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Found 14 results

  1. Hi folks! Just completed a massive build Zvezda's 1/48 Pe-2, took me half a year (on top of school and sport and all else), but super pleased with it. I bought the kit at a model show last year, and honestly I think I envisioned this very diorama as soon as I picked up the box. The kit itself is excellent for the most part, although I did encounter a few small problems along the way, trying to get the engine to sit properly was a nightmare as it sagged down and wasn't properly attached, but I fixed it eventually. Some other small problems were trying to fit the fuselage halves, and those of you with eagle eyes can probably spot the noticeable seam line down the middle.. actually it's probably way more obvious than I thought at first 😣 oh well. The details in the engine and cockpit are excellent, and I decided to give quinta studio's 3d decals set a go. Awesome product, super easy to use, and really detailed. I'd 100% recommend. The only other additions to the kit were some cockpit and engine wires, but apart from that it was built completely OOB. The decals in the kit were alright, but the colour schemes were limited, and I therefore decided to find another scheme... only problem was that the only aftermarket decals sheet was one which came with no less than 104 different marking options, and the only one I could find came from Belarus for $70 aud+ shipping. But lucky for me, the modelling community is very kind, and it is thanks to @Thant Zaw Win that I was able to finish this project. He had previously built the eduard kit, and lucky for me he still had the decals for the scheme I wanted, and sent them to me, paying for all postage fees. Make sure to check out his awesome works, especially that pe-2 of his. Moving on to the diorama! Again, I was super pleased and even surprised by how well it turned out, although it definitely could have had some improvements, if only I wasn't so rushed (I finished it a day before the model competition which I entered it in) 😅 Anyway, the snow was made by a combination of vallejo's snow effects and microballoons from ammo mig. The trees were made using the wire tree technique and the resin figs are by cmk. My hands are getting sore lol so I think I'll end it here. Thanks for reading! (Really sorry for the massive paragraph) And some cockpit pics: That's all, thanks for viewing! Any questions or critisms are welcome! Again, sorry for the massive post. 😅
  2. Kit - Zvezda Paint - All Tamiya acylics Decals - Spares Extras - DEF Models kit-specific resin mantlet and aluminium barrel. So here' my first ever Zvezda kit which I started about six weeks ago, and other than some cursing around the link & length tracks which seem a half-link or link too long... it went together very easily in just three sessions. I mixed my own version of 4BO green using various Tamiya greens, yellows and possibly some witchcraft. I gave it two coats of Tamiya Clear, decals, then a third coat of clear and left the whole thing to cure and went on holiday ! When it made-it back to the bench, I decanted some cheap hairspray into my airbrush and applied two medium coats about 20mins apart. Left it again for about 45mins in the New Zealand sunshine and then applied a mottle of Tamiya 'Buff', 'Deck Tan' and Flat White. Another break for around 20mins then started the chipping process especially on the top of the casement and engine deck which would have got a lot of wear from the crew and probably wouldn't have received too much in the way of 'winter white' anyways. The rest of the paint effects are simple Panel / Pin washes, an overall dirty brown wash and finally some streaking, all with Windsor & Newton oils. To finish I mixed a cocktail of various MIG pastels and dark washes to get a rich black brown mud at the lowest points and a lighter but still earthy brown tone higher up. I deliberately left-off the spare tracks usually mounted on the front hull as well as the snow cleats from the right side (all will be used when I build a T34 / 76 later this year). Only stowage is a couple of tarps from lead foil, a rucksack on the aerial pot and a 'liberated' German jack. Love the final look of this project one of those rare times that what you get at the end of the process is precisely what you envisioned when you bought the kit in the first-place. Please feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or hurl any abuse. Have a great weekend, all. Very best from NZ. Ian.
