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Found 23 results

  1. I have completed the tiny X1 from the box set a while ago And here is the other half from the box set, the Tie Fighter Borrowed the cannon tower from the Bandai 1/72 A-Wing kit, and prepare a little bundle for Tie Fighter I know, they are in different scale, but hey, it is SF, so who really care Most importantly is having fun. The kit is easy to build, but require a bit effort on masking if you wanna to spray some colors. It works the effort tho.
  2. Hello everyone, here is my work in progress A-Wing. Test fit in an hour. Trial build is almost done Surface details is really nice After that, unassembled the kit, and applied Finishers green putty to smoothen some surface area on the fuselage. Rest of the parts are washed, and prepare for paint shop. The pilot seat has a large connector to "click" in the pilot, since I am not doing the pilot (as usual, what's new), the connector is removed and sanded before proceeding further. Sand the surface again, and seem it is smooth enough. Black primer time Followed by a colorful pre-shading
  3. Model downloaded from the web and printed on my Creality Ender 3 The ‘kit’ Base and stand body head and arms(legs ?) attached Primer Rattle can black over primer.
  4. Hello every one, started this one as a weekend (actually one of the Fri night) project. The build is standard Bandai quality, everything fit together. Just clean all the gate, and here you go. And then, after another few weeks, I was thinking, why don't I add a bit of color and make it nicer ? Hence here it is. Thanks for reading Ernest
  5. Pick up these two from a member of my model club who printed it for me. Cheers Tim. Its was printed at 50% and its still a 125mm tall, so a farly big figure. Started with dry fitted and then a coat of primer. There are a few bits that need a bit of extra work, there is a small hole in the body and the cape is not a great fit at the moment but it's thick enough to sand down to fit. Other than that ts a really nice looking figure and I will be painting with lots of weathering and grime.
  6. This is the Bandai 1/72 B-Wing. Built from the box and added the lighting unit for the engines (at £2.50 from HK it was not a hard desision). The paints I used were mixed so they "looked about right". The photos make them look a little darker than reality. A fun build. Tim
  7. I painted this according to reference photos of the first x-wing model ILM made for starwars. This was blue leader. Apparently, they changed blue squadron to red squadron because of the use of blue screens. So blue leader was re-painted as red 3, you can tell because of the distinctive replacement panel on the port upper engine. Yes that is a slice of the tamiya logo. Painted Ed in tamiya acrylics, weathered with lifecolor washes. I try to avoid using clear oats whenever possible. Build thread here -
  8. Time to start a new paper model and I want to keep it the same scale as the Y-Wing I have just completed. The T-47 is an iconic craft from the Star Wars universe and a really interesting shape, quite looking forward to the challenge of trying to get it looking good in paper! I have collected a number of images from the web to look at the craft in different angles, cockpit, landing gear.... The finished model will be around 100mm long scale wise 1:55 approx. The reason for this is I do want to build an AT-AT Walker in paper at some point and may need to think of the size! The front, back, top, bottom and side profiles are in the 3D programme and I am starting to model the basic shape. As I create the shapes I am constantly thinking about how this shape would unfold in paper, you have to be aware of this otherwise you may create complex shapes that you will end up re-modelling later on, it saves a lot of time to go at a steady pace. The thinking process of the shapes would be different if it would be used in 3D art, 3D printing etc.... Not much to look at but it will take shape over the next few weeks! For those who wish to have a go themselves there are a number of videos on you tube , there are a couple I found useful so let me know if you would like me to post the links.
  9. Finished ! These little Bandaï models kit are superb. Very fine détails and very easy to build. As this Tantive IV is the very first spaceship seen in the first movie, this model must be done !! I hope you will like it. Alain.
  10. Modelled in 3ds Max and skinned in Photoshop. As you can imagine it’s taken a few hours so far! I tend to model using paper and could see anyone who has made one online so thought it sounds like a challenge! Here is the main fuselage section This was taken a few weeks back so will post more tomorrow!
  11. Any Star Wars fans? I've just finished only my 3rd Bandai kit and as this forum was a terrific help to my Slave 1 build (Especially @ScootyPuffJunior) I decided to post mine up. I've been chipping away at the thing for about 3 weeks now. All critique welcome!
  12. Slave 1 Bandai 1/144 I'm currently finishing up only my third kit and absolutely loved putting it together so I've decided to share on this forum which has helped me along the way. All thoughts and criticism welcome! Huge thanks to @ScootyPuffJunior and his 2017 Slave 1 build.
