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Found 82 results

  1. Hi everyone, Looking at the kits to hand, I was thinking of just a straightforward build of this little fella...How neat is that wee sprue! But then I thought, nah..why not go all in with something involving a bit more head-wrecking plastic cutting. Having recently finished a Tornado, I thought I'd give one another go but this time adding some bits from the kit below... I know there's already another RN Tornado underway here (looks cool) and this probably isn't the most original idea but thought I'd give this one the fixed wings and smaller twin tails from the Hornet. I like the idea of an asymetric loadout too so that might get the nod as well. Bodging (and backstory) starts tomorrow night! Cheers, Dermot
  2. Finally finished this model, which I started back in May this year.. Full build thread is here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981204-navy-709-flexops-due-sea-king-has-6-xv711-circa-1996-819-nas/ Before the photos, just want to publicly thanks "Wafu" and " daryle-five-zero " for supplying / swopping various parts in order to build this. I also have to thank whirlybird decals for making the bespoke squadron & aircraft decals. Model is Hasegawa mk 5 with added PE and a totally scratch build rear interior. Enjoy .... Many thanks and happy modelling
  3. The Navy trialled three Skeeters, WF112, WF113 and WF114 around 1950/51. The trials didn't go anywhere and the Skeeters were handed/sold back to Saro and subsequently went to the AAC. I picked up this Aeroclub kit at SMW a year or so ago and it is an engaging little thing. The WIP is quite far along as I didn't keep a record and I have only just managed to sort out photobucket. It's mixed media, injected, white metal (including the cockpit which makes it stand on its tricycle undercart) and a vac formed canopy. It's a little stalled mainly as I attacking a couple of Hurricanes for the Battle of Britain GB and my inmate fear of vac formed canopies. But here is the little fellow so far. It is tiny, about 3 inches long. It's built pretty much OOB with a little detailing in the cockpit and some of the drive details. The drive details are from a corner of plastic packing smoothed out with filler while the drive wheel is a circular piece of plastic mounted on wire. The fire extinguisher is a Blenheim anti personnel bomb trimmed, the instrument panel wires are indeed wires and the straps Tamiya Tape, with the cyclic a piece of wire. Aluminium paint is brushed on Revell aluminium thoroughly thinned with Flow Improver.
  4. So I have been flicking through this GB since it started looking at the fantastic builds on offer and now I have finally succomed and been suckered into it! I managed to find a pure resin kit in my stash and this is the one I shall present. It is the very fine Pre Dreadnaught HMS Renown from Combrig in 1:700 scale. She is very small and very fine, I just hope I can do her justice! Any hoo here are the pics I also found the remains of a GMM 1:700 British Battleship etch fret. I was glad about this as it has railings ladders and also the admirals walk railings which will make alot of difference. I will mount here on a wooden slab that I have kicking around, and will also attempt my first sea scape. I have been umming and erring about seascapes for years so have now committed myself to it. I saw this pick of her on the web apparently off Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1897. As this is now my hometown I shall do a scene along these lines. She will be in her black scheme at anchor with maybe a couple of 'Liberty Boats' chugging around. During research I managed to uncover alot of pictures of both the black and white schemes. Also I have come accross a couple of builds in her white scheme but nothing of her earlier set up. This could be an web exclusive, the first build up of her in the black scheme! How many of you can claim a unique build like that eh? .............. then again looking at most of the builds in this GB that would be most of you More to come soon! Bob
  5. Hi, Appreciate that there has been a recent group build for the Sea King however I didn't take part as it's taken me 5 months to get to this stage. I'll admit, I've not got that far however my hope is that I will end up with a large model representing this actual aircraft, which coincidentally, was the last aircraft I flew in back on 21st August 1996. Not a particularly interesting flight .. more of an AFCS ( automatic flying control system) check test flight. She passed and was serviceable for future use. The last I heard .. she is sitting down in HMS Sultan, being used as a training aircraft for future WAFU's The link for this is http://www.planepictures.net/netshow.php?id=1036995 Anyway, I started with the excellent ( and only) 1:48 scale kit that I could find and ask Santa for. The har.5 kit from Hasegawa "Ark Royal" ?? edition because this would require the least of all options to convert to the has.6 version. First job was to source a MAD sponson for the stbd side, which I did from fellow member "WAFU" and sent him the regular sponson from my kit. Next came the purchase of some PE, which I have never really used before and was pondering the purchase of PE tools. In the end and after some discussion with other members, I just bought some quality smooth pliers and snips. This was mainly due to the fact that there was no real requirement for bending lots of PE that I'd purchased. And so I began... I decided to leave the front seats as is and I appreciate that the Westland versions do not have the large seat supports shown here. This was to help support and place the PJ production 1:48 Lynx crew which I will add later ... especially