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Found 560 results

  1. Sopwith Pup "Gnome" Wingnut Wings 1/32 This is WnW's Gnome engined version of the Sopwith Pup, and it's the first kit of theirs that I've built and way out of my comfort zone, being an AFV and Sci-Fi modeller generally. The kit went together without any real issues, although handling it become more difficult as the build went on and a few repairs were needed along the way. The single biggest job was the masking for the stripes, although I simplified it as much as possible by breaking the painting down into stages, rather than trying to mask and spray the whole thing in one go. I wasn't looking forward to the rigging due to my zero experience with it, but it went reasonably well once I got the hang of it. Thanks for looking Andy
  2. Hi everyone I know its another Tamiya Spitfire but after seeing @shortCummins rather splendid build I thought I'd show mine as I'm pretty close to where John is with his build. I should say that I started this back in 2018 and for some reason or another I lost interest and put it to one side but now I'm building for my best mate who has been a real rock to me over the past few months and who has a thing for Spitfires. So my plan is to build the Spit and incorporate it into a diorama, I have an Austin Tilly and Willy's Jeep going Spare plus a 1/32 Pilot and ground crew any here is where I'm at... Cheers everyone and stay safe Iain
  3. I have been making threatening noises about this build for some time now - and now it's time for me to make a start. I have been gathering materials and resources over the last few months - still a few critical items to lay my hands on but I think I have enough to make a start. A bit of history: A few years back I was lucky enough to be given the job of redesigning an original Pullman carriage. The owner wanted it to run on the tracks again and after a spate of rail crashes in the UK, rail regulations were tightened considerably. This carriage was originally a wooden bodied carriage so there was no way the authorities were going to let that back on the tracks without some serious modifications. My job was to survey the carriage and come up with a design (in steel) that would allow it back on the tracks. I was lucky in that many original features were still contained in that wooden shell, which we were able to reuse. In short, we brought the carriage up to Edinburgh, removed (or rather, smashed) the wooden structure until we were left with just the chassis. The carriage was then rebuilt (in steel) as close to the original design as we could, while being very sympathetic to the original styling. Since then I have always wanted to build a scale model of the carriage - I still have all the drawings I made during that two year stint, and my model is going to be based on those, at 1/32 scale. I have some idea of how I am going to tackle some of the build, but mainly no idea about most of it. I just know that I am going to have to scratch just about everything. Here's a few shots of the drawings I am working with. First up, the chassis and sideframe structure.... (just an overview) The vestibule ends - which gave us a lot of trouble to design, as structurally, they take the brunt of any collision forces. Incidentally, my name, along with others on the project team, has been stamped on the shear plate in the vestibule ceiling. Lastly, here's what the carriage should end up looking like. This particular carriage was important as it was the last of it's type ever constructed, way back in 1951. Unusually, it has square windows at the kitchen and toilet areas - these were usually oval on Pullmans. I believe this is running today and can be booked for private charters - a bit more expensive than your standard BR ticket though. As always with my builds, this is not going to be a quick one - I reckon on about two years or more to build this one, but I have to make a start somewhere! So, to begin, the chassis plans printed out to 1/32 scale Some bits and bobs ready to begin. As you can see, this is going to end up around 600mm or so in length The first cuts begin.... oops did I mention that I am building the chassis in brass ? I should also mention that I am going to try and stay as true as possible to the original chassis structure/design. What on earth am I doing here??? Too late - I've started..... now I just need to learn how to solder lumps of brass together btw I placed this thread in the vehicles section as it seems to get a lot more traffic than the trains forum. Mods feel free to move it if I have broken any laws
  4. Hi guys, I will be building a Heinkel He-111 P from Revell in 1/32 scale. I have some goodies for it. I will be using a mask set from Montex for a plane from 9/KG55. Here are some pictures The boxart and a box full of plastic. and some of the extra's I want to use As you can see is there the bomb rack from the H version. As I am making a later P version I need this. Also the exhaust are different and I use some from a H version. I have also got a set from Montex for the maskes including the masks for the 9/KG55. Cheers,
  5. Hi guys, I will be building a Heinkel He-111 P from Revell in 1/32 scale. I have some goodies for it. I will be using a mask set from Montex for a plane from 9/KG55. I will put up some pictures in the next few weeks. As I will be building this also for the He-111 STGB that starts in a few weeks and I will be host. Cheers,
  6. I'm toying with the idea of converting the Revell/Matchbox Tiger Moth to a Fox Moth. Apart from the new fuselage. centre wing section and tweaked u/c legs, my research indicates that not much else needs changing. Does anyone have any other views to the contrary? Anyone have any scale plans?
