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Found 98 results

  1. Hi everyone, Looking at doing this one in the next little while. I've seen several sources going for blue as the fuselage colour but keep coming back to CDL myself. There is a good quality print of it in 'King of Air Combat' but no mention of potential colours. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful.
  2. Building and creating a loaded dragon wagon, what colour is best for the tyres, prefer tamiya paint for this. Also building oob and in parts I will be able to post to Bahrain, to meet me at my next ship, to continue building and painting in an attempt to finish in 2 months
  3. Guys I'm looking for guidance on painting the pilot that comes with with the kit ( Revell Bf 109F-4 1/32 ) has anybody got any photo's of previous builds or colour guidance , any help or guidance welcome :-) Many thanks
  4. Hello again! Since I have plans to build some airliners after Christmas, there is one question I have... and that is: What do I do with windows? I don't think the kits that I'll be making come with the plexiglass inserts for the windows. I do not want to fill them up because that would mean I'd have to buy window decals which costs more £££. I am planning on leaving them open, as this will also make painting easier. However, I still want the plane to look nice and dont want my modelling dignity to leak out the windows ( ), so maybe covering the windows from the back or something? So just dump all your ideas on me for airliner windows that doesn't involve filling them. Has anyone tried leaving the windows just the way they are? If so, what is your opinion on open windows? [FYI: I have done some background reading, but I'm still a noob infront of y'all ] Thanks in advance, Hamdhan
  5. Dear admin, This post was made by mistake, please delete it Hamdhan.
  6. sailorboy61

    Storage Rack

    A little while ago someone put on here links to a cheap perspex nail varnish rack that looked like they might be suitable for paints. Unfortunately they weren't, but being dirt cheap, no problem. I have now purchased a couple of these : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NAIL-POLISH-DISPLAY-STAND-HOLDS-APPROX-70-BOTTLES-HIGH-QUALITY/321210283070?_trksid=p3693.c100102.m2452&_trkparms=aid%3D333008%26algo%3DRIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140212121249%26meid%3D000e4588aab442b08463160a16962d1b%26pid%3D100102%26prg%3D20140212121249%26rkt%3D4%26 which arrived yesterday. Have to say well impressed. Just big enough to get my Tamiya bottles in which are the biggest I have. NOt cheap, but still reasonable and looks a bit neater than the CNC ply ones I was originally considering.
  7. This is my first post here on brimodeller and im fairly new to modelling (just finished a airfix starter) and im getting a 1/48 model soon but im wondering what paint brand to use for acrylic but i dont have an airbrush and will not be getting one soon so what brand is good for brush painting acrylics oh and if you dont mind answering are humbrol brushes good
  8. Topic title lost on non Spinal Tap fans I would think (here if interested) but in essence I want to do the opposite to the black refered in the clip. I have read that, in scale, black is rarely true black. I want to paint a Tucano in black and, given the scale arguement, wonder what the best proprietry black or mix to use would be? Cheers
  9. Can anyone please help with a paint guide for the Tamiya 1.35 US military miniatures , the item No on the box is 35048 . The paint guide is in Japanese and I could do with an English version
  10. I've recently started airbrushing for the first time. After a few failed attempts with Humbrol paints I decided to give "Vallejo Model Colour" a try. Using the Vallejo Primer and thinners I seem to be getting fairly good results and I am happy. So when looking online to further my range of Vallejo paints I noticed they do "Vallejo Model Air", which is a range of paints designed specifically for airbrushing. And this has left me thinking do I buy more "Model Colour" or try "Model Air" Has any one tried these before, if so what is your opinion of them? Would you recommend one type over another? Is there one which is a good all rounder, i.e. For brushing and for air? And does anyone have any other tips or tricks for these paints? Many thanks!
  11. Hi Has anyone tried spraying Zero paints 2K Clear over Tamiya TS Spray and if so what kind of results did you get. I have recently started using the 2K clear from zero with their own paint and the results are excellent but I would like to try it over Tamiya TS spray cans (decanted and airbrushed) as I have tons of cans of the stuff. Many Thanks, Jay.
  12. Hello everyone! I've been doing some 1/1 scale modeling on my home lately so my smaller scale projects are waiting, mostly Heinkel He 111 that I started.. :] But the problem is I can't keep my hands off of some plastic so I decided I should do a quick and simple build, and my build of choice is Stearman Kaydet by Revell, 1/72 scale.. :] Now, I need your help! What I would like to know is what kind of weathering, exhaust stains, mud splashes, paint chipping and general extended usage deterioration could one see on one of these planes back in the day when they were extensively used? I wouldn't mind overdoing it a little bit, just as long as it is in correct places.. Any photos you may have, suggestions, anything would be helpful! :] Also, many pictures on the internet show the different propeller color/material..I'm guessing the original used was wooden, and the later restorations feature metal propellers? Anyway, type in question is N2S, known as the "Yellow Peril", with the tail number/registration as shown on the picture below.. I'm not sure where and on what kind of runway this particular unit was used, maybe that could be a factor in deciding proper weathering too.. Any help is very appreciated! :]
  13. Hello! I am about to order some paints for my Tamiya 1/35 Stug IV. I have found a nice site i want to order paints from, and i see alot of humbrol paints. I am going to make it with the original gray paint that was used on the panzers when they were out of the factory, but i don't know what the name of the paints i need are named. Could anyone help me out with which i need? I looked at the paint pattern in the instructions, but i don't want it dark yellow. And i'm going to use a normal paintbrush. Thanks in advance - Robin
  14. Petemack

