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Found 176 results

  1. OK making a space for a long term build (Yes another one) but with a difference a sort of WHIF or WTF if you prefer. I,ll be using the Trumpeter 1/350 PETER STRASSER Aircraft carrier kit but going to bling it up with the INFINI detail upset for the Graf Zeppelin hence the title now Zeppelin was launched and used as target practice and evaluation by the Russians after the end of WW2 So this will just be my imagination going wild for some reason while doing a bit of research on this I found a build by Hyun Soo Kim based on the world of warships game and camouflage scheme bit like the dazzle scheme that Tirpitz wore at some point So it will be a slow one and a learning one for me but if anyone wants to join in with some help or just entertainment please do so. here we go with some box and bits shots the detail set is quite full Even has a flying saucer kit too can you guess where I got these from Like I said it will be slow Stay Safe beefy
  2. While I am waiting for base parts to dry on another project thought I would make a start on this it will be my first full Atlantic models kit I have used plenty of the WEM PE sets before so this should be quick and easy The kit is of HMS Peacock there where 5 of these patrol craft used in the 80s and early 90s but when the handover of Hong Kong came about the Royal Navy sold them off 3 to the Philippines and 2 to Irish navy I will be attempting to do as HMS SWIFT one of the two that went to the Irish Navy If anybody has some information on these ships please feel free to add I know some on here have already built this kit so any help appreciated. first few bits glued together and some small amount of filler used on the joints Stay Safe beefy
  3. 1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood with; Eduard PE Flyhawk detail set which includes Pom Poms and brass main armament barrels, Various resin details form NorthStar including, 4" guns, quad Vickers, bridge equipment, searchlights, HACS, Pom Pom directors and crew. White Ensign resin main turrets Painted in ColourCoats enamels Sea painted in artists acrylics with clear gel medium top coat and cotton wool spray Rigging in Caenis 700 and Uschi line WIP here; Thanks to everyone who followed the WIP and gave advice and feedback Lot's of pics because of the size - mounted on the sea base she's 90cm long! Nice kit, and great as a base to add detail to. Hope you like the pics as much as I enjoyed building her. Few detail shots; Working parties to close the breakwater openings; Same on the quarterdeck to stow the ladders; Obligatory B+W shots; Thanks for looking, any feedback gratefully received. Cheers Nick
  4. While some of my other builds are at the fragile stage to be transported when I go to my local model club meet on a thursday night to still keep me busy I had started on this one but I will still be concentrating on getting the other two completed first. So here we have my first Hobby Boss kit and my first pre-Dreadnought HMS Lord Nelson and as some of you may know I try to keep to ships built in the area of my home town and this one fits the bill of being built on the river Tyne at Jarrow This is how far I have got after a couple of sessions at the club this will be mostly out of the box only adding my first wood deck and the rigging using the WEM spreaders for the aerial set up. Does anyone have any info on the correct color as the instructions are identical to Trumpeter and are probably wrong I think I should be heading for a Dark Grey 507B beefy
  5. After the Graf Spee, what else could I assemble but the HMS Exeter. I got the kit several months ago, and have been adding some aftermarkets for a better experience, like: 1. Eduard Big Ed PE, 2. Infini models Brass Masts, 3. Scale Chain 4. Master Model 8" barrels 5. Master Model 4" barrels 6. Wooden base (same as used for the Graf Spee) it will be a waterline model The length of the HMS Exeter vs the Graf Spee surprised me, it does not seem too much shorter. Marco
  6. Let the whistle blow on this build - I've been accumulating pieces for some months. There's still not a dedicated etch set though White Ensign Models have heavily hinted. There are however, sets for HMS Cornwall that she shared most characteristics with. This Family of 13 Cruisers were built in the 1920's under the limits of The Washington Naval Treaty 1922, with an upper weight limit of 10,000 tons. HMS Kent was launched in 1926 and spent the pre war years largely on the China Station. She diiffered from others such as HMS Berwick and Cornwall with never having a seaplane hangar built due to weight limitation. A major refi tin 1937/8 saw her fitted with a Walrus capable Catapult and Trumpeter present her largely in this guise with a minor upgrade seeing 6-7 20mm Oerlikons fitted in 1941, being encompassed. 