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  1. GAL.48 Hotspur Mk.II (211) 1:48 Planet Models by Special Hobby General Aircraft Limited were approached by the British government to create a new troop-carrying glider after the German Fallschirmjager’s successes with them in the early war. The Hotspur was the result, but it was soon realised that its 8 troop limit was insufficient for their needs going forward, and the initial Mark.I suffered from some teething troubles that were addressed by the more competent Mk.II after only 18 Mk.Is were made. Changes to the wing were made to improve flight characteristics,
  2. I decided to try build something similiar to polish glider Bocian SZD-9 bis 1D. I will try not to write and only show progress
  3. Taking advantage of the "opportunity" (COVID isolation) I completed the model of the DFS Rhönbussard glider. The base was CMR resin. Attention! The set hull is too short by 4 mm. Apparently not much, but in this scale and with the size of the model it's VISIBLE. Fortunately, I was able to add the missing part This glider (reg. SP-125) was taken over and reconstucted in Poland after II World War and served 3 years. I tried to show as many moving wing elements as possible and the structure of the airfoil. I hope you will like the model
  4. EoN Eton TX.1/SG-38 Over Western Europe (SH72442) 1:72 Special Hobby The Schneider SG-38 was a bare-bones glider designer to be an introductory airframe in flight schools. It was designed in the late 30s, and was manufactured by a number of companies, latterly Elliotts of Newbury as the Eton TX.1. It was employed in the UK and other countries after WWII as a cheap glider to be used by aeroclubs, which were still popular after the war. It was a truly basic in design, with a fabric covered wing and empennage, using bracing wires to hold it rigid like a WWI fighte
  5. Next glider finished After almost two years from start (read: it's not so complicated kit; just the modeller was lazy....) I've finished model of first Polish post-war glider: "Sęp". Model shows a prototype which is easy to distinguish from serial ones - has no air brakes on top wing surfaces. The source :
  6. For this build I am doing the Jach 1/72 Baynes Bat kit. It is nice and simple, having just 12 plastic components and a little bit of photo etch. This is a 'family friendly' Blitzbuild as my partner has tolerated a lot of my plastic modelling this year which is why I started at 3pm - we had a nice walk with the puppy first. Hence this will be the most leisurely build, starting 'Boxing day' and probably finishing two days later on "Boxing day" My subject is a glider flown in 1943 to test the viability of the swept wing configuration for attachment to a tank to deliver said armour t
  7. Finished. Finally. It should take me two or three times less time, but... The most important is that I'm quite enjoyed at the end. Enjoy watching. WiP thread is here.
  8. My new project - looking easy to build Grob Astir CS from Kovozávody Prostějov. I've chosen polish markings - SP-3703. Firstly I filled places for bottom air brakes - Grob Astir have only upper! Additionally I cut and shifted ailerons. In second step I glued fuselage halves, cut hole for wheel and add butt floor. Next I modified a seat and instrument panel shape (SP-3703 have different panel than others).
  9. DFS Olympia was a glider projected for Olympics 1940. Unfortunately due to IIWW this type was used rather for training new pilots than for sport competition. After IIWW some of gliders were abandoned by Germans on territory of Poland. 21 of them were restored and used. SP-390 was restored in Gdansk and flew in Malbork. As a basis I used an AZ model kit in 1/72 scale. I've added few parts in cockpit (invisible at the end), aerial brakes and printed own set of decals. Enjoy watching
  10. So having tested the water with a couple of RFI's here, I thought I'd take the plunge and start my first WIP. Its a Vacform 1/72 T21 by Phoenix models. Like my T31 I posted in RFI a few weeks back, this is another aircraft that I spent some happy years experiencing the joys of flight as a teenager, with 615 Gliding school at RAF Kenley. As you can see, although basic, they are probably all that could be offered for such a kit. Thanks to some very helpful information from Chris @stringbag I also have some plans from an old edition of the Aeroplane. Th
  11. Having completely gone overboard with GB fever, I thought I could put in this small kit of the General Aircraft Hotspur II Glider - no engines so must be simple! I have been extremely impressed with all the builds going on in the 'Trainers' GB currently in progress with all the yellow paintwork so I thought I might cover two GB's with one kit and build this for the Frog Squad GB as well. If I'm to make it, I can't start until 1st June and need to finish by the 9th, having started my other two kits in order first. I don't really know anything about gliders s
  12. A build from 2008, 11 years ago: I bet you never heard of this one. 1919…a seaplane-glider...now, that’s a concept. Whatever the logics behind it, the result was as cute as cumbersome. A not well known Fokker apparatus that was also tried on wheels, apparently didn’t produce any remarkable results to assure a place in posterity…other than this one. Towed by a motor boat with and without a pilot, the flight performance was strangely about the same. It was reported that among fish and cattle some stress cases were developed but fortunately without major consequences. Same g
  13. After almost a year, I can now finally present the completed Phoenix models vac form of the T21 Sedbergh glider. Those of you that followed the WIP will know that this model took an immense amount of effort, with much of the fuselage being rebuilt in my quest for accuracy. I am particularly grateful to @stringbag for much very useful reference material and advice at the start of the build, a big thank you Chris! Also thanks to all those of you who followed the WIP with much encouragement. It was originally completed for Telford last year, but post that show I decided to re-do the c
