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  1. Gidday All, Here is my model of the large Town (Southampton) class cruiser HMS Sheffield, the 'Shiny Sheff'. This ship had quite a career, being one of the first to be equipped with radar, one of the first RN ships to fire her guns in anger in WW2, saw action off Norway, in the Mediterranean and in the Arctic, fought the Bismarck in the Atlantic, the Hipper, Lutzow and Eckolt (sinking her) in the Barents Sea, and the Scharnhorst off North Cape. She was finally decommissioned and scrapped in 1967. To build her I heavily modified an Airfix 1/600 scale Belfast kit, doing extensive modifications to the hull, superstructures and ship's fittings. I've tried to get the ship depicted in late 1941/1942 but I think the camo scheme I've done her in is of dubious accuracy. I don't think this is the best model I've done but definitely not the worst, either. And it has a significant milestone - counting two in 1/570 scale which to me is compatible with 1/600, this is the 50th model I've done in this scale since taking up the hobby on a continual basis about 25 years ago. Anyway, here she is, HMS Sheffield. The first stage of the build thread can be found here:- The second stage of the build here:- Thank you for your interest. Regards, Jeff.
  2. Gidday All, I've been converting an Airfix HMS Belfast kit into HMS Sheffield for the Southern Europe GB. But due to a number of factors such as a late start, my glacial build rate and the conversion being a little more complex than I originally thought (aren't they all?) I was unable to complete her by the time the GB ended. So I'll continue her here. For those wishing to see the early stages of the conversion the thread can be found in the GB section:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235127258-hms-sheffield-gibraltar-the-med-sept-41/ Here's where I'm up to now:- The funnels are dry fitted for the photo, as are the removable main turrets. The boat deck/4-inch gun deck is pretty much done now. It's somewhat crowded. The boats are fitted, along with two RU lockers for each 4-inch twin mount. The mounts themselves are not done yet, obviously. Also to be fitted there is a raised searchlight platform and both the boat cranes. They're on the cutting mat in the foreground. Also on the mat is the double searchlight platform for the aft superstructure and the port pompom platform. The stbd platform is dry fitted above the stbd hangar. Still heaps to do, lots of fiddly stuff, hence time consuming. So stay safe and keep on modeling. Regards, Jeff.
  3. My second build in this GB is the Airfix 1/144 BAC 1-11. I built one of these when I was about 8 or 9, didn't paint it, but used the British Caledonian decals. This time it's going to be converted to a 1-11-500 and painted as G-AVMR of British Airways - this is a significant aircraft for me as it was the first jet I flew on, aged 7 - I'd flown on plenty of Viscounts at that age, but a jet flight was exciting for 7-year old me. Here's the kit: Not a lot of parts, and (as always seems to be the case) smaller than I remember. The Airfix kit is based on the prototype and will need a few changes to make it a 500: The main modifications are to add 18mm to the forward fuselage and 10.5mm to the rear fuselage, and 5mm to each wingtip. It also needs the nose cone reprofiling (it needs to be pointier), the wing fences need to be moved, and an APU exhaust needs to be added to the tail cone. And probably a couple of other mods. Started yesterday by cutting the fuselage up: Then put some rolled-up plastic card in the gaps and applied suplerglue. Then I realised I'd made possibly the most ridiculous modelling mistake ever: That's right, it's the BACwards 1-11! Cut apart again, centre section turned the right way around, stuck together and milliputed and here's how it looks now: Also filled the windows. I'm sure there were windows in the kit 30 odd years ago, but not in this boxing. I'll do the nose job next, then on to the wings. more tomorrow Julian
  4. Here is one that has been languishing on the SOD for about 4 years and started back in 2019. Here is the original build thread I managed some paining of fuel tanks and the leading edge slats that have now been installed. In one of my recent moves the nose gear leg broke so and I could not find the missing section so I dove into the spares and found an Italeri nose gear leg that has been installed
