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Found 18 results

  1. I have a thread over on The RPF, but I thought I'd start one here as well. Since Bandai never came out with a 1/48 Y-Wing, I have decided to make one on my own. I'm using my 3D printer (Elegoo Mars) to print these parts. The model is from CGTrader and I'm scaling it to the appropriate size, relative to the 1/48 X-Wing. So here we go! I'm going to use this thread to document my build. So here we go! Just pulled these two parts off the printer this morning. I waaaaaay overdid the supports on the canopy because it's a very delicate part, and because I didn't want it warping at all. Anyway. Follow along if you feel so inclined! SB
  2. Hello everyone! MPC's vintage 1/89 Y-Wing from the distant 1980's. I decided to build it as a generic Gold Squadron Y-Wing and not representing one of the movie studio models. This poor model stayed in my stash for nearly 20 years. Originally a gift from my uncle who travelled abroad (Star Wars kits in my country in the '90s were like those mythical creatures you only hear about), it quickly went into my cousins' possession in the distant 1998ish due to kids being childish and, once there, it promptly ended broken and forgotten in an unpainted state. I found it literally lying in a stash several years later but it was missing parts of the canopy (including the clear piece) and parts of the port engine nacelle; many other parts were broken or damaged. At the time I lacked the skills to deal with that but I've been recently dabbling into 3d modelling and I have a 3d printer, so I decided to give it a try. The canopy clear parts were scratch built from thin clear plastic sheet sourced from a sandwich wrapping. There's a noticeable seam between the top and bottom sections of the cockpit area; I had to leave it disassembled until I completed the painting, so I could then glue the clear canopy parts from the inside. The raised panel lines were sanded down and rescribed. Other minor additions are some added greebles to the sparsely detailed areas and changing the plastic gun barrels to new ones made from several diameters of hypodermic needles. Overall, a pretty fun build for such an old kit, the only really problematic area was the fitting of the engine vanes. Stand still unpainted but otherwise it's finished. The business end Next to Revell's 1/90 TIE-Interceptor. WIP shots showing the 3d printed parts.
  3. Hi Everyone, this is something I've been working on as part of a bigger project to cover the (rather neglected) female pilots of the Star Wars OT era. Each project will have a craft and figure. For those of you that don't know, when they were made, ANH and ESB had no female pilots, but ROTJ was supposed to have them. They even shot video of three, but apparently test screenings of ROTJ with them in got negative comments about women in combat (this was 1983) so they took them out. Except one - an A-Wing pilot called Sila Kott who you can glimpse for a second before her death. But they over-dubbed her with a male voice! Of course, films like Rogue 1 and Book and Graphic Novels have since put matters right, but so far despite all the alterations, ROTJ is still female pilot free - although you can see them in the briefing room scene if you look very carefully. The first pilot I have done is Evaan Verlaine. She was the pilot of Y-Wing Gold 3 during the Death Star attack in ANH. You can see her craft at the very end just as the Death Star is about to blow along with Luke, Wedge and the Millennium Falcon. This is a canon retcon based on the Leia Graphic Novel (in Legends this pilot is Keyan Farlander). To create Evaan and Gold 3 I used the FineMolds 1:72 Y-Wing and a custom based on the Black Series 6" Luke Skywalker. Evaan Verlaine So far Evaan Verlaine has only been visualised in comic book form (in the graphic novel Princess Leia). The base for her figure is the 6" Black Series Luke Skywalker. All of the figure (apart from the chest box) has been repainted using Vallejo acrylics, using wet-blending, glazes and other interesting techniques I learned on YouTube. Her helmet is based on the supposed official one, but that is exactly the same as Blue Leader Antoc Merrick (in Rogue 1) so I made the alliance symbols Gold to make it different. Her head is 3D printed (using Shapeways) based on one I created using FaceGen Artist, DAZ Studio and 3DS Max. So who is she based on? Well officially there is only the graphic novel, however, there is a female cosplayer who thinks they may have based Evaan on her! I think she might have something, so the head is based on her. Y-Wing The main feature of Y-Wings is their beat-up Clone Wars era nature. To re-create that I initially sprayed the whole thing silver, then went round with maskol covering up places that would get worn or places damaged by attacks. A coat of FS36622 from Mr Hobby went over the top followed by rust for the pipe work. There is no accepted scheme for Gold 3 AFAIK, although due to script changes, Gold 5 has squadron markings that indicate Gold 3 (the cockpit stripes). So I just used a bit of artistic license and made it look as I wanted - I'm not a fan of the overuse of blue on the cockpit and engine pods so I made it as subtle as I could. Worn areas were left silver, but any battle damage areas were edged in black to simulate paint singeing. The whole thing was washed with Tamiya Panel line Dark Grey and a small amount of dry brushing of dirt was done. Ten points for anyone who can ID the R2 unit. This isn't canon (yet) but you never know! The next pair in the series will be TIE/Ln and Iden Versio from Battlefront. Thanks for looking Chris
