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  1. Hi all, newbie member here after some help! A friend of mine recently gave me a selection of old kits, having sadly reached a point where he's had to give up modelling due to health issues. Having recently rediscovered a love of aircraft modelling after a 20-year hiatus I've promised to build them and give them a good home, so at least he can see them made... I've 'warmed up' on 1/48 TSR2, Lightning and Jaguar (he has excellent taste in aircraft) and just started the big one - a 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer S2 (08101 - the 1996 rebox). I say the 'big one' as this is his favourite aircraft and the one he was really looking forward to building prior to his health problems. The trouble is I've just realised all the clear parts are missing, despite the fact that all the sprues are still bagged and sealed. I've been trying to source a spare canopy to no avail - does anyone know where I may be able to get hold of one?? Thanks!
  2. After months of fruitless searches on ebay for one of these, a big thank you to @224 Peter who very kindly offered me one for a good price earlier this year, and now I finally have the time to make it! I hope I do it justice as the Bucc is one of my favourites. A full pamphlet of instructions and huge decal sheet! Can't decide between 12 or 208 sqn yet, I'll see as I progress. However, one thing missing - the big underwing serials! Are there any 1/48 Bucc decals available with these at all? I'd kind of like to do an older one if possible, one of the XN, XT or XV range. Are they 36 inch characters or larger?
  3. Buccaneer S2A, XV339, afternoon of Friday 6th October 1972, before a test flight out of RNAY/RAF Sydenham, Belfast, during which it crashed. The crash was non-fatal but XV339 was totally destroyed. Yours truly witnessed the canopy being blown off, the two seats ejecting and the Bucc disappearing down behind the buildings. By the time I had run the 1/2 mile to the crash site the RUC had already cordoned it off.
  4. On the RN S2 Buccaneers was the ejection seat handle the D-type or the double pull ring. I have seen some pictures where the handle is the D-type but the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer has the double pull ring. Was it a requirement of the RAF that it be changed to the double pull ring ? TIA Robert
  5. Hi Guys, This is a subject that has appeared more by accident than by design. A recent and out-of-the-blue PM from a BM’er, offered me a 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer kit with resin bits to build up. Needless to say, I accepted his offer and here it is…partially started. This will be a relatively slow build that will done during lunchtime at work The parts supplied look like they’re from an early and later boxing of the Airfix kit, kit decal set and a pile of smaller stuff, some of it resin. Here we have the fuselage halves; the lower half is fitted with a resin bomb bay that is screaming for something to put in it. Wheel wells are looking a bit anemic and will need to be detailed a little. The upper fuselage contains something that is meant to resemble a cockpit but is way out. and when you’ve got a nice pair of MB resin ejection seats, it’s a must to do the cockpit and will be a mixture of scratch and decals. There is a resin tail plane and a vacform canopy included; wonder if these are corrections? The pitot tube is already fitted, the refuelling probe is ‘pants’ and as already discussed, these parts will most probably be replaced. The undercarriage looks basic and will get some attention. Q1: With the bomb bay exposed, can I still build an S.2D and if so what can I hang in there as I have a number of bombs? Q2: I have been informed that the bomb bay should have some kind of 'fairing' to aid airflow when open? First things to do: As always, the cockpit, especially when you’ve got a pair of resin MB ejection seats. Add detail to anemic wheel wells. Get data on tail plane and canopy Purchase probe/ pitot set. Fiddle away at undercarriage. So until the next update, it's over to you guys. Regards, Stuart
  6. Finally completed, and what an effort! I started this on 1-1-17 intending it to be the build for the year. It was put onto the shelf of doom after 4 months, where it resided having killed any form of mojo. Resurrected in December and the final "push" for completion. Added parts were: Filler. Pavla resin cockpit and seats. Resin intakes and inlet blades (Kits for Cash, thanks!) and made larger intake "bullets". Airwaves wing-fold and airbrakes etch sets. Modelmaster pitot and refuelling probes. More filler. Sanding sticks, and finally, Filler. A kit that fights every step of the way. Fuselage mouldings not lining up, wing mouldings not lining up, decals that seem to have had a one-night-stand with a jellyfish and been "slimed" somehow, etc, etc. I've modified the tail-hook and recess, added a few wires into the main gear wells (really, they are in there), and moved the drop tanks inboard somewhat. airfix seems to want you to have the tank centreline almost underneath the wing hinge line... Remembered to scribe in the canopy track running down the spine behind the cockpit. I also painted the walk lines on the upper surface as it was far easier than using the decals. Some areas are brushed, bigger areas are sprayed. Yes, the intakes are white (only got that message well after the fact) 20180314_112447-1, on Flickr 20180314_112003-1, on Flickr 20180314_111945-1, on Flickr 20180314_112025-1, on Flickr 20180314_112151-1, on Flickr 20180314_112327-1, on Flickr 20180314_112538, on Flickr 20180314_112047-1, on Flickr Hope you enjoy.
