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Found 20 results

  1. Russian Air & Space Force Board Numbers 2018 (48056) 1:48 Begemot Decals After the dissolution of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, the Russian Federation Air Force took over, and because of the fact that every air force has more than a few of their aircraft, tail codes and serial numbers are always present in some shape or form. When we buy a model, we don’t necessarily want to depict the subjects that are on the decal sheet, or we might just screw up the kit decals because we’re fallible humans. If you’re a lover of Russian aircraft, you will be interested in this set of decals, which will keep you going for quite some time. The set arrives in Begemot’s usual Ziploc bag, and behind the cover sheet are a rather impressive six sheets of decals with a printed area of 6” x 8.5” inside the usual red border, plus the little Begemot hippo logo in the bottom right corner. Three pages are essentially the same codes in blue, red and yellow, with a white sheet that has smaller codes and outline digits, plus a bunch of RF- characters in various sizes. The last two sheets are mostly black with white parts, and white outlined black codes, plus BKC РОССИИ, which is a shortened variant of Russian Air Force in Cyrillic (AFAIK) all of which are outlined in white. As we've come to expect from Begemot, the decals are well-printed with good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. If you wanted to read the instructions but the photo above is straining your eyes, you can see a PDF of it here. Incidentally, if you also want to pronounce the company name better, you could run it through Google Translate, which gives the “Bedge-mot” or similar. Conclusion If you think you’re going to blow through these codes soon, you must either build a whole heap of models, or you’ve got ambitious plans. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Lavochkin La-9/La-11 “Fritz/Fang” (48-055) 1:48 Begemot Decals The Lavochkin La-9 and La-11 were externally very similar aircraft that reached service just after the end of WWII, and were soon elbowed out by new jet engined fighters and escorts. The improved La-11 left Soviet service in the 50s, and lingered on with other Soviet-aligned operators until late in the mid-60s. It saw proxy service in the hands of the North Koreans in the 50s, where it was found to be a capable fighter, being well-suited to long-distance missions thanks to its additional fuel capacity, radio navigation gear and pilot comforts such as a more comfortable seat and a pee tube for the pilot. When loaded with similar fuel quantities as its precursor, it was more capable than its sibling, so a definite step forward. This decal set allows the modeller to make up to 29 different marking variations of La-9 and La-11 family aircraft, covering all types, including those in service with USSR, China, North Korea, Romania and Indonesia. It also holds four full sets of stencils suitable for the airframes that are depicted therein. The set arrives in a Ziploc bag and contains two A5(ish) sized sheets of decals, plus 5-pages instruction on folded A3 glossy paper, printed on both sides. Our early sample didn’t include the instructions, so rather than squint at the screen and copy out all the aircraft that you can depict, please follow the link to the decal instructions directly from Begemot’s website from the link below: http://www.begemotdecals.ru/doc/48-055 La-9(11) ins.pdf Decals are up to Begemot’s usual high standards, which guarantees good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Conclusion As usual, there’s a host of different subjects for you to choose from, and it’s a real incitement to buy more kits to depict more of these exciting schemes. Review sample courtesy of
  3. Antonov An-225 Mrija “Cossack” (144-004 for Revell) 1:144 Begemot Decals Revell’s kit of this monster aircraft was released in 2018, and was joined last year by a simplified kit for in-flight only pose, and is now to be seen in a Zvezda box too. The kit is nice, and could be used in conjunction with an ARK Model Buran for an unusual display, as the 225 was a developmnent of the An-124 initially designed to carry the Soviet Space Shuttle to and from the launch pad, but was re-purposed when that was cancelled due to the breakup of the Soviet Union before it had a chance to make its first manned flight. It is a fairly regular site in certain parts of the world, including the UK, as it is now used purely for transport of large or heavy equipment with a maximum take-off weight of over 640 tonnes. This decal set arrives in an unassuming ziplok bag, with two A3 sheets of glossy paper folded in half for the instructions, and a large sheet of decals. The instructions are large due to the fact that there are 6 decal options of a massive aircraft, and the first two pages show the standard top and bottom view, taking up a lot of space for obvious reasons. From the sheet you can build the following: An-225 USSR Contingent Paris Air Show, 1989 – white with red cheat line An-225 USSR Contingent Paris Air Show, 1991 – white with