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Found 552 results

  1. An out of the box build for the raf centenary gb. The fit was ok apart from the uc doors and air brakes, they needed a bit of a sanding to fit, the box decals went down on the gloss enamel xtracolor x032 raf desert pink quite well, but the rear id markings should be white, weathered with a dark dirt clay based wash, and pastels, the base is an off cut of oak and acrylic rods Cheers Glynn
  2. 1/48 Italeri V-22 Osprey is done. This kit i build oob and trying some new painting technique. Very pleased with the result. And dont glue the 2 engine and tails before finish the model because it will make you control the model for painting very hard. I try to break the monotone color to make the model look more interesting. Here is photo of the finished model : Thank you for watching. P/s : I have upload a video full build of V22 in my channel ( link in my signature ) You guy can check it out. Thank you !
  3. This is my latest, the Italeri AC-47D gunship in 1/72. I built this pretty much OOB with the exception of the decals. The kit was better then average for Italeri with mostly good fit and recessed panel lines. My one comment is that the kit instructions show putting the last gun in the door way. This was true for the earliest AC-47's, but later ones, and the one I had the decals for, moved it from the doorway to an additional window added just in front of the door. The kit has the outline of that window inscribed into the inside of the fuselage, but the instructions make no mention of using it. The decals that came with the kit looked a little tired so I used the ones from the Kit-World KW172096 sheet which were excellent. My only comment on them is that the instructions were somewhat lacking in detail of what goes where and their drawing are almost too small to help. Here is my AC-119K and AC-47D together Next us should be the AC-130, but while I have the paint out I am going to do the Italeri B-26K since it is the last kit in the pile that uses the SEA color scheme. Enjoy
  4. A misleading title for this set of French Artillery Train. A restoration of a set I painted many years ago. One Driver is mislaid and the mounted officer is from another set but fir the main part this is the set.
  5. Hello, my entry is an old Italeri model which isn't new. This is dismantled and cleaned piece, which I saved from my friend's trash. I have some aftermarkets for it. The main aftermarkets (I'm waiting for them, but they will come) are resine engines and cowlings from qickboost. If I succeed it will be this little gem:
  6. This is my Italeri AC-119K Stinger in 1/72. This is a mid 1980's vintage kit and it shows with its raised panel lines and somewhat fuzzy detailing. It was what I consider typical Italeri with good fit is some places and lousy fit in others. But on the whole it was a fun build. The decals that came with the kit were printer by Cartograf and while nice there were a bit minimalist where kind old so I went with the AOA Gunships: Raining Fire (I) set, also printed by Carograf and excellent. other then that it was OOB. The Vietnam era SEA color scheme it is a pain to do all that masking, but I really like the way it looks: It's hard to get a shot showing all the ordnance Next up it their AC-47 Spooky Enjoy
  7. Here's another little project, bought on an impulse. Firstly, the figures. Here is an Italian machine gun team, gunner and loader. The figures are by Masterbox, and have nice detail, although are somewhat lacking in terms of definition and detail compared to the Dragon figures I was working on previously. This was an attractive part of the kit for me. Here's a rather blurry picture of the tank. An older kit, it needs a little work. For example, the turret needs some work around the gun mantlet. It seems it should be a mostly smooth weld, rather than plates bolted on.
