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Found 78 results

  1. This is my first bike build of 2019. I normally have finished at least one bike build at this point in the year, but I haven't had much free time to build a kit until now. Hasagawa got the model designation wrong, this bike is a K model not a B, Suzuki had a weird habit of launching models with the letter J and ending not with A but with B, confused? Example, GT750J 1st year of production 1971, followed by GT750K in the 2nd year of production, updates included a move to a single disc front brake, dropping the front drum brake from the 1st model. Anyway, this should be a fun build, looks a great kit with not too many parts. Wish me luck!
  2. Hi guys, well that went together super quick, really enjoyed this build, great engineering. Instructions were not quite up to Tamiya's standards and not a beginner’s kit, for example the fuel tap was in 3 sections, a beautiful copy of the real thing, but the instructions were a bit vague as to how it all fitted. Lucky for me that I had seen an original tap up close and knew how it all should look, also at this scale this bike had loads of very fiddly cables and tubes to be cut to length and fitted in place. I painted the kit supplied chrome parts with a wash of AK grease enamel, I wanted the bike to look like it had been used all week to get to and from work and with lots of grime and rainwater exposure from the daily commute in all weathers, no show pony! Still I think it turned out a little gem in the end, I look forward to building another Hasegawa bike kit.
  3. Hi there guys, Beginning of this month I decided to start an out of box-build to allow myself to some modelling without thinking too much, setting the Delage 15-S-8 scratchbuild project on hold for a bit. I'll certainly resume that later, so no worries there. Introduction The Honda RA273 was a Formula 1 car from the '60s... not really successfull but it looked beautiful and sounded impressive. I chose Youtube vlogs as a medium to present the build to my colleague modellers. As my daughter participates and she doesn't speak English, the spoken language is Dutch but as long as there is interest I'll put into English subtitles featuring 1) a translation of the written tips and tricks throughout the videos; and 2) a summary of what's happening. These subtitles start from the ninth video! The first eight videos Note: there are no subtitles for the first eight videos but I'll describe them so you know what's in there. In the first vlog I describe the character of the build (out of box insofar a part won't turn out to be ugly... in those cases we'll try to improve on the kit). This first vlog also offers a look into the box and the instructions. In the second video I discuss given reactions, briefly explain how an injected moulded kit is produced and why the parts had best be cleaned before starting the build. The cleaning process is shown. My daughter Karmijn participates. The third vlog discusses viewers reactions as well as a big problem, occurring even before the build commences! The kit is not complete by far. But a solution is found. Karmijn tells a joke and shares her opinion on the kit model. In the fourth vlog I tell Karmijn she's going to get an important role in the build. Selected parts are cut from the sprues and cleaned (sanded). In the fifth vlog the engine block is glued using liquid poly. We see how it's important that the instructions are studied and understood before the glueing starts. Also, a dryfit is always a good idea. The sixt vlog treats, among other things, cleaning and glueing of the rims. In the seventh vlog the parts to be painted white are cut off and cleaned. Some building tips are given (but they are not written down yet). In the brief eighth vlog I explain that the next videos are going to be more brief and to the point. The vlogs thus far were 13-17 minutes each and I think that didn't provide an optimal viewer experience, although it is nice to see Karmijn work diligently. The ninth video In the ninth video all the parts that will need to be painted white are glued insofar possible. The video is much more compact than the previous ones. It's the first one I have subtitled. All conversations have been translated, leading to a lot of work... next videos I'll only add subtitles to summarise the build and to translate all on-screen tips provided throughout the video. What can you do? If you like this project, for example because you enjoy the father-daughter build progress, to see Karmijn improve her skills along the way, or perhaps you enjoy the tips given throughout the videos, then you can help by liking the video on Youtube, write a reaction on the forum or on Youtube, and/or subscribe to our Youtube channel (see text below). Karmijn and I would much appreciate all of this, especially if you choose to subscribe, and it would keep me motivated to keep adding translations to the videos. Plus, you'll get a non-disturbing notification whenever there's a new video. Hopefully you'll enjoy and we'll be able to build a nice almost-OOB racing car! In due time I'll get back to the Delage and/or Honda MP4/6 builds.
  4. NSR500 Mich Doohan 1998, bought 12.11.2000, completed today! Decals Shunko Models, paints Zeropaints, front folk TopStudio. Construction report:
  5. Hallo, this is a kit that I bought many years ago and had no courage to start. Originally it should be build as MoviStar machine, but I managed to spoil the decal, so it will be Repsol's bike. Aftermarket decal is from Shunko Models and it is absolute trash. Avoid it! On the positive side is Zeropaints set - absolute joy to work with ))) VG K.
