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Found 10 results

  1. Time for a new project; The 1/350 HMS Hood with some aftermarket add-ons; Artworx wooden deck; Flyhawk PE and Trumpeter after market set (mainly for the barrels; Eduard PE along with Northstar secondary guns mounts, Vickers MGs, searchlights and bridge equipment and White Ensign replacement turrets; It's going to be a long project and it's a bit hard to know where to start really - so started on the hull; Removed the moulded degausing cable and drilled the scuttles to give a bit more depth - some where filled and replaced using various photos as references along with the hawse pipe hull openings; Scrapped away the moulded chain and drilled the deck hawse pipe openings; Fore deck fitted with the bow full of filler - when it's dry I'll try and drill the hawse pipes to connect hull and deck openings. Never tried it before but if it doesn't work the anchors and gratings will cover it, so worth a go; Thanks for looking. Cheers Nick
  2. I have a memory, which I hope is not a false memory, of first building this kit rather crudely as a young lad. I recollect I even made a partially successful attempt to make it bath worthy, if not seaworthy. Back then I had little knowledge of Hood’s history, but a few years back an episode on Hood in the BBC Scotland TV documentary series “Clyde built – The Ships that made the Commonwealth” piqued my interest and I did some further reading on the “Mighty ‘ood”. John Roberts’ technically detailed “The Battle Cruiser Hood” in Conway’s “Anatomy of the Ship” series being a key source. I built and completed it during the last few months of working life prior to COVID lockdown and retirement. I make model aircraft primarily, but hope to complete some further naval subjects in the future, perhaps at larger scale. Best known I guess for being sunk by the Kriegsmarine “Pocket” battleship Bismark in the Denmark Strait off Iceland in May 1941 with the loss of all but 3 of her hands, her story and fame is so much more than her terrible end. Designed by chief naval architect Sir Eustace Tennyson d’Eynecourt at the outset of WWI, she was the first and only Admiral Class Battlecruiser built and an attempt to combine the firepower of a Battleship with the speed of a Cruiser – hence she had long elegant lines and carried less armour than a Battleship. Her keel was laid on the day of the Battle of Jutland, when the vulnerability of ships equipped predominantly with belt armour to so called plunging fire falling on decks at extreme range really became apparent. This led to a hiatus in Hood’s build while Sir Eustace modified her plans to include further deck plating as further protection against plunging fire. She never received the final 3” thick deck armour over the aft magazines as planned by Sir Eustace, but even so the additional weight of the deck plating that was added lowered her effective freeboard and led to Hood being known as the Navy’s largest submarine when she was in service, because her Quarter deck was usually awash when at sea. She entered service in 1920 and was the largest warship in the World, plus the pride of the Royal Navy for many years. The lack of effective deck armour was to prove Hood’s downfall when she was straddled by a salvo from Bismark on that fateful day in May 1941. One or two shells are thought to have hit the shelter deck near the main mast and penetrated through to her aft 15” shell magazine, which erupted in a huge explosion and broke the ship’s back. Within minutes, she plunged to the seabed in two pieces with loss of almost her entire crew. As with all ships with a such long service record and unlike Bismark, which was also lost in action shortly after Hood in 1941 on her first major operational sortie, Hood had several refits and reconfigurations over her 20 plus year service. Out of the box, the kit appears to represent Hood as she would have appeared around the mid-1930s, so I decided to build her as she may have appeared circa mid-1936, when she was flagship of the Home Fleet and prior to her stint as flag ship of the Mediterranean fleet. This old kit is something of a simplification and the fit of the parts is a little off, but with a bit of care, plenty of Mr. Surfacer and much sanding, it proved possible to produce out of the box what I consider to be a reasonable looking model for the scale. To be honest, there’s no doubt a list of kit inaccuracies much longer than those here below, but I’m not skilled enough to make a detailed likeness of any object at 1:600 scale and no amount of after-market add-on’s and modification could ever satisfy the dedicated rivet counter in me, so with only a few modifications I decided to accept it for the relatively crude approximation that it is. Sorry, there are no handrails! The hull cross section is somewhat suspect due in part to the lack of the pronounced below water line bulges formed by the torpedo crush tubes along the hull sides. Also, the foredeck cutwaters are way too shallow as moulded. The bilge keels are also absent from the kit hull sides, so I created these as best I could with plastic card. The shape of the main gun turrets is a bit suspect, plus their mounting spigots were moulded way off centre and had to be cut off and reattached so that the turrets located correctly. The rear of the shelter deck required the insertion of a 1mm thick plastic card shim to meet the hull sides correctly and there are no funnel top grids supplied with the kit. The supplied mast starfish are also sadly best described as approximations. The white canvas blast protectors on the main guns were added using plastic putty and I also had an attempt at recreating the wireless yard and gaff missing from the main mast plus the signal yards missing from the foremast with stretched sprue, then started to add in various rigging lines. However, I am ashamed to admit that I lost steam on this one and have yet to finish the ship’s rigging and radio lines, although I could well go back to the task in time. Even in its admittedly incomplete state, I hope it can be considered a worthy memorial for a gallant ship and crew.
