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  1. The first real jet fighter from Russia, swept wings and all. It's record is impressive; First swept wing fighter; First flight December 1947, into service 1949, and then in the Korean War it won its combat spurs. Altogether it's claimed 650 odd MiG 15s were lost in combat during the Korean War, while the Soviets claimed 1,100 UN forces aircraft shot down by MiG 15s This figure is disputed, But there is some certainty that at least 140 or so US aircraft were shot down by MiG 15s. It served in many Warsaw pact, and was exported to many other. airforces until eventually replaced by the MiG - 17. It is said that MiG 15s are still used today as trainers in the North Korean air force. I'm sure most Britmodellers have at least looked at the Airfix MiG 15 even if not made one, so I'll restrict my comments on the kit to being aware of some concern over inaccurate shape or dimensions but at this scale it looks like a MiG 15 to me and probably more importantly, my family. I do know the nosewheel is a somewhat unusually large and bulbous representation, but I swerved that one by making the kit as in flight. Here's the box art; the kit went together pretty well, I had to do a bit of trimming of the yahu instrument panel to get the forward section of the fuselage to fit, otherwise fit all round was pretty good. I painted it first in Halfords black paint, then used a Revell silver rattle can which I don't think came out too badly. I painted a small number of panels in Tamiya Titamium silver for contrast, and used Tamiya flat aluminium on some panels for contrast, but frankly I can't really see any differences. Using decals from the box, which seemed to take an age to slide off the backing sheet, master pitot gunbarrels and aerial base, and a Pavla resin ejector seat, and Galleria varnishes from Windsor & Newton finished the kit off. I can see a few errors; a seam or two that didn't look to be there in black paint showed up after silver paint was applied; I couldn't get a tiny leak of paint under my self cut masks on the canopy off successfully; and there's a rough bit of painting on the - oh go on, you'll no doubt see it! I've done it in flight mode as my Frog Sea Fury is also done in flight (because one of the undercarriage legs shot off into the carpet monster's maw) - this is Hoagy Carmichael's mount, I have an Airfix Sea Fury to make up as Shmoo Ellis' mount to put the correct pairing that shot down a Mig !5 when flying off my father's last ship in the navy, HMS Ocean. Anyway, here 'tis, this year's 5th build - I would like to keep up a one build a month rate, but life has an awful habit of interfering with that! Thanks for looking!
  2. So I’ve thought long and hard, well I’ve thought about it and I’m going to build three 1/144 migs for the blitzbuild. I have a Mig23, 25 and 29 ( hmm I may also have a 27) all in 1/144 and all in fairly monochrome schemes. The 29 will have little red stars but it’s an aerobatic scheme not a combat aircraft and I’ll try and avoid them for the other two(three?) More to follow…
  3. Hi, recently built this Eduard 1:48 Mig-21BIS, decided to do it as Finnish Air Force MG-129 of HaaLLv 31, Kuopio, circa 1981. Chose this scheme as i had the matchbox 1:72 version as a kid!!! Built oob, airbrushed using Mr Color Acrylic paints and Mig Ammo washes. All in all it went together very nicely, the only real issue i had was getting the 4 tiny aoa vanes onto the pitot tube....... really wish id just bought an add on one Not too sure about the paint scheme but i went with the "more grey" as it looked closer to the photos i was using rather than the earlier brown. Either way, its done and on the shelf now Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129-3 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129-5 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129-4 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129-7 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129-2 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Eduard 1-48 Mig-21BIS MG-129-6 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Thanks for looking Jon
  4. This kit is one of the very nice Fujimi Mig 21s, of which I have built several of. My particular boxing was the SMT, or the Hump Back as they are know. One problem was, the plastic that appeared in the box was that of the Bis, as indicated by the word being molded into the inside of the fuselage spine. Not only that, they give you the MF tail, The main external difference between the Bis and MF is the fuselage avionics hump proceeds further down the base of the tail in the MF bis. I think this may have been a packaging error as I've seen other boxings online with similar parts and those with the correct parts for the SMT. Anyways never mind, I can make an MF from the parts I have, so that's what I did. Aztec Decals Latin Eagles II was used. I was rather attracted to the top surface camouflage of this particular mig. The kit itself builds very well with adequate detail for the scale, it does not require any nose weight but it is recommended to put a couple of grams in the forward nose just to make sure. Decals are also very nice and lay down well under Mr Mark decal solution. Another aircraft is added to my Cuban collection.
  5. This is my attempt at the Mig Productions burnt out saloon car, that will form part of an ongoing diorama. I think the car is based on a 60's Datsun Bluebird although could be any generic model of that time really. The kit is all resin and has some very large casting blocks, along with some very fiddly wire for the seat frames that need to be made with the included jig. The seat frames are supposed to be soldered together I think, but my soldering skills are not up to that level of detail, so I twisted and superglued them instead. They seem to have turned out ok when painted and to be honest are hardly visible sadly. Paint is AK acrylics, AK chipping fluid, AK rusted deposits weathering set and some oils.