  8. Hello, Here's my 1/72 Italeri Jaguar T.2. Nothing fancy, just the kit parts and decals. I did paint the tail stripe, because the decal provided was too short. This kit is not one of Italeri's best, imo, but in the end it looks like a Jaguar. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking, Pete
  9. This is a mini WIP combined with an RFI, as I built this around 10 years ago, and some day I may get around to replacing the sand shields with some etched ones, but given the number of unfinished models that I have at the moment, that's not going to be any time soon. A Brief Intro. Operation Battleaxe was the first time that Crusaders were used in any significant numbers, and they didn't exactly cover themselves in glory. Thin armour, an ineffective main gun which couldn't fire HE and reliability problems were three of it's drawbacks. On the plus side, it was fast. I'd built Tamiya's 1/48th version of this, and decided to do the same in 1/35th, using the Italeri kit as a basis. Although the kit is for a Mk.l/ll, it didn't cover the version used in Battleaxe. There were some alterations needed, but nothing too drastic. First job was to add the prominent rivets along the sides of the lower hull. This early kit from Italeri omitted them, but the AA version included them. In all, there were approximately 300 rivets, but a day and a half saw the job done, and my sanity intact. I was going to finish this tank in the marking of 6 RTR, and their vehicles had different air filters to those supplied in the kit. They are a simple box shape and I made them from different thickness’s of card. The pipework leading from the filters to the engine deck was altered by removing the 90 degree bend and making new pipe from tubing. The track guards were also of a different configuration, so I cut away the kit part where it bends downwards, and made new track guards and glued them into place along with the new air boxes. Along the back of these Crusaders was a rack for 2 gallon POW cans. The rack was made from 10thou strip and filled with cans from Accurate Armour. The kit's right front track guard has a box shape on it which is for the spare tracks, but again, not applicable for this version, so it was removed with a chisel blade. A length of track was glued to the left track guard and a 10thou strip of card was added as a retaining bar. Turret. To my eye, the mantlet protrudes too far forward, so I sawed it in half, thinned it by about 4mm, and then reattached it and blended it in with Mr Surfacer. The main gun barrel was replaced with an aluminium one from Jordi Rubio. The searchlight was detailed with a bulb and lens and some etched bass from Eduard. On the other side there is a pot shaped item (it's purpose eludes me) which I made from a piece of dowel, fixed it to a square of card and glued in place on the side of the turret. There was no blanket box fitted to the rear of the turret, so a number of rivets had to be added along with a pistol port, new hatch bump stops and some detail to the aerial mount. Painting and weathering. I painted the tank in the Caunter scheme of Portland or Light Stone, Silver Grey and Light Grey. I mixed my colours from Tamiya paints using Mike Starmers mixes. Markings were minimal, being just the census numbers on the turret and rear hull. Weathering consisted mainly of chipping along exposed edges and dust courtesy of Mig's Beach Sand and Light Dust. The rest of the photos are RFI. I've included one of the original photos which I took years ago, to show what the colours should look like as the ones that I took recently give it a rather grey appearance. Sand Shields. As I said, I should replace these as they haven't lasted as well as I hoped. I cut them from thin card and scored the back so that they could be bent to shape. I glued thin rod into the groove to try and get it to keep the correct shape, but over the years, they have flattened out, hence the need for replacement with etched brass items. Thanks for looking. John.
  10. Hello colleagues, this time I would like to share with you about my elaborate building F-35I by Italeri 1/32 I have a complete etch set from Eduard for the kit. I made the cables in the chassis shafts and bomb bays of lead wires of different diameters. I am currently repairing the nozzle because the kit is really terrible. I use the etchings of my own design, which I lay on myself to create the characteristic look of the nozzle. Perhaps you will like the building
  11. Hello Britmodellers! This is my heavily optimized Italeri Kit in 1:72 built in 1998 Cheers, Thomas
  12. Completely missed the STGB, oops, but seems reasonable to post it here. Started this over the last couple of days, and finally got to the point where there's something to show I also have the full Brassin set - consisting of Seat, Nozzle and wheels Work unsurprisingly starts in the cockpit, the first stage with the Brassin is replacing the seat rails with the resin replacement, complete with a couple of PE spacers Then primed with Black Styrenex primer, followed by Mr Hobby Aircraft Grey as a base Then started painting and weathering the seat and cockpit floor - not started on the actual cockpit yet, and the seat is simply slotted in the rails for the moment Peter Today's work on the Missile with a Man in it - Added the final PE parts to the Seat Then finished off the cockpit - the moulding on the parts is a little soft in places but still effective Peter
