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  1. Time to start another build and what better than yet another Maschinen kreiger scratchbuild? This one has been planned for a while and is one of my favourites. Falke kits are fairly rare and rather expensive over here. I've had a couple in the past but sold them! Hence this build. Some time ago I got a Jaguar XJR 9LM (hence the thread title) from @bootneck I can't remember if it was a donation or a kitswap. It had been slathered in around 0.50mm of black enamel by person or persons unknown. So this week it went into a poly bag with Dettol. That took care of the easy to remove paint. This morning I've been getting rid of all the (very) hard crusty & difficult bits. Wet n dry, a metal scourer & sharp tools Now it looks like this.. It took most of the morning, but It's fairly clean now and ready for filler and acrylic paints. To go with the Jag I obtained a Revell 1/32 P-38 from @theplasticsurgeon for the cost of postage. I think it was an old build that had been lurking in the shed for years. I used the fuselage for another scratchbuild a while ago, the Sturmdohl walker. This afternoon I sanded all the paint off the rest of the parts. So thanks again to you guys. Oh, and last year I sold an unbuilt P-38 to @stevej60 I think, and he's still not built it! Tsk! Mind you, they are getting rare and expensive nowadays. I'd still like another for the next scratch Falke though. You may have noticed table tennis balls in the box above. They will anti gravity units. Obviously. Here's a mock up of the parts layout. (The front to the left). The oval bit in the middle is a plastic tablespoon (Yes, that is what you're supposed to use) It will become the access hatch. I have a choice of either of the two guns in the foreground. Both came from broken toys and will be altered as need be. In case you're confused about the Falke, here's a link to a picture of a Falke boxtop from scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/6/5/1288965-20006-90-720.jpg More pictures and waffle will probably be coming later this week. Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome. Cheers, Pete
  2. This started out as a kids toy walker from the car boot sale. 50p. That gave me the legs and lower body/engine section. The rest is the centre section of a 1/32nd P-38 Lightning. The booms of which are destined to go into a Falke scatchbuild. It's an autonomous hunter killer. Think Robocop ED209 Paint is various types of Acrylic thinned and layered in all sorts of combinations to get a really well used finish And this is how it ended up. The 1/20th figure, Helmut, and the Tamiya goo are there to give you the size. Missile pods were cobbled together from the spares boxes. A few extra bits have been added to the legs. Slightly blurred top view. The RADAR bar is a common Ma.K feature. This one was a Bristol Superfreighter Aileron It started out with the name Headless Chicken. The AT ST is known as the Chickenwalker so why not. Various suggestions were made, thanks Guys, but I settled on Dohle. German for Jackdaw. So when I found I had the the small cockerel head decals seen here I had to add them. The 102 is from an Airfix Panther.The 'eye' is an old headlight. So now a wide lens camera. Under the nose this shield is probably ex Airfix big Typhoon? Death was another odd decal I found The legs were quite detailed for a toy. Just needed some shading & detail painting to standout. On the RH side here we have a matrix of small squares. sensors of some kind. Several more are dotted around. Another camera lens at the top there too. Panzer exhausts. Rusty of course. Fuel tanks blended into the 'winglets'. Under the feet I scribed grips and added 1/72nd bits of tank tracks. See, Chicken feet! Here's a link to the WIP, if you want to see more. Many thanks for dropping by. leave comments with the Barman
  3. Ready for your perusal and comments.... Looking all butch and macho. The decals are from various sources. I didn't want to use the supplied ones. That long spring from the leg to the rear of the shell has a wire inside it to stop it waving around. I coloured in the mesh with a black sharpie pen and now you can just about see the fan. As I said in the build, the camo is sort of WW2 Wehrmacht. Yes, That is a Bf109 tropical intake filter, Frog, I think. I meant to put the werk no decal on the other one. But never mind. The brown square thing in the centre is a lifting point. And that is that. I could show more pictures but there's only so many angles you can look at these things from. Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome. Cheers, Pete
  4. I started this one in January, and it doesn't seem to have taken that long, though battling the Winter cold wasn't much fun. There is a build thread, here. