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Found 14 results

  1. Placeholder for the moment. Here is the venerable but still good (i think) He 111 H 6 from Italieri. One of my childhood favorites as it had the "right" upper turret on it. There are three options in the box two of which are torpedo carrying KG 26 machines. I quite fancy the sand coloured one but we'll see. I;m possibly doing it wheels up too. I haven't built a 111 for a long time so i'm looking forward to it. Cheers Greg
  2. This is probably of the very earliest plastic kits of a Heinkel 111. To make it look a bit more like the aircraft I had to reduce the length of the canopy by 8mm. It was an awful lot of fun to build.
  3. I now have both the Revell (ex Hasegawa) and Airfix He111H-6. I plan to use the Airfix Decals and make one as a Torpedo Bomber and the other as the 'Desert camouflage' option, so I've got a few questions before I think about starting them. 1) Was there any external differences between a regular He111H-6 and the one in Desert camou? As I can't see any tropical filters or anything in the Airfix instructions. 2) The Airfix kits tells you to only use 1 big bomb but there's two racks - Did the Desert Camou one ever use two large bombs or just the one like Airfix says? 3) Defensive armament. The Revell kit has a MG FF cannon in the nose, the Airfix one just has MG 15's in all positions. Did the torpedo bombers and Desert Camou ones ever have the MG FF cannon fitted? thanks Mike
  4. Just a quick question - do all the boxes of Airfix's Motorhead He111 come with the original kit decals and painting/marking guide? I'd like to build the Tropical and Torpedo Bomber versions but obviously the regular boxing is very difficult to find. thanks Mike
  5. The He111 has a real challenging Cockpit! Here some pictures of my 1/72 Revell/Hasegawa Heinkel He 111 Bomber which crashed from 2 m height. The Cockpit broke in to parts - now repaired. Hope you like! Instead of masking the Cockpit (which is very difficult for me) I used painted decals. Look at TOPIC "forget masking cockpits" Cheers! Andreas
  6. At the start of the year I decided to build these two in a side by side build. As the colour schemes were the same I thought they would be a nice quick build. Wrong. I’ve thankfully managed to finish them in the last week during lockdown. Both kits are Airfix 1/72 scale and are now quite long in the tooth. The mouldings have raised panel lines and all the control surfaces are able to be moved, so if built straight out of the box looked quite toy like. Worst of all were the clear parts, hardly any indication as to where the framework goes, totally smooth and poorly fitting. I rescribed the panel lines on both models and removed the toy like hinges of the control surfaces. The Heinkel was also missing wheel bays for the undercarriage, so I cut them out. Both kits were airbrushed using Vellejo model air paints. I managed to get some photos outside this morning. Despite not really enjoying the builds, I’m fairly pleased with the results. First the He111 And the Ju88 I also built up the fairings around the gun mounts at the rear of the canopy as the kit only provides two holes.
  7. My next model is the Airfix 1/72 He 111. The version in the box is an H6 carrying an external torpedo and bomb, however, I'd like to represent something from the Battle of Britain so probably an H2 with the bomb bay doors open and with the older style prop and exhausts (more research needed on all of this!). I've got the Eduard interior set and I'm going for a scheme off the Xtradecal BoB sheet. So far progress has been getting the interior painted (photos below) and fiddly etch bits together (I'll try and get some photos of these this evening). All comments and suggestions warmly welcomed! ps thanks to @limeypilot who's WIP has provided lots of inspiration and already pointed out a useful fix of putting plasticard at the front of the wing root to fill in the holes visible in the cockpit.
