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Found 550 results

  1. 1er and 2e Batallions, 1er Régiment de Chasseurs (Old Guard) and 1er and 2e Batallions, 2e Régiment de Chasseurs (Old Guard) The mounted Major is from the Italeri 6016 French Imperial General Staff set and the remainder are Esci 214 Napoleonic French Guard Infantry
  2. A while back someone pointed out to me that while I had a Wethersfield F-100, a Bentwaters A-10 and a Lakenheath F-4, I had a gap for Alconbury (I won’t count the F-5 aggressors as neither are in Fully UK schemes). So when an RF-4B/C kit came up for a good price on eBay it seemed time to sort this gap out. I had thought that RF-4Es were the only reasonably easy kit to get hold off & had thought of trying to back date one. But this Italeri kit claimed to be just what I wanted And the decals I got for my Lakenheath F-4 contained decals for Alconbury RF-4Cs in SEA camo, SEA wraparound, and Euro One. After a bit of checking around for both the angular nose and the curved nose, I settled on a wraparound camo version. So here she is Her tanks are grey Euro One tanks - both schemes were around & changing from one to the other. With her Lakenheath cousin And with the the rest of the Phantoms She doesn’t have all of the stencil decals yet & may get a bit of weathering down but not for a while. Hope you like her.
  3. Morning Folk's second build will be Italeri/Esci's F 100 RDAF 1963,the kit is still a little beauty and the scheme will be a challenge as NMF and me don't mix,be a couple of week's before kick off kit should be here in afew day's then I'll post sprues. While ordering I added HB's F-86 sabre in the 1960's Camoflaged Black Tulip scheme (only £4:50) so may due to it's being an easy-kit do a third.
  4. The other night I finished my Italeri Sunderland which has been on the stocks since February - thus messing up my plan of a model per month for 2018. There has been some (a lot of) frustration along the way. If you'd like to read more about how I built the kit please see my article in this issue (pages 31-33) of our group newsletter. I assume early war bombs were painted in an early "its health and safety gone mad" bit of bureaucratic nonsense - bombs are dangerous so paint them yellow? A good portion of a tube of Squadron Green was used up on the plane, trying to level out the nose in front of the cockpit and even worse on top of the wings. The mainplanes are 1-2mm thicker than the stubs on the fuselage, so the filler was slathered on, for some reason I forgot to tape off the good side of the joints to ease clean up. Oh well. The top and bottom half of the wings weren't the same chord either so brute force was used! I didn't recall ever using such brutal methods when I read about them on Britmodeller, but obviously I had previously attacked models with this file as there was a goodly amount of squadron green on it... Another niggle was that the guy who did the panel trenching on one side of the aircraft was very heavy handed, whilst somebody else with a much lighter touch did the other side! Once the camo paint was on I also discovered there are very faint lines where there are mould inserts to change from Mk.I to Mk.III - needless to say I decided fixing these by that time would cause more damage than would be justified, but worth watching out for anyone else - I wonder whether the Mk.III ends up similarly afflicted? Although you get a good selection of decals, Italeri obviously didn't look closely enough at the famous photos of DAG as the code letters should be wider and the tail stripes thicker - at least as an emergency unit level paint job there are no stencils. Overall I'm pleased with the look of the plane, but I think it will be a while before I do another large flying boat. I usually avoid weathering, but I'd like to think I made a reasonable stab at the appallingly dishevelled state of DAG in period photos. I don't know where I'm going to put it now though. My main annoyance was clouting bits of it on the light or whatever in the workshop area, as it takes up so much more space when manoeuvring compared to a 1/72 Spitfire. Cheers Will PS for those concerned about such things I cut the grass tonight!
  5. Hi Folks, I hope you will forgive me but I'm one of many affected by the money grabbing !£$%&%%$£!$^&^% at PB. The MAS boat was my first project on Britmodeller and my first 'Plastic kit' in more years than I care to remember Being rather proud of my efforts I didn't want it to disappear so reposted using Postimage.org For those that missed it first time around the detailed interior For those interested the full build is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943576-another-mas-boat/ Unfortunately thanks to the %$^&*$£"!*+*&^$%£"! at photobucket the pics are no longer there but if you have any questions I still have the originals. I hope you enjoy them as much the second time around as I did Cheers Kev
  6. A mixture of Esci and Italeri figures (though the men are almost identical, the horses differ)
  7. Hi guys, well I got this bad boy finished, not an easy build but I am happy with how it turned out for my first truck build. I weathered it up a bit to avoid the truck looking like a diecast model, also I scratch built the airlines and the air unit to add some realism and airbrushed over some of the decals to tidy up the lines a little. I've also added a few winter snow shots of the Scania. Finally, you can see my work in progress of this build in the box below.