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235104485-another-mak-sternail-the-ausf-f/ The basic shape is wood which was then clad with various types and shapes of plastic. All hail the bits boxes! The scale is 1/35th. Length of the model is around 64cm. These are the first pictures of the ship with the sponsons fitted. They work as well as I'd hoped. Detail painting has been carried out, BTW, but not too much weathering, as such. The Kamov fuselage blended in well. The blue and yellow are the unit/Squadron colours (would I lie to you) chosen at random (yeah, right). The decal in the centre is a cut down car decal. Hopefully it now means, we will even see you in the dark of space. The other two decals there would be unit citations. Sorry @voozet I forgot to add the letters you suggested. The round thing that looks like a button, was a button. Now side thrusters. I found the sharks mouth in the decal boxes. It had to be done. That's another thruster ahead of it. Rocket pods, ex 1/24th Harrier and dressed up a bit. I forgot the connecting cable between those two holes. Doh. Just a close up of the unit markings. Looking battered, but defiant. The entry hatch. It was a plastic spoon. The number is so the pilot takes the correct ship! Many years ago I remember when a Wessex crew climbed in and started up the wrong one! Underneath at the rear. Solar panel mountings, loco and tank bits. Centre fuselage. A couple of jet fuselage nose pieces and other bits. The Lunar Diver Stingray uses A-4 Skyhawk nose sections! Forward of that we have a bit of 1/24th Merlin engine. Still moving forward. The numbers are on the top of a loco. Oh look, a tank wheel. And then we went outside. Just to prove that I painted the other side. The pods and sponsons have their own I.D. numbers BTW. Close up of a sponson in the sunlight. The overall colour is a mix of green and grey Tamiya drab. The other half of the Kamov. These widen the fuselage to make the cabin wider & so more comfortable for the pilot. The engines. Mostly car & loco wheel bits and various bits box parts. The Sponson rears are from loco tenders. Solar panels in the sunlight. And in closeup. I hope you like the pictures. Any comments or questions will be welcome. Thanks for looking. Next weekend I'm away from home, So the next build should begin in early April. Cheers, Pete
  5. It's about time I started another post, and it's another big build. I've previously built two other Sternails (A small garage kit was available in Japan years ago) and there are images of other scratchbuilds on the net. Here's a link to my last build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072311-sternail-ausf-d/&do=findComment&comment=3667426 That one was built using a frame made from thin lengths of wood. It took a long time to do. This time I had a cunning plan.... Here's a picture of a picture of someone else's scratchbuild. This shows mostly how the nose should droop. Unlike my build above where I opted for something different and called it the Ausf D model. Yep 64cm long! Same model to show the nose again. I like the ghostly effect, good lighting. And here's my Ausf D in it's normal habitat. Hanging up in the mancave. I recently acquired a large picture frame from a skip. Part of the frame was broken, but the rest of the wood, around 15mm x 23mm strips, were nice and straight... Gorilla wood glue and clamps came into play, resulting in this top section. I then created the rest of the fuselage by laminating more of this wood, infilling with balsa. Later the whole fuselage will be covered with plastic card. So it will be a lot stronger (though heavier) than the last one and should be a quicker build. Here I built the sponsons at the back from thin strips of wood. In this case I used industrial superglue for instant results. You can see the laminations of the fuselage in this side shot. It will all be sanded smooth before I glue on the card. A top shot showing what a mess it looks at the moment. Again, the 80 grit sandpaper will clear that up. And, the drooping nose. Alien, anyone? This afternoon I smothered the nose in P-38 car filler, aka Bondo. The sponsons (on the original build) carried 1/35th T-55 tank turrets. It's a bit expensive to buy two kits just for the turrets, so I used what I had in the spares boxes. My thanks to those who donated their unwanted bits and pieces. On the left, above, a 1/35th turret. On the right, what I created from 1/72nd bits. About the same size. That's a modern tank upper hull with a Panther engine deck inserted and a turret from a Sheriden?. I replaced the cardboard prototype in the above shot with plastic card. Then used more to build the odd shaped front structure. Of course I needed two of these assemblies. The more or less finished article. The corrugated hose was a Biro spring coated in Elmers PVA glue. I seem to have accidentally created an Elephants trunk! Yes, the black bit is from a steam engine. These tank bits were all put together a few weeks ago as I pondered how to build the fuselage. I like skips! Next up, lots of rubbing down and then more plotting and planning. Plus rummaging in the bits boxes. Thanks for looking. As always, all questions, suggestions, donations, are welcome. Stay safe, Pete
  6. Recently, I was asked by Lincoln Wright to contribute to an upcoming English-language series of books based on the Maschinen Krieger property. The first book, due out soon, is based around the MK44 series of heavy suits. The second book is based around the space-type designs, which is where this Luna Gans will fit in. The forthcoming book will have a complete step-by-step of the building and painting of this kit. In the meantime, comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  7. `I stole the word 'Spindizzy from the James Blish 'Cities in Flight' Sci Fi books. I'd seen another Kreiger 'skimmer' type attack craft some time ago, and when @TonyW donated an old, built Airfix SRN1 model, I had my basis for a build. Paint is Tamiya acrylic and I used some pastel crayons too. Lots of greeblies and odd bits went into this, and I've really enjoyed building it. I forgot to add the underside skids before taking the pictures, Doh! I've taken the pictures as a 'walkaround', so please enjoy and please ask questions if you feel the need. And there we are. I hope you find it pleasing and not too puzzling. Cheers, Pete