  7. Well, it's been a rollercoaster for the last 15 months or so. I never said I was quick... Presented for your delectation is HKM's Great Big Lancaster. Build log is here. I decided to do an approximation of R5868 as she is now in Hendon, so that means the groovy two-tone squadron codes, paddle blade propellers (handily, they come as an option with the kit) and some extra radar kit over and above what the version of R5868 the box builds is equipped with. Again, the parts are in the box; I augmented them by removing the moulded antennae and replaced them with wire. Things to note - it is engineered to extremely tight tolerances, such that paint makes a difference. Once the wings go on, certainly the one associated with the transparent fuselage side ain't coming off again, so if you have any ideas about removing them for storage, be warned! I thought I would indulge myself in spiffing it up a bit, supplying copious amounts of entirely fictitious wiring looms and pipes within the fuselage and engine bays. You get 4 engines OOB; they are a bit skinny but hey-ho, I wasn't in the mood to acquire 4 Tamiya Spits or ZM Mustangs just for the engines! Painting the internal framing was an act of insanity, but if you want to do it I recommend *not* masking and then painting the frames - just freehand the frames and polish off the edges with a wooden toothpick or similar, the transparent plastic is surprisingly robust. The front section was done with masking, the rear was free handed and then cleaned up. I experimented with one of the spare opaque fuselage halves with cutting out the panels to leave the framing... I wouldn't do that, if I were you! Paints were Tamiya for the camouflage, a mixture of Tamiya and LifeColor acrylics for the black areas. The codes and insignia were custom masks made for me, I have a few spares if peeps are interested in buying some. The Goering quote proved to be just too spindly, so it, along with the walkway stencil writing, are just about the only decals I used. Camouflage masks were from Top Notch. Right, on with the show... A couple of overviews, left and right sides: Some close ups of various bits: And finally, these two: I think I'll take the summer off, until the Special Hobby Whirlwind finally appears. Although the ICM Gladiator looks like fun... It'll certainly be smaller! Laters, taters! Mike
  8. So with a week to go I thought I'd set out my placeholder... I'll be building (and hopefully finishing this time) the Eduard Bf109E-3 in 1/32 using the markings for Black 11+- of 5/JG3 based at Brombos in early August 1940 which are part of the Kagero Battle of Britain Part 2 set and which were very kindly sent to me by @Silver Fox and for which I would like to record my gratitude: thank you Andy Trying to dig out the history of this aircraft and the pilot has produced very little apart from a few pictures on Asisbiz, so any further information about either would be gratefully received, but in short Black 11 was one of the aircraft assigned to the schwarm led by Unteroffizier Josef Heinzeller and I believe that all four aircraft received the stylised profile of the dog 'Schnauzl' in the cowling, 'Schnauzl' being Heinzeller's nickname for both his childhood dog and, apparently, his wife. What a charmer. Similarly I have been able to find out little about Unteroffizier Fritz Mias beyond the fact that he existed, his first kill was a Potez 631 or 637 on 17th June 1940 near Lecaude and he was himself shot down in 'Black 8' on 19th June 1940 in what may have been a 'friendly fire' incident whilst escorting Stukas to Cherbourg - the plane was a write-off but Mias returned safely to his base the next day. The Kagero markings for Black 11 show two kill markings, but I have not been able to find any record of the second kill, or indeed anything else about Fritz Mias. Incidentally the same markings were provided as one of the options included with the Dragon 1/32 Bf109E-3. The Eduard kit is, as far as I know, pretty well thought of, with no glaringly obvious problems reported in the reviews I have read apart from the fact that as the DB601 engine is more-or-less scaled to size rather than to fit under the cowling, you have to decide early on if you want the engine on display or the cowling fitted, as you can't have both. I'll have my cowling fitted, thanks Here's the box for this particular edition of the kit, it is the Profipack version that I picked up for around half the current price: Instructions: Clear parts: Wings and fuselage sprues: Control surfaces etc.: Various cockpit, engine and undercarriage parts: Etched parts and masks: ... and decals: That's what comes in the box - I've also got a... well, a raft of aftemarket stuff, to follow... Cheers, Stew
  9. Hi Everybody, this is my Arado 196B bought for me as a gift, not the subject matter I would have chosen and certainly not the normal scale I build. But I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable build and went together like a dream. The only difficulty I had was with the glazing, made a complete mess of the sliding canopy, that was purely down to my own inexperience and lack of skill, I now know how I would have done it differently. Built straight out of the box the only addition being some E-Z line for the rigging and painted entirely with Tamiya acrylics. As I said not my normal preferred scale but I have now been converted. As usual all comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hi folks ICM's kit completed as the Shuttleworth Collection's Gladiator 'K7985' using the Aerocraft decals (unfortunately slightly out of register). Regards J.A.
