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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone. I bought this "what-if" kit from Freightdog at the Telford show. It looked like such an amazing aircraft and a fun build. Also, as a new recruit to the IPMS Hawker Typhoon, Tempest & Sea Fury SIG would give me something new to put on their display table next time. Freightdog's resin parts are packed inside the KP Tempest V kit box (but are also available separately I believe). It also includes an A5 sheet containing historical notes, recommendations for builders and instructions cross referenced to the kit's instructions. Thanks are given for contributions by Paul Lucas & Dominic McEvoy, with a dedication to Mike McEvoy. The historical notes read "Proposed in 1943, the Hawker P.1027 was a Tempest development using the then unbuilt Rolls-Royce 46H Eagle. Changes to the Tempest design included a longer nose cowling foro the powerful 4,020 hp Eagle engine, contra rotating propellers and relocation of the radiators from the nose chin (or later wing leading edges) to mid way on the underside of the fuselage, similar to the Martin Baker MB.5. The P.1027 remained a paper project that, if built, could have seen service into the early post-war period." I think it was intended that the aircraft would be a long range fighter. Here are some shots of the parts.... A decal sheet is not provided with the conversion, but there is the one supplied in the kit itself of course. I'll go ahead with building the model and hope I can decide on a scheme and markings by the time I get to apply paint! Any comments during the build would be most welcome: also any thoughts you may have on suitable schemes! Thanks for looking, Pat
  2. Freightdog 1/72 BAC MUSTARD ( multi-unit space transport and recovery device) A 1960s project to develop a space transport system, this would have been the low speed research glider. Freightdogs kit is lovely, easy build, the undercarriage legs look abit weak, but are fine, just drill the holes abit bigger, and put the legs on after painting, which i didnt!! I made up a glider hitch under the nose, with a metal 'rubbing' plate, using bare metal foil, a pitot tube and a breaking/anti spin parachute container, It had to be painted yellow. Thanks for looking
  3. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Airfix P-51D Mustang, converted to RAF standards, using Freightdog resin conversion (FDR72013). Painted with Mr.Hobby acrylics, photos by Wolfgang Rabel. Markings from Xtradecals (X72131), representing an aircraft of RAF 19. Squadron, based in Peterhead, early 1945. I added metal gear legs from Scale Aircraft Conversions for better stability. The kit's antenna was covered in flesh, so I replaced it with a piece from my spares box. Painting the yelow-black stripes on the nose was a challenge, because masking tape does not work well on small diameters. I had to touch-up the lines by brush. Thank you for your interest, best greetings from Vienna! Roman
  4. This one has been sittting on my Shelf of Doom for a long time so went to task of completing the special scheme it has. It is used for dis-similar air training. The decals were printed by myself and the converted nose and humpback came from Freightdog Models. The kit is from Airfix. Paints were Xtracrlix for the grey and Revell Anthracite for the black. Thanks for looking. Regards Robert
  5. Well, here is my first participation in a group build! Having been "Furloughed" by my employer, the "Leg Iron" decided there was alternative employment available "around the house", thankfully, the council has closed the tip and all non essential shops have also put the shutters up, which left little to do but show her the email from work which stated "You are not to carry out any work"! Awesome! So here she is, my entry in the Group Build! The venerable Revell Lancaster! I`ll only be using the stencils from this decal sheet. Lots of nice grey plastic, I have an Airfix Lancaster in the stash but I am saving that for conversion to a Lincoln (Once Blackbird models have the conversion back in stock!). I am quite impressed with the quality of detail in this kit, which I picked up for £15! This box of bits has been sitting in the stash for about a year, the Freightdog ASR III/GR 3 conversion, new wheels, Lincoln rudders, a whole heap of intakes, two vacform domes and a hoofing great airborne lifeboat! And finally some decals, there are two Maritime schemes in this set. So without further delay, lets get this show on the road! Cockpit assembly took very little time, although there are a few ejector pin marks that needed filling, I think that even with the huge expanse of canopy very little is going to be visible once the fuselage is buttoned up. I chopped the lower wing at the bend line just outboard of the inner nacelles to correct the dihedral The outer wing was then glued in place, but not down the cut line, the cut extends into the leading edge back as far as the nacelle join, when everything is cured, I shall slip a shim into the gap in the lower skin and this will push the wing tip up and increase the dihedral! The cockpit is assembled, It is a little basic, but I will add a few bits and bobs, trim wheels and the like, and somewhere for the flight engineer to park his backside! I will not however be putting any charts or maps on the navigators table. You might get away with that sort of behaviour in the French air force, but in the RAF, such things as Maps ,Charts and Logs are controlled documents, collected by the Navigator from the Navigation section prior to sortie they would be returned to the Navigation section once back on Terra Firma and following debrief, before the Navigator headed to the Officers Mess for a skin-full of pop to calm the nerves which have just taken a jolly good eight hour hiding from the boyish antics of "Biggles" in the drivers seat So a productive first day, all "Win Column" so far! Ta for lookin` no G! Granto
