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Found 501 results

  1. Here are a bunch of photos of the dioarama build I have described in the WIP section: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040769-a-diorama-with-a-nostalgic-touch/ The purpose of the dioarama was to build a scene that showed some common street elements as I remember them fram my childhood and youth in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden during the 1950s and 1960s: - a telephone booth - an electrical box - a lamp post - a concrete tree grate - cut stone, Belgian block style - a storm drain Everything, except the young lady in the telephone booth, is scratch built or 3D-modelled/printed especially for this diorama. Any comments and suggestions for improvements, to be applied to future builds, are welcome. Thanks for watching. Lennart
  2. Picked one of these up on ebay for more that what I'd want to pay. Sadly, Kettenkrad kits seem to be few and far between and it was a bit of a struggle to get one. This should be a nice little project anyway. Exams are coming up, so larger projects that occupy undue desk space may not have much progress on them. You don't get either of the figures shown on the box art, but I was aware of this, and may use the later war German driver figure included. Started by constructing some of the vehicle's internals. So far, it's a typical Dragon kit, with a bit of flashing and some mould seams to clean up.
  3. My entry for this group build is ICM's Model T 1917 Ambulance with US Medical Personnel. A review of this kit can be found on this site here.
  4. Started another Merkava today, Meng's Merkava 4M. Pretty detailed but the tracks are a bear, lots of flash and probably won't end up as working tracks when finally assembled. The suspension is supposedly fully working but who cares?
  5. Here is Meng's latest Merkava. The Mark IV M with the Trophy Active Protection System.
  6. So it's back to the desert for me with a simple little diorama to show off the Merit 1/35th M19 Diamond T Tank Transporter. The tank for transport is Monty's M3 Grant from the Tamiya 1/35 kit. As it's dificult to see the driver in the cab, i'm adding a local inhabitant utilising the transport of the time! So the basic layout is: With the componants as mentioned above!
  7. This has had its paintjob, decals, a gloss coat, and pin wash.
  8. As I've slowed down a bit on my Panzer II due to the fiddly etch, I decided to start another project. Couldn't resist putting together the basic chassis and gun. First order of business I think is the PAK, so I've been cleaning up the kit parts and adding the photo-etch parts. I'll be using this picture as a reference, as the Eduard instructions aren't clear where everything goes. (Though I hope mine won't look as ropey as this does in places) Luckily, there are loads of images of this gun online, so I have an idea of where things go.
  9. Hi all Sirs, here my latest cat in progress. An old 1/35 Dragon reference built from the box, so let's go straight to painting. At first, a dark priming to all inner wheels side and hull spots
  10. Hi, Takom panther project start 2 months ago, here is progress till now. Almost ready for painting.
  11. Mig Eater

    Type 64

    My latest model tank, the Chinese/Taiwanese Type 64. The model kit is Tamiya's 1/35 scale M41 Walker Bulldog, which was originally released in 1975 as a remote control toy & has been in production ever since. It can be bought really cheap & is recommended to any beginners because of its simple & easy construction. Because of how common this kit is I decided to do something a bit different & convert it into the rather obscure Type 64. Which was an upgraded version of the M41 developed in Taiwan in 1964, it featured a new engine, extra armour bolted onto the turret sides & new side-skirts. Only two prototypes were built, one was destroyed on a firing range & the other is currently displayed in a museum. The extra turret armour was made with plastic card that was warmed up & bent into shape, the side-skirts are made from aluminium cut from a drinks can & the ROC insignia I printed myself. As this kit was originally a motorised toy it is full of holes for the electronics which I filled in & sanded smooth. I also scratch-built several extra parts that aren't included in this kit, such as the third exhaust, support bars over the fenders & all of the vision ports were drilled out & replaced with new clear parts. When I started this build I thought it would be quick & simple but it turned into a bit of a chore & I felt rather drained after. So much so that it's taken me two months to get around to taking pictures of it. Note: There are actually two different tanks called Type 64, the other (& better known) Type 64 was a hybrid of an M42 Duster hull & a M18 Hellcat turret. This "hybrid" Type 64 was build as a stop-gap design after development of this Type 64 was cancelled.
  12. Thought I’d have a go at an AFV as a change from ships. Academy 1/35 Warrior 2003 to go alongside an AFV Club Scimitar I built a few years ago. The Warrior will have Eduard PE along with Resin, PE and figures from Accurate Armour and a replacement Rarden barrel from Armour Scale as well as Fruil tracks The Scimitar will have replacement tracks from Fruil as the kit tracks were always a bit tight. Eventually they'll go on a simple desert base together for display. The builds nearly finished so the below are catch up pics. Various PE and resin The Scimitar Axles fitted, adjusted for vehicle ride height as mentioned in several blogs, and moulded on detail being removed Hull pretty finished from various angles Track test fitted - instructions say 90 links per side but 85 give about the right tension I think Turret coming together And the 2 side by side Cheers Nick
  13. LostCosmonauts

    Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Small blitz on Tamiya’s T-Rex I believe excerable is the best word to describe this kit At least it was cheap
  14. BlackMax12

    Takom Chieftain MK 5

    Chieftain #3, one can never have too many as I already have a MK 10 and a MK 11 and now the cousin a MK 5. It's all ready for some paint but so is the Meng Merkava MK IV and the Takom Panther A so a painting session is on the horizon. Both of my other Chieftains are in the BATUS scheme so this one will probably end up as green with black for something different.
  15. Hitachi ZC50C-5 Vibratory Combined Roller Hasegawa 1/35 Just finished this one from Hasegawa's construction machinery series. I picked it up mainly as I thought it would be a fun build and would provide ample opportunity for weathering, which proved to be correct on both counts. It was built straight from the box as there's nothing really that needs adding. The level of detail and parts fit are just about perfect. It's also pretty cheap too, if ordered direct from Japan. There are several other vehicles in the range (see @Kallisti 's excellent Zaxis excavator build), so I'll probably be doing more of these in the future. Thanks for looking Andy
  16. Almost done with this one, just needs a bit more weathering.
  17. John

    Lewis Gunners

    I'm awaiting some bits and pieces to finish my 51st HD Sergeant and in the meantime I've started another small WW1-themed diorama. About a month ago I was at a talk about my home town during WW1. The speaker was an old friend, who I've known for over 30 years. During the talk he mentioned that he had a great-Uncle who had been a Lewis Gunner for most of the War. He survive and lived the rest of his life in, I believe, the Highlands of Scotland. I hadn't heard my friend mention his uncle before but it set me thinking. I remembered that the Master Box British Infantry Somme Battle Period was essentially a Lewis Gun section: http://www.mbltd.info/35146.htm I ordered a set from the Big H and started to think about basing them. I have a small number of 10cmx21cm MDF bases so I decided to use one of these. I then headed to Hobbycraft and picked up the Tamiya Brick Wall set. The idea was to recreate a damaged agricultural or industrial building that the soldiers were using for shelter. I also have a box of wooden coffee stirrers that are good for structural woodwork and floors: 35199125_205357173612265_6739784623594668032_o by John Walker, on Flickr I used the brick wall panels where I could but I also razor-sawed out individual bricks or sets of 2 or 3 as needed to create some interesting shapes. Sawing out the bricks kept the size and shape consistent: 35076764_205358583612124_5484046708637696000_o by John Walker, on Flickr IMG_20180613_144356 by John Walker, on Flickr John
  18. This is my first time showing a build here, but some thing I'm interested in doing more of. And to test the waters I've got a simple easy kit to start with, at least I hope it will be easy. It's going to be straight out of the box to keep it simple and will probably have mistakes as I know nothing about historical accuracy and the paint job will probably be all wrong lol. I don't plan on painting the crew for this build, but that may change later on. Pictures of the box, spures, decals, etc are behind the spoiler.
  19. A39 TORTOISE BRITISH HEAVY ASSAULT TANK Meng 1/35 Hi Guys, I built Meng's fantastic Tortoise in June 2014. It was a great kit to work on from beginning to end and Meng have definitely become one of my favorite manufacturers. A few modifications were made to the kit to bring it closer to how a production model may have appeared. The stowage bundle on the back was made from scraps of balsa stuck together and covered with lead foil. I use hairspray for the winter whitewash and the figure came from a MiniArt set. Hope you enjoy the shots (new photos on page 2) And a couple of wip shots to finish Thanks for looking Andy
  20. Reilly