red cheat line An-225 Antonov Bureau at Ukraine MAKS-2001 Airshow - white with red cheat line and Antonov branding An-225 Antonov Airlines heavy lift company, Kiev 2005 - white with red cheat line and Antonov branding An-225 Antonov Airlines heavy lift company, Kiev 2007 - white with red cheat line and new Antonov branding An-225 Antonov Airlines heavy lift company, Kiev 2008 - white with blue cheat line and full Antonov branding You can see all the profiles by visiting the two pages of instructions below at Begemot’s site: http://www.begemotdecals.ru/doc/144-004 An-225 instruction.pdf As we’ve come to expect from Begemot the printing is first rate, with good register, colour density and sharpness, with the little blue hippo logo in the bottom right. There are a small number of silver panels with grilles printed on them in black, plus four circular silver decals surrounded by a 2mm circular line in black. Here the registration has slipped slightly, so if your sheet is affected, just trim the edge with a brand-new blade before applying it, but it’s hardly noticeable, so I doubt anyone would spot it if you left it. Conclusion Begemot have a penchant for producing interesting and unusual subjects, and this one gives the modeller a good spread of options during the career of this unusual and unique aircraft, including the era when it was used for transporting the Buran, which I suspect will make more than a few sales happen. Their attention to decal is excellent, and their decals are always good. You can buy them directly from their site, or pick them up from their local distributors, a list of which you can see here. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Kamov Ka-50/52 Hokum Decals (48018) 1:48 Begemot Decals Italeri’s kit of the Hokum in 1:48 is a little on the old side, but as it’s our only choice at this scale it’s the best there is for now, until Kitty Hawk’s rumoured kit of the later Ka-52 Alligator with side-by-side seating hits the shelves sometime later this year of course. All that goes a long way to explain Andrey’s motivation behind this decal sheet’s timing, and I’m really pleased about it. This decal set arrives in an unassuming ziplok bag, with three A3 sheets of glossy paper folded in half for the instructions, two sheets of decals and a small set of masks for one of the decal options for painting beneath some of the decals. The instructions are large due to the fact that there are 17 decal options, and a full side is also dedicated to the stencils for the airframe as well as the munitions that the Hokum was capable of carrying. From the sheet you can build the following: Ka-50 V-80-08 Akhtoubinsk, early 1992 Ka-50 V-80-08 Zhukovskiy, Sept 1993 Ka-50Sh V-80-08 United Arab Emirates, Mar 1997 Ka-50 s/n unknown Torzhok, 1994 Ka-50Sh V-80-08 Zhukovskiy, Aug 1999 Ka-50Sh s/n unknown Zhukovskiy, 2005 Ka-50 s/n unknown Torzhok, 1996 Ka-50 s/n unknown Farnborough Airshow UK, Sept 1993 Ka-50 s/n unknown Le-Bourget Airshow France, Jul 1993 Ka-50 Grozniy-Nord Airfield, Dec 2000 Ka-50 s/n 8798000025 Kyrgystan, Aug 2004 Ka-50 s/n unknown Zhukovskiy, 2007 Ka-50 s/n unknown Kubinka Airbase, May 2010 Ka-52 s/n unknown Bangalor City India, 1996 Ka-52 s/n unknown Zhukovskiy, 2001 Ka-52 s/n unknown Kamov bureau, summer 2004 Ka-52 s/n unknown Kamov bureau, summer 2007 We don’t have any colour profiles to display, but the instructions for the set can be downloaded here. This should show how much detail is given in the instructions both in English and Cyrillic. Colours are called out by letters in circles, while the decals use numbers. Option 5 uses the small sheet of pre-cut vinyl masks under the decals 23, 24, 37, 54, 68 & 69, which includes the triangular banner on the tail, plus the band above it and the smaller band across the mid-boom stabilisers. The last page of the instructions devotes half a page to the weapons with their designations above each one, and the bottom of the page shows where all the stencils on the fuselage are sited. There are plenty of these, and as I always say it’s the stencils that make a better model, increasing the level of visual detail immensely. Each decal sheet is protected by a thin sheet of waxed paper, and as we’ve come to expect from Begemot the printing is first rate, with good register, colour density and sharpness, with the little blue hippo logo in the bottom right. Conclusion An interesting subject with a generous quantity of options that makes a modeller want to build more than one. With the Ka-52 coming soon, I can see myself making at least two if I live long enough! Very highly recommended. To buy these decals, check the link here. Review sample courtesy of
  5. This specialists GB suits my building plans very well! Here I have ICMs (in a nearly empty Revell boxing.... ) Recce kit, that forms the basis for my BM conversion! Incredients so far: REVELL MiG-25RBT 1/48 Begemot MiG-25 decals and stencils Metallic Details long type R15-300 exhaust nozzles Cold War Studio BM conversion set and rear fin hook improvement quite a lot of resin in here! thanks for looking, comments and suggestions! looking forward myself to tackling this beast!