  8. Here's my take on the Hasegawa 1/20th scale Mk.44 Ammo Knight from the Maschinen Krieger universe. This was built for a YouTube competition "Clean vs Weathered". There's still more I intend on doing to it, but had to stop it at this stage in order to meet the comp deadline. Cheers Richard. https://www.instagram.com/studiogekko/
  9. And, after finishing the Kreiger Vampyre, I have returned! My Vampyre build, in case anyone missed it, was based on a gluebomb Hornisse 'Battlefield taxi' which was incredibly kindly donated by @SafetyDad. So all praise to him again! The Armoured fighting suits are a form of powered exo armour to protect the troops in this war, 800 years in the future. There are (I think) at least three variations of this basic design, and I'm fairly sure that this is the Heinrich version. At Southwell 2018, I met a very nice man who sold me a complete AFS and a Heinrich box of bits and paperwork. Luckily the instructions were still in there. Which was nice. Imagine the front of a 1/48th Hughes 500 on legs, yep, you're there. First job was to take the figure to pieces. Not too difficult. It had suffered from heavy mortaring by tube glue. A twist of a scalpel blade in the joints and most of it popped apart. Yes, that is a huge Panzerfaust top right. The elbows bent the wrong way, so this stage was essential. Also, those ankle shields should be on the outside. So it looks like the legs will have to be dismantled too. Someone wasn't concentrating. The windows had a build up of tube glue around them and some on them. The scarring on the screen is obvious. I gave them a rub down with Micromesh and then cheapo T cut abrasive put a shine on them. I had some clear packaging material and had a go at making a new window just by rubbing the edge as I held it onto a side window. It almost worked, but I refer the (smoked effect) originals. They are very close in size to the holes, so there's not a lot of area for the glue. Microstrip might work here. A close up of the legs. Those shields have got be moved! They're pretty useless on the inside. The main body parts. The scarring from the glue is obvious. But what's life without a challenge? I need to dismantle the legs and see if anything is missing now that I've found the instructions. That's your lot for this episode. And you are very welcome to give me your thoughts on this one. I'm running out of room for the big stuff in the manshed, so these smaller models may become more common! Thanks, Pete
  10. After posting my last RFI yesterday, I found myself back at the modeling desk mid morning today. A few weeks ago I received a part built Nitto Hornisse kit from @SafetyDad. Many thanks again, Padraic. This is it as designed by Kow Yokoyama . the 'Father' of Maschinen Kreiger. It carries an armoured fighting suit. To make more of a profit Nitto took the basic mould and changed it to make the Hummel (A sort of Drone) and the (Manned) Fledermaus versions. This was apparently done without the permission of the designer and caused a bit of a ruckus over there. In the past, due to the rarity and price of a new one I'd contemplated scratchbuilding a Fledermaus. But other stuff got in the way and I'd hoped that something might turn up. Well, it did! The Hornisse turned out to be rather a glue bomb, so took some work to sort out. I did find, however, that Tamiya extra thin can weaken old tube glue and so aid dismantling. Here's a picture of a picture of a Fledermaus. I'm sort of aiming in this direction. But the scale of the end result may not be 1/20th. A top view. Not much wrong with this bit. I just have to add a cockpit section. Easy eh? The underside. The blotchy bits are where glue was cleaned up. The four (larger) outer holes are where lift rockets were. These were (I think) Saturn V rocket bells. As observed by @Tzulscha recently to me, "They'd suck it inside out in seconds!". So I'll replace them with something smaller. I think the radial engine fronts are meant to be lift fans. I'll leave them be. Later this morning. PPP applied to the blotchy bits and unwanted holes. And, I altered a set of F-16 (I think) legs which look like they're from a 1/32nd scale kit. The Hornisse/Fledermaus family relies on landing skids. I wanted wheels. I've seen one modified with 1.24th Harrier gear in the past. But I didn't have anything suitable. And that is where things stand at the moment. More later and thanks for looking. Pete
  11. Here's a scratchbuild that I started in early September. Thanks to being furloughed again, it is now finished & ready for the rivet counters. The idea was for a lightweight, faster, more nimble ground attack Falke. The basic bits were a 1/24th Chevy Berretta and the booms from a 1/32nd P-38 Lightning. The spares boxes contributed parts, as did @badger and WNW lozenge decals came from @gcn. Here's a link to the build thread. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235079743-a-falke-is-born/ I took advantage of the sunshine today! Helmut showed up to show the size of this thing. The scale is 1/20th. This is a lot lower and sleeker than the original Falke, also the stub wings would add lift & stability. Maybe. The engine was an aftershave bottle cap and the petals are from an SR-71. Lots of greeblies were added too. Yelllow painted bits are lift points. Dark green bits are sensors. Brown walkways? why not? I was bullied into using lozenge camouflage. luckily I used donated WNW decals. I've used it like a wrap. I think it works. The 3 tubes (ex Nimrod) in the boom ends would be flare dispensers. The large engine panel would be hinged at the front. The grey hemispheres are the Anti Gravity units (half table tennis balls). Their exhausts are 1/48th resin B-17 Superchargers. The two pods in the centre are ex Mosquito wing tanks in use here as sensors. Also seen here, the Port Airbrake. The original Falke has motorbike bits underneath. At least mine are the right way around so that the cooling fins work! The raised bit in the centre here was a tank turret top. Various greeblies got added. Turbo supercharger close up. Here's the RH airbrake too. Better, I think, than the flappy things on the original Falke. A back end close up. The central bit is ex Revell Ferarri with added tank panels. Weapons are two cannon and an encased rocket pod. The round intakes on the booms were 1/24th wheel trims. The airbrakes were, (brace yourself), false nails! as were the upper bumps near the front of the booms. And here it is at rest with my Gulf Fake on the display cabinet. My next build will be a kreiger glue bomb refurb. Many thanks for looking. Your comments and questions about the build are welcome. Cheers, Pete
  12. I think a suitable subtitle to this one would be, "Go on, Sir, You tell 'im!" This is a scratchbuild which has taxed the spares boxes, but it has been rather enjoyable. The idea is that after the battle is over, there needs to be a period of tidying up. So, a vehicle of some sort, a trailer for the recovered scrap/salvage, and, in this case, a means of finding said salvage. Hence, a drone to overfly the scene and spot the goodies. I was pressured by persons anonymous to put this lot into a small diorama. So without further adoodoo's here we go. First off, a birds eye view of the scene. A lot of the kreiger action takes place in Australia. So here we are in the desert, next to a water purification plant. Not quite a moisture farm on Tatooine, but not far off and somewhat derelict to boot. And here's why I said it's, "Go on, Sir, You tell 'im!" I bought the Fighting suit ready finished from the bay. I have some others, but they are in snow camouflage. Not really suitable in this case. This vehicle is totally scratchbuilt. Bits of various tanks, Humvee etc, and the crane was HO scale. The round tanks in the background were Hugo Boss Orange aftershave. The RH one was originally in my old Misfit build from Saudi. I'm not sure how this would tow both trailers, but it could probably happen. The drone was a small scale Transall. Both trailers are scratchbuilt too. The mudguards are Airfix Tiger tank turret parts . The settling tank? seen here was a ship display stand. The springs are brushes for electric motors. The cones in the middle were from torches and the centre thing is an upsidedown 1/24th Pillar drill. I also took pictures outside in case it made them sharper. The drone landing gear should be removed for transport. Someone will be on a fizzer! Will it hit the trailer? A better view of the motor brushes here. Perhaps if the tank was full of water, they'd help with heat dissipation? And an eye level view. From the other end. I wonder what the outcome will be? Thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome. As are offers of money or chocolate. Have a look in the Work in Progress section for build details. Cheers, Pete
  13. This one was a quick simple build from the spares box. If you're going to build a mechanical device, a vehicle for instance, you'll need prototypes/development 'mules' to iron out the bugs and refine the design. The kreiger universe has Armoured fighting suits (AFS). What came before them? How were they developed? Enter this thing, The Ritter (German for Knight). The basic shell was a Boeing Sea Knight Helicopter, first built many years ago, The rest of it pretty much built itself. Scale is 1/20th. Helmut, our techie, shows the size of it. Yes, there is a bloke inside it. Paint is Tamiya rattle can, Imperial Japanese Navy grey/green. I think it suits the model. It's a bit grubby after months of testing. The projectile weapon is ex macross I think and has been slightly modified. The AFS have what looks like a Vespa engine. This one has a radial. The engine is ex 1/72nd B-24. That nest of vipers exhaust is ex 1/24th F1 car. Fuel would be internal. The tank below the engine is an oil cooler/reserve tank. Arms and legs were mostly built from various cheap Japanese robot kits. Multi layer armoured glass in front of the Jockey. That's my excuse for not sanding off the Marauder canopy frames! Having a lie down and showing the transmission system. Yes, it can sit too. At the moment it doesn't stand so well, I need to stiffen up the leg and hip joints. And the feet are still a bit too small. It's been an enjoyable build, as usual it sort of developed as it went on and then suddenly it was finished! Thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome. Pete
  14. I recently found a 'gluebomb' on the bay. It was a good price and I was curious. Battery powered, adhesive smeared and with an anti aircraft gun on the roof, what's not to like? It's an old Gunze Sangyo product and is somewhat of a Land Cruiser 'egg' model in 1/24th. But I wanted it to be 1/20th. Once disassembled, I cut off the roof. The dashboard and wheel from a 1/20th kit was added and the rear inner arches faired in. Underneath there were huge differentials to cover the gears so I made up some tubes and odd bits as a rough drivetrain. And this was the end result. Helmut seems pleased. It wasn't worth doing a WIP as it took no time at all. It's a bit mad with the huge wheels but it does the job. No pedals/gearshift and you can see through to the front, but I was only after a quick build anyway. Rough and simple but it'll probably never be seen again anyway. Though that depends on Helmuts driving. Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome. Pete
