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Found 174 results

  1. Well I almost completely forgot about/missed this one. Like the majority probably will, I’m going for an Eduard model as well, though mine will be the 1/48 ProfiPACK G4. And being a Bf100 it was only even going to be a nightfighter for me and not just any, supposedly the last aircraft ever flown by Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, the greatest Night Fighter pilot of all time (there’s a lot of debate whether it was C3+BA). Along with all the lovely gear Eduard supplies I’m adding their details set and Master models beautiful FuG 218 antenna set. As the model doesn’t support ( ) the FuG218 I had to steal the mast for my Dragon Ho229B. For decals I’ll be using Peddinghaus’s beautiful decal set, plus I got a feeling I may have ordered some resin wheels as well!! I’m really looking forward to building this one but am already super stressed over time! I know it’s 3 months but I’m about to go back to 3w/1w roster so will be away from home most of the time. It works out I have 15 full days at home until the February finish and no I can’t spend all that time locked away building...would be trouble if I did. So there will be a mad rush over the first few days of the build to get all the basics done, no step by step build this time!! :frantic: :frantic: Roll on start time!!!!
  2. Just like with its 1/32nd kit (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234947836-132-messerschmitt-bf110e-2-trop-by-dragon-released/), Dragon is to release very soon (August 2014), in its Wing Tech/Master Series, a 1/48th Messerschmitt Bf.110E-2 Tropical kit - ref.5560. Source: http://dragon-models.com/d-m-item.asp?pid=CHC5560# V.P.
  3. Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3 4101, ex-GH + DX, ex-6./JG 52 "Yellow 8", ex-2/JG51 "Black 12", ex-RAF DG200, ex-No. 1426 Flight RAF, used in Battle of Britain film, Black 12. At RAF Hendon, pics are mine.
  4. Hobby Boss is to release new tool 1/48th Awfulschmitt Bf.109G kits in 2015/2016 - ref.81750 - Messerschmitt Bf.109G-2 - ref.81751 - Messerschmitt Bf.109G-6 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234972796-hobbyboss-148-for-2015/?p=1828290 Considering Eduard is to retool its Bf.109G-2/-6 in 2015 (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234947521-148-messerschmitt-bf109f-g-family-by-eduard-bf109g-6-released-new-corrected-mould-in-design/?p=1810113) and the release from a Bf.109G-6 by Zvezda in 2015 ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961817-148-messerschmitt-bf109g-6-by-zvezda-release-in-2015/)... V.P.
  5. Dragon/Cyber-Hobby is to release in November 2013 a 1/32nd Messerschmitt Bf.110E-2 Trop kit - ref.CHC 3209 Source: http://www.dragonmodelsusa.com/dmlusa/prodd.asp?pid=CHC3209# *actual product may not be exactly as shown Source: http://www.fg-site.net/archives/3008644/3008641-image2 V.P.
  6. There are some new and interesting 109 builds here on Britmodeller, so i thought its a good idea to post and share one of my Gustavs. Its the Hasegawa kit in 1/32 scale, maybe not the most accurate 109 on the market but if you are looking for a relaxing build go with this kit, it builds nearly for itself. The markings are for a Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, 4./JG 51 “Mölders” flown by Obfw. Elias Kühlein. I hope you like it Bernd
  7. So for some added fun, I'm modifying Revell's 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla kit so the control surfaces will operate with the movement of the control stick. First step was to modify the kit's ailerons so that they actually move. Learn how I did this on my website: http://www.highflyingmodels.com/me109-aileron
  8. Hello I would appreciate Your opinions concerning this can of worms..... Based on my references,I am being offered between two different camo schemes for this 109G-14; first is 82/83/76 and the other 74/75/76. Now what would be most obvious choice,the 82/83 sounds suspicious,it is the option given by decal sheet. The new AZ Model G-14 1/72 scale has the normal three grey option. My only resources are two b/w pics where this 109 has taller (wooden) rudder but with shorter tailwheel and Erla canopy. This is either 4.JG 3 or 10.JG 3 plane and Werkenummer is 462919 and its number is white 7 and vertical line (or cross bar). Any opinions would be highly welcome. TIA Teemu H
  9. Walk around, This is my version of the Airfix kit, there may be some dispute over the colours I used! It was painted with tamiya paints and weathering sets. Pretty much from the box, I just added aileron trim tabs and fixed the wing root fillet using plastic sheet. Xtradecal swastika. It is not a new build but I'm new here. This is my first aircraft "ready for inspection"
  10. Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun, pics thanks to Mark Mills.
