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Found 135 results

  1. Time for a new project; The 1/350 HMS Hood with some aftermarket add-ons; Artworx wooden deck; Flyhawk PE and Trumpeter after market set (mainly for the barrels; Eduard PE along with Northstar secondary guns mounts, Vickers MGs, searchlights and bridge equipment and White Ensign replacement turrets; It's going to be a long project and it's a bit hard to know where to start really - so started on the hull; Removed the moulded degausing cable and drilled the scuttles to give a bit more depth - some where filled and replaced using various photos as references along with the hawse pipe hull openings; Scrapped away the moulded chain and drilled the deck hawse pipe openings; Fore deck fitted with the bow full of filler - when it's dry I'll try and drill the hawse pipes to connect hull and deck openings. Never tried it before but if it doesn't work the anchors and gratings will cover it, so worth a go; Thanks for looking. Cheers Nick
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first WIP on this site... I'm already some weeks into this build so no real 'in progress' pictures. I don't have too much time for modelling so my focus lies on building rather than taking pictures on the go. But now I found some time and thought I share some pictures. The kit should be well known, its the 1/350 Tamiya Tirpitz. I got it as a present from friends last year for my birthday and used the time to obtain some goodies for it: the eduard big ed set and a wooden deck from a chinese companie I do not know... So here we go: bridge assembly upper bridge full bridge assembly: and with radars all radars: funnel: scratchbuilt interior: ...aaaaand how little you see when the funnel cap is attached... I don't want to imagine how it looks after painting... At least I know its there! Now the hangars, first the only WIP I can show: side hangar before and after PE both done: big hangar: Now the big pieces: and everything together so far... looks like theres more brass than plastic and next the wooden decking... there are many issues with that... for example 1 easy to fix problems where eduard replaced the 'balconies'... 2 Big problem where eduard corrected wrong fittings on the deck... I still have no idea what to do with that... maybe fill in pieces out of sheet to simulate hatches... 3 Huge problem where shields where moved to the correct positions... see also the first picture of the wooden decking aft of the 2nd tower in front of the bridge... I dont know what to do... as shown on previous pictures eduard provides etched decking but I know my painting skills will never be good enough to stand up to the real wooden decking on the main deck... Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks for looking Konrad
  3. Well calling this one done Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Eskimo with few extras added A few firsts for me on this build using Enamel paints from ColourCoats @ Sovereign Hobbies Thanks to Jamie and his great work with these I am a convert Also adding so many aftermarket bits from Atlantic Models and Peter Hall thanks for the advice and information. And first try at a big north sea bow wave using silicone Any comments and critics welcome hope you enjoy I certainly did beefy
  4. Here is my attempt at a build log of the Hobby Boss Voltaire. Have had lots of probs trying to upload photos but have just finished my new Flickr account so let's have a go (please excuse my lack of photographic ability!) Hooray! Just a test piece of hull assembled, now more pics to hopefully bring me up to date with my build... Hull reinforcements. ... Hull strakes, sed painters masking tape and 4 coats of plastic primer... In the mean time blast bags using pva. . Worked to a degree but lacked the detail I wanted, good for smaller scales but think I'll go back to sculpting them in future. Bits in preparation for painting Oooooh, colour... Hull painted with Tamiya acrylics Oops! Deck painted and dry fitted Ready for post shading, oil washes and highlighting And finally some various oil washes using mixtures of burnt umber, raw Sienna, yellow ochre and white. This is just the first stage of weathering so will keep you posted as I go along. Many thanks for looking!
