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Found 56 results

  1. Hi All, This is a model I built two years ago but did not happen to post here since then. A very well known kit so probably no need to describe construction much. I used quite a bit of aftermarket stuff including Pavla cockpit, SBS wheels, Master pitot tube (kit's part is awful) and an excellent S&M decal sheet. Not much assembling issues. I read about potentially troubling wing to fuselage fit so took enough care to make sure everything sits right. Pavla resin went in surprisingly easy. Main undercarriage is designed to be glued in place at a very early stage. I opted not to do that. In order to be able to squeeze undercarriage into placement holes at a later stage, I had to heavily cut locating pins so that undercarrige drives to the places okay. I chose Red Arrows scheme from the mid 70s from S&M sheet. This sheet allows to build any Gnat in RAF service. A must have for a Gnat fan Colours on tail are painted. Stencils are from the kit's decal. Red paint I used is Hobby Color Flat Red. Finished in several layers of Future. Mods I had to do to make a display team Gnat were addition of smoke pipes next to the exhaust and skipping fuel tanks. Lastly - couple shots of my three RAF trainers in collection so far. Vampire and JP were posted here earlier. All the best! Dennis
  2. Hi guys. I just finished my latest modell, number six for this year. It´s the very nice molded Gnat kit from Special Hobby in 1/72 scale. Built without any problems except the camera lenses which didn't fit properly. I used Micro Kristal Klear instead of them. Finland used the Gnat from 1958 to 1972, eleven F.1 and two FR.1 were flown by HävLLv 11 and HävLLv 21. Cheers Daniel
  3. Hi there! I already had a plan for this GB - but I think I will deviate from my original plan right away. I had a long & hard look on the scandinavian planes on my stash - and the Gnat got my attention. Firstly - it's one of those types that are overshadowed by other types. Such as the Hawker Hunter, which for example RAF chose instead of the Gnat. Secondly - it was purchased at a difficult time and it had a difficult career in the Finnish Air Force, but still managed to serve from 1958 until 1972, despite the purchase of MiG-21's in the early '60's. And thirdly - most importantly - it was one of the first kits I bought when I came back to the hobby last year. I was visiting Finnish Air Force Museum at Tikkakoski and saw the plane there and bought the kit! So I thought it's time for a Gnat to shine too! Here's a Gnat at Finnish Air Force Museum (ilmavoimamuseo.fi/). Livery is 'Kreivi von Rosen' which means 'Count von Rosen'. Count Eric von Rosen was an important person for Finnish Air Force - as he donated the first plane to our air force and as such helped to create it in the first place. This is also the origin of the Finnish Swastika. Count von Rosen's lucky symbol - a blue swastika - was painted on the wings of the Thulin Type D he donated. And here is the kit. Like I mentioned earlier - UK never acquired the fighter version of this type - and Gnat F.1 was actually only used by the Finns, Yugoslavians and the Indians. Finland had total of 11 planes (not including 2 recce variants), Yugoslavia 2 and India 40. India used the type quite a lot and went to license produce it as HAL Ajeet. Back of the box and colour scheme options. What's in the box. Sharp looking decals, very good looking sprues and full colour instruction sheets. Special Hobby kit's I've encountered so far (Gnat & Vampire) look splendid! Main bits. The name Gnat is fitting - the plane is TINY! It looks like a miniature of itself. Couple of nose options, for the recce & trainer variants I believe. Some of the weapon options. That we are not using - just the fuel tanks. Clear parts. Gnat had a particularly strange canopy - the windshield stayed in place and the canopy sealed around it, rather than have separate front part of the canopy as normal. Maybe to improve visibility to have less framing? Not sure. In any case there is both options included in the kit - to display the canopy either closed or open. Closer look at the fuselage, it really looks really nice this kit. And this is the colour scheme we will be doing, 'Kreivi von Rosen'. Colours were basic RAF colours at the time, olive green & grey upper surfaces and high speed silver undersurfaces. Questions, comments? Feel free to join the fun
  4. Building this kit, bought earlier tonight from Aldi. As Hot Shots Fallus fighter bomber. The Navy! Using decals from anothe Gnat in my stash. Parts. I've never seen this option built up. And a very quick interior paint job.