  11. Hi Folks I have just started a Hasegawa Bf109F2 and have noticed that the fuselage has the fuel filler and gas filler points of the later marks on the fuselage. The kit instructions point out to fill the fuel filler on the port spine but they don't mention the additional filler further aft on the stbd side nor the gas filler point (cannon charging point?) lower down on the aft stbd side. I have a feeling that these are for later marks but don't have my references with me can anyone confirm they should be filled? Thanks Duncan B
  12. The new Eduard stuff has arrived today and is available to buy from our website right now! Top of the list is the Bf109G Royal Class set. Again, please no discussions about the accuracy of this kit as it's been done to death now, I will remove offending posts if anyone bothers. The kit has plastic parts and marking options for G-2/G-4/G-6 and G-14 models and about 16 different marking options, including 109's flown by Barkhorn and Hartmann. Also included are resin wheels, cannon pods, rocket launchers, canopy/wheel masks and colour zoom etch. As a bonus a Bf109 beer glass and part of a crashed G-14 (with certificate of authenticity) are in the box as well. Our price is only £57! http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/01eduard-148--kits---profipack-nall114curpage-2-114-c.asp Also just in is the weekend edition of the 1/72 MiG-15Bis, which now includes self adhesive fabric seatbelts, yours for just £7.50 http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/04eduard-172--kits---weekend-133-c.asp We've also got the latest 1/48 and 1/72 Bassin resin releases - 1/48 more Bf109G parts, SC250/SC500 bombs, GBU-12's, Russian KH25 missiles and in 1/72 Mk 44 torpedoes and AIM9-B Sidewinders. http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/11eduard-148-brassin-172-c.asp http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/12eduard-172-brassin-193-c.asp We've ended up with several sets of the 1/48 Maverick bombs too, if anyone wants them! thanks Mike
  13. Just a quick reminder that we have Eduard's excellent Messerschmitt Bf110G-4 Nightfighter Profipack in stock now for a mere £15.50!! That's almost £10 off UK RRP!!! So if you've not already got probably the best Bf110G-4 in 1/72, now's the time to grab one while they're really cheap! http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/02eduard-172--kits---profipack-132-c.asp thanks Mike
  14. So I got my hands on a new AZ Models 1/72 Bf109G-1. It's a lovely kit and a fair price too - the plastic quality is up there with Fine Molds and if you buy any other 1/72 Bf109G nowadays, you really want your head tested! It does have a problem, a problem that it shares with the earlier G-5/G-6/G-8 and G-14 releases, that is one of confusing instructions! It seems that AZ have not learned from this problem, which is a bit disappointing. Some of us don't want to have to spend ages researching a subject to work out which bits to use, we'd rather crack on and get building! The first problem is with the pilot's headrest. There's 3 choices and all the instructions say is 'according the camouflage' which I assume means use the correct headrest depending on which camouflage/marking option you want to do, problem is, that's all the instructions say! SO my question here, is what headrest is right for a G-1? Second - there's some little bumps on the canopy, where the small windows used to be on the F's canopy at the bottom of the front end. The instructions would have you cut them off or not, again depending on which camouflage option you choose but again it doesn't specify what to do for which option! So should these bumps stay or go on a G-1? Lastly the instructions say if your are modelling a G-2 or G-4, there should be a small intake on the starboard engine cowling in between the rear of the exhausts and the nose decking machine guns. Is this not something to do with the cockpit pressurisation and therefore correct for a G-1 or G-3, or are the instructions correct and I should leave it off for me G-1? thanks Mike
  15. We've got the latest batch of AZ Models Bf109's on order and they should be here any time this week (from tomorrow onwards, Parcelforce allowing!). There's the G-1, G-2, G-2/trop, G-4 and a Bf109G joypack. The Joypack, is the same idea as the Spitfire and Cobra joypacks, 3 kits, plus basic instructions but no decals, for a lot less than buying 3 individual kits. The Bf109 Joypack, has the sprues to built either the G-5, G-6, G-8 and G-14 versions if the 109. We've only ordered 1 of each but if any one wants any of them, shout up and we'll add them to the next order, once we've recouped some money from the Sword Lightning farce! thanks Mike