  6. Very nervous about posting this one its taken me about 4 weeks to get the nerve together, I have knocked together a little stand out of some scrap Perspex sheet mounted onto a 3mm thick Cork base. My first aircraft model in about 30+ years its a 1/72 resin kit by Freight Dog Models. A whatif of the almost finished but scrapped SR-177A a mixed power rocket and jet high altitude interceptor designed to be almost a manned rocket to shoot down Soviet Bombers before they could get to the UK. SR-177 It would have been a hell of a ride for the pilot but Ballistic Missiles killed its role. I have imagined if the RAF bought the 177 but took out the rocket and converted its rocket fuel tanks into jet fuel tanks and turned it into a pure jet fighter armed with twin ADENS and Sidewinder AIM 9J missiles. IMG_20200106_162116472_HDR by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200106_162338420 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200106_162406544 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200106_162153277 by Stuart, on Flickr
  7. A conversion of the old Matchbox Victor using the Freightdog resin set. In June 1960, the Air Ministry reduced the number of planned Victor B2s from 59 to 24. XM715 was built in the 4th and final batch of 5 airframes which included 714-718. She was assembled at Radlett as a high-level free fall nuclear bomber to carry the Yellow Sun 2 nuclear weapon. She first flew with John Allam at Radlett on 31st December 1962. After a normal Production Flight Test Schedule of 4 flights, she was ready for delivery to the RAF in March 1963. It was normal for squadron crews to go to Radlett and pick up the bombers and on 4th March 1963 she was flown to RAF Wittering and taken on charge prior to her acceptance checks. She was allocated to No 100 Squadron in May 1963. 715 remained at Wittering until 8 July 1964 when she returned to Radlett to take her turn on the Handley Page conversion programmes.
  8. When Hawker Aircraft was looking at a two seat Hunter the tandem configuration was considered but rejected in favour of the side-by-side arrangement. Freightdog Models released this conversion kit for the recently released Revell 1/72 Hunter. I have not done a WiP recently so here goes. First the resin pieces, As you can see the forward fuselage has been hollowed cast and the cockpit is well detailed and you get 2 vacform canopies. I made a quick start, joined the Revell fuselage together and then cut off the forward fuselage as described in the instructions. Making a start on the resins pieces I sprayed them first with Revell Antracite then painted in the details with acrylic pencils. You have to use the front instrument panel and control stick from the kit. I will add the firing handles for the seats later. With the canopy I used my scriber to go around the edges to release it from the rest if the plastic sheet using blue tack to provide support and Tamiya tape as a scribing guide. I did a bit of fettling withe resin fuselage parts and found it also gave me a bit of wiggle room when I offered it up to the fuselage. Then everything was joined together with superglue and Mr Surfacer 500 used along the seams More soon Robert
  9. Hi All, I knew the time would come when I did an Eduard Spitfire. I've had a couple in the stash for a year or so, but all the parts in that huge box scared me off. Eventually I decided that in order to get one done, I needed to decide which airframe to model, then set aside the parts I wouldn't need to use. That way the task would seem more manageable. Whilst I love the Spitfire, I must say that the ubiquitous Mark IX is not top of my list of favourites. The fixed tailwheel detracts from an otherwise sublime shape, so for me the Marks VIII and VII surpass it in the 2-stage Merlin beauty stakes. But there are a couple of Mark IXs that are special. One is MH434 which Ray and Mark Hanna displayed so spectacularly for many years. And the other is the Spitfire used by Douglas Bader to lead the 1945 Battle of Britain Day flypast - RK917. So here is my interpretation of that, using the excellent Freightdog decals. I'm not shy to say that this is the best kit that I've ever built. As it was going together, the thought came to me that I didn't realise modelling could be like this, particularly after the travails of a succession of Sword Spitfires. The cockpit is a bit complex, and the four-part wheels are over-complicated, as are the radiators. But you find that everything slots into place beautifully and before you know it, it's ready to paint. I used xtracrylix with blu-tack sausages to get the soft lines on the camouflage. I also used a falcon canopy centre-section. There is a really interesting article on the paint-scheme of this aircraft at https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/douglasbader-last-spitfire. Initially I wasn't convinced of the conclusions, but after many hours of looking at photos, I decided to go with the two-tone scheme of Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green. Having read somewhere that the cannon stubs may have been painted red, and seeing some hints of that in the Pathe film of the time, I went with that too. The absence of stencils on this freshly repainted aircraft, and the lack of a gunsight, were added bonuses. Anyway, enough chatter, here are the photos: And so it joins the other recent builds on the shelf: Thanks for looking, and bon weekend! Justin
  10. I had hoped that a group of Swifts would have a special name. There is a pride of lions. A parliament of owls. A load of bobbins (with apologies to Smith and Jones) I mean, just how cool would it have been if I could entitle this thread "a Contrafibularity of Swifts"? But sadly, no.... more than one swift is simply a flock. so... flock it is. Edit: I'm informed that it can be a swoop of Swifts, hence the title change. I'm building two Swifts in this GB. Both are from the 1/72 Airfix kit. The first one is a (pretty much) OOB Swift FR.5 The only bit not OOB will be a replacement belly tank, in this case from Freightdog. I like the 79 Sqn marikngs as they have a PRU Blue undersurface. My second build in this thread will be a Swift F.2, using the Airfix kit and the Alley Cat resin conversion set for the Swift Mk2. I'll probably do this one in 56 Sqn markings....
