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Found 13 results

  1. Videoaviation (http://videoaviation.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/videoaviation/ )has just released some interesting 1/72nd resin kits/sets: Source: https://www.facebook.com/videoaviation/posts/2275597002570574 - ref. 211672 - AM/32A-60 Starter Cart DUAL Set https://www.videoaviation.com/product/1-72-a-m32a-60-starter-cart-dual-set/ - ref. 211572 - MA/1A Starter Cart DUAL Set https://www.videoaviation.com/product/1-72-ma-1a-starter-cart-dual-set/ - ref. 211472 - Harlan tow tractor DUAL Set https://www.videoaviation.com/product/1-72-harlan-tow-tractor-dual-set/ - ref. 211772 - MA/1A & MD-3 Cold war Starter set https://www.videoaviation.com/product/1-72-ma-1a-md-3-cold-war-starter-set/ V.P.
  2. Cold War Starter Set - MD3 Generator & MA-1 Start Cart (208832) 1:32 VideoAviation.com I must say when you see the words "Starter Set" in modelling this is not what springs to mind. his is a new set from VideoAviation which provides aircraft starting sets. The MA-1A gives high pressure air which is fed directly in via the hoses to spool up an aircraft engine. This is provided by a small turbine engine mounted on the cart. The MD3 generator set is a ground power unit. It was designed to provide 28-volt DC 1500 amp, 115/220-volt AC three-phase electrical power for B-47 aircraft for ground operation and start. It also can be used with other aircraft that have power requirements compatible with its output. It uses a Continental 180-hp six-cylinder reciprocating engine to generate the power. Both would be often seen on the cold war USA airfield, originally in bright yellow before later being painted green. Both units arrive in the same white box from VideoAviation. The MD3 There is one main solid resin part for the body of the generator with additional resin parts, and a cable provided as well. A good sized decal sheet provides all the markings needed. The MA-1A There is one main solid resin part for the starter with all additional parts in resin. There is a smallish decal sheet provides all the markings. As the air hoses are provided in resin when heated in hot water the modeller will be able o bend them to what ever shape is required. Conclusion If you're placing any of your models on a base, adding ancillary equipment is a great way of enhancing realism. Once again the quality of casting in these sets from VideoAviation is superb. Very Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  3. VideoAviation is working on a 1/48th Lockheed F-104 Starfighter resin starter set composed by the Atlas compressor and the Ground Power Unit - ref. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/videoaviation/posts/1717802765016670 videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-f-104-starter-set/ V.P.
  4. C1Rob

    Where to start...

