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  1. Here’s what I will be building for the group build: with a few extras: For someone who usually build fighters, this will easily be the biggest model I have ever built. Hopefully I can get it finished before I go away for a month in early June. In any case it will have to wait while I finish off a Mirage in the Dassult/Bloch GB and the Hasegawa Draken that is fighting me mercilessly in the Draken STGB. AW
  2. Hi all, planning on building the Italeri 1/48 RF-4E in an Israeli scheme for this GB. This was the boxing released last year with new decals included. I'll be building this in the grey IAF scheme of The Bats squadron. Honestly depending on how this kit goes together I'm very tempted to get another as it comes with an additional IAF scheme, an IRIAF scheme, a Luftwaffe scheme and a Turkish scheme. Looking forward to this one!
  3. I will be joining this GB with a 1/72 F4U-5 Corsair in Argentine markings as part of my newly-introduced "Sexy American Singles in South American Service" project. I purchased the Italeri F4U-7 kit as the starting point . . . . . . but I think I may pick up a F4U-5 too as I think some of the peripheral parts (such as some of the wing pylons and the exhaust glare shields and maybe the radome) I need are missing from the -7. Here is a photo of two of the Argentine birds--at this point I think I will be modeling one of them like 3-A-201 with the all blue scheme. Here are sprue shots from the -7 kit: Not the best set of sprues I've seen, but nothing that looks unworkable. Looking forward to the GB!
  4. I suppose we'll soon see - at the Nuremberg Toy Fair - the Italeri's Preview 2023 folder. So it's time to open a new dedicated thread. After 2022 (link), here are the first aviation reissues for 2023. Source: https://nowosci.plastikowe.pl/aktualnosci/zapowiedzi-italeri-styczen-2023/ Expected aircraft kit releases for January 2023 - 1/48 - ref. 2827 - Northrop F-5E Tiger II - ESCI reissue - 1/72 - ref. 1466 - Junkers Ju 87G-2 - reissue V.P.
  5. Although I didn`t register an interest in this group build, i didnt decide to enter until the middle of this week. Hope that`s okay? So here is Italeri`s kit of the classic GMC CCKW-353 6x6 2 and half tonner known as the "Jimmy" or "Deuce and half". A vehicle synonumous with the Allies Forces more than any other with exception of the GPW Jeep? 500'000 were built in long and short wheelbases with hard and soft top cabs, with and without winches and a variety of bodies, general purpose, tippers, fuel and water tankers, wreckers, compressors and Bofors AA guns. Used in every theatre they continued in service with other Armed forces well into the 1970s and were still common in civilian use into the 1980s. I remember a tipper being in a garage in a gite I was staying in the early 2000s,. Everything was bolted together for ease of maintenance, looking at that 60 year old truck, you realised that vehicles like the Jimmy helped the victory of the Allies. A simple good quality product for effective use. Italeri`s kit dates back from the late 1970s and I will doing a bog standard truck without a winch or machinegun ring but with hardtop cab. I plan to do build a truck used on the Red Ball Express, the continuous supply convoy that ran from Normandy the front line 24 hours a day on a dedicated route. Italeri`s kit it well moulded for its age and most of the construction is in the chassis. This afternoon I assembled the 10 road wheels and the spare. Plus removed the "Italeri" and "Made in Italy" marking from under the cab. Reckon Ive had this in the stash for 18 years at least. Some photos. Thanks for looking. Grahame
  6. I'm unsure I should be starting a second build within the GB. Either stupid of fool hardy! Anyway, my Commando Sea King is progressing so well, I thought, why not! So a Whirlwind? One of the original batch delivered to the Fleet Air Arm in March of 1954. These were Sikorsky HO4S-3's being supplied under the MDAP scheme and designated HAS Mk22's The first unit to be supplied was 845 NAS and in those days it was and anti-submarine unit (later becoming a 'Junglie' Commando unit). The aircraft were delivered in overall Gloss Sea Blue, in 1957, this was changed to o/a RAF Blue Grey. I have half a dozen of the Italeri kits in the stash and was responsible for mastering the conversion sets that were available in the then ROTORcraft range. I also researched the various colour schemes on the accompanying decal