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Found 25 results

  1. Waiting to be able to go out and get some paint for the other builds I stumbled on this box in the stash and knew I had to built it in this GB.
  2. Hey, I just saw a superb build on Facebook based off of a 1/43 AVD kit. Short look on scalemates.com and ebay doesn't show many on sale, not to mention reviews. Are these worth the relatively high price tag put on them (~50 Euro)? I understand they are partially metal, partially plastic. Anyone build any and care to share the experience? Thanks a lot! Cristian
  3. Finished this today. Niki Lauda's 1974 Formula 1 Ferrari 312B/74 in 1/43rd by CAR, an acronym for Costruzione Automodelli Roma. I got this kit off eBay and had never heard of the maker. I also picked up one more kit made by them of a Shadow DN9B which I kind of started today. Information on the net is thin but judging by notations on the instructions it appears to be from 1983 and CAR was based in Rome. There is some indication of a connection to Bosica later...maybe someone involved with CAR went on to found or work for Bosica, I'm not really sure. Regardless, I'm quite surprised at the end result...which I'm very pleased with. I kind of can't believe I got this out of the kit to be honest. I'm not sure if it was considered a "super kit" back in 1983 but it has a full engine, suspension and cockpit. The moldings where not too bad, I think quite good for the time period probably, but the engineering was really quite bad. Lots of cases of parts designed to occupy the same space at the same time, which never works...it's doubtful the pattern maker ever actually built the kit before sending the bits off for reproduction. It is definitely one of the most challenging kits I've ever built and I've been building for the better part of 40 years! It's all white metal with the exception of the tires, windscreen and some photo etch wing end plates. But enough whinging. It's built box stock with the following exceptions. I used some photo etch belt hardware from BBR, made the belts from textured food packaging foil and various suspension rods and components that where not supplied or usable where fabricated from various diameters of paper clip wire. It's finished with various Tamiya lacquers, acrylics and some Krylon satin black. The clear is Acme two part automotive urethane. The decals proved still usable and required copious amounts of Solvaset to lay down well. The tire decals where robbed from a Meri kit...which will now only have Good Year on the outside of the tires when I get around to building it. A worthy sacrifice I think. In the end I'm happy with the finished product. About mid way through the build I learned Tameo has kitted this car in the last few years. I'm confident in saying, though never having seen it, it's a much better kit but this one was a third the price and a quite challenging and ultimately rewarding build. Tameo has also kitted the Shadow I have from CAR, but I'm still gonna try to build my old one first...cause a good old fashioned challenge is fun sometimes.
  4. After lurking around the maritime section and admiring the many terrific builds on here, I'm finally going to join in and build donald campbell's 1967 final version of bluebird k7, its a resin kit in 1/43 scale, including a vac form canopy, some white metal parts and decent decal sheet, after doing a little initial research concerning the colour it has become apparent bluebird k7 in its many tweaked versions was repainted a few times in different hues of blue, the final ral, colour , (i hope it doesn't have to be an educated guess at the end) still eludes me, i understand the true colour of the final version is a well kept secret after reading through the rebuild of the actual recoverd k7, @ thebluebirdproject.com, here's some pictures of the kit, i'll mull over it until cosford at the weekend, to see what can be improved upon (ruined) cheers, Glynn
  5. Hi everyone CARS-TOONS.MATER.Zvezda manufacturer, scale 1/43. I made a vignette for the customer. Kind regards Martin
  6. More Ferrari time. Here is Jody Scheckter's Ferrari 312T4 driven to the 1979 World Driver's Championship. Built from the Racing 43 kit, box stock with Tamiya acrylics, lacquers and PPG auto urethane clear. Nice kit, no real issues in building it except the windscreen, which I'm less than happy with. Rather than provide a vacform screen you're given a paper template and a rather stiff piece of clear acetate to form it from. Far from ideal. I've got a few others that use the same method and I'm contemplating just ignoring the windscreen all together....or hunting down some much more pliable clear Mylar to try instead. I MUCH prefer a vacform piece.
  7. Marching forth with more Ferraris. Here we have the 1/43rd Hi-Fi Automodelli kit of the 1981 Ferrari 126 depicting the car Villeneuve raced at Monaco that year. Built box stock with addition of a photoetch Tameo racing harness. Tamiya acrylics & lacquers with PPG urethane clear for paint. Kit built without problems and looks OK in the end, though it's probably one of my less favorite F-1 Ferraris from any era.
  8. OK, on with the Ferrari postings. Here is the 1988 F1/87-88 in 1/43rd from Tameo depicting the Italian Grand Prix wing car of Gerhard Berger. Berger and his teammate, Michele Albereto, took 1-2 that day and it proved to be the only race of the '88 season not won by McLaren. I love Luca Tameo's F-1 kits. I've built a few and each one has been a tour de force in engineering, mastery and execution. Even his very earliest less sophisticated efforts. This one built easily and quickly, and I used my standard Tamiya lacquers, acrylics and two part auto urethane in completing it. I don't have a single favorite Ferrari Grand Prix car, but the F-1/87-88 ranks up there in the top group. More coming soon...as mentioned I have a backlog to post...
