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  1. Like the French Aéronavale, the Comando de la Aviacion Naval Argentina (Argentine's FAA) was a late user of the Corsair, operating 25(?) F4U-5 in all versions (-5, -5N, -5NL & -5P) from 1955 to 1966. Here's my interpretation of one of them, using Hasegawa's plastic, together with Aztec decals.. And for those among you that want to read a bit more about them..
  2. Here's my take on the Monogram Pro Modeller rebox of the 1/48 Hasegawa F4U5. I live about 80 miles from the location of NAS Glenview, so I felt compelled to do that scheme. This model was going to have that scheme, and that was that- more on that later. Aftermarket additions include a Wolfpack cockpit set, Quickboost gun barrels, and ResKit tires and wheels. Paints are Mission Models glossy sea blue, Mr Hobby aqueous semi gloss clear, and Vallejo Model Air colors and matt and satin varnish for the anti glare panel, cockpit, wheels, etc. Decals are a mix of kit decals, Super Scale, and Eagle Strike. I started off on the Wolfpack cockpit, which really was nice to work with. Minimal fitting was needed. The only issue was with the cockpit side walls- installed on the cockpit tub, they would have sat well below the cockpit opening. Those were glued to the fuselage sides instead. I used the included decal for the instrument panel, which was sealed with Vallejo satin varnish, topped with a drop of Mr Hobby aqueous clear gloss on each gauge. I used Vallejo metal color dull aluminum for some wear. I also scratched out armrests. I then set to work on the engine, which was pretty straightforward, except for drilling 36 tiny holes for the ignition wires. It was made to look grimy with oils. I used a shim, about .030", in the lower part of the nose to address the poor fit between the fuselage sides and lower panel that's part of the wing. The shim was glued on one fuselage side, allowed to dry, then the fuselage stump on the front clamped and glued. I had to open the notch in the exhaust mount to fit. It sat down snug when installed. The rest of the assembly was uneventful The seams were addressed with a thin application of Mr Dissolved Putty and careful sanding. Surgery was performed to put the flaps in the up position. The priming, painting and pre-decal gloss clear were equally uneventful. The adventure began when the decals came out! I bought this kit second hand, and it was still factory sealed. What I did not know is how it may have been stored! When it arrived, I took a quick look over the decal sheet, and it appeared fine. Wrong! I cut and dipped a national insignia in water, and to my horror, it was full of cracks! Thankfully, I have an abundance of aftermarket national insignias. A closer inspection of the kit sheet showed cracking in nearly every larger white decal! This Corsair was going to be a Glenview bird no matter what, and I saw no aftermarket NAS decal options, so I treated all the kit decals I would be using with liquid decal film, and set about using them anyway. They released from the paper just fine, and adhered wonderfully. Unfortunately, the cracks still showed. I made up a mix of Vallejo white paint, slightly thinned and mixed with retarder medium, and started filling the cracks with a fine brush. I then used micromesh to polish out the painted areas, and it came out acceptable. Photos are of the worst one, before touch up, during, and then after the final clear coat. This aircraft had distinctive exhaust pipes, which were replicated with bent styrene rod, drilled out. Weathering was kept minimal, as the real thing looked pretty clean. Tamiya Weathering Master was used on the exhaust, and I did some pin wash on the upper fuselage to replicate oil and fuel spills. Additional detailing was done to the canopy, gun sight, and upper switch panels. I cut the wingtip lights out, made a "bulb" in each with Micro Kristal Klear, painted the area silver, added red and green for the bulbs, and made lenses with Kristal Klear. I added a bit of wiring and tubing to the wheel wells, which wasn't worth the effort, or worth photographing. It all but disappeared once it was closed up and painted. I noticed the real aircraft had white overspray by the "6" on the nose, which was replicated. I took some artistic liberty in adding this on the starboard side too. There was a cutout in the lower part of the orange band decal, and I drilled a hole there for the "T" antenna, not realizing it's a bit far forward. Oh well! This build was fun, but not without a few hiccups. I rarely say this about my own work, but I am genuinely satisfied with the end result. It felt like it took forever to finish- it was started at the beginning of January and finished today. Here's the finished product. Photos were taken in indirect natural light and indoor light. Apologies for the novel length writeup. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  3. OrHi all, I have a 1/72 Hasegawa Corsair F4U in the stash and would like to present it as an aircraft I know a relative to have flown (1830 NAS aboard HMS Illustrious). I've seen a number of aftermarket decals but while period correct, none of them are from the squadron or even ship. Does anyone have any tips on how to recreate a specific aircraft without it costing a fortune? I don't have the skills to be airbrushing stencils or creating my own decal sets. As an aside, when did the FAA move from the red and blue roundels to the blue and white SEAC? There is a specific date when he shot down a Zero so I'd like to be spot on with it
