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Found 19 results

  1. Here's my first go at a kit which is older than me! The 1963 Airfix version of the Hawker P.1127, of course the very original design which eventually became the Harrier. Let's just say that kit design and quality has come a VERY long way in 50 years... (to be fair, I'm sure this was great for the manufacturing technology available at the time). I've seen some beautiful versions of the kit online - quite a few where people have smoothed & filled the finished thing. I decided to keep it as original as possible although the kit canopy was way too wide (a common issue). In the end I used the front part and replaced the rear section with a part from a GR1 kit. I also swapped the kit seat for a spare resin one (sanded down a bit to remove modern headbox etc). Added a bit of dirt to represent the live version in testing (and highlight a little of the extensive rivet details on the surface) and added underbody strakes, although reference photos are not thick on the ground! To be fair to the kit, the one thing I thought I'd have trouble with was the old decals: in fact, they went on fine, they weren't fragile, and they conformed really nicely to the surface. A couple of final shots with my Airfix GR9 kit - the first and the last of the Harrier lineup together. About half a century between the real things (and also the kit versions) showing how both have evolved almost beyond recognition. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello, Here is a construction that I did for a group build about Midway. I have done the minimum to furnish this empty model which was designed in 1963: I used a dry point to engrave the structural panels of the model, and sanded the surfaces studded with oversized rivets. I interpreted the Aichi green with Gunze H302, and took the interior of the panels (wings and fuselage) with the colour added with yellow. Not obvious in the photos, but the effect is there. All markings are done with paint and covers, only the drift codes are painted decals. Here is the Airfix crude engine: I took the profile of the engine cover, as it looked very similar to that of an A6M2; The type 92 machine gun is made from scratch: I redid the fork of the bomb thrower: It is better this way, although the lower radiator should have been open in the middle. I added the gonio frame to the underside, too. On June 4, 1942, around noon, eighteen Val of the Koku Sentai of the IJN Hiryu attacked the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown. Will this Kanbaku escape the flak of the Yorktown and its battle group? 😋 Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  3. Has a couple of these knocking about, So decided to build up the un-boxed one, a bit "Dino old school" but at least it doesn't have teeth(And yes I'm looking at you Jurassic Park 3) Box Art tribute
  4. With Airfix re-releasing the Beaver in Autumn 2022. Looking for information on military versions of the type. Colour schemes, available decals etc. Is a Turbo conversion possible. Thank you
  5. I started this ancient Airfix Do17F in 1/72 well over a year ago, and got to the decals stage around January this year. Unfortunately the decals were no good and I shelved the model, the replacement decals I would need to buy would cost more then the model itself. Because I am probably slightly insane I decided recently to just but the decals and ended up using ones from four different decal sheets to complete the model. So with an evening of applying decals and an afternoon of weathering, here it is. It’s also my first attempt to airbrush exhaust stains. Criticism welcome
  6. For many years I have wanted to build a Ford trimotor. Dutifully purchased Monogram's (the scale of which is usually stated as 1/77th) and Airfix's (1/72nd) kits. The trimotors, thought by many to have been based on Junker's and Fokker's ideas and products, had not doubt nevertheless played an important role in the field of aviation in the US and abroad. The first obstacle I found years ago as I started to collect information on the trimotors, is that they came in an extraordinary diversity of flavors. It's not just a matter of slapping your preferred decals, or registration, or schemes on them, as details varied from minor to major. There is excellent literature on the matter, and I have more books and articles on it than I can remember. The data available is so vast that while trying to make sense of the complexity, by nighttime I am already confused about what I read in the morning. In a week, my "knowledge" of the plane would be a jumble of small details rattling like a maraca inside my head. As I am more used to research obscure types, mainly one-offs, the idea of wading though a quagmire of ever-multiplying variants is not really appealing for me. Thus I decided to cut the chase and center on the possible planes I would like to model, and, from that choice, find out the pertinent details of those specific machines. After looking at hundreds of photos and considering the history and aesthetics of the candidates, I narrowed