  3. Hello Everybody, Since January this year I have picked up once more the hobby of scale modelling. Until 6 years ago I had already occupied myself with making ships and right now I needed an extra hobby aside of playing games, reading books and playing the pipe organ and stuff so I decided to pick up where I left and add some extra skills to my toolbox, (I never Painted in the past😬), get myself an airbrush an kickstart myself into building ships once more. Since corona gave me a load of free time I went to the hobby shop and bought several kits among which were, the 1/700 USS west virginia, Enterprise and IJN MAYA the 1/144 Revell Uboat XXI with Interior. problem was tough that with these kits, I simply glued them together, painted them their colors and finished. That didn't really work because I'd be finished much too soon. So I decided to go on with the Hasegawa 1/350 Yahagi with all the Hasegawa PE which would be followed by the HMS Hood 1/350 from Trumpeter. Around the first week of July I started working on the Hood and I finished it this week on Monday. This kit is my first kit that I have build with a dedicated PE set from another producer than the producer of the base kit itself and it was really nice, especially the result. So what did I use, 1x the Trumpeter hood 1/350 1x The Flyhawk Resin upgrade set for better turrets 1x The flyhawk Pe upgrade set 1x The eduard Upgrade set 1x Infini Winches. I did these instead of North star because I saw these once and thought them to be absolutely underwhelming. 1x Artwox Wooden deck (I also Bought the Wooden Deck of trumpeter itself but It wouldn't fit, was only several euro's though) Next step before the Build was to figure out which colors i would use for the ship because I use Tamiya's and the scheme was in Gunze. I did some research so as to get at least a somewhat "accurate" semblance to the original in 1941. I decided on using the following colors For the hull Tamiya hull red, which would be coated with AK red streaking grime for some variation in color tone For the 507 grey I used Xf-82, based on some research delving into fora and such I thought this color to better looking and matching than the XF-66. (personal opinion though😇) The boat deck was a different color tone, i decided on XF-24 because it nicely matched the xf-82, but whether it is very accurate to have a much darker boat deck is somewhat questionable I think. For the decks of the Bridge I used XF-79 on the advice of the Hood Association. In the end the Model was coated in X-22 Clear and weathered using AK enamel weathering products. To finish it off I rigged the thing with the help of Trumpy's instructions and some personal touches, using Uschi 0.03mm thin wire. This stuff is great, just don't overstretch or your parts will bent. As for the kit The fit of the trumpeter kit was horrible. I never had to use this much putty in any model until now, which admittedly doesn't say much, but it wasn't very funny at times. You will likely notice that the Quads haven't been placed yet. these are still in Transit from North Star... Here are the pictures My Hood isn't by long as good as the other Hoods I have seen on this forum, but I myself am very much delighted by the outcome, the ship is nice, and as I have a long infatuation with this ship it will get a nice place in my cabinet. I don't yet know what will be next, I have a Botched project waiting on the bench for me to finish and a Nagato (Pontos) in stash but also a 1/350 Mikuma (with Aber, Eduard, infini and veteran goodies) that I got for my 20th Birthday recently. Anyway, in due time more models will surely come this way, Greetings from Holland
  4. 1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood with; Eduard PE Flyhawk detail set which includes Pom Poms and brass main armament barrels, Various resin details form NorthStar including, 4" guns, quad Vickers, bridge equipment, searchlights, HACS, Pom Pom directors and crew. White Ensign resin main turrets Painted in ColourCoats enamels Sea painted in artists acrylics with clear gel medium top coat and cotton wool spray Rigging in Caenis 700 and Uschi line WIP here; Thanks to everyone who followed the WIP and gave advice and feedback 👍 Lot's of pics because of the size - mounted on the sea base she's 90cm long! Nice kit, and great as a base to add detail to. Hope you like the pics as much as I enjoyed building her. Few detail shots; Working parties to close the breakwater openings; Same on the quarterdeck to stow the ladders; Obligatory B+W shots; Thanks for looking, any feedback gratefully received. Cheers Nick
  5. Hi, does anyone know of a UK stockist or reputable overseas supplier for Artwox decks? I'm struggling to find 1/350 ones fro Trumpeter HMS Hood and HMS Zulu. Cheers Nick
