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Found 649 results

  1. Happy Saturday Folks. It's been a while since I actually splashed any glue or paint in anger & whilst reading the 'modelling stage fright' thread - I suddenly realised I've actively been avoiding starting anything - in case I don't finish it. So to use a well worn phrase this will hopefully be yet another 'mojo restorer'. My 'stash' has been getting a little out of hand recently, with a birthday last month and too many shopping sprees on amazon I seem to be compiling too many boxes that aren't getting opened. So I've had a good rummage through the cupboard and pulled out the Tamiya 1/35 German 3 Ton 4x2 Cargo Truck - alternatively known as the Opel Blitz. I nearly fell into the 'trap' of trawling the internet for references and finding too many 'superior' quality builds that are way above my skill level - thus defeating myself at the first hurdle. But - I did spend last night looking at 'real' vehicles and found that the Blitz is a proper 'movie star' - appearing in countless war movies. It's never the 'hero' - but an important 'character actor' non the less. So here are the usual box and sprue shots... OK - that sets the scene - plenty of stuff to play with - wish me luck.
  2. Hi all, So I'm here now with my second armour build after my Kubelwagen which kick-started my slide over to the AFV section as I'm normally found in the aircraft forum. This time I went for another fairly simple kit by Tamiya - only this time decided to go for a tank - the Panzer II. I really enjoyed this kit and had absolutely no fit problems - I'll definitely continue to do more armour builds and have already added a few to the stash including a Tamiya Panzer IV and the new Airfix re-boxes of a 35t and a Stuart. So here's the pics and as always your feedback is appreciated especially as I'm new to AFV builds: Thanks for looking Kris
  3. Willys MB Wasp Flamethrower Meng 1/35 I've been waiting for this one to turn up for quite a while, having ordered it back in August, but it finally found it's way from China to my doorstep today. I get the impression that Meng may be having some supply or production issues, as a lot of their recent releases seem to be taking a long time to hit the shelves. Anyway, I digress. Back to the kit. This is Meng's first entry into the Jeep market, coming hot on the heels of Takom's new tool release. Unlike their rival, who's first release was a standard issue Jeep with trailer, Meng have gone for a more obscure version in the form of the Wasp flamethrower, which was a one off prototype tested by No. 1 Demolition Squadron, aka Popski's Private Army, while they were operating in Italy. It was never used in action due to the fairly obvious health and safety concerns about spewing burning oil a few inches in front of the drivers head. Makes an intersting model subject though, and there'll no doubt be be more Jeep versions from Meng in the future. I'll do a quick run through of the sprues before I start cutting plastic. Only two sprues (well, three counting the clear one), the first of which looks like a common sprue for any future versions. The second looks to be specific to the Wasp. Sprue A One piece chassis, wheels (split into front and back halves), seats, Full engine and other assorted bits and bobs. Sprue C (no 'B', so that will presumably come in a future release) As I said above, this one look to be just for the Wasp. There are a few common parts on here, such as the dashboard and bonnet, but they're modified for this version. Sprue Y The clear sprue holds just the windscreen and the headlight lenses. The main body comes as a single moulding with the front grill in place, but a separate rear door and bonnet. The wheels/tyres have got nice detailing, including the, ahem, Tirestone branding, which will clearly fox Firestone's lawyers. The seats have got some subtle wrinkles and a bit of fabric texture for good measure. The rear door has nice moulded detail on both sides. The ejector pin marks on the rear side should be hidden by the wheel arches Radiator insert which also holds the headlights. This has a separate radiator piece which attaches to the back The engine look nice. There's about ten parts to it in total The dashboard is modified for this version Likewise the bonnet, which has cutouts for the pipework No photo etch with this release, but you do get a length of rubbery hose for the flamethrower feed. The decal sheet's quite small, with just the instrument dials and the marking for the bonnet Interestingly, it looks like Meng have changed the graphic style for their instruction manuals, going with a bold outlined, partial colour style. It looks a bit overworked to my eye, but it's easy enough to follow Predictably only one marking option, given that this was a single prototype vehicle Okay, that's what you get. More to come as I get the build underway. Have to rush now, as my tea's in the oven, and is rapidly getting burnt Andy
  4. I started building the new Copperstate kit, the Romfell Panzerwagen from WW1. For a start this is the chassis (a big single part) with the lower segment of the steering column and the basic engine not glued yet and still without paint. The other picture show the engine, which is still wip. What I can say up to now is that everything fits very well, but there is some flash, and many injector pin marks (no idea if this is English ) on the inner side of parts. These are not nice in case you want to show doors an hatches in "open" positition.
  5. Hi, This is a 1:35 model, the KV-1 russian heavy tank. This is Tamiya KIT no. 35066. I made it as movable model. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks, towing cables, engine grill, saw. At the bottom I added a short video how does the model ride. Constructive criticism is encouraged
  6. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    My contribution to the GB will an T-55 variant made by the Cuban army, which removed the normal turret and replaces it with a S-75 Dvina (aka SA-2 Guideline) anti-aircraft missile launcher. It was first seen during a military parade in 2006 & nearly all of the photos I can find are from this one event. There is very little information known about this modification, even the official name is a mystery, it has been refereed to as several different things online such as the T-55/S-75, T-55/SM-90 or the T-55/SA-2. For this build I'll be combining Trumpeter's T-54B & SA-2 kits along with a set of Miniart's RMSh tracks & various small scratch built/3D printed parts. This will be my fourth GB here & so far out of the other three I've only managed to complete one of them! (Note to self: must finish the T92 HMC) This shouldn't be a very complex build so hopefully I can get this one finished in time
  7. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    I will be attempting to fettle Tamiya's latest T-55A into something very like the tank in the second picture in this BBC news report from 2001. T-55 leaving Eritrea More pictures later, in the best traditions of news bulletins. Andy
  8. MiniArt have a announced a new tool B-Type Omnibus, so we've finally got a replacement for the old Airfix kit Glad it's MiniArt who've done it, rather than Roden or ICM Andy
  9. Willy

