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Found 551 results

  1. This is an old kit, produced in 1986!! I will finish this in French Navy markings. Argentinian markings are too common. Cockpit is bare and empty! decided to do without photo-etch. I didn't even find replacements for this kit!. Quick scratch build for the TV screen. Followed images to paint the dials. This will be a CLOSED canopy. Quite a bit of filler was needed. Pictures i will use for reference while painting. As you can see its GRAY, NOT BLUE-GRAY. After the bottom was painted white. i masked up ready for the gray. Quite a tricky scheme. perfectly straight lines! White parts covered. Post painting and post shading. For the gray i used Gunship gray. Too dark??
  2. I build models for the exciting project : Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group who are restoring a genuine and what will be the world's only flying Typhoon MKIB. There's been a bit of a rush on lately with customers wanting a quarter scale model of the Typhoon! So I have ended up building four at once! Three marked as the actual airframe 'RB396 although they wanted invasion stripes on her which she never had: therefore there is some artistic licence going on!; and the fourth one is the aircraft that first trialed the use of Napalm bombs in the UK which was flown by David Ince who sadly passed away this year. However the timing is perfect for these four as I have organised in partnership with Romsey Modellers a special Typhoon display at SMW 2017 next week, which is aiming to spread the word about the project, so if your off to SMW please come and see us either at the Typhoon display or at Tangmere Sector Modellers display in the same hall. The kit I used is the Italeri which is quite basic but goes together well and is enhanced by eduard cockpit set. Iv used Mission Models paints for the first time which worked beautifully: Decals are from xtradecal and their RAF number and letter set.
  3. I won't make a big introduction this time, as this deadline will kill me. But I was thinking should I jump in or not? And here I am... I made one back in 2000 or something, as bort "43". Maybe I could dig a picture of it. Still not sure about bort number and weapons, but one thing is for sure: I HATE THIS NEW GREY CAMO !!! Basic Italeri mold + few scratches planned + Eduard PE + Pavla cockpit + AKAN paints I'm missing joysticks from Pavla - never got them Pictures are talking for themselves...
  4. Started this over the last couple of days, and finally got to the point where there's something to show I also have the full Brassin set - consisting of Seat, Nozzle and wheels Work unsurprisingly starts in the cockpit, the first stage with the Brassin is replacing the seat rails with the resin replacement, complete with a couple of PE spacers Then primed with Black Styrenex primer, followed by Mr Hobby Aircraft Grey as a base Then started painting and weathering the seat and cockpit floor - not started on the actual cockpit yet, and the seat is simply slotted in the rails for the moment Peter
  5. So here we go! Finally the Mirage GB is there. Waited for a long time :). In my stash I have this 1/32 Mirage III and the 1/48 Mirage III (SEA) box. Despite the time frame which for me means 'pressure' I did not choose my Mirage 1/48. As a reader on Britmodeller I especially enjoy builds which are kits that are rarely seen. So this time it's my turn to do so. The Italeri Mirage III box is huge and I bought back in November. I opened it a few times to look at the sprues. Italeri did a good job on the kit and there is a small PE-fret supplied too. Although I ordered 1/32 decals to make an Australian IIIO I have seen that it needs a fair bit of modification, and thus I've choosen to make a Swiss Mirage IIIRS. The recce version. The only thin I need to do is scratch build to canard wings of which I have a drawing in 1/32 scale. Matterhorn decals released a new comprehensive sheet covering basically all the verson flow with the Swiss Air Force. The decals were orderd to day so they should be arriving somewhere within the next two weeks. So what I'm aiming for looks like this: © Airscene.co.uk Some photos of the kit: IMG_3631 Boxart Content Huge decal sheets Small PE-fret Clear parts Pretty nice OOB details The tub Nose gear bay details Wheels Camera parts for the IIIRS nose Wing surface details And finally the engine So now wait for saturday to actually start on the Mirage, till then I'm still collecting as much info an pictures as I can. Cheers, Evert
  6. Hello Guys. I Just finished this 1/48 Texan. It was a long term project, not necessarily because of the kit, but because my limited spare time and very slow building pace:) The kit itself is ok, but it is showing its age...is not up to the standard of modern kits. Many areas are grossly under-represented and had to be improved....a lot of scratch building was necessary, mostly in the cockpit, flaps and landing gear area. But I think that with a little love & tenderness it still can be transformed into a representation of this beautiful bird. You can see the WIP here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981747-north-american-t6g-texan/& Thanks for looking and regards.
