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Found 22 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Here is a model I finished in the end of 2023. As sunny spring days started - now it becomes easier to make photosessions so I'll try to catch up with some more models completed in 2023. No surprise - it is a classical Trumpeter 1/72 kit of a venerable USAF aircraft that saw super extensive use in the war in Vietnam - naturally in its classical SEA camo scheme. What I've chosen as a prototype - is a fairly well known F-105D of 354th TFS/355th TFW stationed at Takhli airbase in Thailand in circa 1967. This particular aircraft was decorated with a 'Honeypot II' nick name and had one MiG interception marking. Main duty of 355th Fighter Wing in Vietnam was carrying bombing missions from Thailand to various targets across North Vietnam. Something 355th TFW was doing for five long years between 1966 and 1970. I've long been thinking of more unusual bombload options but after all stopped with a very classical option of 6 mk.82 bombs on the fuselage MER, a Sidewinder on a starboard wing and a jamming pod on the port wing. Trumpeter kit is fairly simple and straightforward if built out of the box. However I did not look for easy paths and brought some aftermarket stuff and scratch built mods. First of all I obtained and used Aires cockpit set. It worked quite finely. It did require cleaning and thinning fuselage sides but at the end sat properly into right place. Cockpit set had enough photoetch parts to get even nicer result with detailed instrument panel, seat harness, etc. Other aftermarket mods included Quickboost afterburner air intakes, ventral fin, coloured wing tips, Master pitot tube, Reskit wheels. All worked finely except for wing tips which turned out to be thinner than the wing and I spent quite a lot of time sanding and puttying the joint line. Hand-made mods included some decorations in main gear bays, new centerline pylon and reinforcement stripes for MER, new pylon for Sidewinder, some minor additions such as internal side of speed brake behind the tail, correct positioning of engine pipe (Trumpeter suggests to put it too deeply), couple of antennae. I used Hasegawa weapon sets to get MER, mk.82 bombs, jamming pod and a Sidewinder. Paints are typical Hobby Color for SEA camo. Brown colour is heavily whitened H310. H303 and H309 for greens. H311 for FS36622. Undercarriage bays are vallejo green zinc chromate. Jamming pod and AIM-9 are painted Vallejo white. Decals are from PrintScale. I was very cautious about using them but in fact they turned out quite okay. Thin, strong - did not break apart. Despite experience of other modellers, they did not tend to wrap around themselves. So I was positively impressed. Printscale set also had necessary stencils so I do not think I used any original Trumpeter decals. Some final touches were made with Tamiya pigments to add a little dirty look especially on the undersides. And some close up photoes: Thanks for watching! Kind regards, Dennis
  2. During the second half of the 11-month course, the USAF Test Pilot School would bring in aircraft from other units for student sorties to qualitatively evaluate aircraft flying qualities and systems performance. The intent was to give the widest experience possible in evaluating a variety of aircraft. As part of that program, if it wasn't possible to bring the aircraft to Edwards, a student team would go to another base to conduct evaluations. Probably the most unusual of the off-base evaluations was the Goodyear blimp. Anyway, one of the more popular evaluation airframes was the F-105 - so long as they were still in the USAF inventory. Here, the visiting Thuds at Edwards from the 466th Tac Fighter Squadron, 419th Tac Fighter Wing, Air Force Reserve out of Hill AFB, providing sorties for TPS Class 83A, October 1983. F-105D 62-4387 F-105F 63-8261 F-105F 63-8287 F-105F 63-8309 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  3. Reini's Century Series - F-105G Thunderchief Trumpeter kit. I've built the single seater years ago, but this is the two seater SAM-hunting 'Wild Weasel' variant. Pile-o-plastic - it's a decent looking kit. I'm not really happy with the Trumpeter decals, I've had issues where they are just the wrong size, usually too large. Like the ejection seat warning markings. They are quite prominent in the real thing, but these look just way too big! Caracal seems to be making a decent looking decal sheet, so I might pick that up. Wheels and pitot tube. I do have some items still missing from this kit, mainly related to the loadout. Trumpeter's AGM-45 Shrike and AGM-78 Standard ARM that come with the kit are apparently wrong size, But I have yet succeeded in finding replacements for them. This is my earlier work on the Trumpeter F-105 kit. From years back, brush painted and all.
