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Found 19 results

  1. Good day Fellows, After finishing Copper Cliff corvette it's time for next maritime-modelling adventure. I want to convert Starling Model's HMS Nadder to one of the earlier frigates - HMS Jed. She took part in crucial spring 1943 conwoy battles. I prepared the sketch with some crucial points/areas: I will use some aftermarket goodies i.a. single Oerlikons by Black Cat and twins by Micromaster: It's very interesting building frigate after building her younger (and smaller) sister. Technology, military, kind of philozophy of using and fighting... I l
  2. I've been modelling for nearly 60 years now. I didn't have a break from models in my teens and ongoing as many do (so why ain't I an expert modeller!?) but I've only ever made injection moulded kits. I reached retirement this year, and with more time on my hands, I have decided to take my model-making to "the next level". I've been messing about with a cheap Chinese airbrush for a couple of years, but as we move into the new year, I am determined to finally get to grips with the airbrush and make it my normal painting choice. As another part of advancing my modelling, I've
  3. Last year I got an email from a collector. He told me that he had a partially build resin kit of the Ferrari 250 Bertone GT. The Ferrari 250 Bertone GT is a "one-off" car that was recently restored : The collector bought this kit second hand. He had no idea who the maker was, but he send me some photos of the partially build kit : He said : "All it needs is to be painted and completed". I accepted what looked like an easy proje
  4. hi all, Here's my latest model finished just in time for Telford. It is the AW Models resin kit of the Japanese UF-XS. For those of you who don't know, it was a one-off test aircraft created from a Grumman Albatross and was used to trial the hull shape and hot air blowing system over the flaps for the proposed Shin Meiwa flying boats. The real plane can be seen in the Kakamigahara museum near to Gifu air base in Japan. Apart from masking the white lines, this kit was a dream to put together. Hop
  5. Another one finished - the 1/350 scale resin kit of an Oberon Class diesel submarine from ebay seller subsmodels..... I chose to finish it as HMS Opossum - wearing a roughly-applied camouflage scheme used when she was on special ops during the Gulf War. She also sported a sharkmouth - sourced as a decal from my spares box. It isn't 100% accurate but it looks OK... I think I may have overdone the 'weathing' a bit on the camo........ The camouflage makes a nice change from the all-black finish normally found o
  6. Hi everyone, I just started this Nuffield tank in 72 scale and want to share my first post in Britmodeller. There are many first things here for me: my first full resin kit, my first paper tank and my first OKB Grigorov kit. The Nuffield tank is so ugly that I like it very much. The kit is easy to assemble and I was amazed to find that the resin is not crispy, yet very good quality, and I haven't broken anything from the small parts (for now). If you have any information about the Nuffield tanks or just want to share some advice with the newbie in Britmodeller, please comment. Here are so
  7. Look what the postman just delivered - all the way from the snowy wastes of Severodvinsk in Russia..... It's a 1/350 scale resin kit of HMS Oberon....... Cast in solid, chocolate coloured resin, it looks to be free of pinholes, with just a small casting seam along the hull... There are few parts - the above hull, plus a conning tower, fore and aft dive planes, two propellers, two masts and two styles of sonar dome... There are no instructions nor markings - but that isn't a problem - I think I can work it ou
  8. Hello, fellow modellers, my Name is Norbert, I am from Germany. One of my favourite modelling subjects are airliners. Here is my latest build, not really an airliner, but close! This Aircraft is used by the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations. I bought the kit couple of years ago from a fellow modeller. it included the kit decals made by pas decals and an extra set by Eastern Express. I selected this scheme as the others were either boring or not correct when compared to photos. RusAir produces resin kits of Russian Aircraft. The fuselages are not solid but m
  9. Not posted for a while due to family issues which are in other threads. This model is on I finished early this year and is one of the 'might have beens' of British military aviation in the late 50's. The P.177 was developed in response to a desire to have a fast climbing fighter that was capable of intercepting transonic Soviet bombers then thought to be under development. It was thought that as bombers flew faster and higher a conventional jet fighter lacked the climb performance to intercept a nuclear armed bomber before it released its weapons and so an aircraft that had to have a clim
  10. I keep seeing posts suggesting that people are reluctant to build resin kits and/or keep wishing for kits to be available that actually are available - only in resin. As with injection moulded plastic kits, not all manufacturers are equal. Some plastic kits are absolute gems whilst others are abominations that are not worth the time and consumables to build. Likewise, not all resin kits are equal. Some negative common perceptions of resin kits include the following: - They're really expensive. They are more expensive than a plastic kit, but resin makes
