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  1. Hi all, I just finished this lovely little Arma Hobby Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc. I used the kit's decals to do it as S/Ldr Micky Rook's plane, in Algeria in late 1942. I used Humbrol enamels on the top and some MRP on the underside. The kit has little issues, but the only thing I didn't really like was having to cut away some plastic to fit the lights at the wing tips. For some reason this rarely goes well for me. Oh well. Thanks for looking, Pete
  2. markoid

    Crazy Paving

    Hello, I’m after some advice from the more seasoned modellers. Or varnish experts - or both! I have a model that I’ve painted with Humbrol 64 acrylic. Allowed to dry for 20 or so hours. I applied a layer of Hycote Matt Laquer spray. Within milliseconds, it had caused extensive crazy paving on sections of the model - noticeably in the flatter areas. There is some very mild impact on some red/brown areas too. What causes this? And… Any suggestions on methods to repair this? Thanks Mark
  3. so i got some of the new style 14ml Humbrol paint to try, i have used tamiya and vallejo for the last 15 years finding humbrol products to be sub par and generally unusable so i wanted to test these as i still know paints the H numbers, any matt black will forever be 33 . They spray very well when thinned with Isopropyl, they are very dense paints and take a lot of thinning but they don't seem to bobble on the plastic and very little tip dry, very easy to get fine lines , this paint is a massive improvement on what has come before, on the jar it is claimed to be made in UK, i may well start to switch to this paint . First test spray laying paint on an old test model, nice even coverage with little effort with highly thinned paint .
  4. Hello! Does Humbrol decalfix pick up the acrylic Vallejo gloss varnish? Thanks in advance for the answers!
  5. I'm close to the point of weathering my Airfix A6M2 Zero and have decided to possibly use one of the Enamel Washes from Humbrol but a wee bit nervous without some guidance please. I've asked this question in the Modelling Tips area but without response so hopefully someone out there has used these washes and can put my mind at rest and avoid me ruining several weeks work. According to Humbrol they can be used on both enamel and acrylic substrates but they also say they can be thinned with enamel thinners so I'm thinking that if that's the case then surely they will attack an enamel paint and/or varnish? I've contacted Humbrol but they say they'll reply within 28 days and I need an answer a wee bit faster than that, so can any one help or advise? Failing that I'll use an acrylic gloss/satin varnish instead of my usual enamel and then try a home made oil paint wash instead. Regards Colin.
  6. I'm in the process of building the Airfix Swift. Painted it with acrylic paint, Xtracrylix on top, Model Master on underside. Spent 3 days putting on stickers and last night used Humbrol Acrylic Gloss Varnish to seal them in having given it a good shake. Went back to the man cave this morning and the photos show what it looks like. Stickers eaten away, frosted and Matt varnish coat (tho the underside is barely touched ). The photos don't do justice BTW of the extent of the frosting. It's as tho I've misted it in light grey. Before I put it down to bad luck, write off the hours I've put into it, vow never to use Humbrol Acylic Sprays ever again and bin it I thought I'd ask if there's any way to save it aside from stripping it and starting again. TIA.
  7. I get through a lot of their thinners so I buy them in the 125ml size, more expensive than champagne - anyone have any tips on where to buy? Rustins tech support suggested just using white spirit however I wasn't convinced. I'm open to suggestions for different products... Thanks.
  8. will2017