the all important aircrewman and then... ..the most frightening job for me was to take a saw to my model and I carefully cut out the main cargo door, which thankfully I can reuse and attach later. This was nerve racking to say the least but after some hints and tips from other members, I purchased the best quality micro saw I could afford ... best investment ever. Dry fitted almost everything that I could, as I wanted to minimise fit issues which would require sanding and as such , loose detail. I haven't tried re scribing and due to the good quality of this kit, hopefully I won't have to. There was a gap above the main cockpit and fuselage and this was addressed later. This picture shows the hole I cut in the cabin floor, in order to fit the sonar and you can just see the first bit of PE fitted, which is the sea anchor storage, fitted behind the P2's seat. Decided not to fit the PE yaw pedals as I actually preferred the plastic kit parts, however I did fit the pedal surrounds and sanded down the instrument console, ready for the attachment of the self adhesive PE parts. PE broom cupboard bent & attached. This is where the hydraulic actuators and other gubbins for the AFCS are housed, behind the P1's seat. The first aid kit, flare pistol and piddle tube ( back up intercom !!?? ) was also attached to this cupboard. Finally , I was ready to start some scratch building for the back of this aircraft as the kit is absolutely bare ... which is a shame. The rear crew seats were made using bits n bobs of plastic, copper wire and cocktail sticks. I cannot take credit for this idea, it was borrowed from the excellent thread below http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976450-sea-king-crew-seat-detaing-revell-72nd-scale-kit/ The seats I was happy with .. the observers / aircrewmans stations .. eh not so much !.... so I started again .. from scratch. Whilst I was trying to figure out the rear consoles, I decided to fit some soundproofing and cabin flooring. For this I simply used some cut up plastic sheet, cut up jiffy bags and some of the plastic straps that held the polystyrene packaging on my new fridge freezer ... another expense I could have done without. Waste not... want not !! Rear consoles v2 ... made using some of the polystyrene packaging, cut to shape and faced with some plastic card. I also use the jiffy bag to make the cover that surrounded the dipping sonar. This was maily due to the fact , that even with the rear cabin door open, viewing access is minimal through said door and cabin/cockpit windows. As you can see, the dimensions of the consoles are much better second time around. I also took the opportunity to fit soundproofing to the cabin ceiling. .... and after painting and applying the cut up cockpit decals from OOB, I ended up with this. I elected to keep the front personnel door closed, so I simply used some polystyrene block to make the fwd equipment rack and also a representation of the MS10 liferaft.. which you can just see through the cockpit. View from the other side Actually quite liked the self adhesive PE for the cockpit .. but it did require a lit bit of help to stick ie superglue Back to the rear cabin area and shown is my first attempt at rear cargo seats. These have since been removed and v2 fitted. I used the luminous "hamma bead" method to fashion the radar screen. Melt the beads using a warm iron and cut to shape. This worked quite well and when exposed to strong light and viewed in darkened conditions you get the following effect. Excuse the poor quality photo .. but you get the idea This was the dirtied effect I was looking for and so far so good. It was then time to take possession of the following bespoke decals sourced from Roger at www.whirlybirdmodels.com Fantastic and just what I wanted. This guy is a genius and we spent several months conversing by email and phone to get the above just right. These are unique to my model and I am over the moon... but lots to do so they have been safely packed away for now The fit of this kit is the best I've come across yet and I finally joined the two halves and dry fitted the various access panels. The gap above the cockpit and glass were filled with platic card and some detail added using wire. The hull is a snug fit and fits perfectly despite what the picture above suggests. I am not going to glue the boat hull section until I've attached the various antenna and decided what I'm going to fit inside the sonar well. I know it will be the correct dipping sonar but I am thinking of scratch building the full body, which I can remove to display, if so required. So this is where I'm at to date. This has taken me 5 months so far, mainly due to work commitments. I could not commit to the time scales of the group build but the fantastic work of all contributors was borrowed for incorporation into my model. This is going to take me several more months but hopefully the result will be be worth it. By posting on this WIP forum, it should ensure that I don't forget about it and do bits n bobs when I can. Thanks for looking in... best wishes
  6. Hello, I was reading earlier that the Fleet Air Arm used Sea King helicopters in the SAR role alongside the Wessex since the 1960s, and that both participated in rescues during the tragic 1979 Fastnet yacht race. I know Wessexes at the time were painted in Dayglo Red/Extra Dark Sea Grey, would the Sea Kings have been the same? Many thanks, Conor
  7. Not long to go now before these are retired so it was indeed a pleasure to see 4 x Sea Kings arrive at Newquay on Tuesday afternoon. They had been working on Bodmin Moor and came into Newquay for some fuel before returning to Yeovilton. For the number crunchers they are ZA299/D; ZA296/Q; ZF116/WP and ZF117/X.