the selection to a few: - Any machine that operated in Argentina with local reg., or under NYRBA, or Pan American Grace. - A machine on floats, for which I acquired the aftermarket vacuformed items from Execuform. - The SACO (Servicio Aéreo Colombiano -Colombian Air Service) plane F-31, in which Carlos Gardel, the Argentinean world-renowned tango singer lost his life -together with his entourage and crew- in a catastrophic accident during take-off while on tour in Colombia in 1935. As I went through the photos of all trimotors I noticed some unusual schemes that also grabbed my attention, alas with no more information than an image or two, so may be for the future. The Airfix kit corresponded well, with minor exceptions, to the details of the SACO plane. And so the choice was made. I had acquired long ago a second kit, just in case, as I usually apply mods and some surgery to my builds, in order to have spares. And what do you know, once again, missing and marred parts that I only discover as lay down the part of the building boards and check them. In the second kit the cockpit transparency is a short shot, and the tail wheel and horizontal tail are missing. Drat!!!!! Fooled again! Check your kits immediately upon buying them, fellow modelers. One important fact that I would like to add to the historical context is the despicable, rabid racism and anti-Semitism of Ford, well established and thoroughly demonstrated, even by himself, in writing. If you want to have indigestion, track and read his publications, or the nazi praises to him. And yet here is another whitewashed American industrial "hero", same as Lindbergh, a close pal of Ford, and holder of the same disgusting racist views. No defense or "explanation" will do for the above-mentioned characters, racism is indefensible. Back to the build: The Airfix kit is incredibly old, but it holds relatively well, if you are not tremendously demanding. There are a number of things that you would like to correct/enhance, but if your goal is to keep things reasonable, here a few things you may like to address (things actually I may like to work on): - The wing trailing edges are very thick, thus sanding from inside the wing halves is desirable. - Only the outer section of the wing leading edge was smooth, the medium inner sections carried the corrugations on, wrapping them around the LE, whilst the kit has none. A trick should be employed here. - The engines are not state of the art, but aren't awful, you may consider replacing them, or at least the nose one, that in most cases doesn't have a cowl. - The props have the wrong side of the blades (flat/concave) facing the front. You have to either shorten the long pin, make that side the front (convex side), and add a new long pin to the back, or just carefully drill away the axle and add a new one that is longer on the flat side of the blades. Capisce? - The mail compartments in the wing varied according to the model in size (single or twin-bay), or weren't present at all in some trimotors, and the kit has a rather crude depiction of them: it has the size of the twin-bay arrangement, but only external sides boxing it, whilst it had also separators in the middle. Those boxing sides were made of a square section tube structure and wire netting, they were not solid as depicted in the kit. Study your intended plane and modify if needed. If displayed open, you may like to do a better job than the kit's parts. - The elevator and rudder control arms are molded fused with the fuselage side. Not sure how acceptable the result might be of removing them and then having to restore the corrugations, and adding new arms a bit distanced from the surface, plus the cables from them, through the wing, and over the fuselage to their destinations. - The kit has a reasonable interior, with cockpit and cabin aft bulkheads, it even has a positionable cabin door, BUT...NO RESTROOM!!!!! this MUST be corrected. The metal-colored plastic is somewhat hard, and sands strangely. Like many other old Airfix kits, in opening the box you will find that many parts had freed themselves from the sprues (yippee!) and are happily cavorting and rubbing against each other, a lifestyle not particularly recommended for the transparencies: the cockpit one was scratched. The other clear parts are so bad that it doesn't matter, as they probably will need replacement anyway. Since I will build a different model than those catered for in the decal sheet, I threw it away, as it was, like many old Airfix decal sheets, not really good. My older son, who built two of these trimotors, has a bitter memory of them. Contents of the box: Comparison of some parts of the Aifix and Monogram (smaller) kits The Monogram kit (that I won't be using) comes with adorable animal life: And figures: Recently BM was graced with some nice trimotor builds. I just looked at them, and was happy to corroborate some findings. Most of the shortcomings of the kit were discussed some years ago in a Yahoo Group I used to belong to (Wings of Peace). I took some valuable notes at the time, that have just become very useful.
