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  1. Hi all, here's my latest finish for the F-16 STGB here on Britmodeller. The full WIP thread is here but to recap: Kit: Kinetic 1/72 F-16I Sufa Build: Airframe and decals OOB. Missiles and wing tanks from kit. Extras: Pilots from Revell, LGB's from Hasegawa weapons set 6. Centreline tank from Revell. Static discharger-thingys from toothbrush (I broke the kit ones!) Paints: Halfords primer from a can. Revell Acrylics. Klear, Flory Models Wash, W&N Matt coat all brush painted. Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_1L by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_1side by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_2L by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_1_under by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_2R by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_1R by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Kinetic 1_72_F-16I Sufa_1_group by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Dermot
  2. Hi All, Here is the latest to join my fleet of small scale F-16s, a Hasegawa F-16 in US Navy colors and markings. This has been on my list 'to build' for about 20 years and it started with seeing a photo on page 41 of the Squadron/Signal book 'F-16 Viper' by Lou Drendel. There is something about those subdued colors and markings that look terrific on the F-16 (ditto on the Hellenic Air Force F-16 as well). I added a different ejection seat and throttle from a Revell F-16, and the ACMI pod and captive Sidewinder are from a Hasegawa weapons set. The canopy tint was done with Tamiya Smoke, applied in a layers for the desired depth. The paint is all Model Master enamels. The camouflage was achieved using rolled poster tack for feathered edges (tried it freehand, didn't look in scale with the model). The decals are from the kit and well, let's just say they suck. Unfortunately, they are the only game in town for 1/72 F-16N decals available unless you can find the old Superscale sheet or get the decals from Fujimi's F-16N kit. Final overcoat is a satin/matte mixture from Vallejo and AK Interactive. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert
  3. Korean company D-Corporation has just released a 1/72nd Lockheed-Martin F-16C Block 40/50 Viper/Fighting Falcon kit - ref. DCM72001P Revell plastic. Source: http://www.finehobby.com/FrontStore/iGoodsView.phtml?iCategoryId=608&iCategoryIdMain=608&iGoodsId=DCM72001P&iCurrentPage=1 V.P.
  4. Good afternoon, yesterday, I have started to build the Tamiya-F-16. Wow, that's an amazing kit! Must have one of the best surface details I ever saw on a 1/72-kit! It will be a wild weasel Viper as used in Libya 2011 in operation Odyssey dawn. The real thing should look something like this: http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album38/album70/91-0343_001 As no weapons or tanks are included in this kit (I bought the first boxing...), I also got a cheap Hasegawa F-16, from which I will use the ordnance. Decals are from Astra Decals, and the seat is from Quickboost. Alex
  5. Hi guys, My first ever WIP on Britmodeller! I was in the building process of a F-16 when I discovered there was F-16 groupbuild in progress. Although I was quite a bit underway Rich decided I still could participate! So here it goes: The chosen F-16 is one of my home country's airforce, the Koninklijke Luchtmacht. In 1991 the Tigermeet was held at Fairford and "we" had 2 similar F-16 with the special tiger tail, J-004 and J-012. Both block 15 OCU's I was 9 at the time but they made quite a impression on me when I saw one of them thunder the runway at Twenthe AFB. Unfortunately J-012 crashed some 2 years later in to the North Sea after engine failure.. The chosen kit is the well known Hasegawa 1/48 F-16. This one is V103, which comes with the Tigermeet decals: I made my fist Hasegawa F-16 last year, a block 40 big mouth of the Bahraini airforce: For my Dutch F-16 I will use some aftermarket stuff such a P&W nozzle and Aces II seat from Aires, wheel doors from Quickboost, AOA probes, pitot tube and static dischargers from Master, a small cockpit and engine cover PE set and early wheels from Eduard. The progress so far: Not really a big fan of PE but it looks quite nice, one day I want to try a full resin cockpit... Normally a hell of job to get the inlet seamless but I will use FOD cover, just as it had on Fairford as can be seen on the box cover. A small but important detail which is often forgotten, the hole where a fabric FOD cover is attached to. Hasegawa want you to use the left panel but for a block 15 F-16 this is not correct, unfortunately they only supply one type in this box so I had to remove one from a F-16C box in the stash. Same goes for the ECS exhaust, all F-16's build from the factory as block 15 received the newer type exhaust. Hasegawa want you to use the early type, can not understand this because when looking at the box cover photo the later type is clearly visible. Lowered the flaperons a bit as it gives a nice touch. Also this has the old style launchers, which is correct for 1991 I think. So there it is, my first WIP on Britmodeller! Erik
  6. Like a fair few other modellers I really like aggressor schemes, they make a nice change from grey. The Tamiya F-16 aggressor kit has all you need to build one of these colourful machines so what better place to start. Here's the ubiquitous shot of the open box and it's contents. I also have an aftermarket decal set from Two Bobs. Though I'm unsure if it is relevant to the mark of F-16 in the kit (yes those accursed block numbers again!) so it might get used on a Hasegawa kit. Still not 100% sure which scheme to do. I really like the "Flogger" scheme but I also like the Arctic one too, decisions, decisions! Craig.
