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  1. Post me your basic questions here and we will chat about them!
  2. Hallo After reading literature about P-38 and P-47 one question results: If you have a fuselage installed gun, which shoots through the propeller arc. How much does the synchronisation reduce the amount of shots? Take German MG of the late or early 109s or 190s. In percrntage, how much was the reductipn in firepower shopting through the arc, in opposition to a wing mounted gun which could fire full? Since there is a reduction, you stay a longer time in the opponents line of fire! Happy modelling
  3. Halllo My question concerning carpurator: As far as I am informed, the carpurator of the Zero was the only one, which was operative in all positions of the flying envelope. Is this correct? I know something about the German injection system too. The RAF had to handle it with limitations of the FE. How about American systems? Copy or own developement? But the question still alive is the lubrication system on the Zero overalm the FE! Can you have proper answers to this question? Happy modelling
  4. So...... time for a much needed Tamiya build. After the Bordermodel Stug i want to start a new diorama with some Tamiya builds and some leftover bots and pieces from other kits. i think these 2 models will make an excellent scene. I still have some resin figures in the stash but i also ordered some new ones: I'm thinking France early 1940 or Operation Barbarossa. The kits itself look really good for their age. The krupp got new molds in 2003 i think and there is an excellent driver figure in there. Anyhow, i think these models are just what i need, simple oob, tamiya fit. So let's crack on shall we? Cheers guys ­čŹ╗­čŹ╗­čŹ╗
  5. Hallo Since it is a new adventure for me to build a series of these fighter I want to ask if anyone has experience with the Tamiya kits. As well bubletop as well racorback. I have Eduard stuff to add. The instruction for the MinArt kit is a joy by itself! I always dreamed of. As far as I can read the instruction, they are quite straight forward. I want to explore weathering on this models. All sort of. Spraying, with oil, pencil anf brush. Has anyone done this? Or about any issues of the Tamiya kits to report? Any informationen are welcome. Happy modelling
  6. Hallo I want to ask if anybody has some pictures of FW-190 aircraft used in Sturmstaffeln. I am going to build next year many of them. In all I have 2 A-6 kits and 4 A-8 kits. 5 kits from Eduard, one from Hasegawa. The decals will be from Eagle Calls. Code letters from Fantasy Printshop. Aftermarket products I do have a lot. 2 boxes! However, some basic questions for this build are solved. One was concerning the gear. This question is solved. Anyone who has interest, please read it: Most questions are solved by the book. My real concern is the fuselage section of the MG 131 which were removed due to additional armor. So, any sketch or photo of the cleaned up area rear of the engine is welcomed. Also detail shots of the additional armor. Or MK 108 installation on the outer wing. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo This thread will become a chronology about the FW 190 A-6 and A-8. Most kits from Eduard. The decals will be from Eagle Calls. Code letters from Fantasy Printshop. In summery there will be 4 aircraft A-8 and two A-6. https://www.1001hobbies.de/decals-fuer-flugzeuge/9093-eagle-cal-eag48022-decal-focke-wulf-fw-190a-8-rs-ii-jg4-sturm-4-.html https://www.1001hobbies.de/decals-fuer-flugzeuge/9085-eagle-cal-eag48007-decal-focke-wulf-fw-190a-sturmjager-pt-1-4-white-.html Aftermarket products I do have a lot. 2 boxes! One version will be a A-5 converted to a G-3. In US service! How accurate the conversion will become, I do not know yet. https://www.pinterest.at/pin/57561701470917414/ One will be a D-9 from Eduard and one Ta-152 from Zoukei Mura. All in scale 1/48. However, some basic questions for this build are solved. One was concerning the gear. The others of the Sturmstaffel are solved due to the book: https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=581894545&rlz=1C1SXXQ_deAT915AT915&hl=de&q=fw-190+sturmstaffel+1+book&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiy-Z6h-cCCAxWbhf0HHdJJBzMQ0pQJegQIDRAB&biw=1920&bih=931&dpr=1#imgrc=xN0-fmKlfiTnIM&imgdii=3363IQ7Cmdn-RM So far for today. The building will start at Christmas or in 2024 after New Year! Happy modelling
