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Found 2,000 results

  1. Hello guys! Greetings from Yangon, Myanmar. I just finished this nice Thud from Hobby Boss in 1/48 scale. F-105D is the fighter bomber used by U.S Air Force in the early days of Vietnam War and was later removed from combat due to high rate of loss. It was the biggest single engine combat aircraft and capable of Mach 2 speed. The kit is a nice one from Hobby Boss and the surface details are good. Built straight out of box. The landing gear bays and landing gears are scratch detailed using small polystyrene rods and wires. Painted with Mr. Color and Tamiya acrylics. Weathering by AK. I hope you guys like this. If you are using Facebook, here is the link to my page. https://www.facebook.com/myanmarairmodeller/
  2. (with all due apologies to the Bandsaw) Even though I swore (sort of ) that I'd take my WIP down I have to admit I'm a serial starter. Having gone on my semi-annual pilgrimage to one of the few remaining modelshops in Ireland up in Dublin and almost buying a 1/72 kit of the JI, but not, I decided to see if I could find any plans, I got a semi respectable set from the web and scaled it to 1/48 and started construction (Tuesday), however realizing a that I'd gotten my scaling all wrong and was actually building in 1/3 something instead of 1/48 and b) that I had a very old Airfix magazine (1983 afair) with a good set of 1/72 plans ( no mucking about just resize by 50 % and we're up and running) I started again. So far so good, it's mostly flat angular shapes (imagine if you will a bathtub made from plate steel with the crew and engine bolted to a Fokker style tube and fabric back end, although the latter models had steel covering on the whole fuselage) so the fuselage went together pretty easily, just the rear quarter deck and some filling/sanding. The wings will be a major challenge....
  3. I am surprised that no new tool Eduard Tempest has shown up in this GB yet, so I will have a go at Roland Beamont's mount as the CO of No.150 Wing, Newchurch, June 1944. I will use the plastic from the Series 2 kit I have in my stash and the decals from the Royal Class boxing when available as I don't want to buy the Series 1 boxing as three Tempest are enough for me and I really like to have the book that comes with the Royal Class boxing. I may use resin wheels and exhaust, but the rest will be OOB with maybe some extra detailing. Cheers, Peter
  4. @Stephen started his GB build thread for a Beaufighter VII using markings from a Blackbird Models sheet, Operation Overlord Pt:1. I noticed markings for a Lysander were also on that sheet. With Eduard's reboxing of the Gavia plastic in my stash, and a quick trip through the ether to Sprue Brothers to secure that decal sheet, I'm ready to begin! While I originally bought the kit for the 309 Squadron (Polish) markings shown on the box art, this GB is an even better topic. This kit is the Gavia plastic with new bits from Eduard, including the instructions and decals shown here. And here are Eduard's PE, resin, and masks Gavia's plastic and Fair warning, it will be something of a record if I do complete within this GB's span. BTW, living in Southern California, a mag 6.4 earthquake hit about 180 mi NE of me (near NAWS China Lake) as I sat down to start this thread. As of this moment, the largest shock was 6.4, with 45 fore- and after-shocks so far. Given the distance, the temblor was felt as a rolling motion in my home, causing hanging fixtures to gently sway.
  5. Was walking along a night flea market in Pattaya, Thailand when I came across an old man selling this kit. Of all the places to have found a kit. Managed to buy it for about the equivalent of GBP8. It seems to have all the parts but the decals are gone. Some of the parts have been cut from the sprue but it seems all there. Now wondering what to do with it. Should I build it? I mainly do jets. Have to stencil and spray the decals though. Too bad the fella is not selling a 1/48 F-14 or something.