  5. The Airfix 1/48th scale Folland Gnat T.1 will be my entry for The Year I Was Born Group Build. 1955 was the year Airfix released their first scale model which was the, Supermarine Spitfire. Other events in this year were as follows. The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (R09) was commissioned. The USS Nautilus (SSN-571) made her maiden voyage. Bill Gates was born and, Albert Einstein died in 1955. Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in the UK. This was also the year Winston Churchill resigned as the British Prime Minister. The Dam Busters and, The Ladykillers were both released in this year. The first edition of The Guinness Book of Records was published as was, Ian Fleming Moonraker during 1955. Finally, on the 18th July 1955, the Folland Gnat made its first flight. Folland Gnat T Mk1 XM693. The Gate Guardian of the former Folland site at Hamble which is now part of GE Aviation. This aircraft was manufactured at the Hamble site in 1960.
  6. Here`s my interpretation of Oscar EW-5894 Fallus Tactical Fighter Bomber, USS Essess, 1991. I started to build this kit about 6 years ago (A01006 kit without "Hot Shots!" decals). Of course it was supposed to be fast and stressless project... It was not. I`m not happy with this kit, not happy with a final result, but I`m happy that I finished it and put it on the shelf. Model "out of the box" except decals and canopy (vacu from Pavla)
  7. This is my first post in WIP- Aircraft, but having read about the poor quality of the paints and brush supplied with the Airfix starter kits, I thought I would share my experiences of m OOB build of the Airfix 1:72 Gnat purchased from Aldi. A Yellowjack Gnat would not normally be on my build list, as it was not based in East Anglia but this I one of my favourite Airshow moments (Dunsfold 2014) and the Gnats in the photo are based at North Weald. As to the kit At the sprues were given a good dose of washing up liquid and well rinsed as no primer was going to be used. As the build would follow the instructions I decided to pre-paint all the parts shown in the instructions as requiring painting before assembly and hit my first issue The pot of black paint did not have a hinge or opening tab - it also showed signs of leakage! How that was nothing compared to no 11. I opened the pot and found... Rather than the expected Silver a rather fetching shade of light blue/grey. Anyway had plenty of Silver in stock so by the end of the first evening pre-painting complete. As a last question this raises an interesting issue about consumer rights. What (as with this one) I buy a kit make a start on it and then discover at a later stage that the kit was deficient in some way, can I still return it to the retailed for refund/replacement?
  8. Another finish from my Therapy Build Thread, 11th one for the year! Sweet little Airfix new tool, WIP here. Some fit issues but easily overcome, painted with Halfords Peugeot Cherry Red/Mr Leveling thinner. Kit decals behaved beautifully with solid whites, tail flashes a bit thick and with a made up colour that may or may not be Humbrol 25, not any version of BS110 roundel blue. Nose light was Eduard landing light with 10 sec uv glue/resin built up, then added a 0.3mmtube/0.1mm rod pitot to test my sanity (failed). If you've got one or more in the stash, get one out for a fun quick build, its tiny cute little plane as shown with the brute of an F-15C for comparison. Now take cover, this fella is comin' in low....
  9. Good evening gents and gentesses, having landed back from New York about four hours ago I am now back in the work room thinking of Telford. Whenever we get down to the last couple of weeks I feel the need to push myself to finish something last minute. This time I found a Gnat in my stash crying out to be built. Looks a lovely kit with two very nice schemes, but which to choose? After a bit of deliberation I chose to do both, so dug the other one from the stash. Now I can do both for Telford. Also I can keep changing my mind for the final schemes, what joy. So. On with the building. Thanks for looking.