  9. Well, we're pretty much settled in after our move and I'm back at it. Here's my 1985 Ferrari 156/85. Built from the Hi-Fi Automodelli kit box stock except the addition of belts. Tamiya paints with two part urethane clear. This is the last of my Hi-Fi Ferraris. I think they largely where produced concurrent with the F-1 seasons through the 80s, like this one likely came out in '86. They're simple kits, much like Tameo's early efforts, but engineered and executed pretty well so they build up nice enough. Decals can be a little finicky, but do the job. I've enjoyed building them (I've built six) and will later try to get the few more non-Ferrari Hi-Fi kits I have built up as well.
  10. This is my latest completed model: No.3 for 2017 which is more than the total I’ve completed in the last 11 years (I’m not kidding!). It’s BBR’s 1/43 resin kit of the #36 Doran Enterprises Ferrari 333SP (Chassis 026 of 40 made) which competed in the 1999 Sebring 12 hours but failed to finish. It was driven by Tommy Kendall, Jim Matthews and Mark Dismore; Stefan Johansson was listed to drive the car but didn’t put in any laps. It’s built OOB apart from a few tweaks to rectify minor inaccuracies (mirrors were moved to the roll hoop struts rather than being placed on the bodywork as directed in the instructions & minor decal placement changes were made to reflect the actual car). Strangely BBR also make a white metal kit of the 333SP (rather than resin), also in 1/43 but of a later version. I did consider keeping it in plain livery (top pic) because it’s just such a damn pretty car. In fact many 333SP’s wear plain red livery and never got to race because they were bought by collectors. I recall that Ferrari had to build a bunch more so that the race teams could actually get cars on track. Hope this keeps the sportscar fans happy while we’re waiting for Pascal’s 1/18 masterpiece! I have a few other BBR kits to do (Audi R8C next up), but hopefully it won't take another 11 years to finish that...
  11. Last one for a while, we're packing up for a move next week and then I have my next round of chemo right after so I've no idea when I'll be able to get back to building. 1986 Ferrari F1/86 1/43rd Scale from Hi-Fi Automodelli. Pretty much like the others, essentially box stock with addition of foil & etch racing harness. Tamiya paints, urethane clear. One exception. The upper A-arms where missing from my kit so I had to carve new ones. Just once piece that slides through the nose. Made it out of sheet plastic, fortunately it's the same part in a kit I had of the late season '85 Ferrari so I had something to copy. Can you tell which is which in the photo? So here are the F1/86 photos Here are some photos of works in progress I'll hopefully get back to before too long. SMTS 1967 Ferrari 312 Building and test fitting sub assemblies Filling imperfections and sharpening up surface detail prior to primer Same procedure on a very old and rare C Scale 1/43 1966 Ferrari 312 And lastly, same pre assembly and clean up for the 1/43 Tameo 1988 Ferrari F1/88 From Mr. All Ferrari All The Time
  12. It's great and if it comes to your area you should go see it. You can see the trailer at this website: http://www.mclarenfilm.com/ So to celebrate I'll share the 1/43rd Marsh Models McLaren M6A I finished this week. Bruce won the 1967 Can-Am Championship in this car. It's an early issue of the kit from Marsh and is all metal. More recent releases have a resin body and more photoetch. I built it box stock and used Tamiya Brilliant Orange for the McLaren orange.
  13. Yet another F-1 Ferrari, this time the Contructor's Championship winning 1983 Ferrari 126C3 of Rene Arnoux. Built box stock, with the addition of seat belts, from the 1/43rd Hi-Fi Automodelli kit. Plus a couple group shots of my collection so far. And here are a couple group shots. 1970, 1974, 1983, 1984, 1987. I will be finishing the 1986 car soon and will post new group shots then.
  14. Yeah, it's all I've been building lately. This 1/43rd 1987 Ferrari F1.87 is from Hi-Fi Automodelli. Box stock except for the addition of a racing harness. Tamiya paints, urethane clear. Very simple, clean, quick building kit. I love these late 80s turbo cars. They had nice, simple, clean lines....I guess the early 90s naturally aspirated cars did too though, so...
  15. Here's a 1970 Ferrari 312B. SMTS 1/43rd, Clay Regazzoni, 1st-Monza. Box stock. Tamiya paints with urethane clear. SMTS kits tend to build themselves once painted. No complaints.
  16. Finished this 1984 Ferrari 126C4 Formula 1 car recently. 1/43rd, Hi-Fi by Automodelli. Box stock except the addition of belts from food wrapper foil and some spare BBR PE hardware. Tamiya paints with urethane clear. I've got a number of these Hi-Fi F-1 Ferraris I'm slowly working my way through. They're simple but nice kits that don't present much in the way of problems except sometimes the decals are kind of dried out.