  6. This is the Airfix 1/12 Yeoman of the Guard, slightly altered...
  7. Hi Guys, Having finished a Revell BMW 507 last week I had the choice to start working on: - a diorama I have started (only thing is.. next step is photo etching, bit anxious to start that); or: - something I've been thinking of for more than a year, a Formula one car by Tamiya, scale 1/12. After quite a bit of thought I've chosen the latter, which choice was made easier knowing that a beautiful aftermarket-set was just released for a beautiful and almost legendary car. I'll build the McLaren MP4/6 powered by the 12-cilinder RA121-E. Honda managed to squeeze 720 horsepower out of this 3,5 liter V12 engine. This car type was driven by Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger. Typically I'll build Senna's car. In 1991 he scored his third and last F1 championship title. For more info on the MP4/6 see Wikipedia. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons) I hope you guys will help me with England-based knowledge on McLaren's F1 team and this car in particular. And I hope that you'll bear with me because it will be a very long build. I'll build this model as detailed as I reasonably can. These parts have already been ordered: - Tamiya's kit. - Top Studio's full aftermarket set, consisting of 8 subsets. - Marlboro decals. - 3 reference books. Future purchases: - Dry transfers for the tires. - Some Alclad paints. - McLaren transparent-orange-red paint. - Several screws, bolts, washers etc. - Carbon fibre decals. - Optionally: replacement wheels. To give an idea of the level of detail provided by Top Studio's masterful set, here a couple of pictures; the original vehicle and Top Studio's parts. All non-grey parts are Top Studio's. I'll try detailing a bit further, using added bolts et cetera. When the orders will have arrived I'll post pictures. In this topic all and any critique is welcome, do feel free to comment whenever you see something completely or detailedly wrong. I intend to push my limits in this build and I'll certainly need you guys to get the most out of it.
  8. This piece was kindly given to me by Patrick Camilleri, who cast the parts from his kit and assembled most of them for me, now mounted on a base with my old badges.
  9. Hi, Is there any Triumph Trident i 1/12 scale available? I always wanted to build an Trident café racer or TT racer. This Trident was showed in the first issue of the Swedish motorcyclemagazine Bike 1979... https://silodrome.com/rob-north-triumph-trident/amp Cheers / André
  10. 13th (Duke of Connaught’s) Bengal Lancers 1897.
  11. This is the old 1/12 Airfix kit which I pulled out from the shelf, repositioned the right hand and lance and repainted with enamels and added some ropes etc to the horse!!
  12. Here is my latest build, and a first for me as I have never built a 1/12 scale model before. Must admit apart from the lack of detail, I am really enjoying this build. Decided I didnt like the chrome wheels So de-chromed them and sprayed in satin black
  13. Just finished this vintage Airfix kit, and it wasn't without challenges! Happy with the end result though.
  14. My idea here is this is a young Mara Jade and her trusty driod an the run from one of the Huts henchmen on distant desert planet, a long time ago in galaxy far far away. The pictures are in a bit of a random order and one or two of my SW driods. Hope you like it as always any comments and feedback is Wellcome. Cheers Brian. Adding this one because I like it, I don't have any fancy photo editing stuff just MS paint.
  15. Hi all,   Would anyone happen to know if any of the three JPS Norton racebikes exist in kit form? I've trawled through Google, etc. with no luck.   All the best.
  16. Started on my first Bandai Star Wars kit yesterday, that I plan on making into a small diorama with a resin figure I have ordered from China. R5 DP is still WIP but the all the painting is done apart from the foot cables and weathering. The silver parts from the kit got painted gun metal then a light chrome dry brush and the purple is an Alclad candy. A quick and enjoyable build so far.
  17. This is JPG Production's 1/12 Viper Probe Droid, scaled to fit in with their previous Gonk and Chopper releases, as well as all the Bandai droids. It's a resin garage kit and, as such, is a little rough in places and some of the details are more approximations of the original than exact copies. I swapped the rather crudely formed arm actuators for metal tubing on mine and added some generic details to the arms and body. The ball sensors on the head were re-built using acrylic beads since the kit parts were rather poorly shaped, and the sensor lenses were removed and replaced with red and clear resin ones. It also features one of Warren's excellent lighting kits, available from Tirydium Models. Thanks for looking Andy
  18. Someone said there were no 1/12 figures, well I'll put that right DSC_0008 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr There is a piece missing, the finial type piece on top of the helmet that holds the horsehair crest, so I'll have to scratch something
  19. My entry will be ESCI's 1/12 F-104 Cockpit. It has been sitting in the stash for a while, this GB seems the perfect opportunity to build it. Won't be starting until after Telford.