  11. Good afternoon. Here is my contribution to Bethpage`s finest products. Hobbyboss`s FM2 Wildcat in 1/48th scale. I will using a Freightdog decalsheet with an aircraft from 794 sqn Fleet Air Arm just after the end of WW2. I have done a small amout of work in cockpit but not significant! will also be using an Ultracast seat which has a Sutton Harness, hope that is okay? Some photos. Regards Grahame.
  12. Source: https://www.facebook.com/freightdogmodels/photos/a.238637406163951.82458.119466081414418/1877432185617790/?type=3&theater V.P.
  13. Well, here's my first completion of 2017, a 612 Sqn Spitfire LF.16 made from the new 1/72 Eduard kit and Freightdog decals. This is my attempt to recreate the only REFERENCE PICTURE I could find on the subject. And since I always like it when folks throw in a bonus at the end of their RFI's, here it is next to an Airfix PR.19 in a scheme from the same Freightdog sheet. The PR.19 is supposed to appear like it's natural metal (Model Master Metalizers), while the LF.16 is supposed to look like aluminum lacquer/high speed silver (Alclad Semi-matt Aluminum and Vallejo Metal Colour). The build thread is here.
  14. Good morning! The postman dropped off the photo-etch pieces this morning so I thought I might as well start So, the base kit will be the old Airfix 1:72 Avro Vulcan, with aftermarket bits including: -Freightdog Resin 201 Series Tailpipes -White Ensign Models (WEM) Vulcan Interior -WEM Vulcan Exterior -WEM Vulcan Bomb Bay This build will be significant for two reasons; first of all, with AS exams starting in two weeks and proceeding over the next couple of months, it will be something to keep me sane! Secondly, it will be the first build where I've already had a go at doing some build-enhancing techniques before and needless to say I shall attempt to use these on this build, these include: using filler to get rid of those nasty gaps, using a scribing tool (Tamiya) to replace the notorious raised panel lines, working with resin aftermarket pieces and finally working with photoetch (I might have thrown myself into the deep end with this one!) XL360 is my second nearest Vulcan, the closest being Cosford, I have chosen this one because it's preserved (and has served) as a 617 "Dambusters" aircraft, I have also had the pleasure of sitting in the rear cockpit of the aircraft- I therefore have quite a bit of reference material to hand and finally because, unlike the shiny Cosford example, the Coventry Vulcan allows me to have a shot at weathering. Pre-build photos: Well, more updates shall follow in due course, don't expect them to be too frequent, unfortunately revision must take precedence over the next few weeks. Kind regards, Sam
  15. When Revell released their Halifax a few years ago, I knew immediately that I would build it as L9163, the aircraft which dropped Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubi into Czechoslovakia to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich. I cannot do justice to their story of incredible heroism and sacrifice, but if you wish to, you can read more here. The kit is not without its problems, but I was fortunate enough to receive a review sample of the excellent Freightdog improvement set, which includes replacement radiators, propellers and wheels. I think it really improves the look of the kit and is well worth investing in. Paints were a mixture of Tamiya and Mr Color, while decals were sourced from the Kits-World serial and code letters sheets and those supplied with the kit. I must say that while it is a bit of a clunker in terms of accuracy, the Revell kit is a joy to build. My only frustration was caused by my breaking a number of small parts during and after construction, but that is down to my own clumsiness.