  10. HAL Ajeet Mk.I / Gnat F1 1:72 Special Hobby The Folland Gnat was a lightweight, subsonic fighter and trainer aircraft designed by Teddy Peter of Westland Whirlwind and English Electric Whirlwind fame. Although the fighter version of the Gnat was never used by the RAF, it was used by Finland, Yugoslavia and India, who built many examples of the diminutive fighter under licence. The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Ajeet (invincible) was an improved Gnat F.1, with additional fuel tanks in the wings, an extra pair of underwing hardpoints and improved avionics. This is a re-release of Special Hobby's Gnat F1, with decals and parts relevant to the revised Indian version. The kit comprises three sprues of light grey plastic, a small clear sprue and the aforementioned decals. As this is a modern Special Hobby tooling, there are no resin or photo etched parts. Construction, as ever, begins with the cockpit. This comprises a tub, rear bulkhead, instrument panel, gunsight, control column and ejection seat. Curiously there are two instrument panels; one for use with an open canopy and one for a closed canopy. The former looks larger, and presumably is more accurate but would not allow the canopy to close. A choice of two different ejector seats are provided, thus capturing one of the more obvious differences between the Gnat and the Ajeet. Before the fuselage can be closed, the four-part engine tailpipe and the nose gear bay must also be fixed in place. You don't need to worry about adding ballast at this stage, as the nosecone is a seperate part and can easily accommodate the recommended one gram of weight. The wings are moulded with seperate upper and lower parts, while the vertical and horizontal tail parts are moulded as solid items. I thought the Ajeet had slab elevators, but the parts provided are the same as those used for the regular Gnat F.1. I can't seem to find any decent photographs of the Ajeet's tail, however, so I shall have to reserve judgement for now. A choice of two different nose cones are provided, so make sure you use the correct version for the particular aircraft that you want to build. Flip the aircraft over and things get busy, with nicely detailed landing gear and a selection of fuel tanks and two different rocket pods. Two different canopy parts are provided; one open and one closed. The decal sheet provides for three options: HAL Ajeet E1997, No. 2 Squadron "Winged Arrows", Indian Air Force, 1980s. This aircraft is finished in overall natural metal with the fuselage from the trailing edge of the wing backwards painted in light blue; Hindustan Gnat IE1083, No. 23 Squadron, Indian Air Force, 1965s. This aircraft is finished in overall natural metal; Hindustan Gnat E256, Operational Conversion Unit, Indian Air Force. This aircraft is finished in overall natural metal with yellow and black tiger stripes along the spine and vertical tail; HAL Ajeet E2024 "Murali", No. 2 Squadron "Winged Arrows", Indian Air Force, 1980s. This aircraft is finished in overall natural metal, with black chevrons on the upper wing and rear fuselage/tail. Conclusion Special Hobby's Gnat is a nice little kit and easily the equal of Airfix's trainer version. Construction looks straightforward and the kit is surprisingly well detailed. Notwithstanding the question mark over the elevators (which I may well be wrong about), this looks like a really well-executed kit and one that can be highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  11. Here's the kit I planned to build - something that shouts 'RAF' without being a Spitfire..... ... and here's the kit I'm actually going to build ( slightly different take on the obligatory 'kit not started' picture courtesy of Lucy(fur) the dog..... ) Now what was that shade of red called again... ?
  12. Hello! This is my new model. It's a little model and good set. That's why building was easy and pleasant. From aftermarket I used only CMK cockpit and SBS model wheels. Also I made pilot tube from medical needles with different diameters. In painting I used MR Hobby paints. In this model I first used gloss wanish HATAKA. I think it's one of the best vanish. Weathering- oil dots and different washes.
  13. Friend of mine has started building the Airfix 1/48 Gnat. He is very puzzled by one of the parts, no.1, which doesn't appear anywhere in the instructions. I have had a look at it myself, but it still remains a mystery to both of us. Any answer out there? TIA
  14. Not only made in Britain, but in my opinion the best of Britian. Flying the Red, White and Blue all over the world since 1965 the Red Arrows are perhaps the premier aerobatic teams in the world and are great ambassadors for the United Kingdom. After a disastrous end to my last build I hope to make a better job this time around. I will be building both models from the Airfix 1/48 scale 50th Anniversary box set.
