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Found 22 results

  1. A return to plastic for me...following a recent multimedia MFH 1/12 Ferrari F2007, I wanted some degree of ease in my build so figured I wanted a brief interlude back to plastic. I also wanted to have a break from a long, drawn out car build so opted for this beast, out of my stash. Obviously, everyone loves a Martini scheme...If you don't, you're wrong...simples... this will be built alongside a little 1/43 scale white metal Ferrari in the natural breaks, so I will attmept to update them both regularly... So, needed some raw materials... Hiroboy to the rescue, Tamiya kit, Detail up fork set, some paint and to chuck over that, some decals...hope I can do this justice... Building starts tomorrow...with the engine...
  2. Ever since I finished my last project, that 3D printed steam engine. I've been racking my brain trying to think of a model that appeals to me for another scratch build. It has been my own unwritten rule that I only ever build cars/boats/steam engines that are important to me or played a part in my past. I had the use of a Vincent Rapide back in 1955 here in Ontario Canada, when I was 17 and a family friend asked if I'd look after it for him for 2 months while he went back to Scotland ... does a bear sh*t in the woods?? At the time I had an AJS 600 twin and a Matchless scrambler but they quickly got pushed aside and I rode that Vincent everywhere. Now, almost 70 years on, I feel ready to tackle a bike model ... a scratch built one at that .. and a Vincent. The one I'm going to attempt is called Gunga Din and was the development machine used by the factory for many years and has, in modern times, been found, restored, tied for first place at Pebble Beach concours and now belongs to an important man in the motorcycle world here in Toronto Canada. What I'd give for an hour with the bike and a camera but as it stands I'm going to have to build it all from photographs. Those familiar with my models may know that I'm not a stickler for absolute precision and correctness so, as usual, I'll be taking liberties as and where I feel like it. Scratch building for me is mostly about 'the process' and figuring out 'how am I going to make this part?'. I've begun the project armed with only a 'pretty decent side view' of the bike which I've since converted to a line drawing and scaled it to my default size ... 9 inches (see above about liberties). http:// I've got off to a good start and have selected a lot of the 'low hanging fruit' to fabricate. As usual, my parts are made from my stash of scrap aluminum, steel and brass salvaged from old printers, cameras, computers etc. Gas tank, seat, oil tank and shock absorbers under way. http:// Half hour of filing and sanding ... Seat and Gas tank are shaped using Renshape which is a composite pattern making material. Here the oil tank, seat and shock absorbers are test fitted. http:// For those unfamiliar with the Vincent bikes they have no traditional frame in which the engine is bolted. Instead, a strong, steel box-like oil tank resides under the gas tank and the front and rear suspensions are bolted to that ... very much ahead of the times. I'll be moving on to the rear suspension members next so I'll leave you here. Back soon.
  3. My version of this iconic little wonder. Very popular here in Finland at the -80's. all chorme removed with Mr Muscle drain opener and then painted with alclad products. Engine, forks, exhaust and mud guards are all bolted with M1 to M1.4 bolts.
  4. A quick build on this one, it’s only taken about a month 1:12 scale. Paints mostly Tamiya, a bit of Revell & the metallic black is by Vallejo. Built straight OOB, like most Tamiya kits it’s pretty straight forward, kind of builds itself really
  5. This is my lockdown project. I know nothing about motorcycles in real life but I'm really enjoying building this so much detail. Only done the engine so far but really detailed and satisfying
  6. Well, I'm going to make a start. The kids are going away for a week - it may be my only chance! I'm adding the Top Studio Detail-Up and Chain sets, as well as the Tamiya Front Fork Set. I think I'll keep the Hobby Design set for another build. I planning to use white for the main colour, more than that, I'm still undecided. Cheers, Andrew
  7. I'll start with some eye candy! This is what I hope to end up with when finished. I'll not hold back on the polish and bling so if you were hoping for something "rode hard and put away wet" this isn't that thread. This is what the box looks like. The MFH sister-site "Barchetta" has documented everything included in the kit here: http://www.club-barchetta.com/SHOP/K485.html Wish me luck. I'll need it.
  8. Hi all,   Would anyone happen to know if any of the three JPS Norton racebikes exist in kit form? I've trawled through Google, etc. with no luck.   All the best.
  9. My uncle asked me to do take a crack at this kit for him after I built an Iron Patriot for my cousin. First time I've worked with a motorcycle kit. Fairly simple, but my word I wish Tamiya didn't chrome plate the parts >< Without further ado, here it be Gaz
  10. Larger image Not really an armoured fighting vehicle, but I guess it goes in this section. This is the Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW of World War 2. Building this kit taught me something that I sort of knew already and I find it a bit disturbing. It is that there was something radically primitive about the engineering design of motorcycles of this era. (Even my first trials bike, a 250cc Greaves of the 1960s, incorporated design elements that no rational mind would include on a trials bike.) It is not just that this or that component shows signs of being added as an afterthought. It is as if everything, from the bottom up, has been added as an afterthought. For more, see Mentioned in dispatches on my web site. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)
  11. Well that was a cure for modellers block! This was a really fun build that took me back to my childhood when i used to build the tamiya bike kits and then my youth when i used to strip and rebuild my motorcycles. I have had so much fun i have bought some other bike kits. Kit was an easy build and considering its age still has so much detail in it and looks great. Right Ducati 916 next!
  12. I recently got a GREAT deal on this kit and just couldn't pass it up. The reason is that this is quite a rare kit. This one isn't even listed on the Tamiya web site. This is due to some sort of a copyright infringement that was brought by AMF when they owned Harley-Davidson. However, this particular kit appears to have been re-branded as their "Police Special" motorcycle leaving the AMF off of the packaging. Even the instruction sheet is quite dated. But, since this IS the thread for posting completed models I won't delve into the construction aspect. Here is the completed model complete with working lights......