  7. Hi fellow Britmodellers! Here's my latest build The Tamiya Warbird re-boxing of the Italeri 1/72 Huey in dirty, dusty RAAF livery Build info: Aftermarket: None Photo etch: None Modifications: None Scratchbuilding: None Rivet removal: None Background research: None Investigative scale drawings sourced: None Decals: OOB Glue: Yes Paint: Tamiya Olive Drab enamel, Humbrol enamels, Testors Model Master enamels Weathering: my daughters browny yellowish cheapo kids watercolour Flat Finish: Model Master Flat Clear Lacquer Build Lubricant: South Australian Shiraz (various) I'm a terribly lazy modeller!......... Thanks heaps to those who supported and commented along the way in the WIP......I had a fun time with the build! Cheers Bruce
  8. Hy Guys. Probably you know that feeling when you just can't stop yourself from starting a new project. Well, that's what happened to me with this one. I just wanted something nice and colorful. Enter Italeri (ex-Occidental, me thinks) 1/48 T6G Texan. Soft plastic, but with nice details on the exterior. Not so nice for the interior, which is somehow sparce. In order to improve a little bit the interior (especially the cockpit and wheel bays/flaps) I will use the eduard zoom etch for this kit and some scratch here and there. The transparencies are clear enough but too thick in order to depict the canopy in open position. As I didn't found any vac replacement for this kit, I will have use the original pieces, although I would like to be able to see the interior. My intention is to depict a Guantanamo Bay machine, pretty much the same with the one from the attached pic. Anyway, here are the mandatory box contents pics:
  9. Hello fellow modellers! I would like to show you my most recent finish. It´s the Italeri Vought AU-1 Corsair in 1/72. It´s a simple and well known kit. It has some inaccuracies, but I tried to improve it a little. I added some Eduard PE, vacuformed the sliding canopy, and some antennas. I used Print Scale decals for this aircraft. This brand has a lot of schemes for many different models, but there are always several errors. For example, the serial number for this plane says F4U-4, instead of AU-1. Some numerals are missing and the code letters are wrong size. However it ends different than the classic kit OOB. I tried to replicate some heavy weathering like seen on some photos. This time I didn´t use pastels, but airbrush and oil paints. The upper part of the flying surfaces was faded by elements and I wanted to show that effect. I hope you like it. Every critics and comments are welcomed. Best regards from Uruguay. Ignacio
  10. Hi Everyone, this is a continuation of a build I commenced under last year's Wessex STGB. I didn't get to complete it under the group build but have been tinkering a little over the last few weeks and thought it worthwhile posting my further progress. I decided to start a new thread rather than continue under the now-finished Wessex STGB but if the Mods disagree then I'm happy to have it moved back there. So just a re-cap, it left the build during the process of gluing endless pieces of fiddly etch to the fuselage. Well I've now gotten through that stage and have masked and glued the canopy and put on the first of several primer coats. I'm pleased with how well it has all stuck together but conscious that more sanding and primer will be needed to make it neat and tidy. There's a fair bit of putty on the fuselage to fill the nose join and tidy up other areas. The fuel points and the steps up to the cabin have been relocated. The Italeri locations of both were wrong for this Mark (maybe wrong altogether?) and numerous etch hinges and panels have been added. I used Gator's grip for the etch which I found to be a much nicer experience than super glue. I hope it's strong enough to hold but I'm sure a few coats of paint will help. Stepping around to the front and I scratch built a grill for the intake out of thin plastic rod. I was forced to use a little superglue here as a filler to make the rod gip fully to the fuselage. There's a fair bit of work still required to blend the windscreen neatly into the fuselage. Progress will be slow as I'm now embarking on another aircraft build but I figure if I do a little bit at a time I'll eventually get there. It'll be painted in the Oxford Blue and white Australian Navy theme.
