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Found 60 results

  1. A very very long time ago I started on a B737-200 I wanted to set myself a challenge so I decided on a project to build a B737-200 Combi fitted with a gravel kit etc. and with all the doors open being loaded up in the snow of the Canadian north....... Over a few weeks I collected together a kit, some AM stuff etc. as a starting point: The Airfix engines are known to be a poor representation of the -200 engines (narrow pylons being the first issue!) hence the braz resin engines. All was well until I looked at the Braz engines in the above shot.... which had degraded silicon bits from the mold down their tail-pipes... not good! but Hannants were their excellent selves and we quickly determined that all 2 of their remaining stock had the same issue so they went back for a refund. A bit more online retail therapy and I had some Nazca decals and the authentic airliners resin engines (lovelly things): I know the extratech PE is for a different model of B737 but I was using it for the common parts.... A few weeks later after some scratch interior building, cutting a cargo door opening and I was thinking about the cargo door itself: But in the end the windows just didn't look right and the internal detail on the whole aircraft was poor, the windows are in the wrong place on the model, the doors are wrong and the nose shape and cockpit windows are also way off..... Skip forward 3 years and I started using 3D printing at work to build replicas of skulls (useful for teaching anatomy). I've been modelling aircraft in 3D programmes for years (used to sell them for flight simulators) and remembered I had a 727 model somewhere.... the fuselage isn't that different so it might be easy to adapt it to make a 737-200. Skip forward another year of messing around in Blender, 3DStudioMax, ZBrush, Polyworks, Rhino and all manner of other 3D programmes I work with and I had a set of STL models that I was happy with. So this Christmas I borrowed our newest 3D printer from work and this is what we get: These are my external shape masters.... but there was a problem. It was cold the day I went out and left these to print (18hour print time at 40micron layer size) and I wasn't thorough enough with the glue (pritstick) on the glass build plate so I ended up with the left side's nose lifting off the build plate and warping (bugger!): Now printing a new left side wasn't an issue but it takes a lot of plastic and 9 and a bit hours! so a quick edit in blender and I printed off just the nose section from just forward of the left door: Might have been a bit OTT with the glue this time as it took 3 hours soaking in warm soapy water to get the damn print off the glass! Next up: how to perform rhinoplasty (nosejob) on a 737.... Marked up and chopped off the dodgy nose: Lined up and glued the new nose on using the right hand side as a guide: A bit of Perfect Plastic Putty (wonderful stuff!): Have just sanded off the excess filler and it all looks spot on. Next up printing the internal details masters, molding them all in silicon and then casting the rough resin detail masters from these molds. I'll then add all the small details, panel lines etc. on those resin casts as the 3D printer plastic is very hard and therefore difficult to sand etc. More later. FB
  2. After lurking here for some time I have finally taken the plunge and decided to post a WIP. Some caveats... this is not going to be quick or easy and could well remain unfinished - I just don't know what my skills are at this point. I was so unsure about posting a WIP I never took any photo's throughout the build up to this point. I'm sure you guys will still get the idea though. So, starting with some basic materials, and an even more basic tool kit. I managed to amass a bunch of parts similar to those shown here. It sure is a lot of faffing about to post an image here (other forums I am a member of allow you to upload images directly). Can someone confirm if the image above can be seen? So.. plastic buttons, plastic spheres, styrene sheet, beams and some brass rod - whatever could it be?
  3. Hi, I want to show today still some kind of rarity from my shelves - Avro 679 Manchester. (BTW: I am still surprised that there are apearing new Lancasters but no regular kit of Manchester or York. The same with Wellingtons and Warwick...). I made the scratch conversion of this model in ... 1998. A couple of years from now.... This time it was my the most advanced project on scratch conversion. I hope all will agree that the best available Lancaster in 1998 was that one by Airfix, the 8th series one - so this was chosen by me as the "base". It was a late variant, so beside doing "new" (smaller) stabilizers, additional vertical tail, deeply reshaped wings and Vulture engine I had to make smaller front canopy (moulded and glued from two parts - the flat part is glued in ), lower astro dam and smaller tyres... However - still I like the result, I hope you will enjoy it as well . The machine is L7284 from 207 Sq RAF, winter 1940/41, UK. She served until 1943, I think - but not all time in 207 Sq. Finally she was scraped out. This is the second member of Lancaster family I am posting - the first was York, which I posted in August or September. . Still there are two Lancs to show, waiting on shelf... Please have o look - and I hope enjoy it- any comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek P.S. In Krakow there was no nice weather today for making photos, neither iside nor outside - it is -1C and fog. - so the photos are in mixed artificial and day lights one is with flash - sorry for this. Some noising appears sometimens. But I did not post any photos for more than week, please excuse me...
