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Found 612 results

  1. Enjoying the build and all the research on my King Tiger, but one is not enough, so I have delved into the stash and decided to start this as a weight watcher special Battle of the Bulge entry, or as the Germans called it Wacht am Rhein. No zimmerit, the kit will be OOB except for an Armorscale barrel.
  2. I have had this cyber-hobby kit in the stash for a few years so I have dusted it off and I will throw it into this GB. The plastic has just been re-issued as a 2 in 1 kit by Dragon, I have always fancied building this scheme with the charging Knight on the turret, so it's as it comes with just a new Armour Scale barrel. Here's the obligatory box full of bits picture: Wish me luck, it's covered in Dragon zimmerit!
  3. Time for another AFV build. I have a couple of aircraft on the go (Gloster Gamecock and Northrop F-5E) as well as an Airfix Vosper MTB, but I like to have an AFV on the go also! I started this kit a while back after completing the Accurate Armour M41DK project which had been my first AFV build in over 30 years. For those interested in that, the RFI is here: So to the kit. I picked up a rather battered version of the Heller kit a few years ago at Euro militaire. I think I paid around £5 for it. This one comes with Swiss Army marking and also contains the fitting and missiles for an SS11 equipped vehicle. It's a typical Heller kit of it's time, but looked like it could be built into something decent with a bit of effort. I rather like the AMX-13 and always had a fascination for it in my youth, so since picking this one up I also acquired these two beautiful examples from Takom: I have plans for those in the future, they really are superb kits, and do tend to emphasise the Heller offerings age. However, I do like a challenge............... So I will be helped along the way by a track set I picked up also, to replace the Heller vinyl tracks. The rest will have to be improved by scratch detail and hard graft! I didn't start to record the build until quite recently, so here is where we are at the moment. Hull is largely complete, together with suspension components: I've coloured the inside of the vision blocks and plan to use some Clearfix to add the glass, which will then be masked out for painting. If the Clearfix idea fails, I'll just fill then in and paint to represent dark glass.......? The turret needed some internal bracing to hold it all together. In addition I decided to improve on the kit supplied gun/turret canvas seal by using a fair dose of Mulliput sculpted to blend in and represent what I have observed in a number of pictures. The close up view shows there is still a bit of smoothing/sanding to be done, but I'm pretty pleased with the effect. Before completing the basis hull, the right hand side requires the exhaust system to be assembled and installed. I wanted to try and show a bit of a rusted effect so after assembling the basis unit, I stippled it with Mr Surfacer plus some polystyrene cement and dabbed the surface to create a slightly pitted effect. This came out looking like this: Next came an airbrush coat of mixed brown/red, followed by some MIG rust pigment dust. Pretty please with the end result, not too rusty and corroded but fairly typical in service example I think. So as of this afternoon, this is where we are: A long way to go yet, but I'm fairly pleased with progress so far. I'd originally intended to do an IDF AMX from around the six day war, but I'm also tempted by a French Army version during the Suez crisis. More soon Terry
  4. Over in the armour forum I started a thread on my current Vietnam war builds. However the PBR feels out of place there, so this thread will follow the PBR build. There might be a hiatus while I crack on with the M151 on the other thread, but as a taster here's the bits before I begin work: Untitled by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Untitled by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr
  5. Having started land and waterborne elements of the Vietnam war, it was inevitable that I would want a flying machine as well. And in my view nothing symbolises the Vietnam war more than the ubiquitous Huey, the UH-1. Ideally I'd like to do a slick, as the real Hueys I've seen have all been the longer body version. But apart from the Panda/Dragon effort, I'm not aware of any slicks in 1/35, and the Pandagon versions are seemingly both as rare as rocking horse poop, and reviews are not very complimentary. Kitty Hawk bottled out and went 1/48, so the field is still.open for someone to step up. How about it Airfix? However, as uncomplimentary as the Pandagon reviews are, reviews of the Academy UH-1C are very positive despite its age, and the recent Revell boxing is available fairly cheaply. D3 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr D3 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr This is just a placeholder until I reach a point on the other builds where I need some rotary wing relief. There's a lot of plastic in the box.