    Paint Racks

    I'm looking for a vertical paint rack that will hold a variety of paint pots - Humbrol tins, Alclad (small / large), Xtracrylix As I appreciate budget suggestions, is there a vertical paint rack that I can get that will accommodate all of these? Currently they're all in a shoebox and I need the bench-space. Thanks.
  9. can the above mentioned gloss cote be thinned with water??
  10. I've been really busy over the last few weeks and haven't had a lot of time for kitbashing so I was planning on not contributing to this Group Build, but having been out in the garage to check it survived this week's high winds I came across this kit in the deep stash and thought it would make a good, simple and relaxing build. We'll see! It's a boxing from about 20 years ago and begs the question - what was Humbrol thinking??? Inside you find the typical 1960s-era small Airfix kit: Basic by modern standards and a bit flashy but not unbuildable. Construction looks straightforward: There's a very generous 3 markings schemes provided: Decal sheet looks nice but the Heller-produced sheets of that era could be variable in quality: OOB is the order of the day, I think. I have fond memories of this kit having first built it on a family holiday in Carnoustie back in the early 1970s. I'll probably paint it this time... John
  11. Restoring and identifying my 40+ year old stock of old Humbrol Enamels has been a bit of a chore. I found this website.... https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/authentics.htm It helped me identify some that had me confused, for example a tin of R303, which is BRM Racing Green, probably from my Airfix MRRC car days! Finding modern replacements is harder, but I located a copy of a cross reference list printed by IPMS some years ago. I only have it as hard copy, but will scan it and upload as a pdf.
  12. Humbrol Clear (125ml) I should start this review with an apology to Humbrol. I’ve had this product in my possession for other two months but haven’t been able to write this review. This is not without good reason though, as I prefer to use a product of this type before reviewing it. Modelling opportunities have been very limited recently, so I haven’t had the chance to do so. I’ve finally managed to get out to the workshop and fire up the airbrush, so here is the review. Humbrol describe this new product as a thin, clear varnish that goes on clear and stays clear. Presumably that means it is not prone to the yellowing that can be a feature of some spirit based varnishes. Judging by the name, this product is intended as a replacement for the much-missed Johnson’s Klear floor polish that was beloved of many modellers all over the world until its withdrawal and replacement a few years ago. I’ve only used this varnish with my airbrush so far, but I can vouch for Humbrol’s claim that it dries to a low gloss finish which can be improved by the application of further thin coats. This is actually an important point, because if you give in to temptation and spray too much onto your model at once. It will pool and cause an uneven finish. A high gloss can be achieved by more judicious use of the product. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try dipping canopies in the product, but I hope to try this soon and will update this review with the results. Conclusion From personal experience, I would say that this is an interesting and useful product. I have to confess that I never really got to grips with Klear as a varnish, but find it indispensible for improving the clarity of canopies. First impressions of Humbrol’s Clear are positive, and hopefully this will turn out to be a worthy successor. Review sample courtesy of
  13. Humbrol "Matt" paints. Anyone else get glossy results from their matt paints? BB
  14. Need a little help. Year ago, Humbrol made a color called Silver Plate, possibly HM20. It was a very bright, shiny silver, not quite chrome, that could be hand painted onto tiny details to look like silver buttons ( or aircraft hydraulic cylinders). Does anyone have any idea of a modern equivalent? The Silver Metallic #11 most recently sold by Humbrol is more like a semi-gloss aluminum shade, not silver. I'd prefer an enamel, but will entertain options. Thanks, Ed
  15. John