    Cruel Lady

    Hi everyone! I am going to build "Cruel lady" Achzarit early version from Meng. The result of turning the tank into IFV from the Israelis. Will use some adds from Eduard and Masterclub. Now the main thing is not to spoil the magnificent Chinese plastic with my work!)))
  10. Sorry if this a repeat of someone else's thread - but... Is anyone else building this kit? If yes, do you find that the kit is of poor quality? E.g. Flash in difficult to reach places (and too much flash in general); brittle parts; badly fitting parts; poor fit etc? I'm building it at the moment and it's a bit of a pig! (to the point where I've thought of stopping and moving on to a Tamiya version). It might become my first shelf queen!
  11. Here's my first GB entry on Britmodeller. It's made by Industria Mechanica out of the US. There's not a whole lot of parts to the resin kit which is one of its appeals. First thing I've done is started by painting the cockpit pieces in XF-71 and the engine in silver. More to come I guess Carl
  12. After having been given permission by our esteemed and generous hosts I am going to build what has been described as the ultimate evolution of the basic T-54/55 design, the T-62. Now I know that this is not a view held by all and I left it up to the hosts to decide and they have allowed it to go ahead. The kit I will be using is the recent Trumpeter T-62 Mod.1975 and it looks like a very nice and well detailed kit too and is considered to be the best 1/35 T-62 available, not that there is a lot of competition! So lets have a look at the box and whats inside it, starting with the box art; And what is inside when you remove the lid; Ooh lots of goodies, lets have a look at some. We will start with the tracks as you get two options, either the old style vinyl single length tracks or individual links: Now I'm no expert (far from it) but those vinyl tracks don't look that bad close up; I am most likely going to go down the individual link route but it's nice to know that I have a usable fall back option if time gets away from me. You also get the option of a metal main gun barrel and some etched grills and twisted copper wire for the tow rope; Not bad as standard with a kit. You get a nice representation of a DShk 12.7mm AA gun, no respecting Soviet tank should be seen without one; You get a set of crew figures that @Stix would do a far better job of then me; And a nice set of individual weapons for them, though I'm not sure if they are too modern for the era; And the colour paint guide which gives you the Soviet version of early Ford cars, any colour you want as long as its green; I will have a look in my stash as I'm sure I might have some more interesting markings (not hard) somewhere. I hope to be able to make a cursory start on her soon. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  13. Hello Britmodellers! While the Vigilante is under the leisure sanding work, I decided to build and paint some figures in parallel. Actually, I was a big fan of the Dragon’s «Nam» series back in the late ‘90s, so it’s not a surprise that I chose this kit. I’m not so hurry with this build, but I want to have some fun and recall my painting skills. The box art: An «instruction» along with the painting scheme: Sprue A: Sprue A (backside): Looks not not so bad in comparison with the Dragon, I think it’s an excellent sculpting work here. Sprue B: I love the basic M16A1 on the left side of the sprue, but these on the right (along with M203) is something not so good in my opinion - I need something to replace these later. Sprue B (backside): This time I choose the water-based paints and get a two interesting sets: I’m not so experienced with this kind of paint, but I’m looking forward to try it (tasty pics, isn’t it?): Thanks for looking!
  14. Leopard 2 A7+ MENG 1/35 Meng's latest release in their Leopard 2 line, the A7+ is based on the previously released A7 with additional parts for the extra armour and the turret mounted weapons station. The kit goes together as well as the earlier version, and has most of the same features, including the slightly annoying working torsion bar suspension. On this one (unlike the A7 I built a while back) I fixed the suspension in place to avoid the tank constantly sitting at funny angles due to the axles pushing out of alignment. Apart from that, it's a very nice kit. The only down side is that the kit represents the original Krauss-Maffei Wegmann tech demontrator and not the production tanks that are currently entering service with Qatar and Hungary. And finally, a fw shots with Meng's earlier 2A7 Thanks for looking Andy
  15. Hi, After two years here it is ... early version of Panther with full interior. It is not copy of some vehlicle so it is not historical model. It was a lot of work and hope the result look fine. In future I will also add a 5 figures into interior.
  16. Arniec