  13. While searching for a release date for this kit I discovered that it is not listed any longer on the Tamiya web site. Also, I discovered that there is little information out there. I also found that, unlike models today, there is no bar code on the box. So I looked up the history of those. Going by that information that would put this model at 1980 or earlier as bar codes weren’t used regularly until after that. I give you photos of the sides of the box for reference. I did find out from someone that this particular model was removed from the shelves because, at the time, there was some sort of a “copyright infringement” being claimed by AMF. This is now the same bike that is being produced as the “Police Bike” in the Tamiya series. I reduced the size of these photos to help ease any loading issues that some folks might have. And away we go….. This is the front page of the vintage instruction booklet that came with the model. I did the frame in black. Now, I know it comes already molded in black but I have never been one to go in for the shiny plastic look that seems to be inherent if you just leave it alone. So I sprayed a flat white primer and then a coat of gloss metallic black over that. As with all of the Tamiya large scale models the engine went together seamlessly. I did something a little different this time as far as the lighting goes. I went with number 0402 SMD type LED’s throughout this one. These are amazing little buggers. About the size of a pinhead with wires smaller than angel hair pasta and the resistors are pre-attached AWAY from the base of the light at the end of the wire. Making installation a lot easier. These are shots of the test fit of the fenders and the front end as well as the saddlebags. As is usual, there were no fit issues. These show how small those wires on those SMD’s really are. You can clearly see the wires as well as the resistors here. I cut a hole in the back side of the right fuel tank to place the resistors as well as the extra wiring that came off of the front end. I was careful to NOT cut off the mounting points for the tank itself. And here is the tank after being mounted with the wires already installed inside. You can also see the lone lead wire coming out the rear (left side) of the tank. And, of course, after all of this work a lighting test is required. I test and retest often to make sure I haven’t pinched, cut, or otherwise disconnected any wires in the process. These are a couple of rather simple photos showing the gauges setup. And here is the completed model. This has been done in Star Spangled Blue over Flat Black primer. The white is Pearl White over Flat White primer. This is as close as I could get to any sort of original colors for this year bike without special ordering something directly from Harley-Davidson which would have been overly expensive. So I did some research to see what colors would have been available during that time period. There are a couple of engine closeups as well as one of the seat. The one of the seat was done simply because I though it was a cool way to mount it to the bike. Keeping true to the original that’s for sure. Hope that you enjoy these and, as always, please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments!!!!! Here are the photos showing the 0402 SMD type LED's in operation.
  14. Hello again, this is my Suzuki Katana custom I built last year. It was a lovely model to assemble and a great price, highly recommended. All done with hairy sticks and Humbrol enamel. Thanks for looking and any feedback would be appreciated, regards Siffo.
  15. Just browsing Hannants and came across this: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/IT4602 Andrew
  16. Tamiya have finally decided to re-release a number of 1/12 motocrossers for November 2014: Honda CR450R w/Rider Honda CR250R Suzuki RM250 More than likely they will be straight re-releases with modern quality decals, not that that's a problem... The days of paying £45 to £90 for one on flea bay will soon come to an end. YES, YES, YES!
  17. Seen on Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/IT4630 Andrew
  18. We Have had a restock of the Miniart Range Plus 4 New Releases MIN35195 - Miniart 1:35 - US Army Bulldozer £36.99 MIN35192 - Miniart 1:35 - German Artillery Crew (Special Edition) £8.99 MIN35176 - Miniart 1:35 - Rest On Motorcycle £16.99 MIN35164 - Miniart 1:35 - GAZ-05 194 Ambulance £36.99 Click On The Link Below To Go To The Full Range Of Miniart http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/miniart-m-46.html
  19. Hi Everyone, Here is my 3rd completed build of the weekend. It is the Tamiya 1/12 Kawasaki ZX-14 Ninja Special Edition. Painted by hand with Tamiya X-1 Black and X-7 Red. The decals went a lot better with this than my Hayabusa build. Anyway here are the photos. Look out for another bike build in the future, maybe even the alternate colour scheme ZX-14. ATB, Rick
  20. Hi Everyone, Here is my 1st completed build of 2015. Tamiya 1/12 scale Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 99-07 model. This kit has been painted in Tamiya X-4 Blue, black, gold and silver plus a bit of flat aluminium. Anyway here are the photos. Thanks for looking. Rick
  21. After the rather nice news (to me anyway) of Tamiya's new tool 1/72 F-16CJ, I decided to have a gander at what else might be coming. To my utmost surprise, I found this solitary image off a built up Ducati 1199 Panigale. Clearly a quick build 'test shot' but it does tie in with previous rumours of an impending Ducati release... This image was found on this blog http://tamiyablog.com/category/future-releases/ with the 1199 being the first image on the seventh row down. Apart from being photographed at this years Nuremberg Toy Fair, no scale or other identifying text can be found on this unofficial blog. Also no other information has come from or can be found on Tamiya's official channels. Please feel free to add or correct any information presented. I really do hope this is the next new tool 1/12th scale motorcycle release... (Edited to amend topic title)
  22. Hi This is a conversion of the Revell CB750 kit to a CB750KZ and is the first motorcycle conversion that I have attempted. I used to own one when I was younger and it was my pride and joy but, alas, I sold it so that I could get married (yep, it was worth it - but I kept all my gear just in case). It is not perfect by any means but gave me ideas for when I have another go at some point. Those in the know will notice that the real one had twin exhausts each side but I was not clever enough to attempt scratch building those yet. And, for a change, I did not add any lights........... For more pictures please click on this link: More Photos Kevin
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