    Rustins Fire

    Rustins, who contract manufacture Humbrol paints for Hornby, have a note on their website saying that their warehouse was destroyed by fire on Monday evening: On the evening of Monday January 8, 2018 Rustins suffered a damaging fire at our warehouse in north London with all of our stock destroyed. The London Fire Brigade attended to put out the fire and is investigating the cause. At this point our factory appears to be in working order. We are working on our business continuity plans to liaise with our customers, suppliers and employees to get back to production as soon as possible. We will update you when we have more information and thank you in advance for your continued support. John
  16. Having returned to modelling after a gap of some 40 or so years some of my Humbrol tinlets, which go back to the late 60s or early 1970s needed checking. Whilst most are in perfect condition a few had succumbed to the passage of time and were what seemed to be beyond help. I was reluctant to throw them away. But reading through many posts here I thought it was worth trying to recover them. I bought a "Trumpeter" branded battery mixer and some Humbrol thinners. Step 1 was to put about 5mL of the thinners into the tinlet and using a metal spatula cut up the solid paint into smaller bits. I put the lid back and left for a couple of days to soak. Step 2 was to put another 5mL in the tinlet and start work with the mixer. The softened paint started to mix, I added more thinners as needed. I repeated the process several times over a week or so in so far all the tins have been restored to usable paint. I was curious: what is in Humbrol thinners? A bit of web searching and I discovered a MSDS, or material safety data sheet. It is issued by Rustins, well known paint makers and probably the UK maker of all the now UK made Humbrol paints. What is in it? 80% (70% to 90%) NAPTHA (PETROLEUM) HYDROTREATED HEAVY: This was not a surprise and is a highly refined light hydrocarbon, with little smell. It is highly flammable. 20% (10% to 30%) 2-METHOXY-1-METHYLETHYL ACETATE: This was a surprise. It is a commonly known as PMA and mainly used as a solvent for industrial paints and coatings in the automotive industry. It is also used as a solvent in the electronics industry and formulated into industrial and commercial products. Some specific examples are paints, inks, lacquers, varnishes, cleaners, coatings, etc ink removers. In the Humbrol thinners it helps keep pigments in suspension and I suspect it is a component of the paint. So, the recovery of semi solidified Humbrol paint using Humbrol thinners is the solvent of choice, for compatibility and efficiency. The next stage is to see how Humbrol enamel thinned with Humbrol thinners works. The only problem with Humbrol Thinners is the price.. £5.50 for 125mL..about the price of a glass of wine!
  17. Good evening. I am returning to modelling and suspect that the Stork Margarine tub hiding in my garage containing paints purchased in the early 1980s had probably had it, so it's time for me to re-stock. I do remember buying the very first Tamiya acrylics back in 1981/2 and at the time, those of us punters in the Manchester Model Shop (happy days) were looking at them like prehistoric man looking at an iPhone. I am thinking to building my base collection using Humbrol acrylics. Logic: Humbrol is probably the easy default brand and it's supporting good old Hornby, and acrylic because it's a darned sight easier to clean than enamels. Am I being silly? I know that I shall be adding to my paint collection over time and see options with Tamiya, Vallejo etc. but am I being too doctrinaire by trying to stick with acrylics? I'm really interested to learn. Kind regards, Neil
  18. Hi I was looking to buy 1:48 A-10 but considering the expense of the model, I really want to make it perfect. One problem I have had in the past is decal silvering, even with Humbrol Decal Fix, so now I want to buy a varnish to help me apply them better (I have never used a varnish before). I have searched the internet and most people seem to use Alclad or Humbrol - given the fact that I have never used any Alclad products, I will look to buy Humbrol. I need a gloss varnish to apply the decals onto, however, Humbrol offer different ones: https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/shop/coatings-thinners/humbrol-gloss-clear-125ml-bottle.html https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/shop/coatings-thinners/modelcote-gloss-cote-28ml-bottle.html https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/shop/spray-paints/varnish-sprays/35-enamel-varnish-gloss-150ml-spray-varnish.html (this can also be bought in tins however I feel like spraying the varnish would be better???) EDIT: http://www.alclad2-online.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=1&SUB=4&THISPAGE=2&RADIOSORT=5&PICFILE=163&STKNR=163&STRH=4165&ORDN=5029&RNZ=586536 (After some research Alclad II Aqua Gloss sounds very promising, however, I do not have an airbrush which I think is what it is designed for - any opinions on brush use of it?) Any info one what the differences are would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I'll be brush applying if they do come in bottles because I don't have an airbrush. Cheers, Adam
  19. Hello all. For many years (long ago) I used only Humbrol paints. Then, they became hard to get in the U.S>, so I switched to Model Master. I recently dug out some of my now 20 - 30 or more year-old Humbrol paints, and I still marvel over the super tiny pigments. My questions: Does Humbrol still make enamel paints with the very tiny pigment. ( I read a few years back that their supplier in China had dried up)? How do they cover whether air or brush painting? Is there anything else out there with a super fine pigment, that is airbrush ready (particularly in U.S. colors, since that is what I build, mostly)? I am mostly interested in Humbrol enamels and comparing old-time to newer, but would also appreciate opionions about other types (ie acrylics) it they were more or less problem free in a .2mm airbrush. Thanks for any comments, ED
  20. RidgeRunner

    Humbrol tins

    Hi all! Does everyone struggle like me to keep these tins sealed and the paint lasting until the very end without drying up? I am thinking about decanting in to "Wilkin" small jam jars. Has anyone out there tried this? If so, what is your experience? Thanks, Martin
  21. Just having a look through the stash and one of the contenders for next build is the Trumpyboss 1/48 MiG 23MLD Flogger K. The colour call outs are pretty vague and non specific so I'm wondering if there is another kit out there with better colour call outs to use. If there is a decent enough walkaround I might be happy enough with that tbh.
  22. I am currently working up to starting my first kit in a great number of years, and I've noticed a lot of talk about how good/bad the paints are these days. I used to use Humbrol enamel tins back in the day (1990s), but it seems from some comments that they've changed the recipe and gone downhill. As my first model I'm looking to build an ADV Tornado in 1:72, so lots of shades of grey. I don't have an airbrush so the paint will be manually brushed on. Has anyone got any good recommendations - I am prepared to ditch Humbrol forever if there is a decent alternative.
  23. Hi all. My most recent project has come to an end. Minicrafts little 737 kit is rather simple, but also a joy to build. Added antennas, and beacon lights. Decals are from Max decals. Paint from Xtracolor (Maersk blue) Humbrol ("Boeing grey", corroguard, nose) and Alclad for leading edges of wings and vertical/horizontonal stabilisors. Here goes: Cheers Robin
  24. Hi, what scale is a Sea King helicopter from Heller Humbrol Bobcat / Bobkit? Not Airfix tooling but snap fit from Heller mould. Is it 1/72 like their Super Puma Cougar and other Bobkit kits (Transall, OH-6, Harrier T4, F-16 and Phantom) or is out of scale? Thanks
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