraft artillery. The aircraft began leaking fuel and they ejected. Kovaleski and Plautz were both rescued. This was the last US aircraft lost to enemy action in the Vietnam War. So Victor Kovaleski achieved the last MiG kill of the Vietnam War and was flying the last US aircraft shot down in the Vietnam War, both in the same week. I'm going to build one of the two aircraft involved in 1/48, using the Academy kit. I haven't decided which one yet - I have a Furball decal sheet which includes both of them - one the one hand the last kill seems like the greater achievement, on the other hand at least nobody was killed when 153068 was shot down. But I'm not going to start for a couple of weeks, and I won't really have to decide until I get to the decalling stage, so I've got plenty of time to decide.
  13. Hello everybody... So I'm going to try this again. I have the correct kit this time, i purchased the over-tree’s kit of this. Which does include the correct wing for my plane. To remind everyone these are the decals I will be using. These were a gift from Craig - @modelling minion and his friend in Serbia. I will be doing white 44 as it is my favorite #. For all that are following my “Der Adler” build. You are welcome to follow along. This includes @Sturmovik, @opus999, @f111guru, and @Gondor44. I will start sometime over the next few days. If anyone has questions, comments, good stories or jokes please go ahead and ask or tell them. Dennis
  14. Hello All... this is a place holder for my 2nd build in the movie themed portion. I will be building the Stearman from “Charlie Varrick” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charley_Varrick This will be modified to really represent the aircraft from the movie. A few things to do will be the Venturi crop dusting tray underneath. The metal fuselage skin replacing the fabric. The covering over of the forward cockpit. Extending the tailwheel and exposing the metal framework in the rear of the plane. NMF finish on the fuselage, silver dope with yellow leading edges. Replacing the engine with a 9 cylinder radial. And possibly replacing the wheels and tires ? Not sure about the last one as i need to get a close up still to see if the real plane had the upgrade. The kit isnt here yet so will add photo’s of sprues when i start this build. Dennis
  15. This is my entry into the What-if section of this Group Build, you could say I was somewhat inspired by @Kallisti ‘s various builds of American aircraft in FAA colours. Apologies if this is treading on your toes! I also happened to make a little Monogram 1/72 version of this aircraft when I was younger and not brave enough to adorn it with the yellow and black stripes. (That might give a hint of what I am going for). In the mid 1940s Westland started development of a carrier strike aircraft, with an engine layout similar to that of the Bell P-39. This resulted in interest from the Air Ministry and official specification N.11/44. The prototype W.34 was powered by a Rolls Royce Eagle H-24 engine, which was later cancelled. The aircraft was then planned to be powered by either a Rolls-Royce Clyde or Armstrong Siddeley Python. The Clyde was later cancelled but the airframe was planned to be fitted with a Napier Nomad, which was also then cancelled. Hopes rested on the Python to power the aircraft. (This where we differ from reality) After protracted development of the costly Python turboprop, the Wyvern was coming in over budget. The first prototype of which flew in 1949 and needed many modifications. The then Labour government had major economic issues to contend with and was looking in to all ways and means of cost cutting. This resulted in a defence white paper of 1950, in which Minister of Defence Emanuel Shinwell advocated the cancellation of Westland W.34 in favour of a cheaper, more versatile aircraft. The logic being that a Strike fighter was unnecessary with superior jet aircraft coming into play, Sea Hawk etc. It was decided, to the chagrin of the FAA, that the more conventional multi seat Douglas Skyraider AD-5 aircraft would be purchased to fill the gap of the cancelled Wyvern. This would be able to fulfil the role of a Strike aircraft, as well as that of COD. It’s wide fuselage meant that the aircraft had potential for further role changes in the future. Therefore, an order was placed and all squadrons that the Wyvern was intended for were equipped with the Skyraider AD-5. In keeping with the naming of other strike aircraft being named after mythical beasts, the Skyraider was dubbed the 'Cockatrice' in FAA service. The only differences being that this aircraft had the capacity to carry a torpedo and unguided rockets. This aircraft served well into the 1960s and served with a degree of success during Operation Musketeer in Suez. Along these lines the Whif model I shall be exhibiting will be a FAA ‘Cockatrice’ of 827 Naval Air Squadron based aboard the HMS Eagle during the Suez crisis. This shall be modelled using the Revell/Matchbox 1/48 Skyraider and using decals for the 1/48 Wyvern from Berna Decals. This shall of course be in that classic EDSG over Sky, with Yellow and Black Invasion stripes. I shall start on this as soon as I finish my P-40 STGB commitment… I am very much looking forward to it Cheers, Ash