  6. I wasn’t sure where to put this, since it’s a thread with both military vehicles and a boat! (And if Kittyhawk ever release their UH-1 in in 1/35 it might end up with a chopper too!) 1 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr The Vietnam war was still underway when I was born, and growing up our local library was a source of endless fascination – I don’t remember all the titles but among them there was Air America; another book about a Brit serving in the US army, and many others. The poignancy of many of them was probably lost on me as a kid, bit as I grew older I read other works, Dispatches, Chickenhawk and others, which gave me a different take on what was, then, recent history. Looking back now, I have to wonder if the war was unwinnable, and if the US, and its allies, ever really had a strategic vison, or were they just (as I suspect many saw it) “holding the line”. None of which takes away from the very real suffering of the Vietnamese people and the troops (mainly US, but other allied nations as well) who fought over that land for so many years. If Korea was a continuation of WW2; Vietnam was, by contrast, the first truly modern war. (I’m no historian, so all of this is my personal impression only.) Anyway, enough preamble. I haven’t done any plastic bashing for months, so before I make a start on the main event, I thought it would be a good idea to “get my eye in” on something less expensive or challenging. The Tamiya M151A1 seemed a good place to start – I built this (in the A2 version) when it was first released in the early 1980s (the main sprue mould date is 1982, when I was 12). 1 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr 1 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr I’ve ordered the Legend Productions set (mainly, daft though it sounds, for the pedals, but I felt they were likely to be better than anything I could scratchbuild, but meantime I’ve made a start on the tub. I’m aware that the front suspension is oversimplified so will probably try and do something about that as well. 1 by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr @Procopius will be pleased to learn that I have already made (and hopefully repaired) the obligatory thumb glue print. He's less likely to approve of the lack of wings, but at least its modelling!
  7. In a similar fashion to my avatar, i find my self bringing up the rear (in 00) but without Dick Dasterdly! I was going to title my thread "The coo's tail" as they say in Scotland, meaning i am late to the party...! Anyway, here is my entry to the GB - Zvezda's Tiger 1, which has languished in the stash a while. I got it at the time because it was a bargain at less than £20 inc. post. To supplement my build and because i like crew figures in armor models i got Tamiya's most recent set of tank figures, which look to be pretty good in the box. Here are the parts, and theres lots of them!! i will need to get my skates on with this one as i am in two other current GB's, TFL Greg
  8. This is CSM's new version of their 1/35 Lanchester AC that was released in its original form a year or so ago. The updated kit represents the modified Lanchesters that were used during the Russian civil war, featuring a new rear deck with revised fenders, and the addition of a 37mm Hotchkiss gun in the turret. Aside from the new Russian specific parts, the rest of the kit is the same as the previous version, but with the welcome addition of clear lenses for the headlights, something that was missing from the first release. In common with the original release, this version went together with no issues, and was a lot of fun to build and paint. Speaking of paint, CSM are refreshingly honest about the lack of contemporary info regarding the exact colour of these armoured cars. They suggest British Moss Green or Service Khaki as the most likely colour, and I went with AMMO Moss Green for this build, albeit with a lot of additional shading, fading and colour glazes. Thanks for looking Andy
  9. This is Meng's new Rolls Royce armoured car, which can be built in either the 1914 Pattern WWI version or, as seen here, a 1920 Pattern in WWII desert configuration. It's a decent kit, albeit one with a few iffy areas that you wouldn't expect from a Meng kit. Despite that, it's still lightyears ahead of the old Roden kit and builds into a very nice model. The caunter was painted with a mix of AK's Real Color shades and some Tamiya mixes, mainly for the Silver Grey as the AK version didn't look very convincing. The full build can be found here Thanks for looking Andy
  10. After being teased / encouraged / cajoled / baited and generally ‘led on’ by a few folks on here I have decided it’s time to have a bash at 1/35 scale. I have had this sat in the cupboard for a good three months now & I admit to a bit of pre GB ‘inspection’ over the last few weeks. It is going to be MAHOOSIVE by my standards and comparing the hull to that of the 1/72 versions I am going to work on – it will be a beast. Here's the bits... I am sure 100's of BM'ers have built this kit over the years - but it's a first for me and I'm really looking forward to it. Please feel free to chip in with any words of wisdom along the way. Thanks for looking - Steve
