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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, usually I do not touch "Snap Fit" kits, since I had some rather disappointing experiences (with tanks) before. Now the new Zvezda model of the Yak-3 is a totally different league. Apart from the fact that you actually can assemble the whole model without a drop of glue, it also provides sufficient detail and good measurement - and there's even aftermarket accessories available from the likes of Eduard, Rob Taurus and CMK. I confess I did use glue on some parts, like the landing gear and some small pieces, just to make sure they don't go astray. The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, the decals are from the box. I had some reservations about their quality, as there was a yellow-ish tone on the carrier film. All of this disappeared when I put the markings on, so no worries here. There seem to be different interpretations of this particular scheme, some sources recommend a red spinner with white tail lines, while Zvezda suggest grey spinner and yellow stripes. I went with their instructions. It represents the plane of Lt. S. I. Rogovoy, of 64th GIAP / 4th GIAD, on the 2nd Baltic Front, autumn 1944. The pitot tube was replaced by a piece of wire. Thanks for your interest. Best wishes from Vienna, Roman
  2. Since the Ju-88 group build looks like one that I have no chance of finishing in time, I would like to enter this one, if I may. I will build the Toko P-63A kit. Luckily, it includes the ventral fin for the P-63C-5. I will decide what to do about the canopy in due course. It's not as awful as one or two reviews make it out to be, but it may need a little grinding and polishing to deal with a bit of distortion or misplaced canopy frame. Need to examine photos. I have to use some imagination about the markings. While it is easy enough to see which planes went to the VVS (see Joe Baugher's online lists of airframe serial numbers of US planes), it is not easy to find photos of Soviet P-63s of 17 IAP and 821 IAP of 190 IAD; 781 IAP and 940 IAP of 245 IAD; or 888 IAP and 410 ShAP of 128 SAD. These are the units that were arrayed against the Japanese in August 1945 that had P-63s. It looks as if I will need to buy some decals for the tail number, which will begin either "311..." or "444...". I'm not sure I can devote the time needed for a model right now, but here goes.
  3. Hello, this is the new release Kovozávody Preostejov Lavochkin La-5FN in markings of the Slovak Uprising, 1944. I had high expectations following the release of Kovozávody Preostejov's Mustang series, however, this kit looks as if it's been produced by a different manufacturer. There are no locating aids, some flesh present and heavy sprue gates. Having said that, the kit goes together without any major issues. Kovozávody Preostejov have done the 'open canopy' option in a very unusual way, providing both clear hoods (that slide over each other) as one massive piece. You will need to paint the underlying canopy rails from the inside - not an easy task. This is still a very welcome new release as it's the only modern, up-to-date tool of an La-5FN. Here's how mine turned out, built from the box: All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi folks, I have just picked up Eduard's Yak 1B in the form of the latest boxing. Now one of the options is Pokrovskiy's interesting Yak 1B: Now the colours are debated all over the net and have been drawn as AMT7 and AMT11 with either AMT12, red or blue for the tail. My opinion is that I don't believe the tail is red but I'm interested in the fuselage and the main colour as AMT11 would seem abit dark given this photo: wouldn't it? Looking at some colour callouts, over here on this: www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=features&file=view&artid=2898 they give AMT 11 as Humbrol 79 which seems quite dark? What do you folks think and does anyone have another option for AMT11, perhaps either Vallejo or Tamiya? Massimo Tessitori on another site believes the main colour could be silver.
  5. Okay the bad news first; despite the rather lurid title, I only completed two models this year, an Il-2 Shturmovik and an La-5, both in the gentleman's scale of 1/72nd. Now the good news - this doubles my output from last year! The Il-2 arrow (swept-winged variant) was from the Toko kit, with wooden wings represented by labouriously sanding down the wings to rid it of the engraved panel lines. The La-5 was built strictly out of the box, and the kit is a repop of the old, but quite nice Cooperativa kit. I'm not too happy with the exhaust stains on the La-5, but I was in a hurry to get if "officially" finished for 2014. The lack of weathering is deliberate - looking at photographs, the La-5 was usually kept in pretty good nick. I may well revisit the exhausts and the near lack of exhaust stains on my Il-2. The Il-2's engine, the Mikulin AM-38 was not a particularly oily or greasy engine, but it did put out quite a bit of exhaust. At any rate here they are, in all their mediocre glory! As usual I apologise for the poor quality of the photography, assembly, decaling, weathering, etc. Best Regards, Jason You may wonder why I have so many photographs for such so-so models, but I happen to go by what the Vozhd ("Boss" - Stalin) is reputed to have said - "Quantity has a quality all its own.".
