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Found 772 results

  1. Right chaps, I'm a bit stalled on the 43, so much scratch building that i feel that I need to do build something a bit less challenging. I've selected this little beauty, one that my very good friend bought me a few years ago, Longshanks, so take a bow fella I know you've been waiting to see this get done. After my holiday to Normandy I'm a bit inspired to build something that would fit in with the trip. Next to no AM will be hurt in this build but I'll do some light scratch work just to work things in my own way. I built a Sherman back in 2016 and really enjoyed the build so this will be a second WW2 build for me. A Small amount of AM, nothing too serious (At this point), Its more so for the crew. Shall probably make a start over the weekend, Panic ye not, I'll be back on the 43 after this but I feel I need something a bit straight forward for a week or so. Regards Dan
  2. So this will be my new project thread...what i would like from you guys is input on which one you would like me to do next. Pick one and drop a comment and it will be done...... Have a great day my friends. Steve
  3. Everything else is heading to decals & weathering so time to start he next kit. Going with the Hobby Boss M4 HST (most likely in straight OD). It may eventually have something to tow (thinking a captured 88mm AA unit). Usual box art/sprue shot to start
  4. Hi Guys, This is my first work in progress, i've picked a miniart T-55A early mod. 1965 model. This is the second Miniart model i've had, in fact i bought this first from Creative Models at their 40% discount about 18 months ago for around £30, which was amazing value for money. However when i opened the box and looked at all the parts my first thoughts were, this is too much. So i bought the Panzer III ausf C also from Miniart which i built instead so i could get to grips with the Miniart way of doing things. The T-55A is quite a complex kit, its in my stash and has to be done some time, so why not now. The kit has 1304 parts with 95 sprues, 2 etch sheets and 3 decal sheets. This is the box cover, showing a 55th Marine infantry Division, Pacific Fleet of the Soviet Navy, Ethiopia 1980. This is the version that i will hopefully try to complete in the way distant future by the look of the amount of parts. The instruction book looks really well done and it takes 104 stages to complete the model. The first 8 stages complete the engine assembly. This is typical of their instructions. Here is a picture of the assembled engine with holes drilled in the manifold ready for the lead wire. Lead wire in place, now all ready for painting. Here's a few photo's of the completed engine. Now on to the base, just another 96 stages and about 1200 plus parts to go! Ed
  5. NExt build will be the Trumpeter JGSDF Type 89 IFV with Eduard PE. THis will go the same way as the Type 16 with tri-tone grey digital scheme (may look to build a lot of modern Japanese armour in this scheme, to me it just lends itself to it). Well waiting on the kit so will put photos on once it arrives
  6. Finally completed this one. WIP can be found here: I picked the old Heller kit up at a Euromilitaire show some years ago. I think I paid around £5. It's not a bad old kit but required some work, especially around the hull sides and turret areas, to get a half decent job. I'm especially pleased with the canvas area between the turret halves. This was made from milliput, and numerous small plastic fasteners using scrap card and minute bolt heads obtained from MAFVA. Paint was mostly Vallejo, which was a first for me, and I was very pleased with the results. I picked up a tip from @CedB and used some W&N Acrylic flow improver, and it transformed these paints for me, as well as other Acrylics I use. Thanks Ced! Washes, chips and general weathering was done with enamels and oils. The tracks are Takom, a track set bought especially for this project. Decals are a mixture of Heller and Takom (I have two Takom AMX-13's in the stash). The 7.62 MAG was from the Takom kit, but the support and brackets for this were scratch built. I'm fairly pleased with the results as this is only my third 1/35 AFV built in the last couple of years, after a 40 year gap!. General shots first in the pictures below, followed by detail shots, and finally a couple with it's current shelf mate! Comments and questions welcome. Some close up details: And finally a couple of shots with the shelf mate, my M41DK Thanks for looking. Terry
  7. In keeping with the modern Russian theme here is a 9A53 Tornado S MLRS in Russian Green. Not too thrilled with the color but a nice enough kit.