  6. Hello dear friends. I would like to present you my latest aircraft model. Mig-15uti from HobbyBoss in 1/72 scale. This model was built for a group build called Brushes only. So, i painted this model only with brushs. Base coats were painted with acrylics and weathering was applied with oils. I like to built models with unusual markings or painting schemes. So i choosed the Iraqi air force version of the aircraft. Please feel free to criticize. By the way, the cockpit or control panel have no details out of the box. So i tried to add some details from scratch.
  7. So... I've been trying to find a stockist of Tamiya Panel Line Accents, both black and brown, and MIG Streaking Grime in the UK that doesn't charge mouth watering prices. The prices abroad seem to be far cheaper (e.g. Passion132 do MIG streaking grime for just under €4 as opposed to over £7, but unfortunately you have to factor in shipping which then kills the saving). Then I had a thought; can I not just buy a tin of Humbrol gloss enamel and thin down as required? Are the panel line washes not just extremely thinned down ordinary enamel paints? If so, then I just need a tin of Humbrol gloss black 21 and gloss tan 9 for the two Tamiya panel line accent colours above? Does anyone know how to make an equivalent of MIG Streaking Grime?
  8. This is the very nice Fujimi kit in 1/72 built straight from the box. There are no real issues with the kit, it even comes with a nice pilot figure that I used as I was initially going to mount it wheels up, but the gear doors don't fit that well closed, so I decided not do all the extra work to make them fit. Thankfully these kits also come with weapons and drop tanks, so no need to raid the Hasegawa weapons sets to equip her.
  9. New Eduard "Fishbed-J" boxing - ref. 1199 Release in May 2016 Source: https://www.facebook.com/EduardCompany/?fref=nf V.P.
  10. Good day, hobby colleagues! I continue to lay out my builds for you to review. This time - a unique model of the Soviet fighter, who never went into the series, although he managed to fight. Pleasant viewing, thanks for your attention) P.S. I apologize again for the clumsy English. Blame Google Translate
  11. Hi This is my Mig 25 RB frpm ICM kit at 1/48th The plane is very large. More than 40 cm when you finished it. There are no major problem for his build. Some step requier attention but it is a very good kit. I use the AK paint for this kit. A global view Another pics in my galery Mig 25 RB
  12. Eduard’s MiG-15 is a “Dual Combo” kit with two kits in the box and markings for no less than six aircraft. The upper half of the airframe comes with the wings already attached complete with the slight anhedral characteristic of the MiG-15. Surface detail is dead sharp and amazingly delicate. The cockpit comes molded as a single tiny piece with a seat, consoles, panel and stick. Nice! The first step was to attach cockpit to the air intake splitter. There isn’t much room for ballast to keep the MiGs from being tail-sitters, so I cut a lead fishing weight into tiny bits to pack as much into the available space as possible. I hope it will be enough! Next came painting the MiG-15s’ plain gray cockpits. A highlight here is the Eduard instrument decals. The unbelievably tiny yet perfectly sharp dial detail is absolutely phenomenal! The panel even includes the vertical white line down the center used to aid MiG pilots in spin recovery maneuvers. The only changes I made to the kit cockpits were simple replacement wire control columns and seatbelts made from strips of Tamiya tape. It is almost a shame to install them into the fuselages which obscure much of the minute detail. Almost none of it will be discernable once the canopies are in place – but at least I’ll know it is there!
  13. I had this sitting around half built before I got sick, so decided to finish it off this week. It's not a bad little kit, some minor fit issues but nothing that someone with moderate skills couldn't cope with. Decals were shot so these were from the spares box. I went fairly hard on the paint chipping as I read the paint was probably scrounged from Army units and was applied in the field, probably with minimal surface prep. Thus it tended to wear rather badly.
  14. What is the best MiG-19 kit in 1/72nd scale? I know of the old Heller and KP kits, and Mastercraft do one. Are there any others? I'm specifically looking for the cannon-armed version, as opposed to the missiles-only version. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Best Regards, Jason P.S. This is an aeroplane that cries out for a new-mould kit. Airfix? Zvezda? Anyone?
  15. I have combed the internet for a couple of days and can't find an answer... When applying MIG FILTERS to acrylics - to 'unify' the colours - do I varnish first - or apply to the raw acrylic... Help - Please Thanks in advance - Steve
  16. I have a question that's proven a little confusing. For a long time I've had a bottle of Mig Productions Thinner for Washes, but this stuff seems to be nigh impossible to get anymore. Everywhere lists it out of stock, and Mig Productions itself doesn't seem to have a store anymore. All I can find is the Ammo Odourless Enamel Thinner, which I've no problem getting provided that it is similar to the Mig Productions Thinner in its softness and use with pigments (I use it fix them) and washes. Has anyone had any experience with both and is there any real difference between them? I'd really like to avoid harsh turps and stuff if I can. Gaz
  17. This is the old Monogram 1/48 MiG 15 from the 70's. Dad had this kit kicking around the house for at least 30 years and he finally gave it to me so I thought I'd build it. It's not too bad, but scales out to around 1/44, so any aftermarket bits you have in 1/48 will be way too small. The fit is decent but the canopy is fairly poor. I added some instrument decals to the cockpit to add a little detail. Markings are those of Maj I. P. Golshevskij who apparently flight night time interception missions over Korea. Decals from the spares box and I made the front FOD cover.
