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  1. Hi All; Here's my completed Airfix 1/48 Hurricane. Any comments welcome; this is my third completed model since picking up the glue and airbrush after a seven-ish year hiatus from the hobby. I have a tonne of pics (including in-progress shots of all my screw-ups 🙂) plus a full description of the build over on my website; F/O Les Clisby's Mk.1 Hurricane on Making-History.ca if you want to check it out. Most importantly (for me, anyway), there's also a history of the aircraft and its pilot there too. I'd also like to say a very big thank you to @Troy Smith for hi help in nailing down many of the finer details in the markings and weathering; I hope I did his help justice in my model. Cheers; Mark Beckwith
  2. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (70019) 1:72 ARMA Hobby Expert Set The Hurricane was at the outbreak of WWII the RAFs most numerous fighter however it has always stood in the shadow to some degree of the Spitfire. Designed by the legendary Sir Sydney Camm. Following an already distinguished record of designing aircraft for the RAF (it is said 84% of the 1930s RAF Flew in his aircraft) he took the latest technology of jointed tubes to make the basic structure of the monoplane Hurricane. The prototype aircraft flew in 1935 and was ordered into production in 1937 with thankfully enough available by the time war broke out. The Hurricane would turn out to be a adaptable design with Naval, catapult, large bore cannon, and bomber versions being developed. The Hurricane would fight in all theatres of WWII with nearly 14500 being built by the end of the war. The Kit This is a new tool kit from ARMA Hobby which seems to have garnered good reviews. The kit arrives on a main plastic sprue, a clear sprue, a small sheet of PE, masks and decals. The moulds are crisp with what feels like the right level of detailing and recessed panel lines for this scale. Construction starts with the main wheel well. This is assembled and placed into the single part main upper wing. The main landing gear legs and their retracting struts can then be added. The single part lower wing can then be added on. Construction then moves onto the cockpit. The seat is added to its armour and PE belts are added. The multipart instrument panel is then built up. Inside the main fuselage halves the tubular framework for the cockpit is added in along with other cockpit controls. The rudder pedal can be added to the floor, then this and the instrument panel along with the seat are added in and the main fuselage can be closed up. The main wing can then be added along with the rudder and tailplanes. he tail wheel and main wheels can now be added (masks are provided for all the wheels). The main under carriage doors can then be added. The large belly mounted radiator is then built up and added. The small intake is added for the 3 RAF machines, or the large tropical one for the SAAF one. Exhaust and the landing lights are then added. The canopy has small PE handles to add and masks are provided for all the glazing. Both a Rotol & de Havilland propeller are provided, A PE oil collector ring is also provided if the modeller want to use it. Also PE exhaust flame shields are provided if needed, Markings There are printed by Techmod so should pose no problems. 4 marking option are provided for the Junior kit P3059 501 Sqn RAF August 1940 V7234 501 Sqn RAF, August 1940 (Sgt Glowaki with 6 confirmed & 1 damaged enemy aircraft) R4175 303 Polish Sqn RAF,1940. Sgt Frantisek 284/J 3 Sqn SAAF Kenya 1941 Conclusion It is great to see this important aircraft being kitted by a new manufacturer. The kit seems to have been very well received by modellers. Very Highly recommended. Expert Set Review sample courtesy of
  3. Just finished today. This is the 1/144 scale Hurricane Mk I by Sweet. Finished as YB-J of 17 Squadron during the summer of 1940. The cockpit was dressed up a fair bit and a new canopy was made. I also whittled down the propeller blades and moved the elevators. These aircraft by Sweet are great little kits and come two in a box. If you ever get the chance, I definitely urge you to have a go!