  4. I posted an RFI on 15th November, so was looking in the stash a day or two later, I saw this kit, the Smer Hi Tech F4U-1 Corsair, I was somehow drawn to it. A check of the plastic made me think hmm, another short run kit, bound to have fit issues. You can imagine my surprise when I'd put the wings, cockpit and fuselage together seemingly in a few days without any great drama? No major fit issues? What is this? Is this a Tamiya kit in disguise? Nope, it isn't. Scalemates has it reboxed from a 1976 Heller kit, which might explain the generally better fit all round. Funny thing is when I built the Smer Avia S-92 earlier this year, I seem to recall very few issues with it, and that too was a rebox of a Heller kit. There is a fit issue though. Someone at Heller/Smer was foolish enough (or in league with manufacturers of modelling putty) to make the cowling in 2 parts, that fit on a prong, is the only way I can describe it - though a picture makes clear. This did exercise my filling and sanding muscles, I can tell you! And not entirely successfully, I'm afraid. Apart from that, the tube of filler wasn't whipped out much, at all. A little bit around the wing fold joint, a little bit on the fuselage, but compared to some recent kits I've done, hardly any filler, really. Oh joy!! And so it was that this kit almost sees out this year on a positive note! I seemed to gallop along with it, no other great dramas or issues, the wings and fuselage went together fairly well - with a lot of dry fitting first, to make sure of alignment. Painting was a bit of a pain, my masking wasn't the best in one or two areas and I've had to do a fair bit of touching in, but that was me, not the kit. In truth, this is quite a simple kit, perhaps the best way for me to finish off this year, with the problems I had outside of modelling, and the number of kits which took ages to complete because they were frankly not very good. I am aware you could say a bad workman blames his tools, but I do think I hit a run of badly engineered short run kits - one of which I abandoned due to fit issues. This Smer Corsair is finished in an all NMF scheme, from VMF - 122 based on Peleliu in the Pacific, this scheme attracted me because the plane was named Sally, which is my daughter's name. Decals went down pretty well, too. Ummmm, almost! I had the dreaded "I'm going to curl up all around myself in a way impossible to straighten out" with the first decal that came out of the water - and which happened to be a squadron code. So instead of two, there is only one on the port side. All the others, including some vanishingly small stencils, went on pretty easily. Paints by Tamiya and Mr Color, a little bit of etch in the kit, seatbelts by eduard, some albion alloys tube for the pitot, Galleria satin varnish by Windsor & Newton and self cut canopy masking. Now for the elephant in the room. Some of you may have been thinking "hmmm, is there something wrong with the undercarriage? Well yes, there is; the wheels are in the wrong sides! In other words, the wheels should face outward, not inward. I looked at the kit quite closely to see if I could cut the u/c legs and put them the right way round, and you know, I thought I was going to do more damage than make anything look better. After all, I reasoned, my wife and daughter won't have a clue which way round the u/c legs ought to be, so I've left them as they are. Foolish perhaps, but pragmatic. I suspect this happened as I did the man thing of not looking at the instructions properly!! It will be a permanent reminder to me to "RTI"" All in all, the two Smer kits (this and the S-92) I picked up on impulse from Frome models at I think the 2019 Avon show have started and almost finished this year on a positive note indeed!`
  5. Magic Factory (FB , homepage, X) from China is to release a 2 in 1 1/48th Vought F4U-1A/2 Corsair kit - ref. 5001 Sources: https://www.magicfactory.ltd/cn/#/news?goodsId=152 https://www.facebook.com/magicfactory2021/posts/pfbid031FZqUn4NcmsZK8ECKpqvCXcvKcA5wmXVMEhgFYGXDKhWCHoJkb7msyym47GDowUrl https://twitter.com/MagicFactory8/status/1693557919076508008 V.P.
  6. Next Hobby Boss Corsair kit will be a 1/48th Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair early version - ref.80381. Release is announced for late August 2015. So should be available in the best hobbyshops in September-October. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1125 Box art V.P.