  8. Somewhere, I have another set I completed in 2010. This is the latest set I have just completed. The three British figures in front are Field marshal Sir Arthur Wellesley in the dark blue coat, a mounted Major general of infantry and an Adjutant general standing. The six figures behind are 2nd North British Dragoons (Scots Greys). At the front of the Prussians are Generalfeldmarschal Blücher and two staff officers. Behind them are an Adjutant officer in the blue coat, an NCO of Cuirassier Regiment von Wagenfield No. 4 (1806) and an NCO Trumpeter of Cuirassier Regiment von Quitzow No. 6 (1806). Behind those are three Troopers of Dragoon Regiment, King of Bavaria No. 1 (1806).
  9. Hi chaps,hope we are all well.. Im coming to the final steps of building italeris 1/72 junkers ju88.. it has been a bit of a Battle in fairness and not one part seems to of fitted! So after many stumbling blocks imagine my dismay when coming to fitting one of the lower areas of glazing.. abysmal fit and a massive step! Pictured below is the area in question i have tried to put a slight chamfer on the sides where the canopy meets and i have also tried to cover up the offending step with paint! doh! still very noticeable! What is my best bet to get this step sorted would i be able to apply a layer of cristal clear over the lot to level things out? If i try to use superglue over the step will it fog my (klear dipped) canopy? Any help greatly appreciated gents! thanks!
  10. A mixture of Airfix. HäT, Waterloo1815 and Italeri figures
  11. Hi folk's well another completed Jet from me again for the Nato/Warpac GB and my first ever Danish machine too,I thought if I could have a nice shiney finish and manage to finish it I'd be delighted then I found this photo. So after that nice shiny finish was achieved with washes,sanding buffing etc I ended up with a very scruffy well worn Sabre hope you like and thank's for taking the time to look. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041253-f-100d-royal-danish-air-force-1963/&
  12. Howdy folks! Bubba's the name.....Just got my wings and itching to see my new steed. Apparently it's a super long range high altitude escort, so I'm counting on it being one of those P-51 Mustangs..... Aww shoot!
  13. This is my first RFI and I’m the first to admit I need many, many, hours, days, weeks and more than likely years of experience to get to the superb standards displayed here on a daily basis. This Italeri Sea Flanker purchased as part of a job lot when I looked in the box I that it was more of a jobby lot with one canard missing and a decal sheet that looked like it had been chewed by a rabid badger. The kit actually went together well and in my opinion it looks like a Flanker. As I had a surplus of RAF Phantom decals I had a flash of inspiration and here it is. I know the paintwork is rough as I had several disasters with reactions when applying the gloss coat that made it look like crazy paving. After a rigorous rub down with 1500 wet and dry and a re-coat of Vallejo Gloss Laquer I set about it with decals and here it is. Sorry if I offend the purists among you but I’m pleased with the results.
  14. Here we go again, another conversion to add to the overcrowded workbench. Having resisted the lure of Italeri's re-released Ford Transit Van for a while I finally succumbed, the delay mainly being that I wanted to build something other than a van. After much head-scratching and internet bashing research I cobbled together enough info to enable me to plan the LWB chassis along with all the other bits necessary for the twin wheel version. Below is a photo of the chassis which has been 3D printed, not by me but a company who are renowned for their excellent work and superfine detail. The plan is to utilise the under cab section of the kit floorpan to make mating with the cut-down body easier. Other chassis components are either being worked on or have been produced such as the axle, wheels and tyres and I'm presently drawing up the Tipper body too.
