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Found 305 results

  1. Also shown on the flory Models site, so firstly apologies for duplication! This is a flight of fancy, but let's pretend there's no BAe Hawk, and that the RAF still use the classic red/white/grey colour scheme..... Academy kit Xtradecal decals (for BAe Hawk) except serials that came from a Revell Typhoon tamiya paint Flory models 'wash' Just a fun build, never done a 'what if' before, hope it's acceptable! IMG_0108 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010799 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010801 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010802 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010804 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010806 by bryn robinson, on Flickr P1010807 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  2. HI all, So am currently building a 1/72 Revell Jaguar GR1A (Desert Pink scheme) and want to replace the awful kit bombs that come with it. I found these in the stash and am wondering (a) what are they and (b) which of them if any are suitable as replacements? Any and all advice appreciated! Thanks in advance, Dermot
  3. So after building a couple of cars on the spin, I thought I'd opt for something a tad less shiny. I was tempted to build an SAS Jeep but have now opted for a Chinook which is going to be a Christmas present for my nephew He's in the Air Cadets and can't stop talking about them following a recent flight in one. In addition, my brother-in-law is ex RAF and used to work on Chinooks so I've opted for the RAF Odiham 1981 version Let's start with the usual 'box and sprue' shots.
  4. Hi, For my next project I just wondered if I could get peoples opinion on how best to paint up the alternative scheme on the Italeri 1/72 Jaguar GR1. The art work on the box is as follows: I presume I paint the standard Grey/Green pattern, mask off and spray the flat white, pretty obvious but the question I have is would you apply the decals before the white goes on as the artwork seems to indicate this would be the way to go. Is there anything I need to take into consideration if I do apply decals before the white coat is applied, and can anyone foresee any issues in doing it this way. i was thinking I should maybe apply a couple coats of Klear after decals and before the flat white, do you think this is advisable? Thanks in advance! Mark
  5. As promised the new Lifecolor sets are in stock now at only £13.50 each! http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/lc-cs35-raf-battle-of-britain-set--22ml-x-6-5411-p.asp http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/lc-cs36-ijn-japanese-wwii-late-war-set-1-22ml-x-6-5412-p.asp http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/lc-cs37-ijn-japanese-wwii-late-war-set-2-22ml-x-6-5413-p.asp thanks Mike
  6. Here are a few images of my completed 1/48 Airfix Defiant Mk 1 made OOB. For the build thread go to the link below: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=11691
  7. Dear Colleagues I'm back to making WWII RAF aircraft. My favourite paint manufacturers are Tamiya and Gunze but neither seem to have a specific paint for RAF interior green. Does anyone have a suitable mix? Or which acrylic paint do you prefer for this colour? Thanks for your advice? Andrew
  8. 1/48 scale,Built from Hobbyboss Bf-109 F-4 kit,model marker decals Royal Air Force 1426 flight,1943
  9. Well, two of them as one's already been started for the MTO group build that's currently going on. The two that will be done for this GB are KP's Mk.III with Malcolm hood and the Mk.IVa from Airfix with the appropriate update set from Freightdog to allow the RAF decals in the pack to be used. Pics to follow when I dig the kits out!