  4. It is time to show the world my finished project! A BTL Y-Wing from starwars. I chose to model the Y-wing as I like the shape of the ship, noticed that there were very few paper models done of this craft and felt it would be a good challenge! The model started with myself gathering image references from around the internet to gauge the complexity of the design, look at design ideas and how it would transition into the real world with card/paper. Top, side, front and back profiles were then placed onto planes in my 3D software which allowed me to start modelling the basic shapes. Once I was happy with these shapes it was a matter of adding detail, and then more detail and then some more until I was happy. I had to be aware when modelling that smaller detail below 2mm would be problematic trying to create them in card/paper. I made the decision early that the bent pipes would be impossible to create in paper so would add this detail near the end using plastic rods. Once I was happy with the model I grouped the sections together to make it easier to apply the texture and to build, applied a UV Unwrap modifier, flattened the shapes and then started skinning in PS. I find its a good idea to have the modelling software open to render as I make changes to the painted sections, it allows you to see how your design is taking shape in the 3D world. The following renders were from the finished model in the 3D software. Once completed the model was exported in 3DS format to an unwrap software called Pepakura. This allowed to lay out sections of the model to print onto card. As you can see from the next image the cockpit section and R5 is unwrapped ready to make. I then printed on 230GSM card stock, scoring the folds and using glue to pull it all together. (UHU and liquid super glue). The tubes at the end used XF-80 light grey as a base and then XF-66 and XF-72 with a light brush to give a little bit of detail. The model is 1/55 scale as I wanted to match a previous build that I had made.
  5. Modelled in 3ds Max and skinned in Photoshop. As you can imagine it’s taken a few hours so far! I tend to model using paper and could see anyone who has made one online so thought it sounds like a challenge! Here is the main fuselage section This was taken a few weeks back so will post more tomorrow!
  6. Hey. Thought I'd share some pics of my current project, the Bandai 1/72 BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter This is my first kit and build in close to four years, and the first I've ever tried to weather up/varnish etc, so any feedback would be welcome Not yet complete, of course. The cockpit section isn't fully seated because it'll be easier to weather the back panel with it off, heh.
  7. Hello everyone... This is my take on Green Twelve. This Y-wing is in a non Standard finish as its primary job would be long range scouting of Imperial yards and shipping lanes. It is a 1/144th Bandai kit and was built alongside an X-wing in the same scale. They were built for the Sci-fi/Movie-TV Group build. Questions, comments, and or thoughts ? Here is the link to the build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061108-a-little-blue-and-green/ Dennis
  8. Hi all, For various reasons I set this project aside back in the summer. Then our photo sharing went belly up. I have gotten back into the model and I have Flickr for my photo sharing. I will be re-posting the earlier pictures over the next few days and updating the text a bit in light of the long break in time. Thanks, Jim The Original Start: I have wanted a model of a Y-wing for some time. In my mind, the Y-wings are rather like the F-4 Phantom family- reasonably fast, rugged, multi-mission, and they were around for a long time. As I thought about a Y-wing model, some baseline goals became apparent. 1. I wanted one in 1/48 scale 2. I wanted a model of a “real” Y-wing, not a model of a filming model 3. I wanted the ship to be in flight 4. I wanted to install lighting (a first for me) 5. The cockpit needed to be deep enough to take a full pilot figure, and while I was at it, I wanted to make a two seater- the Guy In Back should be a WSO however, not a gunner. We’re going to be carrying guided proton bombs as well as the proton torpedoes on a regular basis with this baby! I started by assembling as much information as I could find and drew up some plans. I found a few pictures of a Y-wing filming model from ROTJ from the studio with a tape measure in the image; I resized them to appear in half-studio size on my computer screen and that gave me a length of a little under 14” for a 1/48 scale model. I used the images to make basic measurements and drew up a set of plans from which to build the model. I began collecting bits and pieces, lighting parts, and interesting bits from many sources about three years ago. I found some nylon plumbing pipe which would become the engines, and a wooden egg which I could use to vacuform the front engine domes and the vectral housings at the rear of the ship. Without those elements, there is no Y-wing! Now how can I build this beast? I soon decided that creating open bulkheads, ribs, and stringers (following traditional aircraft construction) would not be as robust as I wanted. Based on goal #2 above, I chose to build a ship with the “guts” on the inside; remember that the filming models were solid shapes with the “guts,” or greeblies, on the outside. But even if you want to show interior spaces you still need a robust model. In reviewing the various Y-wing pictures on-line there appears that there could be a central tub in the fuselage; see the pic below. They show the top edge of the tub shape I am talking about. My buddy Boz mentioned the idea of making something like the tub found in F1 racing cars, and that sparked the idea of having a central tub running from one end of the fuselage to the other. I added a series of solid bulkheads plus quarter-round pieces to give greater gluing surface, and in the end I got a fairly robust tub which I could add details to, both inside and outside the tub itself. More to come!