  15. Many international sports events were held during the 30s where countries attempted to demonstrate their aeronautical prowess and gain prestige. The Schneider Cup was one of them, the McRobertson London to Melbourne Air Race was another, and also notorious was the Istres-Damascus-Paris Air race. Italy had the upper hand since it entered a number of machines with state sponsorship, a group of Savoia Marchetti S.M.79s, and two Fiat BR.20As. They were all civil versions that differed from their military counterparts to some extent. The airframes were completely demilitarized of course and optimized for speed and long range capabilities. Their visual appeal is needless to say orders of magnitude higher than the one of their boring, drab and gloomy counterparts, and of a higher order was their purpose too. Through the years I have modeled a few of those machines (D.H.88s, D.H.89 and SM79s come to mind), and who knows, may be one day, when their numbers increase, they could be displayed in a nice starting line array (I am ogling, as I write this, the box of the Farman 223-1 F-APUZ kit released by Azur that flew also in the Istres-Damascus race). The build implied some surgery and some scratch-building, but was pleasant, entertaining and rewarding, and as you know the starting point was an inexpensive very old Italeri kit that was thus redeemed from a dusty shelf demise or an obscure destiny. I purchased mine -during a Palm Springs desert trip- at the Rare-plane Detective (thanks Liz and Jeff!). If you would like to check the whole building sequence you may go here: The special decals were produced to their usual high standards by Arctic Decals. A photo-etched set was used (although only partially) to enhance the interior and a few exterior details, with modifications. My gratitude to Paolo Miana and Fabrizio D'Isanto who provided data that helped with this project. Any mistakes made in the representation are only mine. It is like if I could almost hear those engines running, getting ready to fly to glory.
  16. Hobby Fan/AFV-Club is to release a Republic of China Army Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk conversion set for Italeri kit - ref.HF090 Source: https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/photos/a.237327066312820/1888747751170735/?type=3&theater V.P.
  17. Italeri is to release in 2017-2018 a 1/48th Agusta-Bell AB-206B-1 kit - ref. 2778S Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235015790-news-italeri-2017/ V.P.
  18. Joining you with this kit. of parts. Says Flat Sea Blue - which I've intenpreted as Humbrol 47, and airbrushed some parts. but doesn't look right. were they really this colour?
  19. Here's my 1/48 MV-22 Osprey, Italeri is the only one in this scale but I always thought with a little work it could be made into an operational aircraft. I found some photos of USMC aircraft in theatre that were very dirty and that was what made me put it on the workbench. A little work here and there became a lot more. I reshaped the hump on the wing center, dropped flaps, moved the rudders, improved the cockpit, added seat belts, built bulkheads, life raft, chaff/flare dispensers, hand holds, opened the side door, and remade the windscreen wipers to name a few. Xtradecals make a couple of decal sheets that were essential, tons of stenciling, vents and things with some nice schemes. I was starting to make the rear door gun mount but think I'll get the Black Dog CV-22 set which includes it and also some nice dropped flaps that I'll replace my crudely cut ones with. I can't believe it will be long before a new 1/48 Osprey comes out and wanted to relieve my stash of this big box before that time comes. I had a lot of issues that didn't quite go right so it's one of my models that 'looks better at a distance'. I'm glad I did it and it looks great next to my F-18F and AV-8B on the shelf.
  20. My next major armour project will be this, an Italeri RSO with PAK-40, a strange little German vehicle designed to fill the role of a mobile anti-tank gun. I bought this packaged with the Eduard etch (an ebay bargain), which so far has been a nice test for my new bending tool. Here's some progress pics, after a few night's work. I enjoyed upgrading the driver's compartment, the etch makes a difference in this case. While the rest of this kit is decent, the tracks are what I would call garbage- stiff, thick, and seemingly too big for the model. I'll try to work out a solution, but I may have to find aftermarket tracks- if anyone has any of these to hand, or knows of some affordable ones, please tell me! Finally, a Zvezda Volkssturm man. The figure was fine to assemble, and nicely moulded for an inexpensive plastic figure, apart from one thing. The arm holding the gun does not fit at all, the provided Kar-98k being useless in this regard (but a nicely well-moulded rifle nonetheless), so I had to replace it. Luckily, I remembered from prior studies that Volkssturm units were commonly armed with Italian rifles, so a spare Italian M91 Carbine was chosen, and fitted fairly well into the hands. The way he is holding it isn't perfect, but a mostly untrained man would probably not have had the best grasp of how to use his rifle, so that's my excuse.