  4. Hello! This build from 2019 was inspired while reading the special issue of French magazine “Le Fana de l’Aviation” about the F-105 Thunderchief. A story in particular caught my attention. While on a bombing mission on the 23rd august of 1967, 1st Lt Dave Walrop shot down a first Mig-17 with his gun, before climbing to avoid debris and get back in formation. While coming back from the clouds flying on his back, Waldrop saw another Mig and shot it down too. When he was debriefing at the base, he got a phone call from… Robin Olds himself. From his F-4, this famous pilot was not happy to have seen a F-105 flying on the back and shooting down the mig he was engaging with his radar. This Mig could have been Olds’s fifth Mig Kill, making him twice an Ace. The Kit Trumpeter released this kit back in 2004. The model shows some shape issues as canopy section, nose curvature, mk117 bombs… Details are a bit basics for 1/32nd scale in the cockpit, wheel bays and exhausts. Many aftermarket were used: - Blackbox cockpit 32014 - Master pitot tube AM-32-038 - Quickboost air intake 32068 - Cutting Edge canopy and spine correction CEC32163 (OOP, hard to find) - Aires Wheel bay 2076 - Fisher Wheels A3219 - Eduard F-105 interior 32514 - Eduard F-105 Exterior 32113 - Eduard F-105 armament 32208 - GT Resin Fuselage correction set (nose, camera, ventral fin) - Videoaviation MK117 bombs 163932 Eduard MER 632102 Paints from Mr Hobby. Markings with home made masks and kit decals for stencils. Weathering with oils mostly I will add WIP pics in another post. Hope you like it! Romain
  5. With the F-105 foremost in my mind at present I thought I'd post a few images from a trip around Carswell in 1980. I'll post more once I have time to scan them. The first three are a flight heading out to the ranges in the early morning (around 08:00). The light was low and so the Kodachrome didn't perform well, hence the B&W. Note 61-0076 is named "Pandora's Play Thing". Martin
  6. Wow! Feast your eyes on these beauties! Can't ever have enough Thud photo references! Enjoy! Mike https://imgur.com/a/k1k4D
  7. Hi all, I reckon I am at the stage with "D-10" that I can start to think about the next Thud. This time - as I've mentioned before - she will be 59-1749, operated by the 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron/388th Tactical Fighter Wing and flying from Takhli RTAFB during the Vietnam War era. Sadly she was lost on 23rd September 1967 but like all the Thuds she will have played a pivotal part in the air campaign. For those who didn't know, the Thuds were the heavy loaders in the conflict and only accrued such high attrition because of the demands of them. Like most Vietnam Thuds, '749 was operated with side names, and carried "Mr Toad" (starboard side) and "Marilee E" (Port side). Her she is: As you can see, she operated in the reverse camouflage scheme, which is what attracted me to her. She was also the only one of these reversed machines that a green nose of both sides, so not a true reversal. I like the look of this, particularly from the starboard side. As with "D-10" she will need some mild butchery to get her correct. This will mean changing the spine mainly, although I have yet to ascertain whether I need to remove the strengthening plates on the fuselage and wings. I hope not! She will be loaded with wing tanks, a centreline MER (as in the photo above) and additional appropriate extras under the tips of each wing, courtesy of Hasegawa's excellent weapons sets. She will again be based on the Trumpeter kit, so will need the rivets filled! What I do still need is a good image of the Toad so that I can re-draw it and produce a decal. Any help would be gratefully received! My reference material, aside from the net, has grown while building "D-10". It is now: You can see that I include the excellent Schiffer book (top left/centre) which no fan of the Thud should be without. Well, I'll be getting underway soon but I will only post occasionally to save the boring repetition! Of course, if you'd prefer I didn't at all just tell me Martin