  10. PlasticSoldier

    RAF Beret

    Hi, Just a quick question, I know a fair bit about RAF uniform, and as I was doing a Battle of Britain Diorama, my knowledge proved to be quite useful. However, Airfix seems to give most of it's RAF drivers berets with them wearing overalls. As far as I know, berets in the RAF are meant to be worn only with combat dress, and it would be forage caps worn with something like overalls. Am I right, or were berets worn with overalls as well? On google I can only see forage caps. Many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  11. Morning all, I picked up this little gem of a kit for just over £4 from my LMS, and what a great purchase it was! The quality of the tooling itself is rather terrible- raised panel lines, no cockpit detail apart from some basic seats, poor wing-fuselage join, thick one-piece canopy and minimal level of overall external detail. But its redeeming features are So, I began by first of all cutting and dropping the flaps, positioning the elevator and ailerons and cutting the canopy into two pieces. Secondly modification was the cockpit, now this is quite literally what you get with the kit: (control columns modified slightly) I couldn't let that remain unaltered and so I started to add some detail: (note the compass in each cockpit) One or two coats of paint and gloss varnish later and it was completed: Airfix 1:72 De Havilland Chipmunk T.10 Notes: -Painted with Vallejo "Model Air" -Kit decals with a few from the spares box -Weathered with Vallejo "Moden Wash"- dark grey -Varnished with Alclad aqua gloss Well, that's it- thanks for having a look! Kind regards, Sam
  12. Hello one and all, Kit manufacture: Airfix Scale: 1/72 Type: British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk.1, No.208 ® Squadron, Royal Air Force Valley, 2009 Extras used: none straight out of the box Paints and colours used: Vallejo model air black and gloss varnish Other info: I've just finished putting together this little diorama for the RAF BF Hawk, I enjoyed building the kit, quite happy with it even though it is no way near the standard of most models on the forum. The kit went together nicely apart from the undercarriage doors aren't flush with the rest of the fuselage and wing. 20160902-03.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-05.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-06.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-07.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-08.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-09.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-11.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-12.jpg by Neal, on Flickr Thanks for looking, any feedback is welcome.
  13. Beagle Basset CC Mk.1 26 Sqn, RAF Wyton, 1969 I recently had a session of removing older stuff from the attic for photographing in the summer sun, and this was one of them. I built this back in 1997 and apart from some very yellowed decals it seems to have stood up quite well. I seem to remember replacing the fin with a plasticard one due to the Airfix original being under nourished towards the tip. Much sanding down of rivets and rescribing also come to mind. Anyway it was nice to see it again
  14. Good Evening one and all, Just thought I'd share a few pics of this build hot off the bench this afternoon. Airfix new 1/72 Defiant built straight out of the box, my only deviation being a set of Eduard Masks for that pesky greenhouse turret and canopy (there was no way I was doing that myself!). This was an on/off build for me but could easily be done in a couple of days. I chose the night fighter scheme as I like black aircraft and the shark mouth was a bonus. Painted Tamiya NATO black and certain panels picked out in slightly different shades to break up the plain finish. Panel wash was a mix of light and dark grey Flory washes, panel edges and chips done with a graphite pencil, and some pastels for exhaust streaksand underside dirt/grime. Anyway I hope you like her, need to get back to some jets next, enjoy the pic's and feel free to comment/critique as you wish. Thanks for looking, Eng
  15. Thinking about civil avaiation, brought on by reviewing the ship's life saving appliances (LSA) manual, aircraft passengers get a life jacket but no parachute. So, on military aircraft, other than those chaps sat on a Ejector seat, who else gets a parachute? I would have imagined Hercules crews get one each, and the Shackleton crews maybe, but what about VC-10's, or their modern replacments? Just curious really. Thanks in advance. :-D
  16. Hi, There is a lot of knowledge about the Spey Phantom on this site, some of it from people who actually worked on them in service. I thought I would start this thread to pick people's brains and allow others to learn a bit too. To kick off I'm keen to learn more about dummy Sparrows... I have read that the Spey Phantoms carried dummy Sparrows in the forward bays: "...as fuel was used, in fact the F-4K/M became dangerously close to having a C of G problem in certain conditions" The thing is I cannot seem to find any pictures of early FG.1 with them, and frequently these aircraft in RN service have empty bays. Was it only really an issue later, or with the RAF preferring wing tanks. Was this partly off set by the FAA preference for the centre tank. Was this why the RN preferred the centre tank. (Did they even or is that another dubious fact?) I am having to collate info from various sources to jump to these scanty assumptions and if someone hands on would like to correct me I would be delighted. Not just from a modelling point of view (no Spey Phantom will ever have a C of G problem now sadly) but more to improve my knowledge of what is rapidly becoming my favourite aircraft. Thanks.