  7. In February 1978 I turned 13 years and 9 months. I remember that day, the 17th February, extremely well as it was at that exact age that I was allowed to join the Air Training Corps, or, perhaps more commonly known as, the ATC or the Air Cadets. My dream was always to join the Royal Air Force; I cannot ever remember wanting to do anything else other than to become a pilot and it was a natural first step for me to join the ATC. I started with 1039 (Gillingham) Squadron and became more and more convinced, if that was at all possible, that my future would be in an aircraft cockpit. One evening, in May 1978, we all sat down and were given a briefing by a Flight Lieutenant from the local RAF Careers Office. He had brought with him an RAF training film, which, we were told, was classified but he had been given permission to show it to us that evening. We were enthralled. Not only was he a 'real' RAF Officer, but he was going to share state secrets with us as well! The movie he showed us had an incredible influence on my 14 year old mind. The film was riveting, exciting and captured everything I felt at that time, for all I wanted to be was a Buccaneer pilot. Some of you of 'a certain age' may very well remember this movie. If you have not got the time to sit and watch all 30 minutes of it, then just go to 27:00 and watch the last three. I never did get to fly the Buccaneer, or anything else in the Royal Air Force for that matter, but that is another story.
  8. Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU, RAF Honington, 1972 Matchbox kit with all panel lines filled and rescribed. Bomb bay fuel tank removed. Scratch built cockpit interior. Reshaped radome. Freightdog resin tailplane. Pylons from CMR resin Buccaneer kit. Aeroclub metal undercarriage, refuelling probe, arrestor hook and tail bumper. Unlike most other Buccaneers, there are no vortex generators on the wings. Back in the late 60s / early 70s I was on an aeronautical engineering apprenticeship with Hawker Siddeley Aviation. It was the time when ‘new build’ Buccaneers in the XW serial range were being built for the RAF, along with some ex-RN aircraft being modified to S.2A standard. I still have some of the notes and sketches I made in the final assembly shed, and one of the recurring notes is that XW aircraft were not fitted with wing vortex generators. It has been difficult to confirm this with photographic evidence, but recently I came across a list of Buccaneer mods and in particular, these two mods apply : 1553 ‘Deletion of Fixed Vortex Generators to S2, S2A, S2B, S2D (Sept 1972)’ 1396 ‘Re-introduction of Fixed Vortex Generators to S2, S2A, S2B, S2D (Mar. 1976)’ Nearly all photos of XW Buccaneers show VGs so I think there must of been only a year or two before they were fitted. The dates on the modification numbers are when they were formally issued, and I’m sure VGs were removed before Sept 72, and re fitted before Mar 76. These new build aircraft also had ‘provision for’ ILS, though the equipment was not fitted. Hence there are blanking plates on the fin where the ILS localiser antennas were to be fitted later, and on the underside for the ILS glideslope antenna. It was quite a challenging task to get the old Matchbox kit sorted but it’s good to have a gloss finished Bucc with Type D roundels in the collection at last. Could be a while before I do another one though.
  9. It was in the announced projects (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967245-tanmodel-172-148-132-projects), now it's official, Tanmodel (http://www.tanmodel.com/index_en.html) has started the design from a new tool 1/72nd Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 kit - ref.1101. Source: https://www.facebook.com/tanmodel/photos/a.293378480850420.1073741830.288722731315995/335326459988955/?type=1&theater V.P.
  10. Any news on the Tanmodel Buccaneer? Wasn't it due out before the New Year? Dave
  11. BLACKBURN NA39 Holme on Spalding Moor, 1959 Nostalgia or what? I think I was about 11 or 12 when I first build one of these, having saved my pocket money to find the substantial sum of 4/6 before going into the local Woolies to buy one after school with great excitement. This one was built about 7 or 8 years ago but recently came out for dusting and a photo session. I kept most of the original working features apart from the silly retractable nosewheel (with fixed doors and fixed main gear!) In fact the undercarriage on this one is from the later Airfix Buccaneer S.2 kit. I went a step further and added working airbrakes – Airfix chickened out on this in their kit, presumably because of the complexity. I based the working airbrakes on an article in an old Scale Models magazine which I had intended to scan and post here, but I couldn’t find it! The folding wings lasted a bit longer this time around – back in the early 60s they suffered from too many carrier landings on the HMS Dining Room Table and needed repair after a day or two. Anyway it was enjoyable to build something with a bit of artistic licence for a change rather than bothering about scale and accuracy. Chris
  12. Thinking of future builds and purchases, I wan't to build a mainstream RAF variant and a FAA variant. What 1/72 Buccaneer kits and 'must have' accessories are out there? Please include pros & cons...I know next to nothing about this a/c. Stuart
  13. This is a kit I have always wanted to build. I am the lucky owner of the Airfix twin kit so I wanted to be able to show this amazing airtcraft as best I could. I have decided to depict an aircraft from 208Sqn whilst it was on the Red Flag exercises in the 1970's The Buccaneers had never been seen by the Americans and during the exercise the RAF re-defined to the hosts what low level flying was. Ity was a superlative display of low level fast flying. Not one Buccaneer was intercepted! The kit has its issues, but forms a superb basis for super detailing, so here it goes! I wanted to show an Engine and the bomb bay, all my efforts are from refrence photos and are built by the eye, not plans, so it wont be 100% accurate. The photo etch is from Flightpath.