  5. Hi All, Here is a conversion of the Tamiya Harrier GR3 into a Hawker Kestrel which I started in the 2022 'Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes megaGB'. I finished it off in the 2023 KUTA GB mainly because the belt sander went u/s at the critical moment. The Kestrel fuselage was narrower than the Harrier so I filled the fusealge sides with Milliput so I can cut away the outside and still have a model. The front nozzles needed to be moved forwards a bit so filling the area will Milliput allowed me to drill some new ones. I also used the from the spare wing from the Kinetic GR3 kit. The intakes and airbrake housing have also been filled. I found some more Harrier bits and some better wheels in the spares box to update the basic Tamiya kit Starting with this Milliput used to build an inner depth to allow the fuselage to be cut away leaving the basic shape with nose and tail. Front nozzle holes filled to be redrilled in correct position. Neomega resin tub and other parts from spares. After first session on the belt sander and basic trimming of the wing. Mods to the Kinetic wing. Center filled with Milliput then ground down to level profile, tips removed, extended outrigger fairings removed and wing flaps cut from Airfix Harrier. Wing fitted and faired in during 2nd session on the belt sander. Intake at base of fin filled in and removed. Tail boom shortened. Lots more sanding later Base finish applied with various shades of Alclad. Round section of tail boom added as later kit one was square section. Standing on wheels and 'wrong' canopy fitted Artwork prepared and home made decals printed then applied. Comparison to (Arifix) GR1 Thats a quick summary of a years work on and off. Please see the original build threads in the Group Builds. Part 1 Part 2 and more finished pictures in the gallery KUTA Gallery Thanks to Nick G and Tony L as well as all those who chipped in during the build.
  6. Not really a KUTA but I got over ambitious in the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes megaGB (who wouldn't) and started this as a 4th build after completing a Pogo, Skystreak and SR53. This is the Tamiya 1/48 Harrier GR1 being backdated to a Kestrel. The inspiration was Nick Hoopers Gold winning build in the 2022 IPMS UK Nats at SMW. It's been sitting while I finished a Buccaneer for the 'Here comes the FAA' so this seams a good place to resume while we await the Bunfight for 2024. Here's where the previous thread ended. Starting thread And here's where it is now just clipped together. The intakes have been added and the fuselage sides cut back to the original shape. The white stuff is Milliput. I might progress a bit more this week ready for Saturdays start.
  7. I am joining with the Academy Ventura to be finished as a RAAF 459SQN aircraft which operated in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations in 1943. My kit came from a club swap meet without instructions or decals, so I found some replacement instructions on Scalemates. The Red Roo conversion includes decals for the aircraft I am building. The conversion also includes a new cockpit, replacement turret mount, replacement intakes and desert filters and radar antenna.
  8. The RAAF is replacing their AP-3C(EW)s in the next year or so with a new fit-for-purpose ELINT platform based on the Gulfstream G550, a number of air arms operate EW and AEW variants based on the G550 including Israel, Italy, and Singapore. I am slowly modifying a Sova M Shavit kit as an MC-55A, it is the kit that is closest in configuration to the proposed MC-55A So on to the build, I started with some quick assembly of the wing and rear fuselage Some mocking up with my yet-to-be-finished GIV I moved on to sorting out the tail area and cockpit, I wasn't sure how to tackle it and then decided Milliput was the way to go. A few sessions refining the shape then occurred. Initially, it was too long and it was shortened by about 5mm, and the shape of the tip refined. It still needs some filling and possible further refinement. The cockpit was straightforward with some nice detail. The paint stage has now commenced on the cockpit as well. And how it looks taped up with the new tail section.