  13. Hi Folks, This is the italeri model mostly built OOB. Not the best kit ever but good enough to get a correct Intruder. I only added miscellaneous details, relocated some fences on the wing, drilled some holes and applied some filler (wings, windscreen...). The only extra parts are the decals from Hi-Decal Line. I used H308, H307 Gunze paints. Hope you like it. Cheers
  14. With work on My two current builds stalled due to lack of funds (two birthdays and a trip to Stalag Luft 3 and Colditz this month!) I thought I would complicate life even more by re energising my modeling Mojo! So, after trawling the interweb for inspiration and rooting through my stash I dragged these two out! Both kits are getting on a bit, although the LAV 25 is a reboxed anniversary reissue. I do like USMC armour, so it didnt take long for the juices to start flowing, the basic kits are ok for accuracy given their age, so which to build? I know........ coin flip! Well there`s the answer........................BOTH! So the LAV 25, three sprues in sand coloured plastic, an aftermarket 25mm barrel and two lots of photo etch, one specific to the Italeri TUA and one for the Trumpeter LAV 25, I dimly recall being unable to find a specific set for the Italeri LAV 25 so when I came across the Trumpy set thought I would give it a punt and use that for the turret and the TUA set for the hull! l The LAV TUA has two common sprues as per the 25 and the TOW turret parts are on a third, and there's also a photoetch for the specific kit.so all good for a straightforward more or less OTB build then! So the plan is....................Two LAV`s a 25 and a TUA, I`ll go with early vehicles, (the kits have the early pattern tyres and these two have been in the stash for a while, so the cost of replacing the wheels with later pattern resin wheels would be excessive and counter to the Mojonation restoration of this build) Marine Corps MERDC camouflage, limited stowage, crewed up and restrained weathering, might even build a base for em, a bit of beach or something eh?.................Well, that's the plan, that way I can avoid the characteristic tail down attitude of the heavily loaded Gulf War and Afghan vehicles, so no drastic chopping of the suspension or weighting the wheels and save a bundle on resin aftermarket stowage! Oh, and I can make the front wheels steer too! Already figured that one out! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  15. Going to call this one done. A simple and quite quick build, kit bashing a couple of kits into one. There is a WIP for anyone who cares to look. There's mainly Tamiya and some Italeri but there is some Accurate Armour the commander is Meng and other bits out of the spares box. As ever she's brush painted using Humbrol enamels and finished with Winsor & Newton Galeria matt varnish. Just a little dirt on this one. So I started off with this; M113 ADV - 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr And ended up as this. Seen later in her days in a modified NATO camouflage as part of the OPFOR for various training exercises in the US. M113 ADV - 16 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV - 17 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV -18 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV - 19 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV -20 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV - 21 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV - 22 by phil da greek, on Flickr M113 ADV - 23 by phil da greek, on Flickr Thanks for looking in. Here's hoping for some sun over the Bank Holiday.
  16. longshanks

    Schnellboot S38

    Well I didn't see this coming Italeri Will be launching the S 38 early Schnellboot in December http://italeri.com/news_scheda.asp?idNews=738 Kev
  17. Combat Kits 1/72nd - ref. CKS-001S - BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 "Falklands Fighter" Source: https://www.facebook.com/freightdogmodels/photos/a.238637406163951.82458.119466081414418/2107010259326647/?type=3&theater Available here: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/featured/combat-kits-bae-sea-harrier-frs-1-upgraded-kit-limited-edition.html V.P.
  18. A few shots of the current WIP; the 1/35 scale Chevrolet 15CWT by Italeri. The tarpaulin is scratch built as I didn't like the stock part. Still very far from finished; haven't even started weathering the cab area yet, but happy so far.
  19. I saw Bridge of Spies a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed the film. The U-2 sequences where very good, dramatic license aside, and it wasn't long before I had checked out a few books from the library on Lockheed's Skunk Works and the U-2. The next step was to see what kits were available. I was somewhat disappointed to discover that there were no kits currently in production and unless I could find something on eBay, I was out of luck. Well, as luck would have it, soon after I started looking one or two popped up on eBay UK. The one I liked had a low starting price so I put a bid in and waited. Only one other bidder joined in but didn't seem to want it as much as I did so I won the auction. The box was a little worse for wear and many of the parts had broken off the sprue tree but it was all there. It is an old kit, however, and not at all cutting edge but, based on drawings I have since acquired, I think the general overall shape is good and it just cries out for a little scratch building and super detailing. Which I am more than happy to get stuck into now that I'm giving the Camel a bit of a rest. I've started on the cockpit and will post a couple of photos tomorrow. Meanwhile: pic in a minute.