  17. Recently finished this CAR ( Costruzione Automodelli Roma ) 1/43 DN9b Shadow from the 1979 season. The kit is from sometime around 1981. The engineering and fit was overall a little better than the CAR Ferrari 312B/74 I built earlier this year. It's finished in Tamiya lacquers, acrylics and two part automotive urethane. The decals had survived the last 35 years in pretty good shape and most didn't prove overly fragile or dried out. I am aware there is a nicer, newer Tameo kit of this car, but this is the kit I had so I built it.
  18. I got this because I like the modern coupes, it was one of the newest things MA Scale Models offers and I was curious about this manufacturer. It took a good amount of effort to get this result. The resin castings are OK. They suffer from pinhole bubbles because they appear to have been cast at atmospheric pressure. Otherwise they are clean and with some work provide a good result. The metal parts are about half&half. Half I used, modified to one extent or another, the other half I tossed and replaced with scratchbuilt items. Example...the rear wing here is entirely mine. As are the front aero appendages. Both made from plastic sheet. Clear vacform parts can be made to work. Getting them trimmed out correctly proved extra challenging because my sample appeared to not quite be a complete pull when formed. Decals where well printed, in register with good, bright, opaque color. They where also the thinnest decals I've EVER encountered and it made working with them a CHALLENGE. The end result with them was, IMO, excellent.
  19. I finished this 1/43rd Starter kit of the 1970 Martini Porsche 908/02 short tail today. It's built box stock and I used Tamiya acrylics and lacquers along with 2 part auto urethane clear coat. Really enjoyed this simple yet detailed kit.
  20. Today I finished this 1/43rd Starter Ferrari 312PB. It represents the car Mario Andretti and Jacky Ickx drove to win the 6 Hours of Daytona in 1972. Box stock. Largely Tamiya paints, acrylic and lacquer, with two part urethane automotive clear. The decals had dried out and a number of them shattered as I was applying them. I eventually wised up and coated the rest with Micro Scale liquid decal film. I love old Ferrari racing cars and these simplified Starter kits are loads of fun to build and paint.
  21. I got back into the model building hobby a few months ago after a 15+ year hiatus. I've focused on 1/72nd aircraft till now but decided I'd also enjoy getting back into building race cars. I get the most enjoyment from 1/43rd scale cars, though it seems to be a dying niche for kit builders. Picked up this U.K. Made Formula One models Lotus 99T on eBay. I've finished it as Senna's car from I'm not sure what particular race. It's built box stock with exception of making the seat belt labels from some scrap decal and paint. Finished in Tamiya Camel yellow and two part urethane clear. I generally prefer curbside kits such as most Tameo, BBR or Provence Moulage, but I did enjoy painting up the engine bits for this one.
  22. Finished this one today. 1/43rd Tameo 1989 Tyrrell Cosworth 018 as driven by Jean Alesi at GP Giappone. Built box stock except for mirrors and belts, which some previous owner must have robbed. I made the mirrors from a bit of white metal sprue from the kit. I robbed the belt photo etch from a BBR F-1 kit (they came with enough for two) and made the belts from the foil on top of a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese. Painted with Tamiya Camel Yellow and Tyrrell Blue with two part urethane clear. There where some fit issues as well as some decal issues. Had to modify all the front wing decals as they where too large to fit. Some of the main body decals where close to being too big but I made them work. The front wing element and end plates had to be modified to fit. Some of the suspension elements needed modifying as well. I chalk this all up to it being a fairly early effort for Tameo. I know the newer kits I've built where better engineered. All in all I enjoyed the build and am pleased with the result.
  23. http://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/new/en/archives/24251 Due in April, in three versions: McLaren Orange (Canadian/US Grands Prix); Sunoco (Canadian/US Grands Prix); Yardley SA/Belgian Grands Prix) The Donohue kit is going to be tough to skip.
  24. I might have eben rather abcent from the forum for a while but it doesn't mean i've not been busy. I've completed a multitude of models since but i'm particuly proud of this one. Ok so whilst at a show I came across a kit i'd not built since i was a kid and it was really cheap. So it would've been rude not to wouldn't it. And on the shelf next to the WRC98 Ok so if you weren't fooled, or if you were? This is the Heller 1/43 scale kit. I picked up the Airfix boxing of 6 rally cars for £8 at a show the other month as i remember having this exact set when i was a kid. And i'm rather pleased how it turned out. I had to fill a short shot infront of the roof scoop and had infuriating rage over the god aweful decals but i managed to succeed with it. The ariels are a Leicester Modellers trade secret. Though i'm sure people will have heard of the technique before. If you know it mwahahaha. And here's some choice in progress shots. Comments, Critiques etc welcome. TTFN Ashley.
  25. Hi all, I have recently found this site as I was looking for advice on using a new airbrush kit that I have recently acquired. With the gratefully received advice I have been given, I now know how to add photos so thought I would show my latest creation (see below, I hope!). I hope you guys don't think I'm a fraud as I don't actually build the model from scratch, but strip down and re-paint (if necessary) before applying decals to make an authentic replica. I hope this works and I hope you like! mad4bmws
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