  8. Hello fellow modellers I bought this from a model shop in Melbourne. I thought it looked great and it reminded me of the movie "Dunkirk", which I am not sure if I liked the movie or not!!!!! I do like the white and black undersides of British planes at the time. Although I don't know why they used this scheme. Box art: I thought I would start the Spitfire as I have never built a Spitfire, it's about time I did. Spitfire parts: Have a look at the the free flash. I also got hold of this which I had the great idea of using instead of the Hasegawa parts. What is the difference between a Spitfire Mki and a MKIa? Thanks for stopping by for a look. Stephen
  9. Finally, after two years I finished this bad boy! Most of the time it was sitting on my shelf waiting for painting, unfortunately I just didn't have time to work on it. The He 111 is definitely my favourite Luftwaffe bomber, I just love it's shape of wings and the greenhouse cockpit. The kit is nicely detailed for the scale and goes together nicely. Unfortuantely you won't see any internal detail after the assembly but that's the issue with most bombers. There are fit issues with engine nacelles and the fuselage windows. Also the lack of bombs is quite unpleasant so I solved it with the bomb bay closed. Other than that it was calm adn nice build. The whole kit is brush painted. I used various Revell Aqua colors and I also bought set of Humbrol acrylic RLM 02, 65, 70, 71 for the camouflage. The Humbrol paints are alright, I used their original acrylic thinner for the camo. However i think that they are little bit too grainy/rough in comparison to Revell Aqua paints, which have smooth finish in my experience. With my next model, I'm going to use airbrush for the first time. I also got aftermarket decals for swastikas by Tally ho! ,,Luftwaffe heavy fighters and bombers for 1/72 scale" I have several complaints about them. First: they seem out of scale. At least the one assigned for He 111. I looked at historical photos and it seems that the cross should be smaller, not cool. Second thing: they are unneccessarily complex. You have separate white outline crosses and separate black inner crosses. And you have to align them properly, so you have to put on the white outline first, then put a coat of gloss varnish on it and then you can apply the black inner cross. Third: they are EXTREMELY soft and fragile. In combination with their compelxity and necessity to align the outline with the center it's really not good product at all. So if you are looking for aftermarket swastikas in 1/72 scale, don't bother with those by Tally ho! Things I tried for the first time with this kit: oil paint weathering and panel line highliting, scratch built seat belts from masking tape, pigment weathering on the undercarriage wheels (pigment made from koh-i-noor hard pastels). There was also an attempt to rigg the radio antenna but the fishing wire is probably not the best material for this purpose. It just didn't stick to the superglue so I gave up after several tries. Maybe next time or later with this kit. I know there are mistakes. The built up paint from masking is visible a lot between the camouflage patterns. Even though I tried to paint away from the edge to prevent the biuld up, it just happened. Also the connection at wing roots is not smoothed out perfectly after the putty, so I have to work on the cleanliness of my building part next time.
  10. My first large scale build since returning to the hobby after a 30 year lay off. I built this last year, haven't got any build pictures as I was just concentrating on getting the model built first, as I get more into model building I will start posting work in progress topics in the near future.
  11. Hello All, I have re-started an Airfix He 111, inspired by Gordon's build here. This has been an absolute SOD (shelf of doom, natch) since 2010. I started it as my third model after coming back to the hobby and shelved it as too ambitious. I have a bad travel schedule between now and the end of this build, so I am glad to see the KUTA group build following up behind! It's an early sixties Airfix kit, with some hi-tec cockpit detail: Comparing it with plans shows it's a bit narrow in the fuselage, so I had to fix that: And I wanted an H-1 so I inserted some windows from a polystyrene drinking glass: That's where I had got to. As I am going to detail the interior, make home made canopies, scratch build new accurate engines, rescribe and detail I'm calling it less than 25% done! I've masked off the windows and cut away the solid wheel wells: And made some progress on the interior: The grey is just a dark undercoat - hopefully after a trip to the Scale Model Show tomorrow I will be able to paint it with a new tin of Humbrol RLM02! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  12. Hello All, Just finished my Minicraft 1/144 He-111. I chose the in-flight option, and added some crew. I modified the decals a bit to make my chosen scheme. It was a surprisingly different experience from building a 1/72 kit. Here we go: An in-flight pose demanded some crew. So we start with some twisted 15A fuse wire: Then we bulk them up with some artist's acrylic paint (choose your least-used colour!): Then paint them up! Thanks for looking, Adrian PS: Sorry - "new", "improved" photobucket seems to be storing my photos at 1024x768 now instead of 800x600.
  13. OK - I've been slacking on Connie, the Ju 52 and the Lightning stuff - but I have been busy with this: It's, erm, a bit large to photograph on a kitchen worktop! Hopefully paint at the weekend Iain
  14. Need to get some daylight shots - and she's a real *bu**er* to photograph as she's so large... Anyhoo - please forgive the colour casts - will post better images when I have them. Iain
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