  8. Completed Model Post. Here are some pictures of my model of HMS Phoebe, a Towed Array Leander class frigate as she was in 1989 when I served on board her for my Apprentice sea time. The model is a conversion of the 1:600 Airfix kit with White Ensign Photo Etch detailing and some scratch built enhancements. A detailed build log can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976345-hms-phoebe-f42/ Enjoy.
  9. Hi, before I start I have no affiliation with this company what so ever. I just thought that any builders of 1/700 US or RN warships should take a look at this site. http://www.3dmodelparts.com/ship-accessories/?sort=featured&page=2 I received my order of octuple pom pom's today and am totally amazed at the quality of the parts. These are 3D printed in acrylic resin and are very fine, they are much easier than photo-etch and have 3D barrels. They can also be set at any elevation, so are ideal for diorama's. I hope that some one finds a use for these as I think they are amazing. There are several different weapons and a few structure parts available. Mick ps, I have been chatting to the owner and he is asking for suggestions on his new items.
  10. Folks, A little elf told me that Santa is bringing me the 1:48 Hasegawa Mk5 limited edition Sea King for Christmas. This kit comes with the barn door FOD shield and larger radome but not sure about the starboard extended sponson. I intend to make it a long term build and build it is a HAS6, airframe number XV711, callsign 09, as shown below. I will be sourcing the various after market PE etc as well as some scratch building.. but I am wondering what's the best way to go, in order to obtain the decals ?? It must be the aircraft shown below, as it was the last Sea King I crewed back in 96 and the picture below shows us at Old Warden back in July 1996 Is it best to TRY and make my own decals in order to supplement what's in the kit, for example the serial numbers and the claymore etc.. or are there companies/experts who can make 1:48 scale decals to order ?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
  11. Final version of the 1:72 scale Sea King for me, unless I decide to turn my Airfix Seaking Asac 7 into a hanger queen and replace it with another Revell kit. In my opinion the Revell kit is the best 1:72 scale kit out there at the moment. I purchased this one at Wonderland ( on offer at £11.99) and via ebay I bought the Eduard canopy mask and the cracking little SAR crew produced by PJ productions but bought from Models R Go. The Revell kit contains the extra spru for the Mk 5/6 conversion. I will need to source some decals for the kit though. My aim is to have it looking something like this ... picture by me a couple of months back whilst at the top of Ben Lomond Made a start and test fitted all the various small parts before fitting. I was going to cut open the front access door but decided against this at this scale... so early days with all the cockpit parts glued in ready for primer / paint. I've left off the instrument cowling as its easier to paint and apply decals before fitting. Wanted to fill up the rear cabin with some details so out with the cutting tools and dispensed with the sonar operators station , leaving only the observers radar and then scratch build some storage shelves and broom cupboard with the left over parts from previous builds and some plastic packaging that I found lying about. I then began work on a rescue stretcher using some paper clips, brass wire and some plasticard. I also chose to give the impression of soundproofing on the interior roof and on the inside of the cabin walls, again using plasticard. There will be some seats fitted so no point in covering the whole of the rear with the soundproofing. Will try to find some time over the weekend to finish off the stretcher and get some primer down. Will practice some patience this time and allow the primer to dry before applying decals and weathering. Some great tips on the forums regarding the grey and red paint scheme... never thought about applying yellow as a base coat for the red, which then apparently gives at some warmth and pop We shall see ... loads still to do in the meantime. Best wishes and happy modelling
