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  1. Hi all, something a little different today, which I hope falls within the scope of this channel, hah. As something of an aspiring writer, I've spent many a year building up lore for a sci-fi universe, to include a lot of custom weapon and vehicle designs where I attempt to blend practicality with something aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the setting. While I have artwork, I also made a snap decision to try something I'd never attempted before: a full size prop. I only have access to basic prop making materials and tools: styrene sheets and pieces; the insulation foam I use for diorama bases; some Green Stuff putty; and the usual no.11 blade, ruler, craft saw etc. No 3D printing or vacforming or anything like that So I guess, here are the results of the two projects (I only have these two pictures of them to hand) The pistol was the first to be built, and when that turned out better than expected, I jumped a bit further and went with the carbine. The pistol has a movable selector switch (mirrored both sides), and the underbarrel module can be removed. The carbine has a simple charging handle that can be pulled back and will (mostly) snap forward again, courtesy of some tubing, a plunger and a spring. Selectors move, trigger moves thanks to another spring. Sights can flip up and be removed through the rail, along with the grip and laser module. Magazine can be removed. Made up the little press studs with some old screw cup washers I found in the garage to finish it off. Overall, pretty happy with how they both turned out Well, that's that. Thanks for looking ^-^ Gaz
  2. Hello I'm new to this forum and I would like to post pictures from my build of Revell Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager 1:670. But first the introduction: My name is Lukas and I'm from Czech Republic {please excuse my English skill} . Decided to post here, in a UK forum, because I noticed that the community of sci-fi builders is much bigger here and in my domestic forums and also the overall attitude of the people here seems more welcoming where in CZ forums I was often surprised how toxic and offensive people can be. I'm building plastic models for a few years now, starting with planes then ships {historic and modern non-millitary} but last year i tried my first sci-fi builds {bandai SW} and found out that so far this is the area of plastic scale models which excited me most as i'm like huge sci-fi nerd Now to the build: By building this spaceship i'm basically fulfilling my child dream. As Star trek: Voyager was my favorite TV show and i always wanted to build the Voyager and have it for show on shelf. With this build I will be aiming for a fully lit version with heavy modifications as some of the details of this kit are not good i will try to recreate them as best as my skills allow me This also my first attempt to light the model, for that purpose I bought a lighting kit from Ebay. I will try to upload pictures of my progress regularly. Any suggestions and the tips along with some healthy critique will be most welcomed. Hope you like my work Lukas
  3. * I edited the topic title because some models isn't in the 1/100 scale. Hello Guys from Sci-Fi. Live long and prosper... or may the force stay with you! I'm the new guy of forum, and I want show my sci models for you guys. My models are scratch, build with paper, cardboard, white glue (school glue), balsa wood, plastic pieces. First, I show the most recent model that I build, one AT-AT Walker. I guess that the weathering was "a little much" (I dont say this in english, sorry). It stay inside in the Dagobah swamp!!! .
  4. Building Large Scale SCI-FI & Fantasy Models Build Guide Series No.9 KLP Publishing Online publishing is now starting to find its way into the modelling community. KLP Publishing is one of the new online publishers, specialising in eBooks for the scale aircraft modelling community. Their debut title Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale: A Scale Tribute to K.J. "Brick" Bricknell reviewed here has proved to be a success. They have since done titles on the Bird Dog, Spitfire XIVe, AEG G.IV Late, FW 189, He 219. P-51 and Ki-45. In a change from their previous titles this one does not concentrate on one aircraft but on 8 builds across the Sci-fi and Fantasy genre. The eight builds are; Droids Hulk Lost In Space Mars Attacks The Time Machine Moon Base Tournament Challenge The Book is a distillation of articles the Author Jason Gares wrote for the now gone Sci-fi and Fantasy Modeller Magazine. Given this book covers 8 builds it is KLPs largest to date with 473 pages. Each of the 8 builds articles details the building of the models, followed by their painting and weathering. As this is not a "sponsored" publication the author uses the products he has seen as the best fit at the time for his work. Techniques for building bases are also included with the individual builds. Conclusion This is the type of publication that the new digital format is made for, multiple builds on a single Genre packed with detail and photos. This is clearly a book written by a modeller for modellers. The text is clear and concise and the great selection of crisp pictures is welcome, many more than you would get in a printed publication. