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  1. I thought that I was being clever buying this for its size/cost ratio as something to practise on, but I see that I'm not the first to have this idea! I'm just going for a quick build so that I have something to try things like hairspray chipping on, and it certainly goes together quickly. Two empty sprues on day 1 must be a record for me. I have at least closed up the underside of the hull to stop daylight showing through the engine deck grilles. I've seen someone else on here stick a picture of the radiators and engine under the grilles, so I might try something similar. Up un
  2. The WIP for this build is at: This is my penultimate Hasegawa kit. They're relatively cheap and it shows, taking a lot of extra work to add detail to achieve some semblance of accuracy. Before I bought the Panther I'd also got a Jagdpanzer IV L/48 which I will make my final Hasegawa kit. My Panther is not the 100% accurate depiction as produced by the Britmodeller experts; but I'm not claiming to be any sort of expert, although I find many of them exceedingly helpful with very useful tips and pointers. I just enjoy building kits and that's what counts for me and, maybe I'll work up t
  3. I hope this is allowed, i have been researching Panthers all week and felt i was taking the easy route with the Sotnikov Panther as my goal for this GB was always to depict a knocked out Panther. I changed my mind initially because the vehicle i was planning on had it's turret blown off and given the time limit i didn't think i had time to do such a complicated build the justice it deserved, i simply can't afford 60-70 pounds for a kit with full interior and so a lot of scratch building would have been necessary. So a compromise....i really want to do a knocked out Pant
  4. Hello everyone ... To prove to myself that I am certifiable. I still have the Proposed British AFV group build going. I also have the Patton Single type build in 2019, the F4U Corsair STGB in 2020, & This build the dates are 10 Oct. 2020 - 10 Jan. 2021. I really must be a glutton for punishment. We have ourselves a Single type group build covering the Mk.V Panther and all of its progeny. If anyone is interested please give a shout out or raise your hand so to speak. The general idea being actual vehicles. If a physical prototype was built and tested then it counts. As always
  5. During WW2, the Wehrmacht used only 7 types of tanks - three light (6-10 tons Panzer I, Pz II and Pz 38t), two medium (15-25t Pz III and Pz IV) and one heavy (57-69t) Pz VI Tiger. In such a "company", calling the 45-ton Pz V a medium tank (as the Germans did) looks at least bizarre. For me (and perhaps most of you) the Panther is by no means a medium tank - it's exactly in the same league as the Soviet KV (44t) and IS (46t) or the Allied Churchill (40t) and Pershing (42t) all of which are considered "real" heavy tanks. Alternatively, you can call the Panther the first true Main Battle Tank, co
  6. This is the first Panther kit I've built since, oh, 1983 or so. As the box says, this is a snap-fit kit, but it is certainly not simplified: Almost 100 parts, despite each track being molded as a single piece of hard plastic, and the inner banks of road wheels molded as single parts, as some manufacturers are wont to do in this scale. This subject has the very early style of bow MG housing, correct (I assume) for an Ausf.D model at Kursk, which is what the kit represents. I've already start on this. The real detail is in the suspension. Like the Panzer III, Tiger and T
  7. Very much a place holder for the moment as I'm co hosting the MTO build, it will be built out of the box ( apart from some Tamyia tracks) as I don't think I can add anything else. I have a set of Masterbox crew and a set of paints for the interior.
  8. Hi all, finished as part of the ongoing and excellent Panther STGB here are some pics of my recently finished Tamiya 1/48 Panther G. She is finished in a temporary winter camouflage scheme copied from a picture, unfortunately the unit and whereabouts are unknown but it was taken in January 1945. The kit is typical Tamiya and goes together with no trouble at all, the paints I used are Revell Aquacolour acrylic ones and they performed very nicely. The temporary white is my Mig products, the mud is homemade and the snow is Citadel Valhallan Blizzard.
  9. Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.G (A1352) 1:35 Airfix The Panther was Nazi Germany's answer to the surprise appearance of the Russian T-34 after they finally reacted to the invasion that was Operation Barbarosa. Although the project had been in gestation some time before, they took some design cues from the T-34 in the shape of the sloped armour, resulting in the Panther that was intended to fill the gap between the Panzer.IV and the (then) new Panzer VI Tiger. It was eventually supposed to replace both the Pz.IV and the earlier Pz.III that was really showing its age, b
  10. Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield #2 World War Two Photobook Series (9786155583323) Peko Publishing Panzerwaffe is German for tank or armoured weapon, which is a broad term that encompassed many, many homegrown and captured types in WWII, which may well have had a hand in their downfall, requiring specialist equipment and knowledge to maintain and repair their many types, which even included British and French types where they were captured in sufficient numbers to warrant pressing into service after modification to their requirements. This series covers many o
  11. Morning all, Its the bank holiday weekend (as much as that means anything nowerdays!) but just in time my next kit has arrived; the Takom Flakpanzer Panther. In addition this will be my first build on Britmodeller so let me know if I've goofed the photos or get anything wrong on the way. As with all of my builds this will be an OOB build, as I make kits for the joy of the hobby, and to help fuel my passion for military history. That said I try to get things accurate where I can... Here we go with first attempt at photos:
  12. Resin Turrets for Panzer V Panther 1:72 OKB Grigorov Last time I reviewed the output of OKB Grigorov, a producer of resin kits and accessories from Bulgaria, their product line up had a distinctly nautical theme. Fast forward a few years and they are still happily churning out the resin, but have now expanded into the world of AFV kits and accessories. In this review we'll take a look at a couple of their replacement Panther turrets. Neither turret appears to be designed for a particular base kit, so it's up to you to pick the appropriate model and run
  13. anybody know what they looked like? below are the clearest pics i could find. could it be a 'C'clip? (not the later ring/pin arrangement)
  14. Hi, After two years here it is ... early version of Panther with full interior. It is not copy of some vehlicle so it is not historical model. It was a lot of work and hope the result look fine. In future I will also add a 5 figures into interior.