  16. There was a proposal for the Lightning to be used in the Fighter/Ground Attack role, here is my take on it. My thinking on the scheme was because GB still had a presence in the Middle East, something low and fast was needed. I have used the larger tank and 1000lbs bombs and the matra overwing pods from Freightdog Resins, the kit is Airfix. Baremetal foil was used for the nose ring and the pitot tube was replaced with a Master metal one. So far the undercarriage is still supporting the weight of all that extra resin ! Thanks for looking Robert
  17. Latest one finished. Used the decals from the Xtrakit and the belly tank from Freightdog Models. The decals do seem to be the correct size to my eyes. No major problems but the tailplanes are a difficult to get a positive fit. Also the pitot tube was replaced with some Albion Alloy tubing. Painted with Xtracrylix for the DSG/DG and Humbrol Acrylic for the PRU Blue.Special thanks to Jason (Jasman71) who provided the nosewheel assembly as mine went missing in action. *Note, canopy framing amended since photos taken*
  18. Revell hunter F Mk.6/Freightdog practice rounds. 1/72 Kit built before I discovered milliput, I was used to squadron type putty which attacks the plastic, I didn't want to risk damaging the detail on this kit, which I think is excellent, shame because I can't find another one to build, so I have the wing root join which is not so good. Decals were good except the white portion of the roundel/flash is slightly transparent. Freightdog bits. I'm a first time user of this firm, I thought these were so good (excited by ordnance) I bought 2 sets on the first day I saw them. One set may end up on a harrier as both early and later bomb types come with the set. Good enough firm, I'll probably get some more things in the future. The details are good enough for me. Kit took ages to paint as I used humbrol for each colour. First I painted white and yellow then masked this off, second the top colours were painted, I can't remember which went on first, finally the silver was painted. After removing masks the black was applied along with the nav lights etc. Maybe the bombs should be blue? Not sure when they started painted dummies blue. I figure that at some time this may have been a viable load out. Maybe the gun flash reducers are bright orange? Standard practice for decals, gloss first and a satin finish, humbrol paints were used. Decal soft from revell. Airframe XG204, (From uk serials) First flight 25/09/1956, awaiting collection 22/10/1956, delivery date 25/10/1956, write off 15/08/1969 after flying into the ground at Rhosneigr after take off from Valley, Anglesey. The Lebanese pilot was killed. (From 8Sqn history 1963 @ www.radfanhunters.co.uk) On the second relocation to Sharjah, a simulated Kuwaiti-style operation was executed immediately on arrival. The opportunity was also taken for live-firing practice on the range, 50 miles north up the coast at Jeb-a-Jib. Throughout this second attachment to Sharjah, the squadron was accompanied by a team from the Day Fighter Combat School (DFCS) at West Raynham, together with two of the units F.6s (XG204 and XG209) and a pair of T.7s (XL591 and XL595). The team flew as members on most sorties and a programme was run that included low level, cross-country interceptions, operational R/P and cannon air-to-ground firing, and high-level battle formations and tactics were practiced and assessed. (Edited, three sets bought, two sets fitted to kit, one set spare, one set is two carriers and four of each bomb type)
  19. This weekend we are again offering a 10% discount on all current items in stock. Simply enter discount code GIMME10 prior to checkout, offer is valid until midnight on 15th April. This excludes items already discounted in the offers section (so no further discount to what is shown on offer items, but you can stick them in the same order). Minimum value to obtain the discount is £10.00 worth of non-offer items. In addition, for all orders over £20.00 we will include a free set of Freightdog Spitfire stencil decals in 1/72, ideal for use with our 'Post-War RAF Spitfires', 'Keeping the Peace' Pt.I and II or our re-printed 'Weekend Warriors' sheet. This is a good opportunity to get hold of one of my P.1109A sets a bit cheaper, while I have some left... Thanks Colin http://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/
  20. This is the 1:72 Academy Thunderbolt finished with Freightdog decals for HD154 of 73 OTU. It is finished in a mixture of Tamiya and Gunze Mr Hobby with Humbrol enamel washes. I built it on the spur of the moment as I fancied something quick and easy, which sums the kit up nicely.
  21. I purchased the Freightdog conversion set for the Revell 1/32 Spitfire when it was first released but took some time to pluck up the courage to start it. The Revell base kit can be a bit challenging anyway as the parts breakdown for the wings is quite a strange design. Coupled with the 1970's moulding technology (this was originally produced by Matchbox) there is, shall we say, "room for improvement". Mods include, Freightdog resin conversion, Greymatters belly tank, Quickboost seat and Barracuda canopy handle from a set I bought for the Tamiya Spitfire XVI. Added detail to the wheel wells, replaced gear legs with brass tube, scratchbuilt details in the cockpit and built plasticard 'cameras' to prevent see through look in through the camera ports. WIP thread is here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234931641&hl= I really think the Matchbox Spitfire makes a lovely looking model but I love the 'ultimate' Seafire and am very pleased to have one in 32nd scale. Overall a very enjoyable build and I'm very pleased with the result. There were a couple of errors on this build. I forgot to re-scribe the larger flap fitted to the Seafire and the spinner should have been EDSG on this aircraft, things I have to live with now. Need to check refs and instructions more carefully in the future, but I have learned from this. Regards, Steve.
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