  3. Well I think its about time I got my thread up and running at least, if not the actual build started. I am going to be building Tamiya's 1/48 Panther G and hopefully finishing it in a Winter camo scheme, I have a soft spot for these on both aircraft and targets, sorry tanks. Now I am far from an expert on Panthers (or quite a lot of things actually) so don't go expecting any deep knowledge on the subject in my build. I do like armour and used to build no end of it in my youth but have concentrated on wingy things for a very long time and I have been trying to fit some armour into GB's for a little while. A lot of the armour I used to build was German, they made some pretty cool stuff din't they, so I thought I would revisit some of my old subject matter and have signed up for this GB and the upcoming Panzer III one. The kit I will be building is the excellent looking Tamiya 1/48 G, which seems to be able to be built as either early or late versions of the G, so lets start with the ubiquitous box and contents shots; As you can see all is present and correct and eagerly awaiting some glue, which I hope to start using on it tomorrow. I like the ambush camouflage of the Panther featured in the box art but as I said I am drawn to winter schemes and in my searching I have found this one; https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/tanks-2-3/panther-panzer/panther-ausf-g-winter-camouflage/ To my very untrained eye it looks like a late model G (it looks like it has the shot trap deflector on the lower mantlet) and it also seems to be splendidly Zimmerit free! I would appreciate any info that you experten out there can shed on this. Feel free to offer any advice and just generally poke fun at my build along the way. Craig.
  4. A couple of months ago I returned to this build, it started life as the Dragon, Kursk Panther D (6164,) it had been left due to me loosing interest after sifting through loads of confusing info about German Panther tanks at Kursk, so it sat for nearly two years in my shed, unloved and unwanted.. I'm not sure how or why I finally suddenly decided to ditch the Kursk angle, but I figured I'd have a crack at turning it into a winterized Panther tank based at Karkhov ...(or any other winter location).. So the story goes like this, The Panther tank has stopped for the night to resupply and the crew to grab a bit of rest, this is the following morning with the crew grabbing a brew whilst they finish re-supplying their vehicle.. thoughts and comments are always welcome..
  5. At last I finally completed this offering from Unimodel
  6. Hi folk's,greeting's from what feel's like the Russian front,just finished ICE's new tool T'34 in a winter scheme,most of their kit's are a breeze,this one was a howling gale,fit of part's was a bit "flakey" in places particularly the clacier plate,the 75mm gun was made from the wife's mop it's head has been removed as will mine when she notices its gone,comment's welcome,criticism will be taken to heart,winter themed pun's will no doubt be in abundance!
  7. Hi all, This is my first armour model in years, certainly since joining BM and it's the old Matchbox T-34. I have built this as part of the ongoing Matchbox GB and mine is not the only bit of armour being done for it, though some more would be nice. I know it's not a super accurate kit but was built as a bit of nostalgia and fun and I really enjoyed building it, and it will not be my last armour model either. Anyway here are some pictures; And for those of you who are interested here is a link to the build. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  8. I-153 Winter Version 1:72 ICM The Polikarpov I-153 Chaika (Seagull, for all you Chekhov fans), was the ultimate incarnation of the biplane fighter to find its way into VVS service. The aircraft was of mixed wood and metal construction, with a gull wing, manually retractable undercarriage and armed with four shKAS machine guns. It entered service in 1939, and was first blooded in the border skirmishes that took place between Soviet and Japanese forces that year. The combination of biplane maneuverability and modern fighter performance made the I-153 a competitive design, albeit hampered by an unreliable supercharger design and the lack of a firewall between the fuel tank and the cockpit. The type soldiered on into the 1940s, mainly due to the lack of modern alternatives in sufficient numbers. Inside ICM's typically robust box is a large sprue of grey plastic which holds all of the main parts of the diminutive fighter, as well as a much smaller sprue which holds the new parts for the landing gear skis. A tiny clear sprue, instructions and decals complete the package. Moulding is clean and crisp, with plenty of fine detail. There are 85 parts in total, although one or two (wheels) aren't used in this boxing. Construction on the cockpit begins with the internal framework, onto which the instrument panel, four-part seat, control column, rudder pedals and floor all fit. The oveall impression should be reasonably good for the scale, which is just as well as the cockpit is not