  6. I bought another Eduard F6F-5 from @Duncan B a while ago. I didn't bother with any PE this time, so just used an Ultracast seat in the cockpit and tried to do a passable paint job. Due to lack of skill in painting instruments, I did buy @airscale's 1/48 US Navy instrument decals As with the last Eduard F6F I built, I sawed out and thinned down the cowl flaps for what is, in my opinion, a much enhanced appearance for very little effort and no cost. The kit parts have the cowl flaps the full thickness of the cowl piece so even closed they don't look like cowl flaps. It was bought with the intention of making a very ubiquitous ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue US Navy example as seen pretty much everywhere in the Pacific from 1944 to 1945. The trouble is that ANA623 was pretty good paint and therefore most of the stuff modellers do to models such as pre or post shading, panel line washes etc is wholly inappropriate for such an aircraft. Then again, we can't be having a solid, featureless finish because the real aircraft didn't look like that either. I decided to try mimicking the stressed skin appearance of a real aircraft to try to get similar light reflections from a glossy finish. Out with the paint mule! I cut narrow strips of masking tape. The Infini cutting mats made short work of that and got all strips consistent. I gave it two light coats with Halfords grey aerosol primer The tape was removed and I gave it a go over with an Infini 1500grit sanding sponge, the aim being to knock all the corners off and smooth the humps a bit. I then gave it a fairly heavy coat (in many very thin passes) of Colourcoats ACUS34 ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue this morning. This has had a polish with Infini 2500 and 4000 grit sponges and looks like this: Overall, and with more work with the 1500 grit prior to top coat, I feel somewhat positive about it and have decided to go for it. This may take some time! All comments / feedback welcome!
  7. Hi, getting round to starting the GR4 that's been sitting round for ages. Going to be building Goldstar farewell scheme
  8. Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.859839390730689.1073741846.134774536570515&type=3 V.P.
  9. Hey, So I started this amazing kit and finished the cockpit. Pictures of the result: I have also created quick build video: That's the first build video, so any feedback for improvement about the model as well as the video is highly appreciated! Many thanks!
  10. G'day All, Well I managed to get another one off the shelf of doom, where it has languished for about 6 years. Nothing to flash, Hasegawa 1/48 F-104G with some JG-71 decals stuck on, that I found stashed away in the dark recesses of the model cupboard. Bunged on a couple of Hasegawa Aim-9B Sidewinders just for stamps as well. It will do, its only hanging from the ceiling. Cheers, Devo
  11. Hi comrades! My next project will be Javelin in 48th. I'll use aftermarket - Eduard brass (and, yes, probably I'll replace all tiny aerodynamic fences by brass), Armory wheels, Master brass pitot and Quickboost intakes/antennas. I plane to paint the roundels (They are huge, and mast conform to problematic surface...). Specific variant - probably XH893 with bug on the tail. Any advice on the kit problems? How are the Airfix decals? Any application problems? Any tips are welcomed! I'm still on the "plumbing" stage - sand and polish all the "tubing" before painting.
  12. Hello everyone... I will be using this Hasegawa kit re-boxed from monogram for my build. I will be using the instructions and decals from this kit. Here are the obligatory sprue shots In this photo you can see the only thing thats been done is the cockpit was glued together. This is a 2nd hand kit that came like this. Im pretty sure that falls below the 25% mark ? I actually have 3 complete canopy sets the kits and two from spares. I will be building either 87-8407 from the 306th Fighter Squadron in this scheme from 1982. Or my alternative will be 87-8411 from the 302nd Fighter Squadron in 1980. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, or give your thoughts ? Dennis
  13. With my Bentwaters F-16 done I was all set to get in to an F-4G kit, but a Vacform kit I got on eBay a while back was looking at me from the stash. Now I have done some modifying & some scratch building before, but never a vacform. Couldn’t find the right subject at the right price. Then one day on eBay this Contrail 1/48 TSR2 popped up. Now I am sure the Airfix one is a better option, but at the price & as a first vacform kit I thought I would give it a go. I have had a bit of a fascination with TSR2 since seeing the Duxford example with panels missing back in the late 70s. I did wonder if I should have made progress with this before posting, but I figured there might be some useful guidance that people could offer. I am planning to go with anti flash white rather than ‘what if’ camo. And since it was never operational I guess weathering is a bit pointless. This could take a while...