  4. Hi folks I present my latest finished projects, a couple of Burma-based RAF aircraft. The Hurricane belongs to No.34 Squadron RAF and is the Hasegawa kit with resin control surfaces, Eduard seatbelts and spares box decals. Next is a Curtiss Mohawk Mk.IV of No.5 Squadron RAF. It's the Hobbycraft kit with resin wheels, Squadron canopy, Eduard belts and Aeromaster decals. The engine is from the Tamiya Buffalo. Thanks for looking! Chris
  5. Finished my Airfix Hurricane and have decided to start this one. Gonna use my new beaut cricut machine to make some camouflage masks, well that is the plan. Thrown out the paint brush and paint. There is a little bit of flash on some parts, not too bad. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  6. I shouldn't be doing this, starting another, but I am a little sick of filling, sanding, undercoating and inspecting and repeating. There should be not much filling on this, famous last words. Going to go from this to finished in a week and also work on the Concorde. It is also supposed to be raining over the weekend so no telescope. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  7. "These aircraft [Hurricane IICs] were heavier [than the Hurricane I] but had hitting power if you could get the enemy in your sights." -- Squadron Leader (later Wing Commander) Robert "Butch" Barton DFC* OBE, 249 Squadron (12 + 5 shared) "People have, on occasion, asked me what it felt like, inside me, to shoot down and kill an enemy pilot. To be truthful, I was elated." -- Pilot Officer (later Lt Colonel) William "Bill" Dunn, 71 Squadron (9, including two as an AA gunner with the Canadian Seaforth Highlanders), Fighter Ace: The First American Ace of World War II Today has been so long and tiring thanks to my children and a spectacularly mismanaged playdate that I'm too tired to even tell you how or why I'm tired. All I feel now is dull rage that I ate breakfast cereal for dinner and then had to go and buy Mrs P and the children tacos. Tacos should never be a reward for abject failure. In any case, now that there's finally a canopy mask for them, I decided to dig into my stash of Hasegawa Hurricane IIs to build two of them while I'm waiting for the Arma Hobby Hurricane I to come out. The kit itself is incredibly simple, with perhaps twenty parts, if that many. I'm building two aircraft: A 71 (Eagle) Squadron Hurricane IIa flown by my countryman William "Bill" Dunn, who initially served in the US Army in the interwar period, joined the Canadian Army (where he claimed two Ju87s shot down as a Lewis Gunner) in 1939, rising to Sergeant, then transferring to the RAF (he had 160 hours of private flying experience, which he claimed as 560 on the transfer form), and trained at a Hurricane OTU under the legendary ace Frank Carey, then a mere Flight Lieutenant. Dunn was seriously injured on Circus 86 in August of 1941, where, after claiming two Bf109Fs for his fourth and fifth victories, he was hit in the leg and foot by cannon and MG fire, losing three toes, and barely brought his Spitfire IIa home. He briefly commanded 130 Squadron while it was working up in Canada, then transferred to the US Army Air Corps as a Captain and flew P-39s with the 53rd FG, then transferred to the 406th FG, flying the immense P-47 Thunderbolt. Dunn would claim a few more victories before being seriously injured again when his P-47 collided with a bomb that fell off the Thunderbolt in front of him -- in the long term, this accident caused him to lose sight in his left eye. In 1949, after being passed over for promotion to Captain in the regular USAF (he was then an acting Lieutenant Colonel), he was discharged from the USAF. Thereupon, he re-enlisted in the USAF as a Technical Sergeant, rising eventually to the rank of Warrant Officer. He served in Vietnam (receiving a Bronze Star for fighting Viet Cong infiltrators at on foot at Tan Son Nhut airbase during the Tet Offensive), where he worked on infrared detection systems and tactics for strike aircraft. His memoirs, entitled Fighter Ace: The First American Ace of World War II, make for amusing, if opinionated reading. The Hurricane IIa I'm building is XR-T/Z3781, the aircraft in which Dunn claimed his first 109F on 2 July 1941. 