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Found 9 results

  1. It's been a busy few weeks but I've finally got around to thinking about this build! My original intention was to grab a very old Airfix 747-200 model (built about 20 years ago and full of inaccuracies), then try to depict this as an aircraft being broken up in a scrapyard. Despite being keen to do this one day, I feel the time constraints on a GB will inevitably lead to this not getting completed by the deadline - there is a huge amount of work required to do this properly! Plan B was to convert a much more recent and decent model (the new Airfix Vampire T11), to show this rotting away in a neglected corner of an airfield. Here's a picture of the two kits mentioned: Just look at the chunky tail fin on the 747 - that was the main reason for wanting to chop it off completely and show the model as an aircraft being scrapped! The Vampire kit is much nicer, but as I have a brand new one in my stash I thought it might be easier to start from scratch rather than hacking this one about...
  2. So as a result of my first failed attempts at printing off my imperial Daleks I have quite a few recognisable bits left over so rather than throw them out or let them molder in the spares box i thought I’d do some asylum themed Dalek rust and wreckage. The asylum is a Dalek prison/scrapyard that featured in the episode of the same name and features almost every Dalek that ever appeared in Dr Who. More to follow…
  3. Folks, This is my first group build so am a bit new to how it all works. I saw this image on reddit and fell in love with it, I would love to know where this Mig actually is, I've decided its Russian but it might be a Chinese J/F-6 . Im going to use some artistic licence, Im swapping out the Mig-19 for a Mig-15 having read the build reviews of the one Mig-19 I could find online. I've went for Eduard's weekender Mig-15 in 1/72. Im intending to try a number of new techniques with this build. First am going to try and make my own corrugated fence out of old coke cans, next am going to try and do a brick wall from blue foam, and third am going to make an outhouse from coffee stirrers. Am thinking of building a dio with 2 or possible 3 sides, one with the Fence, one with the brick wall and the third possibly with the buildings. I also considering printing up a jet engine to lie abandoned next to the Mig. Any thoughts tips or hints then please share.
  4. So had this idea for a while, this is my third build for the group build, this is only loosley based on the images below, but the idea is a sunken fighter wreck from WW2 long abandoned and now an attractive place for kayakers and free divers in the shallow waters of Nikko Bay Paulau. Its a 1/72 Airfix A6M Zero, converted to a Rufe Floatplane Fighter thats been sunken when it was hidden in the quiet secluded inlets of Nikko Bay in 1944 and forgotten, time hasnt been kind to the wreck and although lightly damage when sunken, scuttled perhaps, time and salt water has started to eat the structure away.
  5. This build was inspired by entropy of a kind many of us have probably suffered at one time or another. An Amodel 1/72 Hawker Fury kit, built some years ago but which didn't get the painting finished, had been put away in a box for a house move. I happened to open the box recently and found that careless packing and poor handling had knocked the wings and wheels off. I’d looked at it, decided the damage to the wings was terminal and had been about to bin it when I saw the Entropy Group Build, had a think and started looking around. Then I found the article below. https://www.key.aero/article/silver-period-stunner And this photo showing a wingless Fury being used as a Ground Instructional Airframe. I did some more browsing and in my copy of On Silver Wings I’ve found another photo that must be from the same sequence (Furies, apprentices, the same fencing in the background) which states that it shows “four forgotten Furies… abused by apprentice engine fitters somewhere in the Midlands in 1941.”. Given the mention of Apprentice engine fitters and the Midlands I’d take a punt that they’re at RAF Cosford (No. 2 School of Technical Training). But, a Ground Instructional Airframe with a working engine needs more Entropy and here I’d like to thank our Host @JeroenS for the nudge on how to add more to this scene! So in my head the story goes like this. The technical training school receives a fresh shipment of battleworn Hurricanes to be used as Ground Instructional Airframes and, with newer aircraft types closer to those the apprentices will end up maintaining, the old Furies are slated for scrapping. Someone fills in the paperwork to get them taken away for scrap but for some reason, perhaps a lorry breaks down, perhaps there’s a typo in the paperwork, one gets left behind. A put upon Flight Sergeant complains that it’s not been taken away, gets told that the paperwork’s already been raised and they’ll probably be back to take it soon, no, there’s no point in raising fresh paperwork, thank you Jenkin’s that will be all. Of course, no one comes for that last forgotten Fury and eventually said exasperated Flight Sergeant organises a working party to shove the Fury to a quiet, out of the way corner where it’s not his problem. There, the Fury, wingless and forlorn, sits there abandoned as the grass grows around it. At some point, perhaps, someone will come and find it and take it to a happier place, as happened to Fury K1928, which also ended up as a Ground Instructional Airframe but is now being restored by the Cambridge Bomber and Fighter Society. https://www.cbfs.org.uk/hawker-fury-k1928/ So the below is what I’m starting with, my own abused Fury. I've already roughly chopped the top wing to what it needs to be, handily the bottom wings had snapped off pretty cleanly of their own accord! Some browsing at the local model shop found this model railway security fencing which looks a pretty good match for that in the photos so I’ll add that in as well. I think the next steps will be to mangle the Fury into something looking like the one in the picture, reattach the wheels, remove the tail, open up the sides of the cockpit and so on. I'll see how ambitious I feel like getting when it comes to removing engine panels etc.!