  12. Somewhere in the South Atlantic May 1982... This is my 1/350 build of three of the ships in the RNs Falklands task force, there are two scratch builds, and one minor conversion, plus huge amounts of detail on all three. I don't want to think about the amount of time I've spent over the past 5 1/2 years... Starting with the complete scene: From left to right: HMS Broadsword, HMS Hermes and HMS Yarmouth HMS Hermes and Yarmouth are both scratch built from plans Weathering on both was closely based on photos from the time to get the weather worn look of two of the oldest ships in the fleet. Many of the details are from WEM and Atlantic Models etched brass sets, but I also learnt to etch at home for unique pieces including H's mast, crane, davits and some antenna. Around 230 figures are spre​ad across the 3 ships, mostly on the flight deck HMS Broadsword was a conversion of the OOP WEM HMS Brilliant kit, the main change being the funnel, plus a wealth of detailing. the seascape is modelling clay plus acrylic medium and teased out cotton wool for the foam and spray. The base was lined with plasticard to get a mid-ocean swell adding a bit more interest and action Finally for this post a couple of overhead shots, Broadsword is approaching to start taking on fuel from Hermes' starboard quarter, Yarmouth steaming past on the port-side. Both escorts are really a bit close, but the base is the largest I could fit in my cabinets (to the millimetre) and the navy have been known to bend ships every so often so it's not impossible. Next up some detail shots. If anyone has missed the WiP and would like to see the history on this one, here's the thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234927178-operation-corporate-carrier-battlegroup-1350 Andrew
  13. Hi, Completed model ready for inspection ... first time doing a work in progress, certainly spurs you on to complete !! Built out of box but with a few extras donated by Merlin101 and loads of advice given by other members. Big thanks to all. Work in progress thread as below http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234966198-italeri-172-eh-101-merlin-has1/ Finished in a heavily weathered/well used look.
  14. Hi all, I can report it as finished. Some progress can be found at http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234965200-phantom-fg1-aka-f-4k-148/ . More pics are at http://www.kpmprosek.cz/v/panteri/mess/PhantomFG1 . Thanks for viewing. M.
  15. Royal Navy cruisers have long been an interest of mine, great looking ships with busy careers, but almost completely ignored in kit form. So in a challenge to the manufacturers to release a kit just before I finish the scratch build... ...I've started work on the Fiji-Class Cruiser HMS Jamaica. The real ship spent much of her war escorting Arctic Convoys and was at both Battles of the Barents Sea and North Cape so fits nicely with the HMS Sheffield I built a couple of years ago. Here's a couple of quick shots of the current status: Still a long way to go, but the basic shapes are coming together quite nicely! Andrew
  16. Hello Please let me share the news on some of the most recent releases from F4Models: 1:72 Royal Navy 1950s-1960s Flight Deck Tractor 1:72 Royal Navy 1940s-1950s Flight Deck Tractor 1:72 USAF 2000s Flight Line Tow Tractor That is in addition to a number of kits released earlier this year: 1:72 Royal Navy 1990s-2010s Flight Deck Tractor 1:72 Royal Navy 1970s Flight Deck Tractor 1:72 USAF 1994-2000s Utility Pickup Truck All kits include resin and photoetched parts. Soon to be available via the big H. More pictures & news here: http://www.f4models.blogspot.com Sincerely yours, Alex
  17. http://www.abpic.co.uk/photo/1043239/ for the full page This is the prototype seaking that was assembled by WHL in 1970 my question is the torpedoes, were they ever used as I cannot see them on any other aircraft. I would suspect that they are American and IIRC they are in the original airfix Seaking with the Apollo markings I have the Revell Seaking MK41 which with a bit of work can be made into a HAS1 I am using the blades from an old Airfix RAF Seaking. Any comments welcome Rodders
  18. Hi Everyone, This afternoon I picked up a Tamiya 1/48 scale Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS.1 from my local Hobbycraft for £11.04 after using a 15% off voucher I got for registering one of my e-mail addresses with the hobbycraft club. Now a short while ago, bentwaters81tfw quoted my post and said that I have been robbed by the shop. I would just like to know if I should be taking this kit back i.e. are there problems with the kit ? If anyone can advise why bentwaters81tfw has said that I would like to know (I have posted on the thread asking him, but he is offline). I will take it back on Bank Holiday Monday if I need to take it back. I have also put a post on this thread and would like your opinions. Thanks as always. Rick