  8. This old beastie, I think we all know her & she needs little introduction on here, dare I say a Tamiya classic. M48 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 2 by phil da greek, on Flickr This is the beginning of what will almost certainly be my most ambitious modelling project in my 40 odd years of sticking plastic together. Having been in uniform all my life I retired last year at the grand old age of 52 and am now working through the stash and the list of ideas (in between all that other stuff that life throws at us). The build is inspired by Kyoichi Sawada's iconic black and white photograph showing Lt. R. Horner USMC and his platoon sheltering behind a Patton on Tran Cao Van Street in Hue on the 1st February 1968. If I can find a display box the right size then there will be two M48s and a number of figures, probably Bravo 6 as they fit the bill. This won't be a recreation of that photo but something close, as also seen in the movie "Full Metal Jacket". On with it then, being Tamiya it goes together pretty well, there are a few odd gaps that need filling with white plastic card here and there which I believe has to do with the plan for Tamiya to motorize everything. A couple of pics............. M48 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr Straight out of the box, nice and clean with a few seams to clean up and refine. M48 5 by phil da greek, on Flickr Some undercarriage detail and some white card filling in gaps that would allow the daylight to shine through. Once painted and weathered you'll never know. M48 4 by phil da greek, on Flickr Bottom detail is complete, the wheels are being prepared seperately as that's how I like it. She's going to be brush painted, prepped in matt black and then overall is going to be Humbrol 155 with an appropriate dirt on top. It's not going to be fast but you are welcome to jump in with any thoughts........................................
  9. One of the new Takom "Blitz" series, a nice little guy.
  10. Here is something a little different, in Syrian colors for a change.
  11. Here is the beast, mostly complete but still needs the Accurate Armor tie downs. chain tighteners, etc.
  12. German recovery Panther. Full interior but most is hidden of course. Started this on Friday and finished it following Wednesday so with only a 6 day build might have missed a few spots. Yes, some long days involved. .
  13. Hi All, Here's the ancient Tamiya kit which is pretty cheap but as is often the case it's not that cheap when you've had to add gun barrels and PE Kit which i did. It probably also needs resin wheels and aftermarket tracks but then its not a cheap kit anymore... The ammo trailer was good value though with 2 in the kit for about £10. Everybody builds this with the sides down so i thought I'd show it in transit rather than fighting. Easy to build with a couple of screws and metal axles to add to the fun. Usual C&C welcome Cheers David
  14. Hi All, This time something nit as old as WWII, hope you like it.
  15. Hi all, this is going to be my next build. In the large box you find the upper hull as one piece, four big sprues grey styrene, one clear sprue, a small photo etch fret and a small decal sheet. The parts are nicely moulded, no obvious flash or ejection marks. I intend to build a Typhoon K of Russian Military Police in Syria because the colourful stripes will break the green overall scheme. I bougt the decal sheet from Echelon Fine Details, which has also parts for the blue flasher included. The decal sheet also includes decals for a GAZ Tiger, which is great, so I can build another one ´! That's all for now, I hope to show some progress soon. Thanks for looking!
  16. Hi All. Usually Im doing two projects parallel - one in painting stage one in build. So if I'm feed up with one type of work can switch to other. So this time something unusual in my warkshop - modern tank. I've got few more in my stash, so definitely not the last one. This is the "hero". First time I've used the Master Club metal tracks. My impression? I his set wasn't super. Links won't fit together and every single one I have to file to make them fit. Pins are fiddle and carpet monster was happy to eat few of them. I still have few different sets so not saying that Friulmodel are better, but with this set I think I build the Friulmodel quicker. Moving further. Rear fuel barrels not making "wow" effect ... ... so decided to remove one of the brackets. Also reproduced the fuel lines for fender tanks. This is how it looks now. Not decided yet, maybe I leave one barrel on?
