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Found 550 results

  1. So working away on the Italeri 1/35 Chevrolet 15CWT truck as part of a diorama. Bit of a pig of a kit to be honest, and it needs all the help I can give it. Decided to complete the cab interior out of sequence as it'd be impossible to paint once assembled. Here are a few pics of the project.
  2. I purchased the Italeri 1.48 HC.21 Shawnee earlier this year and started building it only to suddenly find work drowning any modelling mojo I had. I have finally managed to get a bit of energy up and managed to do heaps of work on it. At the moment I am trying to decide what colour to paint the troop seats before I seal up the fuselage and start on the exterior.
  3. Hello. My newest project that just got finished.
  4. My entry for this GB is Italeri's M-32 Recovery Vehicle. Undecided at to build it with the lifting arm raised or stowed. Would like to build it raised but need to check if it will fit in my display case. So what's in the box? Also have AFV Clubs M-10 in the stash, but saving that one of the Britmodeller 10th Anniversary GB.
  5. My next major armour project will be this, an Italeri RSO with PAK-40, a strange little German vehicle designed to fill the role of a mobile anti-tank gun. I bought this packaged with the Eduard etch (an ebay bargain), which so far has been a nice test for my new bending tool. Here's some progress pics, after a few night's work. I enjoyed upgrading the driver's compartment, the etch makes a difference in this case. While the rest of this kit is decent, the tracks are what I would call garbage- stiff, thick, and seemingly too big for the model. I'll try to work out a solution, but I may have to find aftermarket tracks- if anyone has any of these to hand, or knows of some affordable ones, please tell me! Finally, a Zvezda Volkssturm man. The figure was fine to assemble, and nicely moulded for an inexpensive plastic figure, apart from one thing. The arm holding the gun does not fit at all, the provided Kar-98k being useless in this regard (but a nicely well-moulded rifle nonetheless), so I had to replace it. Luckily, I remembered from prior studies that Volkssturm units were commonly armed with Italian rifles, so a spare Italian M91 Carbine was chosen, and fitted fairly well into the hands. The way he is holding it isn't perfect, but a mostly untrained man would probably not have had the best grasp of how to use his rifle, so that's my excuse.
  6. This will be my project for my next 28 day trip away at sea starting Saturday. At the end of this trip we will be flying back from Norway so with that in mind I chose something from my meagre stash that would in theory be easily packed and should it get damaged no great loss. Also the amount of modelling gear, paints etc. is also having to be kept to a minimum. Once I get started, hopefully on Sunday, I'll try and post regular updates of my progress here.
  7. Happy New Year 2018 to everyone on this good old Britmodeller forum: wishing you health and success to you all and to enjoy our hobby as much as possible. Due to the crash of my Photobucket account, Part1 is now rendered useless and so i have started this new thread. As for the lost pictures on Part 1, after i finish my build, i will create a summary for Part 1; build & photos, and create a link here. Meanwhile, back at my bench, here is my interpretation of the right side of the famous 6 cylinder Fiat Engine, attempt at detailing as those who built this car can see, mostly metal additions, lots of plastic cut and removed, some brass welding, lots of eye drops consumed and lots of time and frustration believe me ! ...a nut case's nut job really i have tried to take it further than what i have seen, and there are already amazing and very beautiful reproductions already (i.e "Maysula's" Black Mefistofeles, and specially amazing Peter Buckingham's black Mefistofeles IPMS prized, taking some inspiration from the Fiat Botofogo engine and of course Hannes's very neat and beautiful red Protar Mefistofeles. So in this continuation, i hope the next modellers will take the detailing of this engine further. It is not difficult, just very time consuming. Technical : This is a FIAT aeroplane engine, 6-cylinder, 21.7 litre (21706 cc) Fiat A.12 producing 320 PS (235 kW; 316 bhp) built between 1916 and 1919. This photo is raw and of course, neither photoshopped nor touched in anyway (in my nut-case mind it would not be scale modelling to photoshop it, apologies for those who do) flash on this one : this one above with flash when i have finished the other side ( soon, only some paint jobs and final assembly required ) i will publish more detailed photos of the engine. Alternating my work between the engine and the body, for those who remember in Part 1, i am trying to reproduce the car with many red color filters, irregular and faded varnish and heavy battering and scratches on the body, as is the real car currently exposed in Turino. So more to follow and thank you for watching, happy new year 2018 Sam
  8. My dad´s next little armour project(s). Waited for some time now that Tamiya releases a towing vehicle for Italeri´s 88. Hoped for a FAMO halftrack but the Hanomag tractor will do too. DSC_0001 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  9. #3/2016 So, something at least a bit different Initially my dad wanted to build a RN Mk.I with the Hobby Boss kit. After examining the kit we found out that the intended version wasn´t possible oob, no bubble side windows, no observer seat behind the pilot, no cowl gun. So, change of plan, used decals from the Italeri reboxing of the AM kit for the Hobby Boss one. Besides the decals almost completely oob. Added seatbelts, cut off the wrong wing gun stubs and drilled holes, EZ Line for the aerials, engraved the missing rivets for the the oil cooler shutters on the side cowls. Painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. The decals for the nose numbers came from the sparebox because the Italeri ones were way too big. As it seems there´s only one partial pic of this aircraft. There it looks completely white. Fellow Hyperscale modeller Modeldad provided some info that all-white avengers weren´t completely uncommon in the Atlantic ASW role. So the model became only white, never seen that before on a pic or model The model shows an a/c of the composite squadron VC-58 on the escort carrier USS Block Island in January 1944. Later in March/April the unit transferred to the USS Guadalcanal and flew night missions.
