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Found 18 results

  1. Gondor44


    So I decided to actually do something rather than sitting around not feeling very well due to a cold. Out with the disc cutter and I even assembled part of the replacement The black sort of vertical lines are references for where parts are to go. I could possibly get away with moving the engine pack slightly forward as the helicopter now has a bit more weight behind the gearbox than there was before but I will probably keep it where it was as everything else such as the stub wings would have to be moved as well which is too much. The nose from the 56 will get replaced with that from the AH-1 as well. Not much done but it's a start. Gondor
  2. Hello, today I'm sharing a little build of a classic kit: the graceful Airfix Seasprite, which I completed slightly over a year ago. I built it as a gift for a friend I had in college, who had served as a US Navy landing signalman. It is built out-of-the-box, even making use of the supplied pilot and crew figures. The surface detail and rivets are largely out of scale, but I think it's a charming reminder of the way kits used to be tooled: without the use of CAD software and so on. It was a rather straightforward build with little problems, and the clear parts still look good after rattling around in the box for the better part of 4 decades! The decals were difficult however, thick and with a noticeable "adhesive" on the backsides - I probably should have masked the tail rotor stripes instead of using the decals there. Just don't squint too hard at it. Also, as with all of my builds, it's entirely brush painted. Thanks for looking!
  3. Well, only a month and a half left of 2020! Considering all the crazy stuff that happened this year, it flew past pretty quick for me. I didn't go on a single holiday this year due to well, we all know what, but at least I got to go to my local RAF bases Lossiemouth and Kinloss, I also saw some pretty exciting stuff whilst at home such as Pumas that were visiting to help with moving patients and A400Ms popping for a visit from BZZ. The highlight has to be the two spits G-IRTY and G-ILDA, hoping to finish the year with seeing the Catalina 'Miss Pick up' that will be doing an unplanned detour to Inverness airport to fix some stuff. Without further ado, here are some of my favourite pictures (in no particular order). Pumas came to visit from RAF Leeming to help with coronavirus efforts. Some of the local HMCG Helis, S92s becoming rarer nowadays for some reason, seeing the AW189 a lot. AW189 at Inverness airport when I went to see G-IRTY and G-ILDA. G-ILDA, was very happy when I noticed the pilot waving G-IRTY aka the silver spitfire, they sounded great! What time is it? A400M time! We also got a C-17 which was exciting. Another VERY exciting thing that happened was seeing the one and only (for now at least) An-225! Bad picture but in my defence it was very far away, this was with 120 times zoom if I remember correctly. Lossiemouth and Kinloss time - last section for now: These aren't all the pictures from Lossiemouth but I chose a few of the best ones. Kinloss: And to finish it off, good old DofE. Unfortunately I saw no action at Lossie nor Kinloss, only towing action but it was still great. Feel free to share what you saw this year, I would enjoy it, I may post more here depending on whether I see anything good thanks for reading @Adam Poultney here's your tag.
  4. Before i started posting on Britmodeller, i was working on a 1/72 Airfix Gazelle, and that project came to a crashing halt as i found that the canopy was cracked and clouded after using tamiya x-thin on it to get it in place. Throughout Lockdown, i was wondering what to do with it, trying to find a replacement canopy, and even a new kit for a gazelle, but fast forward a few months, i was talking to someone that worked on Gazelles and i was told they used brown paper to protect the windows and canopy while they were in storage, i could have decalled it up at that stage and replicated the the paper, but the decals were way beyond usable, and i had no black letters/number (xtradecal X72 157) and still dont, as every timed i checked, they were out of stock, ironically they are in stock now. So while i have a break from Merlin and Wessex for a couple weeks, i thought this would be a nice little project. But alas i know what scheme im going for, it will be XX453, used by The ETPS and QinetiQ. It will have some fictional aspects, but i will get it as close as possible During lockdown i did manage to get another Gazelle, which decals were also out of register, and the schemes were of a HC.2, while the kit was quite clearly an AH.1, with the GOA. I will be doing this one as XZ347 used by the AAC during Operation Granby. Most of the the ones used during the war had a dessert camouflage, sand filter and an exhaust facing upwards, this one had none of that, and was a one tone (dessert yellow) with no filter and a normal exhaust, i cant find any info as for why, but if anyone knows, please say. Lets start with the old first, So here is what she looked like before i found out the canopy, quite a nice looking Gazelle if I'm honest I have converted her into the version QinetiQ uses, with the antennas and not what (if you know what the are used for, please say i think i know what the long thin ones out to the side are but am not sure one the centre one) As for the one i recently started, here is the cockpit so far: Im planning on having a crew present, the two front figures are from this kit, while the one in the back is from the one in the back is from the other gazelle. I have tweaked it a little so it is in a different position Hopefully it will turn out with a happy ending this time