  8. Recently I looked at how many unfinished models I have on my shelf. At first glance, there are a lot of them. But I made a disappointing conclusion that they are still not enough if I want to become the absolute champion in unfinished models. It turned out that this hard sport has a lot of competition, so I start a new model - K├╝belwagen Type 82 from Tamiya. I hope that this will be another gem on my shelf with unfinished models Vytautas
  9. Hallo https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109G/JG77-MTO/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109G2R3Trop-1.JG77-White-3-Horst-Schlick-WNr-10533-abandoned-Bir-el-Abd-AF-4th-Nov-1942-02.html https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109G/JG77-MTO/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109G2R3Trop-1.JG77-White-3-Horst-Schlick-WNr-10533-abandoned-Bir-el-Abd-AF-4th-Nov-1942-01.html https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109G/JG77-MTO/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109G2R3Trop-1.JG77-White-3-Horst-Schlick-WNr-10533-abandoned-Bir-el-Abd-AF-4th-Nov-1942-0A.html This build went straight forward actually. The issues in the kit, now well noticed, are: The details of the cockpit as oxygen-regulator is not correct. The piping for this also not. I tried to make it better, but far from exact. Next time it will be better. The stick is too big. I used resin from Quickboost. The details came from Quintas and I omitted mostly Eduard etched parts. The airframe has a weird flaw. Underside of the wing, central position. Here you find a rib. This rib, which comes from the molded part, is far offset. Not parallel, oblique. If you would correct it, your wing is one side 2mm to big, on the other side too short. This matter should look like this, but far away! Other shortcomings are the one sided perfect fitting starbord, the port side just somehow. This matters on the gear legs, the cooler flaps at the trailing edge, the elevator and so on. I can sum up, that the mold is asymmetric! Well so far. Have a look. The model represents the aircraft of pilot Horst Schlick in Africa 1942. Happy modelling
  10. Hi guys, my name is Caio and I'm new to this forum. I live in Brazil and modelling tends to be quite expensive here since model kits are heavily taxed because God knows why... but I'm going to live for 2 months traveling through Europe at the end of the year and I plan on spending around 80 euros on 10 or so model kits to bring home, what I want from you guys are suggestions, mainly 1/72 ww2 aircraft, any hidden gems that seem to be harder to find to be on the lookout. I have no mid or heavy bombers on my stash so there's that. Any suggestions? This topic may help other users to discover new stuff, so be pretty free on general suggestions, im not going to limit you guys to models I don't already have for that matter. I know that a heinkel 111e from Roden is granted.
  11. Hallo This model got also a brasin engine & cockpit. Since it is my second model in line with the same equipment it was easier. I used Montex masks and HGW wet transfers. The aircraft represents an aircraft of https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109G/JG51/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109G6R6-Erla-8.JG51-Black-2-unknown-pilot-0A.html Now take a look on the model:
  12. The red gear was for GM or MW boost? Was the red gear a standard for this issue or just a maybe ? Thank you Happy modelling
  13. Hallo This is my finished Bf-109 G-6 with WGr.21. The kit is Eduard in the special scale of 1/43. Cockpit, engine, weapons and wheels are Brasin from Eduard. I had no decals for an aircraft with this weapons. So I decided to create an model for the Unknown Pilot. The national insignia are all sprayed with Montex masks. The stencils are from HGW wet transfers. Here I did no gloss varnish. I worked only with the setting fluid from Microscale. My WIP: Oh to say: Since I have seen so many photos, I never have seen black panel lines. Therefore I did not do it either! https://www.asisbiz.com/Bf-109G.html So have a look and enjoy. To add: The book you see is my most important book when working on a 109. So I can tell you, you see an aircraft from the Werknummer block of 167.000. The compressed air hatch for the Mk 108 is there, but closed and not used. Happy modelling