  20. Here is my finished 1/72 Italeri Messerschmitt ME-210 A1 finished in Hungarian Air Force colors, using the Print Scale Decals sheet number 72-298 The Italeri kit was lovely to build as was the Print Scale decal sheet to use. I hope you all like it. I tried to fix the aerial with black cotton and glue didn't quite work and may well unpick it and have another go, I find that you cannot pull tight the cotton, any ideas please. Thank you Colin.
  21. Early retirement has increased my build speed !! Here's a kit I've had in my stash for a couple of years. Went together quite well, straight from the box really. Paint was a bit of a mix Vallejo MA Barley grey+ white, I then tried some Mr.Hobby 334 Barley grey which seemed a bit weird to start with.....almost like varnish, seemed better on the second coat. Decals were ok to use but according to my research they are a little inaccurate. Pirate sensor was provided but not fitted till later in the aircraft's life I believe. Vallejo Satin varnish was the final quote. used some generic line decals for the AMRAAM stripes. I almost buggered this up at the last leg; after a gloss coat I decided to use some Vallejo Panel line wash, however it's apparently acrylic not enamel based so adhered to well to the outlying parts. In removing the excess I removed it from some panel lines inadvertently. Making a right-pig's ear of it . This accounts for the rather 'over-weathered' look for a prototype.....seems to be my trade mark of late. Anyway for good or bad, here it is !!: PS: It looks like PostImage has thrown a wobbler and the link addresses have changed to .cc suffix. I've changed previous posts to correct. What a ball ache
  22. Morning chaps, finally got round to purchasing a kit for this GB. I've fancied a Harrier of some sort for a while so I've purchased the Italeri Sea Harrier, should be a fun build! Here's a pic of the kit, mines in the post
  23. I built this as part of the hawker gb, it went together well, no issues, painted with tamiya and laquer thinners, eduard cockpit etch but seeing as i wanted the canopy closed not a lot can be seen, otherwise simple oob, Thanks, Glynn
  24. #7+8/2018 Would have waited for one of the big halftracks to be released but none in sight. So my dad used the new Tamiya Hanomag tractor as a towing vehicle for the Italeri Flak 37. Both models built OOB, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Build thread here DSC_0001 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0016 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0022 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0023 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  25. This is going to my entrant for this GB: I picked this up at Telford, I was drawn to it as I have a bit of a Russian theme running through my models. I bought it without researching it's history and was slightly disappointed to find it was first tooled by Italeri back in 1977. It has subsequently been re-boxed by Revell, TOMY, Testors, Heller, Tamiya and even Matchbox so it's had quite a history. This re-boxing is from 2009. The kit consists of four khaki runner frames: Funny, the box states "Figure not included" but what do we have here? http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150538_zpsb61hv5ce.jpg http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150540_zpsr4px92m9.jpg http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150541_zpskv6jdn5n.jpg Those vinyl tracks are easily the worst feature of the kit and need to be replaced. I think there are several aftermarket options and would be keen to receive any advice on the best option. Despite it's age the surface detail is actually pretty good: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150539_zpsknrg6b20.jpg I was also impressed by the crispness and lack of flash such as on this grill detail: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150543_zpswjnnafc3.jpg Monotone decal sheet: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150544_zpsmvik8n5e.jpg The kit offers four scheme options with frankly not much to choose between them: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/nheath100/1-35 M4A2 Sherman/P1150545_zpsz8w7glio.jpg I might go for the one in the top left hand corner. I'm not sure how much progress there will be on this, at least initially, as I would like to finish my He-280 V2 before starting. Bye for now, Nigel
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