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. As some of you might know, we're big fans of the stuff that GreenStrawberry is producing for all our Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, BSG and all those other shows/films that we know and love. They're great people too, which endears them to us even more, but Brexit seems to have hit them a little hard when it comes to sending shipments to the UK from their base in Czechia (Czech Republic). We're pleased to announce that in order to stay in contact with their valued customers, they've set up a chat room for you to discuss things with them, which you can find here: https://greenstrawberry.cz/content/80-chat-room You'll have to create a new login even if you're an existing customer, as it's a separate system from their ordering software. If you've got any issues, questions or suggestions, they'll be only too happy to help, and you can also meet up with other folks that have been unable to find enough to reach the minimum shipping amount, agree to join forces and get it done - at your own risk of course. Going back to Brexit briefly (must we? ), please remember that it's a huge change for overseas companies in the way that they do business with us British, so cut them some slack when it comes to shipping and the constraints that they're under now. Also, don't forget that English is not their first language (although they'd pretty good at it), so remember to talk/write to them in your best Queen's English , as I can't understand you lot half the time, and I'm born & bred here! As a reminder, here's the note from their website. If you want to get some sets direct, and don't have a large enough order, team up with a buddy, possibly using their chat section as a hub to find a new friend, and spend spend spend! Anyone wanting to do that on here should reply to this thread if they're looking for a friend to share shipping with. We all know each other here, but the usual caveats apply Finally, we've got a few new sets coming from them soon, so watch out for the reviews when they pop up
  6. Resin Figures (1350015) 1:350 GreenStrawberry While these little folks aren’t strictly Sci-Fi, I suspect that they were intended to be placed in Star Trek kits that have visible bays or arboretums, at least initially. That doesn’t stop you from using them anywhere that their scale would permit, even going as far as a Gulliver’s Travels diorama! The set arrives in a small box, which is why it got side-tracked for a while (sorry about that!), and inside is a plastic bag that has been heat-sealed into four quadrants, each one containing a casting block of figures. There are no instructions because each figure is a single part, and as they aren’t intended for any specific role, you can paint them any colour you like, within reason. The four casting blocks each have little ears at the ends to help protect the figures, of which there four on each block. There are two blocks of male figures, all in different positions, and two blocks of female figures in the same poses as the males, so if we’re thinking Star Trek, you have plenty of variety to play with. The poses are as follows: Walking, possibly carrying or pushing something Standing, hands on hips Kneeling on one knee, both hands out Walking, arms swinging Standing, one arm out straight Standing, possibly leaning against something Standing, hands near pockets Standing, hands folded in front Each figure is attached to the block across the shoulder blades, and there are additional wisps of resin spreading out to ease casting, but all this should be very easy to cut off the back, possibly with the aid of some Blutak to hold the figure down. At this scale the limbs are very slender, but my example had made it here in one piece, but care will need to be taken by the time you begin handling them for painting and eventual installation. Conclusion Very well-detailed and crisply cast tiny people in a range of poses that will add some human scale to any 1:350 model whether it’s Sci-Fi or otherwise. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  7. Hello everyone... I present my latest build from the Sci-fi/Movie-TV Group Build. It is Red Two flown by Wedge Antilles at the Battle’s of Yavin and Endor. This is the ancient MPC kit which i think is 1/48 scale. Its close to that as i used a 1/48 cockpit from my spares and it seems to fit. I did a few things to it. I made a canopy post for open display as seen in some photo’s. It is removable so the canopy can be posed in a much lower state. Like i said the Cockpit is from my spares as the kits used dial gauges molded in to the dash. Its far from perfect but its better than stock. I also added the two launch tubes for the secondary torpedo’s used in the trench run of the 1st death star. They weren't there on the kit, just flat panels. A link to the build log in the Sci-fi group build. Questions, comments, and or thoughts ? Dennis
  8. Star Wars Hangar Crew & Equipment Vo.IV (72004 & 07219-1/72) 1:72 Greenstrawberry You've probably heard of Star Wars just like you've also probably heard of Bandai, so if you put those two together you've probably also heard of GreenStrawberry and if you haven't you're about to, so prepare your wallet for a shock when you see all the lovely sets that are available. GS as I call them for my ease produce all sorts of accessories and detail upgrades for Sci-Fi subjects in general and Star Wars is one that features heavily on their menu. This latest batch of sets are great for the diorama builder that wants to put their ships into a human scale on the ground, and we reviewed the first issue here a while back, which is now augmented by these new sets. Each set arrives in a small black-themed card box with CGI rendered sticker on the front showing the contents. Inside the resin is ziplok bagged and has a small instruction sheet where appropriate. Hangar Crew Vol.IV (72004) Three figures are included in this set, each of them attached by the soles of their boots to their casting blocks and their arms standing up by their sides, all surrounded by wafer-thin supports to aid the ingress of resin and egress of bubbles. There are also some wisps of resin adhering to the parts where the moulds have been split, and these can be removed with your fingertip or a sharp blade. These folks are all pilots dashing to their ships, presumably during a squadron scramble, and are in action poses as befits the occasion. Two are running, one of which is adjusting his helmet as he goes, and the third figure is clambering up his boarding ladder with the usual butt-out pose adopted to balance while climbing aboard. Only the helmet-adjuster has his arms moulded in place, so there is some room for adaptation of their arms to suit your needs, which might be useful for the ladder climbing chap. Hangar Equipment Vo.IV (07219-1/72) Like the previous sets, this one includes a set of five boxes of various types and sizes and you will have seen a couple of those in previous sets if you've been paying attention. There are two rounded-edge boxes with horizontal lines engraved in their sides, a flat stackable box with an irregular outline, a box with fluted protective vanes all over it, and finally a pack of four cylinders on a palette. Very useful for background clutter that accumulates on even the most fastidiously clean hangar decks and gives a diorama that lived-in look. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Hello everybody ... Well I decided i couldn't wait to start my Bandai AT-ST Walker. Being that im coming from an Aircraft modeling base i have loads of extras in 1/48 scale. My intentions are to build this as a Resistance captured/operated walker. Ive chosen to build it as a Temperate/Junglie L.R.R.P. Unit. This will have extra weapons possibly uprated armor, stowage, and a nice Camouflage scheme over everything. Something like the scheme #’s 7, 9, & 10 from @Gekko_1‘s walker thread. Im hoping Gekko you dont mind me linking to this ? I take inspiration from several other builds of Star Wars models not just walker’s. I have thank @Gekko_1, @AndyRM101, @monsterpartyhat, & @Pete in Lincs all your sci-fi works have inspired me to do this. Dennis
  10. Hi all and great to look back at 2018 and the bits of plastic I stuck together, whether for Group Builds here or elsewhere, or just for fun. All are 1/72 unless noted. As I'm slowly getting into airbrushing, all of these are brush painted, except for any white finishes which are a rattle can with brush finish on top. First finish was a Revell Albatross in January for the Flying Boat GB here. Revell_1_72_USCG_Grumman_Albatross (2) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_1_72_USCG_Grumman_Albatross (3) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_1_72_USCG_Grumman_Albatross (7) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Then, an equally ancient Jaguar T2 for the Matchbox II GB Matchbox T2 Jaguar EPTS PK-128 (1) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Matchbox T2 Jaguar EPTS PK-128 (7) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr A total change of direction for me - Armour! A Meng Toon Sherman with the Oddball/Kelly's Heroes treatment.. Meng M4A1 Toon Oddball_Sherman_Done (7) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Meng M4A1 Toon Oddball_Sherman_Done (8) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Sticking with wheels, an Academy Schwimmwagen for a Cars GB based on a well-known photo. Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_Crew_2_crop by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Academy_1_72_Schwimmwagen_Crew_4 crop by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Base 10 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Back to wings...an Esci Matador for the Hawker GB. Esci_AV8A_Harrier_Matador (9)f by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_AV8A_Harrier_Matador (6)f by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Esci_AV8A_Harrier_Matador (12)f by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr More Naval wings - Cyber Hobby's SH-3D Sea King '66' for the Carriers GB. Cyber Hobby SH-3D Helo 66 (2) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Cyber Hobby SH-3D Helo 66 (4) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Cyber Hobby SH-3D Helo 66 (14) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr But the ancient kits keep calling me! Revell's F-105G Wild Weasel for a Good Morning Vietnam GB Quite happy how the camo turned out on this one using brushes.. Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_7 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_8 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix's A-26 Invader as Tanker 59 for a Civil GB Airfix Douglas A-26 Invader_Air_Tanker (6) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Douglas A-26 Invader_Air_Tanker (9) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Similar vintage with their HS-129 for the Golden Age of Airfix GB. Airfix Hs 129 B-2 Done (2) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Hs 129 B-2 Done (7) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Airfix Hs 129 B-2 Done (14) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Back to the future with a newish kit that's not Airfix! Revell's mini Slave One for a Sci Fi GB. My first time using Maskol and really liked it. Revell_Slave_One_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_Slave_One_6 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_Slave_One_4 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And my last one, finished on Christmas Eve as a thank you present for my neighbour who's related to Ernest Shackleton. The Revell kit......the new one! Revell_Shackleton_AEW_2_ (1) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_Shackleton_AEW_2_(8) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Revell_Shackleton_AEW_2_ (2) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for all your comments, advice, likes and encouragement during the year - this hobby and the people in it are frequently my pressure-relief from all that's going on with work/family/life. etc. I appreciate the support! Keep on sticking for 2019 and yes, will fire up the airbrush (and build some newer kits) All the best, Dermot
  11. Hi to all,My main hobby is mount tanks 1/35. On each kit there are several leftover pieces. One day I imagined mount something with those pieces and this is the result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS_XDiluZs4