  7. Quick Question - does anyone know if the above kit (Tamiya ref #61046) can be modelled with the flaps in the up position? They are made to be in the extended or down position, I don't really want to start hacking into the plastic only to find out that they couldn't be altered to fit in that way. Many thanks in advance. Treker_ed
  8. I'm struggling with a 1:48 Hasegawa F4U-4 kitbash. I'm thinking it might have been easier to fix the Hobbyboss F4U-4 by grafting the Hasegawa cowling parts on it. Had anyone here tried it???
  9. The later type F4Us are still quite underrepresented when it comes to kits in 1/72 scale. I guess I need not to stress the many flaws of the Italeri kits from the 90s since they have already been discussed here in many other threads. Of course, I am aware that Revell released a new tool F4U-4B in 1/72 not so long ago but this kit was based on their WW2 Corsair so it can be considered as an early F4U-4 at best. So my question is what would be the optimal strategy to create each variant of the F4U that was deployed during the Korean conflict? Apart from the versions listed above that would also include the recon F4U-4P and F4U-5P Corsairs. I know such a goal cannot be achieved without crosskitting, aftermarket items and some other modifications. Would it be a viable strategy to use the Tamiya F4U-1D as a base and add parts of the Italeri kits to create each variant? Would it make sense to invest in aftermarket items such as resin engines and which would be the best to source for such a project? What would be the best way to proceed?
  10. Ok I'm tired of waiting for someone to come up with a nice dash 4 Corsair. And no the Hobbyboss isn't a nice dash 4. I'm starting with sadly the best looking (IMO) dash 4. The Hasegawa rebox of the ancient Mania kit. I was initially was going to build OOB except for the True Details cockpit set. Then I bought a set of Minicraft wings from their clone kit to gain scribed lines and flaps that weren't split with a difficult seam to fix. Then I remembered, hey I can poach some parts from a Hasegawa F4U-5N kit. My initial inclination was to use the the engine, wing pylons and some other details. Then I started to think I can have dropped flaps and better details if I can add the appropriate fabric panels. The dash 5 wings were too long in front and short in the rear. Not nearly the drop fit of the Minicraft wings. After eyeballing it a while I decided to try adding the dash -5 wings. First I had to find a piece of plastic to fill the giant open space between the rear edge of the lower wing and fuselage. I found a P-47 engine cowling with close contours in the spares box. Cut that in half and dry fit it approximately to the fuselage. Next was to cut off the F4U-4B kit cowling and check the fit of the wing again before I cut back the lower fuselage extension. It's bad enough that I might have ruined one kit. I didn't want to cut up the wing and ruin a second kit if I didn't have to. So I'm at the point of no return. Normally I have a hard time finishing simple kits (like a Tamiya P-51B 🙄) without a lot of drama, so this should be interesting. Stay tuned and wish me luck. Cheers Ron
  11. Are there any photos existing that show the clear-vision canopy F4U-1 (retrospectively called F4U-1A) in the USN two-tone "gray camouflage" or at least with pre-1943 insignia (stars with no bars)? It is commonly said the US Navy introduced the three-tone "blue camouflage" in January 1943 and the red-bordered stars with bars in June the same year. On the other hand the 758th (and final) "birdcage" Corsair left the Vought assembly line in May 1943, thus finding a Blue Gray/Light Gray F4U-1A looks impossible. But F6F-3 Hellcats operated from CV-9 Essex and CV-10 Yorktown still in May 1943 wearing two-tone gray camo and in July (already in three-tone blue camo) still with giant stars and no bars... So maybe?
  12. Hi all, Latest one to roll off the production line and the last one for 2022 is a Hasegawa 1/48 A-7D built as a YA-7D from the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB 1983. Built as part of my slowly expanding collection of aircraft from Edwards AFB this one would once more not have been possible with the excellent pictures taken and shared by our very own @Old Viper Tester, so another huge thank you to Sven for sharing these with us. Built mostly OOTB but with a Master data probe for an F-16XL grafted onto a piece of brass rod and a conical fairing on the tail made from scrap sprue, with the decals coming from the kit and various other decal sheets to make up what I needed for this fairly unique looking Corsair. Here are the pictures, i hope that you like them; And for those that are interested here is the build thread; thanks for looking, and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig. 🇺🇦
  13. Haven't posted in a while, so thought i'd post my latest project...not quite finished as i still need to add the rockets and may finish the included Tug at some point. Had a go at cutting my own USAF insignia stencils this time, which came out better than expected. i used Vallejo Model Air Glossy Sea Blue for the main colour, but it came out a little dark in my opinion, also used these Wire Ferrule Crimp Terminals (below) which make excellent gun barrels and exhaust pipes, the first pic looks like it only has two exhausts but there actually three. Aware the not completely accurate but they do look much better than the plastic moulded ones. Anyway pics below, let me know what you think!