  20. After picking up the recent re-issue of this kit, I decided to take a closer look at the one original one in my stash from 1994 and see if I could finish it. Thankfully, most everything was still in the box. I was missing the distributor so I had to make a replacement as well as source some new seats. Hope you like it. I picked up the kit and started it shortly after it came out but mucked up some bits on it, namely the seats and one of the aluminium side panels. As a result, I shelved it and have lugged it around for the last 24 years. Here's what the contents looked like after all those years. Finishing this was a great feeling. I'm glad it was worth hauling around with me for half my life. Now back to my HK B-25s. Carl
  21. Here's my latest effort. Just had to attempt one of these. Although I'm quite surprised it got finished since there were a few issues along the way. Firstly, for some reason the frame really didn't like Alclads Gloss Black Base even with a coat of their grey primer underneath. All bits of it wanted to do was melt out of shape especially around the foot rests, main stand fixing points (which broke off completely) and the rear exhaust mounts. Luckily generous coatings of superglue hardened it up enough to carry on fixing the final bits. The exhaust wasn't too keen on it either but instead of trying to melt the paint finish is wanting to stay tacky for like ever!! And lastly, the intention to lightly coat the candy violet bits and then protect with Alclad Klear Kote failed to cos the clear lacquer made the enamel go all speckly. Good news is I'm getting lots of practice at cleaning off that sticky candy stuff. Now the good bits. Thanks to you guys here posting fab WIP stuff I'm getting motivated to try and improve things on models if I think I can. So thank you to everyone who's indirectly helping me make nicer models than I ever have before. This has had drilled out brake discs, all those supplied screws replaced with 1.5mm brass rod so no unsightly screw heads. And the rear shock absorbers got quite a bit of attention. They had the tops cut off, centres of the springs drilled out with a 2mm drill, tidied around the coil with a metal nail file and then replaced centres with more 1.5mm brass rod. Also saw a tip somewhere regarding lining indicators with foil and had a go at that too. And wow, it really makes them nice and bright. Oh and first ever go at trying some heat stains on the exhausts. It's actually turned out quite a bit better than I was expecting a couple of days ago.
  22. Hi Folks Does anyone have any information on the above re-release ? Is it going to happen. re-release or new tool ? etc., etc., Kev
  23. Happy New Year 2018 to everyone on this good old Britmodeller forum: wishing you health and success to you all and to enjoy our hobby as much as possible. Due to the crash of my Photobucket account, Part1 is now rendered useless and so i have started this new thread. As for the lost pictures on Part 1, after i finish my build, i will create a summary for Part 1; build & photos, and create a link here. Meanwhile, back at my bench, here is my interpretation of the right side of the famous 6 cylinder Fiat Engine, attempt at detailing as those who built this car can see, mostly metal additions, lots of plastic cut and removed, some brass welding, lots of eye drops consumed and lots of time and frustration believe me ! ...a nut case's nut job really i have tried to take it further than what i have seen, and there are already amazing and very beautiful reproductions already (i.e "Maysula's" Black Mefistofeles, and specially amazing Peter Buckingham's black Mefistofeles IPMS prized, taking some inspiration from the Fiat Botofogo engine and of course Hannes's very neat and beautiful red Protar Mefistofeles. So in this continuation, i hope the next modellers will take the detailing of this engine further. It is not difficult, just very time consuming. Technical : This is a FIAT aeroplane engine, 6-cylinder, 21.7 litre (21706 cc) Fiat A.12 producing 320 PS (235 kW; 316 bhp) built between 1916 and 1919. This photo is raw and of course, neither photoshopped nor touched in anyway (in my nut-case mind it would not be scale modelling to photoshop it, apologies for those who do) flash on this one : this one above with flash when i have finished the other side ( soon, only some paint jobs and final assembly required ) i will publish more detailed photos of the engine. Alternating my work between the engine and the body, for those who remember in Part 1, i am trying to reproduce the car with many red color filters, irregular and faded varnish and heavy battering and scratches on the body, as is the real car currently exposed in Turino. So more to follow and thank you for watching, happy new year 2018 Sam
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