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Found 10 results

  1. Wow what a kit! This is an exceptionally detailed offering from Riich. Comes with an extensive set of PE and accessories. No need for any aftermarket with this one. Even the suspension has real double coil spring! There are a couple of bizarre omissions such as the radiator which leaves a whacking great hole into the empty engine compartment but not to worry, an easy scratch fix. I think after building this I can strip and rebuild a real one blindfolded at night. I thought I would do it justice and put a bit of work into it. First off there are two points 1. There is nothing wrong with the Tamya offering so I don't want anyone dissing it. It's stood many a modeller well over the years. 2. I have to give a big shout out to these guys; https://vickersmg.blog/ As you'll see, this builds rabbit hole was the Vickers machine gun and I could not have done it without the help of them. So much info! I owe it all to them so check them out and maybe visit or donate. So on to the build. It depicts a Medium Machine Gun Carrier just come back from duty and having a bit of a tidy up,maintenance and re stock. They've found part of an old sign and used it as a work bench on top of some random ammo boxes. While the No1 is disassembling the gun and changing the barrel and jacker the driver is sweeping up the spent shells which as you can see get everywhere. All the helmets are kit with the inner liner on the 1st scratched and the webbing on the 4th one added. The rear bin and basket are scratched as the kit one couldn't be shown open. The brush is from the kit but the bristles added. Right then, The gun is 99% scratch. Tools are from the Miniarts set, petrol can from the kit. Tins and barrels and canvas covers are all scratch. I'm not sure if they ever changed the covers but I'm going for a refurb kit issued. There is a new cover, old cover, new barrel and old barrel still to be removed from the rest of the mechanism plus a barrel cleaning rod. The spring and casing I'm particularly proud of I did the fire extinguishers as painted but worn through to show off the brass. I was worried about the black leather seats but they seem to look ok. I'm also happy that you can see a lot of the linkages in the floor. Made it worth doing after all Those 303 shels get everywhere! I know they are a bit bright but I wasn't going to paint them! They are chopped up 0.3mm brass tubing. The barrels are 0.5mm brass tube so the bullets will actually fit . The brown leather tube in the bottom right propped up next the the gunners seat is the spare barrel and cleaning rod case. Standard issue. The ammo boxwes are blue/green as was the case pre 45 and most were repainted before NWE campain however I'm going for some that slipped the paint shop for added colour. I put all the kit hanging from the side. I wasn't until it had all been made and ready for fitting that some know-it-all called @Mike Starmer Pointed out that no kit was hung like this as it would all get ripped off by bushes etc in the narrow lanes. They only did this in North Africa. Well these boys have either been very lucky, have a very good driver or just haven't learnt yet. The kit bags are all scratch as well btw. Bit of sustenance hidden from the Sergeant Bit out of focus but theres a cork hanging from the chain for bunging the water jacket. Had a bit of a nightmare with the ammo boxes. They are all kit with added webbing for handles but the main thing is the lack of decals for them. No one makes them. I even tried 3D printing stamps but that didn't work out. I was going to scribble some yellow paint but thought that would spoil it. The cammo netting is aftermarket stuff with strips of Rizla. WIP is here: Thanks all Andrew
  2. Another ridiculously detailed little kit! 12 spru's, 3 sheets of PE and a bag of springs. What could possibly go wrong! I seem to remember reading that Riich (How do you pronounce that??) are an offshoot of a mainstream company producing higher quality kits. This is definitely true in the quality. An absolute beauty for detail. Perhaps too good. Some of the parts are ridiculously thin. Reminds me of Mini Art stuff. A random instruction page All the bits! For such a small model! The best bit so far? You get a hand brush Oh but wait, Riich models spoil you with this kit. Not one.......not two...... not three....... but FOUR (Count them!) FOUR hand brushes You don't get that sort of luxury in a Tamya Having said all that and despite all this detail there's no engine! But you do get all the connecting rods from the pedals to one so swings and roundabouts I suppose. Plan is for a maintenance break so a few things disassembled and in bits. Lets see how it pans out. Cheers Andrew
  3. Operation Veritable was succinctly summarised as being of 'Mud and Mines' and so I wanted to do diorama which summed this up. Took around 3 months of fairly continuous work, my first 1/35 models ever (seems like 'first' is all I ever say but I had started modelling back in March this year, in 1/72 scale.) Its brush painted and mostly scratch built. I built the base, signage, ground works, vegetation, the booby trapped mine and mines, fence, tree stump, scarecrow, some of the carriers stowage (the sandbags, areal with flag, the satchels with the maps, the bag in the back and the roll sacks). Some of inspiration and ref pics below: Ok so obviously not a UC but gave me the initial idea: This is the 9th Camaronians in the Reichswald. Note the general detritus at the road side, including a ripped out door frame. http://ww2talk.com/index.php?attachments/br-offensive-n-holland-27-jpg.186292/ This is taken from Holland but helped with the water effects: Also from the Reichswald (not sure of the unit): The 2nd Argyll's in Normandy (where gecko got their idea for the figures from). Now onto the dio itself: My initial sketch: Barely make out the dropped rifle under the murky water (top right). The bag pipes came with a decal which I would never have been able to fit so I ended up painting the tartan on. Its a difficult balance to strike with regards to the mines as I had to try make them be seen, as they were the whole point and title but also not very obvious to spot which would have been realistic to the soldiers in the piece. Hopefully your might be just able to make them out in the above and below pic (Their was four in total but really only three ended up visible. Played with a cold filter for the pic below: Note the booby trapped mine under sarge sten gun's boot. The link wire cutting across the front of the resin water, in front of the ducks Thanks for viewing. Paul.