    Hi everyone, My first question and my first real post besides my intro post. As a new modeler I have a question about paints: How do you guys go about your paint buying/collecting. I've tried searching but cant really find any discussions or solid info about this on the web. Do you buy paints per kit or do you buy a handful of paints and only purchase that missing specific/exterior paints? Things like the various greys / greens /blacks, both matt, satin, and glosses. The various metals etc. Is there a list of common colors that are good to get for a starting modeler? My LHS went out of business last year so i have to order online. If i'm missing a paint it means i cant continue for a couple of days :/ I still have some 10 year old Testor paints, but i think those are lacquers and mostly gloss. I don't think i will used those very much and don't really feel like dealing with Lacquers anymore... 2 years ago I took an interest in miniature painting (battletech to be precise) and ordered a starter set acrylic paints from The army painter . I've been using these so far and they seem fine. I definitely enjoy painting with acrylics a lot more! I've since ordered 2 Vallejo paints (the 2 main exterior colors for the dutch navy helicopters) but im interested in Ammo by Mig(both are the same price) and some Hataka paints as well(they have some nice paint sets and the paints seems to be true to real life). I'm building my firsts real model now (a revell UH1) which came with some revell paints (i think the Aqua series, but seem to be Lacquer based by smell) but i'm missing a lot of paints, hence the question on where to start. I've managed to mix some of the included grey with some black and white from the army painter set (yea... mixing water based with lacquer based... i wanted to continue!) to match reference pictures but i'm at a point that i need to buy some more colors or spent half my day mixing paints wasting alot of paint. I'm keen to hear your thoughts on this
  5. I finished this 1/43rd Starter kit of the 1970 Martini Porsche 908/02 short tail today. It's built box stock and I used Tamiya acrylics and lacquers along with 2 part auto urethane clear coat. Really enjoyed this simple yet detailed kit.
  6. Today I finished this 1/43rd Starter Ferrari 312PB. It represents the car Mario Andretti and Jacky Ickx drove to win the 6 Hours of Daytona in 1972. Box stock. Largely Tamiya paints, acrylic and lacquer, with two part urethane automotive clear. The decals had dried out and a number of them shattered as I was applying them. I eventually wised up and coated the rest with Micro Scale liquid decal film. I love old Ferrari racing cars and these simplified Starter kits are loads of fun to build and paint.
  7. English Electric Lightning F.2A Starter Set Airfix 1:72 The Cold War era created some iconic aircraft that have remained in the hearts of aviation enthusiasts ever since. None more so than the functional but beautiful looking Lightning which was designed with the ability to get to its intercept point as fast as possible. It's design does little to hide this purpose, with two powerful Avon turbojets in an unconventional stacked arrangement at the rear and a highly swept thin wing configuration leaving little room for the array of additional equipment, cockpit, landing gear and fuel. The aircraft developed a charismatic lump underneath to address the lack of internal fuel, but it was never to become an aircraft famed for its endurance capability. Despite a career spanning nearly 30 years, the Lightning was only ever operated by three nations, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and of course Britain, but if you want to see one flying now, a trip to Capetown to see Thunder City's T.5 will be necessary although there is plans to restore a T.5 to airworthy condition in the USA in the near future. The F.2A kit was reviewed in May of this year by Paul HERE, so I won't do a review of the kit to avoid replication. That kit had decals for XN793 in the high visibility scheme as it wore in '72, however whilst this starter kit also includes decals for the same aircraft, they are the low visibility colours that it wore in 1974. Paint scheme for this aircraft was dark green over natural metal. Conclusion Whilst there has been some quality issues with the canopies provided in some of the Lightning kits, it has excellent detail and has been well received in the community with great results coming off fellow Britmodeller production lines. Whilst this set is obviously aimed at novice builders by providing the basic paints, glue and brushes to build it, it also provides a choice for more experienced builders if you want this decal option. Review sample courtesy of
  8. HAD Models is to release a 1/48th URAL-4320 APA-5D Russian standard modern airfield starter vehicle resin kit - ref. 348002 Source: http://www.hadmodels.com/348002_ural_4320_apa_5d_indito_kocsi_148_elorendelheto_20_os_aron_1481 V.P.
  9. I spotted this on one of the model shop websites, and thought that with two kits that it was something of a bargain ... The kit contains a truck (GAZ-AS1) and a Yak-1b. The Yak-1b is the Modelsvit / South Front kit, which I'll put to one side for now - I've been tempted to the dark side, by that truck. (If I recall correctly, I did build a trusk once, years ago, the Italeri Opel Blitz.) While there is a Normadie-Nieman decal option in the box, it is not the one shown on the lid. I've been trying to research the GAZ-AS1, and it seems that the chassis is the GAZ-MM, possibly the earlier GAZ-AA. There was another version built the AS2 on the GAZ-AAA chassis, which was very similar but had six wheels rather than 4. Having found some scale drawings of the truck, I will have to modify the truck bed and omit a few parts. A couple of queries I have about markings: I'm not sure if all Russian trucks carried markings - some had what looks like registration details on the cab doors, and on the back flap(?). These are not clear in all photos. The kit has instructions for one version (A-3-18-56) as shown on the box top. There are decals for other vehicles on the sheet, including some French roundels (Normandie-Niemen?) that I'd like to know more about.
  10. I discovered one of these in my stash hidden as a freebie inside another kit and thought it might look nice next to my Judy one day. It's all sealed and in good order minus the box so a nice addition to the 'shelf breakers'. Haswgawa Toyota Starter Truck Gb http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MjYzWDUwMA==/z/dqAAAOxy4dNS2TTG/$_35.JPG http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-images/hsgs1817bs01t-lg.jpg (I see once again it's converting pix to urls...pita!) Obviously not a popular subject (only found 1 BM build pic, although hints of at least 2 more) but I am hoping someone can point to pix, plans etc of the originals. Google bought up 2 very poor quality pix but little else. Also see there's a tanker that shows up occasionally. Perhaps a fleabay/market hunt is in order... At least it will be different to the current fad of RAF WW2 vehicles.
  11. The Toyota G series of trucks was built in huge numbers by the Japanese with the GB alone amassing 19870 units between 1938 and 1942. Hasegawa first released this 1/72 version complete with Hucks Starter in 1978. Unfortunately it's noted as 'retired' on their site but it pops up occasionally from the usual 2nd hand suppliers. I was planning on starting it in a week or two but plans change and out it came ahead of schedule. So is it worth building?...lets find out..
  12. Hello everyone, So I finally got around to building my spitfire! Total time it took is under a week including drying, sleeping etc. This is my first build ever, I am now going to start on the Airfix 737. Let me know what you think I used the paints provided in the kit except for Revell Aqua aluminium for bits of the landing gear. I used UHU for to glue the canopy to the body. There's a pilot inside. Also, I used decalfix for the decals, decalfix worked amazingly well I'd say. Lastly sealed everything in with two thin coats of Revell Aqua Gloss. [Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this build over at another thread ] See below the pictures of the final product : That's it. Let me know what you think! I'm going to be building the Airfix 737-200 soon, so let me know what I can improve on. I'll start a new build thread tomorrow or something for the 737 in the airliners section . Cheers, Hamdhan
  13. Hello there! This is my first post after my introduction post, and also my first scale model that I'll be building. So I grabbed the spitfire starter set for £6.99 from WHSmith. I was planning to build it over the christmas holidays, but I couldn't resist myself from trying out the painting and stuff. I've just done a few things, but I'm done for now until christmas (hopefully ) so that I can do my university work. So, find attached some snaps of the progress so far . Pictures: First look at the box: First look at the pieces on the sprue(I was quite excited at this point): Figuring out what goes where... Decal sheet : http://i.imgur.com/RdQUxf2.jpg My makeshift workstation with work underway (all my tools are back in Dubai): So thus far I've managed to finish painting the seat. Sorry for poor picture quality, my DSLR is back in Dubai as well haha: http://i.imgur.com/YSyoUoz.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nZu6mA4.jpg That's it for now folks. Lacking my tools and having to concentrate on coursework, I will have to put this project aside until christmas. But my plans for christmas are to finish this spitfire, then get started on a Revell A319 and Airfix 737. The A319 in British Airways livery and the Airfix 737 in Air New Zealand Livery. So that's it for now until mid December! Cheers everyone!
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