enclosed by glazing. The whole sub-assembly fits onto the single span of the lower wing, which in turn fits into the two halves of the fuselage. The engine and propellor are comprised six parts, with an optional spinner hub. As with the lower wing, the upper wing is a nicely-moulded solid piece of plastic, onto which the two sturdy struts fit. Alignment shouldn't be a problem, as the gull wing section fits directly onto the front upper fuselage. The horizontal stabilisers are solid parts. The undercarriage legs and skis are accurately represented, with the same excellent level of detail as the rest of the kit. Each leg is made up from six parts, while the tail skid is a single part on its own. There are partial covers for the redundant main gear wheel wells. A surprisingly good selection of ordnance is included, with a choice of eight rockets, four small bombs or four larger bombs. The rigging is fairly simple and should therefore be within the capabilities of even the biplane averse. Decal options include: I-153, Red Army Air Force, Winter 1939-40 I-153, Finnish Air Force, LeLv 14, April 1940 I-153, Finnish Air Force, LeLv 14, March 1942 I-153, Finnish Air Force, 3/LeLv 6, November 1942 The decals look nicely printed, but the finnish swastikas have to me made up from the provided strips of blue decal. Conclusion ICM's I-153 is a well-regarded kit, which makes this new edition complete with skis a very welcome addition to the range. Detail is good, while construction is not overly complex. Overall, it looks as though this should be an enjoyable and rewarding build. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Here's my attempt at Italeri's 1/48 Stuka. It was built for a mate, and had some ups and downs along the way. I used solder to add wiring to the interiors and the canon, and used P-Mask's canopy mask set - which was perfect, and saved a lot of effing and blinding. I did buy a Quickboost spinner / prop - but lost it and decided to stick with the kit's offering after that. Was a fun build - and as you can see I went for a very, very weathered end result, with wet mud, worn winter camo, and a lot of grime. I personally think I went overboard on that count, but don't think my friend will notice too much. Here are a few interior / detail shots, and the final results. Thanks for looking - all comment and criticism welcome - there's a basic and brief WIP thread here. Thanks - Bruce
  10. Good afternoon, I present to you my Pz.Kpfw.IV F1 by Dragon in worn winter camouflage. Built OOB except for the antenna, which is stretched sprue.
  11. I decided to put the Sd Kfz 221 on a little vignette I hope you like it
  12. A quick build this one. Was the Hobbyboss Easykit Mig-3. Figured I'd give it a buy since it was only £2.50. Can't go wrong at that price. Turned out to be a decent kit. Fits together like a glove but had a very basic cockpit and was a little too simple to piece together. Still, it was enough entertainment for a Friday night and a Saturday morning so can't complain. I didn't like the schemes suggested on the box so opted for a green and white speckled, 'diseased' look that I saw online and liked the look of. Figured it would look cool and would be something different. I decided to nickname it 'Speckled Jim' There's quite a few interesting schemes available for the Mig-3 so I may end up buying more of this kit and getting a little squadron. Anyway, if you can pick the kit up cheap I recommend it. On to the pics...
  13. Hi all this is my very first attempt at scenic modelling and my first ever diorama. It is the first result from my review of the new Precision Ice and Snow product that Steve at Precision Ice and Snow asked if I would do a review for him. I happily took him up on the offer It offered a great excuse to to a bit of much needed modelling as I have not had chance to do any the last few months. So enough waffle Here Is the result. Its wonderful stuff and highly recommended. For the build which is still ongoing go here : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945975-precision-ice-and-snow-review-of-the-new-amazing-snow-effect/page-3#entry1416643 Buy Precision Ice and Snow at : http://precisioniceandsnow.com/Precisioniceandsnow/Home.html Cheers Rob Well that wraps up the first Dio pretty much now on with the others. Cheers Rob
  14. HI folks. I need some advice and if possible links to photos of Harrier GR3's in the winter scheme of white and dark sea grey. I have long intended to do a model of one on a diorama with netting and other details and such on and around it poking between a few trees and bushes. Ideally I want photos of them Actually in snowy conditions as I intend to model it with Precision Ice and Snow. I also need advice on the scale I should go for as I know I will likely need to buy ground accessories but not sure what to buy so I need educating there. I was thinking 1/72 Initially but I might go for 1/48 as I like the old airfix 1/48 kit and I imagine there might be more accessories for that. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Rob
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