  15. I see that it's only eight days since I posted my last RFI. Damn this furlough! This one started when I was cleaning up the garage and found an old Butane lighter. I immediately thought, hover bike. So here we are.... I made up a small diorama to put things into perspective. The main body is the old lighter, that's a Christmas tree bauble as an anti grav generator and Yamaha forks at the front. The panniers are the fuel tanks (there's a gauge on this one) and there are airbrakes on them too for steering. The rear spoiler is ex Porsche 911. Front winglets are ex Lysander. The figures are from Tamiya pit crew sets. The sunglasses on the rider took ages to do as they were so fiddly. His dispatch case is off a large Harley model. For the camo I daubed two shades of green onto the white primer and then used Humbrol Maskol to roughly cover them. A couple of coats of home made sand yellow later and as I started to remove the Maskol it took the yellow with it down to the primer in places. As this would have been built from lightweight materials and not steel, there is none of the usual kreiger rust. So the peeled paint cancels out the lack of oxidation. These were front forks on a Yamaha. That manifold in the centre channels bled off engine thrust up them and out of the front to help to slow this thing down, along with the airbrakes. The headlights are ex 1/76th Panzer, wing mirror from the spares box and by the manifold the odd shaped block contains the drivers instrument screen. The strap on the drivers dispatch case is copper wire. I used large pliers to 'texture' it. The camo sheet is tissue wrapped around scrap wood. Fuel filler caps are home made. On the RH side. Not sure what the bulge in front of the pannier is for, or the pipes under it. But it felt right just there. The footrest (on both sides) is mounted on an engine access panel. The rider was wearing a baseball cap. the helmet is Milliput. There is a green pistol holster and a small intake on this side. The anti grav ball is the same size as that on a Falke. That uses P-38 turbo superchargers to exhaust the gases. Here I've used a Yamaha (or Harley, I can't remember) drive shaft set up instead. The back end with the jet nozzle. It's probably ex space ship but I'm not sure what. A close up of the RH side shows up the holster. It's just laminated plastic card. Markings are from the decal spares box, weathering is all my own work. Many thanks for looking. I always welcome your comments. I enjoyed the build and look forward to the next, (probably another kreiger, sigh). If you missed it, the build is in the Sci fi WIP section. Cheers, Pete
  16. Some may have noticed that I am a S L O W modeler, with some of my projects taking up to a year and a half to complete. One of the downsides to this is I don't get much practice painting, which I see as my biggest weakness. So when I finish a model and it's time to paint it, its been 1.5 yrs since my last attempt. Not a great way to make incremental improvement. This has been bothering me a bit, so I decided to try and intersperse my bigger projects with quicker, built-over-a-weekend type projects that are more spontaneous and get me trying out some different paint techniques more regularly. So here's the first in what I hope will be a series of quickie scratch builds. For this one, I wanted to do a sort of space probe or satellite in the Ma.K style. I did a couple of sketches and I thought this one had some potential. For the bottom sphere, I used an acrylic Christmas bauble. For the top dome section, I printed it in polystyrene filament on my cheapo 3D printer. This is something I hope to do more of, going forward. I was able to go from my sketch-->to computer-->to holding it in my hand in a matter of hours. My printer isn't great for highly detailed stuff, but it can print styrene so it's perfect for quickly building up structural shapes that can be easily detailed with kit parts. I printed the dome in two sections. Once it was finished, I glued them together and gave it a rough sanding to remove layer lines. I then applied Tamiya putty to give it a heavy cast texture. I know satellites are built as lightweight as possible, so making this one look like it was cast in iron is completely absurd and really appeals to me. To make the transition between the two shapes, I used this plastic part that I've been dying to use for ages. The paper towel dispensers where I work use these plastic inserts inside the cardboard tube ends to secure the towels inside the dispenser. Every time I change the roll, I grab the little insert. I thought it had potential for future model use and as luck would have it, it's made of polystyrene. I still have a bunch left over for future models. I sanded the tines to match the contour of the sphere by wrapping a narrow strip of sandpaper over the sphere and sanding two opposing tines in turn. Then I just rotated it to do the next pair and so on. A styrene tube down the center, is what registers all the parts together. I also adapted this tube to receive a 3mm brass tube to support the model for display. The sphere got the same Tamiya putty texture applied with a piece of sponge. All that was really left to do was add some detail with kit parts.... So this came together quickly over a couple afternoons, which is pretty huge for me. Working fast and carefree without agonizing over every detail was very liberating. I think this will be a fun model to paint and practice chipping and rust techniques on in preparation for painting my Ian McQue flying truck. thanks for looking. Pete