  17. Yep, you've read that right, my latest completion is a MiniArt Tiran 5! Originally I bought MiniArt's Tiran 4 Late Type non-interior kit to build as the vehicle featured on the box top - full late mods, 100mm gun and spider web wheels. Normally I like to build according to at least one photograph but unfortunately I couldn't find any images of a tank in SLA service in that specific configuration so I was a bit stuck. Just before lockdown came into force here in the UK I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and buy a MiniArt T-55 and cross kit the two to produce a SLA Tiran 5, which I do have plenty of images of thanks to Samir Kassis' "Tiran in Lebanese Wars" book. I settled on 37027, which is the non-interior version of the T-55 Model 1963 kit. Thanks to Kassis' book as well as "Tiran Wrecks" by Michael Maas and Adam O'Brian I had enough references to produce a reasonably accurate rendition of such a vehicle. All in all the cross-kitting exercise was fairly simple - it's basically the T-55 kit's hull, turret and running gear married to the Tiran 4 kit's running boards and Tiran specific parts with a little modification and scratchbuilding. The running boards do need some alteration as they don't quite fit straight away - the exhaust is very slightly further back on the T-55 kit and material needs to be removed at the front where they meet and wrap around the upper glacis. I nearly made a boo-boo on the turret: I remembered to reverse the commander's cupola but I forgot to do the same for the loader's hatch! Luckily I caught it before the glue had hardened! I did spend some time during the construction phase pondering what shade of blue to paint it and settled on Humbrol 248 RLM 78 as it looked near-enough to what I was looking for. As is normal for me the whole model was painted using a brush although as usual for Humbrol's latest paint standards the RLM 78 was a bit thick. Rather ironically I completed the model just after the explosion in Beirut last week. As always, comments and criticism welcome! Mike.
  18. The venerable Tamiya SAS Land Rover from what feels like a 100 years ago. I'm sure we've all built it at least once, I found this about a third done sat in it's box on the shelf a couple of weeks ago so decided to get her built. Mainly Tamiya, with some Accurate Armour and who knows what out of my armour spares box. Brush painted with a custom mix of Humbrol enamels, Winsor & Newton matt varnish and weathered with Humbrol enamels again. The plan was a well used version on a tea break with some sort of figure studying the map, but that chap appears to have gone off on other things. She was fun to build, I look how she looks and all four wheels touch the ground at the same time! Rover 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rover 7 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rover 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rover 2 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rover 5 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rover 4 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rover 6 by phil da greek, on Flickr Thanks for looking in! Phil.
  19. This is my carefully researched Sherman orphan this particular vehicle will be E3, of 2nd Company, 32nd Armoured Battalion, 3rd Armoured Division and will be painted as she appeared in Cologne 1945. One of the first production M4A1 76's to be built by Pressed steel car she was shipped to Britain for the start of D-Day but as the American tank crews had been training on the 75's and as the Company commanders had received feedback that the 75mm gun had a superior HE round the U.S. decided they wouldn't use them and so they were offered to the British forces unfortunately we didn't want them either as we by this time were using our own upgunned version called the Firefly. The upshot was come D-Day they were left in the UK and nobody wanted them hence the nickname Orphan. Just before operation Cobra though the U.S. had encountered it's first Panthers and realised that the 76mm gun actually might be of use and so 150 or so were shipped over for the start of operation Cobra. This lovely lady survived the war and was later remanufactured for the Mutual Defense Program and served with the French for a number of years, she is now a gate guard at Camp Patton, Nehou, France. Next job is undercoat then foundry marks and numbers and i'm just turning an antenna mast for the turret.....tracks and bogies are AFV Club and the kit is the old but still good Italeri as you can see most exterior detail is scratch (although i did order a PE kit but it took so long to arrive i pushed on anyway)tools are from the Tamiya Sherman and many other small details that were particular to the Orphans. Hope you like .....Steve