  6. HMS Hood Replacement Funnel Scalewarships.com 1:200 Whilst Trumpeter got the funnels correct in their 1:350 and 1:700 releases, for some strange reason they got the aft funnel on their 1:200 release very wrong. The kits aft funnel is smaller than the foreward one, whereas they should be the same. Now, Pontos Models have released a huge update set that actually includes a replacement funnel and its accessories, but the price may put some modellers off. This is where Scalewarships.com come in with their release of a set that only includes the funnel, thus keeping costs down. The set includes a beautifully cast resin funnel, two funnel bases, one with a clipped end, and an alternative one with angular sides. There is also a new funnel cap to finish off the ensemble. The single large sheet of relief etched brass includes the funnel cap, upper and lower hand and foot rails, walkway, alternative walkway, and their respective walkways, along with walkway supports and capping pieces for the funnel cap cage. The instructions are nice a clearly written out, although with only one picture as a guide. The resin parts will need some cleaning up and finishing off, not to mention cleaning with warm soapy water. Conclusion This is another great little addition to the modellers arsenal and allowing the modeller the choice of buying the super expensive Pontos or Mk1 Designs sets, when you ‘d only need to buy this set to make the kit that much more accurate, and the modeller these days always needs options.
  7. Hello everyone, I was reading about the Bismark class, the Iowa class, the HMS Hood, and the Yamato and there's no better way to familiarize oneself with these kind of things but by making scale models of them. (Of course, considering some of these don't even exist anymore.) So I made these two battle ships side by side and was quite pleased with the result. And upon looking at them, one as an adult would just wonder about how complicated it could be to balance a ship's power output vs. weight, vs. armor vs. weaponry vs. fuel capacity vs. size vs. agility etc, while the child in one is just trying to determine "which is cooler". These are just a few photographs I'd like to share... Hope you like! : )
  8. HMS Hood Splinter Shields Scalewarships.com 1:200 The set also includes the raised shields either side of the main turret mounting, bridge shields, bridge windows, and also replacement bridge overhangs, should you damage them whilst fitting the bridge shields. As with the degaussing cable set reviewed HERE, this set also goes to replace the incorrect parts of the ship that are most noticeable. In this case it’s some of the splinter shields. Namely the ends of the mid shelter deck 4” gun turret shield, the aft quarter shields, and three areas of the aftermost shield, also on the shelter deck. The offending kit mouldings will need to be carefully shaved off and replaced with the PE parts, which also include the inner face supports. Conclusion This is another very useful and cheap way to improve on this epic kit, along with the degaussing cable and the new funnel set, due in time for Telford, this is great way for the budget conscious modeller to improve their model.
  9. HMS Hood Degaussing Cable Scalewarships.com 1:200 The release of the Trumpeter 1:200 scale HMS Hood was met with great excitement, even the gestation period before release seemed interminable. Unfortunately there are a few faults with the kit, on being the degaussing cable doesn’t go where it should. To that end Robin at Scalewarships.com has produced this set just to replace the errant kit item. The single sheet of relief etched brass contains enough cable to go round the whole ship with the correct routing around the hawse pipes. Naturally, being 1:200 it’s still quite a large sheet yet will take some care and patience to fit correctly. You will need to read the instruction carefully as there is a particular order to fit the cables. The diagram in the instructions shows you what’s what, so stick to it. Each of the anchor fairings is handed, the shorter one being fitted to the port side. There are number of supports included that need to be added to the inner face of each fairing and the cat heads and pulleys, also included in the set, to be added. Conclusion This is a very nice and easy to use set which would add some much needed detail to this great kit and correct the slight flaws in the kit items. It is also considerably cheaper than buying the big sets out there, some of which aren’t accurate themselves. So if you just want to correct the most glaring mistakes, this and the next two releases will be the way to go.
  10. The first delivery of Trumpeter's 1/200 scale HMS Hood model kit is due in this week! For full details, please see our newsletter.
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