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  1. Dear All, Perhaps not appropriate for this forum but as a newbie member and lapsed modeller of over 25 years I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and consideration since I became a member of this wonderful resource this year. Admittedly some of my posts may have been a little basic and naive but all of them have been treated with great kindness and consideration and I have learned so much in the short time that I have been here, so a very genuine thank you to one and all. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and let's hope 2021 is a better one f
  2. Dear All, Perhaps not appropriate for this forum but as a newbie member and lapsed modeller of over 25 years I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and consideration since I became a member of this wonderful resource this year. Admittedly some of my posts may have been a little basic and naive but all of them have been treated with great kindness and consideration and I have learned so much in the short time that I have been here, so a very genuine thank you to one and all. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and let's hope 2021 is a better one f
  3. Hello to all, Now I am retired I have recently returned to modelling. In preparation for retirement I prepared myself a stash of 125 mainly 1/72 aircraft kit's of all eras and manufacturer and age of kit, they all await their fate over the coming years. I started and completed 6 of the Airfix Spitfire series which I will soon post in the Ready For Inspection thread, I thought it would be a good idea to get my hands and eyes back in on a few modern kit's, oh how my fingers have got fatter over the years! and my eyesight poorer, or have the aircraft shrunk!!!! maybe when I can get
  4. Evening all! Having recently decided on revisiting a childhood pastime, I've found that this time around, I've become quite engrossed in this model building lark (read; thought I'd give it another bash, I can't have gotten much worse). My experience and finesse regarding scale models is on par with that of the average chimp, and my knowledge of aircraft/armour even more limited! That said; an interest exists, largely founded on a few fond childhood memories around Middle Wallop, Dishforth and a quick whizz around in some variant of Cessna! (Must be around 30 years ago now) These
  5. Hello fellow modellers, I started modeling about four years ago. Now that the children are slowly leaving home, I have time again for my beloved hobby. Since last year my models are also shown in the model building magazine: Model Aircraft Monthly. Hopefully that will happen again this year. My preference is for jet aircraft from the sixties to the present, in the scale 1/48. My last model built was a British Phantom FGR Mk.2 from the former Wildenrath Air Force Base in Germany. This was a Revell kit, but actually a Hasegawa rebox. Iam currently working on an F-14A Tomcat from Tami
  6. Hi all, Greetings from Bury, Manchester, UK. I came across this group whilst looking for a particular model, so I thought I would join and bore you all to death with this story! Many years ago when I was a young lad (about 15) i went and bought from the hobby shop a FROG Dennis Ambulance kit. This I took home and started to build. Howevr my modelling skills in those days were not as good as today and the kit never got finished and eventually it was thrown out. On leaving school, I worked in a few retail shops and ,as a volunteer, joined St.John Ambulance. This interested m
  7. Evening all Just thought I'd introduce myself - I was going to say I'm new around here, but actually it turns out I registered on this forum back in 2015 . . . just haven't been a very active poster I'm coming back to modelling after a very long break (35+ years to be precise, although I did half complete a few things along the way) , you know how it is, girls, motorbikes, children, jobs, houses, etc. all get in the way (and not necessarily in that order) My passion is RNAS/FAA aircraft, and preferably in the larger scales, eg 1:48 or 1:32 I
  8. Hello from Denver, Colorado, USA! 1st model is going to be 1/32 Hawker Hunter....
  9. Hi all! Long time reader, first time member! Looking to expand out of Facebook groups in the the more real world! I have been building models since 2014, but built them in my youth. Nothing much to say just wanted to say hello! Happy modelling, Adam
  10. Hello Everyone, My name is Philip and I love Aeroplanes, they have always been my passion in life which is why eight years ago I learnt to fly real ones. Over Chrismas last year, I decided it would be fun to build a model Spitfire, so whilst learning from youtube videos and reading the forums on this site I completed my first model kit of a Mk.Vb. I was so pleased with my first attempt and enjoyed the process so much that I have built a few more since including a P-51, a De Havilland Mosquito and a Bf109. I find myself visiting Britmodeller quite often for resear
  11. Hi, First of all, I'm mostly build 1/72 Aircraft.. and so far only had finished 1 ship model (Academy 1/800 USS Kitty Hawk) which I built for a friend, and a 1/700 Oliver Hazard Perry frigate. But, due to my big mouth saying "I won't buy that one kit unless you got the PE set for it" to my LHS owner.. Now, I have a Dragon 1/700 HMS Illustrious in my stash. And, it turned out that my LHS also have -not just one - but both WEM 1/700 Invincible Class Support Carrier (PE 716), and the WEM 1/700 Invincible Class Superset (PE 742). Which PE set should I choose? F
  12. This is my first ‘yearbook’ - so please be gentle. 2017 got off to a slow start for me as I was far too busy asking you all annoying questions, but getting some great answers along the way. The first part of the year was in reality spent acquiring ‘tools and equipment’ before I could actually build anything. So it was the end of May before I started and finished my first 'project'. This is the 1/48 Airfix MWD Utility truck – complete with a milliput base. It was my first go with an airbrush and my first attempt at weathering too – so very much a ‘work in progress’ – but it was
  13. So... I've never built a boat, helicopter or a diorama (unless you count a fancy dress outfit) so what better to do than combine all three From the For Sale section I got this set Which I was thinking of turning into a little scene like what the box lid does show. Thusly
  14. Greetings all, I apparently signed up for these forums quite some time ago and either didn't become active or only briefly participated. Either way I was on the lookout for a new social medium platform among like minded mates and one such fellow, called Gorby here, advised me to check in. Thus I hope this is the one for me. I am a Yank but don't let that ward you off, beyond the pond, there are a lot of we mere modellers that would rather focus on our polystyrene than the rubbish on television.
  15. Hi world - This is my second restart at modeling - I picked up the paint and glue 4 years ago after last making a kit aged about 13 ( which was at the end of the '80's). I built a few 1:72 things, then a baby came along, and I stopped. That was 2 years ago, and I'm making another go of it. I've changed my focus to 1:48 kits, and probably 1950's and 60's jets, simply because I love the shape of them. My user name is a tribute to my other love - jazz. I am not a long dead Egyptian king. This forum is a big inspiration to me, and its great to finally be involved. James.
  16. This is actually from last year – before I joined up here – but I thought it might be nice to share this – so I took some pictures today – in between the showers. I always wanted to build one of these as a kid – but we just didn’t have the money for BIG KITS – so it was always the bagged up 1/72’s from the local newsagents – great days though. Anyway enough of the sob stories – I got a couple of these kits last year and I have to say I was very dismayed with the quality – having paid full price. But you can’t shatter a little boys dreams – so I picked the best bits from both kits to
  17. johnk