  10. G'day All, I thought I would put up a few pic's of my latest in progress build. Hopefully it's starting to resemble an MV Agusta 500cc 4 cylinder GP bike from the 1960's. It's all OOB and brush painted. I left off the front mudguard as I saw a pic of this bike racing without it, so why not. I just have the fuel tank, seat and fairing to go and it will be finished. Cheers, Devo
  11. I had this kit in my stash. I bought it some time ago, to add to my little 1/72 WWII tanks collection, and chose it over other kits because, as a cast hull variant it was a little "different". Italeri's 1/72 "M4A1 Sherman" comes in an end-opening box, with a nice portrait of a somewhat anonymous cast-hull Sherman on the front, and a 4-view colour scheme and decalling drawing on the back. 3 colour and decal options are shown on the foldout instruction sheet, but the one on the box is only one with any description of an identity, although US Army, Normandy campaign, 1944 is, to say the least, a bit vague! Tracks are provided as polystyrene "link & length" and also as continuous vinyl strips as the modeller prefers. Apart from the tracks sprues, the kit's parts are presented on 2 sprues. I didn't take a pic of the decal sheet, it is simply a selection of white stars, with or without circles around, and some numbers! I'm looking forward to this, I realise the GB has already started, but I won't stat building until after Hogmanay . . .
  12. Hi, here's the latest completion, the venerable Italeri 1/48 kit based on the old Esci moulds. I used a Neomega resin cockpit and nose wheel well (very nice btw, the cockpit is a very good fit) and Scale Resin wheels to replace the poor kit ones. Pained using Gunze Mr Color for the grey and Hataka Red Line NATO green. Been a bit of a battle and one day I will get hold of the more modern Kitty Hawk tooling as it's such a good looking airframe with lots of colour options. Anyway, here's a few pics. Thanks for looking. Mirage F1CT by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage F1CT by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage F1CT by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage F1CT by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage F1CT by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage F1CT by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  13. Hi, I am currently building the Italeri Spitfire Vb and intend to paint it in the colour scheme of the 229 Squadron Spitfire Vb EP606 'X-P' flown by F/O. Ryan Gosling RCAF, Spring 1943. The research is from Steve Nichols 'Malta Spitfire Aces' which suggests the scheme is dark earth and extra dark sea grey with azure blue undersides, would I be correct in interpreting this as Extra dark sea area - humbrol 123; dark earth humbrol 29 and azure blue humbrol 157 (or is it humbrol 89)? Many thanks in advance, Russ
  14. Hi again fellow modellers, As noted earlier I've recently moved so have not forummed(new word) anything for a while so I'm playing catch-up, so apologies for the amount of topics at short notice. This is Italeri's version of the Hellcat night fighter, pretty straightforward. I rushed it because it was my last build before the move so I'm hoping I've got the weathering OK; gloss sea blue is a challenge for weathering! The aerial in the kit is wrong, it's the forward angled one from the -3 version so fitted one made of wire plus whip aerials dorsal and ventral. I'm not sure but there may have been other aerials on the NF version but seraches on the net did not reveal anything. Paint is a ancient tin of Humbrol gloss blue and I think I put a satin vallejo varnish over it. Anyway here goes:
  15. The Italeri 1/48 Hurricane Mk1 has been the subject of much discussion on the various forums, this one included, so I am aware of the various issues with this kit, this didn't however, prevent me from enjoying completing this replica of the famous Battle of Britain fighter. Finished in the colours of No 43 (Fighter) Squadron, RAF, (undoubtedly the finest Fighter Squadron that has ever, or shall ever, exist in any Air Force in the world ) the brutish lines of Sir Sidney's gun truck are captured well. P3386 was the first Rotol Spinner equipped Mk1 delivered to the Squadron, and was, by all accounts, a particularly successful Machine, being credited with the destruction of several enemy aircraft. No problems were encountered during the build, I was particularily impressed with the clear sprue which were very thin and distortion free. Decals are a mix of kit and spares box. Finished in Humbrol Duck Egg Blue, Tamiya RAF Dk Green and Mr Color Dark Earth, with a Flory wash to finish. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Troffa
  16. Hi M8's finished these some time back, nothing special, no added etch or resin, Just out of the box as these go up in the loft to be slowly broken over the years. Used additional decal from Model Alliance for both jest. The Lightning bolts broke up which necessitated a replacement sheet. Of course that scheme pops up in the Revell boxing so could of saved me the 16 quid of a reorder for the new set. :/ AWC Jet.