  20. Case VAI Tractor Thunder Models 1/35 I've had this little Case tractor sitting on the shelf, built up and in primer, for a couple of years, but I've never seemed to find the time to get it finished. I've currently got a short gap between bigger projects, so I thought it was high time I got it out of the box and done. Another reason for the long delay in getting it done was that I wasn't sure what to do with it. I'd originally primed it in rust with the view to finishing it as rusted out wreck, but when it came to it I decided to go for a heavily worn but still working machine finished in the original Case orangey red, albeit with a heavy dose of chipping. The kit itself is very nice, with some lovely detailing. Some of the parts, such as the steering linkage, are a little fragile but everything goes together very easily. The only additions are a bit of wiring on the engine. As well as the original Thunder release, the kit's now been re-boxed by Airfix. (for the observant out there, yes, I did put one of the rear tyres on backwards) Thanks for looking Andy
  21. Yep, your old citroen might do a couple of these moves and some ‘64 chevy imapalas can pull this of as well but to my knowledge only a few tanks can do this. I bought this kit 6 weeks ago on an auction site for a bargain. I’ll have to admit this tank was never on my radar but I liked the shape of it and it’s a tamiya so I went for it. The tank The type 74 was designed to counter the t-62 but it was already more or less obsolete when it came out which surprised me since Japan is a tech savy country. When soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsy filmed the famous highway scene of the sci fi movie “Solyaris” in the early seventies, he went to Tokyo because it looked more futuristic than the USSR (probably among other reasons). But that same USSR was already working on the T-64, T-72 and T-80. Even the Type 90 looks more like a copy of the leopard-2’s that came out a decade earlier. But to me the Type 74 looks a bit Russian with the low sleek silhouette combined with the big road-wheels and dome shaped turret. What sets this tank apart from most others is the way the tracks look, and the exhaust. No rust. Did they use noncorrosive materials? I would find such consideration very japanese. Check the excelent walkaround pics right here: http://www.toadmanstankpictures.com/type_74_camp_iwate.htm
  22. A while back I picked up a couple of figures from Nuts Planet's Trigger line of 1/35 post apocalypse figures, and I've just recently got around to painting up the first of them. The figure's simply named Shield by Nuts Planet, and it's a very nice sculpt (by Joo Heum Yoon) with really fine detailing. There's even individual teeth on the open ends of the zipper on the jacket. The only addition I made (apart from the base) was the metal mesh in the opening in the riot shield. The base is a generic 50mm figure base, covered with texture paste and broken plaster for the cracked concrete slabs. The toxic ooze is Vallejo Still Water resin mixed with a little bright green acrylic. Thanks for looking Andy
  23. 1/35th Tamiya T55a in Syrian colours from the Yom Kippur War. Pretty much oob wit a bit of light ( I hope ) weathering.
  24. My most recently finished model is Dragon's Panzer Ib in 1/35. While this was in a smart-kit boxing, it wasn't as "smart" as some of Dragon's other releases of the last 20 years or so. Detail is very good, but not great, and fit was a bit problematic in spots. I wanted to try out a few new weathering techniques on this model, one of them being wet pigment application, and the other a sort of different spin on oil-dot filtering. The wet pigment experiments were not successful. Something about the pigments I used (Vallejo) was not allowing them to form feathered edges. Instead they came to abrupt edges where the pigment would stick, and the rest would just dust off. This is especially visible on the sprockets. I used heavy washes of light ochre and light tan colored oils to fix the mess. I actually like the effect, but I need to learn how to control it more. The topside weathering was done with dots of Naples yellow, tan, sky blue and olive colored oil dots, scrubbed into the finish with a brush dampened in thinner. Unlike my normal approach to this, I did each color one at a time. I also added a few paint chips, most of which you can't see under the dusty look left by the oils. I'm pleased with how this turned out, and I learned a lot that I'm looking to apply on my next project. Most importantly - neatness counts when you're making your tank look dirty. You can't just slap dust and mud on any which way.
  25. Next build while in lockdown. Wanted something I could build up and leave complete for painting later. Thought of trying some modern armour so went for this one. Plan is to do it in "urban digital" squares (3x grey) for something different, inaccurate and to test my masking (going to print my own masks too). Probably start the build at the weekend and take it slow (dont think I will do much more than OOTB) 2020-04-06_02-34-36 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
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