  17. Hello, here's Eduard's brand new 1/72 Spitfire IXc. This ain't no 'shake-and-bake' kit as I discovered. Just like with their 1/72 Fw-190, tolerances are about zero. I had hard times getting the cockpit to fit (it seems as if I've placed it about one milimeter too far forward) and even more trouble with adding the wings. This was, of course, all due to my own. The next one will turn out smoother I hope .... So here is MH712, flown by W/O Henryk Dygala, No. 302 Squadron, Summer / Autumn 1944. It's one of the few Spitfire kits that has bombs under the wings. Just had to add them. The model was painted with Mr.Hobby acrylics. Decals out of the box. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for your interest. Best wishes from Vienna, Austria Roman
  18. Morning all, I picked this kit up as a break from the Revell A400M that i've got on the bench. For the first time I am relatively pleased with this attempt, having built two SHARs, one GR3 and one GR9 over the course of the last 2 years. It is also the first time where I am content with the level of post-shading (although I did have to clean up the upper wing surface when i forgot to dilute the wash that I use for the postshading and my airbrush started spraying out this fountain of black- reducing the effectiveness of the finish somewhat! ) Kit: Airfix 1:72 BAe Harrier GR7A/GR9A (from LMS -Mike's Models) Paints: Vallejo Black, Light grey, Medium sea grey, White, Medium olive Alclad II Aluminium -And a variety of mixed Vallejo paints for smaller details Other: Alclad II Aqua gloss Vallejo "Model Wash" Dark grey -for panel lines and post-shading Thanks for looking Kind regards, Sam
  19. Morning all! This is my quick OOB (almost) build of the Roden VC-10 K3 1:144 kit. Nothing much more to say so lets get on with it : Kit: Roden VC-10 K3 1:144 (From my LMS- Mike's Models) Paints: Vallejo Model Air custom-mixed grey (based on reference photos) Vallejo Model Air black, Model Color silver Washes: Vallejo Model Wash-dark grey Additional Details: Refuelling basket (inside the central refueling pod) made from rolled up tissue paper Spare RAF roundels had to be used on the side of the fuselage due to an error made by myself Flaps were produced, cutting out the kit's flaps on the underside of the wing and using plasticard to make up the rest of the structure Spoilers/speedbrakes were produced from paper Pros: Great recessed panel lines on the wings and rear control surfaces Nicely detailed engine pods (especially the thrust reverser gratings) Lots (and lots!) of decals, especially on the refuelling pods, which were not all used in this build Window masks (which i stupidly put on every single window and ended up running out of masks half way down the other side!) Relatively cheap- depending on your LMS/supplier Numerous tiny aerials and probes supplied Cons: Very shallow panel lines on the main fuselage body Ejector pins on fuselage join, when these were removed I found that there was a poor fuselage join Very unusual scheme, I can find only one image of this scheme on the internet-apparently the crews "were not a fan" Decal placement sheet was sometimes difficult to interpret Base kit does not have an option for spoilers or flaps Quite a few decals were out of register, but this shouldn't really matter Thanks for having a look Kind regards, Sam
  20. Some call the Snipe the RAF's first fighter (It arrived too late for the RFC). Its extended gestation and the frankly incredible (at this distance) delay in providing it with a usable tail (!) meant it only saw a few weeks service at the end of WW1 on the western front, but, by dint of being the last man standing, went on to serve the post war nascent RAF until 1926. I've never had much interest in WW1 aircraft, I read Biggles as kid, so i know what a Camel is, but the string and sealing wax early planes never really caught my imagination. That is, never caught my imagination until I saw Darren Harbar's incredible images of the Sopwith Snipe in a recent issue of Aeroplane. I mean, what's not to love... https://www.facebook.com/FocalPlaneImagesAviation/posts/1296269710387457:0 Instantly I fell for this tubby trooper, with that amazing Bentley engine pulling it through the air. Further research followed, and I discovered that the incomparable Wingnut Wings do a late Sopwith Snipe. Imagine my delight when discovering the boxing even includes the scheme from Darren’s photo! 248:ZK-SNI / F2367 by David Whitworth, on Flickr