  8. 'Afternoon all, Following my very poor coverage of Mr Toad - who is poised on the shelf awaiting a varnish coat and then RFI - I am going to attempt to keep up with posting on the next Kartveli machine. This time I am giving myself a little more construction work, given that I am attempting to marry a Hasegawa F-105B nose to a Trumper F-105D. I've already noticed that the Trumper is a little shallow in the nose area (only slightly) and so matching it to a slightly (very) overblown nose on the Hasegawa. Other than this the construction will be pretty much like my last two Thuds, with the removal of the strengthening plates, fin tip antennas, ventral fin, dorsal wiring duct, etc. The bit I am fearing the most is re-scribing her after the new nose is on..... assuming I get that far!! I wont be posting anything that repeats previous Thud builds as I think that is a bit tiresome. I will concentrate my postings on the nasal challenge. Right now I am getting the basics together, with the cockpit installed and a few of the simple add-ons. Helping me along will be some PE and resin. I'd appreciate your inputs as and when it seems appropriate to keep me on the straight and narrow The machine I intend to depict is 54-0107, an F-105B used by Republic as part of the "Phase 5" testing. She is illustrated here and there on the net. Hopefully I will get to this: Here she is during her career: Martin
  9. Despite being best known for it's part in the air war over Vietnam republic's big fighter did see active service in Europe, that is until losses over South East Asia forced them to re-equip with other aircraft (mostly F-4's) and send their aircraft to units involved in combat. The F-105's were split between two units, the 36th TFW at Bitburg and the 49th TFW at Spangdahlem in Germany and were based there long enough that aircraft could be seen in either the earlier silver lacquer scheme or in the South East Asian scheme but I much prefer the silver scheme (not natural metal but painted, yes!) as it will make a change from seeing a Thud without any camo on it. I don't currently have any markings for either unit but think I can paint the ones for the 36th TFW as it seems to be just coloured bands on the vertical tail, in fact it will look a lot like this F-105D of the same unit, note the "F" sitting behind it; The Thud lovers amongst you will notice that this aircraft does not have the modified engine cooling inlet which is moulded onto the kit's fuselage halves but I think I can remove it without destroying the kit, I will have to remove the wing strengthening panels from the kit whichever scheme I go with as these are only relevant to the "G" model which was the first of the family to be kitted and so these are incorrectly carried over to both the "D" and "F" kits. Below is a picture of an "F" from the 49th TFW; She is in the same basic scheme but I don't think I can replicate the unit badge on the tail, she does however have the modified cooling inlets which would save a job, but would also mean that I need to find some decals from somewhere. Now onto the actual kit itself. For my build I will be using the old but extremely accurate Monogram kit, now I know it's not state of the art and I know it has raised panel lines but it is from Monogram's best period and is extremely accurate shape wise (apart from the aforementioned wing strengthening plates for a "D" or "F") and has a decent cockpit and landing gear wells, and to be honest the panel lines don't bother me as they are very restrained and don't leap out at you. Here are the obligatory shots of the box and it's contents, starting with the box art; Good isn't it, now that is what box art should look like! And now the contents; Republic are quite well represented in this GB already with an F-84F, an RF-84 and now my F-105, can't be a bad thing. Just have to wait for the weekend before I can get started, oh and finish my Wildcat build. Thanks for looking in and any thoughts or help are gratefully received. Craig.
  10. Hi again all! My last posting of Thud images, with a few shots from my early morning visit to Dobbins ANGB in October 1980. As was always the case, my guide - Jerry Luke - was extremely accommodating, allowing us free access around the ramp before taking us off to the Last Chance to get some departure shots. This was at a time when the residents of the base were operating great types like the OV-1 Mohawks(USAR), C-7 Caribou, (AFRES), A-7 Corsairs (USNR) and OV-10 Broncos (USMCR) . The departure shot below was a pair that followed a USNR C-118B. As you can imagine, I'm sure, the excitement meter was red lining by that time! . We were pretty much at the runway edge Present were: Serial Number Name Vietnam-era name Variant 62-4417 none not known F-105F 62-4422 none not known F-105G 62-4423 none not known F-105G 62-4425 Kloyjai Kloyjai F-105G 62-4432 none not known F-105G 62-4438 none not known F-105G 62-4439 none Trukin Mama/Hopeless F-105G 62-4440 none Zero F-105G 62-4442 none The Freek F-105G 62-4444 none not known F-105G 62-4446 none Sneaky Pet/Silent Majority F-105G 63-8265 none Northbound F-105G 63-8275 none Nemesis/Bonnie and Clyde F-105G 63-8292 none not known F-105G 63-8304 none Mad German Express F-105G 63-8306 none Bad Sam/Tyler Rose/Puerto Rico Air Pirate F-105G 63-8313 none Sod Buster/True Grit F-105G 63-8319 none Sam Seeker/Linda Jean/Sinister Vampire Tuffy/Hugger Mugger F-105G 63-8328 none not known F-105G 63-8332 none Draggin bottom F-105G 63-8336 none Patience F-105G 63-8339 none Thor's Hammer/Road Runner F-105G 63-8345 none not known F-105G 63-8355 none not known F-105G 63-8363 none not known F-105G I have to "hands up" and say that I have posted some of these images before but those were all victim of the Photobucket fiasco, hence the re-post. Forgive me! Martin