  18. Acrylic Concrete Texture for Dioramas (A.MIG-2108) AMMO by Mig Jiménez AMMO have a growing range of acrylic pastes for dioramas, some of which we've reviewed already, such as the excellent tarmac and beach sand we reviewed last year here. I tested the tarmac before I dispatched it, and it was awesome. This new one is concrete, and comes in the same 250ml tub as the others, with a screw-down lid and tub shape that makes it unlikely to tip over. Inside is a goopy paste in a cement grey colour, which has texture particles suspended within its matrix to quickly give the correct finish. I tested a patch by scooping an amount out with an artist's palette knife onto some styrene card that had been roughened beforehand to improve adhesion. It is quite wet to use, but once shaped it doesn't slump noticeably, so you can add texture to your initial layer for quite some time. I added an anti-slip tamp marking to part of my test patch with the edge of my knife, just to see how well it would hold it, and it has held its shape very well. Please bear in mind however that I'm hardly an expert diorama maker, and this is merely a quick test. The colour will change when the paste is dry, and lighten somewhat so you may want to adjust that with paint, washes or pigments, as concrete seldom stays just one colour after laying. If you are depicting new concrete however, you could quite easily leave it as-is because the colour is pretty much spot on. The dry paste is also very flexible, allowing me to flex the card so that the ends were parallel without any cracking or lifting of the concrete. Conclusion This is an excellent range of quick helpers to create dioramas for anyone from the novice to the expert, and they are easy to use, water-based acrylic so no noxious fumes, and it even smells pleasant and somewhat familiar. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  19. Modelsvit is to release a 1/72nd MiG I-75 kit - ref.72029 Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/modelsvit/modelsvit-catalogue-2017/1866182310317478 V.P.
  20. Hello! Let's to start my another MiG! This is very quality ProfiPack edition set (PE, masks included). First time, I'm start to learn paint nozzle: Cockpit:
  21. Another completed model. One of my favorite planes. I plan to one day make MIG-21 in the colors of all the countries that used them. This is the fourth, and there will be more. Here's the picture, enjoy it.
  22. Hi guys, I have a old Hasegawa Mig 25 I'd like to build up as its pretty basic and shouldn't take me too long, but I can't find the correct paint colour for the interior. Any help would be appreciated
  23. I'm looking for something to use for radio aerials and biplane rigging in 1/72 scale besides my old invisible thread, and came across this elastic rigging line from Mig: http://www.migjimenez.com/en/accessories/608-rigging-fine-003-mm.html Anyone have experience with this stuff? It comes in 0.01, 0.02, and 0.03 mm thicknesses, which (if those measurements are correct) are all extremely fine, but it's kind of pricey at 4.50 euro for a 2m long piece. I'm open to other suggestions for 1/72 rigging line if there are better options out there as well. Thanks!
  24. Hello I am new to this site and this is my first post. I used to scratchbuild model aeroplanes when I was a kid. After many years of building 1/48 kitsets I decided to have another go a scratchbuilding the old fashioned way, just for fun. I am in the process of building a 1/48 scale Mig 15 bis from scratch (with one or two aftermarket parts to speed things up a bit). I hope you enjoy following along. I'm hoping to have the project finished early 2017. Here are the plans I am using - graciously provided by a well-known aviation modelling magazine. it's a good idea to photocopy the plans several times before you start - you will need plenty of copies. Note that this set of plans also came with an underside view - it's just not in this shot. I also have a few books and articles on this subject - but I'm definitely no 'rivet counter' so I'm not going to allow myself to get bogged down in too much research. If you like laser accurate models - look away now - this one will be 'good enough' and that'll be that! Note the presence of the cross section profiles on the plans- they are very important. I selected a good piece of wood - straight grain no knots - in this case very hard Jarrah from Western Australia, but I daresay any decent strong wood with a straight grain should be fine. I like to use hard wood - never balsa - because hardwoods hold any carved detail better, they provide much needed structural strength and are less susceptible to surface damage such as scratches and dents. Cut out the relevant drawings and stick em on. I used PVA glue; nothing fancy - but if anyone can suggest a better alternative I'm all ears. Carefully Cut around the paper profile using a bandsaw, you could use a fret saw but a bandsaw saves a lot of time. in this shot the side profile is cut but the wood not removed (note the scalpel blade stuck in the cut as a marker for the photograph- I don't remove any wood until both profiles are cut as it's much easier to run the bandsaw against a smooth surface and not the contour left from the first cut. I also leave surplus wood beyond the end of the fuselage (both tail and nose). This excess wood can be used as a handle during some of the subsequent work. After both cuts are made you have the rough shape, in both side view and plan view of a Mig 15 fuselage. It doesn't look like much at this point - but stay tuned - with a bit of luck it will get a bit better over time.
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