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Found 7 results

  1. Time to stop my avoidant behaviours and start on this little girl. Purchased from Marketplace for a very good price, so no excuses not to get on with it. Several friends are cracking on with their MFH builds, so figured I best get on with one, so chose this from my small stash... I have purchased required items including colour matched paint (from Zero Paints) Etch metal primers, several drill bits (as I am heavy handed and can get through these easily) These items used, will be detailed as and when I use them... These kits come in beautiful boxes, and the contents can seem overwhelming if you don't know what lies ahead of you... I started by checking all the parts are present, and this can be a tedious process but just be methodical and it all gets ticked off on the instruction sheet. Once I was satisfied everything was there, I seperate each section to contain the parts required for that stage of the build. Next step is the start the clean up process. These kits are true multimedia and cionsuist oif resin, white metal, photo etch and various wires, tubes and ancillariy items. It also has several beautifully produced turned items including the wheel rims and carb trumpets. I use a magnetic tumbler to clean up the dirt from the white metal parts. These can be very dirty... And that is where I am at present. Cleaning process can take several hours, changing water and burnishing fluid between each stage. Building will start on next update.
  2. If you are of a squeamish nature, look away now... I bang on a great deal about being true to the subject and history with regard to all the details on my models. This model must be the most botched, inaccurate depiction I have produced since I first started modelling, many years ago. The car number is incorrect to the body/mechanics etc; wrong stripe, wrong windscreen, wrong air inlet trumpets, wrong mirrors etc etc. In my defence Tamiya's description and painting/decal instructions are woefully incorrect and/or misleading. However I will support my tentative 'showing' here, by my builds redeeming feature... When I first started this model my immediate reaction was what on earth was Tamiya thinking when they modelled the exhaust system. I spent untold hours bending solder and puppet wire to try and improve the 'look' of Tamiya's 'dangling' pipes. A chance conversation with Malc2 on this forum and an introduction to Nick of 'Unobtainium', led to the development and production of a most fabulous 3D printed solution (available from Nick's online shop). Anyway, enough waffle - just look at the photos: Tamiya's system for holding the front cowl consists of some pretty big obtrusive screws. I experimented for the first time with some micro magnets superglued to the inside and the corresponding superstructure of the chassis - they seem to be holding. The seat is covered in a lovely thin real leather that I seem to have acquired. I've no idea now, from where, but together with some PVA glue and a dressmakers pin marker to represent the stitching, it has given a reasonable representation. Not sure of the accuracy of the shape of the seat however, absolutely no reference available. The brake calipers, front and back, are 'borrowed' from 1/12 Italeri Alfa Romeo 179 and a little scratch work; they are not terribly accurate. Nick's 3D exhaust pipes are completely hollow, all the way through. Bodywork: Tamiya TS7 Racing White from the can, no clearcote, and polished with micromesh cloths and Tamiya polishing creams. The crimson stripe and circle are Tamiya TS86 Pure Red with masked outlines, Tamiya TS14 Black. The engine is a variety metallic paints - Alclad, AK interactive Xtreme metals, Tamiya X range. I also used some Bare-Metal foil in places. Tyres had a variety of AK interactive 'dust effects' enamels and even some grains of sand pushed in to the treads. Any number of rivets and bolt heads were used, both metal from Top Studio, and resin from Plus Models (Czech). Compression fittings from Detail Master. Jewellery wire, fuse wire, Model Factory Hiro fuel line, hand coloured optical fibre, Zsus fasteners from replicas of Maryland, self adhesive mirrored sheet - and probably more that I cannot now recall. Nothing fancy with the photography - iPhoneX, daylight ring light on an anglepoise arm, black card, white card disc.