  11. I recently saw a good friend who is also an excellent modeler. Whenever I see him he always gifts me old models and things. Amongst the box of stuff he gave me was a partially started kit. He has a habit of using the rudder to open and close things such as bomb bay doors or canopies. This particular kit he told me, he ended up giving up on because of the way the canopy pivots open. So I've no hope in getting it to work. Below is a picture of what he'd already done to the seat I then noticed the air brakes have been modified. Looking closer there is a mechanism inside the fuselage. (I've taped it in place) Turns out this is to control the air brake doors, as can be seen on the under side. I've no idea where to start to get this mechanism to work. But I'll sure have a go. I will have to call him and see if he remembers what he was going to do. In the mean time I've started with the usual stuff. I've put the wings together and filled them Looking at after market cockpit sets I decided just to add some bits to the standard cockpit, just to add a little interest. I also removed the brass work my friend had added. (sorry) I've got another 2 projects on the go at the same time as this. But couldn't resist it since its already been started. I'll get some paint on it tomorrow hopefully.
  12. Hi fellows, Let me show my Spitfire Mk. IXc. I've included some pics during built. I found some issues, but were due to my inexperience!! The kit is the well known Tamiya 1/32, no aftermarket, and all the paints were also Tamiya (only some oils were used for weathering). I hope you enjoy it, and wait for your comments. Thanks!
  13. Currently in progress after being rescued from the shelf of doom is a Tamiya F-4J. I bought the kit in around 2001 and it has been around a bit, started in Germany, then to Africa, then Borneo, back to Germany and now down under. The Black Box (now Avionix) pit was originally painted with enamels, but I was not happy with the finish, so it has been stripped back down and restarted using Gunze and oils. Currently I am finishing off some detailing work on it before it receives a gloss coat, a detail wash and then matt coat to complete. The intention is to finish it as either an F-4J or F-4S in one of the Heater-Ferris schemes.
  14. Fresh from the sheer pleasure of building Airfix's 1/24 Hellcat, and now, as the man said, for something completely different..... ....Although not that different really, since it's got an engine and wings and flies through the air...but from a different era and, if first impressions are to be believed, a different and less forgiving building process. For some reason I've always liked the look of the A-7 Corsair, aka "SLUFF" (an acronym that always seemed a little inaccurate and unfair to me), but have never built one throughout all my modelling years. I've also never yet built a kit by Trumpeter, so why not kill two birds with one stone I thought....also that colourful box art depicting one of the two possible colourful CAG schemes has been staring at me for too long. There are various reviews of this kit available online, so rather than go on about what's in the box I'll get straight on with the build. Without knowing much about this offering from Trumpeter I was initially intending to build it straight out of the box, since it was not a cheap kit to start off with so I didn't want to spend much more on it. However, having studied the parts I did decide to add a couple of aftermarket items as will be seen below. All of the reviews I've read about this kit state that Trumpeter moulded the engine intake too flat. Even their box art depicts a nice round intake, whereas the model's intake has a very definite oval shape with a flattish bottom. A very quick internet search revealed that a company in the USA called Zactomodels makes a replacement resin "lip" that can correct this fault. Further research revealed that the same company also made a replacement resin seamless intake and more accurately shaped canopy. I say "made" because the intake trunk and canopy set are no longer mentioned on their website and after much searching none are available to buy through any retailers. I thought I'd at least have a go at correcting the shape of the intake so I invested in the replacement lip. Looking at the cockpit and comparing it with photos of the real thing, the front panel didn't seem too bad, but the kit's side panels seem to be a generic collection of lumps and bumps and do not compare well to the actual aircraft. The seat is also interesting. Two types of ejection seat are supplied with the kit, namely the earlier "Escapac IG-2" seat and the later "SJU" seat, although the instructions only show how to build the SJU seat. The parts for the SJU seat are also on a separate small sprue "N" thus: Whereas most of the Escapac seat parts are mixed in on sprues D and E I'm assuming sprue D is the same