  17. Douglas RB-66B Destroyer, 42nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, RAF Chelveston, 1961.
  18. I'll be building an Italeri Douglas B-66B Destroyer (1/72) from the 42nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing based at Chelveston, 1959 The kit has decals for a Chelveston aircraft It looks like quite a basic kit I have a bit of reading to do before I start. The kit is marked as a B-66 whereas my Chelveston book says they were RB-66s so I shall try to find out whether there were any external differences between the bomber and reconnaissance variants.
  19. Well, one thing I've figured out about myself is that making a new WIP thread is what should help me get cracking with this... My studies are trying to keep me away from modelling, but I'm not ready to pause with it just yet... Let me quickly introduce you to this little Italeri's kit. Two A4-sized sprues, one with clear bits and a disappointingly small decal sheet... I'll also use that big left-over sheet from Bf-110 I made a short while ago... The idea for finished model right now is to make it quite asymmetrical, with port side having exposed DB-603 engine (to be scratch built, having done two DB-601 for Bf-110 should prove helpful), flap, aileron and slats in landing position, radiator cowling flaps opened fully as well, while starboard side should be clean, just to show this bird's (what I consider) beautiful lines. Of course, this being a conversion, one - two actually - obvious things that need to be taken care of are wings - outer halves of 'em need to be swept forward to begin with (I haven't a clue why 210 has swept back wings in the first place, I guess Germans decided to experiment a bit with aerodynamic effects of that, maybe they needed to regulate center of gravity). Luckily, studying a number of technical drawing revealed that I should be able to use those outer sections, just rotating them around a specific point should prove enough. Fuselage shouldn't require too many changes, 210 A-1 has elongated fuselage in the first place, so that doesn't require any work, just a bit of rescribing should do the trick... This kit isn't very detailed (if I got it right, this should be a rebox of an old kit, from the early nineties), not that it matters since I'll be glad to add a few of my own, but fit looks good for now... ... though a few places seem to require a bit of filler (left and middle picture). Italeri have got intake cross-section right (right picture), it's a circle as it should be, I think Revell got that wrong on all of their models of 210 and 410, both 72nd and 48th scale, with an elliptical cross-section. A bit of work down under as well, other than filling I'll also open up wheel wells, aforementioned radiator flaps, stuff like that... These two were developed at the same time, one was given a second chance, mostly in Africa if I got it right, the one I aim to change didn't, it just wasn't a good war-plane. A lot of similarities between them (length, wingspan, cockpit position, same engine family), obviously... This picture shows the major differences between 210 and 410, wings being the biggest on of course... ... and this paint scheme is the main reason why I chose to convert it... Hopefully, it should like a bit like this in the end... Love the way engines stick out of wings... I'll be using whatever pictures I can to get the details right, like this Aires wheel well... ... as well as number of impressive build stories, like this one... http://www.modelersalliance.com/forum/chukw/147807-me410-all-the-way ... and some reviews of bigger scale models... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949148-messerschmitt-me410a-1-hornisse-148/?hl=%2Bmesserschmitt+%2B210 Some of you may have noticed a cutting mat that wasn't there while Bf-110 was on the bench, got it today as well as Humbrol filler and a nice little model of Rogožarski IK-3 "Belgrade Defender", a bird that tried to keep the Luftwaffe busy once bombing of Belgrade started... Unfortunately, Royal Yugoslav Air Force only had 12 of them, 6 weren't operational as it was still tested, but still our pilots took down 11 Bf-109 in fights in April '41, 3 of which were taken by Sgt. Dušan Vujčić, whose IK-3 I'll be making once it gets its turn... For those interested in it, IK-3 was reported to be an overall improvement on Hawker Hurricane and more maneuverable than Bf-109 (pilots of 51st Fighter group were in charge of experimental work and RYAF had both Hurricane and 109 in its air fleet), but it had poorer rate of climb than 109 and it was slower as well (difference in engine power)... Got all my tools and paints on the mat once I got it, it's not a large set, though you can see that I got myself a good number of new stuff (all of that during Bf-110 build) on the right... During this build, I'll buy a wheel riveter (store was out of them today) and an airbrush for the final paint job and that should be enough for the next couple of builds as well... Back to Me-410, I hope to get some real work done during the weekend, however I expect this to be a slow-starter, since I'm a bit busy with some faculty stuff... Anyway, I hope this was enough for an intro post, I'm looking forward to this build as well as all of your comments... Cheers!