  12. Hello from Essex. Glad to be here!
  13. Hi folks. New member, blown away by the builds on here! Here's my most recent build. A Fallout inspired take on TT Combat's 1/56 (28mm wargames scale) Dinogas Filling Station. A mixed media (mdf & card details) kit that was a doddle to put together. Base coated in acrylics (UMP primer, Tamiya, Vallejo Model Colours) shot through the UMP-Apex airbrush and weathered with acrylics (AK, Tamiya, Vallejo) and oils (winsor & newton & sansodor odorless thinners). Very happy how it came out and given me the confidence to tackle a 3 foot square gaming table for the upcoming Fallout table top RPG! I've got a step by step build log over on my blog with loads of wip shots if you're interested: http://www.richbuilds.com/articles/build-review-tt-combats-dinogas-filling-station-28mm-mdf-wargames-terrain/. Always happy to answer any questions you might have. Please bear in mind it's not 'finished' (windows need dusting, etc.) till I've done the in-place weathering once the boards done. In the meantime, happy building! :-)
  14. The boys at Modelcollect have broken out of Arkham Asylum, but first they sampled the Joker-gas...??
  15. Hi Guys, I havnt been out in the shed building many models lately... the winter has seen to that! So, instead I have started dabbling with modelling of a different sort, 3D models. The Meshes are downloaded for free online and rendered by myself in Lightwave and finished off in Photoshop. So far I have done a few dozen, so rather than linking them all here, I will show you a few and give a link to my FB page where I upload them. Hope you enjoy! Chris https://www.facebook.com/chriscardwellmodels/
  16. I hit the [backspace] key accidentally when I almost complete the post so I lost all my input in a second So I'll link the images first and then I'll add the description next day Description below: This is an old resin kit has been in my collection over 20 years. The kit is sculpted by famous sculptor Takeya Takayui. Who is a talent of monster and character design. This kit actually was a conversion of a mecha from 80s animation "Aura Battler". The kit is around 80mm high and casted in grey color resin. The sculptor actually turned this mecha into more organic from and lifeful instead of a battle mecha. You can compare the look between the animation and the kit itself. I sprayed Vallejo black primer, and then white primer for highlighting. Before painting the details i used Vallejo wash to define the recess area and shading. To be continued ...
  17. The massive 22" Long Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter from MPC is now in stock and available to order! This impressive model kit is the latest addition to MPC's range of Space: 1999 models, complementing their popular Eagle 1 Transporter, Eagle Transporter with Laboratory Module and Moonbase Alpha models.
  18. Hey guys, well its been a while since I last did a physical model (been getting a bit carried away with the 3D renders lately!) So today I got stuck into the Revell USS Enterprise for a client. I don't normally rush things, but once I started this kit today I couldn't stop, so I persevered and managed to get this done in a single day! Its been a while since my last 1 day build! (well, I started after lunch!) I'm putting it in the WIP Thread as its not TOTALLY finished as I will give it a quick gloss coat tomorrow once the decals have totally dried! Hope you like! I'll include a link to my page where there are more pics including some more WIP and "finished" pics. https://www.facebook.com/chriscardwellmodels/
  19. Gundam plastic model news from Shizouka : watch full album at the HLJ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=np.1431565409330318.100002440552223&type=1 MSK-008 Dijeh new kit from new Bandai 1/100 RE/100 product line: 1/100 MASTER GRADE MSN-00100 Type 100 Hyakushiki Ver.2.0 b HG Mobile Worker: RG Gundam Astray: Bandai hi-tech molding technology - parts molded from two different plastics: (probably ABS+PS because PS+PS would mixed together)
  20. One of my builds for the Sci-Fi group build is the Nelson-class 'Space Battleship' by Kami de Korokoro. This is one of a number of resin spaceships in their 'Original SF Mechanics' series, which consists of WWII warships reimagined as spaceships à la Leiji Matsumoto, and the only one to be based off an actual battleship. I bought this kit on a whim from Hobby Link Japan two years ago, for 2600 yen. It comes packaged in a plastic bag with the artwork/header-cum-instructions inside as well. The main hull is a single piece, with the turrets, parts of the superstructure, and winglets to be attached on. The smaller parts, which include smaller turrets, radar dishes, aerials (with a keel included?), and two tiny fighters came in smaller ziploc bags. The instructions simply consist of a parts list and exploded views. Like the real-life Nelson battleships all the main gun turrets are carried forward (and an extra one is added to the underside). It can't be seen from the photo but the bow of the ship contains a Yamato-style cannon. The kit is straightforward in the way small resin kits are, that is only straightforward after proper cleaning-up of the parts. The casting is pretty rough, the main hull will need quite a bit of smoothing-down and I will probably need to scratchbuild some replacements. The kit is actually small, smaller than a 1/72 Spitfire. I will post a picture with this comparison once I finish the kit.