  7. This build will represent the Etrich Taube 1913 civil machine that piloted by Alfred Friedrich performed a five-country flight that encompassed Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and England. It stemed from a visit to this Etrich Taube thread by @FPDPenguin where posting lead to retrieving and continuing with the build of my own: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076655-etrich-taube-148-flashback/ So thanks Penguin for providing the necessary nudge! Airframe vacuum-formed kits were made by the late John Tarvin from Canada, and are what might be considered a vintage kit. The objective is to make of this vintage kit something a bit better, but within the boundaries of what can reasonably be done from such starting point. I have built and posted two Airframe models here: A Supermarine S-4: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041072-supermarine-s-4-schneider-cup-1925/ and a Gee-Bee: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053027-the-other-vac-gee-bee-r1-racer-airframe-172/ Many of the Airframe kits belong to a category I like to characterize as "Wishful Thinking Kits". The plastic is usually quite thin, no accessories of any type like (usable) wheels, engine, prop, struts, etc., and no decals (at least on my samples). They do have detailed plans, a somewhat simplified construction guide, and they do provide interesting subjects. Engineering-wise they have in common the use of a construction device that could be called a keel, a centerpiece that has a cutout for the cockpit (and/or cabin) and is sandwiched between the fuselage halves, thus helping with rigidity and providing a "lip" as additional gluing surface. It's not fabulously convenient, and can be a hindrance, thus it's better substituted for normal bulkheads and floor if preferred. Wheels, props, and other small details are provided as too generic shapes, completely useless, to be frank. At this point it's necessary to clarify that it may seem not very fair to evaluate a vintage kit against today's standards, but on the other hand I am building the kit today, and not 40 years ago, and so will those who have, or may acquire these kits to build them. Summarizing: not the easiest kits, and somewhat below other contemporary manufacturers of vacuformed kits. They are buildable, none the less, and as can be seen this is my third, but they are not easy, and require some skills, a bit of ingenuity, and the addition of many missing things. Just to give you an idea of the task ahead, the instructions lightly and mother-of-factly tell you to deal by yourself with the extremely complex undercarriage and wing-supporting structure using wire and stretched sprue. Now I call that optimism. But I could call it many other things. The parts separated from their molded backing sheet: Wheels, radiators and prop to go to the trash can: Very good plan (the plane I am representing diverged from this plan in a few things, there was a very visible gap between wing root and fuselage, and both spars and leading edge are seen exposed in that area in photos): Instructions: Some preliminary work on the parts: The wings are treated -as in the original- like what we would call today a Jedelsky airfoil, some other contemporary planes like the Caudron biplane used that arrangement too, with upper and lower surfaces in the first 2/3rds and one surface after. Problem is that there is no great match between the two parts: And here is why: the manufacturer used the same top part, resized, for the lower part, so when located with the furrows up if fits, bummer it has to go relief up to be effective:
  8. Hello folks, Here will be my first GB, a nostalgic and hopefully not too embarrassing foray back into modelling 👍 (that doesn't involve n guage railway track). My first kit related memories are from the very late 70's. After moving house my Dad found a couple of boxes of kits including a bunch of made up ones he shared with me for my model railway layout. (I've rediscilovered them recently, albeit worse for wear). After he built a few more himself from his rediscovered stash we were visiting my grandparents in Bridlington and he went into a shop we later frequented often, Cropper's Models, who had numerous old stock items of Airfix, Novo and Frog. These were pretty cheap since I'd consider them with my £2 'holiday money', (especially the bagged Airfix Trackside kits). Dad would sometimes buy 1 or 2 kits as a bit of a nostalgia thing, partly getting me interested, and one day gave me an old battered Frog Skua to have a go at. I recall the canopy must have been hell for the pilot, fogged up and draughty at the same time! 