  9. I thought I'd open another box and get the saw out. This kit has been in various lofts for quite a few years, it was even put up for sale at one point, but with no takers I have decided to convert it to the Jan de Rooy 1992 Dakar Rally Truck. As there were two trucks entererd, No.381 badged 2800 and No.382 badged 3300, I've yet to decide which to go for but early leanings are the 3300. A plea for photos via Facebook elicited a decent walkaround selection fom a kind modeller who was vsisting a Dutch motor event at Zandvoort to go along with images I've found from various trawls on the internet. Recently I stumbled across a photo of the interior rear section of the box stuffed with much equipment, this is an area that too is still being considered, but knowing I'm a glutton for punishment the rear doors may get blown off 😉 Sadly a decent set of blueprints eludes me at his time, if anyone has a set please PM me. I predict a very slow build schedule for this. At least I'll have a handy skip to throw all the unused bits in 🤣
  10. Hi all MODeller has decided to start reposting after the great Photobucket fiasco its been a long time! This is my rendition of XP 505 the Bedford Gnat made from the Airfix kit with a white metal conversion bought off ebay which was quite expensive but saved a lot of pain. Finished with Revell Aqua and a topcoat of Alclad Aqua gloss. Trying to get to grips with the technology that has overtaken this old git so hoping it works. Looks like its worked , best leave it at that I think!
  11. I finally completed this build today. This kit started life as an Italeri boxing of the AMT AC-130H. The conversion involved: Plugging the 'AC' holes Lengthened the fuselage for and aft of the wing Adding AE2000 engines from Jen's Bits Adding various parts from the Hamilton Hobbies conversion set. Scratch building the Satellite Wifi dome Scratch building various antennas modified the long range tanks with chaff dispensers Added a Litening pod from Quickboost/Eduard It was finished using SMS, Gunze and Tamiya paints and decaled using the Southern Sky C-130J-30 decal sheet.
  12. With the permission of the Mods ( thanks guys!) I will be finally joining with this part started civil C-130. I had it sitting around in the stash with the modified fuselage assembled and cockpit painted as it was going to be a USAF ANG bird originally. This is the state of it a couple of weeks ago. I have managed to get the fuselage halves joined (sort of and started to fill some windows to convert the C-130 into an L-100 I hope to finish it as this non-descript L-100 operated by QP2 LLC... who may or may not do work for the CIA So I need to sort out the fuselage sponsons and redrill the cabin windows, find the wings and engines and go from there!
  13. Hello all! This is a well-known Tamiya Stug III G converted into StuH 42 with all the bells and whistles on it. Although there are better options for StuG/StuH variants, 1995 Tamiya StuG III G still holds water and can be built into a very neat vehicle, especially once it's decked up with various and colorful stowage. But before the usual painting and weathering info, here are a few words about the vehicle itself. The model is depicting a Sturmhaubitze 42 (Sd.Kfz 142/2) with a 10.5 cm leFH 18 howitzer, belonging to a SS-Sturmgeschutz Battalion 7 of the 7. SS-Freiwilligen Gebirgs-Division "Prinz Eugen", during the counter-attack on the town of Vlasotince in southern Serbia on 8th October 1944. In late 1944, as the Red Army began sweeping across the eastern Europe, once firm allies of the Axis forces (namely Bulgaria and Romania), finding themselves between hammer and anvil (or should I say sickle) started to rethink their options and on 8th September 1944 Bulgaria, just like Romania did a few weeks earlier, declared war on Germany and placed the Royal Bulgarian armed forces at the disposal of Marshal Tolbukhin's 3rd Ukrainian Front. The 2nd Bulgarian Army began advancing from its assembly area southwest of Pirot towards the Leskovac-Nis area, the Germans rushed the 7.SS-Gebirgs-Division "Prinz Eugen" and made it responsible for the defense of Nis from Zajecar in the north to Leskovac in the south. On 30th September, forward elements of the Bulgarian 2dn Army, seized Vlasotince, 14 kilometers east-southeast of Leskovac, but on 8th October, 7. SS Division "Prinz Eugen" regrouped in Leskovac and laucnhed a counterattack against Vlasotince. The 7.5cm barrel was swapped with a metal 10.5cm barrel from RB and the fit was perfect. The stowage is various mix from Value Gear and Verlinden. The mantlet cover and tarp are made of tracing paper soaked in the PVA glue and the field modification schurtzen screens were made from styrene sheet and the concrete add-on armor is from Value Gear. Hope you like it and please feel free to leave your comments. Cheers!🍻
  14. The Special Hobby Mirage IIICJ kit hasn't been out for long. I haven't even completed a straight build of it yet but I'm going to mess around with it. I will build the kit as one of the Israeli "Tzniut" recce conversions, with the freakishly weird nose. The recce nose parts are from the AML kit which I built as a Mirage prototype in the recent Prototypes GB. The AML kit actually provides two choices of recce nose. The Tzniut nose is utterly bizarre! It is shown on the boxart of the AML kit.