  11. Hi again all, Just one this time. It is a poor image because the battery was expiring in my Olympus OM1d and I didn't realise! :(. Therefore many of the shots from this trip were over exposed. Even so, for posterity, I am posting a single image of the DC ANG ramp taken from afar. We didn't get specific permission for this ramp and our guide wasn't keen on testing the system. At this time the Thuds were retired, or thereabouts, with their F-4 replacements on site too. There were five machines but sadly I only recorded four of them! Present were: Serial Number Name Vietnam-era name Variant 61-0056 not known not known F-105D 61-0073 not known not known F-105D 62-4433 not known not known F-105F 63-8299 not known not known F-105F Martin PS: those are not black scratches but telegraph lines
  12. Hi all, Having recently treated myself to the truly excellent tome of Thud units histories by James Geer, I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a kit (a Trump) and a fair bit of resin. My plan is to build "Mr Toad"/"Marilee E" 59-1749. It is a reverse pattern machine from the Vietnam era.m My question? Does any Thud expert out the have an images showing the "Mr Toad" motif? Thanks in advance, Martin
  13. Sorry but I lied.... just three more. These are others I've taken shots of Stateside. All were taken in May 1979, the two preserved machines being at Lackland AFB and the cockpit being amongst the Thud bits at Davis Monthan AFB.54-0107 was a straight B model (the third Thud built) and used for testing. 54-0105 is a JF-105B, a projected recce version that failed One of only two built. She was used for testing also. Sadly when I saw her she was in this ficticious scheme whereas in reality se had a glorious natural metal/red scheme, coded "JF-1". The cockpit is of 60-0438, once a Bitburg machine. It is shown in the RIT (reclamation) area. Martin
  14. Hi all, I've been scanning again and this time the subject is the AFRES F-105 deployment to RAF Sculthorpe between 10th and 23rd June 1978. This exercise was named "Coronet Oriole". The day of the visit was pitifully wet, with low cloud. As a result - and foolishly - I elected to use faster Kodacolor print film rather than my usual Kodachrome. The results are therefore not as I would have wished. Here they are: Present were: Serial Number Name Vietnam-era name Variant 59-1729 East Anglian Express Takhli Taxi/Andy Capp F-105D 61-0069 Pussy Galore/Cherry Girl F-105D 61-0084 Porky's Pig not known F-105D 61-0099 Mad Bomber not known F-105D 61-0108 Ground Hog Kombat Kathy F-105D 61-0115 not known F-105D 61-0146 not known F-105D 61-0152 8-Ball F-105D 62-4242 My Bit II/Batchelor II/April K/Miss World/Animal/Miss Julie Girl F-105D 62-4301 My Karma F-105D 62-4346 Good Golly Miss Molly/Itazuke Express F-105D 62-4348 Thud not known F-105D 62-4360 Iron Duke F-105D 62-4372 The Supersonic Salamander F-105D 62-4383 not known F-105D 63-8287 Miss Fargo/Flak Magnet F-105F 63-8331 not known F-105F 63-8365 The Dirty Duck F-105F If you're a Thud lover I hope they are okay for you! Martin
  15. The Trumpeter kit isn't too bad. Fit is pretty good, detail adequate and the decals settle own nicely. One negative about the kit is the weapons. You get 3 drop tanks, more than a few Mk 83's, two MER's and two AGM-12's. It's is a little bit limiting as early in Rolling Thunder, thuds normally carried 6 Mk 117 bombs on an MER on the center line mount, but you get no centerline weapons mount either. For aircraft venturing into the more dangerous RP's, a QRC-160 jamming pod and AIM-9B were carried for self defense, neither of these are included. Thus I used Hasegawa weapons sets and scratch built a center line mount for the MER. This aircraft, 61-0132 was flown by 1st LT David Waldrop III on his double MiG killing mission over the Yen Vien Rail Marshaling Yards on August 23rd 1967. He claimed and was initially credited with gunning down two MiG 17's, although later on his second kill was disallowed. Waldrop would complete 100 missions over North Vietnam.