  9. Hi all, Well at long last my journey with the Y-wing has come to an end. I give thanks for the help and encouragement I got from my buddies, especially Boz and Wally; they kept me plugging along and keeping to the right path for this beast. These final pictures illustrate how she came out. Not a perfect model but I'm really happy with the results. First up is a picture of the bottom; I find it at least as interesting as the top side. Next, here is a picture of the base. It is a simple box with the power plug and a switch in the back. You can see the top of the 1/8" RCA plug that the model connects to. Here she is from the right front. The base is picking up a little reflection from behind; it really is all over black! Now from the rear, showing off the vectrals. And finally the "money shot" showing off the lighting. That's all, folks! Many thanks to those of you who have commented, I appreciate all the kind words. May the Force be with you, always. Cheers, Yoda
  10. I enjoyed the 1/72 version of this kit so much I ordered the Bandai 1/144 scale Y-Wing which promptly arrived in the post via a South American river. A little box art to whet your whistle. Gratuitous sprue shot Sticker placement guide for those who plan to use them (not me) And neatly hidden instructions inside the box lid (magnifying glass not included). Not content with building out of the box I started with hollowing out the blaster cannon and carving away some of the supporting plastic from the base. Steering vanes required opening up so out with the drill and scalpel and next to an unaltered one After trimming some of the pipework to look more like pipes (where possible without actually cutting them off and replacing them) and refining the rear bumper bars (the L shaped things at the rear of the fuselage) it was time to construct some sub-assemblies and slap some paint on. Undercoat is Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black and the engine glow was simulated with Orange mix fading inwards to yellow with a white highlight in the centre. Quite pleased with the effect Applied some gloss clear to the black painted windows and once dry masked them by cutting out the window stickers from the (now redundant) sheet and placed in the window apertures. Applied chipping medium (Vallejo) where required (where I plan to add paint chips) and misted on a top coat of Tamiya XF-2 white (most of a jar) mixed with about 10 drops of XF-55 Deck Tan. Applied XF-23 Light Blue to those areas that needed to be blue (obvious, I know but still) Using water and a small stiff bristle brush I gently scrubbed around the nose and engine pods to get some very fine chips. Also connected some of the sub-assemblies together and applied a light mist of Rubber black to simulate heat and soot deposits. Decided at this point that I would represent Gold 2 with the additional yellow panel on the nose and the White and Red astromech (R2 unit) Masked off around the yellow areas on the cockpit pod and also went over the previously painted yellow bands on the engine pod nose caps as Gold 2 didn't have 'em. Also realised Gold 2 had a white stripe down the centre of the canopy so I masked and added that. Painted the Yellow areas with thinned Tamiya XF-3 and removed the masks. Painted the relevant pipes an orangey-yellow mix, added the blue stripes on the side of the nose (freehand) and added some of the blue chips on the engine pod nosecaps. Gave the whole thing a very light pin wash of heavily watered Rubber Black and once dry I set to with some Tamiya weathering powders. Assembled the base and Bob's your uncle (you don't have an uncle Bob?) And on the stand And next to big brother Thanks for looking in Phil Now to edit out those strange added links where the spaces and text are.