  15. Been in a bit of a modeling funk recently - finding it hard to build up any enthusiasm for the hobby. Two weekends ago, my wife and daughter were out of town, so I thought I'd give the new Airfix JP a go - a nice, simple build, no complications, just the thing to get the modeling juices going. As I was looking at the boxes in my stash, I thought to myself that perhaps I could build the Airfix Vampire as well, while I was at it - similar, simple colour scheme, so I could airbrush both at the same time. While I was contemplating that idea, I spied the Airfix Gnat box - same scheme...... So I started all three.... And they are nice, simple builds - aside from a few minor issues, they built up very easily and quickly, such that I had all three airframes complete before the end of the weekend - just what the doctor ordered! Finishing them was another matter - the Airfix JP Dayglo decals are thick, brittle and unresponsive to decal softeners. A re-think and a quick look through the old SAM magazine pile showed that I could do the JP in an identical colour scheme to the other two. A profile in SAM showed that I could even build the exact same airframe - XM413 - in an earlier scheme than that offered in the Airfix box, so I could use those decals for this build - bonus! And a lucky bonus too - I discovered I was reading the Airfix painting guide incorrectly - I thought the Airfix box scheme was High Speed SIlver with Dayglo stripes, whereas it's actually LAG - I had painted the model in the wrong colour. Finding the same airframe in the earlier HSS/Fluorescent Orange scheme was fortuitous, saving a re-paint. I even had some spare CFS rhomboid decals in the spares box from the old Matchbox Provost kit. I spent most weeknights this past week adding decals, and just finished all three this morinng. So, here are the Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.3, Gnat T.1 and Vampire T.11: Thanks for looking!
  16. Greetings to all forum members. Today it was a sunny day on my balcony, so I was able to do some photos. Unfortunately, it has appeared the colour red under sunny conditions changes to orange. All the same, I hope the photos of the model are okay for you. You find a WIP here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010360-follant-gnat-t1-airfix-148-britains-old-school/#comment-2509923
  17. Hello! This is one of my model. This model illustrates the plane from the movie " Hot Shots! " it's very small model, but assembly was not easy because of my carelessness and negligence I used MR color paints. Weathering- oil dots and washes. Decal from Special Hobby kit.
  18. A simple question for anyone who has built the new tool Gnat in 1:72, is it a tail sitter, the airfix instructions don't mention weight. Thanks in advance CT
  19. Since my very first modelling expieriences as I was a young boy, the Airfix Gnat kit will be the first of that brand after many many years. After opening the box I was absolutely impressed, don`t know what I`ve expected. It seems Airfix has meanwhile reached the rank of well known asian brands. Nevertheless the cockpit is well detailed I couldn`t resist to add some minor improvements. I`ve started with some knobs and lever out of Evergreen and Plastruct plastic and drilled out the instrument bezels. About the Instruments I`ll explain later more. The ejection seat are nice moulded with a lot of parts.I`ve tried to sculpting the cussions out of Green Stuff, and replicated the belts with thin tinfoile. The strabs are photoetched parts from Reheat. Here we can see both seats try fitted into the cockpit.
  20. Hi folks, here is my Airfix 1/72 Folland Gnat. The Gnat is really a cute little jet. The Airfix kit is somewhat less cute, though. Fit wasn't good and I really don't like these deep and broad panel lines. Finally, I decided to fill them up with putty. Rescribing the lines would have been the best solution but on such a small model with an attractive colour scheme and lots of stencils it doesn't look too bad with a smooth surface. The painting of this model suffered from some near-catastrophic masking-failures that were entirely my fault. The silver paint is from Vallejo. For the day-glo red I followed some advice from this forum and airbrushed a basecoat of bright red (Tamiya) followed by fluorescent red from Vallejo. Regardless of the manufacturer the coverage or opacity of neon or fluorescent paint always seems to be bad and, therefore, the base coat is needed.
  21. Oscar EW 5894 Phallus Lightweight Tactical Fighter Bomber (or Folland Gnat) from the film Hot Shots. Based on the carrier USS Essess. This is the special hobby kit which goes together really well, all apart from the canopy, the fit there was terrible, but might have been me?