    Tiran 4 1/35

    Hi guys I will be building the Tiran 4 from Takom in 1/35. Pictures will follow later. Cheers,
  17. Another project, a rather larger one than expected but it's coming.
  18. Miniarts 1/35 triebflugel. fantastic model, great fun to build. I have a accident with my decal sheet, so i have made prototype V21, codes are from a hume DFS 228 kit and crosses and tail marking from my stash. paingt is a mix of tamiya and xtracrylix . the only problem i had was learning to use a double action airbrush to do the mottle, having used a single action for years. thanks for looking
  19. Hi, Takom panther project start 2 months ago, here is progress till now. Almost ready for painting.
  20. Today I received the new kit from Riga, Latvia. Is anybody interested in some photos from the building phase? But pls give me some days until I finished my current build.
  21. Hello, Britmodellers! Last night I finished the work with the «Patroling» kit from Master Box and decided to put the final photos here, instead of the «Figure Ready for Inspection» section. I made an attempt to build a small vignette with only the two figures from the kit and some diorama materials. Actually, this was my first work with a diorama in the last 20 years and my first ever work with a pigments. Anyway, I hope you’ll like it! View 1: View 2: View 3: View 4: A closer look at the ground: And the Lady: For those who interested I have a thread in «Figure Work In Progress» section of our site: Thanks for looking!
  22. I've never really been a figure modeller but there's an anniversary coming up that I feel I need to commemorate in the best way I can, and that's with a figure. April 1917 is the centenary of my Grandpa Walker's wounding in the Battle of Arras. I'm not sure exactly which date it happened but the 1/7 Argylls were involved in fighting at a location known as the "Chemical Works" from the early hours of 23rd April and we know Grandpa didn't get that far before he was hit. We also know from his discharge book that he was evacuated from France on April 28th, so that seems about right. I bought the Tamiya WW1 British soldiers from Hobbycraft a while back. I'm only planning to use one, the advancing soldier, on a plain base. I'm not aiming to recreate the final scene of Blackadder 4, just something simple. I'll finish him a a 51st HD Sergeant. I found this little unglazed ceramic plaque which will do fine as a stand for my soldier. I also managed to get it home without breaking it, which was an achievement. An aerosol coat of gloss black enamel will be the first order of business for it. Basic construction and a couple of coats of Humbrol 36 Pastel Green as an undercoat: followed by a mix of Revell 86 and 16 for the khaki and Humbrol 94 for the webbing: I also bought some Fields of Glory Models barbed wire for the base, but the I think the stanchions are a bit out of scale. The actual barbed wire looks quite convincing: Grandpa's army discharge book showing that he was evacuated from France on April 28th 1917: John
  23. I don't think I've posted in this section before. It's not that I don't build AFVs, but not that many, and certainly not up to the standard of you guys. Anyway, I've had this in the stash for around 10 years, so time I did something with it. DSC_0001 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr There's a nice reference picture in the Squadron book I'm using as a basis for a vignette like this... DSC_0003 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr Partial assembly, sprayed the interior white. DSC_0006 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr Feedback & advice is always welcome.
  24. Started this to go with the unfinished Russian S-300V SAM Launcher. Didn't realize how big and how complicated it is. Another parts extravaganza with 1100+ parts, too much detail sometimes. Of course most of that exquisite chassis will end up hidden but that's normal.
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