  4. Dear Colleagues The Universal Carrier was a truly British vehicle. No other nation in WWII had anything quite like it. Capable of bringing up ammunition under fire, evacuating the wounded and leading assaults, it was the maid of all work for a Commonwealth Infantry Battalion. Riich make a lovely example although don't expect to complete it in a weekend! Having read the book 'Lion Rampant' about life in the 6th KOSB I had to choose this one from the Riich decal sheet. Yetholm is of course on the Scottish borders. Hope you like it? Andrew
  5. Just finished this great little Tamiya 1/35 Universal carrier. It is an older kit but still pretty good apart maybe from the crew figures faces, but that is easily resolved with a quick decapitation . Buily OOB except for the slightly modified figure. Paint is Life Color acrylics and AK weathering pencils. The figures head is a resin item from the spares box (sorry don't know the make). Hopefully this will be alongside the Sherman Firefly in a future Market Garden diorama with more figures.
  6. I got this little lump from Trickyrich on the forum, who had got it from someone else as a part-started kit, which came with a set of resin tracks - it was those that attracted me to it, as I hate the old rubberband style tracks that Tamiya still seem to put in the majority of their armour kits. Anyway, I had a few things to contend with, and as the original builder seems to have begun removing details to accommodate the Eduard set but not got round to buying it, I picked it up off eBay for a song to save me the hassle of scratchbuilding the missing parts. I also had to remove a few pieces of styrene sheet that had been glued in place for no apparent reason, one of which has caused a slight issue in the front end that I'll have to deal with later, plus a coat of "something" on some of the model that refuses to come off, and has gone chalky and white after a dip in IPA. Some of the ejector pin marks had been filled with a mixture of Green Stuff ( ) and CA, but it all needed more work (Can you see now where Enzo got the GB idea from?). I prepped the parts further while I waited for the Eduard set to arrive, and set to adding it on yesterday and part of today, with this being the current state of affairs as of close of play. I'm going to squirt some primer inside the hull before I glue the engine bay in, and then I'll just work through the rest of the two brass frets adding the last few bits & bobs that aren't yet attached. I've moaned a lot about the construction, but secretly I've enjoyed doing it. Just to prove no-one's perfect, I slagged the gear-shift gate piece whilst annealing it, cut too much off the rear fenders, and a few other little goofs that confirms that I am actually human, as if there was any doubt I must remember to cover those little film instruments on the driver's panel before I get the airbrush out, or I'll be cursing myself later
  7. After reviewing this little chap from Mirage Hobby the other day here, I decided to use it as a quick fun build as a break from the upgrading of the forum software The build progressed quickly in between sessions on the site, and apart from altering the seams along the hull edges so that they were on the sides, rather than the tops, there were a few seams to fill, all of which were fairly drama-free. It helped to have some references, and I still have a few rivets here & there to reinstate, plus an L-pprofile strengthening plate to add to the front mudguards, and a few little touch-ups here & there. The tracks were a bit tricky, and with only three links left over, you need to keep the carpet monster away from them at all costs. The vinyl tracks were actually easy to do, as you just cut them to length and join them with a drop of CA. I also stuck them to the wheels to get the characteristic sag you see on the photos, which worked quite well. The main tracks were of course link & length in styrene, so the sag was added by wedging them in position and softening the links with a bit of liquid glue, enough to lock-in the sag. One thing worth of mention is that throughout the model the sprue gates were very short, making for a small gap between parts and their runners. This made it difficult to use side-cutters, which tended to deform the parts, so I used a CMK razor saw blade for the most part, held between my fingers for better control of the pressure used. it led to much less damage, and was a surprisingly easy way of getting the parts free The side seams were designed to fit with the side plates added outside the deck, but on the real thing this is reversed, so when I had glued them together, I filled the seams and scribed in some new ones on the sides, and even though most of them are now hidden by fenders & such, I'm glad I did it. The exhaust shroud was thinned down extensively, as it is little more than steel sheeting, so it was generally thinned by sanding the inside, then the edges were bevelled to give a greater impression of thinness. The cart needed similar seam-filling work on the apron around the top plus some sizeable ejector pin marks needing removing, and the mudguards were also blended into the side fairings for a bit of extra finesse. There doesn't seem to be any texture to the main surfaces, partly because the steel is quite thin, but I added a little texture to the exhaust silencer and drilled out the exhaust pipe, which will get a bit of a rusted up look during painting. Here she is with a bit of primer squirted on last night:
  8. Hi folks, here are a few kits I hadn't got round to posting; Hobbyboss Sherman with 76mm, Tamiya carrier and Airfix MWD. The Sherman I completed last year and I owe a thanks to Sgt. Squarehead for help with British Shermans. The decals for the Sherman and the Universal Carrier were from Toro, which is a Polish company hence the choice of markings on both vehicles. The Bedford I have just finished and due to my local model shop selling alot of 'Ammo' products I gave them a go and used their SCC2 for the main brown and a lightened version for the canvas plus their washes and matt varnish. The carrier could do with some aerials at some point. Cheers for looking Nick
  9. Finished this a while ago. First completed 1/35th armour model in some time. Tamiya's Universal Carrier with Eduard etched set and Black Dog resin stowage. Thanks for looking!
  10. One from last year. Apart from an aerial or two and some more clutter its done. Tamiya 1/35 Bren Gun Carrier Sprayed with Tamiya acrylics & finished chalk wash. IMG_2937 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_2938 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_2939 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_2941 by Snapper_city, on Flickr
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