  4. Hi, One of rare topic, I think - Avia Bh 33, Croatian AF. Unit "Skupina Cenic" (something like a "Cenic team" ) 5th Zrakoplovna luka (whatever it menas?) Banja Luka , 1942. She is an Ikarus licence produced airplane in Yougoslavia before WWII. ex- RYAF The wings (and as fas as I remember also horizontal stabilizers) were taken from Avia Bh 21 Kovozavody Prostejov, and the whole fuselage was deeply reshaped. And the engine....This was a sculpturing work. The u/c is also scrtach build. The decals coused problem since they are very thick and even microso/microset did not helped a lot... I hope you like it anyway. Comments welcomed. Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  5. Hi, I slowed down posting content of my shelves, because I started to made some sctrach conversions, which I posting on WIP forum. And one have to work also... Today I will try to present something very special for me. This is one of only few models in my collection, which are scrach conversion made out of epoxy resin, in which I used copies of main model parts done by myself. This was the first attempt. One I alredy posted - it was Airspeed Envoy, which I prepared making copies of key parts (like wings) of Airspeed Oxford from Pavla. The model presents Caproni Ca 309 Ghibli, This was so called "colonial" airplane - designed for transport but also for some small battles like estinguishing revolts... Its precursor was Caproni Ca 308 - a small passanger aircraft. The next was Caproni 310 - bomber followed by series of further developments Ca311-314. The main source of copied parts was then Caproni 311 by Italeri. Ca 309 has similar dimentions but much tight fuselage and dfferent, smaller engines as well as fixed u/c nay many other changies. Clear parts are some glued from separate windows (as I shown in Percival Gull post in WIP) and nose glass was home made by means of pressing it by purposely made mould. There is a small story behind this my conversion. In one show of models in Krakow's Museum of Aviation I shown Kaproni-Bulgaria KB 11 Fazan - made completly out of scratch (I posted her in September in RFI). And one collegue, who was in Jury of this contest told me - "Fazan is a vey intersting model. But there was another Bulgarian Caproni (or rather Kaproni - Bulgarian branch was written by "K" , since they use cyrilics) - this was a licence version of Ca 309. It would be something if you can do this for next contest". So I tried. But instead of rather dull Bulgarian dark green/light blue camo I made it in original Italian markings. And it became one of a laureate next year (but not the first prize)... The markings are from 104 Squadron, 1 Gr. A.P.C. (whatever it menas), North Africa 1940-41, Reggia Aeronautica. Painting by brush (dry brush to imitate spraying). Decals by ESCI from different sets of Italian airplanes. Please enjoy it and comments welcomed! Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  6. Hi, Next Britt, which went for Spanish Civil War - Airspeed Envoy. Republicans, 1938. I did this model ten or eight years ago, making a scratch conversion of Pavla Airspeed Oxford.The Cheetah engins and propellers comes from Airfix Anson - it remains me after conversions of Ansons into Mk V and Mk XII (I posted photos of them in August, I think). Now there is a very nice kit of Envoy by RS. It is perhaps wearing even the same markings. New model makes my efforts sometime useless. I have a couple of examples like that, that I made scratch conversion and then nice kit apeared...That is life Here she is: Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  7. Evening all! Apologies about the photo's quality (or lack of quality)! This quick little 2 hour build started from an obsession (practically everything nuclear weapons, cold war or anything military post ww2). I have been aware of the Topol and Topol-M missiles for quite a while and have always wanted to build a model of one, naturally, and having seen the new Zvezda offering I decided to think about making my own. Weeks went by with nothing much being done until I came across the Zvezda Topol model in my local model shop, when I got home I sat down with some plasticard, some plastic tubing and some foamboard and created a model of the Topol-M in its "erected" position. As said previously it was all made in 2 and a bit hours with only classical music and glasses of water to keep me going! I don't know the scale as I started from the ground up and so the wheels of the Topol were scaled down to the width of the tubing and everything went from there. Hope you enjoy! Sam
  8. My gesture of self-sacrifice for the modelling community - finished just in time Sword and then RS Models released their state-of-the-art Sagittario kits. Well, at least I wasn't then spoilt for choice and yes, I still managed to use a few Pavla parts (however, modified)... Some in-progress pictures:
  9. I'm an ex detail freak and have seen work on this site that is absolutely beautiful, stuff my failing eyesight and shaky hands couldn't come close to achieve, but....it drives me nuts to see guys adding wiring loom details and twisting them, as an ex aircraft electrician I have to implore you, don't do it, wiring in real live demands equal OCD levels of attention and is NEVER twisted, it is a sparkies pride to ensure wires NEVER cross because it would cause chafing. So please take this onboard you detail freaks and keep up the ever increasingly good work
  10. I represent you model from the last. Old Hasegawa kit and catapult cut from plastic. Seagull Painting pre-war, light cruiser Phoenix, 9th division of cruisers. Catapult P VI standard catapult military USA navy. It was used all war, on cruisers and battle ships. From Pearl harbor until the end of war. Under it 4 float-operated scout, the spotter of fire are developed. Curtiss Soc3 Seagull Vought-Sicorsky OS2U Kingfisher Curtiss Co3C Seamew Curtiss Sc-1 Seahawk Everything was built here and here: catapult http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_39269_start_0.html Seagull http://karopka.ru/forum/forum259/topic15251/ Catapult
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