  6. Hi Guys. I present to you my latest finished airplane (my third overall). It is the weekend edition of the Lavochkin La-7 kit in 1/48 from Eduard (actually ex-Gavia). The aircraft depited is that belonging to Col. Dolgushin, spring 1945. Very nice kit which went toghether with no major problems. For WIP pls check here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234963761-lavochkin-la-7/ Hope you guys like it. Pls feel free for any comments/advices. All the best,
  7. While working on my "big one" - Airfix 1/72 Lancaster BII - I have completed these two kits on the side. They are from Eduard's "Dual Combo" set which comes with Photo-Etch parts and an extensive decal sheet. Both kits were built from the box with the addition of SBS resin spinners - the kit's items look a little bit like "Kremlin's Towers". I also added Rob Taurus vacu canopy on "White 24", as the plastic kit part is too thick to fit over the back section of the cockpit. Both kits were painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics and weathered with artist's oils and pastels. Metal blanking plates behind the exhausts were painted with Alclad II. The pitot tubes were exchanged for a piece of wire. So, first here's "White 24", the mount of Major Sultan Ahmet Khan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amet-khan_Sultan) of III/9.GIAP, 1945. According to Wikipedia, there's also a movie about his life: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haytarma Sultan Ahmet Khan was killed in 1971 while flying a Tupolev Tu-16LL. Next is "White 33" of Col. Georgy Golubev, 4th GFAR, Baltic Region, 1945. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes, Vienna. Thanks for your interest! Roman
  8. Lavochkin La-7 Commander of the 156th IAP Lt.Col., Hero of the Soviet Union S.F. Dolgushin, 215th IAD, 8th IAK, 4th VA, Kluzow, Germany, April 1945 Kit: 1/72 Eduard ProfiPack Afermarket parts: Pavla vacuformed canopy The main problem areas of the kit (fixed in this build) were: Wrong shaped wing tips (actually beginning at approx. 1/3rd of the span from the tip) both in profile and frontal view. While fixing this error, the aileron surface detail (being originally in "shrink-wrap" style) was lost and a new, more correct representation of doped fabric tautened over the frame with rib tapes added was done. Almost empty main wheel-wells: very little detail was provided and the most of what was available was wrong anyway. So, they had to be almost completely reworked. Some detail was scratch built of plastic and some corrections were done using Mr. Surfacer as well. The correct “ceiling” of the wheel bay area being originally just the inner surface of the upper main wing half was cut off, given the accurate profile and then positioned on its correct place. Inaccurate propeller spinner. It was corrected with Mr. Surfacer. Very basic representation of the louvers mounted in front of the engine being originally just a disc with a relief detail, while there should actually be empty intervals between the separate blades as well as between the blade tips and the cowling inner surface visible. To achieve the desired result, the excess plastic was removed from the original part, the edges of the blades were sanded off and the part was positioned onto a plastic tube mounted in the cowling interior. Gun ports being just holes in the cowling front ring, while their lower surface should actually go through the entire cowling. This was corrected by adding plastic inserts to the appropriate areas. The same had to be done with the wing root air intakes. Cockpit interior behind the pilot’s seat/radio compartment - again, almost empty and what was available, was wrong. Eventually the entire interior was scratch built there. The cockpit itself, despite some etched parts provided, could also benefit from some improvements as otherwise it still looks somewhat toy-like. Some cables and instruments were added there for more realism as well. The cockpit borders were too thick and, in addition, not exactly parallel, therefore, some sanding was required here as well. Canopy. Although crystal-clear, it is (both 1-piece and 3-piece parts) unfortunately thick enough to be unusable for displaying in open position. On the other hand, if displayed in closed position, due to the thickness, the cockpit interior looks severely distorted. The kit part was eventually replaced with the vacu-canopy by Pavla. The joint of the wing and the fuselage resulted in some sort of a small “peak” in the lower fuselage line. While correcting this, some moderate re-shaping of the fuselage in this area was required. In addition, the landing gear flaps were thinned down, some missing access hatches were engraved and some small details (e.g., Venturi tube) were added. Almost all kit decals proved to be of little use due to their wrong shape or dimensions: white borders of the stars too narrow, the number “93” and the under-wing stars undersized. So, mostly spare markings were used instead. This particular La-7, before handing it over to Dolgushin as his personal a/c, was completely re-primed and repainted and the stencil data weren’t re-applied, so that no use for all those beautifully printed markings either...