sheets. The Italeri kit is quite good, with slightly heavy panel lines but the rest is well detailed. The very old Airfix kit is scheduled for re-release. Personally, I'd rather see a re-release f the Italeri kit with RN ad other operators decal options. We're in load shedding ie, no power. I'll come back to this later... So, there I was and then the lights went out!!! A gift from the government. Lets deny the population of continuous power! So, Time for a couple of images... The parts breakdown, sorry, I haven't one of the box art. The decal sheet and conversion kit instructions... I don't think the conversion set and decals are still available. We never put a release date on the instruction sheet. I'll have a look on Scale Mates, see if there is a lead there. I've painted and buttoned up the fuselage, so more pics soon... Colin
  7. All of these CAD renders have been taken periodically over 2022, each vehicle has been modeled from separate parts items like the engines and gear boxes have been designed as single items, chassis frames, suspension, drive shafts, axles, door and other parts are separate parts (80 parts make up one of the vehicles) all designed for 3D printing. The parts and the vehicles were designed according to workshop manuals and individual component drawings, and a lot of help from owners of the real historic vehicle owners. Some are designed as conversions for the Italeri 109" Kits and before anyone asks Yes Mike @bootneck is aware of these and has helped me with the Series 3 Ambulance conversion. The next stage is to start test prints of the parts and once I'm happy with everything I am planning on making the files available for purchase buy others A full 17 CH 4 cylinder petrol engine Mike was happy when I sent him these images. Yes a full 3.5 Rover V8 engine Yes I have modeled the body door handles on the finished doors. The radio and vampire vehicles are void of any internal parts as I could not able to get anything on the equipment and considering it is still in service quite right too. The series 3 Ambulance body will be a conversion to the Italeri base Kit. I will post updates as I proceed with the test printing. Pete
  8. I always start with the hardest part on really challenging models. That saves a lot of time, because if that doesn't work, all the time and effort beforehand is wasted. With the Italeri Lancia it's the cockpit. which looks awful! After the cockpit was finally finished in 3D, I bought the model. My special thanks to Iceman 29 @Iceman 29 who gave the cockpit the right look with Fusion 360. I cut off the cockpit roof! It looks good without the "bubble" The headlights and the air slits above the fender have also to be reshaped. The new cockpit looks fantastic, I hope that I can do it nearly as well in real terms in 1/24 scale! I hope that this project will end successfully! Regards Andreas
  9. I picked this one up again a couple of weeks ago. Started in 2017 with an AC-130H as the base kit. Plugged lots of holes and added the fuselage plug. It stalled as I did not like the paint shade. It was stripped about a month ago and left.. Repaint started last week and a bit of masking and more painting today... As it stands after a day of pottering away at it...
  10. Place holder for now. Italeri kit and EagleCals decals for Barkhorn’s mount in the last few weeks of the war. AW
  11. If you followed my 'Re-Mojo' build of the T-28B you know it was, unsurprisingly, a bit challenging but enjoyable build - after all it was a Roden kit. You also know that life beyond the bench sucked as I lost my job. The P-400 double build is still in progress, but as it is in the painting stage, and the paint schemes are intricate and the kits were not cheap - I will have to attend to them when I have some more energy. So I cruised the part of my stash that is stored at home (a small part) for some fun build. I have a couple P-51's of different models in my stash - most of them good kits (Tamiya, Eduard, Modelsvit) and also this Italeri P-51D/K. I think this could be a good quick build. It is an NMF build, but I think can build it quickly and it will help out in restoring the fun and good spirit I get from my bench time. So here we go: Not too complicated (I hope), nice decals and an appealing subject - who can ask for more? Ran
  12. After the F-35A (thread) & the F-35B (thread), Italeri is to release a new moulds 1/72nd Lockheed-Martin F-35C Lightning II - ref. 1469 Source: https://www.italeri.com/en/article/816 V.P.