  19. Hi all My christmas project for this year, Italeri's new(ish) 1/48 Wessex. From what I've seen so far it's a nicely detailed kit with the bonus of photo etch for some bits. I've made a start with the cockpit and my only criticism so far has been the design of the seats, which don't seem quite right to me. Anyway, this is what I started out with yesterday: The keen eyed amongst you will spot the Wonderland sticker. You get 4 grey sprues and one clear one, plus a small piece of etch and some plastic grille the purpose of which will no doubt become apparent as the build goes on. Some cutting and fettling later and I came to this: I decided to try "blacken it" to finish the etch as it was all going to be a grey/black colour and I have to say it was quite straightforward to use. Much easier that painting the etch and then scraping half of it off as you fit it. I'm mostly doing this build OOB but have added a few fripperies to the cockpit, being a bit of wiring and a small fire extinguisher. I've also added a fabric texture to the seats (don't know if this is accurate but I liked it) using white glue and tissue. I feel these add a little something. The whole thing has had a bit of dry brushing and a couple of dark and light washes just to bring some detail out. Next update soon Cheers Liam
  20. Hello all, Sorry for posting this in the aircraft-related forum, but since the subject in question is definitely not AFV.... Does anybody know what is the correct colour for modern Royal Navy flight deck vehicles? I mean the flight deck tractors that currently operate on carrier fligher decks (like the one on this photo http://www.britmodeller.com/walkarounds/maritime/lusty/l12.jpg). Other flight deck vehicles like crash cranes or loaders (http://www.britmodeller.com/walkarounds/maritime/lusty/l10.jpg) are apparently painted the same. I can see that the colour is dark green , but would be immensely thankful for an exact FS number! Alex
  21. Went on a tour of RNAS Culdrose today (guess where I'm on holiday!) - it was great to be able to see behind the scenes at a live Naval Air Station, even if we were mostly confined to the coach. Although August is their quiet time, there was a fair amount of flying going on: Merlin Mk1 Sea King Mk7 Sea King SAR Mk5 King Air Avenger We saw into most hangers including one full of shiny black Hawk T1s! All lined up with engineers fiddling with stuff. Saw plenty of Sea Kings being serviced as well. Was nice to see a handful of retired Sea Harriers that they use for aircraft deck handling practice - they fire them up & taxi around as well as having the guys push & pull them with tractors. Tour guide was very knowledgable and we also had a more detailed tour of the base fire station including the kids having a go with the hoses on the tenders - one's remote controlled via a joystick in the cab and the other's a bl**dy great jet on the roof! Am staying between Truro & Falmouth and we see the grey & red SAR Sea Kings overhead a lot - one buzzed by overhead at breakfast time (my camera was inside unfortunately!) and I've just heard one now overhead (pitch black though). Haven't downloaded my photos from today yet but if I get any decent ones I'll post them. £30 for a family ticket - worth it IMO. For more info see http://www.fleetairarm.com/culdrose-air-station.aspx Cheers, Andrew p.s. can't believe they're privatising SAR soon :-(
  22. Hi everyone, Here is my finished Sea King HAR.5, according to the details it is aircraft XV699 from 771 NAS based at RNAS Culdrose. Happy with the way this one came out. Here is my Sea King with other my completed Airfix models, all Royal Navy - think I might need a different subject matter i.e. RNLI or Royal Air Force My Type 45 destroyer has stayed on my work desk at the moment, for the final decals to be fitted in place. I will not be starting another project until those decals are done. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Rick
  23. Pics of HMS Edinburgh on her last visit to Edinburgh before paying off. Pics thanks to Chris Hewitt.
  24. Type 23 Frigate HMS Richmond F239, pics thanks to David H
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