  7. Since one of my last builds for 2016 happened to be a Tigermeet Belgian F-16, it was no surprise I was going to be involved in this GB! And while I had hoped to build the Greek Zeus 3 Demo Aircraft, the decals aren't yet available so I'm going with this one, fully OOB though I will add a couple of crew from the spares box. I've never built a Kinetic kit before and have heard mixed things about this one but here's hoping I can make a go of it. Thanks for looking and good luck with your builds! Dermot
  8. Well she finally here, seems like ages since I proposed this GB! Ok after a few minor issues I think I have this one all sorted….even if I have a complete F-16 now spare, more on that one later. For this build I plan to build a Polish F-16CJ in 2015 Tiger Meet colours….well Grey in a tiger pattern! I’ll be using Tamiya’s lovely F-16 for this build, …and yes I know this one is a Block 50 and I need a Block 52, that’s why I now have a second one (and I know I should have just built the second one instead….but that would be too easy for me!). I need a few bits to turn it into a Polish F-16 so it gets Wolfpack’s Dragchute set. Plus while I’m at it a new resin cockpit and exhaust from Aries. There was a bit of a mix up when I ordered Tiger Meet scheme set, I wanted the masks but were sent the decals. I then received the masks once the supplier was advised of the error. The decals are lovely but I really want to paint the scheme, it’ll look that much better. Like my “Splinter” MiG-21 this will require painting the reverse of usual painting! More of that when the time comes. Plus I now have a complete spare F-16, so what will I do with it??? A Whiff! It’s not allowed in the build so there is a thread running in the WhatIf section….though there may be the occasional photo-bomb! I’ll be away for the start of this GB but can’t want to start, for a change I have an almost empty bench!
  9. Well I’ve been neglecting this section for a wee while unfortunately and I think there may be a couple of stalled build threads somewhere in here as well!!!! Anyway time to sort of make amends, I hadn’t planned this build at all, it sort of happened as an accident. Well an accident caused by a wally who didn’t check his research before buying stuff for a build!!! That and I still blame Beelzebub for creating that which is call F-16 block numbers!! Only the work of the devil could make them soooo confusing! Anyway the upshot of all this is I have a completely spare F-16 that I didn’t know what to do with. So a solution is a nice simple Whif! So why an RNZAF one (hence the “K”), well I didn’t what another boring grey one and I really like the European 1 camouflage of the A-4K’s. So this is what I have to play with… a Block 52 F-16 I pinched the intake from and the now left over Block 50 intake! I know why not just build the white one as a 52…….well that would be just too easy…and an admission I’d completely stuffed it up in the first place! The colour scheme…well I’ve got a nice set of A-4 decals Gekko Decals on the way (thanks Richard). Weapons loadout….not sure yet, have heaps from the F-111, F1, and F-16 so will have a think about it. I’ll sort of be building this in parallel with the other F-16 which is for the F-16 STGB, so will start this one in a couple of week. Should be a nice simple build, and no mod work!!
  10. I recently got a craze to reclaim some of my old kits. Thinking they were nice once upon a time and now maybe just touch them up a bit to make them better after 30 years of dust collecting. However I realized quite fast that buying a new kit is the easier way to go. But I decided to continue with at least one old kit just for the complete experience for maybe sometime in the future when I would have to get a 2nd hand kit like the special hobby U-2S in 1/72 (Which I REALLY want! hint hint ) I started cleaning up a Heller S32 Lansen, Airfix Mosquito NF.IV, ESCI F-4E and a Italeri F-16A . The details were all crap and it wasn't really worth the effort. So trying to come up with something to do with them I got the idea to make them in AMARG relics, aka the boneyard in Arizona. There are plenty of F-16A pictures online to choose from, many very interesting IMO. I think I enjoyed researching about the subject much more than the actual hands on work. I will try to write a better post in the future on how aircraft's are prepared, stored, parts reclaimed and how all that effects us as model builders. As an example the protective spraylat that covers the aircraft's would be more and more removed and ripped the longer an aircraft stays in storage.. This is similar to what I want to do. My F-16 will have wings and canopy, most of the top covered in spraylat, engine and elevators missing, standing on its wheels, no wingdroptanks, maybe centerline droptank (haven't decided yet),: Photo from http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album38/album128/ads [Photo by Phillip Kovaric] \\Dan
  11. Hello Guys, I hope you enjoy the pictures of my F-16 from Spangdahlem - Germany. The kit is from Tamiya and I used some aftermarket stuff to get the best results.