  11. This isn't so much a build (the things just fall together) as a painting progress. I actually constructed this kit and painted up the cockpit and pilot in February..... 2016. It has since languished on the shelf in all it's raw plastic glory waiting patiently for me to decide how I was going to tackle it..... until yesterday. So.. the box art we should all be familiar with by now. Cockpit and pilot painted up and weathered I wanted to keep the astromech droid body for a diorama I had in mind so I made a copy that would take one of the domes and look convincing in the slot. Thought I'd paint up the standing pilot figure at the same time And this is the condition in which it sat on the shelf for the next 20 months. Pretty, but too clean. On Sunday I grasped the nettle, took the bull by the horns and put my best foot forward. I also decide to paint it....properly. First things first, disassemble it into the discrete components that will each get an individual weathering treatment. The blue-grey and yellow parts were to get and undercoat of the top colour mixed from most of a bottle of Tamiya XF-2 White with about 10 drops of Deck Tan to warm it up. All the rest would get a rough base coat of thinned XF-63 German Grey. In the areas where I wanted chipping I thinned down some Vallejo Chipping Medium and sprayed it in an even coat. You can see the shine from it in the images below. I then applied the top coats over the relevant parts. Light Blue for the canopy and the front ribbed sections of the engine pods along with a masked stripe either side of the nose section, vallejo RLM 04 for the Yellow bits including a thin masked area at the back of the engine pods forward domes and everything else was the Tamiya off white mix. Unfortunately due to a rush of blood there are no images of this intermediate stage so here are some pictures of it after I had let it dry and then used a stiff bristle brush and water to get the paint to strategically flake off. At this point I had also added some light dusting with XF-85 Rubber Black around the engines and other appropriate areas. After some washes, decals... very small decals, and a painted up droid and stand, we arrive precisely here. Once I have a matt coat applied and the right lighting conditions I'll post up an RFI Thanks for looking in Phil
  12. My first completion of 2017. Sounds great, eh? Not when I haven't previously completed a build since 2015 it doesn't . Anyway, this was done to get a model built and to kick my lack of motivation in the bum. Seems to have worked, and I'm quite pleased with the result. This is the Fine Molds kit, and was a joy, with the exception of the transfers. I found them very sensitive to everything I normally do, so had to be very careful. Tamiya paint and Ammo by Mig panel line washes. The base (cheap, and from Walmart) will be finished at some point. Less waffle, more piccies:
  13. BTL-A4 Y-wing Bandai 1/144 scale Bandai "Vehicle Model" Y-wing (1/144 scale); completed in Tamiya & Vallejo acrylics, Mr Color lacquers, and Mig Productions enamels. This is was a fun little weekend project! I started it late Sunday morning and finished it up Monday morning. I painted it as Dex Tiree's Gold 2 who was famously shot down by Darth Vader during the Battle of Yavin (I had no intention to copy you, Andy!). Truth be told, it could probably stand to have a little more weathering, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, especially for something I started on Sunday around lunchtime and finished up Monday morning. I still can't get over the detail on this kit; for something that fits in the palm of my hand, it's absurd! Comments and criticism is welcomed as always!
  14. Hi. Yeah i know, another Bandai. Build number 6 so far, i think. Nearly caught up! Finished about a month ago. Yet it again its to grey in the most part. Need to leave things lighter to take the weathering into account! Will i build another Y? Hmmm … the pipe work was a job and a half. Probably get a plumber in to do that next time. Managed to find a white background for me photos. Still missing a fill light though. Thanks for looking. Cheers
  15. All done! My first completed model in several years, and the first I've ever weathered up! Took nearly three months of restocking paints and whatnot, but I think it turned out quite nicely Did my best to match the griminess of the movie model Gaz.
  16. Hey all, The Bandai builds just keep on coming - this one in about five days - a minor miracle - but Christmas holidays helped a lot. So much plumbing!!!! Carpo
  17. Hi Guys This is Finemolds 1/72 Y-wing completed June 2014. The kit was built OOB for the most part with a little extra detail in the cockpit and scratch built steering vanes. I didn't want to finish it as one of the film versions so went with a fictitious scheme. The paint chipping was done with a combination of masking fluid and hairspray. I'm not 100% happy with the colour choices I made and I'd love the opportunity to try a different scheme on another but of course Finemolds have lost the licence now. Hopefully they'll keep the tooling safe and they'll be re-issued one day. Anyway, enjoy the shots Thanks for looking Andy
  18. I thought it was high time I showed off our star wars models that we've built. All of them are fine molds kits. The millennium falcon was made by my husband, David and lives in our living room coffee table. The X-wing is my favorite model in our cabinet also made by David. The insides of the x's have added scratch built detail. The y-wing is made by myself (you can tell, at the time I was only just getting into the whole weathering thing by hand whilst he had just had a skills breakthrough with the whole airbrush weathering thing!). The Tie Interceptor was also made by David as a commission for my sister's boyfriend (now ex, so we may never see that model again ), it has a few modifications not part of the original kit. Pictures to follow....
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