  14. After having finished my wildcat I immediately started on my next FAA project. I enjoyed making the Martlet and its camo so I decided my next project would be a birdcage corsair (Tamiya 1:72 specifically). I got printscale decals ready and it will most likely be Corsair F.Mk.1 JT150. Cockpit Should be quite a quick build, similarly to the Martlet which I finished in six days.
  15. A quickie build for the long weekend. It's the Italeri kit which is surprisingly good, I picked it up second hand for a couple of bucks without knowing much about it. About the worst I can say is the canopy is a bit thick and required some thinning on the inside to fit and it would probably require a vac replacement to pose open. Other than that this is a decent kit. Decals were reasonably good, I did have one shatter but that might have been because of age. I did make a couple of errors, but for a quick build I'm not too bothered. Note also I only roughly painted over the spinner and white cap to the radome, they appear to have been roughly painted over in reality to dull them down, unlike the markings which were very nicely toned down. The model represents the aircraft flown by Guy Bordelon. Bordelon earned his wings in 1943 but did not see combat in WW2, posted state side as an instructor. Having various positions post war, he ended up taking charge of a detachment of all weather interceptor F4Us in 1952. He flew 41 low level interdiction missions against communist supply lines earning 3 Air Medals. In the summer of 1953, Fifth Air Force required help in dealing with North Korean night time nuisance raids, as several jet fighters had been lost trying to intercept Bed Check Charlies. VC3 post 3 aircraft to Pyongtaek on June 28th. They were immediately in action with Bordelon inception and shooting down two La 11s and two Yak 18s over the following 2 nights. On the 17th July he shot down another La 11, making him the only piston engine and only night fighter ace of the Korean War. He is also the last man to become an ace in a piston engine fighter. Post war he stayed in the Navy, being a part of, among other things, the recovery of Apollo astronauts. As for Annie-Mo, the Corsair in which he claimed his 5 kills, she was less lucky, being written off a week after the final victory by another pilot.
  16. The next Hobby Boss Corsair kit will be a 1/48th Vought F4U-1 Corsair late version - ref.80382 Release announced for late November 2015 in China. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=51&l=en V.P.
  17. This is a 1/72 Tamiya Corsair I built for my uncle - hopefully it survives the journey to Los Angeles to give it to him intact. It's supposed to represent an F4U-1A that Greg Boyington flew - he was known for choosing the most beat up airframe available in order for the less experienced pilots to have more reliable rides, and this one appears to fit the bill as the ref pics seem to show that the left wing is a replacement from an old 'birdcage' model painted in light blue grey. Thanks for Looking!
  18. G'day all. Another finished in time for our annual show next weekend. It's the 1/48th Tamiya F4U-1A as an RNZAF machine with 1 Servicing Until while at Henderson Field at Guadalcanal in 1944. This one is an interesting one as it is a spliced airframe from two crashed aircraft, hence the different schemes fore and aft. A bit of aftermarket was used; Eduard belts, a Yahu instrument panel and markings from Xtradecal. I had to make a new pitot as the sprue it was on was thrown out thinking that it was empty...doh. There's lots pf layer of paint, oils and weathering effect to get it appearing as it did. In the reference photos I've found it appears that the forward half had a lot mor wear and tear than the rear. Certainly a subjective interpretation but there's lots of scope to weather it up. Cheers, Mick.
  19. Hello guys I am from China and I like corsair very much.These corsairs were build by me between 2010-2013, when I had a lot of personal time. Most of these kits are Tamiya products, and a small part is Hasegawa.All of them are 1/48 scale and OOB. USMC's-1A,I forgot which squadron it was from, but everyone should have seen a photo of her. F4U-2,I've always had a question about the F4U-2 - where is its radar display? I haven't found the answer for ten years VF-17,jolly rogers are very popular in Asia, but seem to be less popular in Europe? F4U-1"Gus's gopher",considering the actual usage scenario, I tried to simulate heavy usage traces. F4U-5N VMF-513, I experimented with various dark greys to complete the layering, only solid black was used on the radar fairing. Exhaust pipes look ridiculous, excuse my laziness. The last one,F4U-5N VC-3 I heard the Japanese call the Corsair and Hellcat's midnight blue the king's blue, so wanted to embellish the midnight blue with a more luxurious shade, unfortunately it failed, the blue looks so weird. I've shared many works at once, hope this didn't bother you guys, and if it does, I'll fix it. These F4U were build ten years ago, and many traces now seem a bit deliberate. But I can still vividly remember the joy of making it. Hope you like it. Best wishs Yuebin
  20. Hey folks! Wrapped up build #5 of the year so far, Tamiya's venerable F4U-1A Corsair. As with the P-51B, it's still a great kit - but I wouldn't mind seeing a newer tooling. The foldable wings are still an annoyance but not a huge deal. 1/48 F4U-1A Corsair "Big Hog" Lt. Cdr. John "Tommy" Blackburn VF-17, Feb/Mar 1944 Rabaul, New Britain Ultracast seat Ultracast wheels Eduard PE Riveted with RB Mini AK Real Colors paints EagleCals decals Montex paint masks On to the pics! Thanks for looking!