20180816_000940 by Edward IX, on Flickr A 242 Squadron Hurricane IIc based at Malta. Due to a curious quirk of fate, there were in 1941 two 242 Squadrons, one in the Far East and one at Malta. There's a famous photo of this aircraft nosed into the ground, and much debate as to whether it was in desert colours, or temperate land scheme, and if the spinner was red or black. I may go with TLS (even though I prefer desert colours) for economy of scale with the Hurricane IIa. 20180816_001021 by Edward IX, on Flickr We're off to a start of sorts. The Hasegawa Hurricane has a notoriously awful spinner that looks a little like a health class diagram of the reproductive organs of one of the weirder, smaller mammals, and the Fly Hurricane IIa supplies a replacement, which I promptly wrecked sawing off of its pour stub and had to replace with one of my Quickboost ones. The QB one has non-Rotol prop blades, which I'm sure @Troy Smith can explain for me, as I have a second set of Rotol-type blades I can use in a pinch if need be. The IIc already had a QB set in the box, a gift to current me from Past Me, like those 7th Doctor Dr Who episodes where he's done all the groundwork in the past. Sadly, Ace isn't here to help me. 20180816_000914 by Edward IX, on Flickr I also assembled the wings and attached the front portions of the fuselage to their respective halves. 20180816_000904 by Edward IX, on Flickr
  8. A little detail I only noticed by chance, due to the sun angle, which is that the armour plate projects over the edge of the ply structure of the "doghouse" Another detail, which @Graham Boak may able add too, the W/T visible to the left, has the end of the serial number, were all W/T markings so individual ... One for the specialist decal chaps... While typing and searching, found another shot The plane above is Ian Gleed's LK-A, usually listed as P2798, so either a different plane (there are two known versions of the Figaro cat personal emblem) One other detail, this famous shot Note the wing roundel on the photographer's plane, pale and flaking off, compared to LK-A, perhaps an example of Gloster's reputed use of bright pre war red and blue? Heavy paint chipping is also noted on some of the first batch of Gloster built Hurricane's as well, a topic on its own perhaps? , for more on Gleed's planes, see this thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945878-night-hurricane/ I noticed I'm posting on Battle of Britain day... Hope of interest. T
  9. My build of the Udet 109 V4 has stalled temporarily while I wrestle with various scribers so a quickie to keep things moving. Inspired by @dogsbodys build and this link therein, decided to whack out something quick and try some AML camo masks that have been lying around for a couple of years. Nothing fancy here, just some Eduard belts and see how quickly I can get a model up on the shelf. Wheels will be up and I'll be using one of my twee magnet/acrylic stands so here we go: Cockpit tarted up with Eduard belts and colours through guesswork, its a closed canopy (which in true Airfix fashion, is pretty full of moulding flaws anyway) so accuracy not paramount. While I was there, added wing tip lights from coloured acrylic, sanded the leading edge lights flush and filled in the spurious fabric behind the gun access panels- fast drying odourless cyano and Mr Surfacer 500 kept things moving quickly Nice thing about Mr Color and Alcald, is its near instantaneous drying hence the speed in doing the pit. Everything zipped up and ready for some primer action after a mere few hours work. Might even sneak it in later today. if I can avoid the Aperol Spritz Siren....mmmm 31 centigrade...
  10. Hi! Finished another one yesterday. It´s the new tooling Airfix Hurricane. I did everything OOB except for fishing line (0,10mm) for the antenna wire. I´m not sure if I got the wire right... I used War Scenic enamels (that´s a brazilian brand of paints). There are some good things here in Brazil but most of the time it´s just a crap country. I forgot to do the navigation lights early in the build so I left them unpainted. Don´t hesitate in giving me feedback.
  11. I can’t quiet decide at the moment which one of these I will fail to build for this GB. All have some merit. The Swordfish looks appealing but I suspect new decals will be required and I may succumb to a doomed attempt at rigging. The Camel is quite charming but is very small and I fear will end badly, on the other hand it’s size means rigging is out of the question. The Sea Hurricane is probably the favourite but I was horrified to find that I’d bought some Eduard PE for it sometime previously - if I can force myself into an OOB build it might be the one.
  12. Morning folk's,indulge me once more it's another Hurricane! I picked up a couple of Hasegawa's Hurricanes from Kit's for Cash at the Northern show at a good price as I wanted a later mark in the collection,I liked some area's of the kit( the seperate nose was a worry but it was a breeze) it was the smaller thing's annoyed me like the wing light glazing and the awful wingtip light cover's which dont conform to the shape of the wing at all.Anyway that said here she is in mid war RAF colour's just weathered a little with graphite and a dark wash. I did forget to paint the reverse of the prop blade's yellow tip but Ineed to do something with those awful tip glazing's before I find shelf space,here's the trio for the RAF 100 GB Tamiya's Spitfire Vb and Meteor were the other two.