1941/2 saw her operate out of Scapa Flow and largely take part in Arctic convoy duties. She is well represented in photographs from that time period - largely from the Imperial war Musuem Collection, and is portrayed in Camouflage typical of that period. References will include the following - but if anyone can direct me to further - I'd be indebted The kit box features attracive cover art and is suitably voluminous. Aftermarket goodies iclude most of the following with more to come (Sadly Micromaster.co.nz operatiosn are currently suspended due to CV19 Lockdown) Kit instructions are B&W line drawn With an attractive and broadly helpful Colour profile though I'm well aware of Trumpeter's lack of accuracy with suggested colour schemes! There is an excellent on line resource WW2 Cruisers and Battleships with some extremely attractive Colour profiles from Mr Eric Leon. I have permsiion from Mike at the site to share the 1941 profile. Please check the site out for other very interesting schemes including those for HMS Kent before and after 1941. I am very grateful to the site and Mr Leon I'm broadly happy that she is painted in 507c (very light) with MS1 (darkest) mid hull patches that that are themselves surrounded by B5/15 (lightish in some of the original photos). She has unequicovally dark painted decks that I take to be the Sovereign equivalent of NARN 2 The only real issue for me is what colour is portrayed at bow and stern. It's darker than the B15 but lighter than deck or MS1. This leaves MS2, 507A or possibly MS3? Mr Leon opts for MS2 though this has very little contrast with MS1 Any thoughts Jamie or Richard? Here are the original pictures...all gratefully attributed to and with sincere Thanks to the Imperial War Museum Collection And aren't they beautiful pictures! My feeling is that bow and stern is Not MS2 but most likely 507C and possibly MS3 which would give the greatest contrast with the mid hull MS1/B5. So here's what the Hull looks like I applaud the protective wrapping that Trumpeter use And to get an idea of size there's little HMS Anchusa next to it (Still 1/350) The model will be mounted on plinths - and I anticipate no obvious build problems or need to scratch along the way. The Micromaster parts will suitably "pimp" it up. Weathering will be light to moderate. The Hull painting will come first which is why I'm keen to get a paint plan in my mind. As ever thanks for looking Rob
  7. Hello, New day and a new challenge. Just having finished a Sea Vixen after a series of aircraft I thought I had better dust off a Tamiya HMS Price of Wales that I have had gathering dust and start with a new challenge. I haven't done a plastic ship for many many years so time to make a change. Previous ship building was a wooden HM Brig Supply by Jotika. However over to heavy metal and my first conundrum is do I do this as per the kit, or do I add in photo etch. I have used some on the aircraft and that is fiddly enough but this seems to be an order of magnitude up from that. Any suggestions over what to use without driving myself to distraction and never finishing ?
  8. Hello Everybody, Since January this year I have picked up once more the hobby of scale modelling. Until 6 years ago I had already occupied myself with making ships and right now I needed an extra hobby aside of playing games, reading books and playing the pipe organ and stuff so I decided to pick up where I left and add some extra skills to my toolbox, (I never Painted in the past), get myself an airbrush an kickstart myself into building ships once more. Since corona gave me a load of free time I went to the hobby shop and bought several kits among which were, the 1/700 USS west virginia, Enterprise and IJN MAYA the 1/144 Revell Uboat XXI with Interior. problem was tough that with these kits, I simply glued them together, painted them their colors and finished. That didn't really work because I'd be finished much too soon. So I decided to go on with the Hasegawa 1/350 Yahagi with all the Hasegawa PE which would be followed by the HMS Hood 1/350 from Trumpeter. Around the first week of July I started working on the Hood and I finished it this week on Monday. This kit is my first kit that I have build with a dedicated PE set from another producer than the producer of the base kit itself and it was really nice, especially the result. So what did I use, 1x the Trumpeter hood 1/350 1x The Flyhawk Resin upgrade set for better turrets 1x The flyhawk Pe upgrade set 1x The eduard Upgrade set 1x Infini Winches. I did these instead of North star because I saw these once and thought them to be absolutely underwhelming. 1x Artwox Wooden deck (I also Bought the Wooden Deck of trumpeter itself but It wouldn't fit, was only several euro's though) Next step before the Build was to figure out which colors i would use for the ship because I use Tamiya's and the scheme was in Gunze. I did some research so as to get at least a somewhat "accurate" semblance to the original in 1941. I decided on using the following colors For the hull Tamiya hull red, which would be coated with AK red streaking grime for some variation in color tone For the 507 grey I used Xf-82, based on some research delving into fora and such I thought this color to better looking and matching than the XF-66. (personal opinion though) The boat deck was a different color tone, i decided on XF-24 because it nicely matched the xf-82, but whether it is very accurate to have a much darker boat deck is somewhat questionable I think. For the decks of the Bridge I used XF-79 on the advice of the Hood Association. In the end the Model was coated in X-22 Clear and weathered using AK enamel weathering products. To finish it off I rigged the thing with the help of