  21. To those of us who grew up watching him on TV, Leiji Matsumoto's Captain Harlock is the archetypal space pirate. Part Byronic hero, part Eternal Champion, he (or at least his space pirate incarnation) starred in two TV series, two movies (one of which came out in 2013), two OVAs (besides the original manga) and is an important side character in several other works by Matsumoto. To me, his style defined what spaceships, battleships and fighters should look like in SF. I will be building the SW-190 Space Wolf, released as part of Hasegawa's Creator Works series as a tribute to this childhood hero (and also because I'm too afraid of buying and making a mess of the model of his pirate ship Arcadia). The Space Wolf was a fighter carried by the Arcadia, whose entire crew were apparently excellent pilots. I don't know if the Luftwaffe-esque SW-190 designation is canonical or something added by Hasegawa, though (i) Matsumoto was known for his World War II stories (cf. The Cockpit) and (ii) one of Harlock's ancestors was in the Luftwaffe and (iii) the Arcadia in one of its incarnations uses an authentic Revi C12D gunsight for targeting its guns may have something to do with it. The kit comes moulded in four sprues, along with a clear sprue and black and white sprues which make up a fine skull-and-crossbones stand to pose the fighter. Parts are provided for a pilot figure, whose features could represent one of many characters besides Harlock himself. The kit has a lot of nice surface detail though I don't have any source material with me to see how canonical it is. The skull-and-crossbones stand, with the skull part thoughtfully moulded in white plastic. The kit suggests three colour schemes. The first (RLM 82 over 76?) is from the 1982 movie. The painting instructions literally recommend RLM 82 as the top colour. The second is from the original 1977 anime, and the third 'low-visibility' scheme is pure fiction. I would like to do it in the second scheme, but the 'off-white' is intimidating, It is worth mentioning here that the cockpit is to be painted in RLM66 and the wheel wells in RLM02. The decal sheet is really nice, with faux-Luftwaffe markings (and stencils in German!) and plenty of death's-heads. The left-over markings can come in handy for what-ifs. While not related to the build, it is worth mentioning that when drawing the original Harlock manga, Matsumoto and his assistants used plastic models as references. Amusingly, Harlock's first mate is a dedicated modeller, who is willing to forgo his duties as first mate to build models.
  22. 1/72 Ranger from the Interstellar movie. source Moebius, Megahobby, monstersinmotion.com more: http://culttvman.com/main/moebius-models-interstellar-ranger-sneak-peak/
  23. Hi guys, this was a bit of an experiment ive been wanting to do for some time. Below is a screen grab from the Battlestar Galactica Mini Series, it shows a Battlestar similar to the Galactica hit and adrift, and it gave me an idea. I thought to myself, hmmmmm ...so, rather than posting all the photos, here is the end product, and a link to the folder with all the WIP photos for your viewing pleasure. http://s181.photobucket.com/user/chris1984_99_99/library/Battlestar%20Titanic?sort=3&page=4 I still need to get a base made for it, but I think im finished with the kit itself. Its my first time doing an explosion this way, so any words of advice or how to improve would greatly be appreciated! Thanks! Enjoy!
  24. Hello all, I am not actually too sure if this counts as a "Sci-fi" build? It's got a laser-cannon of some kind on the top now so I am going to classify it as such. This is also my first commissioned build, a teacher at the school I work at found out that I like "bashing plastic together" as he puts it. He is a massive Warhammer fan and runs the Warhammer club at the school. I dont know why, but he is trying to get me to join in, and he asked me to paint up one of his building. Here is what I started with... After a few hours of filling and sanding, then priming and painting. I decided that I didn't like the first attempt so I repainted the whole thing and was handed back the below. The teacher loved it alot, dunno if he intends to give me some more or not... Sorry for the dodgy pictures, these where taken on my phone. This is the first building I have ever done, so I realise it is not perfect (is any model in reality?) but I do want to improve my skills. I will take on all criticism (constructive) and see where it leads me. I am planning on making something like this again, probably not soon tho. Thank you for looking. Kind Regards, Dazz
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