    Oil and acrylic?

    Having recently returned to model building after many years I'm very interested in the advances that have been made in detailing and finishing of kits. In the painting arena I'm taken with the whole idea of the oil wash to bring out detail but can't shake off the art and decorating training that says oil and water-based paints don't like each other much. In particularly I'm intrigued by the order in which one applies the oil wash to a model. It seems that many people add this wash after decalling but do you then go on to apply a finish coat, say a matt one, after the wash? If the paints are acrylic and the final coat is acrylic how does it react with the oil? My knowledge of paints says that acrylic should not be applied over oil. What do you do? Perhaps the thinning of the oil prevents it being too sticky and most of it is in the panel lines etc but it seems to me any residue will undermine a topcoat that is water-based. What's the general experience in the application order of the finishing coats? Cheers.
  15. famine43

    Tamiya MS

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on a Tamiya model which requires MS-9 and MS-10 paints, which are fluorescent orange and yellow and cannot find them anywhere! I have seen these colours in the PS range of sprays they do, which are designed for the polycarbonate shells on their RC models. I'm wondering if they will be a suitable substitue? Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a rehash of an old thread!
  16. I needed to strip the old paint of a badly wore out diecast toy, not a problem, I have done it before and never had a problem. Last time I did it, I used to use Brake fluid, but, they have changed the formula to a more "green friendly" substance and the stuff will no longer touch paint. So, decided to go to extreme, Nitromors, I immersed the item in the green gunge for about 2 hours and when I pulled it out, the paint was hardly touched. I did a Google search on the stuff and found out from one of our sister forums that the company changed the formulae in 2010 and removed some harmful substances in the mix and replaced them with "friendlier alternatives". Nitromors still does strip some “household paints, but instead of taking 10 mins, the time has been upped to 30 mins, even then, not all removed. So, another site recommended Caustic Soda, available from DIY stores(but banned in USA and many other places) Its classed as Mangers Drain Cleaner or Paint stripper………..this has been removed from the shelves as DIY stores deem it too dangerous to sell, BUT, they do sell their own drain cleaner and Paint stripper and on the side of the tub/bottle….this product contains no Caustic Soda……….Health and Safety Issue………….so, next stop, Oven Cleaner, it used to work, guess what? It no longer does. Put an item for stripping in the mix 1 hour ago and the paintwork, has just started to go gooey, paint beneath, still rock hard…………..Hmmmmmmmm, so……..I came home, Ebayed Caustic Soda and I managed to find some, but wondering, when it arrives whether all harmful chemicals have been removed. Nail Varnish remover, Cellulose thinners, enamel thinners, white spirit, tried em all, none work or did the expected job I also tried to get hold of some Tippex thinners……..apparently this is also a harmful chemical and since 2006 has been a banned item worldwide, some say, Tippex is now waterbased, but if you can still get hold of original Tippex and it gets thick, use Nail Varnish Remover, not too much or it melts the container. Well, with the EEC rules and Health and Safety various hobbies are now becoming dangerous and a liability to modellers Health? Its forcing Modellers to look for alternatives and taking risks on even more dangerous chemicals to arrive at the same results as before these “friendly “ alternatives took there place. Watch out because soon, I bet you will not be able to remove chrome from plastic when an alternative solution replaces what you do now. If memory serves me well, I think that they have already had a go at enamel paint………..