    Hi Everyone

    Just a quick presentation as a new member of this forum. Just want to join the community and looking forward to exchange with people sharing the same hobby. I used to do a lot of plastic models younger but and after a break of many many years, I am trying to get back at it. My level would be average-low....just doing it for fun really. Hoping to get and also maybe give some advice sometimes
  18. Hey Everyone, I'm new around here and have been reading a lot of your WIP threads and a certain word keeps popping up .... flash ... I know this is probably a very daft question to ask, but can someone explain what flash is? I hope I have put this in the right area of the forums, I could not see any other relevant groups. Chris
  19. Murray

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys! Hope you're all well. Just started on here, although having watched for sometime. I'm currently a student, picking the hobby back up from my first couple airfix kits from when I was 7 or 8. Being a fair bit more engaged in it this time round. I plan to capture the process of my builds on camera. Uploading summaries on here and full builds onto Youtube. I find it helps me to plan the build more logically and efficiently if I'm planning the video of it simultaneously, it also just helps me avoid mistakes. I've uploaded a summary of a build of an SU-2 I recently completed here...
  20. Hi everyone i have been modelling for around 14 years and spent most of it using a rattle can and a good old hairy stick, however i want to start using an airbrush as i seem to be stuggling on getting a great finish. I have around a £100 - £130 and im looking for a setup which i can use to do fine detail painting as well as painting full car bodyshells in 1/24th and also aircraft fueselages too. I have very little knowledge on airbrushes so im putting the question out to you guys. What is the best kit for a airbrush trainee and what could i get for my budget. I would be greatly appreciated for
  21. Hi everyone, I have been lurking on here for a while now looking for tips and pointers; so I finally decided to register and ask questions. I am about to return to modelling after a major 35 year hiatus, but having said that, I am really more of a newbie. I used to build airfix kits and add the water slide transfers and that was pretty much it, any painting was done with a cheap brush and humbrol enamels (and not often at that) I more enjoyed the building. Anyway, looking on here has inspired me (especially the work of Andy Moore; I mean WOW). What I do need is advice. I have been bought th
  22. Hello, After my spitfire (http://www.britmodel...e-starter-mkia/) I'm going to do my second build ever, my first airliner ever. Quite excited for this one. I'll be making the Airfix 737-200 in Brittania Airways colours. As I'm a beginner I'd ask for all the help you guys can give me The unboxing of the kit is here: Tomorrow I'll glue the fuselage halves together and begin construction. I am planning to fill the windows with UHU and maybe cover it up with some Revell Plasto to make it solid (Thin layer of Plasto on the outside with UHU clear glue on the inside part of the windows to
  23. Well I've finally sorted out a space to do my modelling, and installed a worktop and made a paint rack. Soooo, it's time I started to make a model, this will be the first one in about 33 years so I've decided to keep it basic so as to re-learn any old skills that I might of had back in the day. I decided the first model should be an 1/72nd Airfix Chipmunk, my thoughts being that this should be an "out of the box" basic build with an easy paint job to match, just to get me in the swing of things. There's only 2 sprues of parts and 1 sprue of clear parts (2 choices of canopy), the typical A
  24. As per title, my first model in over twenty years. I've been lurking on here for a while and after taking 12 months to complete this thought I'd share it as many of you on here have been an inspiration. Overall, I'm pretty pleased, Would like to add a little more detail with each build (Airfix Tiffy next). Wash on the bottom went well, pleased with the paintjob considering I only have two brushes. Disappointed to see the photography shows some mistakes I didn't spot before (paint creep on canopy and paint not getting into some of the details). Also the canopy masking lifted
  25. Hi All, Just thought I would create a thread for my first ever model in progress. It's a 1989 MPC Darth Vader TIE Fighter (the one that needs loads of sanding and filling ) Apologies for the slightly poor quality pictures, they were taken on my phone. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy the updates. Steps completed over the last few days. Primed Yesterday I primed all the main parts of the fuselage Lighting test I also tested my first ever LED lighting circuit. Obviously, the fuselage is not stuck together here I just wanted to get a
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