  6. MiG-25RB Foxbat Cairo West 1971 ICM 1/48 Begemot Decals As pre-ordering a kit was a first for me , I had to immediately(ok, Christmas holidays were not possible) start it in the meantime it is also clear which version is in the kit see other BM threads for more info please.. I want to do a very early Foxbat, a Soviet Union operated one that actually saw action! not so many options here so I am going to build one I was inspired by the Arab MiGs book series by Harpia publishing on Foxbats operated in more or less secrecy over Sinai Israel/ Egypt by the Soviet Union. Tto gather intelligence and to test their new promising fancy Mach 2.8 equipment operationally, 4 planes (2 Rs and 2 RBs) were sent. They were operated initially with Egyptian markings! (that did not withstand the heat of prolonged super sonic flight well and had to be repainted often) Additional info and clearer photos are available in Yefim Gordon's MiG-25 book. Begemot Decals provide adequate markings , not that there is much of them though... some changes have to be made to the currently boxed sprues in order to build a very early R/ RB namly the intake lip has to be shortened and the para-brake housing changed. The nose provided is the correct one so here is what I got: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah144/exdraken1/MiG-25RB/IMG_4488_1_1_zpsk8yfanmj.jpg http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah144/exdraken1/MiG-25RB/IMG_4546_1_1_zpsnwm2rltp.jpg parts to be modified: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah144/exdraken1/MiG-25RB/IMG_4546_1_1_1_zpsvrwrxysv.jpg nice oob IP detail: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah144/exdraken1/MiG-25RB/IMG_4552_1_1_zpsjqfxngbu.jpg and some clean up operations done : http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah144/exdraken1/MiG-25RB/IMG_4555_1_1_zpss15oerex.jpg I am impressed so far!!! compared to my AMX Ghibli dwarf on the right: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah144/exdraken1/MiG-25RB/IMG_4556_1_1_zps9htwrjgr.jpg to be continued!
  7. I thought I had this one nearly done, all painted in the eggplant gray and light blue scheme, decals on, about to do the panel lines and then I saw this photo of a faded Su-35 with it's uniform dark gray looking far more interesting. So the decals were removed and the fading began. Begemot decals and A.M.U.R Reaver engines were a must for this Kitty Hawk kit as the nozzles are not drooped and the decals have some issues. The kit went together easily with an overall good fit. It certainly has some issues but overall it's a nice kit with a lot of improvements over previous Flankers (particularly after 8 Academy Flanker builds). I have a couple GWH Su-35s waiting and clearly they are simply a new level of accuracy, quality and sophistication that is amazing. However, like most kits with a bit of extra work the Kitty Hawk builds up nice and looks the part. The nose gear is something to be warned about, it's nicely detailed but the angle is all wrong because the smaller rear strut is too short. I used an Academy replacement to correct it. I replaced most of the chunky aerials and antennas with thinner plastic card and a few bits of etched brass from the stash plus some B8M-1 rocket pods as seen in an Aviadarts entry.