  11. Well, with virtually no modelling throughout the summer, it's finally back to the bench. I suffer abrupt changes of modelling polarity and feel the need to put aside my 1/72 boat projects for the time being, to do some more armour. One of my favourite tanks is The Brit Centurion and it's hard not to be mesmerized by what the IDF have done to modernise and adapt their venerable Shot Cals. (I saw Michael Mass has written that it should be Cal not Kal?) The Nagmachon was a project using old Centurion hulls to construct APCs. This will the early version without the later "Doghouse" that was built to give the crew further protection. They have an almost sci-fi appearance in their strangeness. The web is not exactly awash with pictures - here's the early version on the right.. Reference will be the excellent Desert Eagle publishing... I'm told copying pictures from these volumes is particularly frowned upon. However, they are particularly excellent and modeller-centric. Kit versions appear from Hobby Boss and Tiger Model (costing nearly twice as much) I'll be using the Hobby Boss version The KMT mine adapter will be fitted and I'm waiting for DEF Model to produce their promised mine roller kit. The old Academy version that came with a Merkava 2 or M60 is sadly no longer available. Neither the Hobby Boss or Tiger Model versions supply the Shackles that are used with chain to help attach the side skirt armour. Thanks to Alan Brown from Leicester Modellers to tipping me off about shackles available on Shapeways that fit the bill perfectly - sadly the first lot bought were too small Shapeways - Bolted shackles There's no chain supplied with this kit so courtesy of Accurate Armour And there are the too small shackles on the box I've never built a Hobby Boss kit before - though instructions and presentation are as per Trumpeter - simple line drawings With Colour profiles and paint callouts citing Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamyia and Humbrol Mindful of the "difficulty" with the colour Sinai Gray, I'm going to trial the new AK lacquers (with some hopefully wending their way) which promises authentic accuracy. We shall see. Construction begins with the hull tub and bogie assemblies. Dry fitting hints at what's to come.. Thanks for looking Rob
  12. Hi, Takom panther project start 2 months ago, here is progress till now. Almost ready for painting.
  13. My entry for this GB is going to be a Sherman V DD shortly after d day with the screens removed. It’s an older resicast kit and I’m going to replace the tracks with some aftermarket ones. Just need to source some decals for the turret numbers. And box contents. shoukd be a fun little build.
  14. This was begun a long while ago and has sadly sat neglected with boats having got in the way. So with a long boat build near completion ML196 Fairmile B - Landing Craft Control, it's time for some light relief. This model seems to have been somewhat disregarded by the modelling fraternity. The rather unglamorous cousin to the universal carrier, over 26,000 were built for use as an artillery trailer and other general transport duties This reference book is invaluable This Build will fit with a Riich QF 6Pdr gun already long built. In fact the Bronco offering now comes packaged with the gun. Work commences with the engine which is admirably well detailed And the Floor pan which builds without drama The bogie assembly is a little tricky with the springs an etch tool is pretty essential for some of the construction More soon - thanks for looking Rob
  15. Hi, This is a 1:35 model, the KV-1 russian heavy tank. This is Tamiya KIT no. 35066. I made it as movable model. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks, towing cables, engine grill, saw. At the bottom I added a short video how does the model ride. Constructive criticism is encouraged
  16. Hi all, Number 8 for the year so far is the insectoid Fieseler Storch. Nice kit, the only let down being the transparencies which are not the best moulded clear parts I've ever used, and a pain to fair in to the fuselage. Paints are from Gunze for a change, as they had the correct RLM colours, but I've painted it up as a modern restored warbird. The painting guide from HobbyBoss was woefully inadequate, so I had to use a lot of online reference for the camo scheme, and that's where I got my inspiration to do a modern representation. Walk around first: A couple of closeup shots: And the traditional 'magazine shots' to finish: Hope you like it, Dean