  21. After a long time being silent, I thought i'd return and share a few images from a recent visit to the land of flat, Lincolnshire! I went there on a week break and for a slightly special occasion and visited the likes of East Kirkby and Newark(on-trent) air museum. I am a black and white person and always exploring types of editing. I really do hope you enjoy them! Firstly, Newark Air Museum: Avro vulcan XM594 from the left side rear: XM594 from the right side rear: XM594 from the wing on the right side: XF369 Vickers Varsity Bristol Hercules Engine showing its detail: ZA176 A Harrier FRS2 showing her tail (famously went missing): XP226 Fairey Gannet AEW.3 with the bumble bee/wasp marking on her nose cone spinner: XS417 English Electric lightning T.5 showing engine cone intake: XN964 Blackburn Buccaneer S.MK.1 from wing on left side: 61912507006 "71", MiG-27K 'Flogger' from the front: 024003607 “07” MiG-23ML (background) and 61912507006 "71" MiG-27K (foreground): Now East Kirkby: NX611, 'just-Jane's', pilot waves after another successful taxi run (with passengers onboard) NX611 closer image up to her nose showing the airwork of 'Just Jane' riding a bomb: (My Personal Favourite) NX611, Avro Lancaster B MK VII, 'Just Jane' and another relic; UW7644, a 1929 Bentley numbered '3'. the pair look gorgeous together, don't you think?:
  22. Hello, this is the second Kovozavody Prostejov Mustang III I've fínished - this time, in RAF markings for 19th Squadron, based at Peterhead, spring 1945. The model was painted according to the kit instructions, using Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. I painted the 'sky' fuselage band but failed to match the Color of the code letters. *doh!* The yellow/black spinner caused some trouble when I tried to mask the stripes with Yellow Tamiya tape - due to the curvature, I had some paint creeping under the mask and re-touches were done by hand, using Vallejo paints. I've added Qucikboost resin exhausts (designed for Tamiya kit, but with slight modification also suitable for this one). Thanks for your interest! The beautifully cast Quickboost resin exhausts:
  23. Spin Models has just released a 1/48th RAF Be.9c Pulpit resin conversion set for the Roden Be.2 kit - ref. K807 Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/raf-be9c-pulpit-conversion-roden-be2-k807-spin-models-spin-c48007-aircraft-modelling-conversion/product/?action=prodinfo&art=138142 Box art V.P.
  24. Built for the Hunter Group Build, you can see more here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235002161-hunter-fr10-academy-148-plus-pj-conversion/ http://Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  25. STEEL Seatbelt Sets Luftwaffe Fighters, Bombers, Early RAF, USAAF 1:32 Eduard As with the 1:48 scaled sets reviewed by Mike HERE, Eduard have also produced four sets of seatbelts in the new Steel range for those of us who like to build in 1:32 scale. As with the smaller scale, these are also pre-painted and appear to be remarkably flexible, and even with quite rough handling the paint adheres to the metal really well. They are still made from 0.1mm sheet with the resulting etch is thin at around 0.06mm and have the same details printed on them, such as the webbing, stitching, and shadowing. Unlike some sets, all the buckles and clasps are etched as part of the strapping, so there is no fiddly work required to assemble each belt. [32867 – Luftwaffe WWII Fighters] – There are four complete sets of belts on the single sheet. These include shoulder and lap straps along with separate padding that is fitted under the main buckles and a couple of smaller fittings. [32868 – USAFF WWII] – There are four belts included on the single sheet. Two of the belts are in olive green and two in a sandy colour. The shoulder and lap straps are once again separate, as are the the release clips and orange brown padded panels, although for some strange reason, Eduard have only provided three clips and pads. [32872 - Early RAF WWII] – This sheet contains four seatbelts, all in a beige colour and with separate lap straps. Two of the shoulder harnesses have a short attachment strap that I believe is fitted to the seat, and two with long attachment straps that fit to the rear bulkhead of the cockpit. [32873 – Luftwaffe WWII Bombers] – The single sheet in this set contains just two complete seatbelts for the pilot which include shoulder and lap straps, along with the attachment strap assembly and the reddy tan padded panels. Conclusion Those who build in the larger scales generally try to add greater levels of detail into their models, showing much skill and technique. Now, those of us who aren’t endowed with super skills can at least have some nice looking seatbelts fitted to our models, with very little skill needed, other than a bit of bending and gluing. Of course the belts can still be weathered more if required. Review sample courtesy of
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