  13. Need to finish off the base and do some more weathering before I can call it done.
  14. I had an unexpected day and a half off earlier in the year and managed to produce this whilst sat in my hotel room.
  15. Hi, I am currently working on a starwars diorama. I have two storm troopers from Bandai made up and in need of a little weathering but not much. I would like it to eventually look like the rogue one promo shots with the troopers wading through a tropical ocean. I have made up a base from MDF, covered in polyfiller and then sprinkled with sand and small pieces of gravel. It looks like this at the moment: My next steps are to paint the base, as I would like it a lot lighter than what it is now, and then pour epoxy, water clear resin after I have built up the sides with styrene to simulate the water. I have never used resin and I would be gutted if this went bad, so what should I worry about. Do I need to put a clear coat on the painted sand base? Will the acrylic paint or even the sand lift because of the Resin? I know I have to pour the Resin in stages and have researched a lot, but have realised I know nothing of how it will react with the other media. All ideas and advise welcome as always. Thanks for looking. Chris.
  16. Here you can watch an amazing concept trailer based on Ralph McQuarrie's early illustrations of the Star Wars universe. Just brilliant imho!
  17. Yet another master series Falcon from me. I have lost count of how many of these i have built. Nearly straight from the box but with 3d printed radar dish. Weathering is being a bit washed out in the photos. weathering not 100% movie accurate but this is my Falcon so im not too bothered. Still a great kit.
  18. Kit: Bandai Tie Fighter Scale: 1/72 Paints: Tamyia xf-82 Ocean Grey, xf-54 Dark Sea Grey, xf-63 German Grey, xf-85 Rubber Black, Vallejo 71120 USAF Medium Grey, other Vallejo colours for hand painting, water based grey oil paints for weathering, Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear finishing coat. Extras: None, not even glue! Build link: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235005473-172-bandai-tie-fighter/ So, another Bandai Tie fighter. The kit? Well, as good as any Bandai Star Wars Kit. Glue not required!! Simply undercoated with xf-82, top coat 71120, base is xf-54, the wing panel things(!!) are rubber black and dry brushed with various Tamiya greys. Quite a lot of time went into the cockpit which is now invisible!! But it's in there!! Here are the pics: And here he is chasing that pesky x-wing around! That's about it, hope you like them! There will be more... Many thanks, Val
  19. You know how clumsy the imperial soldiers are. Their shooting ability should be a good indicator. So their camouflage ability should not be any different. Tired of that long lasting resistance in dirty, rainy forests of Endor, this AT-ST driver looks when his shift will end. Well, this is the story I made later. After seeing 2-3 AT-ST shared in BM (excellent one by Andy, the camo one), I said, I'd never come close to such works with my skills. So I wanted to make something different. And assembling a Bandai SW kit is not very satisfactory (actually it is but it is very easy, me feeling like assembling a Kinder Surprise kit). So to make things harder, I just decided to paint that black box at hipbone. And others part fallowed. Than I said why not to try few weathering. And I overdid it. I wish I knew where to stop Anyway, I continued with some leaves from J's work which I used for the first time and I'm pretty happy with them. As you know Bandai plastic tends to crack with some paints etc. and it cracked in few spots after the washes, which became battle scars I liked the colors I used in legs etc. I hate the wash in some points. And as a last touch of creativity(!?) after hair spray, I used carob powder (something I bought for cooking desserts, one of my other hobbies). It made the job and you know what, it smells good too So here are some pictures:
  20. Hi All, Just coming back to modelling after a 10 year break and I'm posting a few of the things I had just finished before my absence from the fold. This is a customisation I did of the Kotobukiya 1/12 scale clone trooper figure. It's basically a re-paint with scratch-built custom backpack, holster and binos. Initially I sprayed the whole figure silver then masked out damaged areas using maskol. Over that I airbrushed the various camo colours using maskol each time to mask the patterns. Finally I removed all the masking fluid then added the weathering and various staining etc. I have a few WIP pics as well if anyone is interested, but I wasn't sure about posting them to "Ready For Inspection"! Chris For reference this is the original figure:
  21. Luke, you shall not kiss thy sister, we are not bloody Lannisters [/url]
  22. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) has been posting some great pictures on Twitter of behind-the-scenes on some of the Star Wars films. https://twitter.com/TheWookieeRoars/media anthony
  23. Hi All, Just thought I would create a thread for my first ever model in progress. It's a 1989 MPC Darth Vader TIE Fighter (the one that needs loads of sanding and filling ) Apologies for the slightly poor quality pictures, they were taken on my phone. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy the updates. Steps completed over the last few days. Primed Yesterday I primed all the main parts of the fuselage Lighting test I also tested my first ever LED lighting circuit. Obviously, the fuselage is not stuck together here I just wanted to get a feel for what it might look like. Cheers, Rob
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