  14. Hallo This is now a special build. Scale approx. 1/43 as Eduard made some years ago a special kit, some say a flaw. A kit full of flaws, I was told. I think it is worth to build.....? Anyway I bought full of joy some 4 overtree kits. With Brasin sets too. I thought to throw them away. Brasin Engine, cockpit, weapons,gear.... But this would be a waste of money. Now I will build them all 4 kits. I start with a G-6. The painting will be with some Montex masks I have already here. Not sure yet, which one. To make things really heavy, with Brasin cockpit and engine. Weapons also with Brasin set. Maybe rocket launcher underwing. As I said, all of them is home. I will do my best, to learn how to install properly the Brasin sets. I started yesterday. Today after some hiking I did also some hours working on this matter. See what it is! Happy modelling
  15. Folks, like bus, wait for ages and two come together. I've been on leave this week so I've had a chance to complete one that I had started and was just waiting for a chance to finish. I bought it last year when it was released if nothing else to encourage Tamiya to do more British vehicles. It is virtually OOB, except I couldn't help myself and replace the bar handles with brass wire and add some texture to the turret and the front armour plate. One thing I did do was pair down the birdcage sight as it was chunky. As expected for Tamiya, it assembled like a dream with minimal seam lines and zero flash. My only criticism is, unlike the Bronco offering, you can only do a WW2 version. It stayed in British service until 1960 in Hong Kong and foreign service until the 80's. Bronco includes the fish tail exhaust and the smoke dischargers for a Type B. Bronco also includes working tracks, but I must admit the link and length tracks Tamiya include are the best fitting I've ever come across. They were the perfect length. Paint is Mig SCC15, gloss coat Quick Shine, Vallejo matt coat, oil paint and terps pin wash, and Mig pigments.
  16. Hallo From the website of JG 300 I found a photo link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8270787@N07/albums/72157605269786717/page1 There are many pages. Some pics are well known. Just some! Happy modelling
  17. 1/72 A Model IAR 80c. Another model that resisted completion, mainly due to fit issues again. It's getting to sound a lot like a bad workman blaming his tools, as I ought to be big enough, old enough and ugly enough to get over mere bagatelles such as the canopy being too big for the fuselage, the wing sections warping so that there was a gap the width of the mersey tunnel between top and bottom leading edge, the butt joint tailplanes were no help at all and the rear of the fuselage still gives me the shivers thinking how lucky I was it isn't a resin kit the amount of sanding I had to do to get a massive step in the wing to rear fuselage reduced.. But I persevered, and eventually wrestled into some sort of shape a model that looked to me bore a passing resemblance to the box art. Actually, I am a little tired of these short run, awkward fitting models, and yearn for an Airfix, Revell, Eduard or Tamiya kit to make, which is why I am going for the Smer Su-25 Frogfoot in Ukrainian livery next. On to the IAR 80. I didn't know until a couple of years ago that Rumania had an aviation business, let alone it produced what looks like a well designed efficient fighter, the IAR 80. When I discovered that, I thought let's get one, and on impulse picked up this 1/72 Amodel kit from Hannants. I thought apart from the aerial being broken in half, the somewhat dodgy colour choices ( Humbrol dark brown and Mr Hobby IJA dark green) for the paintwork, a couple of seams that refused to fill and sand away, and the mistake with the undercarriage, given the fit issues and the truly awful instructions, it doesn't look too bad. The pitot was painted by masking the white for red stripes, the canopy was masked pretty well, though spoilt a bit by some glue fogging that crept in at the front when I put the aerial in the hole I'd drilled in the canopy. Gun barrels by Albion hobby, as was the pitot. Canopy masks from Yahu, as were the seatbelts, and the instrument panel. Which, you had to work out where the fuselage location for the IP was; I thought I had, but obviously didn't put enough glue there as the IP fell out. I used Mr Colour RLM 04 for the yellow bits, Windsor & Newton galleria gloss varnish to put the decals on, and Windsor & newton galleria satin finish for post decals. This wasn't a "Oh, just drop it in the bin" model, but a couple of times it came close. Several photos now follow of this fighter for your delectation.