  5. To those who already built the kit, I wanna ask the following before I proceed in building mine. I'm a 1st timer in building military kits 1. Do I still need to put fishing sinkers to address the tipping of the kit? If so, how heavy should I put and where? 2. I'm gonna paint it in JGSDF camo pattern. What kind of camo painting techniques should I use? TIA
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Robbert, or C1Rob, 27 and I'm from Zwolle, The Netherlands. Like a lot of new users I recently re-found the hobby of scale models. I did some car models when i was around 15 but these turned out horrible haha, mostly because of lack of patience... Recently i picked up one of the stranded models (a 1/24 revell Chevy Malibu hotrod) which i used to practice a little bit. I found it fun and stress relieving which is good It will need some more work, but that will come with time. I had previously purchased one of those tiny air compressors from china (the nail airbursh things...) and used that to "paint" the malibu. It turned out ok but I decided that if i wanted to airbrush i needed something better. As a late/early birthday present my girlfriend bought me an Airbrush compressor. Its awesome and makes me want to practice some more. Its a Fengda AS186A (has a 3 liter airtank and start stop system). Im still using the airbrush which came with the earlier china thing but im lookin at some other Airbrushes soon. (Ultimate apex seems to be at the top of my list). My main interest had always been cars, but recently ive been looking into military models and im really starting to appreciate them alot! My dad had tried to build a dutch navy westland lynx with me from a 1/72 revell kit about 18 years back but that didnt turn out to well. I still have the box but cant find the parts haha. I really like the look and feel of helicopters and i feel its going to be my main go to although I do intent to build aircraft and armor aswell (both modern and older) Because of this I got a little over enthusiastic and bought a 1/32 Revell Westland Lynx to do up as the dutch navy version. When i received it I decided i might have taking up more than i could manage for now(over 150 parts) so decided to ground that until I have some more experience. Which made me look for something else. I then took up even more than i can manage by buying a 1/48 Gallery models Sikorsky HH-34 also to do up as the dutch navy used to fly them. Awesome model, great quality and has some nice PE parts included. Over 300 parts though hahaha. In the end I bought 2 cheap and simple kits this weekend to start and build up some experience: 1/72 Revell Bell UH-1 SAR 1/72 Revell Leopard A6M The stash right now(plus the 2 above) The 97 camaro and the integra are doomed. The Mr2 has a broken a pillar but might be fixable(has some questionable mods done to it though...) and the 70s Camaro is fixable: My Workspace so far(a little bit older picture, the "nail airbrush" is on there next to the laptop): And the goods(an old first aid bag my colleague at an old summer job threw away, i knew it would come in handy some day haha): I have some questions but I will post those in the correct sections. (one of the here) Sorry for the Long and picture heavy post! I've been enjoying lurking around here and I knew it was only fair to start of with lots of pictures in return hahaha(I put most of them in the spoiler tag to save some unaware 56k people. I hope to learn a lot here and hopefully share some of my projects and progress. Thank you!
  7. This was my Christmas gift from the family 2014 I'm not going to lie about this model , For a 1/48 scales this is a monster beast. This will start in about week or two . Enjoy Rick Big Ed's eduards photo etch set This kit is so big . I had to get a plastic tub out to was parts off ..
  8. Hello to all. My name is Simon (SimPlai) live in Italy and I thank you for accepting me in the forum. I did modeling for about 35 years, I built mainly planes and helicopters 1/72 and 1/48 modern. A few years ago (I think 7), a light earthquake brought down the windows that contained all my models. I stopped doing modeling. Then, about two years ago, I decided to start a project I had in mind in 1991, when I served in the military. I hope will please you and I would be honored for your opinions. Thank you again.
  9. Hi, did anyone ever produce a model kit of the Hiller HT-2 training helicopter, or is it a case of "If you want it, scratch it?" I know Special Hobby produced a 1/72 kit that could be used for an HT-1. Cheers
  10. Hi I'm thinking about dioramas, and was wondering who, if anyone, operated the Twin Huey in Bosnia during the early UN operations. I've found this photograph but I can't be sure of the helicopter's operator... any help would be much appreciated
  11. Here's my latest completion - the old KP kit built up as a Ugandan AF Mil Mi-17. I'd long ago promised this to a friend, who unfortunately passed on before I could complete it - it was delivered to his widow. My first whirlybird in over twenty years, and took much longer than I'd expected. Hope you appreciate it. With the availability of the HobbyBoss kit, this is definitely 'one the hard way', but it's what I had, and short of the major problem with the windscreen (which I didn't feel I had the skill to change), is not that bad a representation.
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