  14. A build from 10 years ago: What about another beautiful sailplane? First flight,1934!! Victor Nikolaevich Belyayev was part of a group of visionary designers that created innovative, ahead of their time planes. The BP-2, or TsAGI-2 was a high-efficiency, 20 meter span sailplane that used a variation of the “Babochka” –butterfly- wing. It was practically a flying wing, with “positive arrow”. As usual, not much exists around regarding this beautiful design, but I got enough from the Net to build the model. This plane seems to have been flown with and without a hor
  15. A build from 11 years ago: Yet another glider! At about 5.5 meters span the Louis Clement triplane seems like something you can take on your carry-on bag to the nearest airstrip. It was first presented at the Paris Aero Salon in 1919 with an Anzani engine behind the pilot on top of the aft fuselage, transmitting power through an extension shaft to the propeller on the normal front position. One could say it was the ultra-light of the time. It reappeared in the Salon in 1921 without the engine. The Clement triplane was made of a rather complex tubular metal const
  16. A model from 11 years ago: Let's try with another glider: French extravagance and flair is not just limited to fashion, as this Alérion Peyret of 1922 demonstrates. Of tandem-wing configuration and with a fuselage in need of a corset, it nevertheless won the soaring competition –at the hands of Maneyrol- at Itford, England, in 1922 setting an endurance record of 3 hours 22 minutes. Some time later Maneyrol pushed the record beyond the 8 hours mark with the same plane. The model: At 6.6 meters of span it is small in 1/72 scale. Images will walk you through the buildin
  17. A build from 10 years ago: Why not an unusual glider to break the routine? At the beginning of the 20’s German students grouped in associations to promote gliding. One of those was located in the Berlin area and gave birth to a number of designs, the fist of which is presented here. It is not clear if this tail-less design had such economy of materials because of the tough after-war times or perhaps due to the influence of the Etrich zanonia-type gliders. In any case the attractive lines of “Charlotte” were enough for me to have a go at her. I was intr
  18. To contribute with more gliders, a build from 2 years ago. Szybowiec Bydgoszczanka.... Not an easy name for me to pronounce, but otherwise a beautiful machine. The first word means "glider", and the second -I surmise- means "from the city of Bydgosz" or "Bydgoszoan", if I am wrong please let me know. I have built a number of Polish planes, remarkable how that little country can produce such an amazing number of significant planes (Note: as I repost this I currently have a WIP of the RWD-5). Photos show a version with landing skids (not snow skis) and another with w
  19. A model from about a year ago, to add some variety to the pool. SZD-9 Bocian https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SZD-9_Bocian Among the oldies but goldies kits there is this Polish glider, OOP now of course that nevertheless is frankly quite good. The kit had many incarnations, and it is relatively easy to find. I comissioned a set from Arctic Decals to complete the model, having found a more appealing scheme than the kit offered online. This Polish kit of very good molding depicts the 1D variant, SP-1862, so if you want other liveries just be sure you get the variant right,
  20. Another glider also from about a year ago. Second of the four vintage kits of Polish gliders of the fifties that I purchased at Palm Springs desert is the "Gil" (bullfinch). The first one, The Bocian, is posted here: As with the Bocian, I started by gathering references, of which I found a decent number in Polish websites to cover for details like the instrument panel and such. The same sort of naive box illustration is present, as well as decals, a very nice transparent canopy and the reasonably-sized instruction drawings and the -seemingly customary for the m
  21. Here is Sir George’s flying carriage in all its kite-looking beauty. I made this model some time ago, but thought of posting now here for the fellow BModelers. I followed neither the “flying” replicas nor the modern renditions but the original Cayley’s drawings. In his description he states that wire or rope may be used for the rigging, so I used “rope”, more accordingly to contemporary ballooning and nautical practices. In his drawings the fore mast does not protrude above the sail, and so it was depicted here too. The sight of such aviation dawn designs is refreshing and helps
  22. I built this model some time ago, but the subject popped in conversation as the result of the posting yesterday of the scratchbuilt model of the Cayley Flying Carriage Yet another multimedia kit from DR Design of Brazil, like the Clement Ader Avion III I just posted, with its pros and cons. Caveat Emptor. I decent model can be made of it with patience and persistence.
  23. And the last pioneer machine for today, yet another Lilienthal design, a biplane. Also made long ago, but in the same vein. The comments are the same as the ones made in today's related pioneer posts. A tricky multimedia kit, but nice to have a kit of these more arcane designs.
  24. Yet another pioneer machine, one of the many Otto Lilienthal's designs, a kit I made some time ago and also related to the post of the scratchbuilt Cayley's Flying Carriage. The DR Design kit from Brazil presents its challenges, and requires patience and skill, but can be turned into a decent model:
  25. 1:50 & 1:60 gliders from Hasegawa November 2016 unknown types for me http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/16ajhs_s/
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