  5. Hi everybody. As 2018 draws towards a close, I thought I'd give you the 'heads-up' of the next sub build, a 1/350 Typhoon Class SSBN of the Russian Navy from the HobbyBoss boxing. I generally build Royal Navy subs but a fellow club member had this kit sitting in his loft, knowing that he will never build it, donated it moi to see that it gets built. The box. Hull halves. Sprue A. Sprue B (their are four of these!) Decal sheets and some PE. Size comparison between the current Russian Typhoon and RN Vanguard SSBN's....need a bigger bench! As mentioned in the title, this will be a waterline job and will be underway, so no hatches open. This will rid me of quite a lot of the kit and hopefully I use it as a good subject to try out some weathering (maybe) and more water. The tiling on the Typhoon looks a bit OTT and I'll more than likely 'knock' them back. I have heard something of a dimensional issue but we'll see if that is so. Stuart
  6. Good time of day. I want to present a model of the most famous "pocket battleship" Germany Admiral Graf Spee in scale 1/350 of the Academy. Set contrary to expectations is quite oak, but the geometry is better than the alternative from Trumpeter. Sets used: - A set of photo-etched parts from Eduard - Deck from Artwox - Barrels 28, 15 and 10,5cm from the Master model - The barrels of the 3,7 and 2.0cm from the Aber set for destroyers type 1936В - Thread for rigging from AMO MIG - Decal from Begemot The model represents rather a collective image of the ship at the beginning of the war. Modifications: - All portholes are drilled out and after colouring are filled in with liquid glass. - 20mm guns taken from the couple sets of destroyers and complemented by etched and metall barrels. - The deadwood shafts and their brackets are made anew. The shafts of the nails under the brass, of suitable diameter, mounting brackets from sheet plastic. Replaced the screws, the screws from the Japanese cruisers from the kit from Aoshima battleship Kongo. - Jack-staff and a ensign staff made of wire. - Stands-taken from the academic Bismarck, processed and painted with gold Valejo, and the top is covered with a thick layer of glossy varnish Akan. - Sharpened the bow near the waterline, because of the box he is more suited to the tanker. - Windlass-a combination of sprues, etching and parts of the windlass set. - Deck-plastic deck turned over and lowered below that would be "wooden" deck sat flush with the Board. Looks good. But, the more I am on such experiments probably will not be resolved. As a whole on Assembly it is possible to tell that it was necessary to adjust practically all details. On the right side of the armored car missed one slot, it must be added yourself. Photo came out not simple at all. The model is not small and the current box just did not fit, so I had in some places not to remove the white background. Sorry for my english 25 photo in to spoiler
  7. Having recently built a couple of 1/350 scale U-Boats by Hobbyboss I thought it’d be fun to build the worlds largest submarine to the same scale as a comparison between WWII technology and Cold War technology. It’s hard to believe that there’s only about 40 years between the Type VIIU-Boat and the Typhoon, but the difference in size and destructive technology is worlds apart. The kit went together very easily, but the decals were very delicate and caused some stress in their application, however they do look very good when in place and are worth the effort. There are many moveable parts and a couple of build options within the kit along with 20 missiles, missile tubes and hatches which can open and close should the builder want to display them all. I didn’t fancy all that repetitive work so I only chose to display five of ‘em. The white line around the hull, prop ducts and across the upper rear hull was masked and airbrushed as no decal was supplied for this very prominent feature. The photos don’t show the variation in colours on the hull, or the washes used to weather the hull. Perhaps I’ve been a little conservative with my application, but it can be seen with the naked eye.....honest guv. Anyhoo, without further ado here is the Russian monster:
  8. Hello Everybody, here's my little side project while the Tirpitz is on hold And what you get in the box is typical Trumpeter, many small parts and what surprised me the bridge is molded in clear plastic Next, a little size comparison: Arleigh-Burke-Class Udaloy-Class (and just for you Brits: Type 23 Frigatte) I gotta say this WIP will not be step by step like my Tirpitz build... But anyway, here are some pictures: fitment of the bulbous bow is far from good... needed a lot of putty and sanding... Also some problems on the bridge parts... the upgrade set includes nice doors a lot of sinkmarks had to be removed... now fast forward! this is my color reverence: decks painted and construction of the forward mast: And here's where I am at the moment: colors are: Main deck - Mix of Tamiya Linoleum deck brown (XF79), Hull red (XF9) and black (XF1) Upper decks - Citadel Skag brown (thinned with tamiya thinner and paint retarder) Lower hull - Tamiya Hull Red Upper hull and superstructure - Tamiya Light gray (XF66) over black Water pass - Tamiya flat white (XF2) Thanks for looking any comments welcome Konrad