Trumpy's instructions and some personal touches, using Uschi 0.03mm thin wire. This stuff is great, just don't overstretch or your parts will bent. As for the kit The fit of the trumpeter kit was horrible. I never had to use this much putty in any model until now, which admittedly doesn't say much, but it wasn't very funny at times. You will likely notice that the Quads haven't been placed yet. these are still in Transit from North Star... Here are the pictures My Hood isn't by long as good as the other Hoods I have seen on this forum, but I myself am very much delighted by the outcome, the ship is nice, and as I have a long infatuation with this ship it will get a nice place in my cabinet. I don't yet know what will be next, I have a Botched project waiting on the bench for me to finish and a Nagato (Pontos) in stash but also a 1/350 Mikuma (with Aber, Eduard, infini and veteran goodies) that I got for my 20th Birthday recently. Anyway, in due time more models will surely come this way, Greetings from Holland
  9. One of my quickest ever builds at five hours total, here's the Bandai 1/350 Millennium Falcon which I've just finished. A snap kit, which was perfectly moulded with no fit problems at all, only let down by the thick and unsticky stickers. Tiny little thing, less than four inches long, but I've photographed it with a single directional light source and fiddled with the backgrounds a bit, to give it a more suitable setting... Cheers, Dean
  10. A few weeks ago I started building a 1/700 resin & PE kit of Ark Royal 2, the pioneering First World War seaplane carrier. However, I think it’s fair to say that, as a committed 1/350 man when it comes to ships, I am finding the scale a real challenge. The kit is great, and I will continue to build it... but I find that 45 minutes in teeny-weeny über-delicate brass-land is enough - and when I do achieve things I find that it pays to let everything really cure and stabilise before moving on. Anyway, as those of you who’ve been kind enough to look into that build already know, I have been interspersing WW1 pioneers operating flimsy Shorts & Sopwith machines with experiments with the next Ark, the WW2 aircraft carrier. I have now decided that this deserves a separate thread, before it all gets too confusing. So here we are. This will be the 1/350 Merit kit, released 2 or 3 years ago to a fair amount of excitement from us RN fans, especially RN carrier fans. We understand that market forces mean that yet another Yamato or Bismarck will sell like hot cakes... but even so. I am sure I’m not the only person who finds it utterly weird that model companies will invest in the wherewithal to produce 1/350 kits of, say, Graf Zeppelin (never finished) and even Peter Strasser (barely even started, and never officially named), but not of Illustrious, whose aircraft changed the Mediterranean war in a couple of hours. Still... Nazis sell. So a mainstream kit of a British carrier is something to be celebrated! The Merit kit is... very good, certainly, though not completely without errors. Definitely the basis of a good model. The game changer for me, however, is the Tetra Modelworks detail up set, which takes us to a different league in detail. I have also obtained some other after-market RN detail goodies - notably from North Star: - HACS Mk.IV directors (the Merit ones are basic, to put it mildly, and have a radar which was never actually fitted before Ark’s demise); - winches (to populate the boat bays etc, which are devoid of anything much by way of detail); - RN anchors (one of the most obvious Merit mistakes is that the anchors are much too small); - RN bridge equipment (of which there is none); and - paravanes (US cruiser paravanes, but they’ll look close enough when stowed). This will depict Ark at a very specific moment, at about 1900 on 26 May 1941, as she turned into wind to launch 15 Swordfish of 810, 818 & 820 Naval Air Squadrons on a torpedo attack against Bismarck - the attack that jammed Bismarck’s rudder and sealed her fate. The Merit kit includes 5 Swordfish (plus 4 Skuas & 4 Fulmars, none of which will be used for this build), and I have ordered 2 boxes of Trumpeter Stringbags, which come in batches of 6 (and are by all accounts essentially identical to Merit’s, which is hardly a shock). Anyway. For some discussion of colour schemes and stuff, plus my early test runs with Tetra’s wing fold PE on a Fulmar, see the old thread. This evening, along with a very frustrating session of clumsiness in 1/700, I did manage to get the undercarriage on my test Swordfish (test because I’m playing with ideas for how to improve it... like maybe rigging it): here seen upside down.. ...and here resting on her own two feet: Even this is a right performance: Merit provide the u/c in two parts - a V-shaped part that fits into two holes in the fuselage, and a straight piece with the wheel. Getting them to line up is not simple - though eventually I landed on a technique that seems to work, namely gluing the V-strut first, and only then adding the straight oleo/wheel section. This design means that getting the aircraft level is a challenge - dry fitting completely impractical! The wheels are too thick, I think; I’d already reduced them before fitting, but once everything’s dry I’ll experiment with getting them a bit better yet. But basically it’s a pretty credible Swordfish (or will be with a second wing!), for which kudos to Merit. The next experimental Stringbag will be a folded one. Anyway. We’re off. In due course I’ll show you some more of what comes in the various boxes. More soon Crisp