  16. Hi all here is one of my recent work completed : a mirage IIIE 3-IO N°547 based at Nancy Ochey during the eighties : EC 1/3 Navarre. equipped with anti radar missile AS37 and counter measures pods PHIMAT and BARAX. happy to hear your advices. olivier
  17. Hi comrades! My next build is Hasegawa's fantastic Kate. I will depict the famous Arizona killer - aircraft from Soryu, piloted by Haruo Sato. In all the reference books this machine painted differently, in most of them in two color camo. I compared the number of sources and after reading the long discussion on j-aircraft.com, decided to paint the model in single color unregular camouflage - like presented in the book by Bert Kinzy (Pearl Harbour). I also decided to rivet the model - so the build will take more time... Aftermarket consists of Eduard brass, Montex masks and spare decals. So far, stabilizers riveted, cockpit done. Next - rivets on wing Thanks for looking!
  18. I have really got into the scale modelling doldrums this year and am in danger of ending 2019 having just finished one kit in the year. That isn't good! I have decided that I want to build something fairly straightforward and thin the stash out so I have chosen this kit: IMGP3285 by Michael Baldock, on Flickr It is the Italeri 1/48th F-4S Phantom which was released sometime in the very early 90's. It is a very basic kit with raised panel lines, quite rigid plastic, and probably a fifth of the parts of a modern Zoukei-Mura offering. I bought it on eBay 12 years ago for a fiver so that might be a tenth of the Z-M offering The obligatory view of what is in the box: IMGP3286 by Michael Baldock, on Flickr The Italeri boxed Phantom line has been interesting over the years because they have used the old ESCI moulds and also appear to have had a tie-in with Testors in the USA. This F-4S kit uses the same core parts as their F-4E, F-4G and maybe RF-4C Testors based offerings of the 1980's whereas their ESCI based Phantoms appeared from the early noughties. Personally I think that the ESCI based Phantoms are by far the better kits. Back to the kit, what can I build? IMGP3297 by Michael Baldock, on Flickr It isn't a sophisticated set of decals but I do like the choices, USN VF-151 and USMC VMFA-321 birds in the final TPS paint scheme used before these old gals went to the boneyard. I do have several items to add to the build: IMGP3287 by Michael Baldock, on Flickr I will be using AK Interactive acrylic paints for airbrush, a SuperScale decal set dated 2006 focused on VF-103, and maybe some unused parts from an Academy F-4B kit. Testors or Italeri? All will be revealed Michael
  19. Just opend the box and seen how large this kit is ,but never mind ,here goes P1030203 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Going to need a new display cabinet before this one is finished May have a go at a diorama Cheers Alistair
  20. I really shouldn't be doing this....but as I have just finished a big project at work I am hopeful I might get some bench time over the next month or so. If that is correct then I have an outside chance of actually completing a GB. Anyway having looked through the stash this is one of the few kits that qualifies. I have never made a Special Hobby kit before but I am aware of the short run nature of the product. Will see how I get one. As always all comments welcome. Cheers Dave
  21. Vs Pip (looks cute but still has that Killer instinct) decided to have a go at the Pup over the weekend and the result was this> So seeing as I didn't post a WIP for the build I'm going to do a WIP for the rebuild. As the carpet monster has intervened and taken the lower port wing the undercariage needs a few new struts and I was never happy with the rigging anyway there'll be a fair bit to the restoration. Mostly the thread will be about the Pup not ending up in the spares box (for a brief moment it was going to be the makings of a Sopwith Mouse
  22. Haven't posted anything in around 6 years! See below F15SG that turned into a commission build. Academy kit went together like usual, not perfect, but not too bad. Included are scratch built parts, Academy F15K parts, plus the latest(?) Hasegawa weapons set and their old smart bombs set. The decals are from the only Singapore eagles sheet that is available and it's fantastic. (But the brand name escapes me!) Didn't turn out perfect but definitely catches the shape of the birds I used to watch flying in and out of Payar Labar Airbase in Singapore. I'll probably build it again, this time from the revell F15E kit.