  3. A difficult base model, ill fitting, badly moulded and just plain incorrect in many parts and places. However, as usual, this gives great scope for the dedicated, or some might say foolhardy, modeller. The result is very gratifying even if It is not totally correct - there are some areas of the subject that there just isn't reference to and even common sense doesn't produce a completely satisfactory depiction; I've tried my best. Lesson learned - a complete and thorough dry fit is necessary, I nearly always find that something isn't square, but only at the very end! • Body colour - Tamiya TS 10 French Blue, over 26 Pure White - no clearcote • other components generally Halfords automotive spray cans - satin Black and weathered/toned with MIG dark wash • Chrome and other metal colours - Alklad • Seat cover is tissue worked with PVA glue, belt is inkjet printed on photoquality paper from my own artwork with resin cast hardware by Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland (Norm Veber, doesn't appear to produce any F1 items these days). The back (maybe a little whimsical) but one reference photo appears to show yellow carbon/kevlar • The Heller decals were useless not only because they were yellowed with age (and not even UV exposure treatment helped) but mainly they are incorrect - wrong typeface/sizes/poor definition. Bestbalsakits are by far the best for both quality and being comprehensive and the ONLY absolutely correct set. I also used BBK instrument/gauges decal sheet • I replaced every single rivet with PlusModel (Czech Republic) resin items • The air intake funnels and plug details, mesh etc of the DFV engine is Model Factory Hiro • Switches on the dashboard are by Decalcas • Surprisingly, the supplied Heller kit tyres - solid plastic, not vinyl - initially disappointing (their profiles are completely wrong), redeemed themselves with the 'hardness' of the plastic proving the perfect medium for detailing slightly worn formula one tyre texture • The Heller rear, inboard, brake calipers were... 'disappointing'. I replaced them with a pair of Italeri 1/12 Alfa Romeo 179 units (Italeri could not have been more helpful, for a cost, obviously) • The representation of the 'glass' (windscreen) in this model (and every vehicle model, especially at smaller scales) is woeful. Simple enough to re-cut it in thin acetate and, in this case, give it a very light coat of Tamiya TS71 Smoke • There are many small items that I have 'scratched' together - the roll over hoops are 2.5mm solder for instance
  4. Taking a break from big scale stuff so had a quick look through the stash and stumbled upon this, Original idea was to do some plastic (I've just finished a MFH 1/12 Ferrari) so wanted a change...so will do two kits together this little metal kit (never made one of these before!!) and a Tamiya Ducati Panigale Martine (because I can't resist a Martini colour scheme) This was purchased off Fleabay on a whim. Paid very little money for it but it looks like a detailed little thing...so, on with the build... As you can see, some holes were already drilled, but it wasn't until later I would realise they were a bit big... A bit of CA glue was used to build up a few sub-asembles...front wing, main chasis and rear wing. This was all done very quickly in an afternoon/evening session. Must be overdue a hiccup surely....Oh yes, the carpet monster claimed a wing mirror...bugger...so small I nearly cried, a quick search on bench (as I heard it ricochet off a jar, but to no avail) so I thought I would try and knock one up from scrap plastic...I tried and it seems okay to me... Parts prepared, polished and ready for a blast of Acid Etch primer. I used Upol No 8 for this, which I had discovered during my MFH build. Worked fine there for metal so figured if it ain't broke...I have ordered some Zero paints pink undercoat, so will lay that down via airbrush as a base for the red, which I have Pre-2004 Rosso Ferrari Formula 1, also Zero paint. This will have a few days to hardened before I start base colours, pink, red then some masking for semi gloss black ready for carbon fibre areas. I'm hoping this will be doable as built up parts, figured it would be better than trying to build front and rear wings from the bits once painted...time will tell. 🤞
  5. Model Factory Hiro Multimedia 1/12 scale Formula One Ferrarri F2008 Its been a while since I've posted as my photos stopped showing up, I used Village photos and couldn't face uploading them all again...very disheartened. Hoping these are showing and will remain available. In time, I shall transfer old builds if it works. So I now have three MFH in the stash, and befors doing a full detail build, wanted to cut my teeth and get some resin work under my belt... First foray into multimedia building...wish me luck. Needed a few purchases...bought a Magnetic Tumbler to clean white metal (Vevor KT100) which is a wonderful machine, needed burnishing liquid. Not sure what etch primer to use, I had purchased Zero Paints set but saw Mr Bretland used UPol on his so figured I would try that. Also picked up a couple of specific Mr Hobby colours and Zero Paints Ferrari set. So, enough waffle, step one, sellotape it together to get a look!!!! Has to be done...😊😊 Parts then cleaned, white metal in tumbler and resin washed in water and fairey liquid, rinsed and dried. Then parts put in stages as per instructions...ish. Next step will be possibly gluing then etch primer, possible priming/painting then gluing.nNot sure yet but build starts with rear end, rear suspension and wheel hubs... Pretty much all of this needs to be semi gloss black other then brake discs and calipers. This will be final colours or ready for carbon decals. No parts have been filed or sanded yet, just washed.
  6. Haven't posted on Ready for Inspection before...be gentle... And that's her done...👍😀
  7. I got back into the model building hobby a few months ago after a 15+ year hiatus. I've focused on 1/72nd aircraft till now but decided I'd also enjoy getting back into building race cars. I get the most enjoyment from 1/43rd scale cars, though it seems to be a dying niche for kit builders. Picked up this U.K. Made Formula One models Lotus 99T on eBay. I've finished it as Senna's car from I'm not sure what particular race. It's built box stock with exception of making the seat belt labels from some scrap decal and paint. Finished in Tamiya Camel yellow and two part urethane clear. I generally prefer curbside kits such as most Tameo, BBR or Provence Moulage, but I did enjoy painting up the engine bits for this one.
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