  11. Picked this one up from a well known auction site Hull is already formed.. No motor in the box unfortunately Everything else looks good to go. All instructions are in Chinese, but I'm sure I can figure most of it out with much trouble lol Looks as though I'm going to have to make it as USS Spruance post VLS upgrade as the x2 sprues that have the quad TLAM launchers and the ASROC launcher is not in the box or make them myself Luckily I can leave those until the end to decide. First part of superstructure going together Internal hangar
  12. Visiting Australia last year I happened to walk into a toy shop in Brisbane and found they were selling the Bandai Star Wars kits. I treated myself to a Star Destroyer and the Millennium Falcon, the latter for the princely sum of AU$29.99: As a palate cleanser between more involved builds, I decided to have a go at it today. It's a pretty simple snap together kit: I'm always impressed with Bandai's mouldings. They may be expensive, but there's no flash anywhere and the fit is no less than perfect. Consulting with a knowledgeable party (cheers Rich) about colours, I decided that the kit was already moulded in the appropriate colour, so I decided to go full retro in this build and do it without painting it, and even use the stickers! I applied a grey home made pastel wash to the bare plastic, and it took perfectly: The amount of detail on this kit is amazing- the whole spacecraft is less than four inches long in this scale: Stickers next... More when it happens, Dean
  13. So with work on the Vosper continuing, and a couple of other "offline" projects going on (each of which will get an RFI), I decided to start my first ever venture into 1/350 scale maritime modelling. I have great ambitions for this scale, having watched others on here producing superb examples, @robgizlu, @Ex-FAAWAFU, @beefy66, @Courageous, @longshanks and @Nick Charnock to name just a few. You have all conspired to inspire me into this scale, so in short, this is your fault! I wanted a quick subject - is there such a thing as a quick Terry build I hear you ask? Well, surely a 1/350 "smallish" submarine with so few actual parts to bring together, must be a ripe candidate? I have only ever built one submarine model in my life. That was a scratch built Oberon in 1/600 (if my memory serves me right? which was done as a "bet" with a long standing friend, at the age of around 15. I seem to recall I won the bet, but he and another good friend ended up joining the Navy, so with the benefit of much hindsight, they won hands down........... So the subject is this, acquired at a very reasonable price at a show earlier this year. I got much change from my £10. Submarines have always fascinated me. Such mysterious, quite deadly things that lurk below the surface. Silent invisible delivery systems capable of immense destruction from the unthinkable armageddon scenario, through to the ability to sink any surface vessel, the ability to launch standoff tactical cruise missiles over vast distances, the ability to carry out surveillance duties and even act as a silent taxi service to land special forces in discreet places, all potentially without detection, although not always of course.............. If you have read this far, you probably know all that, so to the model......... The obligatory sprue shot: Not much there really. I have always had a mind to mount 1/350 scale maritime subjects in a sea scape. It normally feels right for me, but in this case, I've chosen full hull. So, the two "big bits" are first. There is an impressive amount of detail on the hull. and being a Chinese subject I have no idea how accurate it is, but it looks good to me! In aircraft modelling terms, this next part can take me weeks, often months, but we are already "closed up" And with some putty applied to smooth out the join, surely we are almost there.... Well, almost... Clearly there is smoothing to be done, then the other parts to apply, but already I am feeling the pleasure of such a quick build (so far) after all that scratch building going on with the Vosper! Hopefully next episode will see the fuselagehull cleaned up and ready for paint, with a handful of other parts in place. I suspect the real fun will be the paint job, as I won't be satisfied with "just black, and a red bottom............. Thanks for looking Terry
  14. Decided to make a start on the Zvezda version of the Oscar II "Kursk" Nice box picture to start with.. Not too much in the way of parts, so straight on with putting the hull together.. A bit put putty around the joins is needed. Also noticed that they only seem to have put the scribed details on one side of the boat WTH - they can get sorted later on. The biggest thing though is that the rudder is wrong, OSCAR's have a dual lower rudder inline with each prop. For a Russian supplier to make a basic mistake like this is Going to have to leave this one as it is, because I don't think I can fix it Anyway, base coat onto the lower hull.. And a start on the fin..