  13. Well, it's the second of 2023 finished ..... the over-weathered 'Dirty Sherman'! A couple of bits ... Aerials - cut the plastic ones off the base, drilled and fitted a length of silver wire for more realism Tow cable - scratch made from silver wire with the eyes bound to the main cable with separate wire My 'Notes to self' ... 1. Test fit everything, then file, shave, test fit again (and again and again) before shoehorning it in or on! 2. Don't try to be smart and try adding shell damage this soon ... master the basics first! 3. Spend time learning subtle weathering first 4. Go easy on those muddy pigments .... tanks get muddy, but seriously! (He writes after ordering another load of mud stuff! ) So here it is .... please be gentle! Sherman front by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Sherman front by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Sherman 1 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr [/url]Sherman side 1 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Sherman side 2 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Sherman rear by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Sherman 1 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Sherman top by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Thank you for looking .. Keith
  14. Hello all, have a few aircraft in the stash which qualify for this GB but starting small with the Italeri Mirage 2000 Gulf War boxing. Its a fairly simple kit with just two sprues. It comes with three schemes, 2 French and 1 UAE. I'm unsure which one I'll be going for, but I'm planning on doing one of the desert options. Looking forward to it, thanks for looking in!
  15. Italeri is to release in 2022 (?) a new tool 1/32nd Macchi MC.202 Folgore kit - ref. 2518 Source: https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/v3MVLXcbbQoOMhc7K6EQf04r6mGnCp3M2cEDY6a6.pdf V.P.
  16. I've not posted any during build pictures of this, but completed it at last .... and the first of 2023! This is an out of box build, so nothing special and it's one being used to hone my techniques. I have taken some time on the canvas to try to make it realistic looking, it does have some highlights along the edges and where the support hoops would be aswell as some subtle shading. Weathered using mostly splashes. Thoughts? 20230121_140407 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr 20230121_140345 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr 20230121_140418 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr 20230121_140430 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Keith
  17. After the F-35A - thread The 1/72nd secret item from the catalogue 2019 (link) is a new tool Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II - ref. 1425 It's Halloween today... Sources: https://www.italeri.com/en/article/777 https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/cDrllBUBxBek9FXxcMAV35oH9gczdzte2VMQmy7s.pdf https://www.facebook.com/ItaleriModelKit/posts/3256928964379701 test build V.P.
  18. Not very colourful unlike some of the others in the group build but an advanced prototype that was sidelined through political and commercial underhanded dealing between the Texas Congressional delegation, the Air Force and Convair meant it was never had the chance to be developed into and effective aircraft. So with out a doubt the biggest 1/72 I bought to date (Airfix's Vulcan might be bigger overall but not for wings span) the Italeri YB49 (rebox of the AMT kit but with less floppy plastic). I've done a test fit and there are some joints that will need extra work as there are no alignment tabs on the wing mating surfaces. Its a pretty simple kit, no bomb bays just a cockpit and a big wing so should be fairly quick to build.
  19. Hi fellow modellers Here I present italeri’s 1:48 JAS 39 Gripen (2638) in Czech Air Force Tiger Markings Well I started this kit sometime back in 2019/2020 and very nearly had it finished but had a disaster when I noticed the paint had cracked mainly on both upper wings (1st picture) so it has sat on my shelf of doom ever since. I decided that I wanted to get it rectified and finished so back on the bench it went at the start of the new year and after sanding both upper wings back to plastic then re-spraying and painting up the rest of the parts that wasn’t finished when I started this kit. I certainly can’t say I enjoyed this build but I do like to challenge myself which doesn’t always pay off but hay-ho that’s modelling I suppose. not my best build by a long way the tiger markings on the fuel tanks came from a couple of model alliance decals arctic tigers sheets intended for use on F-18’s so these are not technically correct. aftermarket used . CMK resin Cockpit including FOD guards (4148) Maestro Models conversions resin fuel tanks (K4806) Maestro models photo etched Ladder (MMP4806) Model-CZ decals (MCZA4807) Paints used MR hobby aqueous and Tamiya Acrylics thanks for looking happy modelling
