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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all and here's what I got done last year. Lots of fun, tried to challenge myself with some armour and different schemes/finishes. Most were built OOB except where noted. I think the T-38 is my favourite given how basic a kit it is. Thanks for looking and here's to a happy new year with lots of modelling! Cheers, Dermot 1/72 Revell F-14D backdated/converted to the model 303 prototype first flight.. 1/35 AFV Club M-18 Hellcat with Value Gear Details - first 1/35 armour in about 30 years! 1/72 Hasegawa F11-1F Tiger Even more ancient 1/72 Hasegawa T-38 converted to a Dryden Flight Research Center NASA Talon (ish) 1/72 Hobby Boss TA-7 converted to an EA-7L with Wolkpak wingfold and scratchbuilt ECM pods, aftermarket decals. 1/72 AMK Delfin - lovely kit, shame about the decals! 1/72 Hasegawa Kfir converted to Argentine Dagger Revell 1/4000 Easy Kit Star Destroyer with fibre optics by Captain Jacks Lighting and heightened sidewalls. 1/72 Fujimi A-4 Aggressor 'Fake Mig' 1/72 Revell Strv 122 Swedish Norbotten Regiment 1/72 Airfix P-51D 'Maverick's Mustang' 1/169 Revell Easy Kit Millennium Falcon in DHL scheme 1/29 Revell Easy Kit Snowspeeder with enlarged cockpit windows, open airbrake and repaint. Revell_EasyKit_Snowspeeder_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr
  2. Following discussion in the What If IV thread, and inspired by Pacific at War's success in getting several popular proposals that didn't quite reach critical mass together under a broad common theme, here is the group build for all things either film and television, fictional or speculative...or both. The plan is to run it as one group build, with entries going in any one of three subcategories: What If IV: The only rule is the subject can't have existed (in completed form) in reality. The departure from reality can be as subtle as fictional markings on an otherwise Rivet-Counter Approved (TM) Spitfire, P-51 or Bf.109, or it can be a completely fanciful kitbash. Real projects or proposals that didn't reach the hardware phase (including incomplete prototypes), fictional subjects from media other than film and television (novels, comics, video games, etc.) and original speculative or creative concepts are all included. Sci-Fi & Fantasy III: Any subject goes here if it fits the science fiction or fantasy genres. Obsessively screen-accurate, casual OOTB build, non-canon original paint scheme, kitbash or completely original design independent of any published source material...it doesn't matter, as long as it fits in the science fiction or fantasy genre. Movie and TV II (aka Big Screen, Little Screen): Anything from TV and movies goes here...animated or live action, and it doesn't have to be a fictional work. I'm going to tentatively suggest that news coverage wouldn't usually count, but real equipment featured on series such as Top Gear, Mighty Ships, etc. is fair game. The one restriction here is that it has to be at least reasonably close to screen-accurate for the source material: A Top Gun F-14 or A-4 wouldn't necessarily have to match the exact serial numbers, but it would have to be the right version with the appropriate camouflage scheme and unit markings, for example. And most importantly...let's have fun! Who's interested? 1) Sabre_days (Host) MIA 2) Corsairfoxfouruncle (Co-host) Onboard 3) whitestar12chris (Co-host) Onboard 4) SleeperService Onboard 5) John D. C. Masters Onboard 6) Kallisti Onboard 7) Mancunian airman Onboard 😎 Jb65rams Onboard 9) Max Headroom Onboard 10) Col. Onboard 11) Arniec Onboard 12) nimrod54 Onboard 13) trickyrich Onboard 14) CliffB Onboard 15) Robert Stuart Onboard 16) MarkSH Onboard 17) Hockeyboy76 Onboard 18) dreadeddrew Onboard 19) wimbledon99 Onboard 20) Pin Onboard 21) Ale85 Onboard 22) Erwin Onboard 23) Valkyrie Onboard 24) Dazzio Onboard 25) Stevej60 Onboard 26) theplasticsurgeon Onboard 27) Greg Law Onboard 28) Carts Onboard 29) moviedrone Onboard 30) HoolioPaulio Onboard 31) Shin Onboard 32) rumblestripe Onboard 33) Angus Tura Onboard 34) pabbi Onboard 35) Worms Onboard 36) Brad Onboard 37) Peterairfix Onboard 38) Specky Onboard 39) Dermo245 Onboard 40) PhantomBigStu Onboard 41) ColinW Onboard 42) Zebra Onboard 43) Troy Smith Onboard 44) Doccur Onboard 45) 825 Onboard 46) Scargsy Onboard 47) Beazer Onboard 48) FG2Si Onboard 49) Ernie Onboard 50) Enzo Matrix Onboard 51) Lanmi Onboard 52) AaronKSJ Onboard 53) Adam Poultney Onboard yet to join 23) BIG X, SimonT, vppelt68, stevehnz, Skids, Romeo Alpha Yankee, jrlx, adamcoffman, Thud4444, JackG, Knight_Flyer, Bonhoff, Panther II, Meteors, GliderGuider, Mig Eater, Moggy, Tony Oliver, philp, Andre B, helios16v, Tim R-T-C & Prenton
  3. My first plane model. I m a Battlestar galactica fanatic, some kits are waiting in my stock but this is my first try for plane modeling...