  15. Those of you who know me (largely from prolonged builds in the aircraft section - notably a 1/48 Seaking HAS5, as yet unfinished) will know that I recently got a new job after 2 very frustrating years of unemployment. Though this is a Very Good Thing by any standard, it has meant that I have not touched a model of any sort in about 2 months - also partly because of the hot weather, which made my man cave barely habitable. The job is in London, which means that I am staying up here 2 or 3 nights per week. Aha! Modelling time. The Seaking is much too delicate in its current state to be moved up to the Smoke, so I have decided to start something new. I joined the RN in 1978, straight from school, but was lucky enough to get a university cadetship (paid to be a student; what’s not to like?). In the long Summer holidays you were sent to sea for about 8 weeks - I assumed that we’d be doing fishery protection in a Ton, or similar (which would have been fine), but for some reason best known to the Admiralty, even my Summer 1979 training came into the Jammy Sod category; I joined HMS Dido. In Perth. As in Western Australia. She was part of a task group (I think led by Norfolk, and I remember a Type 12 and a Tribal being with us, among others) that deployed for 7 months - I joined her in Fremantle and left to fly home from Sydney in mid-trip. It was rough, I tell you (actually it really WAS rough crossing the Australian Bight, but that’s another story). So Dido was my first ship, and since I have a long term plan to build every ship in which I served (Dido, London, Norfolk (both DLGs, not the later 22 & 23), Fearless, Boxer, Ark Royal, Broadsword & Blackwater, in that order), she wins. The kit will be Peter Hall’s (Atlantic Models, for those who don’t know him) 1/350 resin, white metal & PE kit - and if you have never built an Atlantic kit, do yourself a favour and do so, because they are stunning. In due course, Norfolk & London will also be from the same stable. While I was away from the forum, Flickr seems to have followed Photobucket into oblivion / flithy lucre (it won’t let me in without signing up for Yahoo, and since I’d rather poke out my own eyes than go back to Yahoo, I’m looking for my 3rd picture host in 9 months). I seem to have settled on Village.Photos...but have yet to work out how to post from there onto here using an iPad... [Any tips gratefully received!] So pictures will follow in due course. Thus far nothing much to see anyway; just cleaning up parts and poring over references. But it is nice to be back. @perdu, @Martian Hale and my other friends, you’ll find me over here in the watery section for a while. More soon Crisp [Test photo - showing the work done to remove the 4.5” turret base and 2nd breakwater, and fettle the Ikara handling room etc to fit onto the front of the bridge screen. Plus the Jecobin plns of Euryalus, Dido’s sister. This is all dry fitting at the moment]
  16. Just to give the good news - that Trumpeter of China have released the lovely completed Model in 1/350 Scale open to inspection in Japan of the KuK Viribus Unitis at The 59th All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2019 today enjoy ! ( sorry photo is not clearer - it was taken from Facebook's page for Trumpeter )
  17. Took a while but it eventually turned up from Ukraine Shame they got the picture wrong on the box. Looks like Valiant to me Not much in the way of parts.. Hull together and a little bit of putty Rudder and aft plane on and first coat Doubt this one will take very long
  18. Well I have this kits long ago, the nose was broken due to transport, and i have to fix it. I have P.E antenna and railing and wooden deck BUT i lose the the deck somewhere, and I don't have time for the antenna , I will try for the railing thought. Need to finish this before 1st of August. This kit meant to be mine but i decided to gift it to my father in law (future , i hope) haha. So need to speed it up. Next Yamato i will but time to it. I will update soon. Just finished painting shading and high light. I will record a painting video about this kit too, you guys can check it when its done. I have my channel in my signature. Thank you. Compare to the 1/500 Scale Space Yamato.