  8. Out of the box with the exception of the seat. Nicely detailed kit, great cockpit although the coaming around the instrument panel needs thinning. I used Akan's MiG-29SMT paint set but had to remix some colors as there are several schemes. There were 2 kinds of splinter camouflage, grayish and greenish versions. I went with the green version it took a lot of reference photos to get it right.
  9. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is my 1/72 Zvezda Yak-3, built with Eduard phot etch, Armory wheels, Rob Taurus vacu and Quickboost spinner. Markings are from Begemot 'Yak-3 Family' sheet, representing an aircraft of 303. Fighter Division, 3rd Belorussian Front, spring 1945. The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. "White 19" was an early production aircraft, carrying only one UB machine gun in the cowling. I filled the recess of the gun opening on the right side and removed the small fairing behind. Thanks for your interest in this topic! Best greetings from Vienna.
  10. Hi Folks! The latest product of my sick leave - 1/32 Revell MiG-29UB with Zactomodels upgrade set (3x more than the kit cost) and Eduard exterior PE. Finished in Xtracrylix with Begemot's amazing decal sheet. For info on using the Zacto set, the build thread is HERE Usual high quality pics taken outdoors in the dying sunlight.... Happy to answer any questions, comments etc. Al
  11. Arriving too late to be used on my Trumpeter Su-34 - this latest set from Begemot covers all variants of the 'Fullback' - from the second prototype (Bort 43), through the early production machines and right up to date with the types deployment to Syria. Colour schemes range from the early Flanker-style camo, through the recently abandoned 'Eggplant/Aubergine' single colour uppers, right up to latest green/blue colours - FS Numbers are provided for all the colour schemes.. A full stencil sheet is included - and there are hundreds of them - plus a host of stencils for the weapons. This latter set alone is worth the asking price as it gives the correct designation and colours for the variety of ordinance used by the Su-34 A new feature is the printing of the instruction 'booklet' in colour - which is very welcome.... Note the inclusion of a decal for the underside Chaff/Flare dispenser. Stencils More stencils - including weapons. Addendum sheet including black outlines for the Bort numbers - note the new 'VKS Russia' titles. The decals are superbly printed and, from past experience, they go on to the model with the minimum of fuss and give excellent results. It looks like I will have to purchase some more Trumpeter kits to make use of this new set! Ken PS - The sheet is also available in 1/48 scale for the Kittyhawk and Hobbyboss kits.
  12. Couple of HobbyBoss Yak-38s from two different theaters. Begemot decals had good paint reference that helped with the colors (which were AKAN) and the pattern. I find the kit to be a relatively easy build, definitely look the part but in are need of lots of aftermarket assistance. I used plenty of Quickboost resin replacements, Dream Model PE to name a couple.
  13. I won't make a big introduction this time, as this deadline will kill me. But I was thinking should I jump in or not? And here I am... I made one back in 2000 or something, as bort "43". Maybe I could dig a picture of it. Still not sure about bort number and weapons, but one thing is for sure: I HATE THIS NEW GREY CAMO !!! Basic Italeri mold + few scratches planned + Eduard PE + Pavla cockpit + AKAN paints I'm missing joysticks from Pavla - never got them Pictures are talking for themselves...