  11. Good evening all......Just wanted to do a brief update about this kit. We've been working hard during the last two weeks, and to be fair, I hope to get this kit ready before month's end, as expected. These pics show the first master parts for the fuselage and tail section, and the first test parts for the wings....Please, note that the fuselage parts haven't been paneled and riveted yet, just the basic shapes there, to check fiting and allignment.......Hope you'll like our work so far.... IMG-20180625-WA0041[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMG-20180625-WA0042[1] by Arturo
  12. So got my Mojo back after finishing building my new modelling space in the garage and cracked open a new kit, well actually half of a kit as I've already built the mouse droid. I give you the JPG Productions Gonk droid for those who have not seen the kit before (is there anyone?) this is what you get so I spent some time dry fitting, filling and priming, then forgot to take a picture before I laid down a coat of vallejo metal colour white aluminium i have also painted the corrugated leg sections with Vallejo model air Panzer Grey and
  13. I've just taken delivery of this resin kit by Blue Ridge Models - via Freetime Hobbies. I must say I'm happy with the service from Freetime - and very impressed by the quality of the kit, it's packaging and presentation. I'm less impressed with Royal Mail / UK Customs - for slapping on a whopping VAT charge on top of the already expensive kit plus postage. Anyway - on with the photos...... The artwork on the front of the strong carboard box. Rear artwork.... Impressive packaging - everything protected in foam - and well printed coloured instructions. The parts appear to be bubb
  14. I recieved a surprise Christmas present from a modelling friend; an all resin 1/72 Spitfire PR.XI kit by Attack Squadron. It is a kit that I knew nothing about, nor have read anything about it in magazines or on the net. But oh what a pleasant surprise! Excellent casting, highly detaled cockpit, perfectly clear vacformed canopy (unfortunately only one) very good PE for the smallest deails, and six decal options; four American, one RAF and one Danish AF. Parts breakdown is a bit unconventional, but after having done some dry-fitting the fit seems to be near perfect.The only con I've found so fa
  15. Hi fellow GB'ers. As this great GB is now up and running I thought I had better get on and start my entry. This will be my first ever complete resin kit. I have dabbled a little with resin conversion parts, but not much experience really. The two most worrying aspects are, a. having to stick it together with super glue (a recipe for disaster and fingers stuck together) and b, having to wear a mask during the cleaning up process, so that I don't inhale any dust and subsequently die. Other than that, it should be plain sailing. Oh, and I do not like the look of the vacform canopy. I think g
  16. There are a few reasons for picking this particular kit: I never usually built cars. I've never built a resin kit. I don't think anyone else, so far anyway, is doing one. And finally, it was in my stash. Most of us will have come across a tin snail, but not many will have seen the 4x4 version. (These are not to be confused with the more recent Louis Barbour conversions). The Sahara was made by Citroën in the late 50's and early 60's. It had two engines, one in the front, the other was installed in what had been the boot. I don't know very much more about them other than what can be easily g
  17. Just finished another one for my growing collection of 1/350 scale submarines. This is the resin kit from Japanese firm Seawolf of the Soviet guided missile submarine of the Juliett Class.... I have modified the kit to have one twin missile launcher raised and the other one down..... I also added doors to the rear of the launchers and drilled one tube out to show the SS-N-3 'Shaddock' missile about to be launched... I added railings to the recesses in the hull sides and had to source decals from other kits - none are supplied... Note the nose of the Shaddock inside the rear starboard
  18. This superb resin kit originates in the Czech Republic - made by ROP o.s. The hull and superstructure are cast in one piece - with the dive planes, gun, masts etc cast separately. A small etched-brass fret provides the propellers guard rails etc.... Decals are provided for HMS M1 - plus a small ensign..... That bilge keel is moulded in-situ and is extremely delicate - i've nearly broken it off on two occasions. I've made a start by adding the rear diving planes - with their etched-brass guards, plus the rudder and prop shafts. Trying to hold the hull whilst avoiding damage to those
  19. Starting to build this one..... it's a Japanese resin kit from Seawolf models.... The hull is a one-piece resin casting, with the sail, diving planes, missile 'boxes' etc also in resin... There is one error in the kit - the rear of the recess for each missile launch container is cast as a solid web - when it should be open to allow the exhaust from the missile to be blasted rearwards. I started to fix it by drilling out these openings..... Here's the front unmodified recess.... Fortunately, the resin is quite soft so it is quite easy to carve away with a sharp scalpel blade......
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