  19. I seem to recall a Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Exeter build some time back which highlighted some issues with the moulded on wooden deck pattern, and parts which were not planked at all? I think it was @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies build. Does anyone know if the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS York rendering has the same issues? Thanks Terry
  20. Does anyone know of a review of the Trumpeter 1/350 Luda class destroyer "Chinese 166 Zhu Hai" ? Many sources seem to suggest it was derived from the Russian Cold War Kotlin class, and if that is the case I am considering converting and back dating it to a 60's era Soviet Kotlin. Any views or references? Thanks Terry
  21. I haven't assembled a warship since my youth, and I will not tell that this was looooooong time ago. But the Admiral Graf Spee and all the story and myths surrounding the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939 has always attracted me, so I decided to leave my airplane models to rest for a while, and assemble the Trumpeter 1/350 Graf Spee. I got the Eduard PE set as well and Master Models metal cannon barrels for the main and secondary cannons, and for the 105mm AA, really beautiful. I want to represent the ship as it would have been right before the battle, with the Dark Gray camo. I haven't decided yet if I will assemble the Ar196 non-operational (w/o engine, wings folded, as it was in the morning of the battle after it's second engine broke down the day before, or maybe complete it with the disguised markings as it was couple days before the battle, will see). Apart from the stern anchor recess being in the wrong direction, I haven'r really found any issue with the kit. There are some really big rivets on the main cannon towers and secondary cannons, but you can fis this easily with careful sanding (would have loved to get the correct boat types for 1939, but ok, nothing is perfect). I have started assembling as per instructions the armament, cranes and boats. Substituted already all the plastic cannons for the metal ones, a big improvement, only thing is that the metal ones are very prone to scratches while manipulating them. Some scratchbuilding as required, but the kit is excellent, really enjoying this change! The rear opening of the secondary armament turrets required correction of the shape, it comes a a square opening and should have rounded upper corners. Eduard PE doors were sanded narrower as well. With the metal cannons replacing the plastic ones, the turrets look impressive! (it is a pitty that you have to paint them, HA!) Marco
  22. When I was young my mum and dad bought a slightly run down little cottage in Devon and unsurprisingly we spent most of our childhood holidays there. Much of the time there involved mum and dad working on the cottage with me and my brother running amok around the house and garden trying to keep ourselves entertained. It was about this time (probably aged about eight) that I started building models and my parents were happy to oblige just to keep me quiet. My dad gave me a small amount of guidance but he wasn't a modeller and didn't really have much to say apart from "be careful with that knife...I don't have time to take you to hospital if you cut your finger off". Anyway I was mainly interested in building planes but one Easter I remember getting this kit to build over the holidays. Looking forward to having another go at it. I have picked up the Eduard PE to add a bit of extra detail. I may try and do a little diorama as well. I tried a few times as a kid and failed miserably but its always worth another go. Thanks for looking. Cheers Dave
  23. This is one of my older models - HMS "Zinnia" build with the help of the WEM photo-etched set. The model took silver medal from the European Championship Class "C" in 2014
  24. After almost a year, FPV Jura is finally ready for inspection. Unfortunately I can't give her to my friend David due to Covid-19. She was his first command as a sea Captain. Build thread is here: Night shot, the LEDs and Fibre Optics worked well: Hope you like her.
  25. I may have an opportunity to acquire a couple of 1/350 Iron Shipwright, Cold War, US Navy ships. I have read one or two reviews which were not entirely favourable given the price these can retail at. Does anyone have any view or information on the quality of these models generally? Thanks Terry
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