  13. With a few successful quick builds and a couple of shelf sitters sorted, I think my mojo has recovered sufficiently for me to make a start on my first serious build of the year. Just before Christmas I picked up the Airfix 1:48 Hurricane Mk 1 in its more recent outing in its Tropical form. I rather liked the silver doped machine, however while searching around on the internet I found an Australian example, a single Hurricane Mk 1 fitted with tropical equipment presented to Australia by the UK government in 1941. The aircraft officially had the serial A60-1, however flew with its RAF number of V7476 throughout its career, information about which can be found at the following website: http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a60.htm. I also found information on the markings from the review of an Aussie Decals sheet for this aircraft at the Aussiemodeller website: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviews/Decals/A48060Hurricane.html. My intention is to complete the aircraft in its final markings of overall silver with blue and white RAAF roundels and a red spinner. A quick rummage through my decal collection confirmed that I am able to put together the appropriate markings with what I have. Any advice or comments gratefully received!
  14. Here is my 1/48 Airfix Hurricane finished the Hurricane Mk 1 fitted with tropical equipment presented to Australia by the UK government in 1941. The aircraft officially had the serial A60-1, however flew with its RAF number of V7476 throughout its career, information about which can be found at the following website: http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a60.htm I also found information on the markings from the review of an Aussie Decals sheet for this aircraft at the Aussiemodeller website: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviews/Decals/A48060Hurricane.html. Paints are a combination of Tamiya rattle cans and brush painted Tamiya and Italeri acrylics. Build thread can be found here; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235031997-airfix-148-hurricane-mk-1-in-raaf-colours/& Apologies for the dodgy photos, weather outside just too bad to take photos outside as I normally do. And updated with some photos outside:
  15. Two Hasegawa 1/72 Hurricanes for my first build. I jumped a LITTLE bit assembling both stock cockpits tonight so I can start scratching some sort of improvement on the very spartan Hasegawa rendition. But it is official, I'm in! Greg in OK
  16. Fly is to release a 1/72nd Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIa kit - ref. 72043 Reported not to be a new tool kit but a Hasegawa repop. Source: http://www.72news.eu/2018/05/fly-hawker-hurricane-mkii-boxart.html There will be additional resin parts: wheels and a prop as well as a set of paint masks. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/YLF72043 V.P.
  17. Hello all, hope you are well? I've not done a build thread for a very long time. Tell the truth, I sort of fell out of love with making build threads. Nothing to do with you lovely people or the great site in general. It was a reaction to the Photobucket situation. However, that was now several months ago, we've all got new hosting sites and have moved on. Time for me to do the same, and what better way then with a Hawker GB? I'm going for the Airfix 1/72 Hurricane Mk.1. Here she is boxed up and ready for action! The first task was to get all the bits which will be black ready for paint. I'm undercoating the cockpit with black where necessary. The exception to this is the prop. I'm going to undercoat this in whatever primer I choose and will paint the brown front bit first. I think it'll be easier to mask the front and paint the rest black rather than the other way around. And here they are painted in Tamiya Rubber Black. The exhaust stacks are painted black effectively for an undercoat. I've also got all the aluminium bits ready for paint/assembly. I was a little concerned about the wheel well. It's complex how it goes together for 1/72 and with the soft Airfix plastic and lack of totally positive fit, it raised alarm bells. But actually this was misplaced, it went together a treat and a dry fit indicates I should have no issues further on. Next step was the cockpit green. The instructions call out for a lot more metal and other colours I've not really seen before on Hurricane interiors, but I'm not following them. I'm really not going to get bogged down in the pit as the canopy will be closed. I image it's going to be 90% invisible by the time I've finished! I'm just going to pick out one or two details in black, quick wash and dry brush and move on to more on. I've being doing this a few years now, and while I'm not claiming to be any sort of expert (the opposite in fact), I have learnt there's things which are more worth while putting time into than others... Not a comment at all on the amazing work others do, it's just that I regularly get bogged down and miss deadlines! So that's it, more soon! Val
  18. Hi folk's,as mentioned in chat It's been a good six month's since I did a 1/48 scale kit and nearly as long since I did anything other than a Matchbox or Frog aircraft kit.As a lover of Airfix's newer tool 1/48 kit it was a logical choice for this GB and a return to this scale. Love the box art on this issue,the kit is well known to most now and there are a few incarnation's in this GB,I want to take my time with this one and won't start till the Hunter's done which will be a week or two.