🤣 I certainly developed an intetest in the aviation art from the older boxes over time, I can even recall being a tad dissapointed at getting a Heller-Humbrol Focke-Wulf 190 branded kit with a photo of the model on the box, nothing like the Bombs Away! artwork of Roy Cross 😁 Hopefully this explains the fond nostalgia for these older kits, treasured shared time with my Dad which cannot be re-visited. He's still with us, but after a stroke and wheel-chair bound things are more of a challenge. I'll be taking the kit to show him once I'm done though! ☺️. I've bought one in the gold token box which I remember and am researching the colour schemes at the moment before a foray to get paints! https://www.flickr.com/photos/188996048@N07/shares/3Lc987
  9. A second conversion of this old kit, into an elegant civil flying school machine. The step-by-step construction post is here: A commissioned Arctic Decals set was used, as well as part of an extensive photo-etched set by Flightpath. The first conversion can be visited here: Not an easy transformation, a bit of a challenge as described in the building post, but the results are pleasant.
  10. Well, work on the second Anson started, and this time the goal is to reproduce a machine used by the London School of Flying, G-AMDA. The previous experience with the recently posted Anson should be of help, and an opportunity to improve a thing or two that I missed on that one. G-AMDA also flew in other guises (Derby Aviation), equally attractive, but the elegant two-tone blue scheme of this one definitely appealed to me. This airframe needs a few things modified: new clear nose, cowls, landing gear, the addition of a football antenna loop fairing, and other minor details. An old release: With documentation! I acquired a set of Eduard masks and a Flightpath photoetched set. You can see that I have made already the new cowls and gotten new engines:
  11. Ever had a "Nemesis" model or Kit? Ive had two,the He177 (Mpm and Airfix) and this huge resin kit I got about 300 years ago(Hyperbole much :),Late 90s),I think its been painted a least twice,and then re-primed and never finished,Well,Sod that for a game of soldiers,Am determined to finish it once and for all. * Wish me luck Im going in....................................................................... * Disclaimer \ may never get finished The protagonists The huge tree Im not sure but I think the sculptor,Simon Laurens may have realised too late he had the wrist blades on the wrong arm,so chucked in spare arms with the correct orientation,but it would decrease the dramatic effect so I stuck to the original plan Perhaps as a nod to the old Aurora kits the base has a snake and a spider on it,but I may cover with some foliage(oh,and a seperate frog Over the years its had a few knocks and bumps,and I will need to disguise the join with some Milliput work and foliage.While a bit rough and ready compared to the resin kits of today,its a true garage kit and not lacking in charm.
  12. Hello all! While recovering from my pulmonary emboli I started up the old Tamiya I ausf E. I’m still pretty run down and most of the work done has been done in small 10-15 minute work sessions. I’m building the kit from the box but making a few refinements along the way. I had this kit ages ago as a kid so I’m looking at it differently these days. One of the refinements has been to thin the smoke discharger brackets. They still need more thinning but look heaps better than before. I also filled some holes for a grab handle only the Bovington Tiger had and did away with the front spare track bracket. Now should I build a Citadel das Reich Tiger or a 501st tiger? 🤔
  13. Whilst I'm in the mood, here is the Santa Maria to fill the year '1954'. This is the full hull version in the 1976 boxing. Not many parts but there is what looks like a rigging guide! I'm not sure how accurate the painting guide is but do we really have any reference material from 1492? Let's see what time I end up having available to enhance this.