  14. I have decided to dive in with a Cold War jet that should not be forgotten during this GB! My normal rule of only 2 kits on the bench is out of the window (I've 2 x F16s on the go), so it may be a push. The Buccaneer was one of the aircraft that the UK depended on for various roles over the Cold War years, from Nuclear bomber, anti-shipping strike, Close Air Support and Interdictor strike from Germany amongst other jobs! The Northern Flank was an area that both NATO and the Warsaw Pact both heavily militarised and I myself operated in the area over a few cold winters!! I have therefore decided top model the aircraft painted in Arctic colours supporting the NATO northern flank. I have a very old original new tool boxing that was issued in 1989 according to Scalemates. It looks fine, some parts off the sprue. Raised panel lines and basic detail, but it will do until this much talked about new Bucc appears (Tan Model are planning some nice models, including a 72 and 48 Bucc). I have a pair of slipper tanks (stole the kits tanks for the FROG kit as the fit was better) to add. http://www.greenmats.club/topic/2158-tanmodel-buccaneer-smk2-1-48-рендеры/ I have some decals left over from my Frog build during the Made in Great Britain GB, so decided that after some question marks as to where the Stone/Dark Earth S2B from Ex Red Flag, I would model the Arctic cam. This is a white temp ARTF over the normal DG, with DSG, over a LAC lower areas. Gotta love the Banana!!
  15. At last - two 20+ year builds completed! I started both of these in the mid-nineties. My employers decided to send me to Central Asia for three years in 1997 so I took both of them with me, plus a supply of modelling materials, thinking the long dark winter evenings would be great for modelling. Some hope! They came back with me in 2000 unchanged and sat until last year in the same state. The Phantom is from the Hasegawa Collector's series with a photo-etch fret, white metal parts and soft tyres. I got as far as assembling the airframe ( I wish I had taken a bit more trouble with the fit of the intakes) but it then sat in its box as an unloved lump of grey plastic until last year. It had decals for the 50th Anniversary Transatlantic Air Race, but I have used Xtradecal 74 Squadron markings. It was one of those models which I felt I ought to build but never had much passion for, but as it moved towards completion, it slowly transformed into something I now really like. The Airfix Buccaneer has got something of a reputation but it wasn't too bad. I had done very little to it - just assembled the upper and lower wing halves, the slipper tanks and the ejector seats. Some of the sink marks were enormous and needed a lot of filling, especially on some of the cockpit components. The fuselage mouldings are very floppy, but cementing the bomb door into the lower half stiffens it up a lot and lets you get a reasonable fit. Working round the joints a section at a time and leaving them to set really hard gives a good result. The worst parts are the lower part of the intakes, the top surface of the wings and the airbrakes. I think I could have saved a lot of filling by gently bending the tabs that form the lower part of the intakes (part of the lower fuselage moulding) downwards so they matched the intakes better; by assembling the top wing halves to the completed fuselage to get the best possible fit on the top and then adding the lower halves; but I don't think you can do much with the airbrakes unless you want to have them open! They hardly fit at all if closed. Using the kit decals was a mistake. They are fuzzy and some of them silvered badly even on a Kleer base. The roundels had a very slight out-register white margin which I carefully trimmed off. Model Alliance do a replacement set for a very similar scheme. Both are 'from the box' but I may replace the Bucc pitot with a Master one as I've it broken twice already and it's very fragile. They are brush painted with Humbrol and Xtracolor enamels.