  20. Hi Folks, My first post on here and my first kit for more years than I care to remember ! So be gentle with me I have all the Italeri boats in my stash and I thought the MAS boat would be a simple start . Then I saw this blog on Model Shipwrights http://modelshipwrights.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=169007&page=1 Slippery slope... Started by building a launch cradle to display it on Built out of balsa and plastic profiles.
  21. I am just at the point of having to assemble and paint the turrets of my Mk.1 Sunderland so need to decide on the paint scheme. Italeri offer some nice alternatives, but I am minded to split the difference and wonder if anyone knows if my idea is in the realms of possibility. I prefer the brown/green/aluminium scheme but prefer the letters DA@G as a composition, that Italeri show in grey/green (yes I know those aren’t the official colour names) for Oban 1941. According to Coastal Command 1939-45 the famous photo of DA@G was taken in Summer 1940 so I wonder if it would still have been in brown/green then? Any observations welcomed, even if I end up following my own logic in the end! Cheers Will
  22. #10/2016 And my dad finished another dual build. As I already mentioned in the first part, NSGr9 used Fiat CR42 before they transitioned to Stukas when they operated in Italy 1944. The aircrafts were slightly adapted to Luftwaffe needs, adding some camo, adding UV cockpit light, partly radio mast, and if it´s true they were also at some point equipped with ETC racks and German bombs. A typical Italeri kit somewhere between good and bad. Mostly built oob, added seatbelts and Italian bombs from the normal Italeri CR42 kit. Although this kit should depict a nightbomber, it hasn´t any bombs included... Regarding the decals, the white outlined "A" is printed slightly out of register. My dad saw that too late so he couldn´t use other kit markings instead. He had the most struggle with the partly bad fitting wing struts and was partly close to trash the kit but he managed to overcome his anger Painted as usual with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. The model shows an aircraft of 2./NSGr.9 in Italy 1944.
  23. I recently got another eBay bargain, the 1/72 Italeri Hercules, which of course I'll be doing as the RAF C.1 option, as much OOB as possible (XV215). However, the decals have the 'last three' of the serial number for the nose and tail fin in black, despite painting instructions being for light aircraft grey undersides. I want to build the kit as circa 1980-85, light a/c grey undersides, am I correct to believe that all RAF Hercs at this time had white last three serial numbers, which only went black with wrap round camo in the 90s? Also, is the upper grey camo medium sea grey or dark sea grey? It looks a bit lighter than the DSG on Buccaneers or Jags for example.
  24. I've had this kit in the stash for some time, but also now have the much more up to date Kinetic kit. I therefore decided to take a flight of fancy and do it as a What If USAF ANG aircraft re-engined with a P&W F-100 taken from a kaput F-15E kit (together with the ACES II seat). Painted with Hataka Orange Line paints, weathering being a Flory Models dark dirt wash, and Tamiya Smoke. Decals came from an Eagle strike set. TBH this build has helped keep my head straight as my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer just before Christmas, and passed away last Tuesday at the age of 56, can't tell you how torn up i am about this, but messing with bits of plastic and visiting forums such as this does help. Anyway enough waffle, here's a few pics (one day I will sort a proper set up for taking pics!): Mirage 2000C ‘what if’ by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage 2000C ‘what if’ by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage 2000C ‘what if’ by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage 2000C ‘what if’ by bryn robinson, on Flickr Mirage 2000C ‘what if’ by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  25. This is the Italeri kit in 1/72 using the Blue Rider decal sheet. The kit is pretty poor, with the fit and detail lacking. What I should have done was bin this one and go and buy the Hobby Boss kit, but ah well. The Blue Rider decals are pretty good. I also whipped up a small base for it to sit on. Despite the fit issues, I'm rather happy with how it turned out. I'll glue it to the base later which will hide a few of the defects lol.
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