  20. This is the Italeri 1/35 scale Carro Armato L6/40. I've added both aftermarket resin and PE, along with the ever popular Friul metal tracks. Also replaced/added a number of resin rivets. ---------------------------------------------- As early as 1936, the shortcomings of the L3 tankettes were being realized by Fiat-Ansaldo. Working towards a replacement fast light tank, many delays were experienced in theories, design, and initial production. This would result in the L6/40 arriving on the battlefield as an already obsolete vehicle. One of the first units to be equipped in large numbers with the L6/40 would be the cavalry regiment Lancieri di Novara (as I've depicted here). Only it's third battalion would serve in North Africa, while the other two were sent to Russia. During the Gazala battles of 1942, it was composed of two companies totaling 33 tanks. It was attached as a recon unit to the Ariete armoured division, but later would transfer to the newly arrived Littorio as was originally intended. regards, Jack
  21. I have finished this model mostly for practice and OOB. the practice involving creating a simple base and painting the 1/72 figures. I quite enjoyed painting the figures, eventhough they look better from a certain distance . I need to pay more attention next time on the balsa frame ( it cuts like butter). and here's a close up
  22. I've not posted any during build pictures of this, but completed it at last .... and the first of 2023! This is an out of box build, so nothing special and it's one being used to hone my techniques. I have taken some time on the canvas to try to make it realistic looking, it does have some highlights along the edges and where the support hoops would be aswell as some subtle shading. Weathered using mostly splashes. Thoughts? 20230121_140407 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr 20230121_140345 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr 20230121_140418 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr 20230121_140430 by Ran Domstuff, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Keith
  23. Good day, I am checking in with my second completed kit for the year. This is the Arma Hobby F4F-4 Wildcat ( Expert Set ). I depicted it as flown by Capt. Joe Foss while based at Henderson Field on the island of Guadalcanal. Here are some of the highlights of the kit…………. 1. No shortage of parts both plastic and photo etched 2. Canopy / windscreen masks included. 3. Semi bulged tires included. 4. Wide variety of decal options including a Royal Navy version ( correct parts included for the RN version ) 5. Weathered using pastels, paints, and washes This is a bit of a complicated kit to assemble. Care needs to be primary concern especially early in the build process as alignment issues can become worse. I only recommend this model for those who have more experience. Thank you in advance, Mike I decided to assemble and paint the airfield base from Italeri for the Wildcat. Included with the kit was the PSP base, guard tower, fuel / oil drums, sand bags, and “Jerry” cans. The Jeep and trailer are from Academy and the figures are from various sources. The palm trees are from Pegasus and JTT. Unfortunately, I could not find any appropriate dressed personnel for the scene depicted in my “stash”. We all know that aircrew and maintenance dressed in an entirely different manner in the tropics but this is what I had at the time. And lastly, while I should have posted these pictures first for this subject, here are some of the details one will find with the Arma Hobby Wildcat unfortunately much of which will not be seen.………….. And the overall number of parts within the fuselage before gluing the halves together……………….
  24. Hi everyone, This build was planned for the Desert Group Build next year. However I am going to have to find something else for that because I'm just too excited about this project and I want to initiate it right away. My plan is to build RAF Tornado GR1B ZA465 which served with 16 Squadron. It flew 44 bombing missions in Gulf War I (the highest number by any Tornado.) Her Tail code was FK resulting in 'Foxy Killer' namesake and noseart. I have emersed myself in Gulf war videos and wow those crew were so brave flying those missions particularly those early JP233 missions. I have a great respect for them. Initial early missions lacked noseart so i will depict her later with 1000lb bombs and a little more weathered. The kit is Italeri's big 32 bird, it looks wonderful. (I currently have their 32 starfighter in mid-build and that's been pleasant so far.) I'll need to adjust a few things to make a GR.4 a GR.1 enroute. It's a big box, here's a tamiya paint pot for scale... I have purchased a couple of tonka books (the gulf one is still to arrive) to swat up further. Aftermarket consists of a resin loadout, metal pitot tube, window masks, raf rbf tags,... ....and a first for me: Tom Anyz's switches and knobs to detail up the cockpit a touch together with his belt buckles. the italeri tub here, albeit plastic covered There's loads of reference for gulf war tonkas and a substantial amount for ZA465. I intend to try to replicate the patchy paint and weathered feel and chipping of the temporary desert paint. I've been reading about the different shades of paint and how it was applied. Here's a whole bunch of Foxy Killer ref (and other airframes weathering reference where I can't find 465 at that angle; underside etc) This wonderful bomb under 465 graffiti I intend to reproduce. Note the sand on the bombs above I love the leaking (hydraulic fluid?) detail over the skyshdow pod. So enough waffle I need to start this thing. Any tips and advice along the way are warmly welcomed. I'm not an expert builder but will try my best with this.
  25. This will be pretty much a straight OOB build of the Italeri kit in the SEA Camo scheme in the box. Hope to get on with it in a week or so. Steve.
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