  21. Used Easter to finish the second diorama from the Pacific (after Kawasaki Hien). Here are some photos: And some un-photoshopped ones As always, thanks for viewing. Comments welcome
  22. The next HobbyBoss 1/48th Corsair variant is a Royal Navy Mk.II - ref.80395 Sources: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=63&l=en V.P.
  23. Hi all, Thought it was about time that I joined in with the group build. I was initially planning on doing either a 1/72 Blenheim or Typhoon but then thought I'd try something a bit different. I've always liked the look of the British Pacific Fleet aircraft so I thought I'd go with a Corsair Mk II and a Avenger Mk II. I've gone with the tried and tested Tamiya F4U-1a kit for the Corsair Mk II. In order to make sure it is all good for the group build I will be adding some 500lb bombs with some British styled bomb racks under wing. For the Avenger Mk II I'll be using the Hasegawa kit, I've been looking for said kit for quite awhile and it's been nigh impossible in NZ. I was able to find this Hobby 2000 boxing at one of my local stores which was quite the find. As with the Corsair, I'll be adding British styled 500lb bombs and bomb racks in the bomb bay. I'm not 100% whether the BPF utilised British or American pattern bombs but I prefer the look of the British ones. For the decals I'll be using ones from Xtradecals. I'll also be using bombs from the Airfix RAF Bomber Resupply Set and some spare British styled bomb racks from an Airfix Swordfish. Hopefully I'll be able to make a start on these soon. - Cam
  24. OK, I'm in. Here's a Tamiya 1/48 Corsair, which was started several years ago. I bought this boxing in part because I liked the pirate flag badge on the nose (OK, I'm shallow, I know!), but then at some point thought I would do it as a FAA aircraft, so chopped the wingtips off. When I came back to it recently, I thought I'd rather just go back to my original plan and use the box decals for 'Big Hog', so I've rebuilt the wingtips with plastic card. In theory there now shouldn't be a lot of work before I can start getting paint on. It was always going to be a more or less OOB build, so I haven't done anything fancy in the cockpit. Have just been filling some ejector pin marks in the main gear legs.
  25. Good day, I've finished this one at last. It gave me quite a few headaches, especially when I broke the cockpit canopy... I took several weeks to get a replacement, and at some point I thought I would have to buy a whole new kit for just the canopy, or spend twice the price of the kit to order a replacement canopy from the UK. Hannants' range of products is excellent, but 13.85 British Pound for overseas delivery is a bit steep So on to the kit. The kit isn't bad, but it's not good either. It's inaccurate in several aspects, sporting F4U-1D details which needs to be fixed (two underwing droptanks & pylons being the most obvious example). The fit isn't all that great, which was also the cause of me breaking the canopy. The fit is a bit tight, and to get it in place one has to press down quite hard, and I pressed too hard. Fit in several other places was very bad. However any seasoned modeler will be able to fix it with some strategic sanding and PPP. Another area of this kit that get's scrutinized often is the "tricky" landing gear. However I had no troubles there. All-in-all, like I said, not bad, though I won't build one of these again unless I'm being paid to do so. I'd rather try a Tamiya next. This brings me to Corsair difficulties not related to the kit... the paint scheme. I'm not an airbrush modeler (yet?), so you can guess how tricky it is to do a paint job which required very soft transition from one color to the next. I think I did OK, with somewhat soft demarcation lines, however it's not really all that convincing. I used Humbrol acrylics, and wet / dry brushed the color transitioned areas (same process as dry brush, then dip into some water before application). Other things I tried for the first time include the paint chipping (hairspray technique), and sun-bleaching the US star and bar on the wing top. This is what I was after Enough talk from me, here's the end result Cheers Jimmy
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