  22. This coming Thursday's (23rd June) club night competition will have the theme of Jubilee Royale for which entrants can be anything in British service since the Coronation. I have nothing built although I suppose I could use the Vampire but as it has already won a club comp night it feels wrong to enter it into another club competition. I then struck upon the (insane) idea of attempting to complete a kit over two evenings and to a good enough standard. So here it is in progress 3 hours of work so far. Box Sprues (we've seen 'em all before) Assembly so far, cockpit just has basic paint so far but I'll try to liven it up a bit later. Little bit of Mr Dissolved Putty to be sanded down but otherwise fit remarkably good, as long as those mould lines are cleaned up That's it so far will post any further updates as they happen. Thanks for looking Phil *edited for multiple fat finger and spelling errors
  23. Hello Gentlemen, Here is my latest finished model. This is Airfix 1/72 kit. Basically made OOB with only modifications of seats (harnesses and ejection handles) and of the inlets. Used Alclad and a homemade mix of Gunze for the orange color. Hope you like it. Your comments will be welcome. Cheers, Antoine
  24. Good evening all, I've been following some of the builds on this group build for a month or two and alas last night I decided to enter into it. So, here I am- my first group build! What am I building? Well, during the "black friday" sales the Airfix Gnats were on sale for about £2, so I got 4 of them! I have already completed one (as seen below) as "what-if" British Airways Gnat (Note: NOT PART OF THE GROUP BUILD!) On a more serious note, the relatively recent incident regarding Kevin Whyman and the Gnat Display Team has given me an idea of what to do with the other 3 Gnats: the red and white "striped" gnat and the yellow gnat on either side of my Avro Vulcan (hung from the ceiling) with Whyman's red arrows gnat ahead, nose up and soaring into the heavens. Things that I have noticed about the kit during my BA gnat build and a previous OOB build is that: A. The landing gear legs need to be fully secured before the gear bays are inserted into the fuselage B. The seats need to be painted before they are glued to the "back-walls" of the cockpit C. Pitot probe is sturdy but not invulnerable! D. The underside antennae can be damage easily, so be careful! -It is also worth pointing out that these gnats will be built with the undercarriage retracted so the gear bays aren't a critical feature. Cue the pictures!!!: Picture of the 4 Gnat kits (note the Vulcan mouse-mat, i'm a huge Vulcan fan ) British Airways Gnat (not part of the GB) British Airways Gnat (not part of the GB) The aforementioned Vulcan (done many years ago when I was entering into the hobby, painted with a grey that was too dark ) So, that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by Kind Regards, Sam
  25. Greetings Fellow Modellers! I submit for your perusal a pair of small, so terribly small Gnats . Both models are Airfix's newish Gnat T.1 in 1:72 scale. They represent my return to the hobby, in that on these models I let loose every experiment from which I could learn. I initially wanted to build them OOB, but I ended up using quite a bit of aftermarket stuff: the pitot tubes are Albion Alloy Micro Brass Tubes and the nose wheels are from a nice wheel update set from the Hungarian company SBS. The nose wheels make an improvement over airfix's ones which are a little bit too small. The main wheels are from the kit, and the examples left over from the SBS set will be used later for a hangar diorama. The canopy was cut with a Revell precision saw to enable it to be posed open. The interior of the canopy was lightly detailed with thin plastic card and stretched sprue. For canopy work I mostly used bookbinder's glue, which is a strong PVA type. The windscreen was made flush with the fuselage with the aid of Gunze Mr. Dissovled Putty and then Mr Surfacer 500. Same story for smoothing the side walls of the nose wheel wells. Cockpit and ejection seats were detailed with plastic card of different thicknesses, stretched sprue and very occasionally thin brass wire. Paint was basically Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby, except Vallejo for detail work and Citadel Runefang Steel for the silver. I had lots of trouble with the H1 gloss white, which I applies much too thickly and as a result wouldn't cure well. Thanks to tips from the Tools&Tips section (thanks DuncanB ) I learned some new skills. First matt white, a coat or two, then one coat of gloss. Works beautifully. Decals were from all over the place: lots of stuff from S&M models' sheet, wing stencils came from the home printer, and the rest was basically scavenged. Please forgive the format of some of the photos, I liked the idea of imitating 1970s film, so I edited the model's images accordingly. gnat2-7 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-9 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-13 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-1 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-3 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-15 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-4 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-5 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-2 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-14 by J Goat, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Jay
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