as that included with Trumpeter's 1/32 A-7D version, hence their (perceived) need for the new SJU seat sprue for the "E" version. However, another quick bit of research revealed that the switchover from Escapac to SJU seats for the A-7E started in the early 1980's and took a few years to ripple through. The supplied decals are for two 1970's aircraft so, for me, Escapac is definitely the way to go and maybe Trumpeter got it wrong by instructing that the SJU seat should be used for these aircraft. As I say there are no instructions on how to build the Escapac version but it isn't hard to work out which bit goes where....there are only 6 parts! Even so, comparing kit to real thing, I think the Escapac seat supplied is a little light on detail, so I decided to go with Eduard's photoetch set, part 32558, which is now discontinued but luckily I was able to source one on ebay. The two seat cushions supplied for the Escapac version are also devoid of any detail, so I decided to add some texture by using a layer of milliput suitably prodded and poked. Here's a picture of the parts with the milliput added and the Eduard set. After bit of gluing, bending, cursing and painting, this was the end result: Many pictures I've seen show a pipe coming from the back of the lower seat cushion, so I decided to add that for a bit of interest...not sure what it is though! I also refashioned the 2 canopy breakers at either side of the head rest out of thin styrene sheet to give a bit more depth. As far as the rest of the cockpit goes, as I say I don't think the side panels are accurate, however a resin replacement is not cheap so I'll stick with what is supplied. So, with the usual painting, dry brushing and detailing I end up with this: As can be seen, I also added a few extra pipes using fuse wire, again just to liven things up a bit. Next will be the intake and installing the resin lip replacement.....
  15. Hi everyone, I’ve been excited awaiting the start of this particular group build as I’m christening it with the grandest kit i’ve tried to date I’m stoked about it BUT I’m terrified of screwing it up it was so expensive It’s Tamiya’s F4U-1A corsair and the biggest scale build i’ve yet attempted. The kit comes in a huge box jam packed full of goodies to which i’ve added a few bits of my own. The instructions come in an equally substantial booklet and this is partnered with a tamiya corsair reference book. I have my own reference book also. I have made a start on this but have halted progress and packed it away so it stays well within the 25% complete rule. I spoke to craig @modelling minionand he’s happy with this thankfully (I’m on instruction window 7 of a mighty impressive 125 no less) but next weekend I can open the box again! (but gotta finish my spitfire gb first) Basically I’m up to here in the cockpit... Schemewise I’m unsure at present. I’m not sure I can complete this in time within the duration of the gb (I have no idea how long these big kits take) but lets see Thanks for reading this far!
  16. Hi all, First of all, many thanks to @Col. for letting me join in, and I hope this build will be a treat for all of us! Meet the Icelandic Fine Art resin Bucc in 1/32. Fuselage is cast from resin/aluminium matrix while the rest of the kit is polyurethane resin. It's a very limited run kit (I believe @Icelandic Fine Art only released 35 complete kits as it's basically one solitary genius [also called Alan!] who's toiled on this for 20 years!) so I'm very glad to have got one and this might be among the first ones built if I can maintain my concentration for the whole thing! This a vast kit in this scale. I wasn't prepared for how big this aircraft is, having never built one before: That's a 1/72 Mustang next to it, and it's sitting on an 18" x 12" cutting mat! Certainly the chunkiest, heaviest kit I've ever considered building - it should clock in at almost 3kg when finished... This is very much a cottage industry product, but prepared over 20 years of research and effort. A mix of beige and white resin shows the various parts - the tailcone halves are more accurate replacements for the fuselage moulded ones. The airbrakes will be mounted closed as there's no provision to open them in the kit as it is. You can also see the wheelwells which fit into recesses in the fuselage, and a replacement recess for the arrestor hook. Both the replacement parts will require the relevant areas to be cut from the existing moulded parts. At top left is the bulged bomb bay for building an RAF version. There are resin gear legs which are quite substantial, but I do wonder if they'll be enough to support the huge weight of this kit long-term. Also included are the slipper tanks, buddy refuelling pod and whatever that is second from the top on the right side. Anyone know what it is? Alan (@Icelandic Fine Art here on BM) has done a really good job with the cockpit: It needs tidying up but the detail is very good, including sidewalls and instrument panels. Also includes resin cast canopies - the obs/nav's windshield needs to be scratchbuilt. The instructions are copious A4 photocopied sheets in the style of 'modeller's notes': Some nice internal drawings and scale diagrams: There's even a limited clear decal sheet included - white backed ones will need white decal backgrounds to be applied first. Fortunately @Phartycr0c on Britmodeller has been able to organise some 1/32 decal sets with KitsWorld, so I've ordered some of them already. I intend to build the kit as it was designed: a vanilla Royal Navy S.2 in EDSG over white with a buddy refuelling pod and slipper tank. I'll see how I get on, if it's going well I might scratchbuild and add some outer pylons/practice bomb units as well. Anyway - this is here as a placeholder/hors d'oeuvre until I get cracking on it early next week. Until then, hope you like what you've seen so far, I certainly have! All the best, Alan
  17. Hi all, I'm now able to show you the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Ki-45 Toryu I recently built completely out-of-the-box for AMW magazine. It was painted in Tamiya acrylics and Mr Color lacquers were used for the freehanded reticulated camo pattern. First, a few walk around shots... ...followed by a few flyaround shots from the magazine article, some showing the cowlings removed... ...and a few in-progress shots showing the internal detail which in most cases is now hidden away forever... Cheers, Dean
  18. Hi All, Finally building a model I bought during the lockdown but not for a groupbuild! This is Trumpeter's 1/32 P-38L-5-LO, the definitive version of the Lightning which really perfected an already excellent design. Although not as well-known as other American WW2 fighters like the P-51 and P-47, the fact that this fighter was already in service before the US even entered the war is quite extraordinary. The kit is quite well-known and definitely one of the best kits Trumpy have produced. (You can read all about it HERE to save having to repost all the sprue pics). Worth saying it's a big and beautifully produced kit, though afflicted with the usual Trumpeter ingredients (sprues of completely superfluous and mostly invisible detail and weird, fiddly multimedia flaps and control surfaces which will not be required!) The build begins with the engines, strangely enough: These fantastically moulded, intricate pieces are duplicated for both sides, and include the complete mounting and supercharger connection pipes. Unfortunately the kit doesn't offer any removable panels or open cowls to make them viewable So I'm assembling them for fun but they'll be invisible when fitted. Slightly bizarre, but there you go. I'm cracking through this to give the impression of progress while I'm slogging through building my 1/32 resin Buccaneer. Hope to provide regular updates as I'm due to return to work fairly soon and don't know how much of this lovely modelling time I have left! Cheers, Alan
  19. Hi all, Finished this very morning is the Trumpeter 1/32 P-38L Lightning, a truly beautiful aeroplane that has passed me by for years but I finally discovered it Build thread is here: Happy to answer any questions and feel free to comment, good bad or indifferent Cheers everyone and look after yourselves, Alan
  20. Good day all, I hope you are all healthy and safe.. I have a quick question for those who might know. I want to build a 1/32 F/A-18F but can only get hold of the Trumpeter Growler in 1/32. I believe that it is not quite 100% accurate as a Growler which should work in my favor if I wanted to make an F from it. I do have decals. Can someone please tell me if there are there any specific things that needs to be corrected/changed on the Trumpeter Growler that is not already "F ready" I am particularly interested to know if the Growler kit also includes the correct rear F model IP (I know it includes the Growler IP) and nose gun panel (that the Growler doesn't have) etc. Lastly, are there any major flaws in the Trumpeter Super Hornet kits that I should be aware of? Not interested in the Revell offering. Thank you in advance Victor
  21. First serious bit of modelling I've attempted in about forty years – so guess that makes me a newbie! My first experience of photoetch, acrylics, airbrush... you name it. So I wanted to do a subject I felt a connection to, and something that would stretch me to the max. So it's Revell's 1/32 Schnellbomber which will assume the guise of 4D+DH 'Dora Heinrich' of 1.KG30.
 This Ju 88A-1 fell to the guns of 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron on 16/10/39 during a Luftwaffe raid on RN ships in the Firth of Forth. 'Dora' was the first enemy bomber downed by the RAF over the British mainland in WWII, and was on the receiving end of the first ever Spitfire victory.