  15. From 1977-2006ish, the Australian Army operated a fleet of 100 or so Leopard AS1s. Based on the Leopard 1A3, it had a few modifications to meet Australian requirements; a “tropical” engine air intake, SABCA fire control system, & some sponson-mounted stowage boxes. Over their life, they gained a few more mods, including a subset of the fleet being modified to fit the RAMTA track-width mine plough or TWMP. Also in 1977, Tamiya released a 1:16 RC Leopard (1)A4. It was re-released sans RC elements in 2010. It’s a little basic, but a good basis to convert to an AS1. Having a garden tank nearby, plus loads of references, I was able to CAD up the basic conversion in Fusion360. Whilst I’m using the Tamiya hull & turret, it’s useful from a design perspective to mock up these elements digitally to locate conversion items relative to one another & the host kit. Here are the turret mods: Here’s the hull: The biggest element on the hull is the tropical intake, requiring the design & print of the new part, as well as the milling out of the existing screen. Also designed & printed fittings & fixtures to locate & secure the kit parts for drilling & milling. Upper hull secured: Intake test fitted: Also redrew the exhausts to include the tow rope stowage. Test print & primed. Onto the plough/plow. First the mounting frame. Than the moldboard. Brought together with the push beams & the rest of the design. Thanks for looking in.
  16. This is the start of my Land Rover safari conversion to go on the Kenyan plains base I have created in the diorama section. Now, having looked at a couple of other Land Rover builds on here and 'THANKS' to Natter and Hairtrigger the first job I had was fairly fiddly as they pointed out a problem with the Italeri kit having six stud wheels. I would have been perfectly oblivious otherwise, not being a Land Rover nerd and all, but being a bit of a perfectionist and not wanting to spend upwards of another £20 to buy a set of wheels with the correct five studs I decided to just slice my nuts off and replace them. Sounds painful I know, but I am of course referring to the wheel nuts on the kit. Hopefully once primed, painted and weathered, any visible scars from the operation will be concealed. Another forum member had already performed this task in another build so it seemed that it should be doable. And the results are in, my wheels now have five studs as seen below. Thanks for popping in. Very early stages but I will update as progress continues. The nearly completed scene for the diorama can be found here,
  17. Exhibit A I’m going to go for the top version of V1 with the gnatty ducted prop. As you can see the nose and the fuselage profile just aft of the canopy are very different afaik the wing platform isn’t that different however they may also need a bit of surgery. So this might be a conversion or a scratch build with donor parts from the kit all part of the fun.? my intended victim…
  18. Yes I’m probably nuts €6.99 in my (not so) local model shop, but I didn’t really want a luftwaffe scheme and the Red banner fleet scheme I would have done doesn’t irk for me either owing to the war.. so Knowing of this one I’ve decided to opt for it instead. I have done a number of Ta152H conversions in the (dim and distant) past all I have to do is extend the wings, cut and extend the rear fuselage modify the front profile of the tail and reshape the supercharger intake , can’t remember if I need to extend the nose or not, simples eh… wish me luck…
  19. This has been sitting in the stash for a while now. And this is the machine I’ll be building. Two reasons, one I like the scheme, clearly the crew were extremely concerned with being seen at night and blacked out almost all of the camo and secondly, as you may be aware I try to avoid building things with swastikas but I don’t like to leave a model incomplete so if I can find an option without tail markings I’ll usually take it.