  12. HI all, Just thought I would share this one that's been on my workbench for the past few weeks but I never got around to posting here...an OOB build of Revell's F-16 Tigermeet '09 Box Contents.. The big decal sheet that doesn't quite fit inside the box!! (note the bend in it) Started with the cockpit and apart from seatbelts, all OOB. Drybrushed the panels instead of using the kit decals.. This kit really falls together nicely, just the odd area to watch out for the fit.. Simple one colour paint scheme of Gunship Grey applied with a brush (first coat) And the underside masked up for the light grey bit.. Started the decal work on the drop tanks, to see how they worked. Really nicely printed by Daco and settled down lovely with some MicroSol.. And then on to the airframe! Did I say the decals were lovely? Well, they are but they're oversized for the kit and needed endless trimming and re-fitting to get them to work. And MicroSol for the curves.. Underneath pic... And with the doors removed... And how she looked the other night....the tail decal was a bit of a bear to fit More updates tonight hopefully! Thanks for looking. Dermot
  13. Hello fellow modelers My last completed model. The draft is a machine that flew during a NATO operation over Kosovo and May 4, 1999 shot down a Mig-29 Serbian Air Force. Kit I added a cast from a nozzle Aires and the "cap" on the AIM-9 from Aerobonus The draft of my model
  14. Skale Wings is to release a new tool 1/72nd Israeli Air Force Lockheed-Martin F-16D "Barak" kit - ref. IS72001 Source: https://www.facebook.com/skalewings/photos/a.1546834958952699.1073741828.1546827065620155/1560213570948171/?type=3&theater V.P.
  15. Source: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=94249 Dixit French forum Master194 while everybody is talking about the soon to release TamiyAMK Tomcats, Tamiya would have unveiled at the current at IPMS/USA Nationals a 1/48th LM F-16D two seats Viper sprue. True or fake? Still waiting for a reliable source. To be followed V.P.
  16. My two most recent builds. The Kinetic F-16DJ Block 50, and the Tamiya F-16C Block 32. Two quick, easy builds, with the only trouble being a missing nosecone fron the Kinetic kit. So, to the pictures! First, the Kinetic DJ. Done as a Block 50 aircraft with the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa AFB in Japan. Now for the Tamiya. This aircraft was done as a California ANG bird, based at Fresno ANGB. Sorry for the photo quality once again, and I hpoe you like my two Falcons. Rob
  17. Hi Everyone, This was my first visit to RIAT and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My wife and I were going to go to a different airshow, but decided we would try RIAT out. As soon as the show finished, I said to my wife that I would like to go again next year especially as the theme is 75th anniversary of the USAF. I hope they bring the big bombers over including the B-2. I couldn't believe how many members went to the airshow this year, I wonder if I saw any of you without realising it. My wife and I were sat to the right of the P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft all day and had a great view of all of the displays. Anyway I'll let my photos do the talking. Comments are welcome, if anyone would like to know what gear I used I can get the specs off the gear and put them up here tomorrow. F-16 Greek Air Force - Team Zeus on runway Red Arrows , F-35B Lightning II and 2 x Typhoon F-22 Raptor Red Arrows Wildcat F-35B Lightning IIFF-35B Lightning II Ramex Delta - Mirage 2000N Chinook V-22 Osprey (Static) F-16 Belgian Air Force - Tiger Meet F-16 Turkish Air Force 'Solo Turk' F-16 Polish Air Force Patrouille Suisse Breitling Wing Walkers MiG-29 Fulcrum Polish Air Force A400M Atlas Dassault Rafale Another F-16 I have lots of photos (I took over 800 in total) and edited 160 which are in the album these come from. Here is a link to the full album of 160 photos on photobucket : http://s1117.photobucket.com/user/mrpaddy1/library/RIAT%202016 If anyone has any further pictures of the planes that were at the airshow they would like to see, please leave a post and I'll see if I have any photos. Comments are welcome. All the best, Rick
  18. April 13th at Volkel AB, a line-up of 19 F-16s including the twelve ships reported to be delivered very soon to Pakistan as spare parts source. To be delivered to Pakistan as spare parts source: - J-057 - F-16AM - 311sq mks - J-145 - F-16AM - no unit mks - J-193 - F-16AM - 323sq mks - J-199 - F-16AM - no unit mks - J-623 - F-16AM - no unit mks - J-868 - F-16AM - 323sq mks - J-870 - F-16AM - no unit mks - J-872 - F-16AM - 323sq mks - J-873 - F-16AM - 311sq mks - J-876 - F-16AM - 322sq mks - J-208 - F-16BM - no unit mks - J-884 - F-16BM - 312sq mks Instructional airframes and stored F-16s: - J-202 - F-16AM - 900sq mks (Vliegbasis Volkel Wapentechnisch Training Centrum) - J-222 - F-16A - special 313sq Tiger c/s - J-229 - F-16A - special General Dynamics prototype c/s, as '80229' - J-268 - F-16B - 306sq mks - J-368 - F-16BM - no unit mks - J-510 - F-16AM - no unit mks - J-647 - F-16AM - 306sq mks, Springfield mks, 313sq Tiger fuel pod V.P. Thanks to the Spotting Group Volkel (SG Volkel) for having organized this photo event.