    Bradley M2A3

    Another Bradley, but not in the same league as Gremlin's recent effort. I wasn't sure whether I'd bother putting this up and considered waiting until I'd finished and then gently prod it round the door with a long stick and leave quietly hoping that nobody would notice. Before this I'd just finished the Meng Abrams which, in my opinion, is a bit of a dog. I wasn't sure if this was going to be the same in which case I'd probably not bother and kick it into the stash somewhere but I thought it would be fair to give Meng a second chance. I'm happy to report that apart from a couple of minor niggles its going together rather well with the parts fitting like they belong to the same kit. Here's the start. There's an M113 from Tamiya on the bench as well as the Bradley hull on its back waving its legs in the air. The Tamiya kit was an old moulding with a couple of extra sprue thrown in which are basically bergens, ammo and jerry cans and a dog to hang around the external parts of the vehicle. Although the Bradley has an interior I'm not sure how much will be visible once I'm finished. Thought I'd start on the wheely bits first as well as the track assembly. The wheels have separate tyres which I thought was to make painting easier (see later). Being Meng the fit between the road wheel and tyre is so tight that no adhesive was necessary. They're on for good! I've seen various negative comments about the tracks but with me being cheap I thought I'd give them a go. I can always bin them later if it goes wrong and order up some of the ones that Gremlin used in his build. Thankfully there are enough links in the bag to compensate for the ones that don't fit or are too loose. I might need to glue a few links before this is over just for some additional strength. Time to get them into paint along with the rubbers from the M113. As most of the M113 track is hidden under the side skirts the rubbers will be adequate enough. My choice of track may yet be my undoing. Here's the start to the hull interior. Time to add some grease an overall wear and tear before I go any further. Next steps is the engine, oh, one has just been delivered. Of course it wouldn't be one of my models if I hadn't screwed up somewhere. Thought I'd completed the wheel assemblies but that wasn't the case. At the bottom of the box was a piece of brass that the helpful people at Meng thoughtfully included for use as a mask for defining the extent of the rubber. Pity they didn't mention this in the instructions which were rather unclear about the extend of the rubber. I did have my reservations when I was putting them together. Oh well back to wheel painting. I've now discovered that there is a considerable warp on the lower half of the hull. With the back plate and some tensioning I should be able to fix it. I ran into a similar problem with the Meng Cougar when closing it up. This time I'll make sure the hull fits together before fitting the interior. That way I should be able to use the necessary clamps without damaging parts. I'd say with Meng it pays to build sub assemblies, continually checking for fit, before discovering that that serious fettling is required once everything has been glued down.
  21. Here's my attempt at a Merkava 3D sans anti-slip coating. I tried to apply it several times then just gave up.
  22. Here's another little project, bought on an impulse. Firstly, the figures. Here is an Italian machine gun team, gunner and loader. The figures are by Masterbox, and have nice detail, although are somewhat lacking in terms of definition and detail compared to the Dragon figures I was working on previously. This was an attractive part of the kit for me. Here's a rather blurry picture of the tank. An older kit, it needs a little work. For example, the turret needs some work around the gun mantlet. It seems it should be a mostly smooth weld, rather than plates bolted on.
  23. AndyRM101

    Cast hull M3

    Looks like Takom are expanding their M3 Lee range with a cast hull A1 and a CDL (Canal Defence Light). Great to see the available range of M3s getting larger all the time. Andy
  24. Hello all, Here is a project that i've been planning for a while and quite a rare occurrence for me to be building 3 non-aircraft models one after the other! Based around Meng's 1/35 Pickup truck, the diorama will be based around a Tier 1 Special Missions Unit (Delta or Devgru) setting up a sniping/observation position in the Shahi-Kot valley, in early 2002. Kit: Extras: And some bits from this tub of assortments: Just need to find a suitable base. Looking forward to developing this one as i've had a long held interest in Special Operations and I think those in the early years of the War On Terror are fascinating. Dave
  25. Lanchester 4x2 Armoured Car Copper State Model 1/35 This is CSM's new WWI era Lanchester armoured car. It's quite a simple little kit compared to some of the armour mega-kits that come from a lot of manufacturers these days. Despite the simplicity though, it really is a joy to put together. The fit is just about perfect, and the whole thing was built up and ready for paint in only 4 days. There's some really nice example of moulding to, like the front fenders which are thin enough to almost pass for being photo etched, and the wheel spokes which are remarkably thin for an injection moulded part. There are a couple of errors in the kit. The little bump on top of the turret is a socket for a flag, and it should be closer to the turret roof hatch rather than at the front edge. Also the insides of the rear wheel arches should be panelled off, instead of being open as they are here. Neither of them are big deals though and are pretty easy to fix. CSM have a photo etch set in the works for this kit, although to be honest, I don't think it's really necessary. They do have some nice figures though which should work well for a diorama. This one's painted with Gunze RLM 65 and RLM 76 in a rough representation of Admiralty light grey Thanks for looking Andy