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Found 12 results

  1. I’m probably going to scratch some 1/28 airplanes as my Fokker DR1 is lookin awfully lonesome but I thought I’d start the ball rolling with two Daleks. Yes I actually went and bought the plans from projectDalek ( I wonder if they’re evil plans, hmmm) An Emperor and a drone both in 1/6 scale… More to follow
  2. In the interest of doing something different and seeing as how I’ve just gotten a 3D printer I thought I’d do a couple of Daleks. Not sure the scale, they’re about five inches tall which I’m guessing makes them about 1/16. First step pre Blitzbuild is to get all the models and print the two kits…. And here’s batch two of four getting done…
  3. My foray outside of my comfort zone is going to be a Sevans Dalek: Do not be fooled by that Beatties (how I miss them) price tag, I had to pay A LOT more than that on Evilbay for it, but not as much as some are asking for them. Even so, it’s still the most expensive kit I’ve ever bought. And it’s vacform! Inside the box are a selection of recognisably Dalek bits: Full disclosure, I have built one of these before. That one was a movie variant built when I was around 13 or 14 with an awful lot of help from my dad. Now at 42, I’m brave enough to tackle it on my own! The original was foolishly left in my ex-wife’s loft (I really should have double checked I’d got everything) and I’ve missed it greatly. A couple of years ago I got the itch to really make another, and stumbled on this place (specifically Nigel’s Heath’s amazing build) while looking into them. My rather enthusiastic re-entry to the hobby (and membership here) really is down to a desire to own a large Dalek again! While I will be using Nigel’s build for some tips, his build was the earliest version of the model and this one is (I think) the last version, with some substantial differences between the design of the kit. My previous one was different to both as well! The exact look/spec I’m going for is still being decided but the current thinking is: Late 70’s/early 80’s look NOT a TV or film used colour Possibly scratch building a movie-style claw Lighting the eye stalk & ears (I’ve also never added lighting to a model before) Scratch building a base showing off the anti-gravity spheres (though maybe that will be an addition at a later date) James
  4. After lurking here for some time I have finally taken the plunge and decided to post a WIP. Some caveats... this is not going to be quick or easy and could well remain unfinished - I just don't know what my skills are at this point. I was so unsure about posting a WIP I never took any photo's throughout the build up to this point. I'm sure you guys will still get the idea though. So, starting with some basic materials, and an even more basic tool kit. I managed to amass a bunch of parts similar to those shown here. It sure is a lot of faffing about to post an image here (other forums I am a member of allow you to upload images directly). Can someone confirm if the image above can be seen? So.. plastic buttons, plastic spheres, styrene sheet, beams and some brass rod - whatever could it be?
  5. Mooncrests kit is great out the box, beautifully cast, nice detail and looks accurate. I've replaced a few bits, notibly i've added white perspex on the rear console of the chair, built a more accurate backrest,replaced the beads on the head cage and built a custom made base. All the work is detailed in the WIP thread. So here he is, Davros played by Terry Molloy from Resurrection of the Daleks broadcast in 1984.
  6. Been away from the hobby for along time, but dipping my toe back in the water again with this kit. All my previous modelling has been 1/35th german armour but sci fi is a big part of my life as well, so here goes. This kit is mixed media resin, plastic and metal. Quality of parts and moulding is first class, a bit of clean up and filling but nothing more than any other kit. The kit does present a number of challenges and i have modified and changed some parts for more accuracy but that is in no way a criticism of the kit which will build out the box into a perfectly acceptable version, but i have never found a kit yet which can't be improved on in some areas. The above screenshots are the version i chose to build which is from "Resurrection of the Daleks" with Davros played by Terry Molloy. The big challenge was the backrest, the kit one has to be scratchbuilt anyway and you get a template and piece of plasticard but for a flat backrest which for some of the earlier versions of Davros is correct but as you can see from the above screenshot of the backrest it has 2 vertical bends to conform to the shape of his back and has the corners slightly clipped and bent out. The edging strip also has to be fabricated, which on the original was rubber car door trim. I also spent alot of time on various screenshots getting the correct combination of colours for the console, which is a beautifully cast piece.