  18. This build was a bit of a nightmare, due to me!!! I had looked at this kit and thought ' no, not for me' too big, not enough display space, then blow me I had bought the ICM 1/48 He111Z 'Zwilling' plus extras Eduard Big ED photoetch, Quickboost Exhausts and Brassin Wheels. The kit consists of two of ICM's He111H-6s plus extra sprues. You end up with a lot of spare parts!!!! Basically you build the two H-6s one less port and one less starboard wing, join them together with new mid wing section - easy??? I built the kit not following ICMs build instructions, big mistake. I hit loads of problems with the engine cowlings and nose transparencies! How much filler I needed to use was ridiculous but I guess it was my fault?? I had to modify the upper transparency as ICM supplied the H-6 type instead of the correct H-16/20 transparency. I soldiered on to the end, not that I'm happy with the result but judge for yourself!!!! The machine represented is Wk. Nr. 2699, LLG2, Eastern Front 1943. DIORAMA POSSIBLITIES!!!!!!!! Cheers Andy
  19. This is the ICM 1/48 Gotha Go242B-2 built oob with the addition of Eduards photoetch and Space 3D decal. The glider represented is from Schleppgruppe 4 1943. Cheers Andy
  20. A couple of Eduards 1/48 Fw190s almost oob just different schemes, [1] Fw190A-5/U8 Wk, Nr, 1478 SKG10 Deblin 1943 [2] Fw190F-8 9.SG77 Chrudim 1945 Cheers Andy
  21. Just a simple conversion of ICM's Ju88A-5 using Aims conversion set. The biggest problem with all of ICM's Ju88 family is the cockpit, it lacks an accurate cockpit floor! This is where the Aims conversion comes into play supplying an accurate cockpit floor, unfortunately because of ICMs error the seat mountings are far too tall for the corrected floor and require modification. The rest of the conversion is relatively easy just replacing wing tips, cowling faces and modifying exhausts. I also used Eduards 'Big Ed' photoetch, Brassin wheels and Aims corrected prop and spinner The machine represented is Wk. Nr. 4079 of 1./KG.54 Evreaux France 1940, decals used were also from Aims, Cheers Andy
  22. Have you ever wanted to make your own custom masks for your Luftwaffe aircraft, but your attempts ended up as utter failure/markings were too difficult to draw by hand? Well, don't dispair anymore! I found this link which allows you to download to your pc the exact letter/number font for Luftwaffe aircraft! Simply download the file, open the RAR and install and font, it'll install itself on the font list on Word. You have numbers, letters, and two types of Balkan Crosses! Once you open Word and select the font, "Blockschrift fur Flugzeug", you'll be able to print the desired codes, cut them and make your own masks. https://fonts2u.com/blockschrift-fr-flugzeuge.font
  23. Hallo The gap between flaps and slats on fighter a/c & bomber of early ww2 Luftwaffe aircraft, had this been RLM02 or any camo color or anything else? Request foto to be sure! Thank you all! Happy modelling
  24. Hello everybody, Before posting my latest 1:1200 battleship, the HMS Rodney, I present the three ships I built first, all in 2020: the German Bismarck, the British King George V, and the Japanese Yamato. While they might be too rusty, and King George V's color scheme is from pure Revell designer's fantasy (in the beginning I didn't question the properness of such plans) you can detect a slight increase in my modelling skills. In addition, the setting for taking the pictures isn't too atmospheric. However, these days I don't build them out of the box anymore, because my aspiration for accuracy and detail has grown. That's why it took me more than a year to complete the Rodney, which's pictures will follow soon... Cheers, Leo
  25. Dearest Brits and modellers, Let me present the result of my leisure hours from mid 2021 until early 2023: HMS Rodney in 1/1200. For more details about the building proces please check https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235125214-hms-rodney-11200-the-progress/ For now, let the music play (some imperial pathos might be accurate at this occasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2c5QHtgFxY) and the pictures speak (thanks to Felix Streuli for his great job presenting the model in the right light):
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