  20. Hi all, Here are some completion pictures of my latest Reconnaissance Spitfire project. The base kit is the Airfix PR XIX kit in 1/48 scale, converted to a PR XI. I have just finished an extensive Build Diary in the Work In Progress threads so please check there for all the details. Thanks again to Mr. John Adams. Cheers,
  21. I picked this one up again a couple of weeks ago. Started in 2017 with an AC-130H as the base kit. Plugged lots of holes and added the fuselage plug. It stalled as I did not like the paint shade. It was stripped about a month ago and left.. Repaint started last week and a bit of masking and more painting today... As it stands after a day of pottering away at it...
  22. Gidday All, this is my model of the Australian Daring-class destroyer HMAS Vampire II, also known as 'The Bat'. I've depicted the ship as I think she appeared in the 1970s, after her mid-life refit. I converted an Airfix 1/600 kit of HMS Daring to make the model. I wont repeat what I said in the build thread, other than she and her sisters were named after ships of the Scrap Iron Flotilla, that did a terrific job during WW2. Here she is, HMAS Vampire II in the early 1970s. She's a bit rough in places and I should have tried to dust her off a bit before taking the photos. Here's the build thread:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235117319-hmas-vampire-ii/ Thanks for your interest. Regards, Jeff.
  23. Afternoon all, I've been working on the recently released conversion of the Mach 2 Bristol Britannia to a Canadair Argus in 1/72nd scale. This is by Transport Wings and comprises of some hefty resin parts along with some 3D-printed detail parts. I've got the main construction completed now and am almost ready for the painting process to begin - the pictures below will give a good indication into the amount of work done and how little of the Mach 2 Britannia kit is actually used! The white sections are the Mach 2 parts, the grey sections are the resin conversion parts. You get new engines and nacelles with the option of open or closed cowl flaps. There are also new rear sections of the nacelles to replace the Britannia's exhaust system. Clear parts are resin - not completely blemish free but not too bad. The Britannia's windows all needed filling and new windows opened up for the Argus. The enormous MAD boom is well replicated. The Britannia's fin is also modified with a new fillet and leading edge, but the Britannia stabilisers are a drop-fit. I opted for the extra bomb-bay mod on mine. The doors are obviously yet to be fitted. The bays were a bit of a struggle to get integrated into the Britannia's lower fuselage but a dose of good old fashioned modelling and plastic card and filler soon had the problem solved. The Mach 2 main landing gear is used but new Argus nose-gear is supplied in the conversion. The conversion enables you to make a MkI or MkII with the various radar and aerial fits - I've gone for a MkI. Propellers will be added after painting. The conversion captures the look of this graceful aircraft really well and although it's been a lot of work to get to this stage I've really enjoyed it. I'll post some more pictures when it's had some paint applied. All the best, Rob
  24. Inspired by this excellent model from Nick at Telford during SMW, I have decided to have a crack at one myself. Hopefully I will finish with one of the 9 Kestrels used by the Tri-partate testing squadron. I have managed to see and photograph all 9 of the remaining P1127/Kestrels so I have plenty of information to use along with the notes from Nicks build. This will be based on the Tamiya GR1 1/48 kit I picked up a few months ago. This is not really suitable for a Harrier as it appears to be a mishmash of Kestrel and Harrier so I can't see it being built for another project. Quite a lot of work to do but with some guidance from Nick I'll see if I can finish in the GB. There is a fairly crude Pegarus engine included so I might try and use that.
  25. Not new model, but I still like it. I know, pink sholud be more white and pale, am I wright? I have added extra gunsight from Quickboost, canopy hood with bubbles from Rob Taurus vacu and scratchbuilded rear mirror. Decals are mix of Pavla (I think letters are too light...) and Xtracolors roundels. Maybe she is too much weathered - but you know the name - "dicing" (with death) is such impressive for add some extra mementos of dogfight's somwhere over Brest ... Anyway, hope you like it. Best regards, Michal.
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