  17. Hi guys, As the title says I'm after a starting ratio for PRU Blue that I can make from from Gunze Acqueous colours. I'm hoping to get my RF-84G into the paintshop this weekend. for your help. Cheer Mick
  18. Hi Does these new regulations regarding Airmail,that no paints,thinners, etc. are not allowed to be delivered outside UK or that it would be (very) expensive to customer due to some courier service ? I've been trying to order acryl paints and thinners from my favorite stores in UK and ran these kind of problems,I live in Finland btw. Is this some "lovely" EU thing or solely UK's ? Wonder why they can be delivered on Airmail from the Far East and North America. Have I understand something wrong myself or what....? Please help me this dear friends. TIA Teemu Haajanen
  19. I'm trying to get myself together on the colours used in low vis / grey colour schemes. I've seen references in various build logs, but as usual can't find again now I want! My preference (for ease) are Vallejo acrylics although I know they don't do the likes of Ghost/Gull grey. Anyone point me in the right direction please?? Cheers
  20. I've been reading the build reviews in several modelling mags & it often refers to 'dry brushing', especially when talking about finishing a section e.g. a cockpit. What is dry brushing? Surely when you dip a brush in paint it becomes wet (or am I just being a bit thick here?!). Perhaps it's using a dry pigment like ground up pastel or a weathering powder. Can someone please enlighten me. Thanks, Andrew (Currently saving up for a compressor so I can use my airbrush properly & finish the 1/72 Airfix Sabre that's all built, pending painting. May have to start my Airfix 1/72 Vulcan while I wait)
  21. Working my way through the excellent Ebbro kit but I am in need of a suitable dull, semi matt gold paint for the wheels, preferably brushable. Does anyone know of a decent match for the kit decals? I figure Zero or some such do an exact match but looking for a more readily available option?
  22. What are appropriate colors to use for painting those camouflaged Cold War-era MiG-23s in straight-up Soviet service? I am not a good paint mixer (as I am an excellent paint spiller), and I really only use acrylics, so "close enough" is probably fine. I see Testors/Polly (easily available here in the land of milk and honey that is northern Illinois) have some Soviet aircraft colors (Soviet Green, Soviet Khaki, Soviet Sand), but are these what I need?
  23. Hi I have primed a Revell B2 with Halfords Grey plastic primer and now trying to put down some Vallejo Model Colour Foundation White for the undercarriage and other parts. I am thinning with distilled water (from the tumble-dryer) and but still not getting very good coverage after three coats - except in the corners where a nice layer of pigment is building up. The Foundation White is quite thick (even after lots of shaking) - almost oil paint consistency. I am using a brush - and adding the water to the white and mixing in the pallette. Could the Foundation white be "off", am I thinning it too much, or should I just keep trying thin coats?. Any suggestions on getting better coverage most gratefully received. many thanks anthony
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