  14. Su-33 Sea Flanker "Mission in Syria" Decals 1:48 Begemot Decals With the release of the Kinetic Sea Flanker some brief time ago, a wealth of new aftermarket parts have reached the market to cater for what is a rather nice kit. The Flanker-D is the sea-going variant of the Su-27, although that is probably WAY too simplified a description, but that's all you're getting! Russia's controversial engagement in Syria has seen their small fleet of this relatively unsuccessful carrier born aircraft taking part in operations against ISIS factions, with one aircraft lost as a result of an arrestor cable malfunction, sparing the pilot from injury, but leaving him a little damp from the experience. The remaining fleet decamped to a land base after this incident while the Admiral Kuznetsov's landing systems were repaired and tested. This set of decals in 1:48 from our friends at Begemot arrives in an oversized ziplok bag with the instruction sheet printed on glossy paper in black & white, plus an additional sheet that has been added to include one more aircraft. The decal sheet is packed with markings in a wealth of colours, and it too has extras in the shape of two sheets of white-edged red number 84s in two sizes. The sheets are in good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas. From the sheet you can model the following: Su-33 06001, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 06204, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 06305, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, end of November 2016 Su-33 06205, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 06204, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 05101, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 04205, 1st Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 08201, 2nd Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 08302, 2nd Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 Su-33 09301, 2nd Aerial Squadron, 279th Carrier Fighter Aviation Regiment, Admiral Kuznetsov, Mediterranean Sea, 2016 For more information on the personalisations of the various airframes you can download the instruction booklet here if you'd like to study the details, choose your scheme in advance, and/or pick up some additional paints for the task in hand. Speaking of paints, there are six colours suggested for the aircraft, as follows: Flat light blue FS25526 Flat intermediate blue FS25450 Flat blue/grey FS25190 Flat white FS27886 Dark metal Burnt metal The instructions advise that due to the painting of each aircraft individually, coupled with the anti-corrosion and patch painting that goes on aboard ship, you should check reference photos of the originals to satisfy yourself of demarcation lines and for shading purposes if you intend to weather your model, or depict it at a particular point in its career. Conclusion The Sea Flanker may have been a short run of 24 airframes, but its canards give it a certain appeal, and painting your model in some of the most recent schemes is a tempting option, but which one? Orcas, tigers or eagles? Highly recommended. You can order direct from Andrey using PayPal by contacting him on contact@begemotdecals.ru Review sample courtesy of
  15. So I was dinking around with my stash and realized that over the years, I had accumulated a variety of MiG-29 and Su-27 kits. Part of the issue of not starting them was not having any idea which scheme to do, but now that I have so many kits and decals, I thought, why not do a bunch at once? Presenting.... THE MIG-29 SINGLE TYPE SOLO BUILD!!!! There would be no time limit on this, and no limit to how many I will do. I might even add more as I go along (eg when the new MiG-29SMT kit comes out). I might not even do them sequentially, as I would segway into other projects to avoid burning out. Anyway here's what I have for starters: Nothing is set in stone, but I will most likely build a MiG-29N out of the Trumpeter kit, an Indian bird out of one of the Italeri kits, an Iranian bird out of the one one top of the box, either a Bangledeshi or Burmese one out of the Airfix, with the possibility of getting one of the new redbox Airfix kits for those awesome Czech markings. For the Condor boxings, I'l thinking of a Ukrainian ground attack example for the 9-13 aka MiG-29S, and maybe converting the MiG-29SMT into the UPG, if I can figure out the external differences. Of course being a Russian bird, I'll need on in Russian markings, so that's what the Zvezda kit's for. I also have an eye out for the newer, upcoming Trumpeter and Zvezda kits. I haven't figured out what to do with the UB yet, I'll have to see what cool schemes there are out there. Finally, I will likely do one more as a what-if (Finnish or USAF Aggressor maybe?) Anyway I hope I can maintain some steam on this very ambitious project. I'm also hoping this might get some of you guys to do the same. Construction starts tonight!
  16. My first entry into this excellent GB is one from the "other side" of the Iron Curtain and a very iconic Cold War beast it is, ICM's new 1/48 Mig-25 RBT. Now I have been watching a couple of excellent WIP's of this beast and it seems that OOTB it is more akin to the RB version, that suits me fine as both RB's and RBT's were used by GSFG during the 1970's. Equipped for very high speed bombing missions (it's where the "B" comes from in it's version) as well as the usual reconnaissance missions they formed a vital part of the the WARPAC military machine. An excellent overview of their operations can be found here; http://www.16va.be/3.4_la_reco_part4_eng.html . This website is excellent for info and photo's of Soviet aircraft in Germany during the Cold War. Here are the ubiquitous box + contents pictures. The box. It's contents. And the only extras I have for it (so far!), the excellent decal sheets by Begemot. I was very tempted by the Bulgarian option but I don't think they started using them until the 80's, so Soviet it shall be. I'm not sure exactly when I shall start this as I'm in the middle of an F-16 for the STGB at the minute but I can't see me holding off for long. Craig.