  14. Hi all I thought I would share my current build of mengs me 410 b-2/u2/f4. I started this build in Feb. I am planning to correct the mistakes in the kit (props and oil coolers) drop the leading edge slats and have 1 engine displayed. I am planning to use the following after market items. Aires cockpit for the meng kit. Eduard super fabric seat belts The following quickboost items-- ju 88 c/g gun barrels, (under fusalarge gun pack) Ju 88 mg 151 20 ( inturnel gun pod) Me 410 props True details me 110g wheels. Rmb 13mm mg 131 gun barrels ( rear guns) Vector corrected oil coolers. A sorted lead wire Paint used will be xtracolor and humbrol enamels. Airbrushs used are Badger 200 sg & Badger 200 g (fine tip) (The cut down blade is what I used for thinning the cockpit sides down) And my referances Now for the build. As I wonted to have the gun bay detailed as well as using the airies cockpit. I first joined the gun bay roof to the rear bulkhead. I then placed it in position inside fuselarge with the rear cockpit and marked around them. As I did not won't to remove any plastic were the kit gun bay is. I then started with the removal of plastic, from the top of the kit gun bay roof as this has the kit cockpit floor molded on it. And from the bottom of the airies cockpit floor. (My intension was to join the kit gun bay to the airies cockpit. But be the same thickness as the kit part.) as well as the fuselarge sides. The airies cockpit walls were thinned until thay were see through. Aswell as removing the casting block from the rear cockpit I was going to use my dremel for the removell of the plastic but the plastic is too soft. So I went old school and used a blade to scrap away the plastic. As the cockpit sides are curved I cut a no 2 bladed down to the size of the front cockpit walls. It took muliable test fits and scraping to get them to fit. As the airies cockpit coming is longer I had two options. Cut the airies part down to the length of the kit part or remove the rear cockpit bulkhead. I went for the removal of the bulkhead and more scraping of plastic. The cockpit and gun bay were first sprayed black then a base coat of rlm 66 (cockpit), rlm 02 (gunbay). Mgs were sprayed humbrol gun metal. Ready for the detailing. The results Thank you for looking, feed back and comments are always welcomed. Nick
  15. Hey everybody, is there room for one more? I would like to build this: in these colours: As a twist I’m debating building it as G-SHWN that’s currently on the air show circuit, including the civilianised interior and possibly the invasion stripes! Chris
  16. Time to make a start on my shark mouth GB entry - the F-105G from Trumpeter in 1/48. I have a Caracal sheet which includes a few shark mouth options - not decided which one yet but that can come later - I'm torn between one with a bigger shark mouth in standard SEA camo, or one with wraparound camo (which I think looks great on the Thud) and a smaller shark mouth. Here's the box shot: I'll be putting an Aires cockpit in it, so I've started today by playing around with the cockpit and thinking about how I'll fit it, and how much plastic I'll need to remove from the fuselage. I'll make a proper start tomorrow. cheers Julian
  17. Hi all, I have been doing this for a while now (whilst taking part in the Frog Squad GB and still doing the house), it is a lovely kit and went together quite well. The model is depicted as an early marque with the Hawk rudder. The scoops and exhaust were hollowed out and the control cables for the rudder were added. The model was brush painted in Humbrol 24 Trainer yellow, yes it drove me mad and took six coats. The Engine cowling was painted in Humbrol metalcote polished aluminium, and buffed with a cotton bud and coated in several coats of Klear. Hope you like Thanks for looking All the best Chris
  18. Found in my attic about a year ago, started about thirty years ago and finally seeing the light of day again. As I have a DV in my stash and there are many good DIII kits out there I decided it would either be an Offag DIII or a DI/II, seeing as how there are many good Offag kits too and the wings were terrible I decided to go for the latter. Wing blanks now ready for skinning, already better than the kit parts :). My younger self had already replaced the tailplane and filled the fuselage a bit. Still have to decide on a DI or a DII, those ear radiators are awfully cute, but the colour schemes on the DII are much more interesting, ho hum.