  16. So in between the group builds I'm busy with - in particular the F-16 build - I had started making the Revell 1/72 Buccaneer - box art below: Now to say this was a difficult kit that fought me at just about every turn would be an understatement but I enjoyed it all the same. The model is very basic with very little cockpit or fuselage detail and would benefit from the inclusion of some ordnance but once complete I think is a pretty good rendering of a bucc. This particular model is of an Operation Granby bucc and again I think this scheme helps to show off the lines of the aircraft in a pleasing light. The model is built completely out of box with no scratch building as I just wanted to keep this one very simple. At this point in time I have given the aircraft next to no weathering and was debating whether or not to go any further. A quick round up of your thoughts on this would be appreciated. So here she is - by no means a show standard piece - and as always your comments are most welcome:
  17. I decided to salvage this Buccaneer S1 that I originally built 30+ years ago - it was based on the Matchbox Buccaneer S2 and used bits of the Airfix NA39 kit to convert it to an S1 - over the years the finish acquired a grimy grey coat and then had an unfortunate handling accident and was stuck away for future repair. The motivation to start the repair came after viewing the excellent Buccaneer S1 & S2 models in 1/48 & 1/72 on BM, in particular the S1 by CT Modeller and the comprehensive build by Navy Bird of the Scale Resin S1 - fortunately I had not lost any of the parts - you can see where I started cleaning the grimy coat on LH side of model. Photos are the best I could do on my iPhone. I decided to retain the scratch built parts, those being the folded nose, cockpit/ejection seats, wing folds, air brakes and various airframe mods - The grime was removed and after fixing the broken bits and reassembling it I repainted the model with Tamiya acrylic white - I always struggle with white finishes but eventually managed to get a white finish I was happy with - I then sprayed the model with Humbrol Clear prior to decaling - this was a bit of a disaster as the whole models finish crazed for some unknown reason and I spent another week rubbing it back and then recoating it using Microscale clear gloss thankfully without any issues. The decal sheet used is from Model Alliance Ark Royal Air Wing selection. I also added a master pitot tube and a Flightpath etched boarding ladder set which I found a nightmare to put together & it almost did not make it on to the model - the jury struts are made from brass wire and fine brass tubing. I have a Scale Resin S1 to do at some stage and will refer to Navy Birds post when I eventually get around to making it - for now I am sizing up the Trumpeter Wyvern in 1/48. In my display case with my Highplanes Sea Vixen I have added references below I have collected over the years on interior surface colour - I acknowledge there has been much discussion on BM on what the colours should be After looking at TC2324's excellent 12 Squadron low level Buccaneer post I decided to give this one a gentle scrub and a couple of coats of gloss clear on the sea - the model is the Tamiya 1/100 scale Buccaneer S2 which is a really nice little kit and as far as I can tell no longer available? thanks for looking CJP
  18. Right gang, time I made a decision and got cracking, there's plenty options in the stash but I've picked this one; Did I say one? Well yes, I know this is a double boxing but only one will get built here, the kit is going to need some work due the fit being what would be called a 'sair fecht' or a 'tchuave' in this part of the world. I've got no less than five of these in the stash but picked these two because they came to me from the stash of a former local model club member who passed away a few years back. John had made a start to both kits and so far as I can see almost all parts are still present apart from the pilot figures. No loss there as they are, like many other parts, not well moulded so I've grabbed a pair of the far better ones from the Airfix Lightning kits. John had added a few extras including the Eduard interior and exterior etched brass sets which I'll make use of along with a replacement decal sheet I had long forgotten about... ...with this option being current favourite Here's the cockpit tub. Basic and without detail but a starting point.
  19. Pics mine, Aircraft at Elvington. Aircraft at Duxford Aircraft at Hendon
  20. Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B XV350, at Aeropark East Midlands. Pics thanks to Dave.
  21. Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 XN964, aircraft at Newark Air Museum, pics thanks to Mike.
  22. Scale Resin (http://www.cmrmodels.com/modely-scale-resin) is to re-release Czech Master Resin 1/72nd NA.39 & Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.1 resin kits - ref. A7201 & A7202 Source and preview: http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/scaleresina7201previewbg_1.htm V.P.
  23. Excellent, well researched, deep enough but not too intense to be enjoyable. A very good book about aeroplanes. And who doesn't like a good book about aeroplanes?
  24. Afternoon one and all. Just been perusing the latest copy of SAMI. They have some news some may be interested in. A new release scheduled from Tan Models from Turkey being a 1/48 BUCCANEER!!!!!!!! May I be the first to give cautios YAY! Never heard of Tan Models but looking on their site their previous efforts look mighty fine. Will be keeping an eye on this as it develops
  25. Continuing with my theme of building aircraft I worked on during my time in the RAF. This is the Buccaneer from 1984-86 starting at the time the OCU moved from Honington to Lossiemouth. XX899 came from the RAFG fleet to the OCU. After going through the avionics update it was used by 12 Sqn and was one of the Granby aircraft, marked as P "Laser Lips Laura". I've built it in the war role fit for Pavespike designation. We went on many detachments to Laarbruch for maxivals or tacevals, practising the role. I had to source an AIM 9B Sidewinder and Lau 3B launcher for the self defence armament. Again I threw lots of aftermarket bits at it to hopefully improve the end result. I went through the usual well documented trials with this kit, but with sheer perseverance it was finished Along with the photographed AM stuff, the aircraft specific decals were made by Paul at Parkes682decals. Thanks for looking. Rob.
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