  17. After a great deal of thinking about which of my (many) Soviet aircraft to build for this GB I decided to do something a little smaller than my current project, ICM's Mig-25, I have finally settled on Hobby Boss' Mil Mi-8. As the topic says you cannot build a straight Mi-8 T from the box despite what Hobby Boss say, you can build an Mi-8 MT/Mi-17 and the kit is nicely detailed and accurate for such, just not a straight Mi-8. The problem lies with the engine housing on the top of the fuselage, as that (as well as the tail rotor location) is the main difference between the 2, fortunately Pavla make a correction set so i will be using one of these. Here is the ubiquitous box top shot. And the contents. And the Pavla correction set. And a nice decal sheet from Begemot. And the scheme I have chosen. The black and white picture doesn't quite do it justice so here's a picture of one in the same scheme, sunglasses at the ready! I plan to do her on a similar small diorama, snow too! Well at least it's smaller than the Foxbat! Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  18. Hi all here are some pics of my latest project ICM's excellent new Mig-25RBT built as an RB from the 931st OGRAP (Guards Independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment) based at Werneuchen East Germany in the 1970's. This model has been built as part of the 1970's NATO/WARPAC GB which is well worth checking out if you haven't had a look already as there are some cracking builds on there. The kit has been built out of the box with the exception of a pitot probe by Master (which is a must have for this kit) and some Eduard seat belts. Despite the size and complexity of the kit (it really is big!) it goes together very well and only needs a small amount of filler in a couple of places and I highly recommend it, anyway here are some pics. I used decals by Begemot which worked very well indeed and I will be using more of theirs in the future, they looked like a better size than the kit decals and they settled down nicely into position. If you want to have a read of the WIP then here is a link; Hope you like it and please feel free to comment and criticise. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  19. Here is something new. The Russian Begemot company has released a comprehensive decal sheet for the latest generation of Flanker family the Su-35S. The decal is for the 48th scale kits. Well OK we still have to wait for the plastic kits but as far as it is know they are on the way. Begemot has provided a full history of the Su-35S all the way from the first examples to the latest flying schemes. The biggest problem is how to make our choice, which aircraft would we want to build. The decal has 3 sheets, each 16 by 22.5 cm. The instruction sheet is 8 pages of A3 size sheets with one additional small sheet of side views. Printing is excellent just as we used to from the company. To ensure perfect register the “board numbers” are given as a separate base colour (the frame colour) and the different version of the numbers red, blue or some black examples. Not only the main numbers but the smaller tail numbers are also given in several sizes. Of course the Russian AF legends and the registration numbers which go with it are also catered for in different styles. Stencilling is provided for an aircraft which takes a full sheet but then again another sheet is crammed full of markings for the very wide range of weapons. I did not count them all but there are almost 400 individual decal styles inside this latest package from Begemot and since to some individual stencils, numbers, stars several or even a dozen decals apply this means that in all there are somewhere around 2 or 3 thousand markings are packed on to the sheets. It will be a lot of work to put them all on the kits! The decal is as up-to-date as possible. It has a small addendum sheet with details of the Su-35’s which took part in the Sirian conflict. Mission markings are included. The premier of the decal sheet will be this weekend at the Moson 2017 show. This is the first time it will be available for the modellers. Have fun with it! I would like to thank Kotey for the decal and wish him a perfect show at Moson. I am sure he will be more than glad to meet with modellers and exchange views on present past and future project. Best regards Gabor
  20. - The weather is quieter for a while so , the photos can be taken ib the openb at last -One of the main mistake of the Trumpeter kit is the bad shape of the rear fuselage. The first photo show the kit OOB This one is the real thing now the KZ About Begemot decals ,the Su 24 sheets are wonderful and I couldn't resist to the sharkmouth. The transfer is very large and so, difficult to settle around the nose gear well, door and nose both side probes. The instruction sheet says nothing about this . I've been obliged to resort on a hand painting job I cannot do better unforetunatly. notice the forgotten masking tape on the laser range finder and on landing lights; THe weathering is very heavy according to Begemot but Ididn't know to what extent I may have been heavy handed
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