  19. Hi Folk's, finished today,Tim built one of these recently and when I saw it I had to have a go,i'ts a snap together kit but obviously I glued her up tight. rumour has it PH copied it's shape and detail's from Hasegawa's kit it certainly looks like a Hurricane to me,few parts and chunky details with the most awful colour plastic could spoil it for some but it's cheap and a good base for superdetailing fan's I only added masking tape belts to the cockpit,decals be warned are too light I used airfix spares but the kit codes and serials.Colours are for 303Sqn RAF piloted by Witold Urbanowicz.Many thanks for looking in build here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036346-yes-another-hurricane/
  20. Hi there, Does anyone have any information on what colours and markings (and what version hurricane) would have applied to XI squadron hurricanes in Burma? My grandfather flew and won the DFC so I would like more info on the plane he would have flown. Thanks in advance
  21. Well...now that the Hart is done and on the shelf, I figured I would waste no time and officially unbox the 1/72nd scale Hawker Hurricane from Airfix. No surprises here for any of you, I am sure, and since this is my very first Hurricane in all my years of modelling, I hope there will be no surprises for me either. I will build 100% OOB and mark it as VY-C since VY-G from the same kit has been built on another thread. I found an excellent 1/24th scale build on another website that has nice pictures of very subtle weathering and will make use of the 'Hurricane' information thread that is currently on this forum. And it is blowing 9 Beaufort outside, so what better time to begin a Hurricane than on a blustery Sunday? I have primed the plastic... --John
  22. Hi Chaps This is my second GB for the year as I am well advanced with a Hawker Hunter FR10 in the Britmodeller 10th anniversary GB. I usually have 2 models on the go so I can tinker with one while I'm waiting for something to dry on the other. I picked this kit up last month in Singapore having read the review on Hyperscale last year. I have to say I am very impressed with the and the level of detail is not far short of the 1/24th scale Hurricane I made 20 years ago. That includes the engine which is about the only difference. So in good tradition despite having 20 years worth of kits in the stash I opened this and will build it next. Don't tell the wife! Well before I start here are the box and sprue shots. I have had a little look at the components and although the level of detail is excellent there are a few issues with alignment and distortion I do believe the angles should be 90 degrees and the lines straight. I might need to review the assembly sequence. Colin
  23. Hello fellow modellers. Here is my 2nd build. It's the Airfix 1/72 Hurricane Mk I in Belgian colors. This one is a gift for my father who is no modeller but still for a good part responsible for me coming back to the hobby. Thanks Dad, I love you. It’s an OOB build as per instructions except for the later type exhausts (as all Belgian Hurricanes had been retrofitted with these before may 1940). No weathering as my father prefers everything to be neat and tidy (a bad excuse for my laziness, isn’t it?). I used Eduard superfabric seatbelts (RAF early set). Not as realistic as the metal ones but far easier to place. A very nice kit. I just had problems aligning the upper and lower wing parts and placing the landing gear required to be quite careful. I’m not completely happy with the result as I insisted to fit the canopy in an open position, so I made a crack in it and I was heavy handed with the glue so that it affected the clear part and the paint under it. But my main goal was achieved, as it simply was a thinner and more even paint coat than on the P-40. It was airbrushed with my H&S Evolution Silverline (0.2 needle) and my “usual suspects” Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Primer: Stynylrez grey Camo: Gunze H73 (dark green), H72 (dark earth); underside: Tamiya XF16 (flat aluminium) Cockpit: Tamiya XF71 Clear coat: Gunze H20 (flat clear) As said, all mishaps and mistakes are mine. Still I hope you'll enjoy it. Fire at will!
  24. Hi folks! This is mas last completion, the really good Airfix Hurricane Mk.I in 1/72. Straight from the box. The only modification is that I vacuformed the sliding canopy. I hope you like it, althought I made several mistakes and it´s not my best kit. Best regards from Uruguay! Ignacio
  25. As part of a modelling project called ‘RAF in Africa, 1939-1945’ I am trying to find out about the methods of transporting airframes from the UK to Takoradi on the Gold Coast. From this base the aircraft were flown across the Sahara to Egypt. I have found a couple of photos of Hawker Hurricanes being unloaded from packing cases and being reassembled at Takoradi – see http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/413/Harry-Boyles-Tango-over-Takoradi.aspx Does anyone know if these packing cases were a standard RAF stock item? If so does anyone know of any diagrams/plans for the packing cases?
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