  17. And I'm back again. A new year and a new build. The intention was (note the past tense) to scratchbuild a Fledermaus, which is a rocket propelled kreiger flier. Our man in Kalamazoo aka @Tzulscha very kindly photographed his, along with a ruler (f'nar) and I was all set to go. But, I don't have the correct rocket nozzles and, well, once I'd had a look in the model graveyard, the gears started turning in my head. Never a good result for the current plan in mind. Here's a fledermaus anyway.... https://houseofqueeg.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/fm-w042.jpg In the model graveyard I found a Skycrane that I'd built in the seventies. Not common nowadays, but not worth saving as it was, so I set to and dismantled it. Another of my slightly out of focus pictures. In the foreground is the skycrane. Behind it, some kits that may or may not, donate plastic. The basic idea (at present) is to build a 1/20th flier that should look something like the lovechild of a Stuka and an Apache. With VTOL. Possibly a two seater. We'll see. Another blurry pic'. But what you have is the fuselage upside down with a 1/20th seat and pilot body. This should show the basic layout. Ah, that's better. I removed the canopy and boxed in the nose so I can fit 'sensors' etc as on the Apache. The u/c seen here may change, (who am I kidding?, it probably will). The plastic card is 1mm, picked up from Access models in Newark last week (well, I was delivering beer to the pub 2 doors away) it will add strength to the fuselage, top and bottom. Also, it is around 1mm narrower than the fuselage. The idea being that it will give me something to glue the sides to. When I figure out what I'm going to use, that is. So, there we have it. Progress will no doubt be slow due to work and weekend chores, but hopefully it will get there in the end. Goodness knows what it will look like by then! And, Drache, BTW, is German for Dragon. I don't think I've used the name before on one of my builds. And I'm sure Focke Achgelis will forgive me for stealing it. Thanks for dropping by. Comments and offers of leftover Christmas pudding are always welcome. Pete
  18. For those of you not aware there was an MA.K in Gundam contest recently run on YouTube, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1dgHAaLWiE&list=PLoBIme3OUbYq8rST2QIGcTH9Bwp1YqkRB&index=15&t=508s The base kit I decided to start with was the Bandai 1/144th scale Gundam Gusion kit and converted it into a mobile suit from the Maschinen Krieger universe using a lot of scratch building and spare parts. I called the mobile suit - Hasslicher Fetter Junge Ausf K (Ugly fat boy) The winners of the comp will be announced this Wednesday or Thursday on the same YouTube channel. Cheers Richard.
  19. And welcome to another of my finished scratchbuilds. This one based on the upper half of a Star Wars Slave One. (The lower half became a Hover Tank). It seems that I only started this one last month. So for me that's pretty fast work. Wurger was applied to the Fw190, the Butcher bird. This one would be lunar based and piggyback to Earth orbit on a Sternail. There it would disable enemy craft and satellites and tow the remains back for salvage. Link to a Sternail picture. I built this one probably ten years ago. http://i1373.photobucket.com/albums/ag398/petergsoden/Sternail05_zpse8dd4b0d.jpg?t=1406042025 There is a build thread for the Wurger here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235058298-orbital-hunter-killer/ Weapons and meteorite shields in place and ready for action. I added a small calibre solid shot gun to the nose piece. I had the idea to use a white paper background to see if that made things clearer for you. Scale is 1/32nd BTW, the pilot is ex Airfix Porsche 917. I only have a small simple camera so close up shots can be a problem. Rocket tubes from a 1/32nd MBB Bo105. Rear end steering thrusters. They probably rotate. That shield is a rubdown from an ancient Do17 kit. If you look carefully to the right you may see an Easter egg. There's a tiny Panzer in there. The missile tube mountings are mostly made up from bits of Aircraft undercarriage. The business end of the salvage crane/grabber (Think Ripley's power loader in Aliens) The brown pads are magnetic (but were F-18 brake units) The rounded bits were ancient B-17 ball turret, they now hold Zeon lander struts. I'm still not sure why but I like them there. The thruster bell was part of a ball point pen. Orbital debris can ruin your paint job, and extra shields will help to protect you. Bits of self adhesive silver tape in use here. On the P-38 nose here we have more steering thrusters. Decals are mostly Tamiya P-47. I couldn't resist using the silhouette and script. I think the word Republic fits in with Kreiger and Star Wars? The comms dish was a Slave One piece. Now (modified) it sits underneath mounted on an Airfix Bloodhound cradle. And here we are deployed. The other side of the crane. Slightly out of focus. Sorry. I bought a couple of cheap built Kibri crane model kits online and dismantled them. The other jib will be used later. I nearly forgot this bit. A radar bar? These are seen on lots of kreiger stuff. I used part of an ancient Airfix Hercules Aileron, a bit of sprue and some filler. And finally, The two models and what they came from. The Slave One kit was bought online part built so no great loss. I saved all the bits of it I didn't use, then found another part built one so I've combined what I have to make up a complete kit. To sum up, I started the tank in early May, I finished the Orbiter today, So that's four Months of fun modelling for just over twenty quid! And I still have a complete Slave One to sell. Win win I think. Next up is yet another scratchbuild, A Kreiger Fledermaus this time. If anyone has one and can send pictures/measurements etc I would be very grateful. Any questions, comments etc are very welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete
  20. And here, at last, pictures of the beast in it's finished form. A quick resume' first though. The Star Wars Slave One ship has always looked like a Hovertank to me. I managed to get one cheap 'with parts missing' from kitsforcash. A cut'n'shut job on the lower hull gave me the basis of the tank. The spares boxes & two cheap Airfix Tiger tanks gave me the rest. The figure is Rolf. He is the tank commander. A little short for 1/48th perhaps, but he is only about 18. He was in an Aircraft kit long ago. I just wonder, how noisy would this thing be? Forget stealth! The skirt is Tiger Tank tracks. No points for spotting the Panzerfaust, a common item in the kreiger world. I think the radiator behind Rolf was originally a non slip surface. Frontal armour was added. Well you would wouldn't you? The main bit is 1/24th Typhoon. Just above the Harrier thruster (now a steering nozzle) in the bin, is spare skirt. (Always useful) (fnar) Last weekend I did a final mist spray of rattlecan white primer. Maybe I should have done another close up of the rusty exhaust. The gun is metal. I can't remember what it was originally used for. Yes, the step by the radiator is bomb fins. The Cowcatcher on the front is another bit from Slave one. The Tiger engine decks are obvious. That's a Stalin wheel in the middle of it. Oh yes, Airfix Matador roof and Panzer IV idler wheel. Other bits ex spares box. (Or Tiger). I forgot to include pictures of the underside and all it's lift fans. Too late tonight, I'll add them tomorrow. Thanks for looking. As always, comments etc are very welcome. There is a WIP thread in the obvious place. Cheers Pete
  21. I was going to wait until I finished the VW but this keeps nagging at me and it is in progress, so.... I got this as 'parts missing' from that nice chap Ian, at Kits for cash. At rest it's always reminded me of a kreiger hover tank. What is a bloke to do? Okay, so it's not that close to a 'Nutrocker' but it's close enough for me, and the original kit is a silly price anyway. Here are the top and base. I've sawn sections out of the top to make vertical joints and I scored the front and rear to reduce the width to 95mm. This has made it slightly taller. The tape is just holding it together for the picture. If I use the base, I'll have to cut that down too. To hold it to the required width I cut lengths of sprue/runner/whatever, drilled holes in the sides and glued the result. Once all was dry I cut off the sticky out bits and sanded it smooth. I'll cover the remains with greeblies later. Here we leap forward a bit. The gap was backed with plastic card and left to dry overnight. The gap then filled with the engine deck of an Airfix Tiger tank, an odd green bit and an ex tank grey bit. It is the same both sides BTW. It now looks a bit more technical. I'll add more later. There will be a skirt around the bottom to even things out so don't worry about the back end as seen here. A higher angle shot showing the plastic card inside and the rods holding it all together. I need to leave it all to set properly for a while now and I also need to finish off the VW so, I'll be back! Meantime, comments and medals are very welcome. Cheers, Pete
  22. This kit is made by Wave and is in 1/20 scale, which makes it stand about 4-1/2" tall to the periscope on the back. Being a powered armor suit, there's a pilot that goes inside and the hatch on the top can be opened to show them (I opted not to do this). It also has limited articulation and can be posed in various ways, which is cool. I textured the entire model by painting it with Tamiya Extra Thin cement, letting it soften the plastic, and then attacking it with a stippling brush I fashioned from an old round tip brush. I added some weld beads with green stuff to all the various parts attached to the body, made pipe clamps out of strips of Tamiya tape hardened with liquid super glue for the red pipe, and made some angle brackets out of strip styrene for the power pack thing on the back. For the aerial, I used part of a Tamiya 1/35 scale M4 Sherman aerial mount with a piece of steel wire for the antenna. For painting, I wanted a worn, lived-in look to the paint so decided to go with hairspray chipping. After a black primer, I gave everything a coat of Vallejo Metal Color Steel to simulate the base material (cast steel). I applied hairspray and then a layer of red oxide "primer" using AK Interactive Rotbraun (AK717), then another layer of hairspray, then the main armor color using AK Interactive RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb aus.44 (AK714), another coat of hairspray, and then Tamiya IJN Grey (XF-75) for the countershaded camouflage before chipping everything. I added the decals and used a hobby knife to damage a few of them if they were placed on chipped paint. I added a basic pin wash with some enamels before sealing it in with matte varnish and going to town with various oil paints using a technique called oil paint rendering. I finished it off by giving the exhaust a rusted effect using some pigments and acrylic matte medium. Comments and criticism is welcome as always!