  11. Good day, ppl! Let me introduce one of my earlyer bird. The original of this one was based in Germany, Spangdahlem until the 2nd Gulf War against Iraq in 1991. Flown several air to ground missions in this configuration. After the war this falcon was turned back to the USA and given to the National Guard. The kit itself: With one word: Terrible. Gaps instead of fittings, rough-and-ready details, so classic Italeri. Box nr.: 188 Night Falcon. Quess what, the decal wersions does not match with the "Night Falcon" (Block 40/42) config. Italeri gives Block 32. I used Part's etchted detail sheet and an unknown manufacturer's PUR bang seats. Seats was Ok, but the PE set was rather waste of money. The whole kit has (still have) so much smaller problems that I dont wanted to correct those, simply make something that looks like an F-16D and finished as fast as I could. Painted with Humbrol enamel colours, after photo. Different profile of the two halves: More extra details were needed: Preshadeing: "Have been preshaded": Priming for the metaliser: Metalised: Sidewinders: Done job: The original itself: Hope you liked it.
  12. Larger image Not really an armoured fighting vehicle, but I guess it goes in this section. This is the Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW of World War 2. Building this kit taught me something that I sort of knew already and I find it a bit disturbing. It is that there was something radically primitive about the engineering design of motorcycles of this era. (Even my first trials bike, a 250cc Greaves of the 1960s, incorporated design elements that no rational mind would include on a trials bike.) It is not just that this or that component shows signs of being added as an afterthought. It is as if everything, from the bottom up, has been added as an afterthought. For more, see Mentioned in dispatches on my web site. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)
  13. Hello there, I started the Spartan about 3 years ago and this is now my second rollout for 2016 (which is already quite a lot for me...) It took me sweat and blood to finish it and almost landed in the trash bin, after a serious incident with a hot spotlight... But, I managed to save her and proceeded to the very end. As for the kit - it is from Italeri (1/72) and...well, not the best fit. But ok, the guys from Italeri did a good job all in all. Details are more than ok and they were bold enough to produce a plane like this, that is not that popular after all (imho). And still better than any resin kit... The decal-sheet is from Ronin Decals. Never worked with decals thin like this. They are excellent, but one has to be very careful and patient, because they tend a lot to "roll over". Other than that, they resist to a proper amount of tear, unless you really mess it up. Nevertheless, there is a drawback for this sheet. I found the walkway color tone being wrong. So I had to mask everything (which was probably anyways better and smarter, but a lot of work) The colors came from AK and it's the first time I've been working with these. They are pretty good, have a very good adherence and the color tone seems to be spot on. (again imho) I used as suggested by the decals sheet FS36099 / FS35237. Aftermarket parts came from Eduard ED73394 (Detail Set) and Eduard EDCX281 (Mask) Ok, enough of writing, I hope you enjoy my effort and on to the pics:
  14. Just wanted to share an Italeri Mustang I completed a month or so ago. Had a lot of fun building this kit, and am pretty certain its a Hasegawa rebox by Italeri. Although it builds up well, I much prefer Tamiyas offering of the P-51. I bought this kit at Flying Legends 2016 as I'm a fan of the sharkmouth P-51 that currently resides there, hope you like it. A pic of her in the cabinet with some of my collection The real thing at Flying Legends this year
  15. This one has been sitting in my stash for quite a few years, , pretty much straight from the box, but I did use Neomega Martin Bakers and Xtradecals to finish it as a display machine from 2TWU based on a set of photos I took more years ago than I care to remember. Sadly for me the internal blast shield has moved during painting but I don't think I can remove the canopy without doing more damage. Thanks for looking.