 I was born by the Forth, and have lived half my life on its banks, my family have worked for generations on its waters and in its docks and I live just a few miles from where 'Dora' ditched almost eighty years ago. So I thought I'd make her the first half of a 1/32 'Dogfight Double'. Eventually I'll get around to tackling her nemesis – XT-A 'Stickleback' a MkI Spit of 603 Squadron. Over a year in, having too much fun, here's some (unfinished) pit shots. Apologise for quality – taken with an iPhone4 Cockpit side walls, still needs wiring/some piping added Eduard PE, Aims and homemade decals Floor and curtains printed on inkjet Pilot seat, control column and BZG2 Bombsight
  22. Hi folks I have the Red Arrows boxing of the Hawk kit which is missing the whole glasing spruce. I’ve heard that you must quote the latest product code (The black hawk). Could somebody please provide me with the part numbers for the whole clear sprue from the black kit, so I can try the Revell spares request. Steve.
  23. Hi All, Here's another completed build from the lockdown - the Revell 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet built (almost) out of the box for the In The Navy Groupbuild. Only the seat and GBU-38 bombs were aftermarket items, I added the HARMs from the Academy kit spares. Everything else, including the decals, came from Revell's monster kit. The word on the street about this kit was overwhelmingly negative apart from a very nice in-prog build by @infofrog and a very fair RFI summary by @Habu12. Most of the bad news was coming from another site (Big'N'Tall Aviation Subjects or something) but there's no shortage of criticism here on BM either. Despite the bad press I really wanted to add a big Super Bug to my modelling collection and approached the build with trepidation. So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be an enjoyable (if challenging) build, nothing like the kind of hideous self-flagellation it was touted to be. With a bit of TLC and patience, it took me two weeks to build and I couldn't be happier with the impressive result. Considering it cost me under £50, I'd recommend it to anyone with a bit of patience who enjoys a bit more modeller input for a more modest outlay. The decals came from the kit and were excellent. The sheet alone would have set you back £15-20 had it been aftermarket. The kit cockpit using decals for the panels over raised detail. The seat was an unused spare from a Black Box set. Here's the full build log in the In The Navy GB section: It's certainly changed the way I look at poorly-reviewed kits - maybe the positive approach really does make the unbuildable buildable after all Cheers and thanks for looking, Alan
  24. Unfortunately it seems my ego's writing checks my body can't cash... Picked this up from ebay the other day, what a superb kit and amazing value for money! Why am I trying to to shoehorn this into the final month before the GB deadline? As usual there's a story behind it (very short, and can be found in this thread): So basically, this got moved to the top of the pile and has to be built! The previous Hornet I just completed took just over a month, so it's definitely possible with the lockdown still in force. Was thinking of building Maverick's F-18 (link) from the new Top Gun film, because Top Gun of course! On the other hand, the kit box art version (link) is really nice and gives the option to hang almost anything you want from the wings as it's a test ship from VX-9 at China Lake. Could be a chance for me to use the Wolfpack JSOWs and SLAM-ERs that have been cluttering up my spares box for the past two years. EDIT: on second thoughts I'm going for the box art version. Would be a crying shame to waste all those nice decals - I've found Revell decals to be very hit and miss over the years but the last two 1/32 kits of theirs I've built (Hunter FGA9 and P-51 Mustang) have been excellent. If it all goes wrong I'll revert to Top Gun with homemade decals, as the base colour scheme is the same. Alan
  25. Hello Britmodellers! Here's one of my lockdown builds, made for the In The Navy groupbuild. It's the Kinetic 1/32 kit (reboxed Academy) and one of the best jet models you can get. This one's mostly out of the box except the cockpit (Avionix), seats (Aires), chaff buckets (F4dable Models) and armament, which is a mix of Wolfpack (GBU-38) and Trumpeter (GBU-12). It's a really attractive two-sided scheme with the flag on the airbrake, excellent decals by Flying Leathernecks. I used Xtracrylix paint for the main scheme and Colourcoats for the wear and tear effects. This aircraft was painted in Kuwait at the end of the deployment in 2007 but my main references were some excellent photos of it at Las Vegas shortly afterwards, so the degree of dirtiness is reasonable for a special scheme! The wings were depicted folded even though that's not normal for land-based Marine examples, because I think it's nice to show off an aircraft's unique features on a model! The two-sided scheme is also very attractive, commemorating all the units making up MAG-2 at the time. The cockpit was a Black Box/Avionix set from way back, but built up really well. The kit canopy was less fun to build...it's the biggest clear part I've seen on any model, and the attachment points were very flimsy to hold such a large cantilevered piece. Epoxy glue was the only solution. Unusually for me, I even painted up the underside (out of sight out of mind is my usual policy ) If anyone's still reading this, the build thread is here: All the best, stay safe and thanks for looking, Alan
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