  16. a couple from the "good old days" , shot in 1980. Martin
  17. Some years ago I started building a F-105D as flown by one of the Air Force's most skilled pilots, the young Lt. Karl W. Richter. At the mere age of 23 he as "Ford 03" shot down a MiG-17 over North Vietnam. After his 100 'counters' he volunteered for another 100. Even so, this wasn't enough, he volunteered for another, third tour, as I believe as a fast FAC.. Officially credited with 198 missions he was hit on 28th of July 1967 by AAA and had to eject. Richter broke both legs during ejection and landed badly in enemy territory. He was picked up by Jolly Green 52 but died from his wounds on the flight back. Richter probably had flown in excess of the 200 missions. If he officially had, he would have been sent home. More on this page. One of my all time heroes.. So, here it is, a continuation of before using amongst others the Hobby Boss kit. It's been some years since I painted this Black Box pit, and I am still happy with it.. One of the reasons I paused before was the thinly shaped nose.. D-Molds agrees with a resin replacement.. on top of each other.. nosejob! pretty amazed by how good it seems to fit.. the ventral fin also needs some work (same D-molds set).. and that's how it fits.. fltr HobbyBoss, D-molds, Quickboost.. D-molds needs the missing parts of the HB kit, I could have done without this.. Aires wheelbay.. wing ready to accept.. should give me something like this.. the inside of the inlets have a variable duct plug. this is clearly visible.. something of an inlet channel.. made by.. splitter plates have mold release marks which are also visible.. my intakes from the top.. fttb.. Hobbyboss, Quickboost, Quickboost with a saw mark.. fttb.. Monogram, Hobbyboss, Brassin MER..
  18. I going enter with this one: I want to do 61-0069 "Cherry girl" from the Print Scale sheet, but I can't find any references showing the artwork on deployment, as the only pictures around is from 1983. some interesting but quite graphic pictures of "cherry girl", hence the code: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/myarticles/img_7309_1397662041_var-1.jpg.html Anyway I will get started on the cockpit soon.
  19. Here are some shots I was lucky enough to get back in October 2013 when I visited California. Century Circle by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-106 & F-105 by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-100 Super Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-101B Voodoo by tony_inkster, on Flickr TF-102 Delta Dagger by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-105 & F-106B by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-101B Voodoo by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-104 Starfighter by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-106B by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-105 Thunderchief by tony_inkster, on Flickr YC-15 by tony_inkster, on Flickr TF-106 Delta Dagger by tony_inkster, on Flickr NB-52 by tony_inkster, on Flickr NB-52B by tony_inkster, on Flickr NB-52B by tony_inkster, on Flickr NB-52B by tony_inkster, on Flickr NB-52B by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  20. Hi All, here are some shots I took at the excellent Palm Springs Museum back in October. More can be found here: http://www.hanger51.org/aircraft-museums/us-museums-collections/palm-springs-air-museum/ F-14A Tomcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-14A Tomcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr B-17 Flying Fortress by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-4 Skyhawk by tony_inkster, on Flickr B-25 Mitchell by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-6E Intruder by tony_inkster, on Flickr C-1 Trader by tony_inkster, on Flickr AH-1 Cobra by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  21. And for number 2.......... Ok this GB is for what could be described as the start of the golden age of US aircraft design from the 50’s to the early 60’s, the “Century Series” aircraft. A bit of something for everybody here with the main types everyone knows and a couple of experimentals for those who like to be different! F-100 Super Sabre F-101 Voodoo F-102 Delta Dagger XF-103 Thunder Warrior F-104 Star Fighter F-105 Thunderchief F-106 Delta Dart YF-107 Ultra Sabre XF-108 Rapier XF-109 Sorry the F-110 Spectre was renamed/numbered F-4 Phantom and the F-111 Aardvark is a bit too late. As for the F-117 don’t ask! I think probably everyone has one of these in there stash, if not they’re easy to get hold of and there’s tons of aftermarket stuff to keep all sorts of builders happy! 1, trickyrich - host 2, Starfighter 3, jb65rams 4, hythe 5, Swamp Donkey 6, Mish 7, Julien 8, hgbn - co-host 9, Paul J 10, AndyC 11, Arniec
  22. F-105D Pics by Darwin taken at the Combat air museum in Kansas
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