  16. Here is my recently completed Italeri 1/72 Sherman Jumbo, from their Quickbuild series. It has snow on it because it is for use in a Bastogne diorama I am starting work on... snow is krycell from Precision Ice & Snow. Good stuff. First time using it, too, bar tests . It is meant to be light snow, though I should have some more buildups. I haven't completely finished putting snow in the tracks and surrounds, and you can probably see some seams etc... and the .50 cal looks more like some sort of 20mm cannon, but it's a quickbuild for a reason, no? Photos were a bit rushed on my phone... honestly some are terrible pictures!! Need to clean the lens! Any feedback welcome, thanks for looking!
  17. Another step in my RAN 1/72 collection, this time the Macchi MB326 from 724 Squadron, Nowra in the 1980's. It's the old supermodel kit in the Italeri boxing. Aftermarket includes etch from RCR models, a pair of Pavla Martin Bakers and decals from Hawkeye models. I had a disaster right at the end of the build when I put the final semi-gloss coat over the completed model. I used a Tamiya rattle-can lacquer for a quick result and it ate away at the Tamiya acrylic blue paint. If you look closely, or if I dared post higher resolution photos, you'll see what I mean. I touched it up as best I could but in the longer term may end up sanding it back and re-doing the paint scheme. Any way, I'm calling it done for now but have learned my lesson about mixing lacquers with acrylics.
  18. I'm in with a DAK Kübelwagen in North Africa Looks like an easy kit from their Alzo Zero gameplay range by SAU, auf Flickr
  19. Thanks Andrew : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234955042-italeri-2014/ Italeri is to release in 2014 (2015?) a new tool 1/48 Piasecki H-21 Shawnee "Flying Banana" kit - ref.2733 Source: http://www.italeri.com/imgup/Preview%202014_LR(1).pdf V.P.
  20. Hello and thanks for your interest, here's my 1/72 Italeri Macchi C205, built from the box. I only added MPM Seatbelts. Thje nose spiral is not included in the kit's decals, so I used one from an (Fw-190) aftermarket sheet. The kit has relatively few parts, is well detailled, and builds into a nice replica without any major problems. I found the ANR markings with the Italian Flag especially attractive; my model served with the 1° Gruppo Caccia (Fighter Squadron) in 1944. It was painted in German late-war colors with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics (RLM74/75/76). Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes. Greetings from Vienna! Roman
  21. Hello Chaps, I'm just playing catch up with posting my last few builds, since the issue with Photobucket preventing 3rd party sharing. Well, now that I've figured out an alternative solution, I'm happy to be back and able to share again. This build I completed on May 15th of this year (2017), and it so happens that the Tornado is my most favorite British used strike aircraft of the modern era, but after 3 years of building models, I've only just gotten around to building one. Because it's my favorite British used strike aircraft, I decided to do something completely new that I;ve never attempted before....build a base for it to sit on. I even decided to do some scratch-building, too, to enhance it a little. Items that I scratch-built were: 1) Seat belts- made from strips of wine bottle foil 2) Canopy jack- made from a length of round sprue with a hole drilled in one end and a piece of paperclip inserted into it to simulate the rod. then I glued sections of styrene sheet at each end to simulate the claws. 3) Air intake covers- again, these were made from wine bottle foil. 4) FOD covers- made from two layers of styrene card of different dimensions, then painted red 5) Red and white striped warning/remove before flight tags- again, my go to source for items like this...wine bottle foil 6) Sidewinder Missile Caps- these were made from a section of small diameter round sprue cut to length, with the grab bar made from a slither of styrene card, then painted yellow. 