  6. Hello one and all, The aim of this project is to offer a historical glimpse of the past with a view to a cautionary view of the future. An entropy quote... The fact that you can remember yesterday but not tomorrow is because of entropy. - Sean M. Carroll And some inspiration... A man’s job is to make the world a better to place to live in, so far as he is able—always remembering the results will be infinitesimal—and to attend to his own soul. - Leroy Percy If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. - Bear Bryant Cold War Icons - I've spent the better part of two days scheming, sketching and putting together a few scale drawings as well as scouring the internet for inspirational photos. It's been quiet the task to put together a scale drawing of something that I can only partly guess as to sizes and such from a few photos with little by way of a scale and proportion. I have already started the hangar internal arch by cutting up a section of cardboard and scoring every other upper paper leaving the waffle and lower paper intact so that it forms a semi circle of the right size with the internal ribs cut and glued into place. I will tidy up my notes and sketches / drawings and post them along with a few photos of progress with the arch. 🤓 Tally ho lads, let her rip!
  7. Hiya all As I am waiting for some stuff to arrive I have been fleshing out my next build. I am planning on building a alternative version of a graveyard. A cold war graveyard that will represent the fallen icons of the Soviet block. I'm planning on a spooky graveyard vibe with these former icons now abandoned (each depicting an element of Soviet communism) I may either have decrepid gravestones in front or a plaque stating what each is representing. Within it will be abandoned; A concrete statue that is in Czechoslovakia (but slightly smaller in scale) that represents industry. This will have blown reinforced concrete and rust streaks and birds nests and bird poop. A UAZ 3909 military van all rusted and dented on bricks representing economics. A CCCP lettered sign, stainless steel, ripped from the ground with concrete foundation stumps still attached representing ideology. A standing Lenin figure now laying on its back that has been ripped out of the ground and dumped. (Not quiet this exact pose, the figure has his hand outstretched, I couldn't find a picture) representing doctrine. An old wooden privy with a bust of Lenin inside representing dogma and Putin's toxicity with a sign (gas under pressure warning sign?) An aurosan rf-08 propeller driven snow vehicle all beaten and rusted representing military. A decorative steel hammer and sickle statue ripped out of the ground with concrete foundation stumps attached representing agricultural. I have fleshed out a plan..... Also planning on including these elements... Access doorway idea. Spooky tree. Flag stones. The pigeons. And finally some lamposts.
  8. I dedicate this project to all you Ukrainian's out there, you have many friends I have seen a number of very interesting photos of these destroyed on the news and internet that have piqued my interest. Some blown to smitherines and given several new ones to boot. Many planned shell holes and deflections, explosions points, fires, internal explosions with the turret blown out, bullet holes and bullet marks, melting of wheels and general battlefield mayhem.
  9. Folks , Next entropy project is Golan Guard, a 1:72 diorama that will show the last resting place of the last of a long line of Stug III assault guns. TBF from my research its not very clear if they even got a shot off during the 6 day war in 1967. Im going to use the video below as the basis of the project, I have a Revell Stug III G, be aware am using this as a basis similar to the Mig Dio, its not meant to be an exact reflection. I will need to try and figure out how to 3D print an interior and stuff. Let the fun begin 😆
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