  16. Here is my latest completed model. Inspired by Deanflyer's impressive Tamiya/Matchbox Bf109, I blew off the dust from an old Hasegawa 109E box and got cracking. I'd always wanted to build this particular plane - I have the original boxing of this still in the stash, and I've wanted to build this for at least 15 years and never got to it. Carpe Weekium, and it is complete. The old Hasegawa decals were not only cream (as usual) but refused to stick or respond to MicroSet/Sol. So, I used a combination of Eduard stencils and national markings, and some markings from Sky decals. I kept this very simple, adding only the aforementioned decals, an Ultracast resin 109E seat and some judicious use of wire to add some details. I simply drilled out the gun barrels rather than adding Master Brass barrrels. I used a combination of WEM RLM enamels and Humbrol enamels for the paint. The WEM enamels are great, so much better than the Xtracolour enamels (for me anyway). Oblt Otto Bertram was appointed Staffelkapitan of 1./JG2 on 26 October 1939. He claimed his first aerial victory of WWII on 20 April 1940, downing a Morane 406 over St Avold. He went on to claim four victories in the Battle of France and in total claimed 22 aerial victories during the war. On 28 October 1940 as a Hauptmann in charge of III./JG 2 Otto Bertram was awarded the Knight's Cross of The Iron Cross. He was also sent back from active duty as both his brothers had been killed (both were in the Luftwaffe). He never saw combat again, fulfilling mostly administrative and training roles in the Luftwaffe. Otto Bertram finished the war as a Major and passed away on 8 February 1987 in Freiburg im Breisgau, aged 80. The boxing I used, which contains generic 109E-3/4 sprues. 'Bonzo the Dog' was a cartoon by Briton George Studdy, and pictures graced both German and British planes in the war. That awesome silhouette... I added the canopy retaining wire. Classic early war 'splinter' of RLM 71 Dunkelgrun and RLM 02 Grau. This plane the walkways on the wing in RLM 70 Shwarzgrun. The wing crosses are also quite far out compared to later markings.
  17. Hiya, this is my take on the Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt BF 110. This is about my 5th model completed since my return, but the first one I'm really happy with. The kit is great in terms of fit, and she looks like a 110, but it lacks detail in places, and the panel lines are too deep, but that has been discussed to death!!! I had a number of problems of my own doing, hence I've had to replace all the guns on the kit. I would also say the decals performed brilliantly for me, I understand others have been less fortunate. Paints: Vallejo for all main colours, preshading and weathering in Tamiya Weathering: Flory's dark dirt, Tamiya smoke, Flory pigments on the engines PS I'm a rubbish photographer!! Please let me know what you think, I'm here to learn Cheers, Val
  18. Dear fellow modellers, this is Revell's 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10 with upgrades from Quickboost (Propeller, Air Intake), Eduard (Photo Etch), Rob Taurus (Vacu Canopy) and Eagle Cals (Decals). There are some colour pictures of this particular machine, which crash-landed behind American lines in 1945. The camoflage looks like RLM74/RLM75, but with reduced 'red' factor (as seen in Kagero's "Bf-109 G/K Vol.1") it could as well be RLM75/RLM83, which I chose. According to Eagle Cals, this aircraft belonged to I./JG52. The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby colours with my Evolution airbrush. I decided to build this kit before AZ Model's new 109-series is expanded to the G-10. Otherwise, it would have probably been sleeping in my stash forever (a shame with all the aftermarket sets obtained already). Thanks for your interest. With kind regards from Vienna, Roman
  19. The latest batch of AZ Models 1/72 kits is here @ MJW Models and they are on our website available to buy now! We've got 4 new Bf109G-6's - JG52, JG53, JG54 and Italian Bf109's and 2 new Spitfire IXc's - Civilian and converted Mk IXc's. We've also started to stock the AH-1G Cobra (USMC and US Army) as well as the joypacks of the Spitfire IC and Cobra. Also now stocked is the colour etch parts for the Bf109G kits. http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/admiral-and-az-models-252-c.asp thanks Mike
