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Found 5 results

  1. So more on the Star Trek building front, First up is a Borg Cube, scale unknown, this is the furata snap fix kit, with a custom paint job. (The cube comes moulded in black) Enamel Gun metal and flourescant paint added. Next up is a Ferengi Marauder, scale unknown, AMT adversary pack, hand painted in humbrol enamels. The decals are slightly visible as i havent had a chance to satin cote yet. Next up is the Enterprise D, scale 1/2500 by AMT, which is the largest of the lot, hand painted in humbrol enamels with a mind numbing 74 decals. 2nd pic hand of Q, LOL Warren the 5 ltr tin shot (see you at Smallspace) Next up is the sleek Enterprise E, 1/2500 by AMT, hand painted in humbrol enamels with a mind numbing 68 decals, (Watch out when applying the engine decals, see my earlier thread). Finally a couple of WIP display photos, apart from the Borg Cube and Ferengi Marauder, they are all 1/2500 scale from the 1701 refit to the 1701-E, Klingon K'tinga & USS reliant. Note on Enterprise C "awaiting orbital dry dock", having binned the AMT decals (if you can call them that, more like coloured flakes) im awaiting a new set of 3rd party decals to complete. Live Long and Prosper All the best Chris
  2. Hi Gang- This is the 1/2500 K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser from Round 2/AMT's 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' Cadet Series kit. It is a part of a three-ship set that includes the USS Reliant and refit USS Enterprise. The paint scheme is inspired by the type on the Bird-Of-Prey class ships so it isn't accurate to any of K't'inga class ships in the movies. Main hull color is Testors OD Green, and the 'feathers' were painted with Testors Rust. The details were brought out with Testors Create-FX Dark Gray wash. I've really taken a liking to these Cadet Series starship models as they are a nice, quick detour from the more involved projects on my desk. Thanks for looking! And how it scales out with the more "modern" Sovereign Class USS Enterprise-E;
  3. Hi all, this is my next build. Mark, a good friend of mine, is really into his science fiction and has been good enough to lend me a lot of DVD box sets recently. When I asked him which was his favourite Enterprise from Star Trek, he replied that it was the D from the Next Generation series, so I'm building this for him as a thankyou. I'm going to chronicle the build so he can follow along, and so this thread will be written with a non-modeller in mind. Here's the kit - I got it from Modelzone in Portsmouth before they closed down, and it's been waiting for a reason to be built ever since: There aren't many parts, but then again it was intended as a snap together kit: The decal sheet however, is another matter. Each of these three sheets is about A4 size, and I reckon they'll cover about 95% of the finished article: Hardly needs the instructions: Except for the decals - without the map, I'd be lost! Being a fairly old kit, the sprue attachment points are huge, and there are a couple of ejector pin marks to sort out - the big circular depression on the base of the nacelle pylon: A smear of putty: ...and some careful sanding later, and it disappears under a coat of primer: The warp nacelles were a pain to clean up the seams, as the joint goes right across the corrugations. It took a lot of careful scraping and trimming to get them acceptable. The one in the foreground is done, the rear one shows the blobs of liquified plastic squeezed out from the joint still awaiting treatment: The engineering hull presented a challenge, as there should be a prominent recess all the way around the chines. One side of the hull was badly moulded, so I had to build up the mating face with plastic card to ensure the gap for the star drive was even on both sides: Next I turned my attention to how to display it. These kits don't come with a stand, as I assume that the makers thought they'd be bought by kids who'd spend all their time flying them around the living room to the accompaniment of whooshing noises. (Actually, I'm not sure what sound the Enterprise does make, but I bet Mark could imitate it - you should hear his TARDIS impression!) I bought a Tamiya stand off ebay, which I cleaned up and sprayed with grey primer: and modified it by carving out the mounting point to fit snugly against the underside of the engineering hull, and adding a piece of square section brass as the support: I broke out the square drill, and made a hole in the underside of the hull: ...and used epoxy resin to attach a larger diameter square section inside, at a suitably dynamic angle: This allows the Enterprise to be firmly attached to its stand, but still be detachable for safe transport or warp drive fantasies... A coat of matt black later, and here's the stand awaiting final assembly: I attached the main saucer to the top of the engineering hull at this stage, as test fitting showed that there were gaps to be filled here and sanding would be a lot easier without the warp nacelle pylons in my way. Here's the sanded and primed result: The edges of the saucer section gave problems too - there's a recess all the way around as on the engineering hull, and getting the gap consistent took a LOT of carving, sanding, scraping and filling. In this photo, the impulse engines still need tidying up a bit yet. One piece which needed to be painted before I closed up the engineering hull was the main deflector. As I'm not lighting this model from inside, I thought the best way to get the glowing effect in this area was to prime it, give it a coat of gloss black which acted as an undercoat for the Alclad Chrome paint on top of that as a reflector, and then a coat of Tamiya clear blue on top. I hand painted the brown areas according to my references. The idea is that once it's installed and blended in, I can use my airbrush to feather the hull grey colour over the electric blue, giving the impression of luminance. That's the idea, anyway, yet to see if it works or I'm just talking rubbish: Anyway, the engineering hull has now been closed up, and the final (hopefully) coat of white primer has been added. Here she sits, awaiting paint: And a mock up on the stand to make sure everything works. Looks ok to me: Next step, painting... Keep watching, Dean
  4. Alright, I know that was a quote about the Enterprise B, but I thought it suited the series of pictures that follow. It's the AMT Enterprise E in 1/2500 scale, messed about with in a photo editing programme. It's about ten inches long, and about 90% of the surface area of the kit is covered in decals believe it or not. the decals alone took over four hours of the twelve hours I spent on this kit. I think the Enterprise looks good in any of its guises, but the E looks particularly streamlined to my eye... Hope you like it. Now, what's next? Dean Preparing to leave orbit... Full impulse and maneouvring thrusters... Earth starting to get smaller in the windows... That's the moon going by now... Heading for Saturn for a quick look... ...and back to Earth again... Established in orbit... Who knows where we'll go next... Look, I've got the day off and it's raining, ok? What else was I supposed to do?
  5. Hi y'all. First time post by myself of a finished model! Forgive me in advance if the colors arn't to exact. I followed the boxes instructions of light grey but the box art seems quite a bit lighter. I'm not a big fan of Sci-fi or Sci-fi models but my friend's birthday is coming up and he loves Star Trek. It only seemed right to build him his favorite class ship right? I didn't care to much for the kit. The fit wasn't to hot and the decals were way to thick. Micro Sol helped a bit. After looking online the D model (my favorite) might be a bit better fit wise. Anyone know? Anyways here are the pics. With the stand- Thanks for looking! -Nick
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