  19. This is Kinegawa or should I say Hasenetic F-16 AM Block 15 KLNAF, the one that got the Yougoslav MiG-29 back in 1999. Why Kinegawa, well, the basic kit, i.e. body and wings is Hasegawa, the Idolmaster edition, which I got for less than 10$ at HLJ. The tail, weapons and pylons and the ejection seat are from Kinetic, as are the decals for the J-063. Why such a bash, well, Kinetic provide with the early tail, apart from that, Hase F-16 do provide with all the options to build any of the F-16 blocks in the Idolmaster edition. Only downside is that the plastic in the ghastly sickly yellow green they use requires a good primer coat to cover over. Also the molds are so old that the flash is evident on almost every small part. Anyway, after a good primer coat, painted with Italeri Acrylics trhoughout. Some wathering as the pics show the J-063 to be rather worn out at the time. Well 12 airframes flying a long time. I added the Mavericks as the mission report states that half of formation were armed with air to ground, eihter Mk.82s or mavericks. I just thought these look "cooler". The Dutch complement also fired the Mavericks during the same conflict so, it is not so iffy. 'nyway enough blabber
  20. Hi guys, My most recent build, the 1/48 F-16C from Hasegawa. It was the Idolm@ster F-16C with very unattractive markings and yellow plastic. I decided to build her as Bahraini F-16 when used in Desert Storm 1991. The Hasegawa F-16 has a challenging inlet but whit some filling, sanding and TLC it came out quite nice. I normally build "old" aircraft so this is my first modern fighter, hope you like it! Erik
  21. I think a kit is not worth breaking down, I have given her only a few etchings by Eduard and RBF also from Eduard other photos in the spoiler
  22. Kinetic is to release a new (revised?) boxing from it's Fighting Falcon, the 1/48th Lockheed-Martin F-16A/B Fighting Falcon RoCAF 70th Tiger Wing (Hualien AB) - ref.48055 Source: https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel/photos/a.150625411771245.1073741825.129238860576567/529182953915487/?type=3&theater Box art + decals http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48055 Or repackaging of ref.48011 with new decals? V.P.
  23. When: 7th January 2017 to 9th April 2017 Hosts: trickyRich, Neu Before anyone mentions it, yes we have had one of those before in 2012. But seeing as the STGB calendar is full up until 2017 there would have been a nice break since the last one and so it must be time to do it again! This is one of "those" aircraft you never really get tied of, almost a perfect design, and really successful design at that was used throughout the world and still is very much in use! Plus the nice thing is there is a huge range of models for this aircraft from 1/144th up to 1/32nd and covering ever variant. So the list; 1, trickyrich - host 2, nick32 3, theplasticsurgeon 4, vppelt68 5, AnonymousDFB1 6, Lex77 7, Antoine 8, Jabba 9, Arniec 10, Vingtor 11, Ilking 12, Knight_Flier 13, Caerbannog 14, mungo1974 15, snapper_city 16, mirageiv 17, -Neu- - co-host 18, PhamtonBigStu 19, jrlx 20, Trojan Thunder 21, Giorgio N 22, swat11 23, Rob G 24, stevehnz 25, Bill Ficner 26, alex 27, DaveJL 28, DannyB 29, Tim Moff 30, AndyC 31, philp 32, logical 33, FortyEighter 34, F3 Demon 35, modelling minion 36, Blitz23 37, paulR 38, Enzo Matrix 39, Tony Oliver 40, stevej60 41, Old Viper Tester 42, Thud4444 43, Robert 44, SimonT 45, Reaper 46, Pappy 48, Stephen 49, Richard E 50, Synopsis 51, Supertom
  24. Hello, Viper Tigermeet Tmota 2005, decals Twobobs, ladder and photoetched Eduard
  25. Academy is to release two new variants/boxings from its 1/32nd Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon kit. - ref. 12123 - F-16CG/CJ Fighting Falcon Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00012&pCode=9052 - ref. 12123A - KF-16C Fighting Falcon ltd. edition Source: [http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=9060&pCategory=NEWS1 V.P.
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