  9. Hi guys. Here I present my second sub of 2018, a 1/350 Resolution Class SSBN of the Royal Navy by MikroMir. Like most submarine kits in this scale; they have few parts, a few decals and if you're lucky some PE. A simple build that needed only a little filler. RN subs are rather bland... black, so here it is painted satin black overall with a matt black for 'non-slip' deck. I tend to think that the fin looks too cluttered if all the masts are fitted, so I fit what I consider the 'surfaced' arrangement of search periscope, radar and W/T mast. To add a bit of scale, a couple of Tamiya figures were added. Thanks for looking. Stuart
  10. Hello, fellow Britmodellers. This is my first committed plunge into the wonderful world of shipmodelling (I usually restrict myself to things with wings), something for which I assign the blame to @Stew Dapple and @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies after seeing their stand and having a chat to Stew at Scale Model World 2018. Although not at all a result of said chat, after my visit to Telford, the modelling mojo fled and has only just returned. I imagine it went somewhere sunny and warm; no idea why it's come back to dank and dark Britain (I speak both meteorologically and metaphorically, of course). I've been mooching about, looking at my half-finished kits and realising that they're all at or very close to some stage that I fear, like painting white intakes on a Phantom. Anyway, yesterday I dropped into a local charity shop with my boss, who loves to pick up utter tat from there. I often find the odd book, or perhaps a game for my son, but yesterday there were two kits sitting on a shelf: Trumpeter's 1/350 Roma and Hobbyboss' 1/350 Dunkerque. Fate? Maybe. They both appeared to be entirely complete; certainly the parts in box were all sealed, so the only real risk was that a bag had gone missing at some point. Last night I checked the Dunkerque box to see if it was complete (it is), and then thought I'd test the fit of the big bits (they fit really very well), and then I started following the instructions. So, looks like I'm committed, and damn the Phantom intakes! However, I really have very little idea of what I'm doing, so please please please let me know what I'm getting wrong! I'm not going outside the box on this one, so it's just the kit plastic and the included etch. Unless I find the guns look awful and plump for the Master Model replacements, I suppose. @Shar2 did a very nice review of the kit here, which includes lots of photos of the parts that are far better than any photos I could take, so rather than posting pictures of the box and plastic, I would ask you to pop over to his review instead. I think my starting point will be to paint the hull and the deck, which I hope to begin this weekend? In the meantime, I shall post this photo of what is, to my eyes, a very lovely battlewagon: To those more knowledgeable than me (that's anyone reading this), I ask: what are the three parallel lines running horizontally above the boot? Are these the strakes to which Shar2 refers in his review? Here's a shot of the lady's backside, with one of my favourite bridges thrown in for good measure: Thanks for looking in!
  11. Here I present my interpretation of K.22, a K Class submarine of the Royal Navy and was nicknamed the 'Kalamity' Class due to its persistent problems that plagued its life. It was designed as a 'fleet' submarine and could exceed 24 knots due to its sharp bow and oil-fired boilers but took an age to dive. K22, ex k13 that sank in Gareloch with the loss of nearly half her crew, was reclaimed and renumbered as K.22 but the Royal Navy are a superstitious bunch and K.13 never left K.22. Here is MicroMir's offering of a British K Class in 1/350, build here: When it was time to dive, the funnels were lowered into their recesses and at the same time, large hatches swung over to seal off the boilers, not always a success. Stuart
  12. Good day people. As the Astute draws to an end, I thought I'd give an opening salvo of the next build. The next submarine subject was selected by my better half because it has more 'sticky up bits' than the other ones, so here it is. Extract borrowed from Wiki: The K-class submarines were a class of steam-propelled submarines of the Royal Navy designed in 1913. Intended as large, fast vessels with the endurance and speed to operate with the battle fleet, they gained notoriety and the nickname of "Kalamity class" for being involved in many accidents. Of the 18 built, none was lost through enemy action, but six sank, with significant loss of life, in accidents. The obligatory preamble: Boxart showing 'sticky up bits' which I think means masts, funnels and guns...looks interesting. Sprue shot. Some PE and stickers for three subs. K15 sank at her mooring in Portsmouth. K16 sank in Gareloch after colliding with K-12. K-22 was originally K-13 which sank but salvaged. Instruction sheet. Hopefully I will start this after SMW Stuart
  13. Hello all! Thought I'd share my build of the Voltaire, just love these old battlewagons! Am already some way down the road with this build and have been encouraged to share (thanks Michael!). Have taken some piccies as I went but am no great photographer! Anyhoo, here we go... http://s1255.photobucket.com/user/zoopher53/media/Mobile Uploads/2019-01/PSX_20190123_083732_zpsno90tdsr.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 Hull strengthening strakes made of evergreen strip. Not sure if photo will upload so this is a test Awww nuts......