  21. I always think of Monty Python's "It's the Bishop!" skits where this particular AFV is concerned. This is the old Esci/Italeri Bishop 1/72 scale kit (based on their Valentine tank kit), along with the limber and some figures I stole from my Esci/Italeri 25 Pounder & Quad kit. It proved to be an enjoyable 10-day build, and represents a Royal Devon Yeomanry vehicle in Sicily, 1943. I did a lot of scratch-building, including the interior, fighting compartment doors, driver's hatches, tow-hitch, tarpaulins, stowage boxes, roof hatch, limber draw-bar details etc. I also added wire handles, rivets, and opened up the sighting aperture. I used OKB Grigorov resin tracks. Aside from the figure with the binoculars, all the others have been hacked and/or mixed and matched to get the poses I wanted. I replaced the ends of the tack-guards with scratch-built examples from brass sheet so I could mangle and dent them, likewise the exhaust guard on the left-side of the fighting compartment. I Dremeled out the insides of the Limber's mudguards for added realism and gave them a good denting as well. My build log can be found over on Missing Lynx's Braille Scale forum... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/it-s-the-bishop-t315713.html
  22. Had a rather discouraging last minute mishap with an IAR and a very displeasing varnish finish, so have been lying low with a few very quick booster builds... This is my attempt at getting back on it. I am planning on building this fairly quickly, and essentially out of the box. It's for a mate, who wants it for his son's ceiling - feels a somewhat intimidating presence for an infant - but who am I to argue. I find it's easier to make a good job of builds when they are for others. Stops me having a tantrum and chucking them in my 'corner of rejection'. Sods law - this will go sideways now. I haven't built an Italeri kit in ages, but looking in the box, and at some online reviews it seems a lovely looking proposition. The parts look great, good detail, no flash, and nice instructions with a coloured paint guide. I have ordered a mask set for the canopy, and will likely add some visuals with extra wires and so on in the cockpit. I want to build this with the spats removed, just for a change. And I plan to build it with the engine exposed for the same reason. And I like the inclusion of what looks like a weld-seam on the exposed version.... I toyed with buying aftermarket barrels for the canon - but will see how I fair with the ones provided. Not totally certain at this stage what finish I am aiming for - tempted by the hairspray / weathered winter whitewash after some recent success with that, but it's starting to feel like a bit of a get out in terms of being overly forgiving to my camo-work. I will see what the Stuka-loving father fancies... Thanks for looking. Any heads ups on potential issues with this kit would be appreciated. Bruce NB - the defective IAR for context... though the ugly mottling on the last layer of varnish doesn't show up too badly in this pic.
  23. This is my Italeri B-26K AKA A-26A Counter Invader. Before I started this kit I had read several reviews that either praised it to the highest or poo-pooed it faults. I can only conclude that these reviewers were either on drugs, or Italeri's payroll. I would put this at the bottom of the heap of Italeri's efforts. The fit was awful, and the accuracy questionable at best. I won't bore you with the details, but you can check out this site for more info http://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/references/reference/113-kit-corrections-detailing/79-italeri-b-26k-invader-kit-corrections. The one high point was the decals which to even the vortex generators on the tail with only the minimum of Micro-Sol. One of the inaccuracies of this kit is the cockpit which might be accurate for a WW II or Korean War A-26 but is not for the K. There is at least 1 after market interior, but it would have taken too long to arrive so I skipped it. It turns out that was a good decision since I had one of the worst cases of dust infiltration into the cockpit I have had in a long time and you can't see much trough the dust anyway . Anyway I guess it came out alright, so here it is: Did I mention dust in the cockpit? But now fixed I am not sure what is next but it will either be the Italeri (spit) AC-130H or the Roden AC-123K. Enjoy
  24. An out of the box build for the raf centenary gb. The fit was ok apart from the uc doors and air brakes, they needed a bit of a sanding to fit, the box decals went down on the gloss enamel xtracolor x032 raf desert pink quite well, but the rear id markings should be white, weathered with a dark dirt clay based wash, and pastels, the base is an off cut of oak and acrylic rods Cheers Glynn
  25. 1/48 Italeri V-22 Osprey is done. This kit i build oob and trying some new painting technique. Very pleased with the result. And dont glue the 2 engine and tails before finish the model because it will make you control the model for painting very hard. I try to break the monotone color to make the model look more interesting. Here is photo of the finished model : Thank you for watching. P/s : I have upload a video full build of V22 in my channel ( link in my signature ) You guy can check it out. Thank you !
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