  9. These are the first models I bought and finished since I moved to Denmark- the Eastern Express/Dakoplast LaGG-3 series 66 and the Zvezda Yak-3, both 1/72. The Eastern Express kit requires quite a bit of clean-up and filler to get to fit well at the wing-to-fuselage join. I used the kit decals to model it as Yuri Shchipov's mount, but only half of them came off the sheet or worked, with the result that I only decaled one side of the plane (and even then, not fully). The multi-part canopy fit poorly and I broke one of the bits, hence the pose with the open canopy. Next is the 'snap-fit' Yak-3 from Zvezda, done in (what else) the markings of Normandie-Niemen ace Marcel Albert, one of the kit's options. Sadly, the kill markings were off-register. For a snap-fit kit, it's overengineered.Once put together, there were some unsighlty bumps and depressions due to to the snap fit which I tried to smooth out to the best of my abilities. I ended up repainting the spinner decal markings as they did not fit very well. Both kits were painted with what Humbrol and Revell enamels I had at hand. The AMT-12 and AMT-11 were made up of different mixes of Humbrol 106, 230 and 165, though for the Yak-3, I used Humbrol 106 alone for the AMT-12. The underside AMT-7 was a 4:1:1 mix of Humbrol 65:Revell 50:Humbrol 165 and the interior a 3:1 mix of Humbrol 165 and Humbrol 230. This was the first time I used Vallejo Matt Varnish, with the unfortunate side-effect of white streaks or spots. The ones you see are those which would not disappear with re-gloss and matt coating. Last but not least is the Kora 1/72 EKW C-3602, a Swiss multi-purpose combat aircraft whose Wikipedia article rather generously compared it to the Ilyushin Il-2: Yes, it's the odd one out but I had only one good quality picture of this model, so I threw it in here. By the way, the Wikipedia article doesn't contain the line about the Il-2 anymore. As with the other Kora kit I built, it's got a lot detail and a lot of small parts. Besides large pour stubs on the parts, the only serious problem was a warped fuselage. The plane was finished in RLM 70 over RLM 65. Some of the kit decals needed retouching, which I hope is not obvious from the pics. As usual, thanks for looking! Comments are welcome.