  15. Hi, Takom panther project start 2 months ago, here is progress till now. Almost ready for painting.
  16. Hey guys, This is my first of hopefully many posts and builds on this forum. I'm relatively new to modelling having only two proper model kit builds to my name. This is my latest one - The 1/35 Panther D from Tamiya. I had never weathered a model before so this was a really fun build and I feel I learned a lot. You can probably tell I went pretty heavy on the rust and that (not very realistic for a Panther in Kursk I know...) I wanted to put it up here so you gents could take a look at it and maybe tell me what to improve for next models, I'm sure there is loads of things that cou
  17. Grumman F9F Panther Warpaint No.119 Guideline Publications The Panther was one of the US Navy's first successful Jet powered carrier fighters, it was also Grumman's first foray into jet aircraft. Development for the aircraft began during WWII and so was not able to benefit from the swept wing technology. As such it was a conventional straight winged aircraft. Grumman had been working on a jet fighter the G-75 which lost out to the Douglas Skyknight, however they had been working on the G-79 as well and through some bureaucratic manoeuvring the wording of the G-75
  18. Hello does anyone know which model of Mk.V Panther Otto Skorzeny, and Panzer brigade 150 used to make the M10 clones ? I wish to build one of these for the Panther Single type build next year. So im trying to gather up info and materials now. Any information and help of course is greatfully received. Thank you in advance. Dennis
  19. This is my Dragon Panther A which has been shuttling between the workbench & the shelf of doom for over 10 years. I made most of it then decided it needed Zimmerit. I tried Milliput but wasn't too happy with the result. Back on the shelf, fast forward a few years & I bought some Eduard etched Zimmerit but had to remove all the parts I'd stuck on the hull - exhausts, pioneer tools etc. Back on the shelf again. Finally got it Zimmered up & re-attached the parts. I decided to go with a winter whitewhash & decided to replicate the application in the field. I used off white artist's
  20. Well, I have started on my 2nd Takom Panther, making this the 5th Panther I have completed so far... But I am looking for a full crew for the Panther, including the gunner, loader, driver, radio operator, and finally the commander. I have never done any type of figure sculpting or modifications to figures so preferably something that's a kit. Thanks Mark
  21. Hi all Sirs, here my latest cat in progress. An old 1/35 Dragon reference built from the box, so let's go straight to painting. At first, a dark priming to all inner wheels side and hull spots
  22. Bless me brothers, for I have sinned. I made an promise to St Expeditus not to buy or even think about another until I finished with this one. But the mind was weak, the wallet strong with a 13th month of silver. A friend, (bless or curse him) gave a gift of distraction, which was too strong to resist! For days and weeks I agonized of a descision I had already made but was too too afraid to face.... Sleep brought not rest, but images of details, PE and resin. Daydreams were not of Utopia, but of Dunkelgelb, Elfenbein and Oxidrot. behold the result of
  23. Afternoon All The Panther/M10 was part of an attempted ruse by the German Panzer Brigade 150 during the Ardennes Offensive, later known as the Battle of the Bulge. Unfortunately for them it was unsuccessful and the Panther/M10's were knocked out. Private Francis Currey of the US 120th regiment received the Congressional Medal of Honor after he managed to knock one of the tanks out with a Bazooka. This is dragons 1/72 Panther/M10 hybrid. Not a lot of parts involved really as the M10 'shell' covers a lot of the normal panther parts. Kit was built OOB apart from the below
  24. Hi All, Here's the much lambasted Italeri Bergepanther kit. It's my first Italeri kit and I won't be rushing to get more, but it was very cheap and whilst it's been made clear that it's not accurate I quite like the way it looks. Lots of sink marks some of which I missed but I'm over it. Completely OOB apart from the AA mount,P/E Grilles and a few spare tools. The cannon was rarely fitted but adds to the appearance I think. There are a couple of million part Takom kits on the way which I'm sure will be much better but in terms of enjoyment this was one of the best £18.99s I've ever
  25. Hi, This is a 1:35 model, the Panzer V Panther tank. This is Tamiya KIT no. 35065. I made it as movable model (the film about how can it ride is at the bottom). Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks, two PE fenders in front, handmade towing cables and small accessories. Constructive criticism is encouraged. AT NIGHT effect adding a bearing to the wheels while assembling
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