  14. I haven't assembled a warship since my youth, and I will not tell that this was looooooong time ago. But the Admiral Graf Spee and all the story and myths surrounding the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939 has always attracted me, so I decided to leave my airplane models to rest for a while, and assemble the Trumpeter 1/350 Graf Spee. I got the Eduard PE set as well and Master Models metal cannon barrels for the main and secondary cannons, and for the 105mm AA, really beautiful. I want to represent the ship as it would have been right before the battle, with the Dark Gray camo. I haven't decided yet if I will assemble the Ar196 non-operational (w/o engine, wings folded, as it was in the morning of the battle after it's second engine broke down the day before, or maybe complete it with the disguised markings as it was couple days before the battle, will see). Apart from the stern anchor recess being in the wrong direction, I haven'r really found any issue with the kit. There are some really big rivets on the main cannon towers and secondary cannons, but you can fis this easily with careful sanding (would have loved to get the correct boat types for 1939, but ok, nothing is perfect). I have started assembling as per instructions the armament, cranes and boats. Substituted already all the plastic cannons for the metal ones, a big improvement, only thing is that the metal ones are very prone to scratches while manipulating them. Some scratchbuilding as required, but the kit is excellent, really enjoying this change! The rear opening of the secondary armament turrets required correction of the shape, it comes a a square opening and should have rounded upper corners. Eduard PE doors were sanded narrower as well. With the metal cannons replacing the plastic ones, the turrets look impressive! (it is a pitty that you have to paint them, HA!) Marco
  15. I am working at building the HMS Wryneck W class WAIR destroyer from the 1/350 HMAS Vendetta kit. I just need to find the conversion kits any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Those of you who know me (largely from prolonged builds in the aircraft section - notably a 1/48 Seaking HAS5, as yet unfinished) will know that I recently got a new job after 2 very frustrating years of unemployment. Though this is a Very Good Thing by any standard, it has meant that I have not touched a model of any sort in about 2 months - also partly because of the hot weather, which made my man cave barely habitable. The job is in London, which means that I am staying up here 2 or 3 nights per week. Aha! Modelling time. The Seaking is much too delicate in its current state to be moved up to the Smoke, so I have decided to start something new. I joined the RN in 1978, straight from school, but was lucky enough to get a university cadetship (paid to be a student; what’s not to like?). In the long Summer holidays you were sent to sea for about 8 weeks - I assumed that we’d be doing fishery protection in a Ton, or similar (which would have been fine), but for some reason best known to the Admiralty, even my Summer 1979 training came into the Jammy Sod category; I joined HMS Dido. In Perth. As in Western Australia. She was part of a task group (I think led by Norfolk, and I remember a Type 12 and a Tribal being with us, among others) that deployed for 7 months - I joined her in Fremantle and left to fly home from Sydney in mid-trip. It was rough, I tell you (actually it really WAS rough crossing the Australian Bight, but that’s another story). So Dido was my first ship, and since I have a long term plan to build every ship in which I served (Dido, London, Norfolk (both DLGs, not the later 22 & 23), Fearless, Boxer, Ark Royal, Broadsword & Blackwater, in that order), she wins. The kit will be Peter Hall’s (Atlantic Models, for those who don’t know him) 1/350 resin, white metal & PE kit - and if you have never built an Atlantic kit, do yourself a favour and do so, because they are stunning. In due course, Norfolk & London will also be from the same stable. While I was away from the forum, Flickr seems to have followed Photobucket into oblivion / flithy lucre (it won’t let me in without signing up for Yahoo, and since I’d rather poke out my own eyes than go back to Yahoo, I’m looking for my 3rd picture host in 9 months). I seem to have settled on Village.Photos...but have yet to work out how to post from there onto here using an iPad... [Any tips gratefully received!] So pictures will follow in due course. Thus far nothing much to see anyway; just cleaning up parts and poring over references. But it is nice to be back. @perdu, @Martian Hale and my other friends, you’ll find me over here in the watery section for a while. More soon Crisp [Test photo - showing the work done to remove the 4.5” turret base and 2nd breakwater, and fettle the Ikara handling room etc to fit onto the front of the bridge screen. Plus the Jecobin plns of Euryalus, Dido’s sister. This is all dry fitting at the moment]
  17. Here is my recently completed Astute Class Submarine using the 1/350 HobbyBoss kit. Pretty straight forward kit that's almost 'toy like'. Went together with no real problems and painted using mainly Halfords Satin Black from a can, kit decals were used and are I based on the earliest boats when I trial. Mounted on usual base and a few figures from Tamiya were added for scale. WiP: Stuart