  19. I had meant to join in a bit earlier but things haven't quite gone to plan. I couldn't decide which Phantom to build so I'm going to have a go at a double build - this might be a bit ambitious as I'm joining half way through, but I'll have a crack at it. As both kits will have a lot in common it might be pretty efficient - I should be able to get parts from both kits painted at the same time for example. So hopefully I'm not overstretching my modelling time here! First up, Hasegawa 1/48 RF-4E: This is going to be in Iranian colours, probably the recent blue/grey scheme they've also been using on their Tomcats, using decals from Hi-Decal. Then the Hasegawa 1/48 F-4G (not sure why, but this has always been my favourite Phantom variant - it might just be from seeing one at my first IAT in 1985): This will be in Euro 1 colours using a Milspec decal sheet. Hopefully I'll get time to get started tomorrow. cheers Julian
  20. Lt Victor Kovaleski was a pilot with VF-161, flying F-4Bs from USS Midway at the tail end of the Vietnam War. In January 1973, 6 months before I was born, he had a bit of a mixed week, achieving two "lasts". On 12 January 1973 Lt Kovaleski, with Lt(jg) Jim Wise in the back seat, was flying F-4B 153045 on a combat air patrol. Kovaleski and Wise were vectored to intercept a VPAF MiG-17 flown by Liu Kim Ngo. After a brief dogfight, Kovaleski got into a firing position and blew the MiG-17's tail off with a Sidewinder. Luu Kim Ngo got out, but his parachute failed to open. This was the 197th and last MiG kill of the Vietnam War. Two days later Kovaleski was flying F-4B 153068 with Ensign F.H.Plautz in the back seat when their aircraft was hit by 85mm anti-aircraft artillery. The aircraft began leaking fuel and they ejected. Kovaleski and Plautz were both rescued. This was the last US aircraft lost to enemy action in the Vietnam War. So Victor Kovaleski achieved the last MiG kill of the Vietnam War and was flying the last US aircraft shot down in the Vietnam War, both in the same week. I'm going to build one of the two aircraft involved in 1/48, using the Academy kit. I haven't decided which one yet - I have a Furball decal sheet which includes both of them - one the one hand the last kill seems like the greater achievement, on the other hand at least nobody was killed when 153068 was shot down. But I'm not going to start for a couple of weeks, and I won't really have to decide until I get to the decalling stage, so I've got plenty of time to decide.
  21. Hey All, Thought this was the best place to post this. It's a pretty straight forward conversion. Added few outer spars, reshaped the nose and the "pedestal" for the rocket. A few other small bits, and Voila! a Loon. I was after this; Zero weathering, as I don't think these things survived multiple launches. One and done. Critiques are always welcome. Mark
  22. Hooray, Hooray I'm underway, here begins my first BM Work in Progress post! I have this last week just started on this Crusader. Nothing to show in this post, but more to follow very soon. For now, a test first image: All going well you should see a finished model - however not mine. Instead, as the caption says, it's a photo of Short's original wind tunnel model. I hope it inspires you as it did me! If not, then I defy you to tell me this wonderful drawing does not excite: All going well, more soon ... g.
  23. malkie24

    Falklands 1/48

    Hi I'm looking for 1/48 figures or vehicles to add some life to my 1/48 Falklands Chinook. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm up for some fettling and mods. if anyone can point me in the direction of anything that is relatively close to what I need. Thanks
  24. Italian Kits is to release in 2015 a 1/48th, Schneider Cup Italian racer, Piaggio-Pegna P.7 resin kit - ref.IKW4802. Source: http://www.italiankits.it/italiankits.html V.P.
  25. Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome my friends back to the show that never ends. Come inside, come inside. In another thread I have, waaaaay over there, somewheres,as I was in the final stages of a build ,which not quite finished but almost, I asked you, my learned colleagues, what would be fine example of aeronautical engineering to start next and I had 2 examples. both 1/48 and both big. One was Hph's B-36H and the other Sanger's B-47E. Unfortunately consensus was split evenly down the middle. Even my Executive Decision Apparatus failed me. Not for the faint of heart, Not entirely sure where they will put when finished. But no matter. On with the show and all that rubbish. The title appropriately enough comes from a movie waaayyy back when starring Jimmy Stewart named "Strategic Air Command" I will try to use as many elements from both cinema aircraft as possible, but there will be deviations and some "artistic licence " as needed or warranted. On the B-36H side, it will be done prior to the featherweight programs were initiated,. This means I'm adding the upper turrets in the open configurations, the front fully deployed and the rear open but stowed. In the bomb bay I'll replace the forward 20,000 lb bombs with a mk17 nuclear weapon. and of course numerous additions to the interior that no one will ever see except in the photo record. The B-47E on the other hand was done along time ago on another forum by Darius Aibara. His build is what inspired me to get back into doing Vacs. Some of his elements I may duplicate but the majority will be things I've not tried before. The outer coating on both will be a mixture of NMF and Alclad II making them both a definite Magnesium Overcast, which is what I almost called this thread. So, gather around, pull up the most comfortable easy chair you can find, lay in copious amounts of your favorite libations and be sure to kibbutz until the cows come home to roost. I'll need all the encouragement and advice from all my learned colleagues. So shall we begin? I do just love an "E" ticket ride
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