  17. Hello everyone, here's a few shots of my Trumpeter 1/35 LAV-A2 kit. Pretty straightforward and easy build, if a little spartan withouth the addition of the Black Dog Stowage set. It ultimately gives a nice effective, though Black Dog have a bit of a habit (in my experience) of flawed moldings. The rear bustle, for example, did not reach fully where it was meant to, requiring some additional stowage placement to conceal the defect, nor do the armour window pieces come with any kind of glass. A big issues is BD not including instructions, resulting in my having to look at pictures of a Voyager set to see how the telescopic ECM unit went together. Still, overall I'm pretty happy with the result Please check here for more images of it in the diorama Gaz
  18. A simple diorama for my 1/35 LAV-A2 by Trumpeter, with Black Dog accessories and two Miniart USMC Tank Crew figures. Had originally considered doing it coming up a beach, but the beach sand texture from AK Interactive was...less than impressive. it lacked texture and cracked up, feeling more like an air dry clay in the end. So I re-purposed a Mig Ammo grass mat from another planned build for this one. Still not entirely happy with my lighting setup, especially since it seems to highlight every known scrap of dust that I cannot see with my naked eye >< Anywho, onto the pics Thanks for looking, Gaz
  19. So as you can probably guess from my user name - my usual modelling territory is in the Aircraft section. However, I decided that I wanted to have a go at something a bit different and having been inspired by all the fantastic military vehicle builds on the BM forum I decided to give one a go. So whilst having a nosy around the Monk Bar Model Shop in York on a recent weekend away - I decided to pick up this kit: There's just something about the Kubelwagen that I like - probably it's simplicity and functional aesthetic. As this was a Tamiya kit, I knew I'd be in safe hands building this as my very first military vehicle. As you'd expect the kit went together with hardly any effort whatsoever and was one of the most enjoyable builds I've done for a while - I think sometimes it does you good to get away from your comfort zone. The kit also comes with a figure which you can have perched half in and half out of the drivers door which I decided to use so I could add a bit of interest to the model. I decided to go with the German Grey scheme (24th Panzer Division - Eastern Front 1943-44) rather than the other 2 schemes (both camouflage schemes like the box art). I liked the idea of completing the kit in the German Grey as I think nothing says WW2 German vehicle more than seeing one in this colour. So enough waffling from me - here's some pics of the model. As always please feel free to offer any feedback or comments - especially as this is my first vehicle and all advice is good advice. Thanks Kris
  20. Here's my recently completed Roden Holt tractor with the 8" howitzer. Model Cellar will have the driver available in September with three choices of headgear. The figure was sculpted by Mike Good. Weathering on the tractor with Ammo and MIG products. Ammo Moss Green and Vallejo Bronze Green were my base colors.
  21. Hi guys, I will build the early version of the Tiger I. This operated first in North Africa. The kit is from Tamiya and it will have a few extra's on it. I have got some etch for the air inlets, a metal gun barrel and some friul tracks for the early version. The tracks are already build as I nicked them off from a older kit. Here are some pictures of the box and content. Cheers,
  22. Don't expect me to pronounce that correctly ... It is one of these ... a German gun on a French (Hotchkiss) chassis. The Germans made about 24 of these and lost them all in the Falaise Pocket. There is a film of Rommel inspecting a group of these here: Note: That film shows various H-39 chassis with three different guns. I think the crews in this movie are wearing Sumpfmuster 44 camouflage tops. Wish I knew, how to reproduce that?
  23. Hi, This is a 1:35 model I finished 1 month ago, the SU-85 tank destroyer. This is Tamiya KIT no. 35072. I made it as movable model. Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks, towing cable, barrel, engine grill, small PE parts. At the bottom I added a short video how does the model ride. Constructive criticism is encouraged.
  24. Made a slight oopsie with this one. Forgot to put the marker lights on the side, then thought I'd lost them. Luckily, rediscovered them (phew) and will install later. Until now, here's the diorama I put together with the Meng 1/35 Tigr-M and Zvezda's 1/35 Modern Russian Infantry Thanks for looking, Gaz
  25. Modified with DEF resin wheels (since Italeri still boxes their Humvees with the wrong type), I finally finished these two and incorporated them into my Division 2 diorama, found here I did consider camouflaging them, but thought I'd give the plain green (as they appear in the game) a go Thanks for looking Gaz
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