  20. There's some interesting releases from Eduard in 1/72 and 1/48 in April for WW2 fans. All prices currently TBA. There's another variant of the Bf110 in 1/72, this time the Bf110C-6. I've not seen much about this kit but it's a limited edition kit and from the price Hannants are advertising it at (£28.00) I would suspect that there is some brassin parts (probably the 30mm cannon) in this as well as the usual mask/etch. I know it sounds expensive for a 1/72 but the Eduard Bf110 kits are really nice kits and I don't see a weekend version of this coming out, so if you want this version, this will be the one to get! Eduard are re-releasing 2 kits in 1/48 in April, first of which is the P-39L/N Airacobra Profipack and the Royal Navy Hellcat Dual combo set. Now if Hannant's prices are to be believed, these kits are much more sensibly priced! The P-39 is looking to be £16.70 and the Hellcats £28.00. For those who haven't seen the Hellcats, that's 2 kits for £28.00 with mask and etch for each one! You can make a Royal Navy Hellcat Mk I and Mk II from the set. The last release is another 1/48 Spitfire Weekend edition, this time the early Mk IXc. As for prices, we've not set any prices as we haven't got the prices from our supplier as yet but we've proved consistently that we can usually beat the Hannants 10% discount pre-order price. So if anyone wants any of these kits, please let me know. thanks Mike
  21. Greetings, good people of RFI threads, I come bearing gifts (or sacrificial material, whatever you please)... This is my little BF110E, Eduard's Profipack with some scratchbuilt details - engines, ventral guns, nose guns, a number of things in the cockpit... The kit itself is a treat to work with, I enjoyed every moment of it, pieces fit perfectly, panel lines are as they should be, highly recommended for beginners and experienced modelers alike... It took around 6 months to build it, mostly because my studies haven't left me much time in first 3 or 4 months... There's a WIP thread as well, you can find it here... Here it is next to a Bf109, one of my first models built, almost 10 years ago now, when I was 11 (11 and a half, halves were very important at the time )... This is the only picture of the actual plane I managed to find... Not much to compare from there, though there is a bird similar to this one, G9+HM, that also had sharkmouth nose art, so I made a B&W photo for a bit of comparison... It's a bit cloudy and windy today here in Belgrade, hopefully tomorrow it will clear so that I can take this thing outside for some shots on natural sunlight... This is my first RFI thread, so naturally - every comment, every critique, every advice is most welcome... Cheers!
  22. Messerschmitt Bf109E-4/N Trop 1:48 Airfix The Bf109E-4/N Trop kit is exactly the same kit as the Bf109E-4/E-1 kit I have previously reviewed here. There are some slight differences with engine filters etc but the sprues for the two kits are identical Decals Decals are provided for two schemes. Maj Eduard Neuman, 1/JG27, North Africa 1941-42 (As box art). Lt Peter-Paul Steindl, Stab II/JG54, Aradm Romania March 1941. Conclusion This is an excellent kit of a popular model choice from Aifix. The model makes into a great looking kit and is excellent value for money for a new tool kit. Review sample courtesy of
  23. Well its now finished. Although the scheme is based on the airfix Von Werra scheme, I have used a bit of artistic license, and done a side camo scheme too. I am very pleased with the end result, despite the obvious areas for improvement, though please remember this is only my fourth model. Link to work in progress thread here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234933782-airfix-172-messerschmitt-bf-109e-4-link-to-ready-for-inspection-on-page-2/ So here are the pictures:
  24. Messerschmitt BF109G-6/R6 AZ Models - 1:72 The Messerschmitt BF109 hardly needs an introduction. With nearly 34,000 built in 10 years, it is one of the most widely produced aircraft in history. Starting out in 1935, whilst broadly similar to the Spitfire in layout, monocoque construction and V12 engine, the engine is in fact inverted and famously fuel injected which in the early war years gave some advantage in combat over its British rivals which were carburettor fed. Initially designed as a lightweight interceptor, evolution led it to a variety of needs including bomber escort, fighter bomber, night fighter, ground attack and reconnaissance. Whilst the BF109E or ‘Emil’ is probably the most famous variant due to its involvement in the Battle of Britain, the G ‘Gustav’ which was first produced in 1942 was a quite extensively modified airframe and wing to accommodate a more powerful engine, greater internal fuel and armour. It was a dedicated reconnaissance / intercept aircraft. Whilst early 109’s were powered by engines delivering less than 700hp, some Gustav’s were pushing out nearly 2000hp with water injection and high performance superchargers. Within the Gustav series was quite an array of sub variants. Lack of standardisation was an issue that