  4. I'd like to show you guys my painting process on the Wild House Models jetbike/hoverbike in 1:32 scale I was lucky to design and sculpt for them last year. When I received the kit my heart jumped in joy and I couldnt resist to instantly start the kit. First let me talk about the kit itself, it is cast in resin and comes with a few transparent components for lighting purposes. The casts were really good, had no flash or bubbles, so there was only little work to be done before I could start building it, I know some peeps are afraid of resin kits, but this one was easy to build and has a basically perfect fit with only very little sanding or filing involved. The bike can be built in several verions, a civilian or a military one, landed or in flight and the pilot has two heads you can choose from. This built is the military version that has broader sides with included weaponry and it will be shown in flight mode with no landing foot sticking out and the pilot on his seat. A few of the pics are not as great, so please excuse my poor photographic qualities dear gentlemen. Most of the parts, some are not on the picture, so it's actually even more: The transparent parts are for an optional lighting kit that was also created for the bike, it's the main head light and the console of the rider, so you can light up the screens and gizmos. On the inside there are various tunnels, so you can pass cables through to further light the three turbines, the headlights and running lights on the sides.The lighting kit comes with a chip that fits inside the frontal part of the bike and has pre programmed engine flickering and blinking running lights etc. I built it without it though. So first I cleaned the parts with some warm water and detergent, then I did the sub assemblies. Then I did a first testfit of the main components and the rider: I primed the bike with Vallejo light grey primer: Then I did some preshading with black and sprayed the bike in sand color. I used comando khaki from games workshop for that. Unfortunately there is almost nothing to be seen of the pre shading on this splendid pohtography -.- Then I sprayed some zenital light on it. First, from below some slightly darker mixed color, then from above a lighter one both mixed from the base color, making sure I get some hard light/dark contrast edges. Next up I started painting by brush and further tone down or lighten up the different parts on the model. I used thinned down scorched brown from Games Workshop to increase the shadows and for the light color it was commando khaki with a bit of ivory from vallejo. After that it was time to apply some of the decals that came with the kit, added a coat of varnish and then started to paint scratches by brush. Next up a white stripe was added to the wing and the side of the bike, I painted a lot more scratches and added even more decals. The scratches I painted with a mix of black and scorched brown from GW. A little bit of Worn Patina 1 from true earth was also added to dirten the bike up a bit, since it was way too clean for the amount of scratches it had. I started to paint the inside of the engines next, for that I used some turquoise from Vallejo and white from GW again. Then it was time to start painting the pilot. For the armor and helmet I used the same colors as for the bike. For his jumpsuit I used desert yellow, also from GW. Then he also got some white markings on his armor and helmet, a few of the decals and a bunch of scratches. He has to have a fitting outfit to his bike at last. And then it was time for a final assembly! And at this point I'd like to thank my buddy Neil from WHM for taking proper pics ( below ) of the finished bike! The rider with the alternative head on, please ignore the bluetag at his neck. And I forgot to glue in the transparent bit for the headlight I talked about... Hope you like the model, hope you like the paintjob.It was a lot of fun to build and just as much to paint, cheers and thanks for looking!
  5. 1374 This is my very first WIP post I've ever attempted so please forgive any and all errors. Also I can't seem to get Flickr working here so I've opened a photobucket account as the instructions are very clear (they need to be for me!) in the FAQ section. I've had this vinyl figure sitting in its box for ages but as I've just seen Ep VII and I don't have any of the nice shiny new Bandai kits I thought I give him a go. Now I've never worked with vinyl before but I jumped straight in and after a bath (for him) I started trimming the excess away. Using heat (a hair dryer) really softens the material and speeds up the cutting, in fact there is so little resistance when its hot I found I had to be ever so careful so I didn't go crazy and chop the entire arm off! Here he is taped together (without the capes) just to see how he looks The level of detail has really blown me away. The only blemish in the entire kit is that the cape chain and lightsaber have done a runner Now the chain should be a straight forward replacement but it looks like I may have to scratch build the lightsaber and I've never done anything like that before. The idea is a bit intimidating but I am looking forward to the challenge That's all for this evening, I hope you all had a splendid Christmas Davros aka Mechanised Dwarf
  6. Hi all, Posted my Snowspeeder earlier and it was quite a painless experience so thought I would post this. I'm new to the hobby and still learning but this is probably my favourite build so far. It was painted with Vallejo paints and weathered with acrylics as the Bandai plastic does not like oils and enamels. However oils were used to create the rust stains. Hope you like! Thanks for the look, sorry about photo quality, they were taken on my phone!
  7. Long time no post. Has any one got, and started work on the new Revell starter Kits for Star Wars, VII The force awakens. Family is bugging me for X-mas gift ideas. Of course im not gonna use the paint brushes from the kits but the paints and kits look quite nice. nice to get back on BM after so long away at work. Mad Larkin
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