  14. Some 50 years ago I have started building a collection of 1/32 open roadsters (2- and 4-seaters) from the motoring "Golden Era" 1920-50. This was THE time of Airfix in this area: Blower Bentley, MG K3, Alfa 8C 2300 and Bugatti T35. Later they were joined by Matchbox series of SS100, Mercedes SSKL, Bugatti T59, MG TC and Aston Martin Ulster. And then everything stopped - since the 70s nothing new appeared. Where are all these Sunbeam-Talbots, Rileys, Lagondas, Delages, XK120/140s, early Ferrari barchettas and so on ? Are there any chances for my collection to grow? Cheers Michael
  15. Hello one and all,So I've dug another kit out of my stash, I wanted a nice simple quick build, so decided on the above kit. I am going to use some aftermarket decals I've got and do some simple mods in order to convert it. The decals will be form Model Art Decals System and I hope to make it into a Hurricane Mk.I from the Free French Air Force in North Africa 1942.Here are the customary photos of the box and its contains as well as the aftermarket decals.A nice classic Matchbox kit!! A first for me as an adult, I don't think I've done one of these since my childhood and even then I think my dad helped me slap some polycement on a BAC Strikemaster and called it done no paint maybe a decal or two. Anyway i digress here is the photo of the box that I picked up for £4 at SMW 16.IMG_0533 by Neal, on FlickrInstructions are pretty straightforwards, so even I shouldn't get lost!IMG_0534 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0535 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0536 by Neal, on FlickrThe kit decals seem to be in pretty good nick considering the age of the kit!IMG_0537 by Neal, on FlickrThe back of the box which depicts the kit proposed versions.IMG_0538 by Neal, on FlickrTime for a sprue tour, it will be quick as there aren't many. The panel lines are deeper than some of the Somme's trenchs, and the clear parts are about as transparent as the future trump administration!IMG_0540 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0539 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0541 by Neal, on FlickrThe kit is 10 years older than me!! #vintageIMG_0546 by Neal, on FlickrHere are the decals I am going to use to on the kit, I bought them for the 1/72 Heller Mirage IV that is in the stash, so I thought I'd see how they behave by trying them on this build.IMG_0542 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0543 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0544 by Neal, on FlickrIMG_0545 by Neal, on FlickrTime to cut some styrene and get some glue and paint out! Hopefully the kit will go together ok and I can concentrate on the painting, dealing and weathering of the kit.Neal
  16. Dear all, I'd meant to post this link some time ago to the website for Puddletown bookshop in Dorset. There's a great stock of books on subjects of interest to Britmodellers, such as aviation, military history and so forth. A large number of the books are contemporary with their subjects and go back to the start of the 20th century. Having mentally spent several hundred quid there I thought others might find this of interest http://www.puddletownbookshop.co.uk BTW I've no connection with the place, either commercial or personal. Regards to all, Tony
  17. Recently I've fnished this revell P-26. I bought it some time ago to train myself in rescribing panel lines and as the training went satisfactory I felt that I would built the entire kit. The kit is quite old so I used a Starfighter upgrade set and starfighter decal.
  18. From a time when etched brass , resin , and detail sets in general were unheard of , comes the old 3 colour Matchbox Wellington. I loved the Matchbox kits when i was a kid. I must have built and "crashed" most of them! Roy Huxley's artwork was always very inspiring to a young model maker. I probably built about 3 Wellingtons , but i always did the coastal command one. This time i will be building the Mk.X. I am really looking forward to this , no extra details , nofancy pre shading etc , I may not even use the airbrush. Well here we go. Heres that fantastic artwork And the back , complete with little window to see the contents The 3 colour parts! And a stand , yes a stand! Why do we not get some of these things in todays kits?
  19. Hi guys I will be doing a 1/72 Airfix P-51D from the early days. I bought it in a Matchbox box and after opening the lid I closed it very fast. It's a little bit of a mix mash. an Airfix P-51 and some Matchbox decals. I don't know if i will use these decals. I will start this on and of if I have some time. Foto's will follow later if I can put myself to open the box again. Cheers,
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