  23. Seems like a dog's age since I actually finished anything. Between work, and consolidating everything into my new ManCave modelling has been in short supply. TBH - another son moved out and this time I got the space- no yoga studio/hippie retreat in this room The cold weather finally hit North Texas this weekend, and I used it as an excuse to sit at the bench for a few hours. Not as much room as I had before, but everything is indoors, AND in one place. Plus, I don't have to worry about much larger, heavier parts from a Big Block Ford (another expensive hobby) damaging anything. Gratuitous ManCave shot(s) - still not finished, but at least I can work on the important stuff - models! On to the model... I built this OOB. No, really. I actually built this exclusively from the parts in the Airfix box, and nothing else. I tried to keep the weathering subtle. And used only kit decals! I thought it would be a Mojo booster to knock something out in a week(ish) without obsessing. Each kit I build, I try to use a new technique/product. I used Green Stuff World' airbrush masking putty. The results were mixed. The putty absolutely does not leave any residue or marks on the previous paint. It can be re-used immediately and doesn't seem to retain paint/solvents in the putty. However, I found that it continues to settle as it sits, and the demarcation lines are not much softer than masking tape. This might make it ideal for smaller kits (1/72 and very small 1/48), but I didn't see a lot of benefits in 1/48, especially on a kit this size. She's definitely a tail sitter. And HEAVY!!! And I had a bit of a "love/hate" relationship with the build. Loved the fit - kit goes together smoothly, and presented "zero" build issues. Other than the intake areas, there is no filler on the kit. Hated the end-result - it just feels 'toylike'- very basic without a lot of detail. I tried to make it look realistic, but not sure I succeeded. I have already started planning for improvements when I build the (R)B-57. Hope you like it. Comments are always welcome. Best, Mark
  24. Hi Folks, its been a long time since I've posted any builds. That's all down to the fact that we have recently moved house, most sensible people at our age downsize but we broke with convention and went big, very big! But's that's another story. Anyway after setting up my new man cave and every thing else to do with a new house it was time to get back into modelling, I thought I would start simple with a Spitfire and a Mustang. First the Spitfire, I had picked this one up for a tenner from Hobbycraft, and was really disappointed. Raised panel lines and only 34 peices (well what did I expect at that price). Lots of flash, but to be fair not a bad fit when that was taken care of but the cockpit canopy was a terrible fit. It was at this stage I thought I would experiment, I've always fancied having a go at Invasion Stripes so this was going to become more of a paint mule. So here it is completed, apologies to the purists amongst you, I'm fairly certain that no Mk2's made it to D-Day although if you Google Mk2 Spitfire with Invasion Stripes you do see a Spitfire with these code letters having Invasion Stripes slapped on, I know there's a lot of things wrong with it but as usual welcome comments and critisisms. As I said a totally fictitious aircraft, this is another one that will be donated to an elderly aunt who was associated with the Spitfire factory in Birmingham during the war. Fortunately she likes Spitfires in any colour or size. Thanks for looking.
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