  23. Here we go again. This will be yet another of my bits boxes builds. I like the idea of the Maschinen kreiger universe and I have several of the kits in the stash. I do find though, that I enjoy scratchbuilding much more than just assembling and painting a kit. To that end, I've built quite a few variants using whatever I had to hand, and this will be another of those. My apologies if some of the pictures are slightly out of focus. Or is just my eyes? Here is a link to a picture of the official kit http://www.amerang.co.uk/image/cache/data/Hasegawa/HMK03n-800x800.jpg I've used my copy of it as a reference during the build. Though you may find that any resemblance is merely in passing. I have a box full of old kits I built years decades ago and I've raided that for parts of the structure. Plus I've received a couple of Sea Kings (yes, Space going Sea Kings!) from fellow Britmodellers (Cheers guys) which will form the base of the model. Take two Sea Kings and modify until satisfied. Not quite a zwilling but it'll do. The yellow one came minus it's cockpit so I used one from an ancient Revell Jolly Green Giant built circa 1970! Then take a Wessex, add half a Luft '46 fuselage either side and generally faff around with it. Stir in a couple of Whirlwinds, with 1/24th Typhoon droptanks? on top. The original model uses Hughes 500's here. I did get a pair of 1/48th 500's (The 'Chips' version comes with a Harley Police bike!) but why not use the old Whirly's instead? Can you see where I'm going now? Answers on the back of a roast chicken please. The original kit uses a Ta152 wing and a Skyhawk fuselage half here, but I had a 1/32nd P-38 wing in the bits box (leftover from the Gulf Falke build) and an Airfix Gnat so I used them. Now we have the Wessex & wing on top with the Whirlies in place and you can see a rocket nozzle too. Another similar shot. The original kit has a large gunpod underneath. My idea is to have guns in the end of what was the Sea King tail cones. While the pilot will be inside the Wessex. Scale will be around 1/32nd. You will see that the back (now the front) of the Wessex has changed, I used a 1/72nd canopy. I took some outside shots. The stand is ex Corgi aircraft, bought at the car boot. The access hatch on top of the Wessex is an Aircraft wheel cut down inside a 1/24th car air filter surround. The underside. Yes, that's a bit of tank in the middle (If Star wars can use them so can I). The hole is for the stand. That's it for pictures for the moment. More work has been done since I took these, Tons of Milliput for a start, so I need to get the camera out to update recent progress. What you see here has taken Months so far. I hope you've found something of interest here. Pete
  24. EDIT JUNE 2018 - To see pictures please google sternail. Any pictures of the ship in a garden are of this build. There is also a photoshopped image of the ship with clouds in the background. Yeah, thanks Photobrokit. Pete And there's more! This one I built about a year ago, I think. There are, In the Ma.k universe, Two types of Sternail. Both Space going and operated by the opposing sides. One is large & grey, The other smaller & white (usually) So far as I know, there are only a few of these around. The small white one can be had as a garage kit (I think) But this one has to be scratchbuilt, using the few bits of information on the net. It ended up at 65cm long. So, This is a 1/35th scale, Single seat spaceship (The door is on the left side. Yes, those are Russian tank turrets at the back. This is as close as I could get to the original by Kow Yokoyama. The other models aren't armed, But I built this for my mate John and he wanted missiles. Now, Ma.k is part styled on WW2 Germany. (Markings, some shapes etc) So, Based on the Rucksetz? used by the Luftwaffe to add weapons to say, Fw190's, I 'bolted on' a couple of homemade ones. Actually a modded blue steel & a TSR2 missile! Pictures are by Johns wife, Maria. Many thanks. (Photobucket wouldn't do all of them to 640x480 for some reason?) The basic frame is model boat type wooden strips. Add a 1/48th F15, The Turrets, Drop tank halves for the hump, Various other bits, LOTS of filler & plasticard and hours of rubbing down & painting. Markings are a deaths head near the bow, Then a German Tornado sqn badge. the blue & white stripes are because John is a Scot. As always, Comments are welcome. Pete
  25. Here's my Hasegawa 1/35th scale Melusine. First model I've actually finished to completion in something like 8 years! Cheers Richard.
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