caused problems in the field as well as the ability to mass produce under wartime conditions. Some notable visual variations within the ‘G’ range included larger tail of wooden construction, odd number suffixed aircraft had pressurised cockpits for high altitude operation, Erla Haube clear view canopy with clear rear head armour, underwing points for tanks, cannon or rockets and larger main wheels resulting in ‘square’ fairings on the inner upper wings to accommodate them. The engine cowlings also had some obvious variations resulting from the supercharger and weapon set up hidden beneath. An obvious one is the Beule blisters found on each side of the cowling ahead of the cockpit to cover the gun breaches. The K series 109 was the final variant introduced in the effort to create a standardised 109 taking all of the improvements that had materialised throughout the aircrafts development. The kit Before I start this review, I’ll admit that I’m not a 109 expert , particularly with the G variant and it’s many sub variants. Having never built an AZ kit, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but on opening the box, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the kit. What was strikingly obvious on the two grey sprues was a variety of options included and well as some beautiful surface detailing. As well as these sprues, you get a full colour A4 fold out instruction manual and two decal sheets, the larger one holding the markings, with a smaller one holding the many stencils found on the aircraft. Assembly starts with the cockpit as you might guess. Despite the small size, there is plenty of detail to cram in there. Excellent painting guides are included within the instruction booklet. The exhausts are shown as being inserted from inside the fuselage prior to closing up which for some may be not ideal if you prefer to paint your exhausts before fitting. Looking at the design, it might be possible to affix a plate to the inner surfaces of the fuselage slots and with a bit of fettling, attach the exhausts from outside in a more conventional manner if this is a concern for you. With the cockpit assembled and affixed to one of the fuselage halves, the fuselage is ready for closing up. There has been some debate about the fuselage profile on the '72nd Scale Aircraft' website and the comments made were that the depth of the fuselage at the front section of the wing was too shallow by just under 1mm causing the profile of the cowling under the engine to look slightly horizontal. I checked the parts against some drawings and do agree with the comments made there, however comment is also made that the Fine Mould dimensions at this point are the same and this is regarded as an excellent kit. The fuselage halves have two location pins at extreme ends to assist line up of the parts. Next step is the wings. Some care and attention needs to be taken moving forwards with the construction due to generic instructions giving steps for different variants and the number of options contained. Some modification is required to certain kit parts too, in the case of this variant, you are required to sand a taper into the rear radiator faces. This is probably better done once fitted into place to ensure you don’t overdo it. It’s worth noting at this point the options contained within the kit (although most not used): • Standard and large tail / rudder • Beule blisters • Tailplanes – 2 options • Nose gun covers – 2 options • Tail wheels – 3 options • Main wheels – 2 options • Supercharger intake – 2 options • Propellers – 2 options • Square main wheel fairings for upper wings • Underwing 20mm cannon packs The radiator covers are moulded into the lower wing. This is superbly done, with the intake slot finely reproduced. Surface detail is finely recessed with rivets and panel lines. The radiator exit flaps can be positioned in either the open or closed positions. The undercarriage has separate legs and doors, again with moulded in detail that will show up well after a panel wash. The main wheels for this variant are the standard ones, not the larger ones contained as an option. With the rear armour fitted to the cockpit, the canopy can be fitted. Again, reports from those who have built the kit indicate the canopy is a fraction narrow on the fit to the fuselage, however having seen the stunning build by Libor on Britmodeller (see link below), I won’t be too concerned when I build mine. Given the excellent detail in the cockpit, an open canopy option would have been welcome to show it off. That said, the moulding is beautifully clear. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234951287-messerschmitt-bf-109g-6r6-172-az-model/ It won’t take long before the remaining parts are in place due to the simplicity in the kit to assemble. A good portion of the parts included are options. The decals Four Bf109G-6/R6 schemes are included in the kit and an additional sheet of stencils is included. Print is very sharp. Scheme 1 – 1./JG.302, Helsinki – Malmi, Finland, March ‘44 Scheme 2 – Stab 1./JG27, Fels am Wagram, Austria, May ’44 – flown by Ludwig Franzisket Scheme 3 – 8./JG54, Luneburg, Germany, Spring ’44 – flown by Gunter Sahl Scheme 4 – 11./JG27, Kalamaki Airfield, Athens, Autumn ’43 – flown by Heinrich Bartels Conclusion Whilst there has been some criticism of the forward fuselage profile in this kit, it really is a beautifully detailed rendition that can be favourably compared to the Fine Molds Gustav which is highly regarded. AZ have released a number of G versions recently giving Bf109 fans some great choices. Kit construction is quite straight forwards, although some care is necessary in studying the instructions before commencing. Sample courtesy of AZ Models Etch & Masks to compliment the kit If you’re wanting improve the kit, a pre-painted etch set is available to enhance the cockpit detail. This includes a replacement rear armoured headrest, seatbelts and panel. If you don't like cutting your masks out, then they also supply a canopy and wheel mask set too. Both the early framed canopy and Erla Haube canopy types are included.
  25. Messerschmitt Bf109E-4/E-1 1:48 Airfix There has been much written and published in print and in the web concerning the Bf109 which I will not repeat here. The E-4/E-1 model here was used in the high-speed fighter bomber role operating from France against targets in England. It was also operated in the Med, North Africa, and the Eastern Front. This is Airfix's new tool of the Bf109. I have built the club kit version of this in the markings for a captured Aircraft and found it a very easy kit to build. The kit comes in two sprues of what seems to be Airfix's choice of light grey plastic. The parts are well laid out, feature nicely engraved panel lines and restrained fabric effects were needed. The only two areas of criticism are that some of the sprue gates are a bit large, and the pilot figure is a bit generic. Parts are provided for the flaps and leading edge slats to be deployed or or which is a nice touch. Construction begins traditionally enough with the cockpit. The seat associated parts are assembled and added to the one part cockpit base along with the rudder pedals and control column. The instrument panel and gun-sight are then added. The modeller can chose to use the supplied pilot or paint the raised detail seat harness. Following on from this the propeller assembly is put together. A few parts are then added to the cockpit sides (which feature moulded on details as well). Once this is done the propeller assembly & cockpit are added tot he fuselage and this is closed up. Engine bearers can then be added to the moulded in engine if the modeller is going to want to display the engine cowling off the model. Finally for this stage the muzzles for the cowling mounted machine guns are added. The next stage involves construction of the wings. This is conventional in that the bottom wing is one part onto which the two top parts are added. The wing assembly is then mated to the fuselage. The engine radiator is then assembled and added along with the wing radiators. Tail planes and there struts are then added. The modeller then needs to decide if they want the flaps and slates down or up. The parts are moulded with the right tabs to mount these in the down position. If they are going to be closed up then the tabs need to be removed. Final touches are adding the moving tail surfaces and rudder which can be positioned how the modeller would like. The correct gun inserts need to be added then to the wings, and the appropriate engine intake added to the port side. The landing gear is then assembled and added. The tyre have a flat spot so this must be positioned in the correct place. A single bomb or a rack containing 4 smaller bombs can then be added as needed. lastly the correct canopy needs to be identified and fitted. The sprue gates on the clear parts are large and brittle. I know as I managed to break one canopy trying to remove it so care does need to be taken. Decals Decals are provided for two schemes. Oberleutnant Hannes Trautloft 2./JG77, Germany August 1939. Unteroffizer Ernst Poschenrieder, 7/JG53 Le Touquet-Etaples Sept 1940 . Conclusion This is an excellent kit of a popular model choice from Aifix. The model makes into a great looking kit and is excellent value for money for a new tool kit. Review sample courtesy of
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