  10. Just finished this project few days ago. Building process here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234941996-mig-3-trumpeter-148/ . This model from Trumpeter is really nice. A bit scratch parts plus photoetched from Eduard. Hope you like it
  11. Hi everybody. This is UM Models 1/72 Petlyakov Pe-2. I upgraded with Kora Resin sets (Interior/Exterior/Engines/Undercarriage), Zlinek Photo Etch set, MiniWorld metal guns and Eduard masks. Painted with Harder & Steínbeck Evolution airbrush using Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Thanks to Andreas Bdinka (IPMS Austria) for his help in obtaining the Kora sets. Thanks to fellow Britmodeller users Fuad and Learstang for valuable advice regarding VVS colours (hope I got them right this time). This is the kit box. Striking artwork, but it's a pity that this colorful livery is not included in the kit's painting options. Here's the aftermarket sets I used for this build: The Mini World metal guns are especially nice items: The interior, prior to assembly (lucky those ejector marks are invisible on the finished model, it would have been a chore to eliminate them all): And here is the finished model. Thanks for looking! Cheers from Vienna, Austria Roman Schilhart
  12. This is the latest project on my workbench: the 1/72 Petlyakov Pe-2 from UM Models. It is a Series 205 aircraft with the rear turret. (Note that this striking option from the kit's box is NOT included on the decal sheet) I have amassed a number of Aftermarket products for this build. - four different packages by Kora, which cover Interior/Wheel Wells/Engine/Armament, collected by IPMS colleague Andreas Bdinka in Czech Republic. (Thanks, by the way!) - a small phot etch fret picked from the 'second hand' box of my local Hobby Shop (designed for Zlinek Kit) - metal guns from Mini World - the useful Eduard Masks Here's the fuselage halves with added interior, minus defensive armament. Luckily, all those ejector pin marks will not be visible once the fuselage has been closed. (It would have been a nightmare task eliminating them) Here is the beautiful turned metal gun from Mini World, designed for the turret. The Kora sets contain some useful items. Here's the back wall of the engine: Not much can be seen after the undercarriage has been installed: Fuselage halves joined... Last view on the pilot's office before attaching the clear parts. The seat is a resin item from Kora, a little rough around the edges. The steering column is a photo etch part from the Zlinek set. No 'shake and bake' kit, this one. It is in fact a prime example of an 'over-engineered kit' with a compilcated parts breakdown to provide as many different variants as possible. Therefore, some parts have the wrong shape,some are too small, others too big. Look at the cockpit canopy: it fits on the front, but leaves a big gap around the sides. This was filled with stretched sprue and sanded ... and sanded... and sanded .... The lower (clear) part is too narrow and leaves a nasty 'step', therefore I applied some filler (more sanding on the way...) Engines fit badly too .... I had to insert stretched sprue to fill a gap between the engine bay and the lower wing (the dark line).
  13. Hi Folks, I'm hoping some one out there in BM land will be able to help me out. I am looking for a scan copy of an article about the lend lease A-20 Boston as used by the USSR in the Great Patriotic War as featured in Model Aircraft Monthly in November 2008? It was part 2 of 3 and while I have the October and December issues which included parts 1& 3, my copy of the November issue has gone walkabout!!!(probably put away somewhere safe, so safe that I now can't find it ) Or if anyone can tell me or know of a photo or profile of a Boston IV(A-20G) that was used by the Soviets that was fitted with the solid gun nose rather than the glazed bomber nose? Anyway, if anyone can possibly help out I would be very grateful. Thanks, Vincent
  14. Kit: 1/72 Eduard "Profi Pack" White 07, 566th SHAP, Leningard 1944 Paints: Gunze/Mr.Hobby Decals: Kits own Thanks for your interest! Cheers from Vienna, Austria Roman Schilhart
  15. Hi, Here is one photo from Finland's SA-archive. There are many stories about IL-2's shooting rockets backwards. According the original text here is rail of rocket. I haven't seen any pictures before. -Vesa
  16. Hi all, This is my first real attempt at modelling for a while, half my life ago in fact. I posted an inbox review of this old kit on my youtube channel, when this thread and the 'Ishak' are finished, I shall post it on youtube as well. This was bought for me cheaply on Ebay a year and half ago by my wife, a great little find even though I have heard this particular kit slated for its inaccuracies but to me if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and tastess like a duck, it's a duck. It is made of hard(ish) plastic and has raised detail, also sadly there is no cockpit I will try to scratch build one and see how it goes.
  17. Hi there, I'm on a bit of a Cold War kick right now, and everything I know about it comes from being six in 1989 and from reading old copies of SOVIET MILITARY POWER during my first decade. Are there any modern books that talk about the Soviet air arms during the cold war? Topics I'm interested in are: Procurement policies Social histories of the high command and the lower ranks Late 70s to mid-80s -era aircraft Information specifically useful to modellers is nice, but not a priority compared to the above three. It'd be nice to be able to tell the MiG-21 or MiG-23 variants apart, though. I realize not all of this is likely covered comprehensively in one book; multiple books are fine, I read fast; do you have any suggestions for me?
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