7) Front Wheel Chocks/Blocks- These were made from parts from my spare parts box, they were triangular section guns from a A-1J Skyraider, cut to length and painted yellow, then in one end of the two pieces a hole was drilled. Into the holes I inserted a length of stretched sprue, glued into location with CA glue; this simulated the rope for dragging the chocks away from the wheels. The kit didn't come with any figures, so I borrowed a USAF pilot from my F-4C Phantom build and had him pose at the side of the aircraft; he was visiting from a USAF base to check out the allies jet and get a ride in it! Anyway, I had a ton of fun building this one and recommend the kit if you're a lover of the "Tonka". So, enough waffling, here she is, I hope you like her.... I decided to stick my finger into this photo to provide an idea of scale: There she is guys...I was happy with my first attempt at a base and the scratch-built extras, even if they might not be accurate...at the end of day, I had a ton of fun with this one, and for me personally, that is why I chose to build models since retiring...as a way of relaxing, switching off from life and having fun. If you'd like to watch my YouTube build updates and Final Reveal videos showing how I went from the beginning to the end of this build, here are the links to those 5 videos: Build Update #1 Video Link: Build Update #2 Video Link: Build Update #3 Video Link: Build Update #4 Video Link: Final Reveal Video Link: Okay chaps, thanks in advance for taking a gander and leaving any comments, much appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed building her! Cheers, Martin
  22. After a canopy disaster and awaiting a vac replacement I got home yesterday and managed to get it fitted this morning. Forward part used from the kit and still looks a little messy in places. Also looks like the framing is missing paint but it's actually silver chipping and the light doing that. And I lost my grab handles, that's why they're missing. I know the kit has it's inaccuracies and the hub has been described as a 'vile travesty' elsewhere on here but to be honest I'm more interested in the amount of breadcrumbs on your average fish finger. I used the three spoke 'alloys' as they look 'a little more sporty' so before anybody decides to point these out save your typing and references as I'm not interested in the slightest. And yes, the underside light is amber in colour. Pastels used in the panel lines to highlight. One point to note; the leading edge lights, one fitted perfectly one needed fettling and blending Humbrol paints were 31/123/90. The engine cowl popped as I was handling it for phots but hey ho. It's a model not a museum piece. It will go together will a little patience and tweaking. I have the Airfix one now and a load of spare Italeri decals for it to start next. Oh and here's some rivets for those who like that sort of thing
  23. My entry for this group build is Italeri Ford Transit Mk2. Plan is to build OOB, hoping it should be a quickish build.
  24. Italeri Typhoon 1/48 - Out of the box build other than the Eduard zoom. (I did the 'Jasper' version in memory of my beloved dog Amber, who I miss every day.) I did this about a year ago and it seemed to go down surprisingly well on Scalemates, so…. Warning – Waffle ahead. One of my many brother-in-laws is called Tony Fellows. Why am I telling you this? Because his dad was an RAF fighter pilot during WWII – 'Nibby' Fellows. He flew many different aircraft during and after the war (apparently second only to Eric 'Winkle' Brown in the different types he flew). The Typhoon was a particular favourite of his. On 17 July 1944, he was flying his Typhoon over Normandy looking for something to pump lots of holes in. He saw a German staff car with motorcycle out-riders, so he attacked – doing the aforementioned hole thingy. This is the exact day, and in the same area, that Rommel suffered major head injuries as a result of being strafed in his staff car. Some other pilot got the credit, but me and my brother-in-law know the real story (well, our version of it anyway). Unfortunately my brother-in-laws sister threw away most of Nibby's service stuff, including his flight books and many photos (he was a member of a crash investigating team after the war) so his claim can't be proved now. Nibby claimed the 'kill' long before the Allies knew of Rommel's injury, so I don't know why it was attributed to another pilot. Thanks for looking.
  25. Mirage III E & R Update sets - For Italeri Kit 1:32 Eduard Update Set (32908 R)(32907 E) This is one brass fret.& one colour nickel one. Differences in the two sets are accounted for in the cockpit. The colour fret provides instrument panels, ejection seat handles & other small parts. The large set includes parts for the ejection seat, HUD, canopy mirrors, and other cockpit parts. Zoom sets are available if you just want the colour fret. 32907 Mirrage III E 33166 Mirrage III E(Zoom) 32908 Mirrage III R 33167 Mirrage III R(Zoom) Exterior (32403) This is two brass frets, the smaller of the two is for the exhaust. The bigger fret provides parts for the camera windows, gun port, undercarriage doors, undercarriage bays, and access panels. Seat-belts (32909) This small fret provides seat-belts which are the same for the E & R Conclusion These sets will enhance an already impressive model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
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