  18. Starting another build now I have a clear slipway after Abercrombie is done. HMS Eskimo a tribal class destroyer built on the Tyne now this kit has a few issues so i will attempt to correct them. I will be using the WEM Tribal PE set and also the ships boat set from WEM and the North Star 4 barrel pom-pom but first I have to re-shape the shear on the Bow and re-locate the hawser pipes for the anchors As you can see the bow shear on the kit is flat this needs to be raised by 3mm back to about the breakwater It should look like this as with the Atlantic Models HMS Scorpion kit but why do all this work So I can build up my skills with the PE and all the other stuff I do not want to make a mess of an expensive resin kit so this is another practice build and the plastic kit was only £20 So will start to pack out the rise in the shear with various size plastic rods then fill in the gaps and hawser holes Wish me luck beefy
  19. Next on the building mat, a 1/350 Astuste Class Submarine using the HobbyBoss kit. The Astute Class is the current class of 'Hunter-killer' of the RN, replacing the older Trafalgar Class. Box art Hull halves. The upper hull comes complete the fin and aft planes fitted. Traditionally the fin would have been 2 parts and the after planes 4. Sprue shot that looks like parts for the top of the fin, masts, rudder,propulsion and foreplanes. Some photo-etch. Some 'blurb', instructions and painting call-out. Looks like a simple build but I've never built a HobbyBoss kit, so that might come back to bite me on the 'arras'. Stuart
  20. Does anyone know of a review of the Trumpeter 1/350 Luda class destroyer "Chinese 166 Zhu Hai" ? Many sources seem to suggest it was derived from the Russian Cold War Kotlin class, and if that is the case I am considering converting and back dating it to a 60's era Soviet Kotlin. Any views or references? Thanks Terry
  21. Well, here we go with another WiP, this time it'll be a submarine. Now, don't expect a long epic build as they don't happen with modern submarine kits. The WiPs subject is the Vanguard Class SSBN in 1/350 by Bronco. The Vanguard class is currently in service with the Royal Navy after replacing the dated Polaris Class and its replacement, the Dreadnought, is already on its way. This is a big box, it's only that size due the length of the hull. Box contents: hull halves, one sprue, PE, base and instruction booklet. Eight page instruction booklet. Hull halves. The sprue. Like most submarine kits, even more so with modern types, has few parts to contend with, so this shouldn't take long. It will be interesting to the size comparison between the Vanguard and Polaris SSBNs. Stuart
  22. I have already trailed this in my Dido build, but I ought really to reveal what I am up to. Dido - now at the painting stage, so progressing nicely - has been my first full ship build for a good while, and I have seriously enjoyed it... plus the modular nature of building ships seems to suit my weird weekdays only, away from home current set-up. I am painting Dido with enamels and (in due course) some oils, which will require plenty of drying time... so I’ve decided on the next project. Dido was my first ship: my second was the County Class DLG HMS Norfolk. I joined her in July 1981, straight out of university. Only a few weeks later she was sold to Chile, and her programme no longer really worked for a young officer who needed lots of sea experience to get his tickets, so in November 81 I was re-appointed to Fearless as she emerged from refit in the Tyne. 6 months later I found myself in San Carlos Water... but that’ll be a story for a future build. Norfolk, therefore, is the Prat part of this build (her Chilean name was Almirante Prat). She will be modelled looking something like this (a photo of her sailing from Pompey during my time on board, September 1981 en route to Amsterdam). However, I actually have two Atlantic Models 1/350 DLGs. The second is a commission for one of my oldest friends; he has a significant birthday next year. We didn’t actually meet until 1982, but he too served in a DLG around this time. While I was in San Carlos in Fearless, my mate was out on the gun line in HMS Glamorgan. We all know what happened next - indeed Mark was on the bridge when she was hit. Happily both Glamorgan and he survived. So in parallel with a relatively shiny Norfolk, I will be building a distinctly battered sister; my plan is to try to reproduce this scene, which is Glamorgan entering Pompey with very clear battle scars in July 1982. The wrecked hangar area will require some ingenuity, but I have some good reference shots & I’m sure it’s doable. Here, just because it’s the law at the start of any build, is one of the two kits: This won’t be quick, and I haven’t finished Dido yet... but that’s what is next on the hoist. Crisp
  23. So having seen this: http://www.alide.com.br/Artigo/HMS Spartan/HMS Spartan.htm and this: It inspired me to try this: And this: To create this: And this: I'm in the process of correcting the bow to look more like this: This so far: And that's up to date. Here's to finishing it!
  24. The good news is that today - the announcement was made that HMS Exeter Item No.: 05350 in Scale: 1:350 was released - so in a couple of months it should be on the shelves in the West ( I believe the new kits get released first in the far East , for a few months ) note confirmation is visible of this fact on the Official Trumpeter of China website kind regards
  25. I'm working on converting Airfix's 1/350 Trafalgar to a Swiftsure class. I thought I had read somewhere that all the Swiftsures used the shrouded pump jet propulsor, does anyone know if that is correct? If not, do we know which boat used which propulsion method?
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