  7. I have nearly finished the Natter and so for my next project I am going to do something completely different, a vac formed Dalek! I purchased this kit sometime in the mid 1980's, apparently its quite rare and valuable these days. My belief is that kits are for building so its good that this one’s time has come. I selected it for a change of pace and to tie in with this year's Dr Who 50th anniversary celebrations. This is what I've got: There is an apology from the supplier (presumably Stuart Evans), I'm sorry its taken so long to get round to it: The instructions: I have added up all the times given for each build stage and it comes out at between four to four and a half hours so I should finish it today!! And a mixed bag of odd parts: I have only ever built one vacform before (1/48 Aeroclub DHC Chipmunk) and I was still at university at the time so its been a while. I remember trying to scratch build a Dalek as a child but did not get beyond the dome so I hope this will be a more successful venture. Nigel
  8. I've been trying to find one of these kits for a reasonable price for quite some time and fianlly I managed to snag one that didn't make the wallet have palpitations. Due the excitement of getting this, I had to put the current Walrus build to one side and start this almost immediately! Its not a difficult kit to build, considering it is a limited run from the 1990s. The biggest problem I had was with the metallic finish! There are 3 shades of metallic paint: Dome and Skirt: Mr Color Aluminium airbrushed Shoulder vertical bars: Mr Color Aluminium brush painted Horizontal shoulder bands: Mr Color Chrome Silver aorbtished Neck rings, eye stalk, gun and manipulator arm: Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal airbushed. The hemispheres on the skirt and the disks on the eyestalk are Tamiya X-14 Sky blue The main shoulder structure behind the bands is Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey The main neck structure and skirt base is XF-1 Matt Black Sink Plunger XF-69 Nato Black Eye bulb X-18 Semi Gloss black with a circle of white decal from an old decal set and my punch and die set This was built to represent a Mk 3 Dalek which was first introduced in the Bill Hartnell story The Chase and lasted into the Tom Baker era. In particular I've gone for the colour scheme from one of the Daleks in "Death to the Daleks" from the Jon Pertwee era . This is the box it comes in: There are two types of kit that were produced, this one and one that represents the Peter Cushing movie Daleks, which had bigger skirts, different lights on the dome and claws instead of sink plungers. The content of the kit is not huge Its odd that these photos don't show the metallic paint finish on the skirt very well, probably because I'm not using the flash in the camera! This pic from during construction shows the metallic paint much more effectively I've very pleased with the result - apart from the hassles with the metallic paint, it was a fun build and only took about a week - one of my fastest builds! The main problem I have now is I WANT ANOTHER!!!! Black and Gold next time Here you go with the best Dr Who intro there is - okay I'm biased, JP was MY Doctor when growing up Edit: I forgot to link to the WIP thread:
  9. Does Britmodeller need one or more Dalek emoticons? I can think of a few ideas: Normal Dalek Melted Dalek Killing Dalek Cuddly toy Dalek Dalek in love Happy Dalek Sad Dalek
  10. In between building the DB5, Robby, and B9 (and a few other odds and ends), I started on this kit. I really didn't intend to start this kit for some time, but I seem to be having lots of down time while waiting on one thing or another in those builds I mentioned above, and needed something to break the monotony.... and this was it. Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start.... It's the Comet Miniatures Dalek. I have heard that the kit has issues, but they can't be any worse than my original attempt at a Dalek (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945056-scratch-build-16-scale-mk-iii-dalek-complete-after-3-months/ ) I know I have said this before, but I intend this to be very close to a standard OUT OF THE BOX BUILD!!!!!!! I will NOT be going overboard on modifying/replacing/manufacturing/casting etc etc etc any bits. My intention is to display this model next to my scratch build and I think it will be, let's say, interesting to show the different levels of detail in both models. So, picking up the kit, I started with the skirt. I'm getting a strange feeling of deja vu here. That yellow stuff you see below is a USA version of Blu-Tac, it's called fun tac, and it's crap! It's not very sticky, and it's like trying to mold toffee. Anyway, I started with the skirt..... Knowing the issues I had with my previous build, I knew how difficult the skirt could be... and I was right! It was just as well I decided to dry fit the entire skirt because as I came to the last panel, I discovered there was quite a discrepancy in the width of the panel I had in my hand, and the available width to fit it in. So I resorted to reading the instructions.... and Comet suggest starting with the skirt - but - attaching the skirt panels to the top section first rather than the base. I did a quick test and that seemed to be better, so, doing only one or two panels at a time, I started gluing the skirt panels to the top panel. ...Eventually working my way around to the front section. I have to say that I am amazed at how quickly this has gone - but I am comparing it to my previous build, and just the skirt section alone probably took a couple of weeks form start to finish. The skirt is now fully attached at the top. and I am ow working my way around the inside, gluing the length of each panel, making double sure the panels are properly aligned on the outside before applying the superglue. The neck section was easy. However, there were no alignment features whatsoever in the parts, so I glued styrene strips on the top, bottom, and each of the sides to help hold each part in place relative to each other. So while I am waiting on other parts drying - and I have also run out of superglue! - I decided to start the part that I really hate - the skirt hemispheres... all fifty freaking six of them! It's a strange kit. Comet have used some really larger gates on the parts tree (see below) so I cut each part from the tree with plenty of gate left on the part. Now I need to go through each one of them, remove the gate and file down the excess...... luvverly huh? I should mention that this will be a slow build as I am only going to work on this when the DB5, or Robby have some to a halt for whatever reason. ... and I should also mention that I think this is an early Television Dalek, but I have no idea what the color scheme is going to be yet.
  11. I have been thinking about my current Dalek build and it really is crying out for some lights to be installed. My thoughts are two red flashing LED's on the dome and possibly another in the eye stalk. I can probably manage to wire up an LED but how do I go about creating a flashing effect? I would guess that I could get some sort of module from Maplins (there is a handy local store in Aberdeen). I think I will also have to create a base as somewhere to install the batteries. Any tips or advice from electronic wizzes out there would be appreciated. Nigel
  12. Twenty hours or so after I filled the base of my vacformed Dalek with casting resin I found a small area where the plastic had softened to something a bit like stiff chewing gum: It more or less elastically recovers: I don't know the resin chemistry but it is one of those clear embedding types, I got it from Hobby Craft and filled it with some powdered filler and black weathering powder. It only appears to have affected a small area about 1 by 2cm. Has anyone seen anything like this? Will the plastic reharden or is there anything I can proactively do about it like putting it in a low oven, exposing to UV light, nuclear radiation, etc.?
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